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ah ah, fireworks sharing joy in the dumbasses vladimir putin recognizes the independence of the dawn, yet republics sang also that measures are being taken to ensure peace in the region. becomes the middle, ongoing shelling across the gum vast region with local trying to make sure they stay close to bomb shelters. we heard from, from a, from a, by, had the shelling through the whole night. the local school was shelled. that was gary. my children live in crimea, my daughter often calls me and tells me to come to where she lives with russia.
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strength is not an emergency. un security council meeting that moscow remained open to a diplomatic solution to the train prices, but will not allow a new blood bath in the dorm bath region. not as the west threatened fresh thanks. mm. welcome from our team here in moscow. this is our t international with the latest world news headlines banks joining us of putin has signed a decree to recognize don, yes, gauntlet downs. republics as sovereign states, as well as treaties of military and economic cooperation with the republics. here's how people and on bass met. the decision ah ah no
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with what, what, what origin, origin, origin, home, or general, how the doors we are dealing with or with me now in the studio is ortiz, donnie armstrong. danny, good morning. thanks for coming in. i doubt many international news outlets around that. we'll be focusing on anything else this morning. what we've seen is widespread celebration in the to republic. give you a sense of what this that means to them and what message does it do you think? of course, as we see that we've seen fireworks and sharing this comes with the as the brochure
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recognize that the regions of the content and that says, independent, of course it shows to the world that russia is ready to defend its geostrategic interest was sending a message of course, that russia will be the beck and call of the people now it also serves rather as evidence to those who paid little attention to the speech of flattery. putin. 15 years ago, back in munich, of course, became known as the munich speech in 2007 there. he criticized the provocation. he called it the expansion of nato and eastern europe. and of course, the u. s. is monopolistic domination, in global relations. of course you said then, and of course, it's been russia's a stance of course, since then, and it will be the stance of russia that he's against the us building a missile shield in eastern europe. now, the main points of disagreement between russia and the 2 regents agreement of friendship and mutual help is russia will provide health and support to the
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republic banking systems. and of course, the right to place the military infrastructure on the, the territories of the 2 in russia. and of course, in the, in the new hands can the internet regions, of course, not to mention be this will come that this will be interpreted as provocation in the west. these also mentioned the unprecedented pressure. that, of course, will follow this recognition. but he said that russia is prepared to make some serious moves in critical situation. and of course, the complete, the, ignoring by the west, the nato of russia's red lines. of course, that is the most critical situation. nobody knows that they always nice, but i'm not nato training mission, who's deployed in ukraine, the right. but basically these are military bases. they just called bases emissions . and that's it gave a long time ago, care of declared a strategic course to join nato. of course, every country has the right to use its own way to ensure security and degree on
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military alliances. that's fair enough. but there's one thing when he international documents guarantee, the principle of equal and indivisible security, which as you know, includes the obligation not to insure one security at the cost of the security of other states. but with the big question on everyone's mind right now with what kind of affects this is going to have in terms of the tensions in the region will escalade. so will it calm down, which way you think it was? of course, we can expect more of the same in the west for this to be taken is as provocation from russia to see russia as the aggression aggressive. rather, i should say. and of course, that is likely to bring about sanctions with a high possibility that us congress will make a law bring your more sanctions. joe biden signed an order, an executive order on monday, imposing sanctions against the regions binding u. s. national from new investment, trade, and financing in both of those regions,
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of course targeting the economy. the 2 yearly recognizes independent by russia, of course, regions. now, the reaction will be, of course, with these harsh sanctions, we can expect more provocation. we know the west and nato have repeatedly ignored pushes cries for diplomacy, dialogue and d escalation. so unfortunately, it looks like it will be a rise in shelling in the region of course, who hands can dance for sure that the west started explore the territory of ukraine as the future theater of military action of the future battlefield. and it is aimed against russia. last year alone, it had more than 20000 troops and more than 1000 equipment hardware. again, it's so it's, it was late last night when president peterson made that decision that announcements that he would be recognizing the independence of those regions. has it been a reaction from kiev? yes or yes, the ukranian president below him is lensky. come out and didn't rather defiance
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against this recognition of the 2 regions. he said that the ukraine doesn't owe anybody anything, and it will not give parts of his territory to anybody else. it has been quite defiance responds from zelinski, is also where initiated an emergency meeting of the norm and the 4 course that involving ukraine, russia, germany, and france, the match in 2014 to try and resolve this conflict in east ukrainian, of course, called for a peaceful resolution, but it also were recognized as the recognition of the 2 nations as independent as provocation and threat, saying he will not give in to the threats from the russian side. he says he's also a violation of ukraine's national integrity and sovereignty $1000000.00 question for donna here, because everyone's feeling very nervous and anxious about the state of affairs, especially those of us living with families here in mosca. could you give us
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a sense of how this whole situation could play out? well, as always, russia has pushed for diplomacy and dialogue and de escalation, but the west for all these years has, has kind of not fulfilled its obligations. or it's part of the bargain of the, of the men's agreement, disagreement. that it, that it's continually state say, when in these talks, and course when there are escalations, those accused russia and not fulfilling or holding their part of the bog of that agreement. now russia, of course is said, it wants to diplomatic solution, but that fell on deaf ears, especially when his voice, the security demands to the us than to nate. so about nato's expansion in eastern europe and ukraine's membership potential membership of nato. it does not once a place on its border where us can place a military bases course from or from, from certain parts of ukraine or the should say, and massage can be fights and also in a matter of minutes. of course, it's very,
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very worrying, but russia courses as a game pushed for diplomacy. and of course the accusations will now come thick and fast. they say the, the, the recognition is tantamount. so breaking the means agreement, which of course it is funny when you say, you know, the, the west in the u. s. continue to disregard the violations of the mystic agreement when they committed on the side of ukraine or the side of the, of the west. however, when russia allegedly violates the misc agreement, everybody is up in arms in the west. so it's not surprising about these double standards. the west seem to apply to these violations depending on which site that it comes from. there also is the notion that russia and those is not part so technically of the ministry agreement. and that is that it is an agreement actually between kiev and the 2 reasons. so there is also that to consider, however,
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russia, russia, foreign ministers come out and said that it has said for months and months that it does, once de escalation, it does not want an escalation in these tensions, and he wants diplomacy and dialogue. so i guess it's just a matter of waiting to see how developments play out later in the coming days, hours, days and weeks when i later today, the borrowers johnson will be holding an emergency cobra. amazing. so we'll be keeping a close on as well. but thanks for coming in this morning, danny, as long as he's on the armstrong, while you can see, teaches of a russian military convoy entering the tanya's republic and the treaties. moscow mate with don. yes. can le gantski, the russian military will ensure peace in the region. a decision to recognize comes a made a new escalation, and don bass, which continued overnight with dozens of si fi violations, reported a car bomb went off in the center of the dance, came what was said to be an attempted assassination of a local official while intermittent shelling has been ongoing for several days at
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his mortality ever puts on how dumbass has been clothing. for 8 years, war has ravaged the dumbass. we're times of quiet and there are times like this. ah, a short drive out of a city of a 1000000 shells. rain down all day. people live in this. they go to work. they raise a family until one day when they don't come home. christie incident tragic, happened here. just west of the near city to shelves, launched from the ukrainian side made ah impact one there. another crater here and everywhere here, you'll see bloodied bits of clothing. this is a minus outfit. he was on his way to a mine shaft where he works. this is one of the 2 shelves that landed here. again,
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we aren't going to spend very long here because there are still incoming shelves and exclusions. the b, i. e mean close proximity. there is no schedule, no warning, no time when it safe or dangerous. it always begins suddenly. when it broadens down only, then the locals come out little not slowly thunder but yes. leash on that. i had the shelling through the whole night. if the local school was shelled that was gary . my children live in crimea, not my daughter, often calls me and tells me to come to where she lives. there wasn't really was tomorrow i will leave work and go to my daughter, which condition me. and it isn't confined to any one place. this escalation tore through entire regions in le ganske and a parent car bombing targeting a separatist official engaged in sees var monitoring and compliance in the netscape to schools hit by mortar rounds. amid the barrage of shelling by the ukrainian
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military liberty with no staff needed to be at school by 8 am, i got a call at 3 24 am and was told that there had been a massive explosion there. i could not go to the scene of the accident right away because of the shelling we at 7 am. we found 4 classrooms had been destroyed and around $65.00 windows of the facade and the roof were also damaged. i understand that 2 shells landed on the building, does not seen in towns, villages, and cities across east than ukraine. fear permeates everywhere. people try not a stray too far from bomb shelters. as alarms, sirens, blair across the nets can look gods. ah, it has reached the point where the un has come out, the say enough, the secretary jeremy's greatly concerned with the latest reports of increase cease
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fire violations, including the use of heavy weapons across the contact line in eastern ukraine. we are particularly concerned regarding reports of severe in casualties targeting of civilian infrastructure and evacuations. we underline or call for an immediate cessation of hostilities, maximum restraint and for all parties to avoid any action and statements that would escalate tensions. further, all issues must be addressed through diplomacy. now, the problem is it doesn't end. it widens down only to start back up again. for 7 years, there has been new diplomatic progress. ukraine refuses to so much as speak with hated separatists and rebels. i give, has a big girl decision to make is going to press ahead with the attack on the godson the dentist as it was, planning to do this past week and seen a massive if you look at the o. s. c, e date of their monitoring the line of demarcation. you've seen
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a massive increase in firing across the border into the in the break away regions from care of putin has announced that he did a russian piece keeper force is going to be assembled and sent into the area pursuant to the declaration which also discussed a military agreements with the breakaway regents the question for kia and zelinsky now is, what is your next move? what are you going to do if you asked that you will be met with force? so it's a big question. and with passions, high and worrying military build up across the front lines, an influx of new deadly weapons to ukraine. the fia is that this escalation could spiral out of control spock a war that no one wants. and yet no one can stop. but we discussed the recent events with former united nations weapons inspector, scott ritter. he believes the west wants to embroil ukraine in a war which russia is desperately trying to avoid. the security guarantee for
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lugens can don't. yes. were supposed to be mentioned, the makes the meant to agreements that agreement gone. russia made it clear that it has no validity. there, there's nothing those days are over. russia is going to guarantee their security. russia said that ukraine's membership and nato represents and a, an unacceptable risk. there will be no one who benefit from this. and, you know, russian president vladimir putin said this over and over again that he doesn't want to invade nato in the united states. don't seem to recognize this. it's almost as if they want to war. and the irony is willing to sacrifice ukraine on the altar of false, you know, the false promise of nato membership. this is the tragedy. no one will benefit from this, but the people that are going to suffer the most of the people of ukraine. the un security council convened an emergency session off the russia order peacekeepers into dumbass. the u. s. delegate branding it an unprovoked violation of ukraine
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silver and see the u. k. wound of fresh sanctions and rushes. un ambassador, i'm positive vaseline at the end to criticize those reactions as highly emotional. and we issue a to that mosque as stones was to focus on how to avoid war. the dawn bass is on the brink of a new ukrainian military adventure, as was already the case in 20142015. when we cannot allow that, that is why the russian president, heated to the opinion of parliamentarians and members of the russian security council. and you know, the rest, a detailed statement from our head of stage about the reasons of this decision that has been taken with broadcast in detail by all the world's leading media rushes clear attack on ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity is unprovoked. it is an attack on ukraine status as a you and member state rushes actions show, blatant contempt for international law,
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key of not only very quickly return to it's because rhetoric and continue the shelling of civilians, but also did everything it could to sabotage and ultimately destroy them, in agreements the united kingdom will be announcing new sanctions on russia in response to its breach of international law and attack on ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity. while the meeting is taking place in the un security council chamber at the un headquarters in manhattan, quite a bit of division between countries. when it comes to this recent move by russia to recognize the 2 republics in ukraine's eastern regions. now, we heard at the beginning of the meeting from the united states, which basically accused rush of violating ukraine's territorial integrity. united states accused russia of attempting to rebuild the russian empire. they said that there will be dramatic consequences by russia if it continues further invasion of ukraine as they put it. we also heard from the u. k. representative that accused
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russia of disregarding international agreements and disregarding the minsk agreement. in particular, the russian representative pointed out that western leaders seemed to be egging the government in kiev on into a conflict with russia. and they urged western lead or is to help encourage restraint on the part of ukrainian leaders. so this conflict does not escalate further. they pointed out that russia is taking in the refugees from the don bass region and that they are going to russia in order to avoid danger and conflict as the situation intensive eyes. they describe the plight of the civilians and their their suffering as the shelling has continued and the russian representative made clear that russia feels. this is the correct decision that a long time has passed since 2015. when the minced agreement was signed, we have yet to see ukrainian officials implement the mens agreement. russia had no aunt obligations under the men's ke agreement, but ukrainian officials have not fulfilled their end of the bargain when it came to
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them in minsk agreement. and as a result, russia decided to take this somewhat dramatic move that they felt is necessary in order to protect the safety of the populations of don boss. when we talk to legal analyst jennifer braden de master, she said rush, his recognition of independence does not affect us national security in any way. so and people like secretary of state lincoln in the us or, you know, boris johnson or others or joe biden, come out and say that this is a clear violation of international law is simply not true. it is not a clear violation of international law because they cannot name an international law that this violates. in fact, the very act of recognizing a place as recognizing the independence that somebody has already proclaimed themselves. before offering peacekeeping troops is actually more in line with international law that imposing those troops in a disputed territory. there's no threat to us national security and we have lots of issues going on right here at home that are unaffected,
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our danger to us national security. so i don't think any american knows how something that is going on between ukraine, don, boss, region, and russia's recognition of their own independence in any way affects us national security. and i think the american people see through that far, far easier to europe now, where russia also faces sanction threat side where it's recognition off the don. yes. can look guns. republics. a leaders condemned. the move is a violation of international law. what us cross live to honestly and now paula, i will, could be in store for russia from the european side of things. well, i think the most accurate way of summing up the international reaction is one of condemnation, anger, and dismay. so what we're seeing is renewed efforts by the united states and europe to slap sanctions on russia. the criticism really is the same. what we're hearing is that president putin's recognition of guns can net is in violation of
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international law, violates the serenity of ukraine and violates the men's agreements. now we have heard from washington in the statement that was released by the white house. it said that the president joe biden will issue an executive order that will prohibit any kind of new investment, trade, and financing by the united states of these 2 regions. at the same time, we have heard from the nato secretary general saying that the move of recognition undermines any kind of settlement efforts. and that it is a pretext for russian invasion. there has been a joint statement issued by the european council and the european commission take less than the recognition of the 2 separatist territories in ukraine as a blatant violation of international law, the territorial integrity of ukraine and the minsk agreements, the e u in its partners will react with unity firmness and with determination and
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solidarity with ukraine. now the latvian prime minister has said that what we, what the thing now is a continuation of what started back in 2014, with, to quote moscow's illegal changing of borders today. lexia will deliver javelin anti tank missiles to ukraine. at the same time, the e u has approved an emergency package to the tune of 1200000000 years for financial assistance to the ukraine. and then we've had similar kind of statements coming out of the foreign ministries of italy, sweden, denmark, and estonia, saying that they will never accept essentially what they call an illegal decision. and then lastly, the reaction from the u. k. the joe and his johnson, they saying that to b u. k is exploring, sending further defensive support ukraine. he spoke via telephone last night with the ukranian president in which he said that they will also going to be imposing
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a significant package of sanctions. and that he predicts a russian invasion could begin in the coming hours. so overall a lot of anger and also just may alarm and concern. thanks very much for that update us. our team correspondent, paula slid, given us the use side of things. i think he will be speaking to in the coming out of i'm sure with the flare up and selling people continue to flee from dumbass into russia. more than $61000.00 have already crossed the border. one of our q e, the being offered medical in psychological support after they cross the border, they gathering enroll stove and from ben 9 trying to carrying refugees have departed, taking them to other russian regions. on quarter reports from the roster regions, main rail station where evacuees are arriving daily by the thousands around 10000 don boss evacuees have crossed the border into the russian federation
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over the past several days. and that number is constantly rising there, arriving on buses and cars, some even making the journey on foot. and you can see behind me, one of the major train stations in russia's ra stove region where there arriving by rail. ah you have to find you listen, i came here and asked if i could house, why not help people who are in a very difficult situation. these are children and women and there are the elderly, which it is very sad. we take refugees and put them in a convoy. our work is not tricky. it is to accept and accompany so that people are not abandoned and confused. as you can see behind me, this is one of the many buses that have been stopping at this train station in
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russia's roster of region carrying don boss evacuees, people coming here, fleeing the threat of war with little more than just the shirts on their backs and whatever they could carry, as they were forced to leave their homes, their coming here. and what as for what comes next, it's not entirely sure what the north cook, they shoot on the outskirts in the center. they shoot more or less quietly. the situation is heating up people and nervous. nothing is clear, lushly at those at the city with all this has been going on for many, he is huddled in 2014 is our central street was also on fire. it was a nightmare. glass flew out. bombs fell right in the yard to everyone believes that one day the trouble will end up. after arriving at the station, just like this one evacuated are likely to be moved to a temporary housing facility organized by the roster regional government. it's there that they'll receive free meals, a stipend from the government, and a place to stay over night. from there that they'll be moved likely to another one
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of brushes, many regions that have agreed to house people for longer term state. some though are being put up by average russian citizens who have selflessly opened their doors to those in need. we were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with a pensioner couple that had no 2nd thoughts about helping their friends at the 1st sign of trouble before we rashly printed visions of is done. vasa sawyer gone through vinegar. this is not the 1st time was 9 years ago. we also hosted to families. we went to don vice every month, but now we don't guntee. my parents are very there. my friends say don't you dare go. you will be buried nearby. and my father is from western ukraine and we were always strangers there. and they spattered us there in the 1980s. i was once again in western ukraine. i went with my sister to eat, but she told me to be quiet. i asked why she replied at best, they will spit in your face,
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and at worst they will beat you. they call us mask. okay, if we came from don bay spot, they say go dig your call and what did you get here for that? this was even before the collapse of the ussr garaged. how dare you, zalinski you yourself are from the don base. how can you sell your land, your homeland, and you sit blatantly lying saying they shoot themselves. it hurts a lot. it's a shame, but we won't give up down base, and people will never allow it. got these up unless via a new garage door from boston. kirkwood circle bought, cirrus is gifted artist, toyota, new hampshire, with new process, new profit. it's not true. we've always considered a mile, is russian don based people, cesar are orthodox people. kirk austin or her portion of some of going on. the situation in our house is not at all good. there the dishes were breaking the windows were trembling. r was very frightened or multi so closer to the net sank.
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it's absolutely terrible. most people's houses were bombed, worse than in 2014. they constantly bomb us. and they also shoot where civilians are. the soldiers were not even there. thank you. people for hosting us payments of $10000.00 for each refugee will be given thanks to russia. they immediately offered assistance with housing and food to thousands of evacuation, just like these across the border and to russia with little to no idea of how long they would have to leave their homes behind. but now that moscow has decided to deploy peacekeepers to the newly recognized peoples republic, sub lugens can done yet, they may soon be able to return home. many thanks for caving upstate with us. her naughty international will be back at the top of the i with the very latest joy has that. with
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my divers might adult arrival, god would go to work, go by, you reduce the price now. well, reduce the lower that's under cutting, but what's good for food market advocate for the global economy? ah, with me. hello, welcome to wealth apart. more than 700 years ago, the great sophia point roommate pound one of the most enduring commentaries on the state of the world comparing it to a. busy reeling, drunken body and saying that the caravan of civilization has been ambushed with
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