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tv   Keiser Report  RT  February 15, 2022 7:30am-8:00am EST

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the me hi a mac kaiser. this is because report macs and stacy are in el salvador on the cutting edge of the big coin revolution where the president is out there building stuff because big corners like to build stuff stacy? well, you know, i did say recently here and on twitter i said, bit queen plus to kelly equals boom and tourism. well, we have some numbers and i'll be a little bit just, i'm not bragging, humble, bragging here. but a lot of the churches are here and people are here to meet max and space. we meet them all over the street, people who flew in because they are tweets. and we've had a fun time meeting. everybody. i kind of feel like we're part of the love boat like where the that the captain reading people as they board the ship that is this rocket going to the moon here. tourism is growing in el salvador according to the
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president. and as you kelly, thanks to big point, before only compatriots came to visit their families and i was only the presence of a domestic tourism. but now you see loads and loads of international tourists. of course they would have international tourists for the surf competitions that were occasionally held here. but now it's every single week. new bit pointers are arriving to the country to see for themselves. yeah. tourism up over on a percent year on year. and they're projecting another 40 to 50 percent growth in tourism this year. i think they're underestimating that. i think we'll see another 100 percent boom and tourism. it's just part of the overall g d p. story in el salvador. they printed 10 or 11 percent growth battle probably also double in 2022 . so this is becoming the fastest growing economy in the world between fixedness, this is something that we've saying that point all the time between fixed as this big point fixes a lot of to fix all the issues caused by bad monetary policy. a lot of what had
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been wrong for the previous decades in el salvador wyatt had a bad reputation as an unsafe place. that was purely because of piano because of the, the crimes that are allowed under the out because of the disaster capitalism that is allowed under viet because of the cycle of bad economic ideas and extraction of resources and value from your economy through fi us that saw millions of salvatore and leave for america. that is part of the economic hit man model of neo liberalism . and you know, i'm going to turn to another headline to warn you about what the masters of this fi at univers don't want you. they don't want this good example of what bitcoin conflict, how it can picture economy. it could fix your money, it could fix your people, it could fix your culture and your tourism. what happened with go fund me, truckers will occur at all levels of society. once c, b c's are functional. money will not only be the based but also automatically
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frozen and taken from you when used in ways the overlords just approve. bitcoin is the only known insurance against that threat of photo addison, carsten from the bank men to national settlement. and they cbd, sees our central bank, digital currencies. they want, you know, the ability just as we were talking about in the last episode where the dollar and the switch system had been weaponized, it was natural as soon as they pulled a ran off the grid that they would start to pull individuals off the money grid and it would the once they could do that once they had the power to pull people that were actual, real bad guys, then they would just start to pull the people they don't like. they don't like joe rogan, they don't like alex jones. they don't like juliana songs, they don't like, so they're going to, they'll start to pull more and more people that they don't like. right? this is very possible what c v
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d a government digital currency which they can turn on and turn off at a whim. they'll tied to a social credit score of course, and they'll tie it to complete bands and compliance to government policies even. and they'll be no way to determine whether or not those government policies are good or bad because it'll just be all tied to hysteria. now the other thing about the c, b, d, c is that money will have a time expiration date, like milk. so you'll be, here's your free money. here's your m m t or magic money tree. monetary theory money, by, by the way, it will expire in 6 weeks, so you have to spend it in 6 weeks. and by the way, hear the things you can spend it on. and you can spend it on this stop. you can only spend on this stop and you have 6 weeks and then it expires. so that's, that's what, that's what's coming. so big coin of course because it's completely outside of the any state control, it's the escape patches, christine,
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the guard is called it. and that's why a government in particular that don't want to live in a dystopian metal verse are rapidly now starting to bitcoin. and let's remember what this go fund me, truckers situation was about. it doesn't matter what side you're on. whether or not there should be extreme locked downs and whether or not these truckers should have vaccinations. and even if the cdc that you know, the health authorities here but in the united states are saying like, it doesn't necessarily stop the spread. this is not the argument, the argument, the point is that their citizens, these people are citizens and participants in the economy and in the culture. and yet you have the platform on one side. and the only way to send a message was with your money, where you you put your money where your mouth is. and so the truckers had raised but somebody $10000000.00 on go fund me and then go fund me, sees the money because of the government of canada demanded that they sees it essentially for them to seize it. that political voice of whatever these truckers
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were wanted to communicate about policies that were directly affecting them. you know, they weren't there, they were not able to send any masters not able to speak. they were censored. and so big coin gave them a way to speak without censorship because they were able to raise many, many bitcoin an order to tell the world what they thought of these policies. so whatever you think about the actual merits of either side, this is what democracy is. this is supposed to be the conversation that is supposed to be had in the public square. and big point is censorship resistance. well, let me mention a word that we haven't used on this show and probably 8 or 9 years. it's a word that means the opposite of a monopoly. the word is monopsony. and monopsony is
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essentially when you have the market forces of the people gathered together to push back against a monopoly. and we see this most commonly in the form of a boycott, a boycott as a monopsony determined to counteract the effects of a monopoly pricing system. so we have a monopoly pricing going on in the cobit era with a couple of pharmaceutical companies, monopolizing that dialogue and that debate and that industry. and now you've got the truckers are forming a monopsony to create a command mach balance. now that go fund me has said, you know what, we're not going to allow that debate to take place. we're going to censor you. the market is found big. so big coin is the ultimate monopsony to do battle against the monopoly. money printing and the monopsony ultimately will win,
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as it always does because nature always favors diversity. nature abhors a monopoly while the monopoly on money printing, of course has sent bad signals and bad information to the markets. so much so that this is to me, one of the most extraordinary shortage headlines of the past week or 2 ford. suspending 3 major assembly lines including the mustang mach e over chip shortage. ford is time to spend production at specific plants of michigan, illinois, and mexico. due to a shortage of semiconductors, the shut down will affect the mustang mach e, as well as the f 150, and bronco production lines. so the f $150.00 the truck that they make at ford is the top seller in the united states of any vehicle sold in the united states and they're shutting that down. so this is like communism. we've seen this in command
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and control economies before of supply disasters, supply chain disasters because of mis, allocation of resources caused by, you know, the people like augusta and carson's at the bank of international settlement, telling you what, what they know better than what you, the people should be spending your money on or where you should allocate your capital or what voices you should be supporting. so to continue on with my monopoly monopsony kind of analogy. so the monopoly, the stomach and dr. business would obviously be in taiwan with 80 percent of the market and going forward. the need for diversity in the chip market is been screaming out loud for decades. but because of the vagaries of the money that allow for a concentration of power and wealth in the club, socratic hands of the caca stocker see the least qualified to rule. you have market
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breakdown, supply chain breakdown and economic collapse. and america literally is on the verge of becoming a failed state because is overly monopolized. now, teddy roosevelt, during the trust, busting era of the turn of the 19th century, did what he had to do to break up the robber barons. that's the necessary remedy is you need to break up the robber barons in america and around the world. we have no political will. however, to do that. so a failed state await. just you out there who are younger. teddy roosevelt was a president of the united states. he's been de platforms, and all the statues pulled out from around america because he's now di platforms. so go try to google it before they disappeared from the internet as well, who he was. but yes, the us also has a monopoly on the dollar, right. and on the global money supply, it is huge part of trade. but that what happened in the past 2 years,
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as the trillions and trillions of dollars printed and not just even given to banks, which they've been doing over the past since 2008, 2009. but they've been giving it to individuals with 340000000 americans, and that is causing the semiconductor shortage. somebody conductor. the chip manufacturing is that there's an increase in supply. but as far as trip by the mass of demand for a consumer good by, americans who have a lot of free money, they think so all in all, all the price signals are breaking down and the monopolist have ruled the roost for too many years now. and so the market is going to regress to the mean. that means collapse and various supply chains which could be permanent. and then we'll have countries like el salvador arise. and that will be the new shank are a lot. all right, going to take a break when we come back, much more coming here way the me
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ah pandemic? no, no borders on this line to tease and use as a merge, we don't have with the we don't on the back seat. the whole world leads to take action and be ready. people are common crisis with we can do better, we should be doing better. everyone is contributing each in their own way. but we also know that this crisis will not go on forever. the challenge is great. the response has been massive, so many good people are helping us. it makes us feel very proud that we are in it together with
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oh, and i dropped that control center with there's thinks we dared to ask in the me, welcome back to the guys report. i'm as cause or a time to go to francisco jeffery, a big point entrepreneur, to divide decide between austin,
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texas and mexico city francisco late to see you again max. yeah, we are here in l. dante, bitcoin beach, in el salvador, it's the only story of latin america. big point at the moment, your overall impressions love to love. i was lucky enough to be here in november and i saw you guys back about between week we're coming back. i was, i was pretty excited to meet up with a local salvador and again, and just get that energy. i tweeted about it, which i almost didn't make it to the salvador yesterday. i had to deal with some issues in the airport and whatnot, but i didn't make it from the minute i landed nothing but love tweets. welcome to my country. lots of follows. and then it trickled into the event last night. lots of hugs, lots of love. so there's a lot of excitement, i feel that the energy is spelled throughout the whole country and it's time for land america to finally break those chains from the legacy system and the legacy systems,
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not happy. certainly the map is not happy. the british and the american propaganda machines are working overtime and they're insulting the president with claims authoritarianism. the usual bag of tricks in america poles over there, the failed empire. but you see a bright orange future. i do. in fact, super long story short. there is a lot of energy, not just here, but when i just moved recently, which is austin. but with my connection on my background to mexico specifically, which is where i was born, i think there's an opportunity to change that. and, and i agree, the legacy system doesn't like it. we're going to keep hearing stories. we've got to keep getting that fear which is historically what device all of us. but in the community, there's not energy to change it as to what saying is that, of course, with the big claim mining, it's very affordable and it can move from country to country. we saw that with china last year, 40 or 50 percent of the hash rate dropped off and i moved to texas and moved to
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catholics then. but so too, for the population a year mean austin austin, is now a big coin hotspot. people are moving to miami and now el salvador is become a big point on spun and they are expected to get 800000 immigrants in 2020 to digital nomads. they're coming here. they've got a lot of money. they're happy to be in a country that's may bitcoin legal, tender. what's happening in mexico? because mex goes on your list of places to visit. are they ready to make that going? legal, tender. it's going to take some time. it's a big country, unlike el salvador, with about 7000000 people, mexico has a 130000000 with 32 states and a lot of bankers that we know and you've shared news about it's going to be a battle. one of my objectives is to, to break that. my goal is to change, not just the country, but i want to be part of that changing the world. austin, for me is open arms without opportunity. and yeah, i don't think it's there yet,
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but i see myself as one of the pioneers that will start that. that progressive movement into the texaco. yes. now el salvador, of course, is strictly bitcoin in a big claim. legal center. they were pressured for many months. really almost 2 years why the all coin market and the folks who print money is essentially the app money redux. the all point market is extraordinarily corrupt and none of them are secure. only actually that coin is truly the centralized everything else, including either in carbon oh and x r p are basically digital garbage. but you've got a problem there in mexico, where are these all points in the and f t. yeah. what's your just more digital garbage you're working to combat that? yes, it's a tough battle. as you mentioned, the n f decrease has caught fire and the country partnership with celebrities.
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they're going to get rugged. they're going to get scam. there's a process, as we all know, who have been a big point for a for years. there is a journey and eventually when you come out of that, you ultimately choose bitcoin. i'm trying to prevent that query if i'm allowed to say that, we'll find out. but yeah, we're a beta coin companies, specific beta coin only will never company deal exact, but right now we're stealth mode. so there's your cell phone mode. there are certain things we cannot share yet. q 2 will be the official announcement. there's people in the community and austin that are aware of it. the name of our company is your pocky. and what's the translation of your pocket? your bucky comes from the aspect origin and mexico, the essence of being happy. so we're associating, it basically makes us happy. it gives us freedom. yeah. you know,
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again just returning to the f d scams. you know where it comes from is of course big coin. bread a lot of imitators and in 2017. i see. oh, i am just billions and billions raised to outright scammed whether eons or any of these other scams. this kind of gave us right rolled in to defy. right? they use words that sound legitimate like an i c o. sounds like an ip d fi. it sounds like a distributed finance, but of course everything was distributed. finance is highly centralized, controlled by scammers, and then as deep i started to fall apart and more and more projects blew up. you had the the n f cheese which are just the same p on the i c o and defy market reinventing themselves for our news scam. but sadly, every couple of years, there's a whole new generation of suckers to pick, pick their pocket. and there's a bit of amnesia that's going on. it said to see better is human nature, isn't it?
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it is. you talked about it for years than your shows. and it's a, it's a long battle. you've talked to re use it from, from back for his main purposes, education. so that's where it's going to start for us to and it's human nature. that's definitely a beer. and that challenge that we have a have a big winners. all right, so let's get back to austin, texas, and this is become a big point hotspot for sure. what's going on there? give us a feel for what's happening now. the scene is pretty, pretty amazing. and the time i've been there, which is about 8 months now, i have seen startups from just nothing. right? there's a, there's a meet up currently actually goes under austin, bitcoin club. right. there's the awesome dev, clark field, dev, and charge of that. there's jimmy song and obviously parker louis louis. he came to our event in austin last year. we had their huge turn out. 200 people showed up.
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yeah, they just moved opposite for that same purpose, that growth or casters are moving in. the scene is definitely something to see. so you guys are welcome to comment. property prices are moving up to right. yes. yes. i mean, i think a lot of people coming from california, new york, and they're not necessarily mixing well with the text. is that a fair statement? it's a fact that's really tell us more what's going on down there. well, i mean, i haven't more than a mask in texas and a long time for example. so you can see that people from california or new york because it's showing up the restaurants and just the day to day lives with, with mask. for example, in terms of the space, the finance legacy system, you can see the difference is still they are getting into points and, and such. yeah, no interest lee. you have an incredible concentration bitcoin mining in texas. i think it might be the highest concentration of big coin mining now in the world. remember only a year ago the, that the scare mongers were saying, oh my gosh, it's all in china. what will we do?
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announce all in texas. but as a countries like el salvador get into big coin in their mining biglane, they're making big coin bonds. they're making a legal tender. this is going to spread to the central america africa. now you see the big coin message is spreading. at some point the united states is going to figure out that they made a huge strategic mistake by not getting into big wind sooner. they're going to start mining big klein. they're going to look at taxes and say, that's a really do see place for us to co op and using eminent domain in our bass military . we could go in there and just the centrally sees these texas miners and for the federal government are the people in texas preparing themselves for that because i think it's a dead certainty that this is a real problem that the people that are in bitcoin definitely are i've had an opportunity to visit the facility. you mentioned it's up 45 minutes up north from austin. it's, it's gigantic and it's growing. they have their own security, they have their own plant. you can just walk in and hear the,
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the miners just running, running, running it's, he had a great sand. i heard some of the miners running here near bitcoin city, where the geothermal energy will be powering the volcano bonds, and you walk into the trailer, which is like housing, hundreds of these machines and it's a great capacity of mining. that sounds glorious. it's like being in texas and smelling the oil rigs out there, and the wondering, oh my gosh, that's so ugly unless of course you own the oil rigs and my beautiful. so i bought bitcoin city here in el salvador. it's an amazing project that will be funded in part by these new volcano, bonds that are being listed. it's tax, it's no. busy capital gains tax, no income tax or corporate tax. it'll be a free enterprise zone. you could say, what would you consider relocating to bitcoin sydney wants is up and running. it's, it's in the works. that would be a long term plan, but definitely been a conversation. i saw right now i actually had to escape and leave my wife and kids
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for the weekend to come and gather would be pointers. and it's been a conversation in a conversation. well, if you brought your wife here, she would fall in love with the place and then that might be a good strategy. that's the next move. yeah. oh ok. they've got a plan. we have a plan and that, that your company is in stealth mode and that we're not quite know what it's all about, but when it will be launched. yeah. so it's been coined services and products that does include and will include access to buying and selling further details to be announced. you too. okay, very mysterious. so getting back to the united states in texas, texas as being a big coin location now, but those wyoming, you know, i am. yeah. gate lawn. caitlin long is up there doing incredible work. getting legislation passed, opening a bank, getting licenses with the central bank and creating a bit of a big coin, utopia in wyoming. ah, what, what does this apply for the future of big coin in your view? i think it's more opportunity for opportunity, i believe,
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and that could be wrong. but i believe wyoming also has some of the lowest cost of electricity along with texas, florida, and some other states. so it's definitely opportunity for being on my case, the new yorkers and california is out of wyoming because it's very cold, correct. and it's very sparsely populated. it's not they don't try to be hip cool or slick. so it's not appropriate for new yorkers or california. so i'll make could sub supercede, texas in austin simply because the new yorkers and the california is couldn't possibly take the coal. that may be big coin utopia in america. and what do you think of my theory? i can see i can see where you're going with that, obviously because i'm in austin. i mean, i could get some here from other states, but i do think that as of right now, austin is the bid going capital of the u. s. as far as the coasts, moving into cold weather. yeah, that's not gonna happen because of that temperature change and just being,
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well the politics also is very, i guess you could say more read state externally in what's happening. i don't. so these blue states, when i was last in austin, i spoke to some local people there and they say, you know, we'd take their money, but we don't like their politics. and when i see, for example, in this whole global fandango where, you know, cnn has scientists on now saying that, well, we're actually dropping the masked man they, because quote, the science changed. i thought science was something that doesn't change, but you know, so it's all politics and it's becoming obvious. and when you see these canadian truckers now staging and insurrection is insurrection, what i call the global insurrection against banker occupation or g avo? the think that'll be a trend that will finally see a global insurrection against, via money in 2020 to 100 percent. and i,
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i have been following you for years. information has been weaponized for a long time. and now that we have more weapons to use, like social media and alternative ways of feeding the population with this change in science, it's definitely it's dangerous. so we have about 10 seconds left. your name is francisco, we me, somebody else name francisco. what do you call them comp. okay. you okay. you means you both are named francisco sam. yeah, that is right. well i should bring on kaiser report. thanks max. all right, that's going to do it for this additional pass report with may max kaiser and stacy earlier were thing i guess francisco chavarria until next time bio with ah, ah, the democratic republic of congo is among the richest countries in the world and natural resources. but he cannot mclee,
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it's still one of the poorest cobalt is an essential material in manufacturing batteries from modern devices like electric cars, mobile phones and computers. 60 percent of the wealth cobalt reserves are in congo 20 percent of it comes from small scale mines. units have figures confirm that in 2017. more than $40000.00 children worked in cobalt mining in the republic to earn a living and paying for schooling. next time you, you as a fancy gadget like a smartphone camera laptop, and just remember that there's a chance it works thanks to a child hard labor children like john michelle henry at o countless others like them join me every thursday on the alex salmon show. and i'll be speaking to guess of the world of politics, sport business, i'm sure business. i'll see you then. mm.
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ah. ah, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way? where are you being led? which direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the
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shallows. ah, this is our top breaking news, russia right now, it says withdrawing troops from its border with you cried as military drills to have wrap up the pull out flights in the face of height up western predictions of an imminent russian invasion right now with the ukranian crisis is no doubt dominating what have been billed. this crunch talks between germany's new chancellor of shots and vladimir putin and other needs. the canadian prime minister triggers had never before used emergencies act. granting his government extra powers in response to a truck as protest was created, concern no among provincial change to question the measures point and it's legitimacy. we don't believe this is necessary and alberta, we think it could actually be somewhat counterproductive. it is not legitimate.


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