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see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk with fireworks, chairing on joy and don't bath is vladimir putin recognizes the independence of the don? yes, i look down public. thank also that measures that being taken to ensure peace in the region. it comes from a don't going shelling across on bath where locals are staying close to bomb shelters. we hear from some of them a but i had the shelling through the whole night. the local school was shell, that was scary. my children live in crimea. my daughter often calls me and tells me to come to where she lives with the un security council convenes an emergency
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session over the decision to recognize the republic russians envoy stressing that moscow one for diplomatic solution to the ukraine crisis, but will not allow a blood bath in don't back with, it's important to focus on how to avoid more foresee crane to stop it's showing. and it's pro locations in donors. and lou ganske, the west though, appears more concerned with punishing russia. thank it's recognition and peacekeeping mission violate international in a very well welcome from our team here in most good. this is our t international with the latest world news update. thanks for joining us. this. our putin has assigned a decree, recognized in the don. yes. kindly, ganske republic says sovereign states, it also includes treaties of military and economic cooperation. is how people in
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dumbass greeted that decision. ah, ah, oh, you do a horse watching orgy or to horton horton or chandler? hold on a we are dealing with him earlier than the studio with me now is archie is danny armstrong. good morning, danny. thanks for coming in. well,
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the pictures seem to say it all down. i got fireworks. we've got be russian national anthem. we've got the flags, you've got the tears, it's wide spread. celebration looks a bit in the to republic. so give us a sense of what this decision means to them and, and what message does it said? absolutely right, nick, as we can see there, the pictures from our new guns can know that that people's republic, after this recognition of independence or from russia, is clear to see how it's been receiving through firework celebrations. people cheering in the street, people in tears of joy, everything down their face. of course, this recognition comes as a demonstration of russia's readiness to defend its geostrategic interest. first and foremost, must also sending the message that russia will be the beck and call over his people when in need now is says, rather as evidence or to those people who paid little attention to the words. vladimir putin, when he made his munich speech in 2007, that was about the expansion of nato in eastern europe, is very critical of that. what he called provocation, of course,
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against the u. s. is a monopolistic dominance in global res relations. he's against of was the us creating a missile shield in eastern europe. russia doesn't want nato to expand. it does not want military bases on which the us or anybody else can, can place arms that can be fired to moscow course in a matter of minutes in certain parts of moscow can be reached very easily. the main points of disagreement between russia and the 2 republics, one of friendship and mutual help. it allows for the placing of military infrastructure in either region on each of the territory, of course supports from russia for the republic finance systems. of course, we can expect the economy of both regions to be targeted. fi sanction is not mature . that did mention that there will be, of course, unprecedented pressure that will follow this recognition. but it does show that russia is ready to take serious steps in critical situations. and the ignoring of
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russia, security demands over the expansion of nato. we're in eastern europe and the red lines. of course, you said that it doesn't want creative already. 5 states and nato share a board with russia. russia does not want that number under any circumstances to increase. of course, that is the most critical situation for russia. you know, bring him a thing. it always nice that i'm not nato training missions are deployed in ukraine . basically these are military bases. they just call bases missions, and that's it. a long time ago, care of declared a strategic course to join nato. of course, every country has the right to choose its own way to ensure security and degree on military alliances. that's fair enough, but there's one thing. the international documents guarantee the principle of equal and indivisible security, which as you know, includes the obligation not to insure one security at the cost of the security of
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other states. so we got this huge decision that's been made by president putin. it's been celebrated in the breakaway regions, of course has been viewed very differently for by the west. so the question is, how is this going to play out for the people in those breakaway regions now, is it going, it will tension thing escalate? will they increase or will things calm down which way when, when do you think? because we see that great dichotomy and how it's been received the course in the west, we will likely to be taken as russia being the aggressors. this actually the threats of course, to the security of ukraine. and then we see the celebrations, of course, in those, in those regions in those republics. and we are expecting sanctions from us in the west because they've been banging the drum for, for war, for so amongst now, russia has always said over that entire time that it is searching for. and he wants a diplomatic solution. it wants the escalation to this crisis in ukraine. we can
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expect sanctions, as i mentioned, the economies of the 2 regions are likely to be talked to joe biden. the us president signed an executive order on monday, after this recognition imposing sanctions against the regions that target new investment, trade and financing by u. s. person in the region. and that was literally within minutes, wasn't it? and course that was, that was kind of a knee jerk reaction. we can, we can say, i mean the sanctions is one thing. but of course, from the u. s. not recognizing the passports received by people, lou guns, russian passports that is to not recognize those, that they're actively going against people they, they even consider ukrainian citizens. it's almost laughable. you couldn't say so in the reaction in the west is one of seen russia as again, is the aggressor and we can, we can expect more harsh publications, more sanctions. so likely, unfortunately, the will be and it looks like there will be a rise in these tensions for sure. the west has started to explore the territory of
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ukraine as a future theater of military action, joint exercises aimed against russia. last year alone, more than $20000.00 troops, and more than a 1000 units of hardware to part. so this decision by painting that our long and conference that speech was last night late last night, minutes later we got the, the 1st sanctions from president bite. and in the u. s. has it been a reaction from kiev yet? of course, ukraine president volota, ms. lensky is stood out in defiance of this. you said that ukraine does not aware anything. anyone will not give away their territory. to anyone he has initiated an emergency meeting of the normandy for that involving ukraine, russia, germany, and france who did meet in 2014 to try and resolve this conflict in east and ukraine. he has said time and again, the saw only a peaceful resolution to this crisis,
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but he has called the recognition of the 2 regions a provocation and says it's a threat from russia and ukraine will not give in. it will not simply roll over to what he has called that these, these threats, the violation of ukraine's national integrity and sovereignty, but the ukraine, ukraine, raul is not afraid and he is called for qu, heads and sleepless nights in the country. i feel like even that simple comment that he made during not televised speech this morning, where he said, we are not afraid that in itself seems to him to amp up this idea of russia, the aggress of something, you know, very dark impending. how could this whole situation play out though? i mean, could it still end in peace? where you're absolutely right. of course, this, this narrative all the time that, that roger is the aggressor, russia wants to, to threaten to violate and ukraine. russia. foreign minister, of course,
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has said from this thought this as once dialogue and diplomacy was a peaceful resolution to the situation. but it will not stand for complete disregard of russia's security demands. of course the, the, the stopping to an expansion, nato in eastern europe. and of course, i guarantee that ukraine will not join at the alliance for the west the self despite saying that russia is not fulfilling its obligations, not keeping it side of the bargain. if the minsk agreement is certainly isn't bothered when these, these violations and these on fullfillment side of the bargain comes from the u. s . the where or from ukraine itself. now, russia's call to dialogue in the escalation of fell on deaf ears for the most part . and now we are activations of russia being the aggressor will of course, come thick and fast. and it's not this surprising. the double standards that we're seeing from the u. s. in the west, new syria and west the media. despite this one thing and agreement, and
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a peaceful route to, to this, to this crisis in a peaceful resolution. russia has also highlighted that, despite the fall out from who isn't fulfilling it side of the bog, if it means agreement, they have said that technically, that russia does not or is not a participant of business agreement is agreement between 3 science, namely to republics and key f one. okay, well thanks for coming in donnie and keeping us up to date on this. there's so much to get your head around with this, this story, but thanks for breaking it down for is danielle john. now, russia's recognition or the republics comes in with fresh escalation in dumbasses, dozens of sci fi violations were reported over night. a car bomb went off in a sense of like, and skin was being caught and attempted assassination of a local official. while intermittent shelling has been going on for days, parties, marin county have reports on how people in dumbass are getting by. for 8 years,
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war has ravaged the dumbass retards of quiet. and there are times like this. ah, a short drive out of a city of a 1000000 shells, rain down all day. people live in this. they go to work. they raise a family until one day when they don't come home. christie incident. tragic happened here. just west of the nearest city to shelves, launched from the ukrainian side made ah impact one there. another great here and everywhere here you'll see bloodied bits of clothing. this is a ha minus outfit. he was on his way to a mine shaft where he works. this is one of the 2 shelves. the gland that here again, we aren't going to spend very long here because there are still incoming shelves
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and exclusions the b, i. e mean close proximity. there's no schedule, no warning, no time when it safe or dangerous. it always begins suddenly. while it quite moves down. only then the locals come out. little or not still early sunday but yes. leash on that. i had the shelling through the whole night. if the local school was shout, that was gary, my children live in crimea, not my daughter, often calls me and tells me to come to where she lindsley doesn't really be tomorrow. i will leave work and go to my daughter, which condition me of. and it isn't confined to any one place. this escalation tore through entire regions in the ganske and apparent ca, bombing targeting the separatist official engaged in seas. var monitoring and compliance in the netscape to schools have by mortar rounds. amid the barrage of shelling by the ukrainian military liberty within the human male staff needed to be
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at school by 8 am, i got a call at 3 24 am and was told that there had been a massive explosion there. i could not go to the scene of the accident right away because of the shelling we at 70 and we found 4 classrooms had been destroyed and around 65 windows in that of the facade and the roof were also damaged. i understand that you shall landed on the building, does a pretty nice scene in towns, villages, and cities across east than ukraine via permeates everywhere. people try not a stray too far from bomb shelters. as alarms, sirens, blair across the nets and la gods. ah, it has reached the point where the un has come out, the say enough, the secretary, germany is greatly concerned with the latest reports of increase cease fire violations, including the use of heavy weapons across the contact line in eastern ukraine. we
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are particularly concerned regarding reports of civilian casualties, targeting of civilian infrastructure and evacuations. we underline or call for an immediate cessation of hostilities, maximum restraint and for all parties to avoid any action and statements that would escalate tensions. further, all issues must be addressed through diplomacy. the problem is it doesn't end. it broadens down only to start back up again. for 7 years, there has been new diplomatic progress. ukraine refuses to so much as speak with hate to separate this. and rebels give has a big decision to make. is it going to press ahead with the attack on the johnson dentist as it was planning to do this past week, we've seen a massive if you look at the o. s, the data there, monitoring the line of demarcation. you've seen a massive increase in firing across the border into the in the break away regions
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from kev. putin has announced the, the russian peace keeper force is going to be assembled and sent into the area pursuant to the declaration which also discussed military agreements with the breakaway regents. the question for give and zelinski now is, what is your next move? what are you going to do if you ask that you will be met with force? so it's a big question. and the passions high and worrying military build up across the front lines. an influx of new dead, the weapons, the ukraine. the fear is that these escalation could spiral out of control spark of war that no one wants. and yet, no one can stop. the un security council convened an emergency session off the russia, all the peacekeepers into don't bus the u. s. delegate brown, the get an unprovoked violation of ukraine sovereignty. well, the u. k. wound of fresh sanctions. russia view as un ambassador criticize those
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reactions as highly emotional and reiterate that moscow's focus is on the avoidance of war. the bottle you dumbass is on the brink of a new quin in military adventure just like it was back in 20142015 was did you? we cannot allow that. that is why the russian president heated the opinions of parliamentarians and members of brussel security council, the move and you know, the rest of the details statements from our head of state game of the reasons for this decision have been broadcast by the global mass, media rushes clear attack on ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity is unprovoked. it is an attack on ukraine status. as a you and member state rush, his actions show blatant contempt for international law, gave not only very quickly returned to its belligerent rhetoric and continued the shaolin of civilians. but also did everything occurred to sabotage and ultimately
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destroy the minced agreements. the united kingdom will be announcing new sanctions on russia in response to its breach of international law and attack on ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity. while the meeting is taking place in the un security council chamber at the un headquarters in manhattan, quite a bit of division between countries. when it comes to this recent move by russia to recognize the 2 republics in ukraine's eastern regions. now, are we heard at the beginning of the meeting from the united states, i, which basically accused rush of violating ukraine's territorial integrity that he added states accused russia of attempting to rebuild the russian empire. they said that there will be dramatic consequences by russia if it continues further invasion of ukraine as they put it. ah, we also heard from the u. k. representative of that accused russia of disregarding international agreements and disregarding the minsk agreement. in particular how the russian representative pointed out that western leaders seemed to be egging the
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government and key of on into a conflict with russia. and they urged western leaders to help encourage restrain to on the part of ukrainian leaders. so this conflict does not escalate further. just wasn't supposed to do. it's important to focus on how to avoid war and force ukraine to stop its shelling and it's probably cations in. don't ask. and lugens are. they pointed out that russia is taking in the refugees from the don bass region and that they are going to russia in order to avoid danger and conflict as the situation intensive eyes. they describe the plight of the civilians and their their suffering as the shelling has continued and the russian representative made clear that russia feels. this is the correct decision that a long time has passed since 2015. when the minced agreement was signed. we have yet to see ukrainian officials implemented the mens agreement. russia had no aunt obligations under the men's agreement, but ukrainian officials have not fulfilled their end of the bargain when it came to
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them in minsk agreement. and as a result, russia decided to take this somewhat dramatic move that they felt is necessary in order to protect the safety of the populations of don bos, leaving for europe now, where russia also faces sanctions to the recognition of the don. yes. can the guns were public's, you leaders condemned to move as a violation of international law? what as cross life to ortiz policy and lynn? now let's find out more from that side. paula, what could be in store for russia from the european side of things? well, not just from your pin side, but internationally. we are hearing the same condemnation, anger and dismay. i think that's the best way of summing up the sentiments. this comes, of course, as the russian president vladimir putin recognizes the 2 provinces of look guns, and the nit, europe, and the united states are considering slapping new sanctions on russia. the criticisms we hear by and large are the same,
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and that is that the recognition of these 2 provinces is a violation of international law. it is a violation of ukraine's sovereignty, and it is a violation of the agreements. whitehouse has issued a statement in which it says, joe biden will issue an executive order, prohibiting any kind of human face and trade and financing by the united states of these 2 provinces. at the same time, we have heard from the nato secretary general saying that the recognition of lucas and the neighbors undermines settlement efforts and is a pretext for russian invasion. we have in fact heard that claim from several countries. european commission and the european council have issued a joint statement. take a listen. the recognition of the 2 separatist territories in ukraine as a blatant violation of international law,
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the territorial integrity of ukraine and the minsk agreements. the e u in its partners will react with unity firmness and with determination and solidarity with ukraine. the latvian prime minister has said that probably what the sing now is a continuation of what was started in 2014 with to quote russia's changing of borders. and later today, the latvian government will be delivering javelin anti tank missiles to ukraine. this comes as you approved an emergency package to the tune of 1200000000 euros to help finance ukraine. at the same time, as stoney says, it will never accept to quote this illegal decision. and then you have countries like italy, sweden and denmark on issuing statements from the foreign ministry, criticizing, rushes move from the u. k. they're the prime minister bowers johnson spoke via telephone with the ukranian president over night in which he gave assurances that
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the u. k. would explore sending further defense of support to ukraine and also flapping significant sanctions on to russia. he also expressed that a russian invasion could begin in hours. so that is the general sentiment on the international front. a lot of countries expressing concern that this could be a prelude to a, an imminent and planned russian invasion. paula, thanks for the update is looking a lot like it's going to be a big day of sanctions for russia. but let's see what comes over the next few hours . thanks for bringing up state. that's the author correspondent policy a. speaking to his life from berlin. we discuss the recent events with for me, united nations weapons inspector, scott ritter, who believes the west wants to embroider ukraine. in a war which russia is desperately trying to avoid the security guarantee for lugens
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can don't. yes, were supposed to be mentioned that makes the meant to agreements that agreement gone. russia made it clear that it has no validity there. there's nothing those days are over. russia is going to guarantee their security. russia said that ukraine's membership and nato represents and a, an unacceptable risk. there will be no one who benefit from this. and, you know, russian president vladimir putin said this over and over again that he doesn't want to invade nato in the united states. don't seem to recognize this. it's almost as if they want to war. and the irony is willing to sacrifice ukraine on the altar of false, you know, the false promise of nato membership. this is the tragedy. no one will benefit from this, but the people that are going to suffer the most of the people of ukraine and that the flare up in selling people continue to flee from dom bath into russia. more than 61000 have already close the buddha, all evacuated to being off and medical and psychological support. after they close
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the border, they gathering in will stove and from that 9 trains carrying refugees have departed, taking them to other russian regions. don't quote reports from the real stuff weekend main rail station, where evacuations are arriving daily by the thousands. around 10000 don boss evacuees have crossed the border into the russian federation over the past several days. and that number is constantly rising there, arriving on buses and cars, some even making the journey on foot. and you can see behind me, one of the major train stations in russia's ra stove region where there arriving by rail. ah you have to find you listen. i came here and asked if i could house,
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why not help people who are in a very difficult situation. these are children and women and there are the elderly, which it is very sad. we take refugees and put them in a convoy. our work is not tricky. it is to accept and accompany so that people are not abandoned and confused. as you could see behind me, this is one of the many buses that have been stopping at this train station in russia's roster of region carrying don boss evacuees, people coming here, fleeing the threat of war with little more than just the shirts on their backs and whatever they could carry, as they were forced to leave their homes, their coming here. and what as for what comes next, it's not entirely sure of the north cook. they shoot it on the outskirts in the center, they shoot more or less quietly. the situation is heating up people and nervous. nothing is clear, lushly. it was at the city with all this has been going on for many years. huddled in 2014. our central street was also on fire. it was a nightmare. glass flew out. bombs fell right in the yard so everyone believes that
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one day the trouble will end. after arriving at a station, just like this, one evacuated are likely to be moved to a temporary housing facility organized by the roster regional government. it's there that they'll receive free meals, a stipend from the government, and a place to stay over night. from there that they'll be moved likely to another one of brushes, many regions that have agreed to house people for longer term state. some though are being put up by average russian citizens who have selflessly opened their doors to those in need. we were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with a pensioner couple that had no 2nd thoughts about helping their friends at the 1st sign of trouble before we rashly printed visions of is done vasa sawyer gone through. vinny pitiless, this is not the 1st time 9 years ago. we also hosted to families. we went to don base every month, but now we don't guntee you. my parents are buried there. my friends say don't you
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dare go. you will be buried in nearby some say don't boss is on their russian occupation. it's not true. we have always considered them ours russians. dumbass people. these are our orthodox people. my fathers from western ukraine and we were always trenches there. i and they sped at us in the 1980s. i was once again in western ukraine. i went with my sister to eat, but she told me to be quiet. i asked why, she replied at best they will spit in your face. at worst they will beat you. they call us must conquer. if we came from dumbass, they say, go dick your call and what did you get here? this was even before the collapse of the ussr. how dare you, zalinski you yourself are from the de and boss. how can you sell your land, your home land in your seat? blatantly lying saying they shoot themselves was up unless me
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a new garage door more than boss for kirkwood article but seriously for the additional eugenio hutcher this dresser, new brand, new proverb. it's not true. we've always considered a mile is russians don't base people. these are our orthodox people. capstone also watching more of them of going on the situation in our house is not at all good. there the dishes were breaking, the windows were trembling. our son was very frightened. we'll push it closer to the net sank. it's absolutely terrible, both people's houses were bombed, worse than in 2014. they constantly bomb us. and they also shoot where civilians are. the soldiers were not even there. thank you. people for hosting us payments of $10000.00 for each refugee will be given thanks to russia. they immediately offered assistance with housing and food to thousands of evacuation. just like these across the border into russia with little to no idea of how long they would have to leave
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their homes behind. but now that moscow has decided to deploy peacekeepers to the newly recognized peoples republics of lugens can done yet, they may soon be able to return home. but thanks for joining us. her naughty international this morning. i will be back at the top of the hour with the latest in the meantime, we can keep an eye on all the latest updates by techno website, audi dot com. ah. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on, often very dramatic development only personally and going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very political time. time to sit down and talk.


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