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tv   News  RT  February 20, 2022 7:00am-7:31am EST

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common should i be speaking to guess when the world politics, sport? business, i'm sure business. i'll see you then. ah bad eyes this out to people are reported killed in artillery. shelling in easton, ukraine admitted severe escalation of the conflict there. meanwhile, i would never have left, but i had a stroke and i had to come here, my wife to serve, afraid if my health would have allowed me, i would have joined the militia, forced to leave their homes due to the fighting, but with hopes of coming back more than 40000 residents to these new crane have crossed the border to safety in russia, where the governments providing accommodations to be evacuated. and in other news is out. that's why you're going to keep seeing the approach i thought was paralyzed. they have nothing to lose at this point. desperate yet
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defined protest is a push backed by police and or to a is the canadian government seeks to stand packed weeks long demonstrations against covey vaccine mandate with hello, good afternoon, just gone, 3 o'clock harry, moscow. you without international now to civilians were reportedly killed in artillery shelling this morning in east in ukraine. it did happen in the breakaway against republic, and we can get more details now. more. correspondent ortiz roman custody if he's in east ukraine forest. and good afternoon to ro, man, just give us then more details about what we know on this latest attack and also the overall situation at the moment in the region. sure, well the, a village that we're talking about is, are located in the login's, the people's republic, and according to the information from the people's militia in la ganske,
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the village was shelled at 5 o'clock in the morning as the ukrainian army tried to advance their positions now the attack was afforded according to the militia. however, 2 people were killed to civilian vault of this attack. either their home was completely destroyed and so they were buried under the rubble and the other bodies burned beyond recognition. now, officers of the year joined center for control and coordination are at the scene and they're walking among the remains of the house, of course, of the remains of the civilian. so that's a parish in this attack. now another 4 homes in this village had also been destroyed. however, we did not receive any reports about any more casualties from that village. now we received a statement from a yvonne phillip wanting call his official representative of the peoples militia of
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the ligans republic. it's around 5 in the morning, on the 20th of february, the armed forces of ukraine attempted to attack the territory of the la guns people's republic. near the settlement appeared, esquire, they conducted massive artillery shelling of the village and attempted to cross the northern dynette scriver. but they were fended off by the people's militia unit, some of forced to retreat. they also opened fire during their retreat, mainly targeting the village. at least 5 residential buildings were damaged and shelling the one behind me is completely destroyed to civilians are known to have been killed as a result of this, aggression by ukraine. now, another report. so from le ganske on a sunday, a power station was also destroyed by shelling. and as the result, thousands of people are now without electricity. now it's been also very loud here in don't ask as well throughout the night. and on sunday morning and 2 as artillery duels continued on the front lines and on the outskirts of the city of done that
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people continued to evacuate. those people who live in the front lines and they're moving over to roster regional in order to save the lives of their children and the elderly. now the heads of delegates and people legans can donetta people's republics. they have announced a mobilization into armed forces and of course, meeting points are many meeting points are now back with men who are ready to defend their country. now there's information about this is everywhere. it's on bill boards and social media tv, news, and even i received a text message on sunday morning as well, where the people are called up to meeting points to join the army. now there's a lot of fake information out there as well in social media such as looming power cuts, foods, a shortage and things along those lines. and of course,
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all of that fake information is designed to spread to panic within the population. and the local authorities are warning that this information, this kind of information should not be believed. and of course, it's been a relatively quiet in the afternoon on sunday after a shilling of overnight shilling and the morning shilling as well as it is sunday afternoon. and a lot of people are, are walking here in the center of the nest. and during our earlier broadcast, we did hear shelling a here as well, but it was very far away near the airport, however, didn't prevent people from walking around and enjoying their sunday afternoon. okay, well thanks for the update there room and that was thrown costs that are reporting alive there from east in the crime. now it has been a few days since the rescue operation began in the break away. dumbass republics
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with more than 40000 evacuees having crossed the border into russia. he's don't quarter reports now from one of the cam sets up to accommodate the this is, this is don children's camp. it was once a place where kids came to have fun. now the only children you'll find here are among the 700000 expected evacuees from the don boss, region of eastern ukraine. when were you? oh my wife and i a hey, i would never have left but i had a stroke or yeah, i had to come here to leave a household, leave everything come here. i would have come back home. i don't to be here. i don't need it. me, how long am i going to stay here? as long as god decides? if they say i can go back tomorrow, i'll leave tomorrow. but the conditions of puffy hid the food is good. everything is free. we don't need anything else. no, nothing. it's my wife wanted to return to day as we'd abandoned a farm over that. well, it may be to go back quickly and check on everything. the dogs, the goats,
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and cookie returned to russia. but what can i do? my wife is so afraid, i'm not afraid of anything, but i was affected by the stroke. if my health would have allowed me, i would have joined the militia right behind me. you can see the sheer number of evacuees that are waiting to get into just this area. it's only one of many spread across the russian region of ross thought earlier i spoke to a staff member here. she said that already since yesterday 500 evacuees from the don boss region have arrived and have settled here. now this is the temporary settlements cafeteria. it's already 10, 15 in the morning and breakfast is coming to a close. so you can't see too many people behind me, but for hours already, the staff here have been providing be evacuees with breakfasts free of charge. earlier we saw a large ques waiting right next to these vans right here. with the logo from rushes largest bank sped bank. they were actually waiting for stipends of $10000.00
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roubles around $130.00 that the russian government has promised evacuees, fleeing from the don boss region. over $40000.00 don boss evacuees have already reached the ocean federation. and in the roast of region alone, almost $100.00 areas just like this one have been set up and are accepting more and more people as every hour passes. of course, they're very grateful for what rushes done for them, but the thing they want most of all this to be able to return home donald quarter r t rust off. what around 30 russian regions are ready to house people. he fled the escalating conflicts in east in ukraine. many of them currently being housed in temporary camps in rushes, roster of region which borders the 2 self proclaimed republics. i mean, while the training president, platinum is zalinski, says that kiev could reconsider the countries non nuclear status. he made the comments during
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a speech at the munich security conference. yo yo present. i have instructed the foreign ministry to convene a summit of the budapest memorandum signatory countryside. if it fails to take place or refuses to provide security guarantees to ukraine, good here will regard it in the closest signed in 1994 is null and void when we all know that silence is to be a canadian, but this really does seem a joke. too far, just to be clear, tearing up the budapest memorandum means that ukraine goes nuclear, quite literally. and the backdrop to this is that as the soviet union was collapsing, key of pushed by the u. s. and the u. k. gave up. all it's nick can are arsenal. so everything from strategic bombers to wool heads to intercontinental ballistic missiles were handed over to russia. the successor, of course, to the u. s. a thought it was, in fact, one of the conditions on which washington recognized unsupported ukrainian independence said you're good to go. just 2 things. one is to weapons and to please
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just please don't turn into a hateful nation. americans will not support those who seek independence in order to replace a far off tyranny with a local despotism. they will not aid those who promote us suicidal nationalism based upon ethnic hatred. while bush senior was like, he came back to haunt 10 because in 2014, off to the crime men referendum eula to mishenko for me, ukrainian prime minister had one of have phone calls leaked. and what did we have from the countries political establishment? a pledge to continue the non proliferation and tolerance. no, unfortunately what we heard talks of thumbs and telling me, he ended the issue of control. i hope i'll use all of my connections and the whole world will rise against the russians, could bump them into oblivion. we need to kill them all with nuclear weapons and she wasn't one rogue voice. we heard this occurred by ambassadors and the people to
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in fact, at that time in 2014 only 50 percent of ukrainian supported nuclear rearmament falls forward a is to the music security conference. this isn't the lensky chatting on the phone to his friend about his wild fantasy, you know, to massacre ethnic russians as it was with tymoshenko. he is, in all seriousness standing before the global lead and saying, i am considering we're making on one of the most significant documents of the 20th century. and it's really not far from being political blackmail because essentially zalinski saying, unless you own in front of me, do more, send me more weapons, more money, more troops preemptively. sanction moscow for what we're not sure. then i will fire up those nikita factories again. and while to put a multi, especially at the moment, the west is not rush as big as fun. i think even it recognizes that this would be total madness. the budapest memorandum is indeed a format without legal obligations under international law. but i think that now we need to try everything to avoid war. i mean, i would say that it's disappointing, that we're not hearing more outrage and condemnation from the west,
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new jersey and steven rescind such an in century statement. but then maybe it's not surprising, unfortunate. we've seen it every single time how nato and its allies of failing to press to abide by those very simple fighting points in the midst agreements. instead, claiming that the kremlin is the only violated us despite independent monitors on the ground eastern ukraine, saying, well, that's actually not entirely the case just so that we understand back in the day ukraine, what had the world's thud, biggest nucular arsenal, just one of its war heads exploded was about 37 times the size of the hiroshima atomic bomb 37 times. as part of the budapest memorandum, those facilities were destroyed. so yes, it would be a stretch. now, that said, crucial elements are still in place. i'm talking about uranium mining. obviously the expertise a research react to and the capability to build delivery vehicles, missiles and aircraft. yes, it would be costly, crippling, in fact, especially for
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a country already on the bring of comic ruin. yes, it would be time consuming. i know it would never be anywhere near the levels that we bought here in russia or in the us, but it would still be new connect capability at a time of global tension, an instability in europe, in a country that's ready in the throes of civil war. and in the hands of a government which as past has shown us by selling its own citizens already displays a disregard for peace, ensuring messes, dance. his watch should fill the global community with horror, especially if, as it claims its on the side of diplomacy and de escalation. starsky taylor there. okay, well let's get the fuse. now stephen guide, she's a professor at the institute of european studies in belgrade, and you're very welcome. good afternoon, steven g things, lensky, threat to scrap the budapest memorandum is just a bluff or should we be believing that he has real intentions to do so? i do not think this was a blast, but i do believe that the last he became
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a hostage of ha, ukrainian political culture and the political discourse that is present in the media sphere. there are, if we compare today's alaska to the one that was running for office 3 years ago, it was a completely different person. and i honestly think that he is going through a personal tragedy because he probably didn't have a grant that he would be in a position on where he could be, you know, we'll, we'll, we'll do the threatening the whole world a with nuclear warheads. but unfortunately, this is a how ukraine, almost as the in the, in the movie salaries actually radiated him personally and, and changed her, his rhetoric to d,
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r complete. and it became completely unrecognizable if, if we compared to what he used to say. and also, what is this practically supposed to me, is ukraine going to illegally mine? or is it going to illegally try to, to, to, to get some are nuclear weapons? or is it actually trying to provoke a preemptive attack from russia? because ah, i don't see a way that russia will tolerate a nuclear program on its borders. actually, the whole point, all the crisis today is that russia concerns about the, the nato enlargement and about the rockets being closer and closer to russian borders are not math. so how is this going to help a okay,
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yes, i mean, i know i understand the point of making this thing, but i mean, how easy would it be for ukraine to restart any sort of nuclear program or try to, to form some sort of nuclear arsenal well, to be honest, i think this is virtually impossible because if you take years for them to do to do so, even if their whole economy would be also destructive by trying to, to go through with such a project. so i don't think this is a realistic threat, but i think it does a lot about the state of spirits among the political elite in ukraine, which is very desperate to it seems to me that. 3 there aren't any other options that they can provide to the public so so, so now these are fantasies came to their mind. ok. even though there some way of
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them from what you say, stephen to developing their own nuclear weapons, is there a chance they could develop some sort of dirty weapon using sort of nuclear resources that they have? i presume there is a, i am personally dr. stretching that field, but i must say that a grain still has a large infrastructure that supports the nuclear programs of union. so it is not far strives to think that they might have the ability of are really are producing a weapon that can, that can make some serious damage in europe. so hopefully the west that is a politically supporting your brain today will try to come to the reason
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of the ukrainian leadership are not to make such are really irresponsible states. i would like to concentrate next on the statement made by the british prime minister because he was also speaking at the unit come from some this is what he said about crushes intentions. that just listen to say that the plan that we're seeing is for something that could be really the biggest, more in europe since $945.00 in just in terms of sheer scale. i'm quite a statement. why do you think he's prepared to ramp up the rhetoric like this? when we've heard russia say, he's got no intention to invade an even ukraine. he said he sees no imminent threat . well, it seems to me that it is the american president and bush prime minister, who are constantly talking about this, this option in which they admit that nato would not participate which are in my
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mind for brings of thought. maybe they are willing to sacrifice ukraine in order to reestablish the cold war order in europe, which is practically means that france and germany would be occupied by american forces. but this would not be called occupation. it would be a security concern. so i think that the biggest losers that we don't see, obviously from a, from, from this prices might be the countries that were called by don rumsfeld, county, almost 20 years ago old europe. so germany and france that gained some independence from nato. actually in the law, in the process of last 30 years. and also rome has this idea an idea of creating european forces that would,
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that would be the successor made. so if a situation escalates in europe, of these plans will only, i will only be on fulfill dreams of president mac wrong. and i think this is the reason why we see such a diplomatic activity from france and germany. so the british and the americans as allies, with special dive, have a different vision of europe, and i am afraid their vision is very much close to the european cold war fast. ok, steven, look fascinating to told. she's soft and i'm going to leave it there. and that was stephen guy and professor the institute of european studies in belgrade. thank you . ok, let's look at other news and turn to canada because police in riot gear have swept through the capital. they're arresting, at least a 170 demonstrate,
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is over the past 2 days and towing away blockading trucks is the government. the government does push to finally stamp out persistent protests that have gone on for almost a month against those co restrictions and vaccine mandates. now police stepped in to retake control to the streets in front of parliament. authority say that some demonstrators wherein body armor, while others carried smoke grenades and fireworks full protests. leaders were among those arrested. distressing video. meanwhile, has been shad online showing mounted police forcing their way through crowds this weekend. oh my goodness. oh my good, you're dead. well good. ah,
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i owe some protest is worth and kneeling in prayer, in an apparent show of paste unity, canadian christian pastors made a joint statement to condemning indication of emergency powers and the government's quite tyrannical actions. freedom conway represents to so so denounced. the government's use of force against the protest is in the capitol. adding that they've asked the truckers to move from the parliament precinct to avoid further clashes. many he's gathered in elsewhere have accused the authorities of being too heavy handed or 20 days, and they're being very every here today, they're pushing back a. this is not janitor guy's business dictatorship to those learning our country up with stories. i stepped in between
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her and them so they couldn't take her and they took me out from under my feet. i feet underneath them. thank god man. these guys pulled me right back out. right. so here we go. for the entry mouth where police chief has said that he's pleased with the progress and removing the demonstrators. we made some very important progress in safely removing this unlawful protest from our streets. we've backed up those warnings with a deliberate and methodical operation using lawful and safe tactics. we are, we all saw that this is the protestors were aggressive with the officers and we needed to use horses at one point. as a result, we responded this morning by adding helmets and baton to our equipment for the safety of our officers. freedom company organized that a rick wall does accused the canadian government violating people's constitutional rights. we have denied so many of our rights the last couple years. and now people have taken action and saying enough enough because because our provincial and
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federal leaders, you know, they wouldn't stand with the people over the past couple years. now. you know, we're practicing our, our rates are peaceful protests. that's the one last freedom that we feel we have left in the country and now even not to be stripped away from us. so 6 stream concerning and we can't believe that our 3 country people, country like canada, has gotten us to this place. i can only speak for myself, but i feel that our federal government is basically trying to control each and every single canadian at this point. and that they haven't even as much as open up an opportunity to dialogue with the federal government. i think it's very disturbing an exact opposite from what we should see from a democratic peaceful country around it's not just taking place in canada's capital . u. s. truckers have joined that canadian counterparts again block the border between the countries. online fundraisers meanwhile, for the protests have also been blocked in the accounts of people linked to the demonstrations frozen, leaving some in financial limbo journalists and braga,
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lauren southern, who spoke to us from the border. so kevin owen, that suspending bank accounts will actually back fire on the government. i'd say 90 percent of the truck you're already left. they're headed down to multiple locations . i'm in july british columbia right now. tom for them are going to be headed down to a row near the border that lease had actually shut down and touch points with raj to ensure that no convoy so got to go there to shut it down to see how many people are going to that use organization we can 212 was which way they went. but there's like about a 1000 people your like i said, 90 percent of what what you still. 2 got, you know, people don't know why it's shocking. this is the opposite side of canada, right? this is the opposite. charging auto rainy day. you fill
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a 1000 people coming out to media and the government mandate issue. these have been known vall, it demonstrates, is the say, the bank comes floppy emergencies that has been used as that goes down. yeah, so i'm speaking some people on the ground here. they travel from hours out. say i was everything i've donated, i've taken part in the tomboy protests, and now i'm not even going to the bank account anymore. so what do i have to lose about a mortgage is the rent food? that's an excellent question and i think that's why you're going to keep seeing the approach as well. because people are terrified they. they have nothing to lose at that point. and this is going to be a dangerous place because he may squash the protest in ottawa. what he's going to have a crazy walk, i'm all across the country of other projects showing up and coming out saying fine, want to take everything from us. we want to take our bank accounts, our jobs were going to have nothing better to do that. camp out in whether it be
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kill as toronto, ottawa city to cross country that are not going to shop lane or shine. buckingham palace, this disclose the queen elizabeth the 2nd has tested positive for co identity. 5 year old monarch is said to be experiencing quote, mild, cold like symptoms. ab is even expected to continue her duties over the coming week . the queen is the longest running monarch in the country's history. and a couple of weeks ago, she celebrated her platinum jubilee marking 70 years on the threat. i will medical records from the start of your up to date watching r t nice savvy company mo, from us at the top with
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bring you the very latest every out the day. this is all now snow from everyone here with it's been 30 years since the soviet union collapsed. mom miss global, other literature well, the one to what the talk so shown where you're swore, trust them with all of them. ukraine was one of the independent states that emerge from the ruins of a super bar. awesome, good. would you also get on greens? come a little more, michelle. a
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lot of the past 3 decades. we'd like for you brain. eye witnesses recall the events . this will be more or less of judiciary with our new tomorrow if that order. i'm not sure but 4 months with marvin windows and what other forces were at play. you have to do so to whom you show in shin la shane. listen, you put on the kid what it would have couldn't suit when your id social associate then was was of ocean link leased. take a look at ukraine 30 years out, the gaining independence. organism, your phone will have been so for theater, farmers from us or theater unless you mean yet, but unity retorted live, but a will. it made sick of usual opium, lush williston holding? so for our oh, is your media a reflection of reality?
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in the world transformed what will make you feel safe, isolation, whole community? are you going the right way or are you being that direct? what is true? walk this way. in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows to come to this for internet retail p l c was k, p m g. they were brought in within 24 hours of me racing issues about occurrence with the bank and operate.


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