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tv   News  RT  February 15, 2022 11:00am-11:29am EST

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ah, ah, breaking news from our see this, our stepping back from the bring in a major move to de escalate the situation around ukraine brush or announces it's withdrawing troops from its border. this military drills that wrap up the pull out o flies in the face of a hyped up western predictions of an imminent russian invasion. so far, we are not to see an end. the escalation on the ground. despite moscow's announcements, nato's chief says he isn't seeing any signs of de escalation on the ground while claiming everything is still in place for a russian attack. in other news, the canadian prime minister triggers never before used emergencies act. granting its government extra powers in response to a truck is proto, is created concerned though, among provincial chiefs who question the measures point and legitimacy. we don't believe this is necessary and operative. we think we could actually be somewhat
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counterproductive. it is not legitimate and it is useless. and after a week of pressure and uncertainty of doping, allegation, russian figure skating style commendable labor is in 1st place in the single competition at the winter olympics with abbey, with its live on worldwide. this is our t international. i'm calling bright with the big stories were across for you is tuesday, the 15th of february. now, over the past week western powers have a warning of an impending russian invasion of ukraine, saying it could happen at any moment. now. moscow says it's pulling back its troops from the border. the russian defense ministry says its forces have wrapped up their exercises in the area and starting to return to their bases. units from russia, southern and western military districts have started loading their heavy kit on to trains, which the ministry says will then be heading back, that garrison separate units will return on their own. also this tuesday,
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the russian foreign minister made his feelings fairly clear about claims of a russian invasion when he was quizzed by reporters after meeting his polish counterpart and current chairman of the o. s. c. store in mister lab, rob, you've said there will be no invasion in ukraine use them. it's been said many times and there's been made many comments before with mute you point. you have to look journalism. not that bright. not long after that major announcement by the russian defense ministry, president, putin and the german chancellor. i will have sholtes met here in moscow. the key focus of their talks was of course the issues around ukraine as well as european security earlier our correspondence, danny armstrong and more, i guess dave took me through all of tuesdays, latest developments with more details on those high level meetings held by the
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russian president and foreign minister for the 1st time in history that the german chancellor and the vladimir putin. jim chancellor, all our shows on vladimir putin sat down here to talk last a little over 3 hours here in central moscow. now he was described as ala sholtes is not hopeless. that's surely a good sign. of course, the ukraine crisis was high on the agenda. we'll get to that in a 2nd. just go through the business side of things. no extreme to, of course, was another thing that was a high on the list of things to talk about course the gas pipeline. note with potentially a funnel gas all the way from siberia in russia, through the ukraine. and to germany, president putin said there is absolutely no a political under tones of that gas pipe. it is simply a business deal, and they are ready to deliver a gas to germany through ukraine. even past 2020 fours was agreed. and now just
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coming on to that ukraine crisis, of course before la shoals came to moscow, the mood was one of their hard talks and even harder sanctions if russia went through with this, what was called an imminent invasion in western media. or, of course, that do scaled back a little bit when russia announced earlier today that there will be sending troops home from the southern western military districts and on the board of ukraine. after completing at military drills, president pews. he said he cannot ignore the expansion of ukraine and russia, needs and guarantees on security that nato will not expand. now when president putin was asked, does he want a war or by one 3rd journalist presence at the press conference? he says, of course not. it's something we don't once in our generation, of course he was talking about all our shows, the german chancellor in our generation. he said it's something that is unthinkable, but there has been no constructive response to those secure he demands. however,
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turning his attention to the conflicts in each ukraine, he said, what is going on in the areas of new hans on don bass and reminds him of rosa phobia. and rosa phobia is the 1st step to something that looks like genocide punishment them by our assessment. what is happening in don boss right now is genocide. so those at talks with between and jim and chancellor left schultz and vladimir putin had gone on for some time over 3 hours it worse. and when it seems that it has been as some man, some positives to take away from what they talked about. also across another major diplomatic round. so mariah gas d f. he was watching the russian foreign minister who's been holding talks with his polish counterpart of course, company chest, the multi national security organization. the o. s. c e moran. you got a chance to ask a question as well. what did that so again, of rob have to say this afternoon. well, both the foreign ministers came out and said that these talks had been productive,
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which is unlike what happened with the least trust, the font secretary of the united kingdom, who last week was also here in moscow with the, with very sheely of a chilly press conference after that, and then there was little by way of productivity and mr. lab, rob himself said after that interview, but of course the, the theme here was ukraine. what is happening in ukraine and the security concerns that everybody, that everyone across the conflict lives on the east and the west have with regards to this conflict, becoming something larger, which is something that everyone wants to avoid. and the russian foreign minister, he has said that, look where in the, in the midst of a tremendous disinformation campaign carried out by certain nations, perhaps alluding to the united states and, and great britain, which he said had spread papa get well,
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this information that it all is almost terrorist like in it say in its qualities for all the fear and the terror, the russian invasion that it has spread. he said that if there is something good that has come out of this situation, it is that the 2 sides, russia, and nato have finally agreed to speak to each other week and blue is, could you list though, we're still nato calls on russia to improve sick your seats, when we make security proposals, all ideas turn down. now we get the responses from nato and the u. s. all ideas, including no placement of medium and short range missiles. they said it as if it was their own idea. now the current dialogue with the u. s. is played by biden's rules, at least that's what the us wants. and he ends after the us. so we want radical change in the sphere of european security. we sought, the west, responded positively. finally, after many years of dismissal, national prussia had said for many years, the tool of its proposals, all of its security concerns,
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had been entirely ignored by nato. it had come to the point where even seemingly trivial things, safety issues such as how close russian and american or native jets should approach each other. even that i was dismissed by nato, who wouldn't even talk about at this point. russia says that yes, it has has finally seen a willingness in natal to, to negotiate. but there is also the concern that joe biden might come out of this and say that, look, this is our achievement. the busha took a step back, yet was widows up a christmas showing his cousin. i assure you, if the west hasn't yet stated it, it will definitely say that they pushed on russia by and said withdrawal. the troops and russians got scared and complied with their demands. it's a trading of air and our west and colleagues are very good at that was up to the you. the reality says segue level of is that there was a time table that the russians have said from the onset that these units that are now be withdrawn from the field from where they were conducting exercises withdrawn
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to their basis permanent basis. that this, this was plaid, they had said all along that they would have that they would return that over the less that there are some ideas that the, to exchange the foreign ministers of russia and poland. the ideas that they said we're, we're, we're good and given into the future, something to talk about. well, at the escalations, not the way the nato secretary general sees things right now. yet, stolt and bergs been holding a news conference as cheese down the upcoming meeting of the alliance as defense ministers. he claims that russia is still ready to carry out an attack. stop bug stated that native needs to see the withdrawal of russian forces, including the heavy equipment. the moscow says that's exactly what's happening. russia has said it is returning some troops to their to, to bases after military exercises, who completed a you saying, then this isn't true or that you're not seeing any kind of change on the ground. so what we need to see is a significant and during her withdraw all of earth forces troops and not least
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the heavy equipment. so far, we have not seen any d escalation on the ground, not seen any signs of reduce the russian military prisons are on the borders of the ukraine. russia has amassed a fighting force in their under crane. everything is now in place for and you attach. so still another side i in the reaction earlier, artie saskia taylor told me why the western hysteria over the supposed russian invasion still isn't dying down. despite the wrapping up of the russian military grills, there was no invasion. there was no storming of here. that was no aerial bombardment, fact those tens of thousands of russian troops, apparently aggressive simply because they were conducting drills on their own territory are being sent home. but still that gesture of goodwill by moscow isn't enough. and it makes you think, my goodness, if nature doesn't consider that
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t escalation, what does it maybe it would just like russia to despond, despond, its entire army from stop the stolen bog is not the only one dissatisfied with images of russian troops. loading up kid on the trains and we've seen photos of those trunk tanks rolling away. the ukrainian foreign minister has occurred has was more over in the u. k. forest johnson says, no guys, we will still need to stick together because mosca still giving us some mixed signals. here it seems that rashid is caught when it keeps troops at the borders and it's an aggressive. it starts with during its trips, but it still could pounds at any minute. so if there was any hope that this apocalyptic winter is coming, rhetoric that we've been floating, our ways over the last couple of weeks would come to an end. perhaps we should have known fast, so let's just remind ourselves of the highlights. what can you tell us about reports that us intelligence believes russia is considering wednesday for an attack, we cannot perfectly predict the day been invasion, could begin a major military action could begin by russia in ukraine any day now?
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well, it is still the case that an invasion could be imminent, and it is highly likely i would just tell you that it is entirely possible that he could move with little to no warning. well, it seems that the level of hysteria is still continuing, though i have to say, i would have thought that watching those russian troops head back to base would actually put an end to all of that. and it would make people feel slightly foolish . i'll try all the wild invasion predictions have failed to come. true. those papers were pacing. that's, that it was going to be today. that hasn't happened. russians were setting up blood banks that didn't happen. the white house warned that moscow was full me block. the false flag film that didn't happen either. clearly the western intelligence, which on many occasions they refuse to show us, they just said, trust, i trust us, it's going to happen. it hasn't proved not to be was the paper that it is written on moscow. this is a historic day of a failure of information will for february 15th 2022 will go down in history. as
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the de western propaganda for a war failed, humiliated and destroyed without a shot, fired, it really has been an absolute bombardment from all sides, from the political establishment, the mainstream media to when you play the thing that was needed, the most was of course, we always say this in politics a who had a diplomatic dialog height is everyone's enemy here. but that was definitely a sense and we were talking about this a lot that those who were engaged in that they didn't even try to rain in that, that taste for drama. they became one with la glossy, and they wanted to to feed off of it. so you have to off what was it for? while one, d, c for the school heavy weight might just have given us. if we were not threatening the the sanctions and the rest, it was guarantee that food would invade. well i have always thought that this was a win win for the west because so much all that is about image as it is and politics. i mean,
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look up by now he is probably going to be hailed as the person who stop the evil boots and the russian tyrant and his stops and became a true leader, american diplomacy, functions and all has proved itself to be one of glory. most importantly, it's a very, very different picture to what we were saying just 2 months ago. why biden's waiting for a free full inflation was wreaking havoc, stella by the way, but are conveniently forgotten. and of course, his reputation as commander in chief was seriously dented by the fox, but got a strong roll. was a total to barco. but those headlines you will not find them anywhere. they will be swept away and instead it's all going to be about bite and say, well side has strong men nato allies managed to bring the wild back from the brain . oh, never mind. of course, that was never going to be a will to begin with. came all life reaction now joining us patrick, heading st. geopolitical analyst and also executive editor of the news website on podcast 21st century wide dot com. patrick. good to see you again. we were
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listening a couple of hours ago, mr. potent said he didn't want board. chancellor shalt said. diplomacy is not exhausted. did you find the overall tone of that news conference? encouraging? yes, i did. i did. there's definitely a dialogue between the russian leadership and the new german chancellor. certainly it's very different when you put those 2 people, those 2 individuals together than if you're going through the intermediaries like the western mainstream media or via washington and their interpretation of how germany should relate to its neighbors. it's very different than how germany would like to relate, i think, and i've always believed, and i'm not alone in this assessment that germany has always been the biggest target of this current exercise. we're seeing to really high pop tensions between russia and nato. they're very keen on getting this new german leadership into the position they want and to hopefully cancel the nordstrom to pipeline,
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have germany facing west rather than germany facing east. and this is, this is always been objective of the united states and it's alliance since the end of the 2nd world war, chancellor shalt stress daily that ukraine's nighttime membership isn't on the agenda. president putin seem to think of us to the question possibly of when rather than if in those discussions. he think that in practice it's never going to happen . look without, without some kind of something on paper, some sort of hard and fast agreement, at least some sort of treating multi lateral if it, if it has to be that says that nato is not going to try to absorb ukraine, then it's always going to be over or up in the air, it's always going to be a sword that the west can hang over the situation in order to inflame tensions between russia but. but however, what we've witnessed over the last couple of weeks is that just the fear of a confrontation has absolutely gutted the ukrainian economy and the damage that's
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been done in the last 3 months because of hyping up the specter of war or this, this so called imminent rushing vision has devastated the ukrainian economy, the equivalent to an embargo or sanctions. and it's, it's put the leadership of under a lot of pressure as a result. but that's, that's the reality of it. and so is the appetite in ukraine going to be in the future of the equivalent of what the west would like it to be with regards to its attitude towards nato? not sure. i russia says not i need to push back troops, but that process is actually being undertaken now moving, there's troops in the hardware away from the boat with ukraine, but that skepticism is still there among the western powers. what's it gonna take to convince them that an invasion is not on the comp? i don't think you can because they're living in a parallel reality. right now they've constructed their own sort of narrative about imminent russian invasion. all the,
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all the u. s. intelligence machine has done is basically take scheduled russian military drills, be they in belarus, be they in the northern ukrainian border with russia, or even added the permanent forces that russia has in sylvester pool, where it's black sea fleet is based, where they've always had a large military contingent, even long before this crisis, and also on the board with the dumbass region. and that's a legitimate national security interest because you have an ongoing civil war in the country like ukraine. they've added this all up to some total grand total of 800000 or 120000. and they sell that back to the western public as russia is planning to invade ukraine. and then you've got you have to wonder in the last 72 hours. they've gone absolutely crazy in the western media saying russia will invade on wednesday. they had the specific date in mind. perhaps the western intelligence knew that russia would be rotating troops out of bella roofs and out of some of
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those positions. and then they would magically claim victory as your previous analysts said, which i think is correct. that they was saying we stood resolute against vladimir putin and his aggression. and we came out victorious in the end. we must band together to stop this russian aggression. that's the narrative that will be sold to in the west. but this, at the end of the day, looks like a giant p r. stunt by washington, and a nato, a nato, p. r. stunt as well to create a situation and artificial situation and then take credit with some sort of virtual victor at the end. okay. i stella, but i hate to taken out of this. yes. yes. okay, good to talk to you. patrick hennings and from 21st century wide dot com. thanks for joining us on how to get on to our our the headline news and canadian prime minister justin for doe has triggered the emergencies act for the 1st time in the country's history. claiming that a truck is protest running for several weeks now, threatened to national security. here in our capital city, families, small businesses have an enduring illegal obstruction of their neighborhoods,
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occupying streets, harassing people, breaking the law. this is not a peaceful protest. we cannot and will not allow illegal and dangerous activities to continue. however, civil liberties groups say the criteria for triggering the act haven't come anywhere near to being satisfied. the hard to meet by design because the act, once it's activated, allows government to bypass democratic procedures. and the act supposed to be applied any in the case of a national crisis, and it gives the government additional powers for 30 days, including the ability to close bank accounts and remove vehicles. a critic say the so called freedom convoy, protest against vaccine mandates, doesn't amount to a threat to national security. with premieres in some canadian province is saying they don't want the emergency legislation implemented on their territories. we don't believe this is necessary. norbert,
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we think it could actually be somewhat counterproductive. it is not legitimate and it is useless. so we don't want it. and we don't want the extent of the powers that the federal government could give itself. things have now reached a point where showing support for the freedom convoy could cost you your job. vancouver radio stations fired host kid carson of the he said the movement wasn't racist. it's also taken down his page from the website. the station says a respects his freedom of speech, but objects to him, calling facts, what it sees as misleading and inaccurate opinions. carson himself says the station wasn't letting him do his job properly. i house to radio show me expect to talk about all sorts of things, but it seems i have to avoid talking about all the things that really matter. and it's especially hard with the thing that's having an ottawa x, russian figure, skating style camilla valley. eva's in the late of the winter olympics singles
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competition. the teenagers been under intense pressure over a fail drugs test, but claim 1st place in the single short program. after being clear to compete by the court of arbitration for sport reporting next from the games in beijing, his alexi arish epsky the short a skating program here, wrapped up in beijing and camila. oliva is now shasta after this 1st round of because there was, although obviously going to be a 2nd one on the should a buck over all r o c a 2nd as well. and alexandra through silver, also another russian competing here. she is 4th, currently in the rankings will be to see what's going to happen on thursday. i have to tell you, though, it's quite spectacular to seek a meal of oliva, even with all the prussia that's been mounted on her recently. even with the mistakes that she's made during her performance, that she's still raining supreme in the chart here until thursday, at least i what is very emotional. those 2 things that when she was coming on to the ice, the whole stadium was erupting and very loud. applause,
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and also the fact that when she finished her performance, she was in tears that was really heart wrenching and gut wrenching to watch, to be honest with you. but right now things are looking good. have to remind you though, that the fermi level eva ends up in the top 3. meaning if she wins either gold, silver, or bronze, there will be no metal ceremony according to the io see, until the investigation is complete. at same applies to the team. figure skating event, which of oliva was spots off? obviously that's part of the ongoing story. obviously this has been the for roar. this has been the highlights of everything here in beijing. it seemed the times that many journals have forgotten about the olympics itself, that people are winning metals here. and i have to tell you the atmosphere he inside the capitol indo ground was something unprecedented. i've never seen anything like that, a figure skating, even when a superstar. i'll throw the sport on you judah from japan performed here. the crowd was much smaller than today. obviously, lots of journalists, lots of hype about the story. and let's not forget, there's been
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a lot of support for camila leave as well. i believe we can listen to some of those wards of support for the russian figure skater as you like. in this case. i wish for you to remain calm and hey, she tune teaching you any. it's very difficult your andre a lot of pressure. but as a great afternoon, you will overcome a lease as before. wonderfully. we believe in museum, so everything will be fine. you'll get through it, don't worry. i told you that i want to wish you good luck and say that you left and very much a proud of her to stop and hope to achieve all her go look, which is in your figures. i'm very worried about her from the bottom of my heart. i wish her success spoke to several form of figure skaters including olympic champions and all basically agreed off to the performance that under such press on such circumstances. even with the mistakes during her performance come leave a did extra money well, and we'll see on thursday whether she actually gets the gold for r o c. well,
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obviously i'll be here and i will update you on that for sure. okay, all right, next with me now is figure skater and russian national championship medalist jonathan guerrero goods. happy with us on our say, you know of all the things that you have has been through in the past few days. that immense pressure. she's still doing well in the current competition. what does that tell you about how to resolve? doing well as an understatement. i mean she's leading at the moment. she didn't amazing job. i mean, not only under the pressure, i mean if you take all the circumstances away, she did an excellent job. i mean, it was one mistake, but the rest of the program was just amazing. but if you do, if you put on top of that, everything that's going on around her distress and everything that must be going on with the 15 year old girl. i mean, just unique. it's amazing. i haven't as a, as an athlete. i mean to take my head off, it's amazing. i don't think i could. i would have crumbled under the pressure to be honest, especially given the way social media works right now. she's also had some journal
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and we thought that it would, it would be good to write an open letter. we discussed what we were going to include in it, and yeah, it was mainly a letter of support. it came out before the decision was the ruling came out and yeah, it was just support and just expanding the circumstance, they think that it was important that we as a commission because we are the assets of the figure skating of russia, that where we support, we split her, we hope that everything results the best with her and obviously yes, i don't think i wrote shady, i think i wrote questionable circumstances. i think that's a translation thing cuz i wrote the letter in russian and so my social media. but yeah, i mean, the circumstances are questionable, the dates of the testing things, but i mean, the most important things that she's, he, she is allowed to compete. she's competing, she's doing great job. and i think the rest of that will be results at a later date. but even if she does achieve those top marks, she's not going to get a metal ceremony. no, no, don't just about having to go about the achievement, but that must be disappoint. i mean, to be honest, in this case,
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it's not only about her. i mean, the whole event is not going to have a metal. sorry man, it's so whoever is on the podium will miss that opportunity. i mean, and being an acid, the most important, well not the most, but one of those, those moments that the thing that stays with you and stays, you know, the, there's always going to be that video that you show, you know, your children of somebody that they quinn you where they're standing with the metal, you know, and i think that that's important. and i think from all of us it will be something that will, that will be missed during, during the games. but i mean, decisions have to be made and that was the decision that was made. so and beyond. camilla, how does this affect the ripple effect on the other russian athletes? because when failed drugs test. so put anywhere near russian sports people, it must have an impact on the mental stamina. i mean, i think any circumstances, especially drink this so many things that go on around the olympic games that i
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think. oh, i see, especially as it's just led to close, often focus on the task at hand, which is what so far from what things can be, but he's doing a pretty good job. i mean, we're meddling in almost well, yeah. all of the events. so i think everybody's strong, strong minded in is being able to keep themselves away from all of the depression. all of the things going around. now in terms of the way this is being covered because multimedia are age, everybody's after eyeballs and viewers and the click, they will find a momentum wednesday. how would you assess the way this is being handled? can find she is only 50. i mean, there's a lot of yeah, we're in today's day and age. i think when i was her age, this wasn't a thing. i mean, i think facebook was only just coming out. there was a very slow and there wasn't the whole thing with instruct. you can get tagged and,
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and everything gets just becomes crazy. so i think it's difficult. i mean, and one of my recommendations, i think i was talking with a few of my friends also from can i was like during the games, i mean maybe to me and best to just close your social media not to see how everything's just it gets out of control, but i mean there's always 2 sides to it. i mean there is the site that is attacking us. besides that supporting and i mean, i guess for media and for example, the press, it's a great thing. i don't know whether it's a great thing for the athletes or the sport, but i'm just a jonathan has this over shadowed your enjoyment of the games in a word.


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