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ah, a russian starts withdrawing its troops from the border with ukraine. military exercises brought to a close by daily alarmist western predictions of an eminent russian invasion. so far we haven't seen any escalation on the ground. despite most goes po bank, the nato chief says he isn't seeing any signs of the escalation. while naming everything is still in place for a russian. i also had in the program. the canadian prime minister trigger is a never before used the emergency. zach brown thing is government extra powers to break up and truckers protest fighting vaccine mandates. it's created concern among provincial chiefs. good question. the merger point legitimacy. we don't believe
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this is necessary and upward and we think it could actually be somewhat counterproductive. it is not intimate, and it is a after a week of pressure on the uncertainty over a doping allegations 15 year old russian figure skating star camila. believe that's in 1st place in the singles competition enough the beijing with drilling, thanks a around the clock across the world. this is our t grid to have your company today. my name gina new for some time. western power is helping warning of an impending russian invasion of ukraine saying it could happen at any moment, but they may have to adjust their story somewhat. knowledge. moscow say's its big gun pulling back trips from the border. the russian defense ministry states its forces have wrapped up their exercises in the area and are starting to return to
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their bases, units from russia's southern on western military district, something loading their heavy care to onto trains. those units them in the string sage will then head back to their garrison's also. on tuesday, the russian foreign minister made his feelings fairly clear about those claims of a russian invasion when quiz by reporters. after a meeting with this polish counterpart store in the mister lab wrong, you've said there will be no invasion in ukraine listening with but it's been said many times and there's been made many comments before you put your journalism a know that bright not long rafter that major announcement by the russian defense ministry, president putin met the german chancellor lap shorts in moscow. the key focus of
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their talk being ukraine, as well as energy security in europe. and earlier our correspondence, danny armstrong and murat gas. dave took colon bray through tuesdays, the latest developments, including those high level meetings held by both the russian president and foreign minister for the 1st time in history that the german chancellor and the vladimir putin. jim chancellor, ala shoals and vladimir putin sat down here to talk last a little over 3 hours here in central moscow. now, he was described as ala sholtes is not hopeless. that's surely a good sign. of course, the ukraine crises, so was high on the agenda. we'll get to that in a 2nd, just go through the business side of things. no extreme to, of course, was another thing that was air high on the list of things to talk about course the gas pipeline. note with potentially a funnel gas all the way from siberia in russia,
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through the ukraine. and to germany, president putin said there is absolutely no a political under tones of that gas pipe. it is simply a business deal and they are ready to deliver gas to germany. through ukraine, even past 2020 fours was agreed. and now just coming on to that ukraine crisis, of course before allow shoals came to m. moscow. the mood was one of their hard talks and even harder sanctions if russia went through with this. what was called an imminent invasion in western media, or, of course that do scaled back a little bit. when russia announced earlier today that there will be sending troops home from the southern and western military districts and on the board of ukraine. after completing at military drills, president putin said he cannot ignore the expansion of ukraine and russia, needs and guarantees on security that nato will not expand. now when president putin was asked, does he want
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a war or by one 3rd journalist presence at the press conference? he says, of course not, it's something we don't wants in our generation. of course he was talking about. allah schultz, the german chancellor in our generation. he said, it's something that is unthinkable. but there has been no constructive response to those secure he demands. however, turning his attention to the conflicts in each ukraine, he said, what is going on in the areas of new cancer and tom bass and reminds him of rosa phobia and rosa phobias. the 1st step to something that looks like genocide, punishments, and by our assessment, what is happening in don boss right now is genocide. so those at talks with between and german chancellor, all of sholtes and vladimir putin and going on for some time over 3 hours. it worse every seems. it has been as so met some positive to take away from what he talks about. also across another major diplomatic round. sir murat, gas d f. he was watching the russian foreign minister who's been holding talks with his
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polish counterpart, of course, company chairs, the multi national security organization, the o. s. c e moran. you got the chance to ask a question as well. what did so again of rob have to say this afternoon. well, both the foreign ministers came out and said that these talks had been productive, which is unlike what happened with the least trust the font secretary of the united kingdom, who last week was also here in moscow with the, with very sheely of a chilly press conference after that, and that there was little by way of productivity. mr. lab, rob himself said after that interview, but of course the, the theme here was ukraine. what is happening in your grade and the security concerns that everyone, they are that everyone across the conflict lives on the east and the west have with regards to this conflict, becoming something larger, which is something that everyone wants to avoid. and the russian foreign minister,
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he has said that, look where in the, in the midst of a tremendous disinformation campaign carried out by certain nations, perhaps alluding to the united states and, and great britain, which he said had spread papa get. well, this information little is almost terrorist like in its, in its qualities for all the sea and the terra, the russian invasion that it has spread. he said that if there is something good that has come out of this situation, it is that the 2 sides, russia, and nato have finally agreed to speak to each other. week ago, he said, your listener were still nato calls on russia to improve security. when we make security proposals, all i did turn down. now we get the responses from nato and the u. s. all ideas, including no placement of medium and short range missiles. they said it as if it was their own idea. now the current dialogue with the u. s is played by biden's rules, at least that's what the us wants. and the ends off to the u. s. soul,
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we were radical change in the sphere of european security. we saw the west responded positively. finally, after many years of dismissal measure, russia had said so many years that all of its proposals, all of its security concerns, had been entirely ignored by nato. it had come to the point where even seemingly trivial things, safety issue, such as how close russian and american or native jets should approach each other. even that i was dismissed by nato, who wouldn't even talk about at this point. russia says that yes, it has has finally seen a willingness in natal to, to negotiate. but there is also the concern that joe biden might come out of this and say that a look. this is our achievement that russia took a step back, yet was widows uppercase. we should use cousin, i assure you, if the west hasn't yet stated it, it will definitely say that they pushed on russia by and said withdrawal. the troops and russians got scared and complied with their demands. it's
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a trading of air, and i west and colleagues, a very good at that was up with my colleague. the reality says, say gala, rob is that there was a time table that the russians have said, from the onset that these units that are now be withdrawn from the field, from where they were conducting exercises withdrawn to their basis, permanent basis that this, this was glad they had said all along that they would, that they would return whatever the less that there are some ideas that the to exchange the formulas of russia and poland, the ideas that they said were but good and given into the future, something to talk about. well, a de escalation is not the way nato secretary general sees things right now. yen stilton burke has been holding a news conference on the upcoming meeting of the alliance is the fence ministers. he claims moscow is still ready to carry out an attack. stilton berg has stated that nato needs to see the withdrawal of russian forces, including heavy equipment. the kremlin, sees nancy,
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exactly what is happening. russia has said it is returning some troops to the to, to bases or that you're not seeing any kind of change on the ground. so what we need to see is a significant on, during which all of forces troops and nobody's the heavy equipment so far. we have not seen, and the de escalation on the ground to not seen any signs of reduced russian military prisons, so on the borders of the ukraine. russia has amassed a fighting force in their own ukraine. everything is now in place for and you attacked that was no invasion, no food of t of no aerial bombardment. those tens of thousands of troops, apparently aggressive, just because they were conducting drills on their own territory. are going home. but still, it's not enough. it makes you think of that for not
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d escalation for nature than what is maybe it would just prefer if russia disbanded its entire army altogether. staunton bog is not the only one dissatisfied with what's going on. the ukrainian foreign minister echoed his was and over in the u. k, boris johnson said that the west still must stick together because moscow is giving off mixed signals. i've also seen a few journalists complain about how the kremlin is not withdrawing the heavy duty stuff. just thousands of troops and tanks. it seems russia just con when it keeps troops at the borders. it's an aggressor, it withdraws, it ships and it still could pounce at any moment now. so if that was any hope that this apocalyptic winter's coming rhetoric that's really been flaunting, the information's fair over the last few weeks, would come to an end. perhaps we should have known that. let's just remind ourselves. so the highlights, what can you tell us about reports that you as intelligence believes russia is considering wednesday for an attack, we cannot perfectly predict the day an invasion could began
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a major military action could begin by russia and ukraine any day now? well, it is still the case that an invasion could be imminent, and it is highly likely, i would just tell you that it is entirely possible that he could move with little to no warning when it seems that that is still continuing, though i would have thought that seeing images of russian troops heading back to base would make people feel a bit foolish. approval papers told us that today was the day. it clearly isn't the white house worn, but moscow was filming a blockbuster full flag film. complete with a corpses hasn't worries. we haven't seen it yet. in fact, none of the wild invasion predictions that came out of washington came true. it seemed but their intelligence, which on numerous occasions they refused to show us. maybe now we understand why. what was the. c c paper that it was written on for moscow, thoughts need this has been a historic day february 15, 2022 will go down in history as the de western propaganda for a war failed,
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humiliated and destroyed without a shot, fired, it really has been an absolute bombardment from all sides, when the thing that was needed, the most cool head diplomatic title could not all of this height. that was definitely a sense that those who are engaged in his theory, they want even trying to rein in that drawer. in fact, the opposite. they were feeding off of it, it became a competition of who could be the most outrageous. you have to ask, what was it all full done? well, if we listen to one of the d. c political heavy weights. we might just get a clue if we were not threatening the the sanctions and the rest. it was guarantee that would invade. i've always said that this was a win win for the west because so much of it is about image. and i mean, look at president fight, and now he is going to be hailed as the person who stop the evil person and the tyrant in his tracks. he proved himself to be
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a leader in times of crisis and seen american diplomacy, which apparently involve functions in all its glory. most importantly, all this is a very, very different picture. we will thing even just 2 months ago when biden's ratings were free for when the country was more wider than ever when inflation was wreaking havoc on one of course, his reputation as commander in chief was seriously tempted by the debacle. that was the withdrawal from afghanistan, but trust me, you will not see any of those headlines any more. they will just be swept away and replaced by the idea of fight in the sage, who alongside his strong nato allies, brought the wild back from the brink of war. never mind, but that was never going to be a war to start with. russia parliament has approved a resolution asking president putin to recognize ukraine, self proclaimed den, yes, the new republic says independent. it is on clear though, whether the motion will get support from the kremlin also blended. putting off his
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meeting with the german chancellor today stressed that russia wants to stick to the minsk agreements, which they thought the brick away republic should remain under key abs control. again, we're only me run a lot going on this tuesday for more in depth analysis of the situation in eastern ukraine on the whole back of russian forces to head to r t dot com. the also a chief of police house resigned after being in choose of inaction over a freedom called boy rally dripping the canadian capital. it will prime minister just in trudeau as triggered the country's emergencies act for the 1st time in the country history. he is claiming about a truckers protest running for several weeks now threatens national security. here in our capital city families, small businesses have an enduring illegal obstruction of their neighborhoods,
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occupying st. harassing people, breaking the law. this is not a peaceful protest. we cannot and will not allow illegal and dangerous activities to continue. however, a leading civil liberties group said big criteria for triggering the may not have been met says not can only be dawn when all other legal means have been exhausted. now the act is supposed to be applied only in the case of a national crisis that gives us the government additional powers for 30 days, including the ability to freeze bank accounts. although accounting used against peaceful demonstrators, non rawlings, by freedom of convoy, supporters who opposed faxing mandates have largely been peaceful. several regions are also resisting the use of federal emergency legislation. we don't believe this is necessary. and albert,
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we think it could actually be somewhat counter productive. it is not legitimate and it is useless. so we don't want it. and we don't want the extent of the powers that the federal government could give itself. all things have not reached the point where showing support for the freedom convoy could cost you your job and cooper radio station has fired one of their hosts after he said the movement was not racist. the station say's its respects kid carson's freedom of speech. but objects to him calling what it sees as misleading and inaccurate opinions, facts. carson himself said the station wasn't letting him do his job properly. my house to radio show, i'm expect to talk about all sorts of things. but it seems i have to avoid talking about all the things that really matter. and it's especially hard with the thing that's happening in ottawa ill, a canadian broadcaster claims that the word freedom has become
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a rallying cry for the far right. a, c, b, c, radio show features several guessing the word is a malleable term on a slippery concept or not. it can be used as an excuse to stop people quote, trying to remedy racial or gender discrimination. prime minister just trudeau has made a similar point about the truckers and about freedom having limits a low before he became pm. he seemed to hold a different view. i believe that one of the highest aims of canadian political leadership is to protect and expand freedom. full canadians from a canadian liberty is not about the freedom of powerful people to exercise that freedom, according to the dictates of their conscience, is about canadians rights not to have their freedom unduly restricted, especially by the state. while i'm delighted to welcome on to the program now kellyanne wolf, ceo of the canadian democratic defense association group. joining us from toronto,
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political and social commented a lauren chin in nashville today and independent journalist lucrative a. in brussels. you are all very welcome to the program kelly, and can we kick off with you just that last point? a bite said prime minister. true. so he was all abide freedom, not being on julie restricted by the state. but what we're seeing now seems to be the opposite of that kind of you. absolutely. so you cannot assert, excuse me, you cannot assert to stand for freedom while you simultaneously oppress the freedom of anyone else. and this has been an ongoing issue with justin true and canada. i mean, ever since he chuck, he's been nothing but hypocritical. and the air of hypocrisy has to come to an end . and i'm very proud to say the canadians across the country are not having it, they're going to stand up against this. so, and we're going to continue to do so. you're going to continue to do so. although there seems to be a lot of pushback, noise from the state with this new lock,
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perhaps being used for the 1st time. but you know, we're not even afraid of that. i mean, section one of the emergencies act clearly states the act itself is subject to the canadian bill of rights. and now the, the situation in canada is that most people believe that the charter of rights was made to supercede the bill. but that is absolutely false. the bill is 100 percent still in effect, and the charter was actually made in order to infringe politically upon people's rights under the bill. okay, lauren, can we bring you in m? do you think felt the freedom convoy has taken things too far? you can't just shut down north america's biggest border crossing and not expect pushback. right. well, let's put this all in a little bit of perspective. it's not as if this freedom conway came out of nowhere . this is in direct response to around 2 years of very harsh restrictions from the federal and provincial governments in canada. just introduce can complain about restricting the economy all he wants now,
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but don't forget it was originally the federal government essentially shut the border down and really started this whole thing by attempting to restrict what truckers were able to bring goods into the country. and for the longest time, they also restricted the travel of international visitors as well as that, you know, perhaps a visitor is wanting to come into canada, whom or maybe residence or students, but maybe we're not vaccinated and such. so it's a little bit of a critical if you ask me for the media and the trudeau government to act. now as if it's truckers who are causing all of this havoc when really this is in direct response to the government doing the exact same thing to its citizens for again around 2 years now. so, you cannot say that the restriction of movement and the destruction of the economy is necessary to protect public health for 2 years. but then all of a sudden when canadians are taking it upon themselves to stand up for their liberties. now it's too far and how dare you interact with people's abilities to load their day to day lives. i don't buy it and i think most of the canadian public doesn't either. the groovy also is on the panel to la. hi,
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luke. are people reading a little too much into this emergency measure? people are kellyanne will say that it's, it's absolutely wrong, but then you've got others who will say, well, it's temporary, it's not exactly martial law on maybe for now it's necessary. what's your take? well, it's about the same attitude as many people here in europe, even those who are action it but are fed up with the lack of liberties that the political establishment as imposed. busy on the french, all the germans on every country in europe, how quickly they mark and great britain, realised that an end free the people from the mosques and their and their restrictions in france. not president mccormick, you remember even used to ward all medical d. it means to p soft, the people he wanted to piss them off. those who were not vaccinated. ok, let you off with one of the host hurts, but no, don't, don't say that again. i'm sure sure. go ahead. go ahead. yeah,
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i actually should be the f word if you're translating flash directly. so it was really shocking to, to hear a president use that word for french and for the whole of europe somehow. so i expected this, all these freedom convoys that started in a copycat. so what happened in canada to be quite successful because we had had the yellow breasts in europe and they started joint national was a candidate because in france that are a presidential election coming in to month did the hard left guy, middle shaw, of course, supported them without being too clear about that, but actually it was a failure because the embrace too much date date, of course, were against the coffee restrictions that was the key. but they also said it was another good point to think that the energy costs not like in america here. it doubled over the last 3 months, were getting out of hand. and that the, the buying power of the people of the poor people was going down. it's
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a terrible situation for many people in europe and crossing all the plant and a lot of places as well. so they wanted to demonstrate price, but the police, i mean the, the political power, my horns, a government was very scared, having yellow, vist again. so they managed to stop it on sunday, and when they came to brussels on monday, it was the end of it. you know, they, they didn't reach to central brussels because the police took sentence decisions and are informed about what happened. and the surprise that it was in ottawa home in europe, it was a faint, yet j kelly. and can i put an i think it's an interesting point back in 2020 and it's not ancient history. there were massive black lives matter rallies in toronto . in particular, there was vandalism that was looting. there was never any talk from what i can recall of the government in acting emergency legislation against those protesters or those looters. why is it different that this time around?
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can you get your head or i not one? absolutely, i can. so 1st of all, and i'm sure that everybody in the united states is very familiar with a group called anti fi. what regular people don't realize is that the federal government of canada had invested $47000000.00 into this particular group. they are paid political provocative tours who go out and enter into the crowds of protests across canada in order to promote the divide. the government needs between the people in order to control them. and this is something that is historical and has been seen throughout history through, through all nations where there's been political corruption to the parliamentary structure. so, and that is what happened with black lives matter. i mean, we had anti fi running the coattails of that protest and every child matters with all of our 1st nations. a jump right on the jump right on the coattails of every single protest in order to either to be able to paint these actions of these of these amazing citizens who are really striving just to try to unify nations of
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people. i'm for preferred, serious social and political change and the government, i mean the number one threat to any government is political and social change because they lose complete power. ok. lauren, the canadian civil liberties association, claims just and trudeau has not met the legal bar for declaring an emergency. he has to exhaust all legal options. first on save up, the move is going to harm democracy. could go beyond that, could cause really long term harm. here i think absolutely, and i think if you look at the state of canadian politics and society in general, i like i mentioned before, this truckers protest doesn't come out of nowhere. already. we were seeing fractures and integrations of these political and social norms that were brought about by the government under the guise of public safety for the pandemic. but now adjusting trudeau, enacting these emergencies act, i think the government has just gone one step further in saying that i'm, you know, we're sorry, but the civil liberties you thought you enjoyed as canadians are actually only subject to our whims. we've seen the true government try to assure people that
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there will be no military action, but of course the emergencies act does allow for that and simultaneously you've also seen the government are trying to get help from wherever they can in order to move these convoys and these trucks including from the military, so there seems to be a little bit of double speak here, but at the same time it's not all bad news for supporters of the freedom conway. we have seen several premiers and provinces. a start to roll back mandates. they will say this has nothing to do with the protest, but the timing is suspect in my opinion. and i just hope that it doesn't get to a point where things actually do become violent because of the actions of the federal government. because you know these protestors, they do not, they do not want conflict in that way. but when you take away, i guess people's right to peacefully protested when you even threatened to remove their children from them. obviously things are going to rise and as in attentions and escalation, look, the freedom convoys gone truly global on monday, as you were talking about, we saw thousands of people to send them brussels from across the u. u. do you think
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this is making governments think twice about relentless coven restrictions? or is it making them double clumped down and saying, we've got the power. you've got to listen to us. people. not all that understood the lesson. i'm sure of that in all in most countries in europe. now, governments try all, are really ready to stop measures to take them down. i mean, in belgium for example, there was a court action today, but the judge sent me on monday kids under 12 will not have to wear the mask in class anymore. so your action is, you know, which was to avoid having it for the kids. is, is, is useless. so most government change go from right to orange, to yellow and, and will in the coming weeks limit, these are restrictions really or abandon them completely because only crime doesn't kill anymore. so there is no need for the hospital. so now is the time for
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parliament's everywhere in europe to really look into these restrictions of liberties. and i don't think any government in europe would dare try to go for any very interesting and very interesting dave from all 3 of you. thank you so much for your time and your thoughts for their time has beaten us. we're going to write to the break, whether we like it or not. kaleon. we'll see you of the canadian democratic defense association, medical and social commented, or lauren chen and independent journalists look, are they many thanks and that is where we do indeed sir. goodbye. if you'd like a deeper dive into any of our stories. this our r t dot com as always covered ah, a wrong one all through. just a sheep out disdain becomes the advocate. an
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engagement equals the trail. when so many find themselves will depart. we choose to look for common ground. ah, ah. i am match kaiser, this is the kaiser report. max and stacy are in el salvador on the cutting edge.


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