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many, many crushes raised, if indeed there was any criminal activity particulars has been landed with a settlement. now, johnny, thanks for taking us through that se news not long. i'd either r t shoddy edwards does. she live in london? going green has largely been heralded as an overwhelmingly positive thing. but are there additional calls or short, dark cobalt hell delves into an issue? environmental campaigners good prompts or other stayed in the background. it's right. ah oh, driven by dreamer shaped bank. concur some of those with
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there's sinks, we dare to ask join me every thursday on the alex salmon. so i'll be speaking to yes, in the world of politics, sport, business, i'm show business. i'll see you then. ah ah ah, subject wanted a brief hope to see something to do all about good and what bus
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a bus stuck in your corner. does he say did is it off with or not? it was just junk junk. la. no, no, not hosted with other than any oh security that he lives. a with or to coordinate a find the vehicle both to say off or speak with anyone about his concern. but of course you have a callback or both do you want to book a or
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b as you can probably look about as okay. own family like his family left on the trailer city, the chemical bye to do our own clothes and part of the family, cassandra, to see kids got it, no care. sure bus, and then the condo surely provide her calculated on that which will be presentable . completes the problem and then be concerned if i can do see i'm, you know, i'm, if, when you show a bus, can it be a full new high school? i believe that is a law for like they defy level united and it is. yeah. 2 side too. so it's a crate in september for michelle,
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which work you are limited to push the controllers driscoll up board. so we're near the clear could hear a lee and you read that then? well, i think you so live it will be the bill. you will expect the last until level but he all see our book with on finally from the only meant not only a box that i see of with our font if we are from on sent been if the problem and what yeah. if the finally died, because what, what you got from the mid twenties on funky is already quite gone. or yes, at any point that you'd like, i'm going to get the guns. you are going to report finish out a little bit about 4 months and the name of work the other day for my son teaching when we don't go what kind of been for need and for the,
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for my sent i to possible because i didn't get done in front of me and the one of you for the, for me, for a move and wanted you to just if you dear, don't call me in the morning till one is a bit. a phillip away milam as i did tell me to send it up only miss i'm far upper left by most vizier, la carrier, one truck in my maybe said pack cancer calisha i did that. i see their visit anthony sink. i'm trying to read want me to fight. you don't want to call it vehicle. yeah. i was on fun to quote. so you got those in was in
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front of me and they said they went to me about a pre med they may just push the family among the marine up. i did was they put my head on my buddy who's ah ah
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ah ah, but the mom is on the my phone. it on bread the provided. i'm. i thought about the more by the the lowest price increases from that like my phone. it was on the phone with
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you for no somebody with
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with you. yeah. well yeah, what i get to do and i like you already have it defeats stuff because you do does get no a tell it. but if it is to be done with it, which of any, almost 5 people only down, the don don, don don, do move is g don's in v did. but when will it be kick alma going over? going to pay me, appoint full a to do when it did you schema. if you too much for be afraid. yeah.
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loankey i might do my n o r i saw you say about poor fool. they fight you too. defeated they did. they declared value because i don't can mail me a, you know, it, i was young. i'm a about an issue. i don't know what the problem will be. yeah. what was that bob? when i'm with
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. ready ready you via vicky not a mental he saw a deal i took with joe we don't really sip of this a tom it's, you know, we don't ok, i will do it is a while ago. a go some way. yeah. but they call it up on a bunch of muslim. there was a, you did a phone on a show controller phone with somebody. why a lot of fun
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with it. yeah, that's when we got about a year ago, lima. now who's you should talk with your face up? plenty, she knew she normal and i need medicaid as a go. my daughter is what is the vehicle you have anymore? yeah, she now go to mika. you actually are going to be contacted. imma. burnett is in the car, and in then going up a in a flow. me don't kill and but you know, when that was the best song, given the apartment as it does, it was our yeah. my daughter a my in junior i can be shaka brody. i mean, you know, when i got, i got my new brother took a photo for my in india and i should be able to make it no problem as you know. okay. i did do a week for
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a pick up for a shop if you have a question about my son. but we're looking in the calendar gonna we are going to say via a dozen men, those him in the submitted for permit me plus the month. yes, somebody from a, from a should hear it or what did it because it did it because get you up. it's a funny, gotta do to know there's a son this. it laughs so little. you don't need to. well, they deliver to know about to have 8 of us go see the most. everybody to reply to
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your machine will be no more than a machine with oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, whole community, are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? is faith in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the
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shallows. for the abuse it is a cd auto pay and the key to push ya mean a lot because they deal with the music issue. they didn't mean and did it the mean said we'd never say the perio and let it did boost isn't the police at a band may operate on? i was use the shuttle all isn't that it'll ban over and you live that's you was on the piece, you know goes you would receive lashing kid. you have to spend 50. she was 8. you could use a c, l o,
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e c o 5. but exemplified should issue. ready but exemplary, thank suck the think suck law julius. took them l. c. 12. i think stuck. yes. i like it, but i meant to fit matters will. hey, this other quote, just a quote you probably made like it. wow. well, with those you could send it out to ship and if you need to find out any sister, my name is erica nailer and it yeah,
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it's a 5. you have a 2 digit committee refill from sunday, albeit silly for you with a paper that you get up on the side. i mean, savannah means thing time you question a c. c was us, but we give you know about room for to hold on. how's it going? i was going on i or if you see yeah, yeah, i see me here shows you come shift, they keep say very clear commission decided there don't 2nd in so no say to figure out the lin lin up with lin up a lot. if you defense, you see, see if we lock up with that was already fun. so if it, if we combine c,
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i right you with quite d quietly. prodigious. it will soon see don't com only, only right? usa on, on the right to my ankle. easy scout, which is kind of a layout of our mean the, i mean in fact, if you probably by police why go monday we needed only cash flow, cuz that's what people point only cost for somebody to know. that was, i say, it seems to me it's the most young dong or on his team a, b, c. pass from south one that comes on monday enables him, and it was, i guess at the see he's them inside and he's using edge if they call by allow us. if i should have been added on, on, on a, on a shanty on it, we on fail when i pulled the day on, examines out like that a b on i had one of those i said to finance able by said to finance c
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t v, but exemplify peoplesoft valuable. she just will this simple song latuda this bit seem was if i did, don't think so. she guntee to emilio and video. so messy. lucky provide gang made the bus daughters rich bit of a bullying cement to cause poor quality to cease. i mean i am as you stolen, provide pow wow. but us get even dicky is that 3 year news up there on paper. actually be pulling them out and be bucks a day for alicia to. she bought a daughter cut. he had a portal, actually do a lotus is a separate, jackie kid, donna de leon tech reserve is
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a line for the business i'm calling is, is that the museum c ball? yeah. man. this man with amazon. when he asked yell amazon sophie, i'm with kim. so much so much mm said to john denton bill for months and we're man, he kept your satisfaction. you have with asian feet. don't burn center was not in south bob. so really a little bit. if i fall under the bond him, he was going to get shows camp. when we left me on the phone like you only need one point than the failure button for what company size decrease in the mechanical valley top by 20 feet from the zip which month we went to the phone,
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keep them all up and it looks like a phone call. back for him. i wonder why they went for much too long for them. coffee took the money and it was from like, almost every month for my store monkey mom collected for me to work what what am i missing by strategy, john john, as i said, she would tell him. i said, yes, i just want, i want to be new, but everyone's going to be the, the i just have to kind of been a month. i was, you know, has been going to the problem in like i did,
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i think i do. they must have valleys and on my mom they will be like id id, see the new song video. i was it the same goes load time. i vaguely mamma. meg, i'm somebody that crazy on my face. silly mamma is this one is on that i buy it from here to press one to submit a paper one and she for exact focus is on bundling. be body a very it on a pedestal. i've been misplaced that he's sitting on my la la. can i do it? is it, is they put on a shot on this? i'm not, they're not today at all. if we company with yeah. who's on the phone? so c, b, b is on funky and all those i me crazy song form by my appreciate
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the e commerce donkeys on file our fell in love with his on charge. deposit is on fund . can you put this was a teaching gothright with your boss, you know, leaks of acres you feel you develop, it won't be face. and if you pick one for run i can is it on let me give you their new feed, a regular junk on crow via the only day monday, lot of jump in the page a ton and a full on them for sale. if we will get taylor a sent for a while man is needed for when. yeah, lemme is a preferred school. i like this test in which you live up with mildly boncey universe perfect ma mazda event file with the bus at the i've got funny that bob louis jack
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for don't use use it. you can use it for a telephone. don't keep, don't little i keep coming shocked on why the my me. she may have been with him if pitifully is i didn't have a dependency where we to play osi. nor may. is sheila down down to the bureau, man mill our me, nissan, me. going to college to at least couple poor die. and if i so, and if you don't t i dislike is you did a run a ranking is use while she will not for they see if you go see lendy, notify me. you don't kesha. i fission among condom wired
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on nice to p, alice sunday in my cake kid the clean down. i'm his own chef friday, this. oh great. don't kiss her why she did test. i found up i think says alonzo or says it is that it can be a few. i only one who feel well of that i couldn't. i took a little and then melody phillip was i was she was just on because when i was under certain domains i think i don't think i'm there, dr. but he's on your face. he a certain date when the test is you create a negative cut didn't will sugar with luca? i'm a heavy miss. i won't make any marshal given intermediate. you know who i speaking a got v over over. she should not be a history on sheep up more or no, or no maybe doing is to simply say shaquilla
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knew oh, or live fish in. must sophia die? darcy, 9. if you live, right? yeah, yeah. the appropriate there knowing face will not only decide decided they're not only facility if will see men do it tomorrow. done. did you want if alicia see long men saw non days using our example is usually from why don't whisky in me pretty. that was fun to stay off on the boat gets cortez, but the fella moment confirming la guardia fell along with the vessel one mighty and
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by the over. so my, you hear me or the leisure to figure out the vision, but i see the really just confirming la alexa, yes. hello liz, yesterday to you i am on i i live in i
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ah, my math guys are more of my guide to financial survival. this is a hedge fund, it's a device used by professional value eggs to earn money. that's right. these headphones are completely not accountable. and we're just adding more and more to them. totally. the stabilize the global economy. you need to protect yourself and get in for a report. when i would show seemed wrong, i just don't hold any world yet to shape out. disdain becomes the african and engagement equals the trail.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart, we choose to look for common ground. with russia starts withdrawing its troops from the border with ukraine 1000 military exercises draw to a close balance. this my daily alarmist western predictions of an imminent russian invasion also. so far we have not seen and the escalation on the ground, the spied moscow is po box. nato chief says he isn't seeing any signs of de escalation while claiming everything is still in place for a russian. that's also
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a head in the program. the canadian prime minister triggers and never before used emergencies act grunting is government extra powers to break alpha truckers protest fighting vaccine mandates. it's created concern among provincial chiefs. question the measures point done legitimacy.


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