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tv   News  RT  February 20, 2022 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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ah ah ah, the o s. c confirms the use of heavy weapons in the dom bus to people who reported killed it. artillery shelling in easton ukraine. i made a severe escalation of the conflict in the region. meanwhile, i will never have left. i had to come here, my wife is so afraid if my health would have allowed me, i would have joined the militia or to leave their homes and due to the fighting, both with the hope of return, more than $40000.00 residents of the ukraine across the board to safety in russia, where the government is providing them with accommodation. plus in the news. if you
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are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges. absolutely. canadian beliefs about the hon. down the freedom convoy protested to have so far escaped the rest using video evidence through there . those who brought the center box with from moscow to the world. this is our international. i'm pita scott, and these are the top stories. this our, the usb has confirmed the use of heavy weapons in don bus and made what the self proclaimed look, guns for public says there's an increase in shelling along the entire front line. early on sunday to civilians were reportedly killed by artillery in a village in easton ukraine. the village was heads by artillery at 5 am as people slept. and this is you can see it for 3 of the house where the civilians were
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finally killed for the for the homes also destroyed in the shelling. little guns people's militia blames the attack on here forces. and he created the heads of the self proclaimed blue dance can denounce republics. earlier announced a general mobilization of the armed forces. text messages have been sent to all men aged between 18 and 55 to show up at meeting points to join the army. hotties mont . castillo has more than other violent knights here in the nets. we heard the last we heard shelling was at 6 30 in the morning where about a dozen or so rounds impact you could tell by the, the unique sound that they make. but her to the west of the city, which is served, the location of the nearest airport, which is where the front lines are and which is where much of the violence in the near city. a city of 2000000 no less. which is where much of the violence is centered. the u. s. c registered more than a 1600 seats for violations yesterday,
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which is a huge escalation given the in past months you could go days without hearing an explosion. it is. it is now mia hours that you can that you can wait for the good to hear an explosion just just to just for reference in the past in 201560. the entire city would vibrate every few seconds that be another explosion with heavy caliber weapons. nevertheless, it is restless. here people are fearful of another escalation of rounds falling into the city. so far, the violence has been centered on the outskirts of vignettes, where there's also the mobilization ongoing, whereby all men of service age, 18 to $55.00 were being urged to join the defenders. they feared here that an invasion and offensive by the cranium military is imminent. in fact, just
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a few minutes ago, i am with all other mobile phones here in the near to receive the another, a mess message text message urging males to join the ranks of the defendants. she'll sit at night, i'm a volunteer. i decided to come head because in any case it would be necessary. the enemy, as we say, is on our door here, we must fight backhanded and no one but us comprised himself as soon as i came voluntarily to protect our home. i have no other fox and emotions. this has been happening here since 2004 to her food. i'm tired to be honest with you as a jew, she resumed against you, lived in an ask all my life. i'm a lawyer by education yet, did he say call me to come to the military and listen office, you know, have combat experience. you know, it's 820141516171 the thing is i'm trying to be ready for anything. he's got party, i don't see any recent worry. i hope this time the conflict will be result in our phases. ukrainian officials have said multiple times now that they don't plan and
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offensive operation here in the near school lugens just to the north of then yet, nevertheless, wall preparations here are underway. local authority said that the concentration of ukrainian troops, as well as heavy armor weapons artillery, are on the front lines along the front lines is unprecedented. they haven't seen the like, they say more than a 100000 ukranian troops a lined up on the board. then we have seen the same image replay over the past few days, time and time again, and that is tearful, good buzz wives and daughters saying good bye to their husbands, who have gone to enlist the join the ranks of the defendants. we've also seen our correspondence from our arab exist the channel come under fire yesterday while visiting an area near the front lines, a town that was shelled by ukrainian troops over the for over the course of the last week or so. a we also heard from far journalism, see, and then
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a say that they will shell on the other side of the complet live on the ukrainian side. so it's at least for violations of being registered. both in the breakaway republics and on the ukrainian side of the conflict blood. the, the fear is, of course, here now that there could be an escalation, right away escalation that would be very difficult to stop, given the concentration of forces thou, in the region earlier, a spokesperson for the red cross his delegation. moscow told us how the escalation needs to ukraine is affecting the civilian population. are importantly, we saw that 2 of the big bumping station in the done yes. creed, gent, been she it and damaged by the hostile. it is currently which got about 1000000 people from the access to water. and that's really worried because to that one meal
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. and it also includes access to for hospitals and other special services. and this is really important and we keep repeating now message to all sides that civilians and civilian infrastructure must be spared. because this is key for the survival of the population. it to speak about to people that arriving under territory of the russian federation to what we know is the russian red cross. our main partner here is already conducting a needs assessment to be able also to respond and help people on the other side really held that people who suffered so much already don't have to suffer more. it's now been 2 days since the rescue operation began in the break away dawn bus republics with more than 53000 evacuees having crossed the border into russia, crowds have gathered at the railway station in the town of god lava in the self proclaimed, done yes, republic, the 1st trains of begun heading towards russia already. it's one of the areas suffering the worst shelling with officials warning there have been attacks on
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sunday as well. many men ascending their families away as happened in previous spikes and the conflicts there from you. i'm not to make you eating, my grandchildren and i have a big family yesterday since were a few grandchildren today, other grand children because it's very scary. 2014 was re dangerous. there were injuries among our family, then we're worried for our children. i'm staying because i can't leave the city. i'm working the facility that provide food to the city. i can't leave people in the cold. it's scary, but wor, company done. it's scary, but every one said, walking around this gary, going to work on the shelley or back in 2014 or 1516 we were living on the shelling and dropping into the ground if there was a whistling sound. and now as we sang again and again, let's get on. if a better biased multiple temporary shelters have been set up in regions across russia to taken the thousands fleeing ukraine's violent thoughts, eas,
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donald caught the reports from one of those shelters. this is, this was done children's camp. it was once a place where kids came to have fun. now the only children you'll find here are among the 700000 expected evacuees from the don boss, region of eastern ukraine younger than i wouldn't have lag. so it's just that i had a stroke, i always stayed her. now i've left everything. every one behind. kitten's dogs go was my go to supposed to give birth here everything's left there it is perfect. here we're being fed well as a tv. like at home. the coolest saying this heavy shelling. why are they shelling? i'm not afraid, but you couldn't leave me alone. i can barely hear you. i was good. she came on the heavy shelling will you? yes, i wouldn't have left. i stayed there and tens of 60 and i'll leave at your credit. mm. for here. yeah, i wouldn't have flashed. mm hm. i'm not afraid of anything. it's all the same yesterday. i'm used to it or i was a soldier in the past. i'm used to it, but ha,
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ha, ha, shaky. so naturally, when were you? if i were healthy, i would have joined the military. right behind me. you can see the sheer number of evacuees that are waiting to get into just this area. it's only one of many spread across the russian region of ross thought earlier i spoke to a staff member here. she said that already since yesterday, 500 evacuated from the don boss region have arrived and have settled here. now this is the temporary settlements cafeteria. it's already 10, 15 in the morning and breakfast is coming to a close, so you can't see too many people behind me. but for hours already, the staff here have been providing be evacuees with breakfasts free of charge. earlier we saw a large cues waiting right next to these vans right here. with the logo from rushes
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largest bank sped bunk, they were actually waiting for stipends of $10000.00 roubles around $130.00 that the russian government has promised evacuees. fleeing from the don boss region over 40000 don boss, evacuate have already reached the russian federation. and in the roast of region alone, almost $100.00 areas just like this one have been set up and are accepting more and more people as every hour passes. of course, they're very grateful for what rushes done for them, but the thing they want most of all this to be able to return home donald quarter r t rust off around see russian regions are ready to host people who fled to the escalating conflicts and eastern ukraine, many of them are currently being housed in temporary comes in, which is roster region which borders the 2 self proclaimed republics as well. some of the people there had to tell us with the conditions here, a good we had breakfast, lunch. we've been provided with beds, everything is on
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a good level. the only thing is that there are too many people here, scores and buses all for them to spend the whole night sleeping in boston. i'm here with my grand daughter. you people are good here. they help us, a lot is gone. so my husband, son, daughter, and grandson stayed, and don bass will know if they don't know if it's worth coming here to. we're afraid that 2014 may repeat itself to over in canada with almost 200 people detained after officials swept also a streets of freedom convoy protesters. police are now warning. they will also use video evidence to go after anyone connected to the protests. the interim or to a chief of police confirmed there could be prosecutions for months to come. if you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges. absolutely. since friday police in riot gear have been sweeping through the capital. arresting $191.00, demonstrated answering so stay trucks,
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taking part in the convoy as a government that tends to stump out protests against no job, no job. cobit mandate less central, also just some still for almost one month. all corresponding people all over is the theme. just over my shoulder, i can see the remnants, all the comments that were here in the center of the kid eating capital off to all . almost all of those protesters it'll be occupying. the city has now been moved along or of left of their own volition over my left shoulder. maybe see the flashing lights of a police cruiser there. that's where they've blocked everything off the red zone. they're calling it now they've put up a fence around the parliament building to allow employees to go about that business on the harass they say is the emergency act has been implemented. they moved
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out the people over the last few days in scenes that have been so of the last full full but canadians can certainly trend pretty ugly certain times. i can. oh my goodness, good, good, good, good, good. the, the. 7 we've made some very important progress in safely removing this unlawful protests from our streets. we've backed up those warnings with a deliberate and methodical operation using lawful and safe tactics. and that's why implore all the protestors who remain there, go home. this occupation is now over. we will continue with our mission until it is
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complete. as the authorities moved people out of this particular part of the canadian capital protest, this spoke to the media and said that they were sure that this protest of the had been was over for now. but that they felt something had changed in canada. mandate does not, and people who are scared, we need to change your mind. we need to hold people accountable doctors for this room kitchen, for selling our freedom to measure their gender. i've been here 20 days and they're being very heavy here today. they're pushing back. this is a dream. this is not candidate guys. this is a dictator ship, you know, is running our country. get here, don't be afraid to stand with these people. the protest movement started out with anger from ciocca groups over a vaccine mandate that was required for travel across the border between canada and
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the united states. since then, snowballs being in upsets over covert 19 mandates and restrictions and measures in general added to the, to the time visceral anger towards prime minister. just in true does that we've seen born out here on the streets of the canadian capital. we've seen an awful lot of criticism old mister trudeau from sections of canadian society, including an open letter from christian ministers. there is no national emergency and to invoke one to crush peaceful political descent. is it to tell a terry inactive repression displaying weak if not strength. these tyrannical actions are exposing this government in people to the judgment of god. and we are deeply concerned that you do not appreciate the difference of god's wrath upon a rebellious in lawless nation. the prime minister himself is sticking to his guns, though he said that this wasn't a legal protest that it was in a legal blockade of the city. and that is why he issued the emergencies that he put
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but into place, which among other things, gave police the extra powers they need to block off areas like not over my left shoulder on to remove those protesters from the streets of baltimore, the blockade and occupations are illegal. there are a threat to our economy in relationship with trading partners. there are threat to supply chains and the availability of essential goods, like food and medicine, or a threat to public safety. but there is a lot of political capital to be made here as well. mr. true, those opponents not list an opportunity. stick the knife in. let's remind the prime minister. this is canada. this is not a dictator. gasoline on embers, things are d escalating as we speak. so why is the prime minister using this hammer on canadians? isn't it true? he's doing it just to save his own political skin. he has politicized his pandemic
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and divided canadians at a time when we should be working together. when we should be supporting one another . his lack of leadership has divided, stigmatized and traumatized canadians. recently massaging the fringe, who, quote, take up space and he said, shouldn't be tolerated, isn't this really about the prime minister, taking a sledge hammer to canadians, and he thinks are unacceptable. parliament will continue, that is based on the emergencies act with a vote expected. on monday evening during not they could choose to make amendment to the current situation or, and the state of emergency entirely certainly though they say a few isn't going to go. busy away anytime soon, even if the protesters have left the streets over to a piece or all of a fee in the canadian capital, a video posted online shows protesters kneeling in prayer and in
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a parent show of peace. and unity of freedom convoy protested, told me earlier, they are now fighting to protect the most fundamental global rights. they're never gonna stop there. never. so these people see it. there's a saying that says that there's gotta be a he'll be willing to dial. well guess what? the majority of people, i don't know, but majority majority people i spoke to. i believe that this is hilda dia because if we don't do it, not only do we lose our own country, but the world news is their way of life. and that's just, it was still expecting to see the international response to this. and so damn encouraging. so we kept up now. i mean we, we knew that the government didn't. aspects of the government didn't want us there . and we knew that we were going to be dark. we knew that they take any, any chance that they could weaken us, either financially, morally or otherwise. they got rubber bullets, they got tear gas, they got baton and they did. a lot of these people did the police, if you'll notice a lot of them didn't have names on their, on their things. a lot of them,
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there's private contractors coming in. there are corrections officers that are given temporary resting powers. there's all levels of army, there's people coming in from out of the country. so basically, our leader, the prime minister, has decided not to talk with the com, where people instead employ all of his financial resources to bring in the force to just make them do their, his will any kind of work. what's happening is we were the fringed minority with unacceptable views. if you'll remember what the piano said about a massage racist french doing, you've got a couple views. well now what's happened is the middle market, all of the people that were just kind of sitting on the fence, maybe had a couple of back seen maybe a booster, a certain clue into the fact that unless they are on this regiment on an ongoing basis, their back seen passport or whatever your country's equivalent is is no longer going to be be valid. which that means you are on a needle program for ever if you want to continue to work or do anything else productive. and that's just something that middle market is starting to to in, and now you're seeing it used to be people were anti boxers,
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anti masters and last name, or this is engineers, doctorate to every single walk of life who see that this is a real threat. you're watching audience a national now make sure you're wrapped so warm because after the break we're taking you to the coldest inhabitant, place on earth to see how people cope in such severe conditions. so don't go anywhere. ah
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what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is often very dramatic. development only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk ah, welcome back to the program. now it's time to wrap up warm and head back out to the
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coldest, inhabited place on earth. and his 4th and final report. this week, constantino's called learns the ways of reindeer herders in russia's far east and goes for an icy deep in minus 50 degrees celsius, but not before experienced and even colder climes. well, this is one of the main attraction, sorry for visitors for tours. here estella or valerie monument that marks the lowest temperature that has ever been recorded in this life. mine is 71.2 through celsius. there is an ongoing debate over which village is actually the coldest place i north, whether it's or mac or where we're now or tom toward where we came from. but the truth is it doesn't matter because the whole area, the whole region, which is also called i macro, by the way, has something special about his geography that makes it so frigid. i really need to
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understand that my medical lies in a valley surrounded by mountains. and since there is no ocean nearby to moderate the extreme temperatures, the cold is concentrated here like in no other place. oh, it doesn't matter how much you measure this, but the coldest point is always in the wrong. so in the hollow valley, this is where the most intense code is accumulated. for some reason, you're talking about cold as if it's him substance like a matter that can move around, it accumulates it here it can be 4050 degrees, or a certain point, it will be minus 65. the head of a local weather station shows us around what is probably one of the most severe places to observe climate. what is the temperature now? we're minus $46.00 degrees. well, it could have been worse. if you stay, you'll see it's going to be minus $50.00 to $52.00 degrees celsius minus 60 degrees fahrenheit. he says that it's more accurate to call on that call. the coldest,
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permanently inhabited place on earth. it may get even colder at the south hall, but no one lived there except for scientists to come and go in oil. mickland. people have adapted to live in the extreme environment all year around. like alexander, our tenure of who didn't even notice the white specks of frost on his face as we were recording our, have you out in the freezing all your face has turned white is everything fine. it's fine. it'll go away and turn red, just rubbish. and that's it. i guess you have to be born here to treat frostbite as if it's nothing from a young age. children here are taught that even if it's freezing outside, it doesn't mean you don't go to school. here, kid, stay home only if the temperature drops below minus $52.00 degrees celsius or $61.00 fahrenheit, which are all children are present now or is someone at home? you, meteorologists reported that it's minus 50 celsius. so all the kids are studying minus 50 lovely winter day. everyone goes to school. yes,
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this is usual weather and temperatures for us. like children all over the world, these kids like to play video games and that's what most of them were doing during a school break. when we arrived, this was very much just are you playing online with someone? yes, he should pay to what you do. you have why fi here? we have 14 yet. the schools administration also pays a lot of attention to the kids physical development we found familiar faces and the gym. alexander had put a sub in his guest house, also worked as a coach at the school today. his students are practicing local, you could sports these are the games that locals have been playing here for centuries. now. they're also part of the schools, physical education program. for mr. pardon, our boys come from rural areas and they're strong. they work on farms help their parents earn money for themselves in the summer by gathering hay and shopping
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firewood. they will survive in extreme situations because they are hardened. they know how to light a fire, how to survive, got value when you grow autumn, with whom do you want to be? yeah. yeah, i want to join the special forces. special force. yes for. but we want to fight. yes. even to work. alexander, who is 53 years old, is eager to show that he is into fitness and stay in shape. no, he doesn't have a 6 back and he doesn't work out using sophisticated fitness equipment. but his physical abilities can catch many by surprise. for one, he went, i swimming in a river on a day when the temperature outside was as low as minus 49 degrees celsius worth 56 fahrenheit. if it was good for powerful, they told me i couldn't do this. and then i thought i wanted to call this places on this planet hand. if i pass on this opportunity, it,
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it may never come along again. so with that being said, i'm going with that or go into the water and did the lead complete pushups as if it was no big deal. i, on the other hand, was in the water for life in a 2nd without even getting my head way. and then sprinted back to the car as fast as i go with. no words can be put to that. and so comes up on top of the world. all that might seem over the town. but here's the thing about doing that on those who live here. and those who come here old tend to push themselves to the limit in one way or another. the reindeer herders to learn to survive in the phrasing called without the help of modern technology,
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really reindeers is what these people have been doing for centuries, have not thousands of years. and these animals still remain their main source of food and medicine. they still use are really high to make huts. and for the most part, these herders lived just like their ancestors did. they sleep on rained her eyes and the mouth eyes for drinking water. and if they need food, they'd taken a knife voucher, an animal, and cook it on fire. both this is a hide from a recently killed reindeer. i can see a blood stains on the edge. a sa herders are gave this hide to their dogs that again, have a warm place to sleep. these people can survive without civilization, but that doesn't mean they reject it. they use diesel generators for electricity. they also recently set up
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a why fi router in their hut to catch up on the latest news. there are some small things that these herders don't quite understand about the modern world was good to suppose to tell me as a man of civilization. but why do they say this can be thrown out in the forest? but i don't quite get it with my back when you my aunt, when or stand there are harmful elements in them and therefore they need to be disposed properly. okay. okay. i understand american is definitely among the world's most difficult places to live. it's cold, it's remote, and you have to put an extra effort to get something other people might take for granted. and yet there are many men and women who have adapted to this harsh environments so well they can imagine living anywhere else. what might be a tourist attraction for someone from the outside? is these people's everyday life? and even if locals don't toss hot water in the air and don't use frozen fruit for hammers, that doesn't mean they don't enjoy living in the coldest place on earth. they just take pleasure in something the rest of us can't. i mc one at the farm yukon.


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