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tv   News  RT  February 15, 2022 10:00am-10:31am EST

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ah, a he had lighting now a breaking news, stepping back from the brig in a major move to de escalate the situation around ukraine. russia down says it's withdrawing troops from it's brought up. those military thrills that have wrap up the pull out flights. the face of hyped up western predictions of an imminent invasion. so far, we haven't seen any escalation on the ground just by moscow's announcement, nato's chief says he isn't seeing any signs of d escalation on the ground. but claiming everything is still in place for a russian attack. in other news, the canadian prime minister triggers never before used emergencies act granting is government extra powers that responds to a truck is protesting. is created concern though among provincial chiefs who
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question the measures point and legitimacy. we don't believe this is necessary and upward we think that it could actually be somewhat counterproductive. it is not legitimate and it is useless. and after a week and pressure and uncertainty of doping allocations, rush in figure skating style comment about a there in 1st place in the singles competition at the winter with that godaddy where there's just since 6 pm here in moscow, tuesday, the 15th of february. i'm calling bryan, this is your world news. big story we're across for you throughout today. of course, over the past week, western powers have been warning of an impending russian invasion of ukraine saying it could happen any moment. but now moscow says it's pulling back, its troops from the board of the russian defense ministry says its forces of wrapped up their exercises in the area and they're starting to return to that bay
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units from russia's southern and western military districts have started loading their heavy kit on to trains, which the ministry says will then be heading back to their garrisons. separate units will return on their own. also, on tuesday, the russian foreign minister made his feelings fairly clear about claims of a russian invasion. when he was quizzed by reporters after meeting his polish counterpart, kimberly chairs the o. s. c. store in mister lavern, you've said there will be no invasion in ukraine will use the report. it's been said many times and it's been made many comments before. with mute you plan your blue journalist and not that bright out. well, not long after that major announcement by the russian defense ministry. president putin met the german chancellor sholtes in moscow. the key focus of that talk was the course of the issues around ukraine as well. as european security,
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they touched on trade to across developments for us, our t correspondence, danny armstrong and marana gas df. we're going to get to talk to both of them now they're out in central moscow following the various developments across this tuesday. first of all, i hope i can talk to danny armstrong, who's outside the kremlin now we spent the last hour hearing what both the russian and german leaders had to say. that with then quizzed by reporters quite delicately phrased comments from the german chancellor. what i took from it, what did you hear? yes, of course. those are for the 1st time in history that the german chancellor and vladimir putin. jim chancellor, all our shoals and vladimir putin sat down here to talk last a little over 3 hours here in central moscow. now, he was described as ala sholtes is not hopeless. that's surely
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a good sign. a was on the back job of something of a business atmosphere and did ukraine, of course the ukraine crisis. so was high on the agenda. we'll get to that in a 2nd. just go through the business side of things. no extreme to, of course, was another thing that was air high on the list of things to talk about. putin. president putin, that is, says, said that the business negotiations between the 2 countries are where we're going well. and germany is a big trade partner of russia. russia, providing something of a 3rd of germany's and natural gas are now the nord stream to pipeline. of course, the gas pipeline note with potentially a funnel gas all the way from siberia in russia, through the ukraine. and to germany, president putin said there is absolutely no a political under tones of that gas pipe. it is simply a business deal, and they are ready to deliver
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a gas to germany through ukraine. even past 2020 fours was agreed. and now just coming on to that ukraine crisis, of course, before a law shoals came to m. moscow. the mood was one of our hard talks and even harder sanctions if russia went through with this, what was called an imminent invasion in western media. or, of course that do scaled back a little bit. when russia announced earlier today that there will be sending troops home from the southern and western military districts and on the board of ukraine. after completing at military drills, president putin said he cannot ignore the expanse ukraine and the russian needs and guarantees on security that nato will not expand. of course, who had the responses from nato and the us to russia, security demands which drew up a 10 page draft of responses to those responses that has been approved. and of course,
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this is something that russia does not want the nato build of around as broad as they're already 5 nato members. and that share a border with russia. what exactly they do not want is for a place where arms and missiles can be placed, that would be within minutes, a firing range of moscow. now, when president putin was asked, does he want a war or by one 3rd journalist presence at the press conference? he says, of course not something we don't wants in our generation. of course he was talking about all our sholtes, the german chancellor in our generation. he said, is something that is unthinkable, but there has been no constructive response to those security demands. however, turning his attention to the conflicts in each ukraine, he said, what is going on in the areas of new hans and don bass and reminds him of rosa phobia. and rosa phobia is the 1st step to something that looks like genocide punishment by our assessment. what is happening in don boss right now is genocide.
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ah, of course sir, this di escalation, these troops being sent her to their garrisons from this sudden, and western military districts in russia. rash as always said, it's their suffering right? to move troops around on the churchill though it hasn't been good enough at for western media, it also hasn't been good enough for the likes of nate. so chief gen stultz, megacity. c, no, t escalation on the ground or sholtes was a little bit more positive about it. he said that the situation is blockades, and that presents itself to both sides requires and d escalation. but he hopes the, the route, the removal rather of troops are from those regions will go some way at to facilitating that. but he did also say that with a will be big. dia consequences for russia. if it does go through with an invasion, of course, we see as taken as a, something of
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a good sign by allah sholtes that these troops were sent back to their base is booked. on the other hand, he has said that there still will be a hard cons question in russia, if they do, can go through with this imminent invasion as it has been talked about. but he did say that stable security will be built with russia. it will not be built against russia, a, something that will be done with dialogue and diplomacy. so those are talks between german chancellor, olaf schultz and vladimir putin, and going on for some time over 3 hours it worse. everybody seems that there has been some, some positive to take away from what they talked about. yes, certainly some optimistic overtones there that we heard in the past hour, although still a little bit of around skepticism from the german chancellor. this was his 1st impression to make a big splash on the world stage, of course, and what's been very, very tricky times. okay, danny armstrong, thanks for that. i'm also across another major diplomatic rounds morale gast df. he
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was watching the russian foreign minister, who's been the holding talks with his polish counterpart, who of course, company chairs, the multi national security organization, the o. s. c e moran. you got the chance to ask a question as well. what did the 2nd of rob have to say this afternoon? well, bosa foreign ministers came out and said that these talks had been productive, which is unlike what happened with the lease trust, the font secretary of the united kingdom, who last week was also here in moscow. with the, with very sheely of a chilly press conference after that and there, there was little by way of productivity and mr. lab, rob himself said after that interview. but of course the, the theme here was ukraine. what is happening in ukraine and the security concerns that everybody, they are that everyone across the conflict lives on the east and the west have with
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regards to this conflict, becoming something larger, which is something that everyone wants to avoid. and the russian foreign minister, he has said that, look where in the, in the midst of a tremendous disinformation campaign carried out by certain nations, perhaps alluding to the united states and, and great britain, which he said had spread, propagate. well, this information that it all is almost terrorist like in it say in its qualities for all the fear and the terror, the russian invasion that it has spread. he said that if there is something good that has come out of this situation, it is that the 2 sides, russia, and nato, and finally agreed to speak to each other week. and we had you list our still nato calls on russia to improve security. when we make security proposals, all ideas turn down. now we get the responses from nato and the u. s. all ideas, including no placement of medium and short range missiles. they said it as if it
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was their own idea. now the current dialogue with the u. s. is played by biden's rules, at least that's what the us wants. and he ends after the us. so we want radical change in the sphere of european security. we saw the west responded positively finally, after many years of dismissal. ah, russia had said so many years that all of its proposals, all of its security concerns, had been entirely ignored by nato. it had come to the point where even seemingly trivial things, safety issues, such as how close russian and american or native jets should approach each other. even that i was dismissed by nato, who wouldn't even talk about at this point. russia says that yes, it has has finally seen a willingness in nato to, to negotiate. but there is also the concern that joe biden might come out of this and say that, look, this is our achievement. the busha took a step back yet was it as a petition, his cousin,
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i assure you, if the west hasn't yet stated, and they will definitely say that they pushed on russia, replied and said withdrawal. the troops and russians got scared and complied with their demands. it's a trading of air and a western colleagues, a very good at that was up of nickaligha bruce fin. the reality of says, say gay lover of is that there was a time table that the russians have said, from the onset that these units that are now been withdrawn from the field from where they were conducting exercises withdrawn to their base is permanent basis. that this, this was plaid, they had said all along that they would add that they would return as also a humorous moment. where a polish journalist asked at length the foreign minister whether russian or russian forces would invade you quite a 2nd lover of at length explained why this wouldn't happen, why russia wouldn't, than they you can. and the polish journalist of the dead sits of just to clarify,
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you won't of education and is where we saw the diplomatic facade dropped from a sag a love of which is rare. there, there was a note of exasperation or towards that this polish journalist, nevertheless, that there are some ideas that the 2 exchange the foreign ministers of russia and linda ideas that they said we're, well, we're good and given into the future, something to talk about. okay, what it does feel like at this hour what started off as one step forward. now, phil's after this some major diplomatic. round this tuesday like half a step back. rise. but a busy day of high level and top level talks covering force more. i guess they haven't done a armstrong. thank you. oh, de escalation is, danny was saying is not the way nato secretary general sees things right now. jen. stoughton bell also holding a news conference earlier today on the upcoming meeting of the alliance is defense ministers. he claims russia is still ready to carry out an attack. russia has said
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it is returning some troops to their, to, to bases after military exercises were completed. and are you saying then this isn't true or that you're not seeing any kind of change on the ground? so what we need to see is a significant and during her withdrawal, all of earth forces troops and not least the heavy equipment. so far we have not seen. and the de escalation on the ground or not seen any earth science of a reduced or russian meet her person. so on the borders of the ukraine. russia has amassed a fighting force in their under crane. everything is now in place for and you attacked on earlier artie. saskia taina told me why the western hysteria over the suppose russian invasion still isn't dying down. despite the wrapping up of the russian military drills. there was no invasion. there was no storming of here that
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was no aerial bombardment. fact those tens of thousands of russian troops who apparently aggressive simply because they were conducting drills on their own territory, are being sent home. but still not gesture of goodwill by moscow isn't enough. and it makes you think, my goodness, if nature doesn't consider that destination, what does it maybe it would just like russia to despond, despond, its entire army from stop stoughton bog is not the only one dissatisfied with images of russian troops. the loading up kid on the trains and we've seen photos of those try and tanks rolling away the ukrainian foreign. 1 minister has occurred, has was more over in the u. k. forest, johnson says, no guys, we will still need to stick together because mosca still giving us some mixed signals. here it seems a rush. it is called when it keeps troops at the borders and it's an aggressor. it starts withdrawing its troops, but it still could pounds at any minute. so if there was any hope that this apocalyptic winter, it's coming rhetoric that they've been floating all ways over the last couple of
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weeks would come to an end. perhaps we should have known facts. so let's just remind ourselves of the highlights. what can you tell us about reports that us intelligence believes russia is considering wednesday for an attack, we cannot perfectly predict the day an invasion could begin. a major military action could begin by russia in ukraine any day now? well, it is still the case that an invasion could be imminent, and it is highly likely i would just tell you that it is entirely possible that he could move with little to no warning. well, it seems that the level of hysteria is still continuing. so i have to say, i would have thought that watching those russian troops head back to base would actually put an end to all of that. and it would make people feel slightly foolish . i'll try all the wild invasion predictions have failed to come. true. those papers were pacing back that it was going to be today. that hasn't happened. russians were setting up blood banks that didn't happen. the white house warned that moscow was still me block, the false flag phone. that didn't happen either. clearly the western intelligence,
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which on many occasions they refuse to show us, they just, i trust, i trust us, it's going to happen and hasn't proved not to be was the paper that it is written on for moscow. this is a historic day of a failure of information were for february 15th 2022 will go down in history as the de western propaganda for a war failed, humiliated and destroyed without a shot, fired, it really has been an absolute bombardment from all sides from the political establishment of the mainstream media to when all to play the thing that was needed, the most was, of course, we always have some politics, a who had a diplomatic dialog. height is everyone's enemy here. but that was definitely a sense and we were talking about this a lot that those who were engaged in that they didn't even try to rain in that, that taste for drama. they became one with blood lofty. and they wanted to, to feed off of it. they have to off what was it for? while one d. c,
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political heavy weight might just have given us. if we were not threatening the, the sanctions and the rest, it was guarantee that food would invade. well, i have always said that this was a win win for the west because so much of it is about image as it is and politics. i mean, look at by to now he is probably going to be hailed as the person who stop the evil boots and the russian tyrant and his stops and became a true leader, american diplomacy, functions and all has proven itself to be one of glory. most importantly, it's a very, very different picture to what we was saying just 2 months ago. why biden's waiting for a free full inflation was wreaking havoc, stella by the way, but are conveniently forgotten. and of course, his reputation as commander in chief was seriously dented by the facts that the afghan storm withdrawal was a total to barco. but those headlines you will not find them anywhere. they will be swept away and instead it's all going to be about bite and say, yahoo! a long side has strong man nato allies managed to bring the wild back from the
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brink of war. never mind, of course, that that was never going to be a war to begin with. i said, well, it's been a days of frenetic, diplomatic activity, a lot for the political analyst to chew over. let's get the thoughts now of international affairs commentator marker gassett shed london. welcome back to our t. last hour we were hearing chancellors schultz and president putin both stressing the need for diplomacy and the escalation from what you heard. did you find it encouraging? well, it's certainly an encouraging directional travel. linda, most of europe leaders seems to be getting behind it. mostly use leaders, i should say, a distinct exceptions. almost all the u. s. and the u. k. r. fortunately bought the diploma. he's been given a chance on charles schultz was determined to give it a chance today. although of course, he had to make the usual comments about various aspects of russia as be presented
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in the western media in order not to be accused of being a pussy in the company of soon. so obviously you have to be a little bit critical as well. i also found interesting that puts in referred to the previous 2 political crisis before you prior to the one in yugoslavia, the bombing of last and the child, the show last had to justify that with a slight story of the time, which was an excuse to wear for nato aggression at the time, followed by the w and the story in iraq again and excusable western countries, aggression and therefore this invasion story, this fake invasion story, is just yet another example of fake news designed to justify western policy. hopefully, that may be put to bed increasingly as the weeks go on, because we're fortunate description of the diplomat says, for apologies for that, for everybody. if you had it, russia says it's pulling back troops from the border with ukraine. but as we've heard, not just today, but also generally a lot of diplomatic side. i suspicion being given to this are western powers ever
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going to be convinced that an invasion is not on the couch? what has to happen? well, if the west western powers are the ones oh, pushing the story was so worried about the potential, the story to be true. why is it that the u. s. as all the, its allies and upright cheeks to withdraw that piece, monitors from the disputed don't bass region as we speak. because those piece monitors all, it's a site who fired 1st and we establish whether somebody has given somebody else a cause us believe, a war and excuse the war. why is it, if you, it doesn't, if washington doesn't want a war, why is it will join the people that are in force, the absence of war? so it really has concern. i think the russians as well, the possibility that the removal of those are monitoring the piece will provide chance for a false black operation. actually going the other way, whereby the russians will be presented with a completely ukrainian attack for example. and therefore,
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will feel impelled to come in to defend the don't boss citizens. so really i should remind those actually that in the previous geopolitical situation in kosovo, it was the removal of the a. c monitors at the time, which was the peace preceding act before the act of aggression on the bombing of the attack. so removal, peace monitors is a very dangerous move. why has the u. s. dot? the german chancellor also talks about his meeting in ukraine with president landscape is referring to the minsk agreements an hour ago in terms of different parties. reinterpreting it in various ways. he suggested that ukraine now needs to invoke legislation on the future of those eastern areas of ukraine, with all the diplomatic efforts going on to expect kia to start engaging with the breakaway regions. oh, that's the key question. because in order to deescalate, they have to start the engagement process. if they think they can get it by a blitzkrieg on that territory, once russia move its troops away,
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then we are going to be back into this position to get into kind of ground, obey a permanent, a danger of aggression and conflict. but i, once a kia government understands that a future all the stable ukraine and our ukraine, which includes those numbers. republics is based on respecting the rights of the denizens of don bass to actually have their own free will, their, their, their language respected, their rights, respected, and not to be bonbons shell, by their own central government from give killing its own people in those regions. and hoping to get a loyalty in some way, once he realizes that, that's an absurd position that ukraine have a chance to develop a stable country. and hopefully, as a buffer slate between nato and russia, which will, for our initial other non appearance of conflict between russia and nathan. well, i hope that the russian defense minister moves to day style the next chapter of at least a bit more optimism throughout the week. okay, mark, i guess it's international affairs commentator in london. thanks for that. thank
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you. ah, antoine, headline news now and canadian prime minister just introduce, has triggered the emergencies act for the 1st time in the country's history, claiming that a truck is protest running for several weeks now, threatened national security here in our capital city, families and small businesses have been enduring illegal obstruction of their neighborhoods, occupying streets, harassing people, breaking the law. this is not a peaceful protest. we cannot and will not allow illegal and dangerous activities to continue. however, civil liberties groups say the criteria for triggering the act haven't come anywhere near being satisfied the have to meet by design because the act, once it's activated, allows the government to bypass democratic procedures. the act is supposed to be applied only in the case of a national crisis, and it gives the government the additional powers of 30 days,
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including the ability to close bank accounts and remove vehicles. a critic say the so called freedom convoy, protest against vaccine mandates, doesn't amount to a threat to national security with premier in some canadian province is saying they don't want the emergency legislation implemented on their territories. we don't believe this is necessary and alberta, we think it could actually be somewhat counterproductive. it is not legitimate and it is useless. so we don't want it. and we don't want the extent of the powers that the federal government could give itself. meanwhile, in the canadian capital, also, what supporters of the truck is for been camped out on parliament hill, something of a festival atmosphere continuing that without music being played. we spoke with a freedom convoy ontario organizer about the newly triggered government powers. he told us the prime minister should result to dialogue, not force. i think he's a coward or not. ok. let's be honest here. real leaders will come out and talk to
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the people will come and find resolving resolution, especially when the people are being peaceful. and they're only asking that mandates and we have not used any violence. we have not caused any problems. in fact, we've, we've done more good than these leaders, the so called leaders in ottawa keep attacking us with media lies. so for us, we're not moving, we're not going anywhere until our demands are met, regardless of what just intruder says we're tries to be, you don't watch any kind of escalation of any, any sort. it's the government who continues to double down with an ira. just what i'd like to see though is that the government to actually come out and talk to us and hear what we have to say rather than continuously try to weigh tockets on people. things have now reached a point where sharing support for the freedom convoy could cost you. your job. of vancouver radio station has 5 host. it could cost enough the he said the movement
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wasn't racist. it's also taken down his page from my website and the station says it respects his freedom of speech, but objects to him calling facts, what it sees as misleading and inaccurate opinions. carlson though says the station wasn't letting him do his job properly. my house to radio show i'm expect to talk about all sorts of things, but it seems i have to avoid talking about all the things that really matter. and it's especially hard with the thing that's happening in ottawa a combo supporter. pastor henry hildebrand says that the more oppressive the government is more people will support the truck, is the majority of canadians are on the side of the moving freedom movement. because at this point, you know, has 16 percent support in the polls, which we all know isn't a lot and it's gonna, it keeps on diminishing as he forcefully acts against his own citizens against the people that voted him in is it,
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i don't think much will change because the more the more he or presses the people, the more it confirms that they are standing up for what they should be standing up for, which is our god given freedom. we can keep up any more. we don't know as a closing is of the, our closing is opening up. right now is room. we were removing this but keeping down he said he's keeping the mask. he says people cannot go to sports halls so which one is that we can't keep try? ah ok next russian figure skating star camella believers in the late that the winter olympics singles competition. the teenager, of course, has been under intense pressure over that failed drug test. but she's just one the single short program. after being clear to compete by the court of arbitration for sport. let's go live to bay jake. now a correspondent, the actually irish epsky is there, looks like a valley. eva's coping pretty well with all the pressure. what's been happening? well, judging by the result, that is certainly the case. the short, a skating program here, wrapped up in beijing and camille of oliva, is now shuster after this 1st round of because there was,
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although obviously going to be a 2nd one on the should a buck over all r o. c a 2nd as well. and alexander through silver, also another russian competing here. she is. 4th, currently in the rankings. we obviously see what's going to happen on thursday. i have to tell you, though, it's quite spectacular to seek a meal of oliva, even with all the prussia that's been mounted on her recently. even with the mistakes that she's made during her performance, that she is still raining supreme in the chart here until thursday, at least, ah, what is very emotional. those 2 things that when she was coming on to the ice, the whole stadium was erupting and very loud. applause, and also the fact that when she finished her performance, she was in tears that was really heart wrenching and gut wrenching to watch, to be honest with you. but right now things are looking good. have to remind you though, that if ca eva camila will eva ends up in the top 3. meaning if she wins either gold, silver or bronze,
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there will be no metal ceremony according to the aisle seat, until the investigation is completed. same applies to the team figure skating event, which of oliva was spots off? obviously, that's part of the ongoing story. obviously, this has been the for roar. this has been the highlights of everything here in beijing. it seemed the times that many journalists have forgotten about the olympics itself, that people are winning metals here. and i have to tell you the atmosphere he inside the capitol indo ground was something unprecedented. i've never seen anything like that, a figure skating, even when a superstar all through the sport, hundreds of from japan performed here. the crowd was much smaller than today. obviously, lots of journalists on lots of hype about the story. and let's not forget, there's been a lot of support for camila leave as well. i believe we can listen to some of those wards of support for the russian figure skater july to miscellaneous. i wish for you to remain calm and patient during the situation. you are in court, it's very difficult. you are under a lot of pressure, but as a great athlete, you will overcome all these and perform wonderfully all but we believe in new me.
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okay. so would have had a fall.


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