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ah, ah, russia starts with drawing his treatment from the border with ukraine as military exercises draw to a close enough despite daily alarm with western predictions of an imminent russian invasion. we have not yet verified the russian military units are returning to their home base. and despite the major pullback of russian troops, the white house doesn't yet see it for the de escalation with joe biden saying he wants more fruit also ahead. the canadian prime minister triggers a never before used emergency di grant and he's government extra powers to break up . a truck is protest, i think back to the mandate. it's great to concern among provincial chiefs to question the measures point and legitimacy. we don't believe this is necessary and alberta, we think it could actually be somewhat counterproductive. it is not legitimate and
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it is useless. and after a week of pressure and on the 13th after doping allegations 15 year old and russian figure skating star camila valley of fits in 1st place, been the things competition at the beijing winter olympics with welcome to our international. my name's peter scott taken over from you know, neil and i'll be with you throughout the nights, bringing the news from my headquarters area bhaskar. for some time now, western powers have been warning of an impending russian invasion of ukraine. senate could happen at any moment, but they may have to adjust the story somewhat. now, as moscow says, he's become pulling back troops from the border. the russian defense finish. he says, his forces have wraps up the exercises in the area and are starting to return to their bases. units from russia is a southern and western military district have been loading the hardware on the
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trains those units. the ministry says, well, then head back to the garrison, but even with this goodwill by russia, the white house isn't ready to tone down the war hysteria just yet. the russian defense minister report today, at some military units are leaving their position near ukraine. that would be good, but we have not yet verified that we have not yet verified the russian military units are returning to their home basis. when we heard joe biden speak, he said that despite all of the u. s. satellite equipment and all the u. s. military hardware that's been aimed at the russia ukraine border. he simply can't confirm that these troops are actually moving away from that border. he can't confirm it. can't verify it. that's joe biden. now, at this point, biden, when he spoke, he did say that there would be no missiles from the states in ukraine, and united states would not deploy any troops to ukraine. however, the united states would continue to support ukraine,
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emphasize defense of ukraine's sovereignty. and it's quite interesting to hear how joe biden remarked about all of this. still hinting that an invasion of ukraine is a possibility. united states is prepared, no matter what happens. we are ready with diplomacy to be engaged in diplomacy with russia and our allies and partners to improve stability security in europe as a whole. and we are ready to respond decisively to rush an attack on ukraine. just still very much a possibility. now in his remarks, joe biden said that nato was not a threat to russia, and he also said the united states was not a threat to the people of russia. this is what he said when addressing the country were not targeting the people of russia. we do not seek to destabilize russia to the citizens of russia. you are not our enemy. and i do not believe you want
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a bloody destructive war against the grain. now joe biden also touched on the impact such a war would have on the energy markets. and at the same time that we already have very high energy prices, reflected on the possibility that if a conflict were to erupt, the result would be even higher energy prices and decisive action would be needed to get those energy prices under control. now joe biden alluded to the 2nd world war when russia and the united states were aligned against fascism and he talked about the hope that things could get better between the 2 countries. it's important to note that us media went as far recently as. busy giving a precise hour when this alleged russian invasion of ukraine was to take place, setting it for 1 am on february 16th and, and at this point we have russian officials saying that this hysteria being whipped up by us officials as well as us media, is unprecedented. russia, russia has made clear it has no intention of invading ukraine, that at this point,
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troops are doing being moved away from the border. but yet, joe biden says, this isn't verified and still speaks of an invasion of ukraine as if it's somehow a possibility. well, no longer to the major announcements by the russian defense ministry. president putin met the german chunks, the last shelter moscow. the key focus of that being ukraine, as well as energy security in europe. earlier correspondence, dunney armstrong and rod guess be have to call him bray through today's big developments, including the pizza shirts, summits where the russian lead a stress, the need for diplomacy. stroke asserts it. what will russia do next? will stick to the plan? what will this plan depend on apply situation on the ground? who can say how the situation will shock out? no one yet? is it? it depends not only on us, but we intend and will strive to reach agreements with our partners on issues we have raised to resolve them with the help with diplomacy. for the 1st time in
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history that the german chancellor and vladimir piece and german chancellor allow schultz and vladimir putin sat down here to talk last a little over 3 hours here in central moscow. now it was described as all our shots is not hopeless. that's surely a good sign. of course the ukraine crisis was high on the agenda. we'll get to that in a 2nd. just go through the business side of things for the north stream too, of course was another thing that was high on the list of things to talk about. push the gas pipeline with potentially for no gas all the way from siberia in russia, through the ukraine. but, and to germany, we got, president putin said there is absolutely no political under the challenge of that gas pipe. it is simply a business deal, and they are ready to deliver gas to germany through ukraine. even past 2020 fours was agreed. and now just coming on the shoot that ukraine crisis, of course before love shoals came to the air moscow. the mood was one of our hard
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talks and even harder sanctions if russia went through with this, what was called an imminent invasion in western media, or, of course, that was scaled back a little bit longer host. now, when russia announced earlier today that there will be sending troops home from the southern and western military districts and on the board of ukraine, after completing at military drills, president putin said he cannot ignore the expansion it made. so in russia needs a guarantees on security that nato will not expand. now when president putin was asked, does he wants a war or by warner journalist presents and a press conference. he says, of course, not some currently don't go on with in our generation. of course, in the talking about all our shows, the journey chance in our generation. he said it's something that is on thinkable, but there has been no constructive response to those secure was he demands. however,
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turning his attention to the conflict in the missing crane, he said, what is going on in the areas of new cars and don bass and reminds him of rosa phobia. and rosa foby as the 1st step to something that looks like genocide punishment by our assessment. what is happening in on boss right now is genocide. so those at talks between and german chancellor, all of sholtes and vladimir putin and going on for some time over 3 hours it worse . and, but it seems that it has been as some met, some positive to take away from what he talks about. also across another major diplomatic round. so more i guess d, f. he was watching the russian foreign minister who's been holding talks with his polish counterpart of course, company chairs, the multi national security organization, the o. s. c e moran. you got the chance to ask a question as well. what did that so again, of rob have to say this afternoon. well, both the foreign ministers came out and said that these talks had been productive,
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which is unlike what happened with the least trust. the former secretary of the united kingdom, who last week was also here in moscow with very sheely, of a chilly press conference or after that. and there was little by way of productivity. mr. lab rob himself said after that interview, but of course the, the theme here was ukraine. what is happening in ukraine than the security concerns that everybody, everyone across the conflict lives on the east and the west have with regards to this conflict, becoming something larger, which is something that everyone wants to avoid. and the russian foreign minister, he has said that, look where in the, in the midst of a tremendous disinformation campaign carried out by certain nations, perhaps alluding to the united states and great britain, which he said had spread papa get well, this information that it all is almost terrorist, like in it say in its qualities for all the sea and the terra,
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the russian invasion that it has spread. he said that if there is something good that has come out of this situation, it is that the 2 sides, russia, and nato have finally agreed to speak to each other. week ugly. he said, you list though, we're still nato calls on russia to improve security. when we make security proposals, all i did turn down here to navigate the responses from nato and the u. s. all ideas which including no placement of medium and short range missiles appears. they said it as if it was their own idea. now the current dialogue with the u. s. is played by biden's rules kimberly's, that's what the us wants. and he ends after the us. so we want radical change in the sphere of european security. we saw the west responded positively. finally, after many years of dismissal, national prussia had said for many years that all of its proposals, all of its security concerns, had been entirely ignored by nato. it had come to the point where even seemingly
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trivial things, safety issue, such as how close russian and american or native jets should approach each other. even that i was dismissed by nato, who wouldn't even talk about at this point. russia says that yes, it has has finally seen a willingness in natal to, to negotiate. but there is also the concern that joe biden might come out of this and say that i look, this is our achievement. the busha took a step back, yet was widow's o'clockish mission discovered. i assure you, if the west hasn't yet stated and lay, we'll definitely say that they pushed on russia supine said to withdraw the troops and russians got scared and complied with our demands. it's a trading of air, and i went and colleagues, very good at that. this was up of nickaligha, but the reality says segue laboratory is that there was a time table. the russians have said, from the onset that these units that are now be looked soon from the field, from where they were conducting exercises, withdrawn to their base, permanent faces, the thief, this was plaid,
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they had said all along that they would have that they would return whatever the less that there are, some ideas that the to exchange the formulas of russia and poland, the idea is that they said were but but good. and given them to the future, something to talk about a di escalation is not the way nato secretary general sees things though you install to berg was holding a news conference on the upcoming meeting of the alliances defense ministers. and he claims moscow is still ready to carry out an attack. stilton berg also stated that nato needs to see the withdrawal of russian forces, including heavy equipment. the kremlin says that's exactly what's happening. russia has said it is returning some troops today to, to bases after military exercises will completed. are you saying then, this isn't true or that you're not seeing any kind of change on the ground? so what we need to see is a significant on, during which all of forces troops, ne,
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to heavy equipment. so far we have not seen, and the d escalation on the ground. not seen any signs of a reduced or russian military person. so on the borders of the ukraine, russia has amassed a fighting force in the wrong crane. everything is now in place for and you attacked that was no invasion, no food of kiev, no aerial bombardment. those tens of thousands of troops, apparently aggressive, just because they were conducting drills on their own territory on going home. but still, it's not enough. it makes you think of that. it's not d escalation for me to them. what is, maybe it would just prefer if russia disbanded its entire army all together? stuart about is not the only one dissatisfied with what's going on. the ukrainian foreign minister echoed his was in the u. k. boris johnson says that the west still must stick together because most coach is giving off mixed signals. i've also seen
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a few john this campaign about how the criminal is not withdrawing the heavy duty stuff. just thousands of troops and tanks. it seems russia just con when it keeps troops at the borders, it's an aggressor, it withdraws its troops and it still could pounce at any moment now. so if that was any hope that this apocalyptic winter's coming rhetoric that's really been flaunting, the informational spare over the last few weeks, would come to an end, perhaps we should have known better. let's just remind ourselves for the highlights, what can you tell us about reports that you as intelligence believes russia is considering wednesday for an attack, we cannot perfectly predict the day an invasion could begin. a major military action could begin by russia in ukraine any day. now, well, it is still the case that an invasion could be imminent, and it is highly likely i would just tell you that it is entirely possible that he could move with little to no warning when it seems that that is still continuing, though i would have thought that seeing images of russian troops heading back to
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base would make people feel a bit foolish approval papers that told us that today was the day. it clearly isn't the white house warned, but moscow was filming a blockbuster full flagstone complete with state corpses. housing already we haven't seen it yet. in fact, none of the wild invasion predictions that came out of washington came true. it seemed but their intelligence, which on numerous occasions they refused to show us. maybe now we understand why, what was the. c paper that it was written on for moscow, thoughts need this has been a historic day february 15, 2022 will go down in history as the de western propaganda for a war failed, humiliated and destroyed without a shot. fired. it really has been an absolute from boardman from all sides when the thing that was needed, the most cool head diplomatic title could not all of this height. that was definitely a sense so that those who are engaged in his theory,
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they want even trying to rein in that drawer. in fact, the opposite. they were feeding off of it. it became a competition of who could be the most outrageous. you have to ask, what was it all done? well, if we listen to one of the d. c political heavy waves, we might just get a clue if we were not threatening the the sanctions and the rest. it was guarantee that would invade. i've always said that this was a win win for the west because so much of it is about image. and i mean, look at president fight and now he is going to be hailed as the person who does the evil person and the tyrant in his tracks. he proved herself to be a leader in times of crisis may see an american diplomacy, which apparently involves functions in all its glory. most importantly, all, this is a very, very different picture to what we will think even just 2 months ago when biden's ratings weren't free full when country was more devices than ever when inflation was wreaking havoc. and when, of course,
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his reputation as commander in chief was seriously identified the debacle. that was the withdrawal from afghanistan. but trust me, you will not see any of those headlines any more. they will just be swept away and replaced by the idea of fight anastasia, who alongside his strong nato allies, brought the wild back from the brink of war. never mind that there was never going to be a war to start with. russia's parliament has approved a resolution asking president putin to recognize ukraine's self proclaimed vignettes and luc guns republics. as independent its own claire though, whether the motion will get support from the kremlin. vladimir putin, at his meeting with the german charlotte stressed the russia wants to stick to the minsk agreements. which state that the break away republics should remain to the key of control. again, more autonomy for some in depth analysis on the situation in east and ukraine, and the pullback of russian forces had to walk the dot com.
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canadian prime minister just intruder has triggered the countries emergencies, arts for the 1st time in the country's history. he's claiming that the truckers protest which has been running for several weeks now, threatens national security. here in our capital city families, small businesses have an enduring illegal obstruction of their neighborhoods, occupying streets, harassing people, breaking the law. this is not a peaceful protest. we cannot and will not allow illegal and dangerous activities to continue. however, a leading civil liberties groups as the criteria for triggering the acts have not been met, as that can only be done when all of the legal means have been exhausted. the arts is supposed to be applied only in the case of a national crisis. it gives the government the additional powers for 30 days,
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including the ability to freeze bank accounts. although it can't be used against peaceful demonstrators and rallies by the freedom convoy. supporters who oppose vaccine mondays have largely been peaceful. several regions also resisting the use of federal emergency legislation. we don't believe this is necessary and alberta, we think it could actually be somewhat counterproductive. it is not legitimate and it is useless. so we don't want it and we don't want the extent of the powers that the federal government could give itself. things have now reached a point where showing support for the freedom convoy could cost you your job. vancouver radio station has fired one of their hosts after he said the movement wasn't racist. the station says it respects kit carson's freedom of speech with objects to him, calling what it sees as misleading and inaccurate opinions as facts. carson himself says this station wasn't let him do his job properly by house to radio show,
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expect to talk about all sorts of things. but it seems i have to avoid talking about all the things that really matter. and it's especially hard with the thing that's having an ottawa earlier we heard from another freedom convoy processor in also were and he believes just into does use of the emergency. i'd say it's also unlawful in canada. we have the war measures act, which was used 3 times in canadian history. it was in world war one will war 2 and the f. l q crisis in 1970 were terrorists were setting up bombs and kidnapping civilians in quebec. since then, i believe $974.00, it was rename to the federal emergencies act. and since then it has never been used . and it hasn't been used because politicians understand that if they use this drastic measure that it can be abused. and that's exactly what we're seeing today. we're not at work anybody. nobody's dying, nobody's getting kidnapped. but this federal government is trying to save face from
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a politician named justin trudeau was trying to save his political career. and it's absolutely wrong. he needs to be held accountable, and citizens need to know that he is violating the canadian charter of rights. one person should not have the power to initiate such a drastic measure by himself. this should be a unanimous 100 percent agreement of all premieres across the country when there's a split and you have members of your own liberal party speaking up against this action of imposing the federal emergency act, it shows division shows that there is no support. when he got in was 32 percent of canadian votes, the lowest in canadian history. and now those polls show that that is slipped only 16 percent. so this is all about justin trudeau trying to save his political career, trying to say, face and play like a rock star on the world stage as rom, russian figure skating star camila valley ever sits 1st in the winning think it was competition in the winter olympics the 15 year olds been under intense pressure
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over dispute a drug test. the currently tops the single short program after being cleared competes by the courts of arbitration for sport. she had already held their country to gold in the team events. ortiz alixia, shasky reports and beijing. the short, a skating program here, wrapped up in beijing and camila. oliva is now shasta after this 1st round of because there was also going to be a 2nd one on the should a buck over all r o c. a 2nd as well, and alexandra to silver, also another russian competing here she is. 4th, currently in the rankings will be to see what's going to happen on thursday. i have to tell you, though it's quite spectacular to seek emil oliva, even with all the prussia. that's been mounted on her recently, even with the mistakes that she's made during her performance. that she still raining supreme in the chart here until thursday, at least. ah, what is very emotional. those 2 things that when she was coming on to the ice,
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the whole stadium was erupting and very loud applause. and also the fact that when she finished her performance, she was in tears that was really heart wrenching and gut wrenching to watch, to be honest with you. but right now, things are looking good. have to remind you though, that ava level eva ends up in the top 3. no meaning. if she wins either gold, silver or bronze, there will be no metal ceremony according to the aisle seat until the investigation is complete. at same applies to the team. figure skating event, which of a lever was spots off? obviously that's part of the ongoing story. obviously this has been the for roar. this has been the highlights of everything here in beijing. it seemed to times that many journalists have forgotten about the olympics itself, that people are winning metals here. and i have to tell you the atmosphere he inside the capitol indo ground was something unprecedented. i've never seen anything like that, a figure skating, even when a superstar all through the sport, one you do to from japan performed here. the crowd was much smaller than today. obviously,
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lots of journalists on lots of hype about the story. and let's not forget, there's been a lot of support for camila leave as well. i believe we can listen to some of those wards of support for the russian figure skater as you like. in this case. i wish for you to remain calm and hey, she turned to situation. you ain't. it's very difficult and a lot of pressure. yeah. but as a great after you will overcome a lease and perform wonderfully. we believe in museum. so would have had a thought. everything will be fine, you'll get through it. don't worry. i don't want to let you know. i want to wish you good luck and say that we're laughing very much a proud of her success and hope she's, she's a, i'm very worried about her from the bottom of my heart. i wish her success spoke to several form of figure skaters including olympic champions and all basically agreed after the performance that under such pressure under such circumstances, even with the mistakes during her performance. camila oliver did extremely well, and we'll see on thursday whether she actually gets the goal for r o. c. well,
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obviously i will be here and i will update you on that for sure. we heard from catherine of it's a to time olympic figure skating champion. he ruled the ice throughout the eighty's, the german legend, things believe his performance was hugely impressive, especially given the global scrutiny she's currently under. i did not want it to be to her shoes or to have that pressure and to go out there and gauge as brief as she did. she did a little mistake, but still, you know, she had to go out there the entire world was watching. everybody had an eye on her, and of course, on the rest of the competition in this whole game, she is for me an absolute victim. she's 15, she's the minor and she should have not dealt with what she has to face right now. we have not the complete result yet, but i think definitely adults who are around her and who have put her in the
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situation in what she's is now is just unbearable. my imagination, what she's going through with your 15 year old. everybody has lost, you know, there is not one single winner in this single game we're having on right now and take it, take the team competition. you know, there are 6 accolade of each country. so all those other teams, they have no matter ceremony. this is the worst. what can happen to an athlete you're out there. you're out there to win a metal if it's a whole different civil bronze but you win a metal. and one of the most important things is to stand on the podium to hear your national anthem, or to share it with your competitors. you. a lot of times you're friends with and you have absolute respect for each other. so for this alone it's, it's, it's really no fair decision, you know, by holding back, because they don't know exactly what the outcome will be. in general, it's
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a disaster for sports, i must say. and especially for those all the athletes who are involved in those the main stories for this our head over to our t dot com or. busy our social media pages for more. my name is peter scott. on the back again at the top of the hour. ah. both these people learn from their own experience. how vulnerable of business is to the bank. so you push my business over, the age, pushes me right to the bankruptcy. now i realize we were good. this isn't just the back that may be involved in this is the counselor at sea. palms is,
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is the lawyers. these people have got you want on their stories. ottawa can a whistle blower. tell people's marriages have broken up. they've lost their family homes, it is spectacularly devastating for people's lives. we have committed suicide, but left behind, nor the explicitly state that it was the constant intimidation and billing by buying coff resource that led them to i thought the spring is obscene. these people up nor saw a when i was sure seemed wrong when i was just don't hold any new world. yes. to feed out disdain. because the advocate and engagement equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds
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apart, we choose to look for common ground in a ah, subject wanted and it's a really great hope to see something to do all about good can help us out on the marketing of brush up on your caller. does he say so does it go no, take what just junk his see junk low. no no no posted with
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oh security that he lives. a with or to coordinate a find the local both to say off of the quote with the book is confirm booked. of course you have a call back. my phone number is a whole comparable in a cobalt se old family like a swindler, trailer city. the chemical bye to you out on pleasant la pharmaca swelled to see.


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