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tv   News  RT  February 20, 2022 9:00pm-9:30pm EST

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a with the o. s. c. e confirmed the use of heavy weapons in the don bass after 2 people are reported killed in artillery shelling in the eastern ukraine. i made a severe escalation of the conflict in the region. meanwhile, we met briefly. i will for you. i had to come to my wife to so afraid if my health would have allowed me, i would have joined the militia, forced to leave their homes, that you are to be fighting, bud, with hopes of return more than $20000.00 residents of eastern ukraine across the border to safety in russia, where the government is providing them with accommodation. plus in other news, if you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges. absolutely. canadian police vow to hunt down the freedom convoy
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protestors who have so far escaped arrest using video evidence to ensnare those who brought the center of auto. what to with broadcasting live from our studios in moscow. this is our international. i'm john thomas and certainly glad to have you with us. now the osi has confirmed the use of heavy weapons and don bass, amid what the self proclaimed look, ask republic says is an increase in shelling along the entire front line earlier on sunday to civilians were reportedly killed by artillery and a village in eastern ukraine. village was hit by artillery at about 5 o'clock am as people slept, and this is footage of the house where the civilians were apparently killed. for other homes were also destroyed in the spelling as well. look on people's militia blamed the attack on key of forces. well, the heads of the self claim lucon scan done. yet republics earlier announced
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a general mobilization of their armed forces. text messages have been sent to all men between the ages of 18 and 55 to show up at meeting points to join the army or his marcia as morning. another violent night here in the nets. we heard the last we heard shelling was at 6 30 in the morning where about a dozen or so rounds impact you could tell by the, the unique sound that they make. but her to the west of the city, which is the location of the nearest airport, which is where the front lines are and which is where much of the violence in, in the near city. a city of 2000000 no less. which is where much of the violence is sent to the u. s. c registered more than a 1600 ceasefire violations yesterday, which is a huge escalation given in past months. you could go days without hearing an explosion. it is. it is now mia hours that you can,
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that you can wait for the good to hear an explosion just to just for reference in the past in 201560. the entire city would vibrate every few seconds that be another explosion with heavy caliber weapons. nevertheless, it is restless. here people are fearful of another escalation of rounds falling into the city. so far, the violence has been centered on the outskirts of vignettes. this also the mobilization ongoing, whereby all men of service age, 18 to $55.00 were being urged to join the defenders. they fear here that an invasion and offensive by the ukrainian military is imminent. in fact, just a few minutes ago, i and all other mobile phones here in the near to receive the another as a mess. message text message urging males to join the ranks of the defendants. she'll sit at my, i'm a volunteer. i decided to come head because in any case it would be necessary. the
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enemy, as he sank, is on our doorstep. we must fight backhanded and no one but us comprised himself as soon as i came voluntarily to protect our home. i have no other fox and emotions. this has been happening here since 2004 to her food. i'm tired to be honest with you as you should. res, puzzled against you, lived in the nets, all my life. i'm a lawyer by education your duties they called told me to come to the military and listen. office you have combat experience, you know. it's 820141516171 this thing. as i'm trying to be ready for any things go potty, i don't see any recent worry. i hope this time the conflict will be result in our favor. ukrainian officials have said multiple times now that they don't plan inoffensive operation here in the near school lugens just to the north of then yet nevertheless, wall preparations here are underway. local authority said that the concentration of
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ukrainian troops, as well as heavy armor weapons artillery on the front lines along the front lines, is unprecedented. they haven't seen the like, they say more than a 100000 ukranian troops a lined up on the board. then we have seen the same image replay over the past few days, time and time again, and that is tearful, good buzz wives and daughters saying good bye to their husbands, who have gone to enlist the join the ranks of the defenders. we've also seen our correspondence from our arab exist the channel come under fire yesterday while visiting an area near the front lines, a town that was shelled by ukrainian troops over the for over the course of the last week or so. a we also heard from a foreign journalists and c, n, n a, a p, saying that they was shell on the other side of the conflict line on the ukrainian side. so sadly, she's for violations being registered for both in the breakaway republics. and on
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the ukrainian side of the conflict, lot the, the theories, of course he and now that there could be an escalation right away escalation, that would be very difficult to stop given the, the concentration of forces. now in the region, a spokesperson for the red cross, his delegation in moscow told us how the escalation in eastern ukraine is affecting the civilian population. reportedly we saw that 2 of the beak bumping station in the dawn, yet grey jen been she had and damaged by the hostilities currently which got about 1000000 people from the access to water. and that's really worrying because to that one meal. and it also includes access to for hospitals and other such services. and this is really important and we keep repeating our message to all sides. that civilians and civilian infrastructure must be sped. because this is key for the survival of the population, is to speak about the people that arriving on the character of the russian
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federation to what we know is the russian which cross our main partner here is already conducting a needs assessment to be able also to respond and help people who have really hope that people who suffered so much already don't have to suffer more. it has not been today since the rescue operation began in the break away dumbass republics. with more than 53000 de vacuum having crossed the border into russia, crowds have gathered at the railway station in the town of gulf, in the self proclaimed dunny of republic. the 1st trains have begun heading towards russia. it is one of the areas of suffering, the worst showing with officials warning that there have been attacks on sundays. well, many men are sending that way. their families as happened in previous spikes in the conflict. yes, you will not evacuating my grandchildren. i have a big family yesterday since we're a few grandchildren today, other grandchildren because it's very scary. 2014 was very dangerous. they were
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injury and among a family event where worry i for our children. i'm staying because i can't leave the city. i'm working in a facility that provide for the city, and i call people a whole gary, the water comes down to scary, but everyone's walking around are scary, going to work on the shelf are back in 2014. and i think we were living on the shelling and dropping to the around if that was a whistling sound. and now it's with again and again. multiple temporary shelters have been set up in regions across russia to take in the thousands flu. ukraine's violence are used on quarter reports from one of those shelters. this is, this is da children's camp. it was once a place where kids came to have fun. now the only children you'll find here are among the 700000 to expected evacuees from the don bus region of eastern ukraine. i wouldn't have last. it's just that i had a stroke. i always stayed her. now i left everything everyone behind the
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kitchen dogs, one of my go to supposed to give us everythings lester. it is were being fed well as a tv like at home they call us saying this heavy shelling. why are they shelling? i'm not afraid, but you couldn't leave me alone. i can barely walk. my wife is scared. she came on the heavy shelling when you you know, i wouldn't have left. i stayed there in 2016. not leaving. for here. yeah, i wouldn't have left and i'm not afraid of anything. it's all the same for me. i'm used to it. i was a soldier in the past. i'm used to it, but she's shaking stops or any when were you? if i were healthy, i would have joined the militia right behind me. you can see the sheer number of
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evacuees that are waiting to get into just this area. it's only one of many spread across the russian region of ross thought earlier i spoke to a staff member here. she said that already since yesterday, 500 evacuees from the don boss region have arrived and have settled here. now this is the temporary settlements cafeteria. it's already 10, 15 in the morning and breakfast is coming to a close so you can see too many people behind me. but for hours already, the staff here have been providing be evacuees with breakfasts free of charge. earlier we saw a large ques waiting right next to these vans right here. with the logo from rushes largest bank sped bank. they were actually waiting for stipends of $10000.00 roubles around $130.00 that the russian government has promised evacuees, fleeing from the don boss region. over $40000.00 don boss evacuees have already reached the russian federation. and in the roast of region alone, almost $100.00 areas just like this one have been set up and are accepting more and
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more people as every hour passes. of course, they're very grateful for what rushes done for them, but the thing they want most of all, is to be able to return home. donald quarter r t rast off just one of the many places housing, those who have fled at the escalating conflict is a gymnasium in her gum. rogue in rushes southwest. here is what people there had to tell. no clue could. with the conditions here, a good we had breakfast, lunch, we've been provided with beds. the everything is on a good level. the only thing is that there are too many people here. scores of loss is also limited. are we spend the whole night sleeping in las vegas? i'm here. my granddaughter and people are good here. they help us a lot because my husband just on daughter and grants on state and on boston, they don't know if it's worth coming here to. we're afraid the 2014 may repeat itself. ukrainian president vladimir lensky says kev could
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reconsider the countries non nuclear status. he made the comments during a speech at this weekend's music security conference. yeah, your present them by. as instructed, the foreign ministry to convene summit of the buddha pet memorandum 3 countries. if it fails to take place, just provide security guarantee ukraine will regard it and the close is signed in 1900. 94 is no employed. we all know that the land used to be a comedian, but this really does seem a joke too far. just to be clear. tearing up the budapest memorandum means that ukraine goes quite literally. and the backdrop to this is that, as the soviet union was collapsing here of pushed by the u. s. and the u. k. gave up all its new kid austin all. so everything from strategic bombers to wall had to intercontinental ballistic missiles were handed over to russia. the successor, of course, to the u. s. a thought it was, in fact, one of the conditions on which washington recognized and supported ukrainian independence that you're good to go. just 2 things. one is the weapons and to
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please just please don't turn into a hateful nation. americans will not support those who seek independence in order to replace a far off tyranny with a local despotism. they will not aid those who promote a suicidal nationalism based upon ethnic hatred. while bush senior was like, he came back to haunt him because in 2014, off to the crime in referendum eula to mishenko for me ukrainian, a prime minister had one of her phone calls leaked. and what did we have from the countries and its course stablish, mentor, a place to continue the nonproliferation and tolerance. no unforeseen, what you had proof of funds. i'm telling you, i hope i'll use all of my connections and the whole world will rise against the russians. some of them into oblivion. we need to kill them all with nuclear weapons and she wasn't one rogue voice. we heard this occurred by ambassadors and the
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people to in fact at that time in 2014, almost 50 percent of ukrainians supported nuclear rearmament. fast forward a is to the music security conference. and this isn't the landscape chatting on the phone to his friend about his wild fantasy, you know, to massacre ethnic russians as it was with tymoshenko. he is, in all seriousness standing before the globe elite and saying i am considering we're making on one of the most significant documents of the 20th century. and it's really not far from being political blackmail because essentially zalinski saying, unless you own in front of me, do more, send me more weapons, more money, more troops preemptively. sanction moscow for what we're not sure. then i will fire up those nikita factories again. and while to put a multi, especially at the moment, the west is not rush is biggest fine, i think even it recognizes that this would be total madness. the budapest memorandum is indeed a format without legal obligations under international law. but i think that now we
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need to try everything to avoid war. i mean, i would say that it's disappointing, that we're not hearing more outrage and condemnation from the west, new jersey and steven rescind such and in century statement. but then maybe it's not surprising, unfortunately, i've seen it every single time how nato and its allies are failing to press key of to side by those very simple fighting points in the midst agreements. instead, claiming that the criminal is the only violated up despite independent monitors. on the ground eastern ukraine saying, well, that's actually not entirely the case just so that we understand back in the day ukraine, what had the wild stuff? 37 times the size of the hiroshima atomic bomb 37 times. as part of the budapest memorandum, those facilities were destroyed. so yes, it would be a stretch. now that said, crucial elements are still in place. i'm talking about uranium mining. obviously the expertise a research reactor and the capability to build delivery vehicles, missiles and aircraft. yes, it would be costly, crippling, in fact, especially for
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a country already on the brink of economic ruin. yes, it would be time consuming. i know it would never be anywhere near the levels that we bought here in russia where in the us, but it would still be new capability at a time of global tension, an instability in europe, in a country that's ready in the throes of civil war. and in the hands of a government, which of parts has shown us by selling its own citizens ready displays a disregard for peace, ensuring messes, dance these watch should fill the global community with horror, especially if, as it claims its on the side of diplomacy and de escalation, our guests told us about the possible implications of president sullens case statement. very nervous, and he says so many different things on the same day that it's incredible, wants to make the president put. and then he says that he doesn't know what russia wants. all isn't it clear yet? and the 3rd, he says that he wants a date for joining nato. and then he speaks of the budapest memorandum of course,
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which is incredibly dangerous, because the whole has in the west of ukraine are really dangerous people. i wonder if the european union understands who they support. it's to me, the real surprise is how little lane and the sizes in brussels understand about the human geography of ukraine. you know, most populations east of the doubt, russian speaking forever. and the use of language is in great, it's a real scandal. i think he's trying to upgrade a government, a major itself was victim in this story. the care of as the as the rightful to you government, which sacrifice its chance to be a nuclear power and believe, you know, those on the phone, that's really what he's trying to do. he's trying to put that on the map and therefore to effectively claim all i was going forward as
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a result of this sacrifice that be made in the past. i think that's what he's planning or that's what he's positioning with this statement in canada. switching gears now with almost 200 people already arrested after officials swept ottawa streets from freedom. conway protesters. police are now warning that they will also use video evidence to go after anyone connected to the protest. the interim or chief of police confirmed that there could be prosecutions for months to come. now if you are involved in this protest, we will actively look to identify you and follow up with financial sanctions and criminal charges. absolutely. we will, over the next several days, identify what the posture of the police services will look like to see how we maintain a presence and make sure that nobody returns to occupy our streets. again. the autumn air is now encouraging the government to sell vehicles and trucks used from
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protesters, saying emergency powers allow authority to do so. jim watson praised trios use of the emergency act and said that the money would raise would recoup tax their losses . meanwhile, the center of the city remained at a standstill after police. here did a protest against no job. no job coven mandate. our correspondence, peter oliver had seen just over my shoulder. you can see the remnants of the comments that were here in the center of the kitty, the capital, off to all, almost all of those protesters it'd be occupying the city have now being moved along or of left of their own volition over my left shoulder. maybe see the flushing lights of a police cruiser there. that's where they've blocked everything off the red zone. they're calling it now they offense around the parliament building to allow employees to go about that business on a harass. they say is the emergencies act has been implemented,
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they moved out the people over the last few days and things that have been so the lowest, full, full, but today beings can certainly trend pretty ugly and times i oh my goodness. good, good, good, good, good. you the, the, you know, the. 7 we made some very important progress in safely removing this unlawful protest from our streets. we backed up those warnings with a deliberate and methodical operation using lawful and safe tactics. and that's why implore all the protesters who remain there, go home. this occupation is now over. we will continue with our mission until it is
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complete. as the authority moved people out of this particular part of the canadian capital protest, this spoke to the media and said that they were sure that this protest had been was over for now. but that they felt something had changed in canada. mandate, not people who are scared. we need to change to mind. we need to hold people accountable to doctors for aubrey as this room. the whole titian, for selling our freedom to measure their gender. i've been here 20 days and they're being very heavy here today. they're pushing back dream. this is not candidate guys . this is a dictatorship, you know, running our country. get here, don't be afraid to stand with these people. the protest movement started out with anger from that and took a group's over a vaccine monday. that was the quiet for travel across the border between canada
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and the united states. and then snowballs being in upsets over covert 19 mondays and restrictions and measures in general added to the, to the times. visceral anger towards prime minister. just in true done that we've seen born out here on the streets of the canadian capital. we've seen an awful lot of criticism of mister trudeau from sections of canadian society, including an open letter from christian ministers. there is no national emergency and to invoke one to crush peaceful political descent is a totalitarian act of repression. displaying weakness not strength. these tyrannical actions are exposing this government and people to the judgment of god. and we are deeply concerned that you do not appreciate the significance of god's wrath upon a rebellious and wallace nation. the prime minister himself is sticking to his guns, though he said that this wasn't a legal protest, that it wasn't a legal located of the city. and that is why he issued the emergencies that he put
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into place, which among other things, gave police the extra powers they need to block off areas like that over my left shoulder on to remove those protesters from the streets of baltimore. the blockade and occupations are illegal. there are a threat to our economy and relationship with trading partners. there are a threat to supply chains and the availability of essential goods, like food and medicine, or a threat to public safety. but there is a lot of political capital to be made here as well. and it's the true, those opponents have not missed an opportunity to stick the knife in her mind. the prime minister, this is canada. this is not a dictator. gasoline on embers, things are d escalating as we speak. so why is the prime minister using this hammer on
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canadian, isn't it true? he's doing it just to save his own political skin. he has politicized pandemic and divided canadians at a time when we should be working together when we should be supporting one another . his lack of leadership has divided stigmatized and traumatized canadians for great. this massage, this fringe who take up space and he said, shouldn't be tolerated if it's really about the prime minister. taking a sledge hammer to canadians that he thinks are unacceptable. parliament will continue. that is based on the emergencies act with a vote expected on monday evening during not they could choose to make amendment to the current situation or, and the state of emergency entirely. certainly though they say few isn't going to go. busy away anytime soon, even if the protesters have left the streets over to a piece or all of a fee in the canadian capital video posted online shows many of the protestors
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kneeling and prayer in the parents show of peace and unity. it is just one of the many attempts to bring government attention to covet, mandates that many believe have stripped people of fundamental freedom christian pastures. as we mentioned, have also joined protesters in condemning authorities for their unprecedented invoking of the emergency powers act. they have signed an open letter to the government, stating such, quote, tyrannical actions should not be used on peaceful citizens. pastor henry hildebrand told us that to those forceful crushing of the protest has not only alarmed canadians, but the entire world as well. i think the latter hopes to achieve afford the prime minister to realize that there is a large, large amount of people out there, not a small french minority that sees that this is very, very dangerous the path. he's all the way he is forcefully crushing this
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freedom movement is very, very alarming to many canadians to most canadians and also to the rest of the world . while we could say this is the end of the beginning, this doesn't, and here, even though he has brutally of tried to and this, this piece for conway that this, this is not, this is not what, what he, i mean he's, he's trying to show his power by this, but this is not where it ends. 33 and a half minutes. that's what i'll be back with. another full infrastructure. this is our transactional stay with ah ah.
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join me every thursday on the alex salmon. sure. but i'll be speaking to guess in the world of politics, small business, i'm show business. i'll see you then o life simply looks different when we look through the spiritually aware brain. we're absolutely far more able to bounce back from difficulty and difficulties are seen as invitations to move away from the stuck read doors in our lives. open our eyes and say what life, what spirit guides are you showing me? now? this is completely within our birthright. in fact, we function better,
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i think looking at the preponderance of the evidence, i conclude that we are made whole and as we are designed to be, when we strengthen the spiritual core and bring that into all realms of our life. ah, the 2nd largest soviet republic, the you'll grain today declared insulin dependent on that with thousands of ukrainian jan. the great if we have monday celebrated there, you found great. i've read that gorbachev had indicated that he will not stop republic wanting to leave the union because americans are so free to dream. we fail as special kinship with those who dream of being free. the tension between russia, ukraine, relates to more than just politics. the soviet union civil, most important republic, now all the way,
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most proud of each other. you and i have witnessed one of the greatest dramas of the 20th century, the historic and revolutionary transformation of a totalitarian dictatorship, the soviet union, and the liberation of its paypals. ah, [000:00:00;00] with ah
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ah 01989. ready the leadership of the united states is closely monitoring what's going on in the soviet union, and indeed something extraordinary is transpiring below the all powerful communist party is rapidly losing control. red hammer and sickle flags,


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