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tv   News  RT  February 19, 2022 9:00pm-9:30pm EST

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michelle henry at all countless others like them or ah, with the camera crew for our sister channel archie arabic, narrowly escaped shelling in ukraine. the breakaway done yet republic. people are playing eastern ukraine amid warnings that campus military is escalating violence in the region. evacuation have been crossing the border into russia for when you're sure there's such a tension here in the morning. there was an explosion again, let's go to for the best russians, don't abandon their own. also, this, our russia goes ahead with annual testing of its nuclear capabilities. mid threats from the head of nato over what he earlier called aggressive actions by moscow. so
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if a criminal aim is to have less weight on its borders, it will only get more than one. 0, a and the canadian authorities are cracking down on anti mandate protests for a 2nd day with hundreds of police deployed in the capital. at least 70 people have been arrested. a kathy live direct from our studios in moscow. this is our 2 international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us. are now a camera crew from our sister channel r t. arabic has narrowly avoided being hit by shelling, while filming in the done the region. earlier this evening, we got this footage in from the scene. thought i would talk about it because it
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was thought that from a dormer this was so self said elton, that is what he's got, which is not because it's a because this he did backups that he also said only grants garrett or silly wait. so, all right, so we'll put out the list are still noise feature. we still lump aka record. so she did not go with her thought or for you went to the hooker. my. she says that you thousands of people are being evacuated from the self proclaimed dumbass. republics in eastern ukraine, that's after officials warned that kia could attack them at any moment with both sides reporting frequent shelling across the front lines. now those at boarding
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schools and orphanages are 1st in line to be rescued with the children taken by bus to safety in russia. women and the elderly also have priority status in the move. we're going to russia running away from the shelling with my wife and our daughter and granddaughter. i hope they'll meet us and receive which it really hurts. i don't want to leave. we are worried about everything. we are very worried because our entire family is going to rush 5 people with such attention here in the morning there was an explosion again, let's go for the best russians don't abandon their own. and just a reminder of how we got to the current situation. the break away republics declared independence after a western back to uprising over through the government and keith in 2014 that marked the beginning of an ongoing conflict with nearby ki,
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have controlled territories done yet, scandal. ganske are in eastern ukraine on the border with russia's russell region where evacuees are being taken. many hopes that they can one day return to their homes without the constant threat of shelling. pretty close on. but as i came here from dawn back together with my children yesterday, i was walking to work, but it's impossible not so much showing anybody told us about evacuation and, and in our we gathered everything that we can. i came here, we'll just get to, i don't want to come back. it's very dangerous. i live there and don't want to anymore. if dumbass forces are there, it's soon as they leave valan bait immediate. so he doesn't know how that out. they say if they get to our territory, i've done that with no one movie left, but they won't even stare. children still destroy everyone. what they want our land . our men won't let them in, that's what we pray for. and yet they are holding up. have been holding up for 8 years, not letting them in. so we hope we'll be able to return home and what we will up because i wasn't sure it'd be good if we had anywhere to return to and then our
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relatives were okay, they're much. oh no, my boy, my grandchild, when we were under shilling, we ran outside in there, shooting star hobby, asked me granny, what did you wish? and i asked him vacuum, what was his show that it said i want this war to be over sooner because he was 4 years old. then i said, i wish you the same thing. so if i get the war has been going for 8 years, now, you more, you shall be less. did you hoarder? more than 20000 people have already been evacuated from the self proclaimed don, yet, scandal guns, republics, to southern russia. since the rescue operation began on friday, or cheese dawn quarter is at one of the locations the evacuees are being brought to . russian region of russell is under a state of emergency, and the authorities have set up zones all over the region to accommodate the expected 700000 evacuees coming from the don bus region of eastern ukraine. and one of the things that the regions governor asked was for the owners of hotels in the region to help out in the accommodation process. and as you can see here,
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this hotel that we're staying in is no exception behind me. you can see a number of evacuees from the don bus region that have already made their way into russ stove. they're right now checking into the hotel and there's another part of the hotel where they're already trying to give monetary compensation to these people that are coming to russia as evacuees. they don't know how long they're gonna be here. they don't know what's gonna happen if there's going to be a ukrainian invasion or not. but as, as for right now, this is their reality. ah, the company before obasi arrived here me my nephew, his wife and their son. i left my house, said my duffy, let the cat out of the house, abandoned my own house and left my nephew. he's the same. everyone left their homes because it's very scary there. we travelled the whole night and day the cues
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a terrible moving only 10 meters, an hour kilometer long queues, bosses with keith standing there. well, national question, you know, it's very confident shelling we decided to leave because a miss i landed at our apartment building entrance. what exactly would you have wanted this for your child? would you? i also don't one this for neither my grandchildren nor do you know how hes get blown off before parents eyes? no, and we know how parents hid their 3 children in the bathroom and they all got blown there. you don't know, this doesn't influence on the phone because i'm so far from politics, so i don't think anything about it. i just want to, while the 1st train from lugens could to rush us since 2014 has brought evacuation to safety. local officials say it is carrying more than 600 people stopping at 2 other locations before crossing the border. this comes as the heads of dumbass region announced a general mobilization among closer reports from central done yet over the last
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couple of days, actually the situation on the front line had indeed intensified. we've been hearing the sounds of a shelley throughout the city of done that. and of course, the rest of the self proclaimed peoples a republic was a shell. as while it was all happening on the front line, the representative of the people's militia of the self proclaimed people's republic says that the ukraine is at ready for a full scale of war. uh, just on a friday night there was a blast, right in the center of the city, one, a car was blowing up a car belonging to the head of the peoples administrator. when i arrived on the scene, there were engineers working. there were other cars, a park nearby and we had to be very careful while working there. also it's a center of the city, of course, a lot of 1st civilians are walking around but so thankfully no one was heard. also what we're getting from the local press service, a power station and
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a water pumping plans were all sold damaged by shelley. and as the results of nearly 2000000 people are now left without any water supplies. and those people live in 40 sounds on both sides of the conflict. nevertheless, the leaders of both the republics have announced mobilization off armed forces in both republics. i'm actually standing outside of one of the sensors where people are coming over to sign up. and this is what denise bushland. a said when he talks about mobile, i ok, of course with to lead in your 0, no matter what scenario develops, we will be able to fend off keeps aggression. we must unite all our efforts. i urge my fellow countrymen who are in reserve to come to the military commissar yet today i signed a decree on general mobilization, i ask all men of the republic who are able to hold a weapon in their hands to stand up for their families. their children,
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wives and mothers, so organized evacuation the continues here in the net scanned in a logan's, people are using any means and necessary to leave those who do once a evacuated praying for private garza organized a buses. however, of most of the people who are leaving, that's women, children, and the elderly, of course, and they're being ha, that they're, they're seen off by their loved ones by the men who are staying behind. now i spoke to some of them a little bit earlier, and this is what they shared with me. let's see of the world i am seeing off my sister, my mother and nephew, so you there is pain in my heart, we will fight back, will be invincible. i know that russia will not let us down. we will always be with them by heart and soul will lose the child. goodness, i'm the russian man. my wife and child are leaving to russia. we men stay here, of course, if necessary. we will defend our city, our country, our homeland,
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the most important thing is that everything will be fine with my family there. the number of those people who could be evacuated to a russia stands at around 700000 people a so far, only tens of thousands have actually taken that opportunity and gone to the real stuff region. now the rest, they remain here, there remain in their homes and to sell you honestly what we've seen on the streets of the nest. earlier in the day, for example, we saw a, a wedding um part. we saw people drinking coffee on the streets and what could only on could only be described as courage. probably so despite the threat of full scale war, people are trying to continue on with their lives in the o. s. c. monitoring mission says there was $870.00 c. fire violations in done yet
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scanned lugens. on friday, alone, speaking at the munich and security conference, ukraine's president blamed the self proclaimed republics is sure. yesterday they showed some shells on temporarily occupied territories, but allegedly came from all sides. and then some shells have been shown even on rust off rage and territory gonzales. those are all provocation of those allies. nobody died that no one is united. that's just cynicism. use them. but there's such a high level showing them as over the territory. they control the new, the statement, the ones shooting in relation to the people who don't bass could only be made by a solar cynic given. how many people in the don? yes can. lu ganske republics have died over the years. the special o s. c, monitoring mission is registering shelling that comes considerably more from ts forces. perhaps that is why washington withdrew us observers from the mission so that there would be no american witnesses. after all, they could accuse
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a government of lying. a top level diplomatic incident is also mounting around a german chancellor of schultz following his meeting with president putin schultz, branded ridiculous. the fact that putin described the situation in dunbar as a genocide, russia's foreign ministry called the chancellors response, unacceptable. adding the kremlin, we'll send a dispatch to berlin with information about mass graves in eastern ukraine, german regional m, p. martin, dolts are told us that shots should have been more careful over such a sensitive issue. this is absolutely not the way to handle the company. contact the ukrainian army, grasping the dongle, people at the experience of 2014, we have to see a genocide to something very seriously threatening if the general side it's something systematically causing, covering and causing walk, rise and destroying people's lives. and if now there is a potential situation like we have in the border region where there have been
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showing chancellor shoes in the wrong. and it's not very respectful to talk like trans flush. all shouldn't try to make some pro feel of a strong man. and you will, with us like that, he should be responsible, try to find dialogue instead of escalating and and moscow has opened a criminal investigation into the ukraine. images of a shell that exploded kilometer inside rushes borders. just a few 100 meters from residential areas at around 4 am. as civilians were sleeping area has been cordoned off as long foresman examines the scene, no casualties have been reported. switching gears now to canada, police in riot gear have swept through the streets of ottawa arresting $47.00 protesters and towing away trucks as they try to bring
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a close to the protest against covered restrictions that has gone on for almost a month. now, the rest followed, the detention of $100.00 demonstrators. on friday as officials slowly re took control of the street in front of the countries parliament build. authorities have said that some protesters were in body armor, while others carried smoke. grenades and fireworks for leaders were among those arrested while distressing video being shared online shows mounted police forcing their way through the demonstrators. oh, my goodness, a blue i
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oh boy. oh. 7 many of those who gathered on the streets of ottawa, i have accused authorities of a heavy handed approach right here 20 days and they're being very heavy handed. today they're pushing back. this is not candidate guys, this is a dictatorship. you know, it's running our country get here, don't be afraid to stand with these people. i'm a team and i stepped in between her and them so i couldn't take her and they tricked me out from under my feet. feet underneath them. thank god man, i guys pulled me right back out, right. so those resisting arrest were forcefully taken away by officers with several pinned to the ground before being handcuffed among them. movement organizes the interim of police chief police of police says they were forced to use
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a chemical irritant to combat assault of behavior. after donning helmets and using baton to control rowdy processors. we've made some very important progress in safely removing this unlawful protest from our streets. we backed up those warnings with a deliberate and methodical operation using lawful and safe tactics. we are, we all saw that this is, the protesters were aggressive with the officers and we needed to use horses at one point. as a result, we responded this morning by adding helmets and baton to our equipment for the safety of our officers. freedom convoy organizer writ wall believes the government's actions violate canadas, democratic values. it's very disturbing to see where federal government has big enough and you know, and bolting in the emergency for simply having hundreds of thousands of people peacefully protesting in this country is the exact opposite of what
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a democracy should look like with our movement or showing a prime example of how a free democracy should work and to be able to practice the right, the peaceful protest when it comes to not be in democratic lee. correct. i think that our, our, our federal government and is showing a prime example of that there, that they've denied so many of the last couple years. and now that the people have taken action and thing enough enough because because our provincial and federal leaders, you know, they wouldn't stand with the people over the past couple years. now, you know, we're practicing our, our rates a peaceful protest. that's the one last freedom that we feel we have left in this country and now even not to be stripped away from us. so that's very concerning. and in a very disturbing the rallies, we're not just taking place in canada capital us truckers joined their canadian counterparts to again block. the border between the 2 countries. online fundraisers
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for the protests were blocked and the accounts of people linked to the demonstrations frozen, leaving some protesters in financial limbo, journalist and blogger, lauren southern, who joined my colleague, kevin owen from the border, says freezing bank accounts will backfire on the government. i'd say 90 percent of the trucks, you're already left. they're headed down to multiple locations. i'm in july, british columbia right now. tom for them are going to be headed down to a row near the border. that least have actually shut down and checkpoints with raj to ensure that no convoy so got to go there to shut it down to see how many people are going to that use organization because 212 was which way they went. but there's like about a 1000 people you're like i said 90 percent of what what you still. 2 got, you know, people don't know why it's shocking. this is the opposite side of
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canada, right? this is the opposite. charging auto rainy day. you fill a 1000 people coming out to media and the government over the mandate issue. these have been known, vall demonstrates is the see the banking crowns block, the emergency that has been used as that goes down. yeah, so i'm speaking some people on the ground here. they travel from hours out. say i was everything i've donated, i've taken part in the tomboy protests, and now i'm not even going to the bank account anymore. so what do i have to lose about a mortgage is their rent food? that's an excellent question and i think that's why you're going to keep seeing the approach as well. because people are terrified they. they have nothing to lose at that point. and this is going to be interesting to note the play because he may squash the protest and auto watch what he's going to have a crazy walk them all across the country of other projects showing up and coming out saying fine, we want to take everything from us,
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we want to take our bank accounts, our jobs were going to have nothing better to do that. camp out in whether it be still as toronto, ottawa across the country that are not going to shop onto france. now we're an associate of late american sex offender, jeffrey epstein has been founded had in prison. john looked renelle being held on, the suspicion of supplying girls to epstein was found hanging in his cell. the french prosecutor's office confirmed the case saying, an inquiry had been opened into the 75 year olds at death, but early indications pointed to suicide. the french modeling agent disappeared from public life shortly after up scenes, august 2019 suicide, also in jail. but was then arrested at a french airport in december 2020 on his way to senegal. he was initially put under investigation for the alleged rape of a minor and sexual harassment, but was also suspected of trafficking under age girls for sexual exploitation.
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renelle. meanwhile, had always denied any wrong doing. or chief denny armstrong takes a closer look at how it seems case affected those in close contact with him. if the jeffrey at the scandal had told us, one thing is that you can get away scott free with almost anything provided your rich, famous, and influential. look back at what fate befell. the usual suspects in the scene affair tells us exactly that. first, as prince andrew, his former royal highness is off the legal hook after parting with a princely song to silence his sex abuse case. now public censure still horns f. things form a friend who faces fresh calls to be deprived of his duke of york title. carrying a title does create an ambassadorial relationship with that place and for some while with a global reputation such as york, this is extremely important. it is to be welcomed that he has now pledged to
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support the fight against the evils of sex trafficking and its victims to demonstrate his seriousness in this endeavour and his respect for those affected by abuse and the people of our city. i would ask that his 1st act of contrition is to confirm his support for the withdrawal of his ducal title. his accuser, virginia to fray is set to receive a king's ransom from the printer to the tune of $12000000.00 pounds. that's a handsome amount, despite the 2 having never actually met allegedly the amount was paid with the help from mommy dearest, of course, and his legal woe simply this appeared much like the duke of york from the royal inner sanctum, but royal family exile and paying through the nose for trouble, his crown jewels allegedly got him into didn't ins, highly absolve andrew, he has been stripped of a string of titles on a very rolls and ranks but not to worry. his fall from
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grace did lands him in another exclusive club of those who escaped scrutiny for their association with epstein. new club mates include former us president bill clinton, who also went absolutely unscathed, by public castigation for his too close for comfort friendship with the disgrace financier. in fact, on the same day, snaps of clinton being rubbed down by one of epstein's alleged victims, became public. he spoke at the 2020 democratic national convention, endorsing joe biden. you know what don croup will do, reform warriors, blame bully and belittle her. you know what joe bog? bill burke, better it scrubs us versus go america against oberg. america then is epstein lawyer alan dish of is who has somehow steered clear of public scorn despite being closely connected to his former clients and friend. that despite
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allegedly knowing of his lane maxwell's kind of confirmation and a 2015 e mail, that the infamous photo of andrew and his accuser was indeed authentic. that bombshell reportedly triggered the all important settlements. there is no question that epstein was the most culpable person, but by immunizing some name people which occurred, but also any one who was a potential co conspirator that really precluded the idea of cooperating other co conspirators against epstein, which would have been a critical thing to pursue a more serious case against epstein. perhaps maxwell herself could shed some light on these matters book court documents on her case, like her lips remain sealed on the matter. those portions of the transcript which were redacted in the civil matter concern privacy interests and their disclosure would merely serve to cater to a craving for that which is sensational and impure. the court thus concludes that
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such reactions are justified. so jeffrey, at the never made it out of prison alive, and it looks for all the money in the world as though he's close. his confidant is facing the same fate. well, there's have alluded scrutiny either by hiding in plain sight or like andrew by cash and get on the crown to make a royal pain. simply go away. that is it for me this hour. i will be back with your headlines in, let's say 33 and a half minute. stay with us are to international. ah, in bring you the very latest every out the day. this is, i know everyone here with
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it's been 30 years since the soviet union collapsed in miss gotta go to chill them on to what the annual talk so. so shown where your trust one want all of them. ukraine was one of the independent states that emerge from the ruins of a super awesome. would you also get on google greens? come a little, i'm surely confusing. some of the i can last new lease in west indiana better landlord. lost a for apple watch at the past 3 decades. green light for ukraine. eye witnesses recall the events. there should be more or less a little here what i knew to know if that order. sure. i'm not sure. but i did that
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for 2 months with no idea what else and what other forces were at play, the producer whom you show in ship machine, those in, you put in the kid. what it a little when it shows up in was a little versions old. nice, take a look at ukraine, 30 years out, the gaining independence. if you're going to need your phone with us. unless you mean, yeah, i get it. live. are willing to go out and learn rather driven by dreamers shaped by those in me i
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think we dare to ask me hello and welcome to redacted to night. these are di, your times, folks. and i think most of you know what the greatest risk is to all of us right now. sure. so you are thinking the fact that i can pay for my insulin this month, but no, no, not a big deal. others of you were thinking, the fact that i inhale is pastors all day at my job because it's the only way i can feed my children who despite my greatest efforts and convincing them otherwise still seem to think they require food to get by. but no, nope, that's not it, not significant. not big enough. think big. now you got it. china, the great red minus with 1300000000 people who make most of the
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products you oh are blah, except the tech stores which are made in santa where to, for some reason was ha, was to mainstream media along with our government. have been doing everything they can to push anti china propaganda the past several years. despite the fact china is making great technological advancements in many areas and succeeded in ending extreme poverty for a 100000000 of their citizens. to put that in perspective, that to a 3rd of the us population or a quarter of the number of people dr. phil has got, then there's the fact china hasn't gone to war or bombed anyone in decades and have only one military base outside of china. while the us has bombed all of the people.


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