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tv   News  RT  February 21, 2022 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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meadow actually stepped, columbus thief soaked to benefit the clans with their own. each entranced that had nothing to do with the interest of the people at the train whistle way. and the whole idea of the so called pro western civilizational choice of the cranium. democratic while we're wise and it's still not in creating better conditions for the good of the people for the bad rough, and i will get your interest in your company to serve until political adversary's brushing, receive billions of dollars he told from the ukrainians. and he didn't buy all the cards in the, on the counts in western banks. financial and your group is generally paid my patients at 1st. they based on radicals and nationally with others. but they were saying, or good friendly relations with russia or cultural and language was the 1st satilla team. and they were coming to power using the boats of the people who really wanted to see it happen, including the people from the southwest. but they were assuming office upper
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getting high positions, they were to train their people who elected them. the reporter is radical and they fold the radical ideas in various policies. sometimes even most people is that we ship the fact of punishing people who wanted to cooperate with rochester. wanted to keep both languages, fire boat and those people to support the moderate views who are used to cross the power. unlike radicals, they would never be aggressive to use unlawful means what they call unlikely. but radicals recounting more and more brazen, their claims were becoming bigger and bigger. and so they had no problem with some my beloved, but there are some weak pile word that was way convenient, either virus of corruption because they need and they were replacing videos and their cultural economic, social interests of the people actual sovereign all ukraine, replies galatians,
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on nationally round table, that date who hasn't been built in a crane and political electoral procedures, cielo served just as a stream reached to divide power and assets between all the garden plans. corruption, probably, and we've had a problem to a lot of countries including russia and ukraine has become a thing of its own yellow grains because it's been corroding the entire system. all the branches of the state and radicals use and happen is of the people here and happen. so they wrote that weight and they turned my done in 2014 into who did toddler. and they were backed by the foreign statement from the data that we have the support of the sil protest camp at the independent square here from the
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u. s. embassy was the bon $1000000.00 per day with them. and additionally, when a bank of large amounts of money were transferred to the private accounts of the leaders of propositions, opposition and we are talking about pants of millions of dollars and how much did those who really suffered those who died during the clashes at the squares and so the key of got you better and got now you better not as radicals who capture the power, they started to oregon and tickets against those who were supporting constitutional . she didn't belong to me again, internally against the limitations they were accumulated, talk the public. we will not grow of serious much from the whole range of large scale formula criminal cases at the harvard ukraine. nearly we cannot but chatter when we remember about the situation and the best when people were burnt alive,
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when they protested truly munich of authority. those criminals who need things are not punished. no one is even looking for them. but we know of their names and we will do everything to punish them, to find them and to bring them to court. if you please leave my don't i didn't bring ukraine closer to democracy after the training, who did taught nationally and those political forces that a bad them to be brought the situation to the deadlock, they pushed ukraine into that if we just from the council of civil war and it's 8 years later, the country is divided. it's going through direct canonical client. it's according to the estimate of international organization. got organizations in 2018, almost 6000000 ukrainians. not which is almost 15 percent or not of the you want to able population, but the entire population has had to move abroad looking for jobs because not by
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you and yes, the room is that the we're doing because the basic work and qualified work at the end here is another fact i'm starting to be, but a g 2020. 60000 doctor is not a medical professional lab. the conference in 2014 was that the water prices increased by almost one 3rd. my energy prices increased manifold. when you get many people have no money to pay for the utility bills, they have to survive literally what happens place, why all this is happening. but the answer is obvious because they need to figure out that they inherited from the soviet union from the russian empire. it was literally colon just hidden in pockets because we're able to do that. 100 jobs for last year that we're getting stable income to the people with the participation of
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the russian federation, which i'm afraid of such areas as mentioned engineering. so the power industry in the buckle plane aircraft manufacturing the yard either in crisis or destroyed. and the entire se union used to be proud of these industries. in 2021 ship building factory, nicole life was closed and toner issues with famous. i'm told that the country will starting from 2016. they haven't produced a single plane and do as much like that. create that was building the base great machinery but you're almost bankrupt is more of a part of the lien. like the cream and 2 of the fuel fatty acids or the gas i used on the transportation that was billed by the entire soviet union. that has become so dated exam using it as a lot of preschool. and in this regard, we have a question, this poverty and the weight loss of the industrial and technological potential. so
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that the choice pro western choice when you had one of the shape was put into the hands of the people for years now is that it in reality everything comes down to the fact that the collapse of the economy goes along with robbing ukrainian people . and ukraine itself is now being controlled from the outside. it is pretty traded, not only by the instructions from the west, but also locally by a network of foreign consultants. and joe's and other institutions deployed in a korean would be more like us and they have direct influence on all the warden decisions with all the levels of government from the central family down to the units about which it influences the main feed corporations ukrainian railways, energy complex ukraine in my post administration on the c port. so ukraine, i'm going from you and the train doesn't happen. dependent system anymore.
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authorities will shift in our game referential right to choose the members of the supreme legislation court according to the body of the picture and by its embassy in the us, removed the embassy of the us directly controlled the national agency on preventing the corruption go national anti corruption bureau will specialize anti corruption, district attorney office and take corruption court and it's all done under the pretends to increase the efficiency of fighting corruption as well. ok then, but where are the results? because corruption is still there. it's even worse than it was. but i would need to pick me up the phone your brain when you might be around that when you do your cleanings, no bell, this choice, do they understand that their country has become go, not even to protect trade. now it's the colony with puppets or which isn't at his
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home to be looked on with the privatization of the state has led to the fact that the authorities that hold themselves already as a battery it's gotten happens if you look, this is the interest of the nation lexical, otherwise they continue to assimilate. russian speaker is always buy for when you come in from the yard. nothing more and more discriminatory. decrease. now the have a law on the native nations, those people who don't know themselves russian, they are let know that they do not belong in ukraine, according to the laws on education and on the ukrainian language of the state. language of russian language is being thrown away from schools from all public spaces, including the women shops and soho least ration long or the cleansing of the how we're allowed them to chase away. what complex turn is laid on flight grade. they adopt decrease that allow low enforcements to suppress in the freedom of
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choice the freedom of speech practical. we know the practice of union lateral illegitimate sanctions about other states about the for an individual is legal entity and ukraine. they went even further, but then that western partners take him up with such an instrument as a sanctions against their own citizens, entities, the media outlets, even parliament member and up. and they are preparing, plumbing, decrease against the russian orthodox church. and, but that's not an emotional estimating, is that we have certain documents, we have what decision it is talking about days. we were at this late in church and key. they cynically turned into an instrument with national policy. the current leadership of the country does not react to the request of the people to counsel the laws that undermined the rights of the believer. and now they have new laws
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adopted against the ukrainian orthodox george caribbean. and i would like to talk particularly separately. we crimea from the lation of the community, crimea peninsula made 3rd choice to be with russia. and we can both mutual ukranian authorities have nothing to say against this. that's why they played 3rd bats on aggression slumps to use sounds the best for me to including the radical islamic organizations. the earth was sending saboteurs to destroy the vital infrastructure they did not. of dozens of bratia, we have proof. we have evidence that such aggressive activity is brit traded with the support of special services. in march of 2021, ukraine adopted you military strategy documentary. but it was almost completely aimed at confrontation with roger b, one to drag foreign states into the conflict with our country. i think if they'd
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like a strategist jazz where he's going through organizing them was rush and try me. and in john bass basically here raised underground. and it also outlines the as possible the war and it is supposed to take him there. and that you, the way, the credit strategies now with the support of the international community on the beneficial conditions for ukraine. and also, as they say and keep now, and i'm quoting also for special just but listen to it carefully with the military and support of the world community and your political confrontation against the russian federation. but basically that's nothing but preparation for our competing against off against russia. we also heard statements about ukraine wanting to create around nuclear weapons and their brand. that's not just idle threat. grain really? you have to look in nuclear technology work and carry are switching to do deliver
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such weapons back from the soviet times and they have touched on through launchers and also designed in the soviet union. it has range of more than $100.00 longer is and they can increase that. it's a matter of time. they still have this technology from the soviet time is. so getting tactical nuclear weapons will be much easier for ukraine, but then for certain other states, i'm not going to least damn us. so that are now researching these, especially if they have technology support from abroad. and we can think of the ukraine has a weapon of mass destruction situation in the world in europe, especially for either one for russia will change drastically when you move, you know, we cannot help but react to these real threat of the specialist. since i would like to reiterate the western thing backwards, they can help you frame with getting this weapon to create yet another threat for
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our country to. because we can see the house consistently, they are pumping. if you're trained with weapons, united states alone, starting from wendy 14, transferred billions of dollars, including the arm supply, training, personnel, and written months. western weapons are sent in ukraine, given ceaselessly mcgruther in front of the eyes of the entire world. and it was on the who is this little greater than it is of the ukraine in the army is governed by the foreign consultants. and we are well aware of that last year on the pretext of the word games from the military contingent. so benita countries were deployed in ukraine video and the is as much rain in the museum right, integrated into nader with mean that didn't image is telling me more, no more, which is not the training unit in an army units can be done directly from them. nato did, he had water isn't the, when it started explore territory of crane as
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a future of military action. that the huge for battle to find it is aimed against russia. last year alone, it had more than 20000 troops and more than 1000 equipment efficient hardware unit. that's mckenzie crane and not for they have already adopted law and to allow for intruders to enter the territory of ukraine to participate in the work games and stand. first of all, it means the nato troops and here at the plan, no less than 10 bottles in the middle, rails like that. and that, that extra when you serve as a calibrate to increase the need to contingent in ukraine with the utah and the especially since the network. all your fields from various believe on the frank cops they go if i dance and so one it can be used to deploy troops in the current is in terms of the aerospace for your brain is open for reconnaissance and strategic planes,
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unmanned that getting drones that are use used for that well or store or throwing the money toward the territorial rush. check that at the end. naval operations are billed by the americans in a chunk of allows who j. nato chiefs who use it as a warrant and allows to use high precision weapons against black sea competitive navy. and our entire infrastructure on the black sea coast says that some time ago the us wanted to build such infrastructure in crimea. but the population of crime in civil topple. they said that you prefer no, and we will remember that. but now the standard has already been built and deployed in a checkup. and i would like to remind you in 18th century alexander's subordinate soldier is bought for this cd and it's their bravery allowed it to add to the cd to rush it back. then in the 18th century, the black sea coast land that worked in nevada was fought from just this. you got
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from the 30, from us on the ottoman empire was given name and the volume the, you know, but i see it now the want to get this name and like they want to forget the deeds. all the famous commanders, without ukraine itself wouldn't have access to the black sea recently and pulled talbot, they demolished the monumental alexander some worth. well, what can i see? you are renouncing your own pat. so coat, colonial from the legacy of the soviet empire. well, be consistent then the major supposed tomorrow they can to do to me the article, 17 of the constitution of the green doesn't allow me latrete village to italy, bases of war and speed to be deployed. and there are 2 or 3, but it seems that it can be bypass which they have deployed training clinicians felt the need to countries in ukraine. basically, that's a military base all ready? me see, they just call it a mission and it's done. and they have long declared strategic form of aim and
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joining nato gas. so obviously every country has the right to choose ground alliances to if you're already with sign military agreements. that's true. but there is one of the going at the bottom was if you, in international law, it says the principal, there is a principal, an indivisible security group which states that one country cannot enhance its security at the expense of your, your father's. and i can refer to the european security always the charter that was adopted and the symbol and $999.00 and asked to not was fee to clear ration from 2010. in other words, choosing means to enhance one security, should not creed, and threads for other states and ukraine was to join nato would serve as a direct threat to the security of russia. and i would remind you of vague, in april of 2018, the book chris summit of the north atlantic treaty organization. you will see a green forest. this members who you say you need to make
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a decision that if they are said to join me to a lot of european allies and ready back then understood all the readers in such a step. but they had to abuse the wheel. their older partner, americans used them to pursue anti russians and always found nato members feel skeptical about ukraine joining nato. and from some european capitals, we get a signal to prove that they are saying, so what are you worrying about? it's not going to happen tomorrow, and now we're american counterparts. are seeing the scenes that we see. okay, it is not going to happen tomorrow to day oper tomorrow, then what will it change meet you in? historical conduct, nothing more than that. we know that on the stands and statements of the us leadership about active confrontation, military action in the use of the crane. what's not the top ukraine to join nato if
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it will correspond to the criteria of the. but it's a made a charter. and if they can overcome corruption, and they try to convince us that nato is a peaceful and defensive blog. so there is no prep for russia. and they again suggest we believe 3 words. but we already know the value of such words in those back in 991 we talked about. so you can go with united germany live in the you said promise to the soviet leadership. i knew that anyway, even though it's not that neither jurisdiction nor military presence is still not move an inch. the easel and unification of germany would not lead to the eastern expansion of nato. and i'm glad that they weren't quoting here. so they were saying all the things they were giving as assurances by these were just working later these started saying earlier that new event only european and the eastern european
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countries joining nato will improve their relations with moscow. will read this countries from the theories of their he does a difficult historical legacy and more than that, it will allow them to create value of the friendly nations you for it was the other way around. and these states are now with bringing very stereotypes or complexes all russian threat to need to be insisted on including potential collaborative security that was supposed to be deployed against russia. first of all and it was happening back in the 990 s. and early to 1000, and when you guys open this and we'll go over our goodwill relations between russia and the west. we're at high level wave is that is the group of russia will feel all obligations we through the troops from germany, from the central and eastern european countries. and it made a huge contribution and overcoming the legacy of the cold war. we can see simply
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suggested all kinds of cooperation, including in the form of the russian natal council and always see more than that to me. i will say one thing, but i have never said before in public with them. i will say it for the 1st time. they got me back in 2000. when was mister planted and we look at bill clinton was visiting moscow advantage. his turn. i asked him how we could see, when matter, russia joining nato. you will do that, and i would not give you all the details of that conversation, but the reaction to my conversation, luminous, well, research, let me put that way and get the americans really look at this possibility. you can see it in their practical steps in regard to ford country, open support of the terrorists in north composition. national which is ignoring our demands and our concerns up in with the security area withdrawing from the previous
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armstrong and so on and support that it's backs the question why, why did they do that you want for okay, you don't want to see friend and i was and long enough, but why do you want to make and then me out of us, be only answered that we got why it's not about our political regime or anything else in the majestic or they don't need to be big and independent country is russia . and so that's the answer to all the question that the source of traditional american policy, they persue in the russian track. that's why they react, like all our proposals, of the bound security. if you only need to look at the mapping to see the how did the western countries will keep their words about non expansion of need at least where they just lied to what we're going to see. we had 5 waves all flayed away, expansion,
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999.6 tall and check republic hungary joint need to to 1004. bulgaria is donya lee slovak here, romania and levine in 2009. i'll banyon creation in 2017 montenegro and 2020 north macedonia. as a result, the alliance for infrastructure is going to need somebody as the wrong, really close to the borders of russia. that's one of the reasons you and them on the q reasons of the security, cried this machine, it affected the entire system of international relations. the mutual prospect was lost, the situation continues to get worse, sec, room in the strategic area as well. and romantic and important as part of the us, what i do with the project, they deploy anti missile defense discovery was done well, now that the launcher is deployed there, it can be used for a cruise missiles tomahawks, and that is a strike weapon that strikes when you're in the,
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i guess you would say is also developing standard seeks loosely it can get there, but not only be used as an anti nice child in the defensive to it can. we are trying to targets on land, on this, even if we will still be, are expanding their infrastructure and they get you offensive capability of the information that we get. we have every reason to believe that further deploying the science. the facility is also the north atlantic treaty organization. this decision has already been made, which you have just a matter of time. we understand clearly that on the scenario, the level of military threat for russia will be increased manifold. and that i would like to draw your attention once again, that will be bigger threat of immediate attack against our country. in american strategic documentary was more than 30 doctrine. there is such
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a possibility of preventive work against me. so complex of that for 3, and who is the main adverse tree of the united states? we all know that russia, not that much, i think in nato documents our country is officially directly called a main franca to the north atlantic, secure. and he went to claim, and ukraine will serve as the i bought them, especially for the platform for such an offense, if our ancestors heard them. now that we probably thought that it's impossible, we don't want to believe that either. but that's how it is. now it's the point where i see i want people from russia, ukraine to understand that you're going to get as many ukrainians airfield you are expected to station close to our porter is pushing and strategic need airplanes. hi, precision weapons and then summer after can you drive the car gets in? well, get grab some our cars on an astro using reconnaissance tool will allow not to control
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the aerospace prussia up until the ural stuff. and finally, oper us withdrew from the i n a trade in that one is pentagon, as hillary of the openly started developing a whole range of the land basement. this is a good fill in the need. sounds like you're going with a range of your machine, 5500 coin laundry. such systems are deployed and ukraine. they can hear the targets in the european russia and also behind the euro. and the travel time it all the tomahawk missiles. moscow will be less than 35 minutes. ballistic missiles, 78 minutes and hyper sounds a fancy weapon for 5 minutes. but that's like having a knife against our throat. and i have no doubt that they plan to implement ideas properly as it has been done previously. when they expanded, need to, to be usable for moving infrastructure military infrastructure closer to our
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borders. ignoring our profits and our warnings. you know, they just didn't care about that. they did whatever they deemed necessary and appropriate action. and i believe that they plan to continue doing like that when they because for b c. s as a dog working you can as care event. we have never agreed to that. and we never will, with russia, wasn't always sending to resolving the most difficult issues at the go shading table diplomatically when or stand our response or responsibility if you are a global stability, beckoned to 1080. russia has come up with an initiative on signing an agreement about european security and its idea was, was that no stayed no international organization and european atlantic that could not enhance that security at the expense of security of father lettering. but our
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suggestion was refuted from the get go, because we can't allow russia to limit his activities of need to we were told that legally binding guarantees of security, all the nato members can have such guarantees and last december. but we have sandwich and use the our partners. the rafter stuffing in documentary about security guarantees, and also the draft agreement on demetrius or enhancing russian security and natal members', security and responsible nato members. and the u. s. were seeing a lot of words. there was some reasonable ideas, but they were talking only about secondary things. and it looked as an attempt to bring this discussion away from the main point. and we reacted in kind. i would like to emphasize that we are ready to negotiate, but only on the condition that old mattress will be considered as
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a package in conflict without going away from the main proposals made by russia, which you and those have 3 main items, is that the bushing the new summer, firstly, non expansion of nato. the eat is non deployment of offensive weapons next to the russian borders. and finally, bringing back to the military. they knew this is going to restructure back to the consideration of 997. when the founding act was signed, but when russian nato and the principal proposals were ignored, that with me. but europe of our western partners once again as we should though, jimmy from it'll k the right seems they the same all words that average state and it has freedom to choose ways to enhance security and to provide its security to join any military alliances. so nothing.


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