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tv   News  RT  February 22, 2022 2:00am-2:31am EST

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oh, shit like oh, a fireworks hearing and joy and don't boss is not a mere putin recognizes the independence of the dawn and scandal down to a public saying also that measures the being taken to ensure peace in the region. it comes to meet ongoing shelling across dom bath where local to staying close to bomb shelters. the un security council convenes an emergency session over the decision to recognize the number of public with russia. then boys dressing that moscow one for diplomatic solution to the ukraine crisis, but will not allow a glove off in the west therapy is more concerned with punishing russia. thank it's recognition and peacekeeping mission violate international law.
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ah, very well malcolm from all of our team here in moscow, you're watching all t international with the latest world news update. dominating the headlines this morning, of course is the ukraine prices on what could be a big day of sanction for russia? let's start this out with the latest from dumbass vladimir putin house, find a decree recognizing that on that scandal, downs were public, says sovereign states. it also includes treaties of military and economic cooperation. here's how people of dumbass and refugees from the region in russia greeted that decision. ah, ah, did you go with
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diana horton? what origin, origin, origin, home, or general hold on a story and you're not dealing with . russia's recognition of the republics comes amid fresh escalation in dumbass, dozens of si, fi violations were reported overnight. a car bomb went off in the center of la guns came, was being called and attempted assassination of a local official. while intermittent shelling has been going on for days, or we can cross live now to ortiz moore at gals df who's in the don't ask for public more. i'd good morning to you. good to see. give us a sense of what the situation on the ground is like right now. a situation here in
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the next could certainly much come of than it was yesterday, as vladimir putin prepared to recognize the independence of luke gunston. and the nits things quietened down so much after the decree we heard from the russian president, but that's only here in the nets. as we've heard from our friends, our contacts across the east and you crate these the conflict line and these parts of the country we've heard about shelling, endless shelling with gloucester throughout the dice in areas just north of here in the bulk of in cost. the cost of it, and there was also shelling in la gods. we have heard their power station was hit yesterday, there was a 122 millimeter artillery. bought a bare which is banned by the men's grievance. it shouldn't be here, but again, sci fi violations are being recorded and being conducted by both sides of the
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conflict. that is, the ukrainian military, as well as the breakaway republics, now recognized by russia. so the security situation here while perhaps here karma that it was yesterday remains critical, remains in a sense of the state of escalation at nevertheless, it remains to be seen what of the hours the coming hours will bring. because obviously the situation is developing, but very quickly the international community is, is focused right now on what is happening here. so there is a lot of pressure, old sites that to be on their best behavior. indeed, an extremely volatile situation that you stay safe more at and will be speaking to you in the coming eyes. thank you that my kathy, we discussed the recent events with foam united nations weapons inspector, scott wits, and he says the west wants to improve ukraine in a war something basha is trying to avoid the security guarantee for lugens can
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don't. yes. were supposed to be mentioned, the makes the meant to agreements that agreement gone. russia made it clear that it has no validity. there, there's nothing those days are over. russia is going to guarantee their security. russia said that ukraine's membership and nato represents and a, an unacceptable risk. there will be no one who benefit from this. and, you know, russian president vladimir putin said this over and over again that he doesn't want to invade nato in the united states. don't seem to recognize this. it's almost as if they want to war. and the irony is willing to sacrifice ukraine on the altar of false, you know, the false promise of nato membership. this is the tragedy. no one will benefit from this, but the people that are going to suffer the most of the people of ukraine and that the flare up in shelling people continue to flee from done bath into russia. well then 61000 apple ready close the buddha, all evacuated to being offered medical and psychological support to after they
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cross the border, the gathering and we'll stuff. and from that 9 train is carrying refugees have high think, taking them to other russian regions. don't quote reports from the west of regions, main rail station. when i was actually arriving daily, 5000 around 10000 don boss evacuees have crossed the border into the russian federation over the past several days. and that number is constantly rising there, arriving on buses and cars, some even making the journey on foot. and you can see behind me, one of the major train stations in russia's roster of region where there arriving by rail. ah, you have to find you, listen. i came here and asked if i could house,
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why not help people who are in a very difficult situation. these are children and women and there are the elderly, which it is very sad. we take refugees and put them in a convoy. our work is not tricky, it is to accept and accompany so that people are not abandoned and confused. as you can see behind me, this is one of the many buses that have been stopping at this train station in russia's roster of region carrying don boss evacuees, people coming here, fleeing the threat of war with little more than just the shirts on their backs and whatever they could carry, as they were forced to leave their homes, their coming here, and what as for what comes next, it's not entirely sure of stove cook cook. they shoot at us on the outskirts in the center. they shoot more or less quietly. the situation is heating up people and novice. nothing is clear. lafayette was at the city with all this has been going on for many years. huddled in 2014 is essential. street was also on fire. it was
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a nightmare. glass flew out, bombs fell right in the yard, so everyone believes that one day the trouble will end up. after arriving at a station just like this one evacuated are likely to be moved to a temporary housing facility organized by the roster regional government. it's there that they'll receive free meals, a stipend from the government and a place to stay over night. from there that they'll be moved likely to another one of brushes, many regions that have agreed to house people for longer term state. some though are being put up by average russian citizens who have selflessly opened their doors to those in need. we were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with a pensioner couple that had no 2nd thoughts about helping their friends at the 1st sign of trouble before we rashly bring at visions of is done. vasa sawyer gone through rainy, pitiless. this is not the 1st time was 9 years ago. we also hosted to families. we went to don base every month,
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but now we don't guntee you. my parents are buried there. my friends say don't you dare go. you will be buried in nearby some say don't boss is on their russian occupation. it's not true. we have always considered them ours russians. dumbass people. these are our orthodox people. my father is from western ukraine and we were always trenches there. i and they sped at us in the 1980s. i was once again in western ukraine. i went with my sister to ease, but she told me to be quiet. i asked why, she replied at best they will spit in your face. at worst they will beat you. they call us must cartucker. if we came from dumbass, they say, go dick your call and what did you get here? this was even before the collapse of the ussr. how dare you zelinski for sure you yourself are from the don't boss. how can you sell your land, your home land in your seat? blatantly lying saying they shoot themselves was up unless via
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a new garage door more than boss for kirkwood article but seriously for the ratish, toyota, new hampshire. i use drugs, new browser, new profit. it's not true, we've always considered a mile. is russian don based people. these are our orthodox people, obstinate washing off some of going on. the situation in our house is not at all good. there the dishes were breaking the windows were trembling. our son was very frightened, a little push look closer to the net sank. it's absolutely terrible. both people's houses were bond worse than in 2014. they constantly bomb su, and they also shoot where civilians are. the soldiers were not even there. thank you. people for hosting us payments of $10000.00 for each refugee will be given thanks to russia. they immediately offered assistance with housing and food to thousands of evacuation, just like these across the border and to russia with little to no idea of how long
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they would have to leave their homes behind. but now that moscow has decided to deploy peacekeepers to the newly recognized peoples republics of lugens can done yet, they may soon be able to return home. the un security council convened an emergency session off the russia ordered peacekeepers into dumbass, the u. s. l. a good run to get an unprovoked violation of ukraine sovereignty, while the u. k. warned of afresh. sanctions russia z. what bass there, criticized those reactions as highly emotional and reiterate that moscow is focus is only avoidance of war with me in the studio right now with our teas, donnie armstrong. good morning, danny. thanks for coming in. so we had a range of accusations coming from the west that how did things unfold? it that meeting me, you and security council meeting, of course, as you see in the un security council convenient emergency meeting in new york. now that meeting, of course, there was the expected, the west,
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the accused russia of provocation and violating ukraine's integrity is sovereignty . and of course, in the recognition of the 2 guns and jeannette regions is a complete violation of, of international law. now, on the other hand, russia, the russian representative of the city and had been just said that we cannot allow for ukraine's and balkan and other military adventures we had in 2014. he says it's important to focus on how to avoid war. however, ukraine hasn't really kept his side of the men's agreement bargain. of course, there are accusations that russia has completely disregarded that means agreement wasn't a no obligations from that agreement in 2015 because the, the russian side say it was an agreement between 3 sides. the 2 regions, and there and key if they have said, of course it is, is patty paramount to them to find the diplomatic solution of course, have this de escalation in the country did say it was
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a necessary step to send peace to peace keepers and troops into the regions, of course, this is the region, the reason rather why the security council is called an emergency meeting. he said he wants to find also way to force crane to stop shelling at the regions. let's listen to what you're rushing, representative assume the the bends a said in that meeting which was do it's important to focus on how to avoid war and force ukraine to stop its shelling and it's pro occasions in don't ask. and lou ganske, you dumbass is on the brink of a new credit military adventure, just like it was back in 20142015. we cannot allow that. that is why the russian president heated the opinions of parliamentarians and members of frushell security council that was the russian side from the u. k. sides. and the us of course there was accusations of provocation. as i have mentioned,
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the course brush has always said that it was a diplomatic solution, but it will not stand for the complete disregard by the western security demands around ukraine and potentially becoming a member states of nato, a natal course expansion in eastern europe. it doesn't want military bases on which weapons can be placed that can be fired within minutes of moscow. course, the u. k. representative is said that it will be filing sanctions against russia and against the regions of course targeting the economy of the 2 regions. joe biden was one to the that signed a document of sanctions against the target is rather the, the economy of the 2 regions that said that we will not will not allow for any us citizen to partake in any financing or any investment, say in the region that did strike me as, as quite symbolic though. i mean,
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it came so swiftly off to president putin finished his speech. you know, he's looking for an hour and with it about 20 or 30 minutes. biden had announced those sanctions on those 2 regions, but it is to be mentioned that the guns can don. yes, actually have very few dealings with the americans anyway. i mean, obviously the, the executive order prohibits new investment trade in financing by americans and the breakaway regents. but, you know, it doesn't really count for much of what it meant in my eyes was a kind of a symbolic gesture. you know, more of this sort of thing to come and that's what we're probably going to see later today from both the us and of course, less trust of the case saying that that also planning sanctions today also. yes, of course, a come to sort of a need your reaction from joe biden, as we say probably will have little effects. however, did see the need to do something in response to this recognition from russia of the 2 regions as independent. of course, he went for the economy of the,
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the 2 regions. that probably will be more of this. the comb at russia said the russian foreign ministry said that it was expected more sanctions of course, from the u. s. and the u. k. and we can get a little bit of what was said in the un security council from the us and u. k. side rushes clear attack on ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity is unprovoked. it is an attack on ukraine status as a you and member state. russia's actions show blatant contempt for international law. the united kingdom will be announcing new sanctions on russia in response to its breach of international law and attack on ukraine sovereignty and territorial integrity. thanks for coming in, danny armstrong. now we got reaction from
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a spike co in the 2020 libertarian us vice presidential candidate. he said western involvement and the crisis will only make things worse. that i think that vladimir putin is the head of state of one of the least militarily, one of the largest powers on, on the planet. and of a, one of the, one of the larger economy, the former member of the ga and, and i'm, i'm sure this does weigh heavily. i'm not sure that anything that can potentially lead to a hot military conflict, especially when we're already seeing, showing, and things like that wouldn't weigh heavily on him. i'm sure, honestly, i'm sure this is weighing heavily on everyone on all sides that are having to make these kinds of decisions. which is, i'm hoping that, that weighing heavily in, that desire to try to avoid conflict will lead to you know, the, the tensions receiving from this in, from just respecting the rights and autonomy of people to make choices for themselves and their own local governance. whether that will happen or not,
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totally remains to be seen. europe actually has a history of this, right. there's a history of, you know, things that happen as a result of thousands or hundreds of years of history that often lead to long simmering tensions boiling to the surface. and as an american, again giving an american perspective on this. this is a perfect example of why i don't want our government even remotely involved in this, because this is something that isn't going to end with this. however, this ends up ending and hopefully it ends peacefully and hopefully, and 2 people respecting each other's rights in their sovereignty. but however, this and it isn't going to end with this and having the involvement of a superpower that's clear on the other side of the planet, i don't see how that does anything but, but inflamed tension even further i, i suspect that what's going to happen next if he, if he does move forward with, with recognizing the or it sounds like he already has move forward with recognizing these to break away nations or, or break away people for those who don't think
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a new nation has been form. i think that there is already, there were definitely going to be sanctions coming from europe and apparently from the u. s. and, and probably canada and other countries as well. i hope that this can remain in this realm in the realm of, you know, of saber rattling and political posturing. and i'm not a fan of thanks and i think sanctions separate people with the, the 1st thing you want to do if you want to create a war is remove any of the relational or financial incentives that people would have to not have that war, which is why they always start with sanction, but i hope if there have to be sanctions or, or anything like that, it ends with that. and that this doesn't turn into a hot war because not only just the lives that are lost anytime that there's any kind of military conflict. but the fact that this is the conflict between multiple nuclear powers. and although i don't think anyone wants to go there, there's always that real risk that if some one or another side fields at that there's an existential threat here, that it could go far past the hot water into
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a much hotter war. and i hope we can avoid that. what's the europe now when russia also faces sanctions threats of its recognition of the don? yes. can the guns republics? you leaders condemned it as a violation of international law in cross live to a correspondence and silent hold asleep. now paula, good to see you. so what could be in store for russia from the european side? well, certainly, sanctions are on the table, many in not only the european community, but internationally slamming the russian president vladimir putin decision to recognize the provinces of little ganske and de nits, the u. s. the u. k. and the e. you have all now pledged to impose sanctions. there has been a joint statement that was issued by the european commission and the european council. the european council president has held a marathon of telephone calls from last night after that announcement by president putin was made one of the cause a was with the ukranian president,
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in which he said, and i'm quoting the you stands by you firmly and fully support ukrainian territorial integrity, the european commission president had this to say. the recognition of the 2 separate us territories in ukraine as a blatant violation of international law, the territorial integrity of ukraine and the minsk agreements. the e u in its partners will react with unity, firmness and with determination in solidarity with ukraine. now the u. s. secretary of state antony blinkin is scheduled later today to meet with his ukrainian counterpart. he has said that this is to quote, a predictable, shameful act on behalf of russia. it comes as the american president joe biden, issued an executive order, imposing sanctions on moscow. and at the same time, prohibiting any kind of new investments, trade,
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or financing by the united states and followed guns and war de nits. at the same time, over night, the usa, departmental told out all its staff from revolve in ukraine, and they spent the night in poland. the nato secretary general has said that the announcement by russia undermines any kind of settlement activity and is a pretext for russian invasion which has a sentiment that we have heard from numerous other countries. latvian prime minister, for example, has said that this latest development is a continuation of what started back in 2014, and is an attempt by russia to redraw the borders of europe to day let fear will be delivering javelin anti tank missiles to ukraine. this comes as that you already approved a package of some 1200000000 euros to assist ukraine and we now hearing that the 1st amount of some 600000000 euros will be handed out swiftly. we hearing from
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estonia, they say that they will never accept what they call an illegal decision, and then foreign ministries around the world. for example, italy, sweden and denmark have also expressed their condemnation. the u. k. prime minister boris johnson has spoken via phone with the ukranian president. he has given the british support saying that the u. k. is exploring sending further defensive support to ukraine. and that, that russian or so called russian invasion could begin in ours situation looking increasingly 10th of the hours go by mode. paula, thanks for bringing us that update to our tea correspondence leak into his life from berlin, polis leer. and we discussed the situation with daniel mcadams, the executive director of the wrong paul appeased institute. he says the current crisis was entirely avoidable. what happened today completely,
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completely blows out of the water, weeks and weeks of the u. s. administration st. a full scale russian invasion of ukraine is coming. it's eminent, it's coming, it'll be next thursday. and boris johnson said, i think yesterday, this will be on a scale of world war 2. we're seeing something very, very different. they've all been proven wrong again and again, and this is a big one. but again, they'll never be blamed for it. brewton has announced that he did a russian piece keeper force is going to be assembled and sent into the area pursuant to the declaration which also discussed the military agreements with the breakaway regents. the question for kiya and zelinski now is what is your next move? what are you going to do? he took an hour to explain the rationale. when is the last time you've seen a world leader? i'm not praising, i'm, i'm just, it's remarkable to take an hour explaining the rationale for his foreign policy decision. well, i can say if i was a lensky, i would root of the time that i ever got into partnership with us, and i'm not a supporter of russian policy. i'm a critic of u. s. one policy. this whole thing came about because of us intervention isn't us
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interventionist, overthrow the government of 2014. this was all. busy avoidable that a u. s. government didn't decide to over to the government and ukraine and then put a bunch of weapons on ukrainian territory. we wouldn't even be talking about it right now. let's say with us here on nazi international. so the latest updates will be back at the top of the hour with more in the mean time due to on our website, auto. com. but more of the latest news. thank you for joining us. ah. with, for is your media reflection of reality? ah, in
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a world transformed what will make you feel safer, isolation or community? are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? war is great. in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. i look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order is a conflict with the 1st law show your identification, we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. and the point obviously is to great trust,
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rather than fear with the area with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with ah, there is extreme nationalism which has been released in the us. and they want those dominance. but surely, they are sensible voices and the usa, that conflict is what you are heading. gone for gore. war is not the way. there is another way where it could be wouldn't, wouldn't, for all of everyone. and i certainly believe that the corporation between china and the united states, anyone for that by to russia, will benefit man guiding much more than
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a contract. ah, if regard, i deem it necessary more to make a decision that you have been made a long time ago who immediately recognized defendants and sovereign on this group of republic. and logan's people's republic, russian president vladimir putin recognizes to reagan, the new frame as independent. we'll dive into what it means. canadian truckers continue to stand against the vaccine mandate. we have a life, hulu there. on theme plus 19 austin police officers are being indicted after using non lethal force during the 2020 george floyd protest. we examined the district attorney's line of thinking with a guest candidate, lack of socialization and breeding a different kind of human bean. we take
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a look all that a more right here on our t america. ah hello and thank you so much for joining us under tasha suite filling in for scotty now hughes britain has announced recognizing the independence of the self proclaimed republics in eastern ukraine. on monday, russian president vladimir putin made an address to the country and did it mince words on ukraine? do ukrainian snow, bel? these choices, do they understand that the country has become not even the protectorate. now it's a colony with puppets at its helm. this comes after don't boss leaders called on to tend to recognize the regions as independent. russian. president reiterated ukraine has no control over their own country. and ukraine itself is now being controlled
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from the outside. it is pretty traded not only by the instructions from the west, but also locally by a network of foreign consultants. and joe's and other institutions deployed any crane. and for more on the latest developments in ukraine, we turn to negotiate malec, a senior writer for r t. thanks so much for joining us. thanks now and hi. so announcement comes after leaders of the separate is region released, televised statements earlier, monday, essentially pleading with them to recognize them as independent states, so potent is now ordering the russian military to don bos republics, to act as peacekeepers. your comments. now this was a move to very few people expected, but it was announced earlier today and he seemed very receptive to it at the lengthy security council meeting, which unlike the western security councils over the past several days, was fully televised and available to the public.


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