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see, when is this the solution, the most of the versions, all these take a look at you, great. 30 years of the gaining independence dog and your phone with us on a, a, [000:00:00;00] a,
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[000:00:00;00] a the current inventory tree joe see was key p n g. they were brought in within 24 hours of me raising issues occurrence with the bank . and our prius forced key pm, jeez, or forensic accounting team upon the business. then the point to keep m g as corporate finance advisors. then the point to keep m g is cameron specialists, and then 4 months later when the business had gone up for sale, the appointed key p, m g on the other side of this as the court appointed administrators. so our key pm g orchestrated this,
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executed it for our base all the way through me. i do find it fairly extraordinary. k p n g who audited the h for cuts and fails and ages apparently 40000000000 the pond. heard in there a cons. 40000000000 ponce's one hell of a lot of money and also managed able look, a 1000000000 pond, nearly 1000000000 pants rolled in their reading office, which they were told about what will say the auditors of the co operative bank, where they seem again to miss a hold of several 1000000000 pond, and just immediately recently, we're also the oldest since of caribbean who also seem to have a massive home in their cars. they seem to make
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a habit of this in the me i have had 17 mobile phones in the last 2 years because they all get that has been why a top of my home phone. i get attempted computer hocking 2 or 3 times every day and had computers and data stolen but never wallets and watches. they don't even bother to make it look like a robbery. because it's not surveillance. they want you to see them. i personally have been
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attacked twice. my elderly parents and my children have been under surveillance and have been intimidated until the us and the police wrote to me and said that they were investigating it as part of my own going position with the situation with the royal bank of scotland. est majority. facts, peer on the bank in this country, allegedly employing corporate intelligence spooks to effectively harass customers. i'm a customer to this day. i'm a shareholder of our b s. and these are the lance that they will go to, to stop me investigating them competing against them. and taking legal action against them. one day i got a knock at the door and it was a senior police officer from the city of london. police had come all away from oxford, with a member of a unit cold. the anti terrorist and public author unit. and this guy was ex
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special forces and they basically instructed me that i had to leave the country and do so within 24 hours because the state could no longer protect me. that was the last point. when you realize that your own country, your own state, there's no longer able to protect your and they're asking you to leave. and they're even offering you witness protection, which i declaimed. so i ended up going to to live in italy forcibly, going to live in italy for 3 months, which, which lasted for nearly 2 years, which i again funded myself. but every time i return to the u. k for 2 years i was warned against were telling me
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the me i we on the straight on day then my just i 35 miles away from my children's school. it would cost me $450.00 pounds a week just so that my children can go to school. i eat sleep live in the block that that's why i launched those because i, i love so i've tried to a con, just home environment. just don't want 3 windows so you can't have a normal life in any way anymore. they've taken our life knowing like knowing
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and i'm worried that you know, we were so so close to now you know, we do. ok. we do. ok. we worry about monday we've, we've been hungry were homeless and assess the we don't
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see any future policy as brightness like depression. this is our bedroom. well we do everything is done here. that's where my team in the computer all the time. read and email sending stuff, reading stuff from the the royal commission and say we're sticking the bikes to court. when i truly appreciate the jobs that you know 70000 employees do when i go into
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a branch and those o'clock o'clock case ending 12 hours of the year, 16000 a year, just doing a job. that's what i'm doing. the working an organization that doing a job and they're trying to do the best that unlucky because they're working for a criminal organization. but i don't have an issue with the general employees of our toll. i am very focused on what i consider to be organized, criminal misconduct by this geology unit. that goes all the way to the seal previous see yours and to the common and passports. i truly believe that it was deliberate, was intentional, it was coordinated and it was, it was known about the board. in fact, it was driven by the board because it was so important the board to collect all the cash and, and even if it meant businesses and lives been destroyed, it was so important to the survival of the bank that the board basically not only ponder blaine di but the but the,
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but the directed and they're all culpable. every single financial misconduct scandal in the u. k. and every other major financial, judas diction with singapore, america, europe, r b. s is also at the heart of every one of these scandals. so they more war says that the banks having taken security against the law and come back for a 2nd time and call in what they call a personal guarantees, which for, for most small businessman is their home. so the bank come and forcibly we possess the family home, which then splits the families up and they end up going and living with parents in different homes and, and that causes monitor tensions, problems with the children. and so men and women can take, they have committed suicide, but left behind, nor they explicitly see that it was the constant intimidation and billing by bank
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officers and consultants to an advisor to the bank that led them to i took the spear it's obscene. these people up nor soul i generally the advice is from solicitors that say if you want to really take on a financial institution, is take your heels and clear your diary for the next 10 years and have several 1000000 pounds behind you to do it. it's pretty cut point where it's just we kind of expected very common that people's marriages have broken up. they've lost their family home. it is spectacularly devastating for people's lives. the actual reading, the story is an extraordinary one. i think of all the number of companies, webbing defrauded, quite clearly through the reading branch of h balls. and this was all over the country. it's very difficult for the police to
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actually take on a case like this. me i tree child of lawyers for britain to in detail. i bought this and deny they knew about it said that he well knew about it. and in 2013, an internal document was written in lloyd's, which lays out the entire fraud that went on with an age boss. and boys in great courtesy names the names and names couplers involved. the whistleblower on that case was actually immediately made redundant and it's never been compensated properly. i find the whole thing quite extraordinary. but also lloyd's have denied
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consistently. it was an official report which is quite clear from their internal email. so they had a risk in order. commissioner report, norman, oh boy, i tell you. even the crane to it's now own didn't have this amount of police investigation. i don't think you're quite credible. i don't know if i am asking you question that this isn't, this isn't a show miss redmond citizen again, and i'd like you to come to your question now, norman, if you want to turn into again, show the way you treat us, i would call it point and if you want it to turn into jail or no jail, you are going in the right direction. you put out a press statement last week, but it was not commission by lloyd spike. yes or no? did you commission the report? the prostate and stance as it is that you did not commission the repub the press
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payment status. as does that, you did not commission the report. guess the per statement stanza says, ah, the democratic republic of congo is among the richest countries in the world and natural resources, but he cannot mclee it's still one of the poorest cobalt is an essential material in manufacturing batteries from modern devices, like electric cars, mobile phones, and computers 60 percent of the world's cobalt reserves are in congo. but 20 percent of it comes from small scale mines. units have figures confirm that in 2017
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co than 40000 children worked in cobalt mining in the republic to one living and paying for schooling. next time you use a fancy gadget like a smartphone camera laptop, and just remember that there's a chance it works. thanks to a child, hard labor children like john michelle henry at o countless others like them. ah ah
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m, i don't know how you would ever rebuild trust in voice may be stopped by shooting in horse. ah, me disappointing that a government minister when he's presented with that level of evidence during a problem entry, the page is not willing to actually do more to address the problem. that's so dependent on re privatizing. yes. philip hammond,
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the chancellor has said he wants to do it roughly over the next 5 year period. that's dependent on the money that they might raise from this re privatization of the bulk of our b s. so they're willing to kind of line die to the banks, agree just behavior me i guess it's part of a wider problem within the u. k, which is pushing back on a pedestal. here is of, of the capital system who were paying such a huge amount of tags and he were providing so much wonderful credit to fuel the wheels of the economy that they were revered. and molly, called, old, almost worshiped ah, the individuals who the authorities could be looking at people like nathan boston, who was the director of restructuring and risk cloud. all this was gang on the
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intense period of, of abuse within. georgi happened on his watch. he knows chief executives of santander, u k. derrick sage, who was the over the global head of global restructuring group. lower bali who was the u. k. head of the globe restructuring group at the peer to peek abuse of 2009 to 2013 and as there are others as well, including the head of west register, a man called aubrey aubrey at adams. he came from salvos and it does even like people low down the tree in scotland there's, there's a couple of individuals who every single person i've spoken to says behaved in a very abusive,
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potentially criminal matter. me. ah, when you realize that it's not individual companies, it's not a few companies, it's not a few small companies that here we are to be intended to at least 2000 british businesses. so that makes it 100000000000 payment problem. me. we reckon that are thousands and thousands of cases across america and we're going to launch legal actions. the classic us class actions across america against both banks. meanwhile, we're also working on criminal legal actions in germany under european union directors. now why should i as a scotsman in, in addressing and, and looking at the misconduct of
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r b. s. have to go to america to get the american federal authorities and regulate us to take actions and to do the same in germany. when's the last 8 years the british government and the british regulators have literally done nothing until british society, if he want to call it, the regime goes the seas wrong. you're not gonna change your name and you're not going to stop the inevitable happening. and i am seriously not a political person, but we will have civil unrest in this country. we will have a revolution. i genuinely believe there is enough evidence in history to say that
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a nation in post imperial decline has one massive change in status. and then is destroyed, i want my 100 tons of compensation. while we were taught to to that because we want life. i want to live my life. i want to be up to enjoy memory to my children. i want to have something to hope for me. i can fight them.
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ah, the ah, we come to the meetings and one the to get the pressure off. everybody talks to one another and then d. it's a lot another one. so it's, i believe it was psychotherapy and everybody discussing the problems. when you deal wise, the problem is not just us, destroy jewish is live, but in general is still evidence out there wrong. these people can know both the law. could you documents have been used throughout all these things? no big to take people's assets fabricated documents proof interested is concerned cause those are used by the f b i s b. what of peyton taurus and then the prosecutor who's calling the
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shots the stuff to say, i'll refuse to investigate. and as i always go back with that, they will help us know that are all ready whispers around the house of commons, that this action will be the end of the bank because we know it and that there will have to be a 2nd payload to fund us compensation, me like all the great scandals know what you know, it takes years and years for the trip to come out. and ultimately people get justice and they get
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a degree of compensation. but i actually know for many of the victims what they actually want is closure and they all know they all know that the country and the bank can afford to give 100 pension apart. and they know they're going to get a fraction back the moment they get nothing back, but they know they've got a fraction bike for the great majority. they'll be happy with some financial compensation, but they also want to be vindicated. let's pick a date, 2050. when the social historians look back at this 1st tier of the new millennium. how are they going to assess? what on earth we got on to be? are they going to note that the greatest casualty of shoot expansion of
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globalization communications was the destruction of trust? but how can you ever trust the bank that in vain, solicitors within it? how, how can you ever trust the bank that created fictitious bank accounts as it did the botanist? how can you trust the bank, the bribes, the defense witness. as in my case, i really have learned a lot about how this came about historically. but the thing that really does upset is what it's done to the united kingdom. but it's done to great britain because it frightens me for the future this country. because there is a high level deep corruption and i cannot see
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a bright future full person unless something pretty cataclysmic happens. me. i think that despite the effort, so parliament committees and working groups looking at solutions such as a new tribunal system and changes to contract law. these are all things that are useful and there needs to be changes to regulation. to stop this ever happening again. but i'm concerned that politically were deliberately diffusing the whole situation, were deliberately losing sight of what's the only important thing here. and that is justice and compensation for the historical victims
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was recently described as the larger staffed anywhere ever the ah
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ah, [000:00:00;00] ah, ah, ah, a
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a mom i know with a walk around with a little one id my calendar. i'm all she will have to go to one of. 1 your
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when i was so the wrong one, i just don't you have to say proud. because the advocate an engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves well, the part we choose to look for common ground. ah, russia says it has no intention of invading ukraine and a written security response to the united states. a military device is out of the country and joints with time. different mass clash with the un with moscow urging. well, paolo's the stop shifting blame for ukraine's internal conflict on to russia. and the canadian prime minister is grounded, dictated by opposition. lawmakers as a protesting truck,


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