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ah ah, sleepless nights and touching good byes, non stop shelling and new cranes break away. dumbass republics. keep locals of bay many of taking up arms while others say they're forced to flee suspecting an attack by key at the military. it was very scary. the shells were flying. i'm scared for my grandchildren and my children. this situation started back in 2014. then my son became disabled. of course, we are now very, very afraid escaping the violence out of fear for their lives. more than 40000, the east ukraine citizens to prop the border to safety in russia, by the government's providing accommodation to the evacuees. plus in other news. that's why you're going to keep seeing the project parents. they have nothing to
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lose at that point. desperate yet defined, protested pushed back by police in all to the canadian government seeks to stand past week long demonstrations against cobit vaccine mandate. with either sunday morning after 1120 of the february. i'm calling bray with the world news. we're across for you this sunday sleepless nights and ukraine's break away dumbass republics. as artillery shelling pounds on both sides of the front line between cared for military and the local defense forces that i'll senior correspondent reg gazda. every pause next on the latest from the break away done yet. republic. love the violent nights here in the near. we heard the last we had shelling was at 6 30 in the morning were about a dozen or so rounds impact. you could tell by the unique sound that they make well her to the west of the city, which is 0 location of the netscape airport,
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which is where the front lines ah, and which is where much of the violence in, in the near city. a city of 2000000, no less, which is where much of the violence is sent to the u. s. c registered more than a 1600 seats for violations yesterday, which is a huge escalation given the in past months you could go days without hearing an explosion. it is, it is now mia hours that you can, that you can wait for the good to hear an explosion just just to just for reference in the past in 2015, 60. the entire city would vibrate every few seconds that be another explosion with heavy caliber weapons. nevertheless, it is restless. here, people are fearful of another escalation of rounds falling into the city so far. the, the violence has been centered on the outskirts of vignettes where there's also the
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mobilization ongoing, whereby all men of service age, 18 to $55.00 were being urged to join the defenders. they feared here that an invasion and offensive by the ukrainian military is imminent. in fact, just a few minutes ago, i and all other mobile phones here in the near to receive the another as a mess. message text message urging males to join the ranks of the defendants. she'll sit at my, i'm a volunteer, i decided to come head because in any case it would be necessary. the enemy, as we say, is on our doorstep, we must fight back on it and no one but us can protect ourselves. i came voluntarily to protect our home. i have no other thoughts and emotions. this has been happening here since 2014. 0, i'm tired to be honest with you as a series. puzzled against me. i've lived in that's all my life. i'm a lawyer by education, they called told me to come to the military unless been office. i have combat
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experience in 2014, 1516 and 17. i'm trying to be ready for any things go, but i don't see any recent worry. i hope this time the conflict will be resolved in our favor. ukrainian officials have said multiple times now that they don't plan an offensive operation here in the near school lugens just to the north of the nets. nevertheless, wall preparations here are underway. local authorities said that the concentration of ukrainian troops, as well as heavy armor weapons artillery on the front lines along the front lines, is unprecedented. they haven't seen the like, they say more than a 100000 ukranian troops aligned up on the board. then we have seen the same image replay over the past few days, tom and tom again, and that is tearful, good buzz wives and daughters saying that. but the husbands who have gone to enlist the join, the ranks of the defendants. people are very divided. there are those who who
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braved the worst of the violence in 2000, and 151460 people who, who refused to leave you who say that, you know, they, they've seen the worst and they're going to stay in their homes to the end. nevertheless, there is a general order for an evacuation here in the next, the priority is given to, to women, to children, to the elderly and thousands upon thousands of elected to flee, to evacuate to russia, where they have been welcomed and enroll silva, region. other areas as well, where they feel much safer than they do here. they, they don't want to go through what they went through previously. they have, they've lost people. they've lost lost loved ones, and they don't want the she any more of them die. gordon aguillon. it was very scary. the shells were flying and scared for my grandchildren and my children. look, we were told that we had to leave very quickly, my husband, son and daughter all state. so everyone has their own household to look after their
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own job to go to unless you thought that this situation started back in 2014 and then my son became disabled with my daughter in law died and one year old grandson received a head injury. of course, we are now very, very afraid. neither shall yet, as i say, the, the situation is on the raises edge of them. and we've also, we've also seen our correspondence from our arab exist the channel come under fire yesterday while visiting an area near the front lines. a town that was shelled by ukrainian troops over the phone over the course of the last the week or so. we also heard from a foreign journalists and c, n n, a p, saying that they was shell on the other side of the conflict live on the ukrainian side. so suddenly she's violations of being registered. both in the breakaway republics and on the ukrainian side of the conflict, love the, the theories of courts here. now that there could be an escalation right away
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escalation, that would be very difficult to stop given the, the concentration of forces. now in the region, one is now 2 days into the rescue operation from the break way dumbass republics, with more than 40000 evacuees having cross the border into russia to escape the escalating conflict ortiz, donald quarter visited one of the locations, accommodating them russian region of russell is under a state of emergency, and the authorities have set up zones all over the region to accommodate the expected 700000 evacuees coming from the don bus region of eastern ukraine. and one of the things that the regions governor asked was for the owners of hotels in the region to help out in the accommodation process. and as you can see here, this hotel that we're staying in is no exception behind me. you can see a number of evacuees from the don boss region that have already made their way into russ stove. they're right now checking into the hotel and there's another part of
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the hotel where they're already trying to give monetary compensation to these people that are coming to russia as evacuees. they don't know how long they're gonna be here and they don't know what's gonna happen if there's going to be a ukrainian invasion or not. but as, as for right now, this is their reality. ah, if anybody in the 4 of us arrived here me, my nephew, his wife and their son, i left my house, set my dog free. let the cat out of the house abandoned my own house and left my nephew. she's the same. everyone left their homes because it's very scary there. we travelled the whole night and day, the cues, a terrible moving only 10 meters, an hour kilometer long queues. bosses with kate standing there. well, nursing a place you're in now, a village. there is constant shelling. we decided to leave because miss i landed at our apartment building entrance that you would you have wanted this for your child
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. would you? i also do on this for neither of my grandchildren. do you know, that had been blown off before that parents eyes. and we know how parents had the 3 children in the bathroom, and they all got blown up that you don't know this. it put us on the phone because i'm so far from politics. i don't think anything about it. i just, one to leave was report emerged from the o. s. c. the shelling in easton ukraine's doubled in the past 24 hours. the country's president told the munich security conference on saturday that it's local forces in the break away republics who were orchestrating attacks. it's sure they showed some shells on temporarily occupied territories that allegedly came from our side and then some shells have been shown even on rust off rage and territory. those are all provocations with those allies. nobody died that no one is injured. that's just cynicism. there's such a high level cynicism that they schilling themselves,
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they themselves shooting at the territory. they control the statement they're showing themselves in relation to the people of don bass could only be made by a coal is cynic, given how many people in the desk and lou ganske republics have died over the years . the special o s. c, monitoring mission is registering. shelling that comes considerably more from forces. perhaps that is why washington withdrew us observers from the mission so that there would be no american witnesses. after all, they could accuse their government of lying on the multinational security conference is being held for the 1st time without a russian representative there. as western leaders level direct warnings of moscow are t saskia taylor and andrew pharma discussed that earlier. this forum has to one and more than 100 ministers over 30 heads of state. lots on the agenda from ukraine to climate change from cove it to crypto currency notice be absent this year. and the russian delegates, partly because russian coke vaccines yet recognized by the u party. of course, because of this was in communication with the west. now russia might not be that,
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but it is still the topic on everyone's lips. unfortunately, what we seem to have seen is really just a continuation of the rhetoric of the last few months, which is some top wheel for diplomacy. it's russia here that is being the aggressor . but let's just break this down and look at the facts because moscow is taking concrete diplomatic steps to try and diffuse the current tensions. i'm talking specifically about the ongoing deliberations to get a signature and a legally binding document. that would stop nato from expanding farther eastward, and would stop it from hosting such troops and missiles near russia. now from start, moscow is consistent. he said, all we ever wanted was for you to sit down and talk to us about all very serious security concerns. now to his credit force, johnson in munich said that he was willing to lay hooton's fairs and give him a little lesson. and how kind and loving nato is. it is a piece school and
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a defensive alliance. and we are willing to work with president putin to demonstrate that point, and to give him the assurances that he may need. but it seems that nato teeth himself seems to be aware about this primarily defensive character of his military alliance. so if a criminal ins name is to have less laid on its borders, it will only get more natal. i'm not sure how want it to fence oneself, fight in suckling, and not the country, but the false even goes a bit further. because while the nato chief has issues with russian troops being stationed on russ, russian, or a tree, he claims that the presence of tens of thousands of his forces alongside of calls around 6065000 us troops all over europe really right up to russians, borders thought if there any legitimate and defensive not just thought, apparently without them, that would be no world peace. 2 world wars and the cold war has totals. there is
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no real security without the strong trans atlantic ball standing together in europe and america will continue to keep the peace. thank goodness for nato one can say, but it's not just the nature forces that are breathing down, rushes next. we've also heard from us the comment harris, who has warned of this plan functions package that will suffocate and isolate russian unprecedented manner. sentiment that was echoed by forest johnson too. it really does seem that for a conference that claims to be all about diplomacy and communication. that seems to be very little thought at the moment. instead, what we seem to be witnessing is really the latest installment of this almost war mongering hyped up hysteria that of course there's been bombarding of 5 in recent times. okay, i'm a journalist or a heightened who spend time reporting on conditions in dumbass says no one seems to care the kiev is amassing
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a huge military force stronger than ever before. as it is a disgusting game, provocateurs or in kiev, under the leadership, the united states, they built an army and sent a $120000.00 ukrainian. sold is to the contact line. they do not talk about it at all, only russia, russia, russia, i think here was trying to escalate the situation in some way that keeps saying russia is attacking russia is invading. i think russia conscious stand by now was around 700000 people in the dumbass region, have russian passports. the journalist stress that germany should send politicians, journalists, reporters, directly to that the nets and the guns with publix to check the ferocity of the facts, such as where the houses have been destroyed, and with a large caliber weapons are used. the result of this should beat berlin's demands that representatives of cabin the people's republic, along with elections, amendments to the crank constitution and the autonomy of the people's republics are at the headline news now and in canada. police in riot gear have swept through
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the capital, the resting at least a 170 demonstrators over the past 2 days, and also towing away blockading trucks. as the government pushes to finally stamp out persistent protests that have gone on for almost a month against covered restrictions and vaccine mandate. but he stepped in to re take control of the street in front of parliament. authorities say some demonstrators were in body armor, while others carried smoke grenades and fireworks full protest. leaders were among those arrested. distressing video being shared online shows mounted police forcing their way through crowds this weekend. oh my god, oh my goodness, oh, i got you dead. well good you oh with
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oh good, good. 7 some protest is were found kneeling and prayer in an apparent show of peace and unity. canadian kristen past has made a joint statement condemning the invocation of emergency powers and the government's quote, tyrannical actions. freedom, combo representatives also denounced the government's use of force against the protest is in the capital. i think that they've off the truck is to move from the parliament precinct to avoid for the clashes when he has gathered it elsewhere. though, if accused the authorities are being too heavy handed here 20 days and they're being very heavy handed. today they're pushing back a. this is not canada guys visit the dictatorship, you know, is learning our country. i'm applaud with stories. i stepped in between her and them so they couldn't take her and they tricked me out from under my feet. i feet underneath them. thank god man like these guys pulled me right back out.
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right. so here we stay on the inter mall to where police chief says he's pleased with the progress said removing the demonstrators. we made some very important progress in safely removing this unlawful protest from our streets. we've backed up those warnings with a deliberate and methodical operation using lawful and safe tactics. we are, we all saw that this is the protestors were aggressive with the officers and we needed to use horses at one point. as a result, we responded this morning by adding helmets and baton to our equipment for the safety of our officers. the rallies on just taking place in canada capital us truck has joined the canadian counterparts to again block the border between the countries. online fundraising for the protests of also been blocks and the accounts of people linked to the demonstrations frozen, leaving some of them in financial limbo, journalist and blogger, lauren southern who spoke to us from the border, told kevin over the suspending bank accounts will backfire on the government,
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i'd say 90 percent of the truck you're already left. they're headed down to multiple locations. i'm in july, british columbia right now. tom, for them are going to be headed down to a row near the border that lease have actually shut down checkpoints with raj to ensure that no convoys got to go there to shut it down to see how many people that go into that use organization. because $212.00 was which way they went. but there's like about a 1000 people. you're like i said 90 percent of lot. but you still got, you know, got people across the way. it's shocking. this is the opposite side of canada, right. this is the opposite. charging auto rainy day, you phillips out, people coming out just to media and the government over the mandate issue. these have been known vall, it demonstrates is the see the banking trans, flush emergencies that has been used as that goes down. yeah,
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so i'm speaking to some people on the ground here. they travel from hours out to say i was everything i've donated. i've taken part in a tomboy protest. 2 and now i'm not even going to the bank channel anymore. so what do i have to lose about a mortgage is the rent food? that's an excellent question and i think that's why you're going to keep seeing the approach as well. because people are terrified, they have nothing to lose at that point. and this is going to be interesting to note the play because he may squash the protest in ottawa. but you can have a crazy walk of all across the country of other projects showing up and coming out saying fine, we want to take everything from us. we want to take our bank accounts, our jobs, we're going to have nothing better to do that. camp out and whether it be kill as toronto, ottawa across the country that are not going to shop lane or shine, know, freedom, company organizer, rick wall accuses the canadian government, violating people's constitutional rights. they've denied so many of our rights the
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last couple of years. and now people have taken action and seeing enough with enough because because our provincial and federal leaders, you know, they wouldn't stand with the people over the past couple years. now that you know, we're practicing our, our rates a peaceful protest. that's the one last freedom that we feel we have left in this country and now even not being stripped away from us. so extremely concerning. and we can't believe that our 3 country people, country like canada, has gotten us to this place. i can only speak for myself, but i, i feel that our federal government is basically trying to control each and every single canadian at this point that they haven't even as much as open up an opportunity to dialogue with the federal government. i think it's, it's very disturbing in the exact opposite from what we should see from a democratic peaceful country. ah, an associate of deceased american sex offender, jeffrey epstein has been found dead in jail in france. john look, brunel who was being held on suspicion of traffic and girls to epstein was found
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hanging in his cell. the french prosecutor's office says an inquiry has been opened, but the daily indications, due point to suicide. the french modeling agent disappeared from public life shortly after epstein to august 2019 suicide, also in jail. but now was initially put under investigation for the alleged rape of a minor and sexual harassment as well as being suspected of trafficking under age girls, of which he denied journalist and political commentator in paris told us the dismal prison conditions could have led to his suicide. the 2nd person asked jeffrey epstein, who was found hanged in a prison cell supposedly out safe from intervention. and then i started talking to witnesses and i will not to witnesses but resources and people who follow this closely. and what they say is, look, it's a bit different from america because a brownell was in jail for 2 things. one was something that was hanging on him wishes, something unconnected to the jeffrey of china story,
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which is allegedly raping a minor somebody who's under 18 in france. and the other one was of course his connection to jeffrey epstein. his lawyers say that he was 75 years old that he'd be put in jail for things that he felt was he was not guilty off. and i have no idea, you know, i know also this one, but that it's a horrible place to be. it's, it's the pres, unless somebody has the place where french, a number of french politicians have been present and they all had a very different attitude to conditions in prison after the weather. and he was depressed, he felt that his life was finished and that he was not given. he was not a flight risk and, and he ought to have, you know, now to, to wait until the, the trial began outside the jail. he also felt that he was being driven into, into an extremely full situation where the justice was supposed to look like it was very harsh, or just because it was part of this american story. if you look at other sites and
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you speak to journalists who be following the matter, they say that when i were suspected or accused of having traffic more than one sound, very young women for jeffrey epstein when it's not just brownell, whose reputation imploded because of his relationship with epstein, but it seems that with enough money and power, many of epstein's associates of managed to avoid any serious repercussions more on that next from danny armstrong. if the jeffrey epstein scandal has taught us, one thing is that you can get away scot free with almost anything provided your rich, famous and influential. looked back at what fate befell the usual suspects in the epstein affair tells us exactly that 1st there's prince andrew. his former royal highness is off the legal hook after parting with a princely song to silence his sex abuse case. now public censure still haunts epstein's form a friend who faces fresh calls to be deprived of his duke of york title. carrying
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a title does create an ambassadorial relationship with that place and for some while with a global reputation such as york, this is extremely important. it is to be welcomed that he has now pledged to support the fight against the evils of sex trafficking and its victims to demonstrate his seriousness in this endeavour and his respect for those affected by abuse in the people of our city. i would ask that his 1st act of contrition is to confirm his support for the withdrawal of his ducal title. his accuser, virginia to fray is set to receive a king's ransom from the printer to the tune of $12000000.00 pounds. that's a handsome amount, despite the 2 having never actually met allegedly the amount was paid with the help from mommy dearest. of course. and his legal woes simply disappeared. much like the duke of york from the royal inner sanctum, but royal family exile and paying through the nose for trouble. his crown jewels
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allegedly got him into didn't ins, highly absolve andrew. he has been stripped of a string of titles on a very rolls and ranks but not to worry. his fall from grace did lands him in another exclusive club of those who escaped scrutiny for their association with epstein. new club mates include former us president bill clinton, who also went absolutely unscathed, by public castigation for his too close for comfort friendship with the disgrace financier. in fact, on the same day, snaps of clinton being rubbed down by one of epstein's alleged victims, became public. he spoke at the 2020 democratic national convention, endorsing joe biden. you know, were done, trump will do, reform warriors blowing, bullying below her new noah, joe bog. bill burke better. it's drops us versus go america against
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oberg. america then is epstein lawyer allen dish of is who has somehow steered clear of public scorn despite being closely connected to his former client and friend. that despite allegedly knowing of his lane maxwell's kind of confirmation and a 2015 e mail, that the infamous photo of andrew and his accuser was indeed authentic. that bombshell reportedly triggered the all important settlements. there is no question that epstein was the most culpable person, but by immunizing some name people which occurred, but also any one who was a potential co conspirator that really precluded the idea of cooperating other co conspirators against epstein, which would have been a critical thing to pursue a more serious case against epstein. perhaps maxwell herself could shed some light on these matters. booked court documents on her case,
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like her lips remain sealed on the matter. those portions of the transcript which were redacted in the civil matter concern privacy interests in their disclosure would merely serve to cater to a craving for that which is sensational and impure. the court thus concludes that such reactions are justified. so jeffrey, at the never made it out of prison alive, and it looks for all the money in the world as though he's close. his confidant is facing the same fate. well, there's have alluded scrutiny either by hiding in plain sight or like andrew by cash and get on the crown to make a royal pain. simply go away. joe biden has thompson, democratic party, mega donor for a cushy ambassador position. karen apartment is a texas attorney and a key fundraiser for biden's policy, but even though she has no professional diplomatic experience, she's been nominated to become the us envoy to iceland apartments said to have donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the democratic party. according to the
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nonprofit organization open secrets, the tracks campaign, funding, and lobbying that he seemed. chronicle reported that she gave a $200000.00 to biden's presidential campaign and also other democratic causes. from a us diplomat, jim jester says it's all unusual for the government to appoint rich people with no relevant experience to come see positions overseas. in most countries, the appointment of and bass hers is exclusively the preserve of professional diplomats. and that's actually the norm in the united states as well. however, in principle, an american ambassador is always the personal representative of the present. all demonstrations do this and every time they do it, you can count on the opposition party to say that they're pointing unqualified people. i remember a few years ago when there was a scandal, i think it was under the trump administration. when somebody was appointed and bastard norway, who did not even know that norway was a monarchy. so yes,
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you would, you would hope they would have some minimal experience released knowledge about foreign affairs. but again, for our political donors to go to a country of little consequence, this is, this is not unusual. the american system nice work if you can get it in it, by the way, sunday, shaping up paradise t from moscow. i'm calling brown. going to behave the next update i became joining in half an hour. ah bring you the very latest every hour the day this is all. no fun everyone at home
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with it. it's almost stopped raining a mr. mackenzie emma is taking his sweetheart to a nearby carry. okay. hold on with me my just a.


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