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tv   News  RT  February 23, 2022 3:00am-3:30am EST

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ah, ah, tensioned mounds, they don't bath with a massive explosion going off near a tv station and don't yet. and then they recognize republic accusing ukraine of ratcheting up. it's selling a fresh wave of sanction targeting most go a triggered by the west. but russia was this, the global energy market on which the most pain will be inflicted. that does it defend this decision to protect the russian speaking population off? don't back for the 90000 to flag the violence there in recent days by crossing the border into neighboring russia. author, he speaks to some of the refugee is former, extremely terrified. really. that's why when we heard about the verification, we gave up everything and came here holland to help law and even organize a little show for the children with the dogs. the 1st day was very emotional. it
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helped us with a very well malcolm from all of our team here in moscow, you're watching r t international with the very latest world news update. now dominating the headlines, this now is the full out over the ukraine crisis. so we start in dumbass, where 3 civilians have been killed by ukraine's forces over the last 24 hours, according to authorities in the don. yes, were public, and then le ganske at the militia reports, 2 civilians were killed when a car was hit by an anti tank missile. with tensions in the dumbass region. hi ortiz, were mon customer of untoward galaxy have report from the 2 republics. it is a little bit calmer here in la guns than it was yesterday, for example, or the night will the early hours of the morning. but again, a comma east, a very relative time here. that's the telling, the violence will start back up again. it could be in 10 minutes,
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it could be in an hour, and there is no telling how long it would go on for the artillery shelling the gunfire closer to the front bloods. over the course of the night, there were multiple shelves that impacted on the outskirts of the city and that they were very loud exclusions, especially about around 3 am. we've also seen the remains footage of the remains of a car vehicle, allegedly hit by a guided missile, which killed 2 civilians while they were traveling along the road. this is according to local authorities. there was also a depot here in la guns that was here. we heard that the explosion, this is not a long way away from us, but this was incredibly loud exposure. the chatted glass and caused all sorts of damage at the depot, given that it was in the early hours of the morning. there are no reports of, of civilian casualties. a civilian house was also hits it. it bugs entirely its own
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as to the vacuum. it again, according to locals just a day before the russia, as part of the say are as part of this general evacuation that we've seen in the dumbass region. aside from that is also of course, optimism that soon this could be added. people here are thought after 8 years of hard enough violence shelling and and was that psychologically exhaust that mentally exhausted, physically, todd and, and all they want ease, ease for this water. finally, and they believe rushes recognition of the to break away republics. here look, guns can, could be the beginning of that end with a like a sub with
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the, with the new the shots with . he moved out on the seminars together with him. so you did nothing. you would like to buy a new dealer, which no one has got mess up with . who is this one? what? what other movie do stone one beach hotel design or $10.00 cash? that is i should say there were certain opinion surveys. she'll issue it. of course, and the optimism is being tempered by, by reality here, and reality is such that there is no telling when and how this will end. so new,
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there are no indications that there's going to be an end to this to this violence. any time soon, we've seen the collapse of negotiations the, the minsk agreements, and perhaps some t here in the solution will be a, a military one. the blast occurred here in john s get around, so 1 am it was it happened at a guarded tv station and not far away from our where we are right now. the blast. well, when it took place, there were employees there, the tv station, the station is called the 1st republican channel around or doesn't on please we're at work at that point. fortunately, no one, no was heard was heard sir, in the blast, sir. and apparently it was an explosive device. now we went to the scene where it happened sans and spoke to some of the employees. and this is what they told us about their experience. we was only a month after the explosion. we came to have
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a look and saw broken glass. i didn't see evidence of it containing anything additional, so it was likely just an explosive who to proceed with them off after having a look around. we felt it's most likely that someone through the explosive, over the fence. it's not a shell. maybe it's an intimidation act, as we understand the war is not only at the frontline, it's also in the information space. now you're that was closed. i think it is be a threat to journalists to say there will be further terror attacks against them. now are shelling hearings anesco hasn't been as the frequent since. so the sun came up, however, over the last few days. so there was a quite a lot of artillery duels along the front lines. and on tuesday we received a report that said multiple, a rocket launchers had been used by the ukranian, a military now around 4 o'clock or this morning from the village of spar. talk on the outskirts of the city was a shelled, as well as the result of several houses. a court ugh,
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were caught on fire and apparently a mortar fire was used by the ukrainian military also sees fire violations had been recorded by the o. s. c, a monitoring mission the here in donors can the bull across the front line. however, ukrainian authorities are denying and he sees far violations and also denying allegations by their republics, that their army is preparing for an offensive against the elegance, kensington. ask republics. meanwhile, the red cross are also a working here in a don boss, and they've been here since the very beginning of the conflict in 2014 and their, their mission is their task is to deliver for food seating coal. oh, drinking water technical water to all the residents that live closer to the front lines. and we went on one of their emissions on tuesday when they were delivering
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a water tank said to the village of u lenika. that was a shell the multiple times. and as the result, there, a water supply had been cut off fund a round, the $20000.00 residence in the village, and around that area have no access to a drinking water or technical water or whoever. now we spoke to the head of the international committee of the red cross submission here in dunn as can. this is his view on the current situation. the international committee of the red cross is very concerned about the developments we have witnessed in the don bus over the past few days. and times of conflict and violence. it is essential that all sides ensure the continuous supply of a sufficient quantity of drinking water. as well as other essential basic supplies to meet the daily needs of the civilian population on both sides of the line of contact. unfortunately, the recent intensification of the fighting has again certain keys central services at risk of coming to a full stop. the ice
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r c would like to stress that we vowed urgent action to protect essential services in areas where the hostilities take place. we might face humanitarian implications at the large scale. now the last recorded shelling here in annette scott took place around 4 am like i mentioned, and it has been relatively quiet since then. we haven't heard any artillery fire here in a sense or like what we've gotten used till the last few days. and of course, local residents are hoping that piece will remain, are hoping that the shutting will stop and they can finally return to their normal lives. on tuesday, the federation council, russia is the upper house, gave the president permission to use it's harry forces are brought to conduct a peacekeeping mission. ukraine blasted that decision, calling it an act of aggression rather, my puritan said he didn't mean trips would be deployed immediately. that decision will depend on the situation on the ground. earlier, my colleagues,
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daniel hawkins and daily trying to discuss the situation with him. but before you took us president, that he is cathedral to everything that's been said, doesn't mean at the moment that the russian troops are marching across the border, that the russian army hardware is currently being sent over to the republics of don bass. mister proven, went on to talk about how important these decisions are in the context of the actual will of the locals. and he went back to talk about how the referendum in crimea happened. when overwhelmingly the population there voted to join russia. we remember that about 27 years ago, the peoples of don eds can lugens these 2 don bass republics voted to be separated from ukraine. so mr. newton reminded the west of how important
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it is to listen to these people and called it the highest form of democracy. referring to these referendums junior. the 1st thing that must be done by everyone is to recognize the will of the people who live in sylvester poll. and crimea, and i have said that many times and want to underline it once again. how is this reverend worse than what happened in kosovo? nothing was in kosovo. they made a decision through the parliament and here through a referendum. and i want to underline it one more time. no one did that at gunpoint, no one forced them to go to the voting stations. they did it voluntarily, when they made this decision to join russia and we should respect this decision. now something else that was very important that mister putin made it, was that pretty much as the minsk agreements don't exist any more. but despite what the western leaders are saying, present, vladimir putin says that the key of is entirely to blame for dues union. and that
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was really making a step towards resolving the situation by peaceful means. and yesterday, during the security council meeting, it was said that thanks to the efforts of the current care of authorities, this is all been reduced to 0. that's why the minsk agreements were destroyed long before yesterday's recognition of the people's republic of the dumbass that we look at the 1st 2 key elements of the minsk agreements. that they are giving special status to the donors can lugens credence and also making changes to the cranium. constitution that would give these 2 regions more autonomy and independence from key of in many decisions. but under petro porsha, ankle, hon dimmers and n zalinski. none of these steps have been made by kia well after the kremlin sufficient to recognize the independence of legans count on yeske. the west, rounded on russia and triggered a barrage of punitive measures,
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the latest countries to join this at sanctions 1st against russia, australia, and japan. moscow warned though that the measures the likely to end up hitting an intended targets. there is no doubt that the sanctions imposed against us will hurt the global financial and energy markets. the united states will also feel these sanctions. prices will rise and ordinary people will feel the consequences. over the past 7 years, the u. s. has done nothing to convince the ukrainian leadership of the need to comply with the men's agreements. instead, washington has encouraged inaction within the key of regime. washington looked on as the russian speaking population in the country face persecution. we could not keep allowing threat of destruction and the death of civilians and don bass course live to berlin now and our correspondent paul asleep. therefore, is paula. good to see you. good morning. now, western countries seem to be lining up to punish russia. what are the latest sanctions to hit the country?
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well, you foreign ministers have agreed to impose tougher than expected sanctions on russia and what these include, all the $351.00 russian parliamentarians who voted in favor of recognizing new guns and in it. and in addition, the 11 lawmakers who proposed the initiative, they will also ban or trade with the 2 regions. and sanctions will also be imposed on russian bangs that are linked to the russian government and military as well as russian sovereign bonds. now this comes as the north stream to project has been indefinitely suspended. we heard from the german chancellor saying that he had halted the certification process until further notice. and we are talking here about a 715 mile underwater pipeline. that would have bought natural gas from russia to northern germany. the locals, however, in that part of germany are unhappy. fun, as always,
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should people hear liver scheme and china. do we want to buy fracking gas from the usa? oil did us america, and canada also get their gas from russia, but no one is talking about it. and yet they want us to turn our tap. so foster, i honestly don't think it's right. that doesn't have anything to do with the region . that is just my opinion, and i just think it's sad, but again, it's being played out as political level because of because of course, you need to have some sort of leverage. but russia has always been a reliable party, charles kelly, which personally high personally think it is a power game between the involved parties. and personally, i have the impression that we're, as individuals have little influence on the outta now, the german economic minister has said that any kind of new assessment could take months to commission such a study. it also comes as the president of the european commission has cast doubt on the pipeline. nostrand 2 has to be assessed in light of the
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security of energy supply for the whole european union. because this crisis shows that europe is still too dependent on russian gas. we have to diversify our supplies and we have to go to reliable suppliers. but even before the announcement regarding the north stream too, we heard from the german industry association b, b. i who warned. and it was an unusually sharp warning that any kind of further increase in the process regarding to energy and gas would threaten to crush the economy. now the nato secretary general in stoughton book has said that what would witnessing now is the most dangerous moment for europe in security, in a generation he has accused moscow operating in the dom best region since 2014 and says that what we witnessing now is
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a move from covert to over operations. he also says that he has evidence suggesting that russia is planning a large scale invasion, but he hasn't given any kind of evidence to support that. what is interesting is in the last few hours, we have heard from the french foreign ministry saying that as of yet they don't see any signs of a full scale invasion of ukraine. this comes with more than a 100 nato. a croft are currently on high alert and some 120 allied ships are underway. as you mentioned earlier, canada, japan and australia are the laces countries to announce sanctions on russia. that has, of course, been reaction from the russian side, where the russian ambassador to the united states has warned that people learned nothing from history. he said that size its foreign policy under the weight of restrictions. and there have always been restrictions from the waste on russia. the united nations has also refused to call the don bass activities a genocide,
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which is the language that the russian president vladimir push and used will continue to monitor the reaction as we receive it. picking life from berlin, nasa ortiz, the correspondent poll asleep with the latest from europe. thank you for now, paul. so let's go state side now. as the u. s. secretary of state and sleep, lincoln has cancelled a meeting with his russian counterpart, sergey loud for av, saying he sees no point in it after moscow recognize that dumbass republics. it comes with the usaa unveiled it sanctions. these will target to large financial institutions as well as russian individuals on their family members. the criminal claims these punitive measures to like the european ones, will only back fire. president joe biden also thought to send more troops to nato member countries in eastern europe worth. continue the conversation now cross life to dear political experts here and manual to man. thank you very much for joining
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us on the program. it's great to see this morning now on thursday as we were just saying, the u. s. secretary of state it was supposed to be holding talks with his russian counterpart that now has been cancelled. he says, there's no point. is he right? is there no point in diplomacy animal from the beginning of a crisis? actually v americans don't want to negotiate anything substantial. we've russia on this is why they, you're started vs communication, war or food. read for her. the biggest or a fake news offer to fall into $222.00 of an imminent invasion of euclid by russia, or which is of course not taking place for different reasons to avoid, to negotiate a new europe and security architecture, which was proposed by vladimir putin last december, at the same time,
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try to align europeans on american objectives. and in particular to talk p. do any corporation between european union on russia to mention american supremacy in europe. and at the same time, or try to destabilize the situation along the don bus or border, or to, to provoke russia and her to actually to, to say after was, well, you see, or russia is the aggressor. because the you're under saxons like to, to push russia in its continent, our own space and avoid russia to be part of a mercy paula ward. and to be a negotiating and zen nick, who are state with the anglo saxons and the verb decision from russia to
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recognize vern, republics in dumbass is raji car from joe pretty got one of you because or the spoke with issues as been on the threat since 2014 and are along the communication wall. the united states is delivering weapons to ukraine and there is a risk of escalation on an attack of ukrainian army on population dumbass. so it's a way to secure the situation. is this money, isn't it because you know, they, the bottom line has always been from both sides, a diplomatic solution. we want a diplomatic solution and now all of a sudden they, they west doesn't want to talk anymore. what was your own immediate reaction to the knees that russia had recognized the repub legs? well, the, you're the, there is no, no attempt from the western side to, to negotiate because they don't want this new european security treaty or but,
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or there are differences of your uncle a section of course, as we're most opposed to wait european subdivided and the media in the west, unfortunate the onshore in europe, or he still retired and are aligned on your anglo saxon, narrow achieving ve kmiec communication wall and do this is not reflecting the real situation. but we have seen this the same pattern doing kosovo, war, iraq, war and term, or saw in 2014 when there was a regime change in kiff, western media, at least for mainstream media as not to rely, rely labor to or make people understand what is going on on the ground, a russian stated aim is ensuring teeth and protecting the people in dumbass. why has the west rounded on it wheeled in a stick of thanks and there again,
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so quickly. because there is a huge pressure from united states to talk employer. i urge sanctions and vis, or saw a part of a job or to our game to arise retentions or, and to put pressure on europeans to or damage or relations between or western europeans and russia. and, of course, are visceral damage buff. e u on russia at the same time and the united states you, which are far away or on the other side of the atlantic or less touch or by the sort of shot sanctions and do or so because of a european union lever, they cannot do anything else they disagree under the response to were the so american no communication war. they you didn't, if you had united between countries,
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would like to have huge and very big sanctions on over. we're still like to continue to negotiate russia. so we were, the only ny line is to apply or sanctions, but sir, is not gonna change anything because it's opacity didn't change any or any thing on the geopolitical situation under european union to align on earth. american objectives is useless, action appear manual to man geopolitical expert. thank you for sharing your insight with an international say we appreciate it. now while the west is busy condemning russia for his recognition of the dumbass republics, it seems to have forgotten of recent page and its own history. as i guess, just touched on in 2008 kosovo became europe. the youngest country, after nato is bombing of the former yugoslavia parties. danny armstrong takes a closer look at how that came about. the old saying goes, those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. but in the west,
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it seems that those who don't know their own history are doomed to accuse others of their own wrong. doing. the west is worse to bran. russia's recognition of the guns and the nets. republics. as a violation of international law. who in the lord's name was prudence gives them the right to declare new, so cor, countries on territory the belonged, whose neighbors? the so flagrant violation of international law and demands of firm response from the national community. however, look not too far back into the annals of history, suggest that it might not be about respect for the law at all in 1099, nate, so completely bypass the u. n. by not seeking authorization for a bombing campaign in bel, great. even just one day is a long time in politics, but for $78.00 days straight, that the bombs rained down in serbia. it seems that no one in the west took time to ponder its legality. but then the killing of hundreds of civilians was handily
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explained the way as reasonable force under the chart of the security council has primary responsibility for maintaining international peace and security. and this is explicitly acknowledged in the north atlantic treaty. therefore, the council should be involved in any decision to resort to the use of force. and not long after that history repeats itself, the usa didn't fancy waiting around for you and clearance on the invasion of iraq or whether it complied with international law. they simply went to war, that didn't exactly err on the side of legal either. a wall waged without a clear mandate by the security council would constitute a flagrant violation of the prohibition of the use of force. security council resolution 1441 does not authorize the use of force. now, okay, we may not be talking about war here, but the recognition of breakaway regions as independent. but if we take another look back, can surprise surprise. we see another example straight from the usa textbook. washington was full of congratulations for costs of off to recognizing its
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independence in light of the conflicts of the 1900 ninety's. independence is the only viable option to promote stability in the region back then they said it was the only peaceful resolution, but it seems there is no a deering to tradition as regards lugens and annette regions now. so those who do not learn lessons from history may be doomed to repeat it. but when it comes to the west, the u. s. and nate, so it seems it's hopeful, lack of awareness, means they blindly accuse others of repeating their own history without ever gazing back at their own checkered past with life becoming increasingly dangerous and on bad few to shelling by ukraine, many have been fleeing to russia as he visited one of the temporary accommodations scientists and heard from refugees about their hopes and fears. ah,
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the listeners, my children have grown up. i daughter works at medical university. she can't leave and the grandchildren left with their mother, god willing, they will stay safe. ah listen, i have a right, let's just place little bag and massage back back. we only brought essential documents and a few close we did manage to bring per saw thanks such a shampoo or so. we're given that here. mm. she is doing the scene of them being in 2014 over harshly. sheldon not be sales, were flying above all ahead of her constantly hiding in sellers who were extremely terrified. and that's why when we heard about the evacuation, we gave up everything and came here. ah,
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that's all it we had children for the off the cuff. were lot fun volunteers helped law and even organized a little show for the children when the dodged the 1st day was very emotional. it helped us to cheer up a many thanks thinking this company here in our to international. we're back in the top of the i with all the lakes from the main con. keep on top of all the breaking news by visiting our website, our teeth dock with it's been 30 years since the soviet union collapsed long misconduct. ukraine was one of the independent states that emerged from the ruins of a superpower. of all, the ukraine was one of the independent states that emerged from the ruins of a superpower. doing awesome good. would you also get on the ball greens?
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come a little more surely confusing some of the i can last new lease in west new did better one more law, a couple of things and finish out the ship. a watch at the past 3 decades. green light for ukraine. eye witnesses recall the events. this will be more or less of judiciary personally deficient chipotle. what are you familiar with that order? sure. i'm not sure. but about 4 months with no idea what else, what other forces were at play, your producer to whom you show in sure machine the same you put in the kid what it would occur and when you did the shows up in the moser version, let me take a look at you great, 30 years out the gaining independence dog.


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