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no control over their own country. and ukraine itself is now being controlled from the outside. it is pretty traded not only by the instructions from the west, but also locally by a network of foreign consultants. and joe's and other institutions deployed any crane. and for more on the latest developments and ukraine returned to negotiate malec, a senior writer for r t. thanks so much for joining us. thanks is out now. and i, so it is, announcement comes after leaders of the separate as regions released televised statements earlier, monday, essentially pleading with putin to recognize them as independent states. so potent is now ordering the russian military to dom boss for public to act as peacekeepers . your comments. net this was a move that very few people expected, but it was announced earlier today and he seemed very receptive to it lengthy security council meeting, which unlike the western security councils over the past several days,
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was fully televised and available to the public. and in the very, very long historically listing grievances, speech put and explained that a, this is a move, he said, was long overdue, and implying that he should have done this back in 2014, when the 2 regions, declarative independence from ukraine, in the aftermath of the might on qu, this is not an invasion, as the west might try to portray it and probably will in the coming minutes. but he did tell the russian defense ministry to basically send the troops in as peacekeepers at the request of the 2 republics. while they were establishing diplomatic relations with moscow, i see and now prudent elaborates on the potential threat that rash faces. if ukraine joins nato, so the way things are moving, do you think that he has anything to worry about? i mean, ukraine's government since 2014 has been openly anti russian. they've treated
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russian speakers and ethnic russians inside the country with absolute disdain, and stripped him of any sort of rights. in fact, a thing to precipitated the secession of both crimea and don't yet. so you guys can even a protest in odessa that was brutally crushed and the people involved burned alive, void the proposed law at the administration that was literally hand picked by state department officials, banning the use of russian language and the current government that was supposed to be a peace keeper, a peace loving alternative to the previous one. a president bush ankle president zaleski got elected on a piece blank. they basically reaffirmed this anti russian policy and enshrined it into their constitution despite repeated russian requests not to do so. from a geopolitical standpoint, yes, a data presence in ukraine would absolutely put russia in immediate danger. i believe food naturally described the exact times that it would take missiles from ukraine to reach moscow and other major cities in russia worth such missiles to be
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deployed. and nato technically does have a capability to do that. so in that sense, ukraine and nato is an instant war between russia, nato, and that's, that's just a fact thing. and what do you see as a main motivator behind pittman's announcement today, and does it change rash as relationship with ukraine? i think something changed over the weekend that forced his hand, that basically maybe was the responses or non responses from the west to russian security proposals that came in and all the, all these contacts between russia and france and germany and the us in which moscow was trying to get some sort of traction on their security proposals and was getting non responses that for mitchell abra was complaining about i think, put in sees i'm not in his head, but based on what i've seen today. i think he sees this recognition as a way of a forcing ukraine to back off because ski have doesn't want an open war with russia
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. they like to talk about one, but they wouldn't actually like to fight one. and if he has russian troops in don bass openly, and if these are the 2 regions that recognizes independent states than any russia, any ukrainian attempt to quote, reintegrate them by force is going to be met with overwhelming russian force. and that in his mind, i think in what he said, and what he argued it is a guarantor of actual ceasefire because ukraine has refused to go. she ate with these separatist regions for 8 years now. and as basically said, we're going to talk to them, we'll talk only to russia and he said, fine, talk to me then. and now ukrainian authorities, they deny it lines daunting inoffensive, and accused russia of provoking a situation. and we're hearing, you know, 2 completely different stories. how, where people supposed to know what's really happening overseas at this point. what was difficult, i mean, it's one of those you, you've got to set to competing narratives. you've got one set of narrative managers
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in the west who have been holding an invasion, you know, 3 or 4 times already. and been sharing the sordid, very specific details based on their alleged intelligence. but this is the same intelligence that didn't really see the fall of cobbled to to the taliban back in august last year. so i've, i've consistently been very skeptical of them. and again, all of these supposedly well informed people never saw this recognition move coming either. so i'm inclined to believe that this particular narrative coming out of western capitals is off as for ukraine. i mean, they haven't been hiding ever since 2014, that their objective is to crush these regions by force and retake them if necessary, by, by military support from the west. so them now saying go, we're not doing anything. we're just, you know, poor innocent people standing by here while the evil russians are attacking us. that doesn't pass the smell test to me while they are unfortunately out of time. but now we really appreciate your insight on the matter. thank you so much. thank you. we now move to canada in issue that there attaches close to
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home for many americans, vaccine mandates or something. the american people are split on, but canada has a different constitution. in the last, of course, the streets of downtown ottawa are largely empty. after police cleared most of the over the weekend, nearly 200 arrests made and dozens of vehicles are removed. and as our correspondent paxton boy describes, that looks to be the new normal for quite some time. he joins us live in downtown ottawa paxton natasha. we are here between queen street and spark street here in downtown iowa. and this was really the epicenter, the nexus of those demonstrations of those protests that you've seen going on here really for the past 3 weeks. and as you can see now, it is a complete ghost town down here largely in part to a massive police exercise that took place at the end of last week. going into the weekend police quite literally pushing protesters back block by block. regaining
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control of this area and now you see what it looks like. i want to step aside for one second. what you're seeing here are please have barricaded off most of downtown ottawa. you see this blue fencing here behind me. and this is one of the main entry points to the parliamentary precinct, and it has been restricted pretty much to everyone except parliament employees and residents in that area. this was erected over the weekend and you're seeing a ton of checkpoints all throughout downtown auto residents who are coming in here . have to show some sort of verification that they have business here that they live here. whatever the case may be. very strict and you know, yeah, we had to go through like 4 checkpoints to get to our hotel just a couple days ago. now. this is sadly what you're going to be seeing for the foreseeable future. i talked to several police officers who say that, you know, they don't want to give up the ground that they've gained back. so unfortunately
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for the foreseeable future, for these auto residents, for people who want to make their way downtown, this is going to be the new or new normal for quite some time. natasha. wow. certainly an adjustment now packs and we see 1000 us truckers are scheduled to begin their freedom and boy to morrow beginning in california travelling to washington dc. have you heard anything from truckers there about the support they've received from the americans? yes we haven't seen many truckers here, like we said the most for the most part they have been escorted out of the area. but we have talked to several people who support the movement and they're certainly happy to see that they've inspired these convoys. these protests, these movements all around the world, really? and yeah, of course, like we said, we've heard for weeks that the rumors are that they're going to make their way to dc likely for president biden's state of the union address. and you still see more action going on here in canada as well as we hear those convoys have moved about 60
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miles outside of southwest of downtown ottawa, to a trucker. rest, stop and also to quebec city as well. so still plenty of action going on here. in canada, i spoke to one police officer who said, you know, even though it's calm down here in ottawa, he doesn't believe it's over quite yet. wow packs. and boy, thank you so much. really appreciate your lab report. on my team, austin police officer recently indicted over their actions during the 2020 george floyd protest. the officers are poor, late used non lethal beanbags during the protest in texas. however, they are being charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. when protest her was hit in the head and suffered several injuries including a broken jaw. so it did these officers break protocol or is the district attorney turning his back on police for more insight on the matter we bring in mark blue, a retired san diego police officer who now lives in austin, texas. thanks so much for joining us. mark. hi natasha. so we know that
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protests that occurred in 2020 brought some people to gather and polarized others, which is another topic completely on its own. i want to focus on the video services online about the incident having been in the feel yourself, tell us what you see where the officer is breaking protocol. okay, well the videos that i've seen show the officers responding to a large protest involving several individuals. committing criminal acts such as vandalism, and assault towards the officers. a large number of the subjects ignored orders by police to disperse from the area after awesome pdf made several announcements over the p. a system declaring it an unlawful assembly. and when things got out of control and officers felt that if it was allowed to continue, then the acts of violence would escalate and were resulting more injuries and property damage and the distance. now
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the big question i have for you is why are these officers being indicted when they use non lethal rounds? is it because they shot it then you know, with the injury occurring or what is the reason in your opinion? yeah, that's a great question. katasha and it's hard to pinpoint at this point because we really don't know have all the information about the incident that's made available, been made available to the public and all in the announcement of the indictments. the travis county district attorney, jose garza probably identified the less legal bean backgrounds as deadly weapons. and this legally is completely inconsistent with the a, b, apd or use of course policy that is actually reviewed by all district attorney's office prior to the implementation of the policy. and this isn't, this isn't the 1st time that you know,
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this kind of thing is happened in 2004. to re celebration in boston, a non lethal pepper gun was used to release chemicals, forcing a crowd, spurs, and one of the projectiles struck a college student in the eye that ultimately resulted in her death. and in that case that the officer was never indicted. interesting, i wonder what makes the situation different now as an officer responding to a violent situation. it seems as though you have to act very quickly, making the best judgments possible. do you agree with the travis county district attorney here and why do you think he came to the conclusion that he did? you know, you're absolutely right. officers need to make the split 2nd decisions. and i like you mentioned and are usually present provided with adequate training as it relates to the use of these non people arounds. however. busy these, these local police review boards and grand juries that are evaluate some of these
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possible agency violations. they have the ability to evaluate whether be police body can footage or other types of video for the, for these incidents and still those. busy am in slow motion that allows them to see things that officers just are not able to see. given the situation that where they have to make decisions affecting what's going on. these decisions made my, these boards are affect the likelihood of officers that are accused of these things . yeah, well unfortunately we are out of town mark the, well, we really appreciate your insight. thank you so much. parents are fighting back against mass mandates in schools by pointing out the hypocrisy, maskeen children plus is an entire generation missing. now i'm becoming socialized . we discussed the dangers of your children only see in the world from behind a screen with
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it's been 30 years since the soviet union collapsed. um miss scott lauder, go to chill someone to walk up on me, yet, mcdaniel talk. so show me where you will switch. awesome. one calling from ukraine was one of the independent states that emerge from the ruins of a supervisor or somebody. would you also get on liberal greens? come a little, i'm sure she was from a say i can less lucian with long or a finish
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i with want of the past 3 decades read like the ukraine. eye witnesses, recall the events. this would be more or less. so just to shoot gunite deficiency of chipotle here with our new admit orders from that show up at about 4 months with the lighter windows and what other forces were at play. you have to do so to whom you show in shan, mushy. in those them you put in the kid what it i'm going to constitute 0. yes, this is shows us the most of us is only supposed to take a look at ukraine. 30 years out the gaining independence dog with farmers from us or didn't listen in with the reported was live with us will still hold it for the world is driven by dreamers shaped by thinkers. and those
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with who dares sinks, we dare to ask ah ah now americans remain split unmasked mandate, especially when it comes to kids wearing them in school. but the new governor of
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virginia just signed a bill into law that school district must be make masking optional beginning march 1st. but some school board members are fighting the governors orders. 7 of the state school boards are even suing, hoping to reverse gland young kens optional order. well, they claim that it violates the state's constitution when complying with the federal health recommendations. but parents are taking a stand. aleisha bought a parent in montgomery county, stood up showing a picture of the school board member susan cas mask. let's take a listen. miscast. you also yelled at me the last time i was here for taken off my mask. but here's a picture of you right here. on facebook with a craft of people. that's it with no mask on this time and i don't now to you more can we have a police officer please? really? yes here because i know i'm not scared. i don't care. as mrs.
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cas tried to have a police escort the parent out of the meeting at one school board members stood up for the parent to have her chance to speak causing school board members. susan cast a storm out of the meeting. she should be able to say her piece, paul, i've had to listen to people come and criticize me. i see are all right, and for more on the matter we bring in it, dr. jeffrey barky. what of the founding members of america's frontline doctors? thanks so much for joining us, dr. barky. natasha. great to be with you. thanks for having me. now 1st, before we get into that drama that happened over in montgomery county, i want to ask your opinion about masking and children being forced to wear a mask while attending school. so now before 2020, if someone was sick they would stay home, maybe not. but now people sensitivity to hearing someone cough is heightened. do
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you think children have in the option of wearing a mask in virginia is a good thing for their mental well being. or do you side with the district here? will natasha the problem, as i see it is we're never asking the question, what are the consequences of the public health policies? and if we ask that question, we'll realize that masking children is not simply a neutral activity masking. children directly harms the children, and it does so in many different ways. it causes anxiety, depression, learning disorders. during the pandemic, we've seen the highest level of suicidal ideation and teenagers that we've ever seen. not to mention that the science behind masking is sketchy at best masks. simply do not protect children against a viral respiratory illness, especially the kind of mask that most children where the cloth master, the homemade mass,
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they simply don't work. so the idea that we should force our children to go to school with a mass on makes no sense at all. and as a matter of fact, in my opinion, i think masking children is a form of abuse. it harms them directly and it causes no benefit. really interesting point. and now we have seen this hypocrisy before where some people are not practicing what they preach. do you think the masking is becoming more of a political policy? well, no question about it. i live in california and we saw during the nfl playoffs that our own governor newsome was caught opposing with magic johnson who was immunocompromised, by definition, without a mask on even the mayor of los angeles. eric gar setty a pull day. i don't inhale move when he said, i'm holding my breath when i take my mask off. the hypocrisy the hypocrisy we see from our leaders is just staggering. and i think people have had enough. they
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realize that mass are harming children. they realize that the leaders that are imposing these rules are not following themselves, and our parents have just had enough. i think the right thing to do is to stand up like that lady did at the school board and say we see right through you. we see the hypocrisy and we're not going to put up with it. and now whether people disagree or agree with that parent in montgomery county at shirley took a lot of guts for her to stand up there and confront the school board member. and so we also had school board members recalled by parents and san francisco. do you think it's important for parents to stand up about the rights of their children in this way? it's more important now than ever. listen, these are government schools that are supported by parental taxpayer dollars. they are our schools and we need to stand up for what we believe. we need to either remove our kids from these governments. schools that don't share our values,
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or we need to recall school board members and put members in place that share our values. these are our schools in our schools are failing our children. and i am very glad to see that parents across the united states are standing up and saying, we're not going to take it any more if they can do that in liberal san francisco, remove 3 school board members. you can do that anywhere in the united states. have courage go to school board meetings and speak out on behalf of your children. doctor bar, kate, we really appreciate your insight. thank you so much. natasha. thanks for having me . well, pre panoramic finding a job with remote work was far and fewer in between. now we are seeing a huge boom in the work from home culture, a report to say as jen z, those born after 1097 enter the workforce. they will never step foot in an office. they have spent the last 2 years completing college from zoom and now may never meet their professional colleagues face to face class. we have
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a huge push towards home schooling, as parents decided they wanted more control over their children's education during the pandemic. how will this isolation impact their personal and professional lives to discuss? we bring in tyrrell ventura, host of watching the hocks right here on our tea america. thanks for joining us. carol. thank you. so let's start with this work from home culture. you work from home as well sometimes, but had years of working in the office, you know, we're seeing higher percentages of depression and social anxiety in the younger generations as they live out their lives on social media. only 45 percent of the gen z field or mental health is in a positive place, is put in their work life behind a screen dangerous for their personal health. well, i don't know, but it's dangerous or not. it's interesting because when they, when they pull gen z on this is them being a unique generation here in the united states of,
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of working from home are kind of coming into the major workforce of their lives. having to do it from home. because of the pandemic, most of them, most of the things that they're asking for is really they're just asking for a mentor. somebody say, hey look, i can't physically be there. but i wouldn't mind someone who can kind of mentor me and tell me what i should say or what i shouldn't say, or what i should expect or what i shouldn't expect. that normally you would see that it normally you might get that like physically going to an officer physically going to work and they're not asking for someone to be led necessarily like a boss, figure, mentoring them. but just somebody you know, who's equal to them are a little bit higher, been doing a little longer at the same time though, you also still see lots of poles out there for millennials and others saying that no, actually we prefer to still work from home because it gives us the freedom to really focus on our job and not have to get all i get caught up in that kind of gossip. office politics, office bullying and office sexism. but we've seen play out over the years up
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until this point in history. so you can see a lot of good and you can see a lot of bad and we're just trying to navigate our way through it at this point. care. yeah, definitely it's and present cause. and this is starting earlier and earlier as kids are getting a traditional college for online courses. and homeschooling is also on the rise, or we see an entire generation losing out on socialization. that i could definitely agree with. i mean, a, the look we all get a certain form of social socialization from, obviously talking on the internet or on your phone or, you know, things of that nature. but there is that human to human contact. and i think my concern for that more comes into homeschooling than it does, let's say in college and things like that. because look at 18 to 22 year olds. still going to go out and run around in public. we haven't gotten to the point where they don't want to do that, but when you're talking about younger kids and you know, being home schooled by parents, we're seeing more kids do that. it's important for those parents to remember that they still need to get their kids involved in social activities outside of the home,
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you know, whether that be athletics or, or any number, you know, boy scout girl that way. any number of different group peer settings that are outside of the immediate home and or even in the home, you know, even if it's like a groups of kids getting together to hang out in the back yard or, or you know, in the basement or whatever, like i did when i was growing up, those things are important in those types of social interactions are very important . you can just kind of keep your child in the bubble and, and keep and keep the rest of the world away from them. because that's bad to me in my own professional personal opinion, that's a very dangerous cocktail for someone who needs to adjust to know what it's like to work and operate in a fully functioning society. absolutely great points as always, tara, tara. thank you so much. all the time we have for today show i'm and cautiously in prescribing i q. thank you so much for watching. have a great a oh,
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more than 20 years of ha, since one of the world's deadliest terrorist attacks that took thousands of lives, people started to scream. there was a wave that came over us. that was like opening up an oven door, but not all wounds appeal. the survivors and responders have increased rates of cancer and other health issues due to the dust and chemicals they inhaled. i come here to get my blood cleaned out. the metals, a lot of blood in my blood in terms of 1st responder was well over a 100001st responders in like there was some estimates that tend to 20 percent still have to yes. son. yeah. that the chief recovery is my wife. cherish of the minute i have with friends. i thought i was humbled
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before this really humbled you depreciate, why ah, there is extreme nationalism which has been released to the us. and they want does dominance. but surely they are sensible boys isn't the u. s. c? that's gone for what you are heading, gone for it. gore war is not the way there is another way it could be with it wouldn't for all of every one. and i certainly believe that the gold rush and victory in china and the united states, and even for that by to russia, would have benefit mankind much more than a contract. ah,
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matched either financial survival guide. daisy, let's learn about fill out. let's say i'm a feel like it and year period, time, grief on banks of the fight. wall street prod, thank you for helping with enjoy. that's right. fill out. it will definitely very with bring you the very latest every out the day. this is the national from everyone here with
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fireworks cheering and joy in don't bankers vladimir putin recognizes the independence off, but don't yet dance. republic thing that also measure the being taken to ensure peace in the region. it comes amid on going selling a $12.00 balance, while locals are staying close to the bomb shelters. the un security council convened for an emergency session over the decision to recognize the republic with russia and voice dressing that most of the one say diplomatic solution to the ukraine crisis, but will not allow a blood bath in the west. i will pay is more concerned with punishing russia think it's working.


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