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tv   News  RT  February 23, 2022 9:00pm-9:30pm EST

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again, next year ah, the kremlin confirms the done yet elegance people's republics have us russia for quote, help in repelling ukrainian. may gm's military aggression. it comes after dumbass leaders say ukrainian forces have steps of cross border shell fire. meanwhile, the head of the done yes, people's republic denies west to reports of russian troops entering the area was saying they could be brought in if the conflict escalates. further, the release is a list of russian nationals and entities that will face sanctions following the recognition of the done yet below danced republics. the list includes the russian defense minister, undock seize editor in chief and up the subject to scrutiny from the
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british governments. west minister asked the countries broadcasting, watch top off. com to review the licensed given. so our channel that submit a backlash over the way our t covers ukraine. with you're watching r t international. my name is peter scott and wherever you are joining us from. welcome to the program. the kremlin has confirmed that it has received a request from the heads of the law, ganske and danielle republics for quotes help with curbing aggression from ukraine . now ukraine has reacted by branding its an escalation and setting up an emergency un security council meeting that meets in is due to happen within the hour. and we will keep you up to date on it right here on our t. the
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need assistance with us for the basis of treaties they signed with moscow earlier this week and comes after reports of an escalation in the region. this video from new guns square shed exclusively with r c and appears to show the aftermath of a bombardment local officials, the 2 civilians were killed when a call was hit by 90. thank miss style and this exclusive video shows artillery fire hitting done yet sc. local authorities say 3 civilians have been killed by the ukrainian military in the last 24 hours off season where i get the reports. this is the aftermath of an apparent car bombing that recently happened in the guns city. devastated during the war 7 years ago. violence has come a new to the separatist republic to the city. and the outskirts is another village that was hit over the course of this violent night,
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say $122.00 millimeter mortar round here, the bits of shrapnel that caused all this damage. cutting down power lines as well as blowing out windows in nearby house. as this happened again in the very early hours of the morning in these village, ironically named mary mountain locals are terrified when this ukrainian shell landed in the middle of their village. many were hiding in the basements, which may have saved their lives. no people were hurt, but the family dog wasn't so lucky. you can see 2 wounds in its head, a piece of shrapnel, apparently that went into either it's on the back of the head and came out of the other side given conditions. here are the violence and the lack of money from people here. the villages it is unlikely that this store gus,
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going to get any help. this is the harsh reality of war and cheapens the value of life and meet fear and terror. people turn in woods survival rather than charity or mercy, becomes the priority. they have been usually hot and lent him, do they have no decency? why till people are dying on the other side, and we feel bad for them. my grand daughter and son are there and were being attacked hair. they behave like animals. it might make more sense if there was a military base, has some, so just the dest, nobody but pensioners continue to do, okay, which is like, why do you think doing this as a hatred? this level of violence stretches for hundreds of kilometers. the entirety of the front line is a fire near by. 2 civilians were reportedly killed when a guided missile fired from the ukrainian side struck their vehicle hours the parts
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an explosive device apparently went off at the lou ganske, tram depot with such force that thousands awoke in the middle of the night. people are exhausted physically and psychologically wasted by 8 years of war. and so it goes on the violence and shelling and bombardment. it dulls at times, only to start up again with renewed ferocity. and there is no end in sight. diplomacy so far has failed. every one. earlier we spoke with independence war generalist, patrick lancaster, who is on the ground and on yeske. yesterday, when we were at the sight of the id, is to revise explosive device attack on the road. going from done yesterday to lift . we were documenting the aftermath and as we were there, more shells started coming in. it was a little bit of a nervous situation thing,
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definite increase in the showing coming from ukrainian territory and increase in the use of improvised explosive devices. yesterday there were 3 civilians killed on the highway where tween don, yes. can go look. and this morning there was an explosive device outside the tv station. the main tv station headquarters here just exploded and knocked out almost every window in the building. luckily, there was no civilian casualties, but this shows a definite increase in the hostilities from ukraine and increase in the targeting of civilians. the fact that they are showing areas. this is something that they've been denying to the last almost 8 years now. they've never admitted that they were showing civilian areas,
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so i don't think we can expect them to admit it. but the fact is it's happening after the announcement of the recognition by letter. and the population here is really got to take emotions and they were very happy about the recognition and hope that this means is soon. russia is going to come and help the you meanwhile, has published a list of individuals. it's sanctioned, it comprises people, they say, but the recognition of the done yet, and look guns people's republics and include some prominent russian figures by joining me live now in the studio. is our seas dunney armstrong, who has been following this story closely for us? done a what can you tell us about these sanctions on the potential implications? well, the photos more of the same as we consider expected sanction, sanction sanctions. that's the, the bose word from the west in response to russia's decision to recognise the 2 republics in new guns. and yet as independent, the latest is
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a package from brussels. now the ear was drawn up per sanctions against $571.00 russian entities off them. $351.00 stadium, a deputy she did vote for the independence of elegans. and then yes, that thought of being goes harder than the ones drawn up by the u. k. and the us just a bottle that the e u chief is said that these sanctions have been drawn up to hurt russia. this asset freezes and travel bands and prohibition on making funds available to 7027 rather high profile russian entities that incidentally born for every member you states, just take you through some of the most high profile, the sig, a show you do. the defense minister maria's, however, the spokesman spokeswoman rather for the foreign ministry, she has labeled the sanctions as illegitimate course. they target anybody who had
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anything to do materialistic or otherwise with the supporting the independence of your hands. and then yes. and there's also going to be restrictions on the russian government ability to raise funds in e u markets, the expectation as well. these sanctions of the will be more sanctions, foreign ministers of the e. you will be meeting on friday and saturday. some members of the e, you said to be wanting big bang sanctions. we can only guess what that means, but it doesn't sound very good. it doesn't sound like it's going to be something that is not very, very friendly towards russia. now if we just go back to the u. k, away from the you, of course boys johnson has been wants to speak out against the russians in britain . one of them is roman brockovich. a lot of people going after his property development portfolio that includes chelsea's football,
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ground chelsea folk of course, who is the owner of and the hotel in the grounds which he built. now that actually housed nurses on the front mine working during the cold with 19 pandemic, he was hailed as something of a hero. during that time just goes to show how the narrative in the west changes one moment someone can be a hero. next moment they're going asked to him and his assets now for his johnson setting parliament, the roman brown which would come under sanctions then he said he isn't under sanctions basically admitting that he didn't know what he was talking about when he addressed members of parliament and last but not least, just going back to those you sanctions. margarita sim on yon has been named as one of those russian entities who will be targeted by those sanctions. now there was a big debate, of course in the u. k. about where the r t would be deprived of its license, the people were accusing. the channel, of course, is spreading this information,
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propaganda and lies by the russian government kiss. tom and the leader of the opposition said that he wanted the license removed, boris johnson said that he would leave off. com. there's lots of people saying that they want this basically to be left to free speech and for people to have the rights to put forward all sides of every argument. just on that you k affair with c sharp edwards dash the colleague and it took us through in a bit more detail earlier today. well, r t is in the spotlight here in the united kingdom for a 2nd day in a row. that's because m p 's a calling for this very channel to be taken off as spearheading that campaign is the leader of the opposition to kiss stammer. and in his words, r t. a seed as putin's personal propaganda tool. and he's accusing its journalists of spouting, disinformation, russia, today is his personal propaganda. i can see no reason why it should be allowed to
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continue to pro cost in this country. so will the promise to now i'll stop calm. to review his license, i need to speak, i believe, get my ride with the state for go to median school has already all still come to review that nasa. but what i will say this is beaca is it, is that we live in a, in a democracy, mrs. because we live in a country that believes in free speech. and i think it's important that we should leave it up to off comb rather than to politicians to decide which media roy organizations to back. that's what russia does. of come has already said it is going to investigate, examine complaints about ortiz coverage, but specifically about at the crisis in ukraine as a priority. so it is keeping a close eye on us then, but it's simply not good enough for the government. the government wants to see this channel taken off there, because as the letter reads are t,
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as part of russia's global dis, information campaign. and that it's essential the you k limits, russia spread of state propaganda at home. so it is interesting to see a cabinet member hi. hi. hi, politician. here in the u. k. weighing in despite the prime minister saying it's not the job of politicians to weigh in in such matters. and if they do so well, the u. k. would be as bad as russia. the 2 things really are quite striking in order 1st. i see that the fact that cooling far to, to be shut down in the 1st place, quite a slippery slope specifically about free speech as a fundamental principle. you pay how's itself on the fundamental principles of free speech, the right to tell all sides of the same story, any courage in the british public to engage in critical thinking and not just accepting of the u. k. government line. secondly, though, for that matter, is this an issue of state sponsorship because if it is an issue of state sponsorship, then we have to look at the b, b. c dot to is sponsored by the state. by the way,
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just to mentioned last year when china band, the bbc world service that was early last year in 2021. the u. k. government slammed that move as an unacceptable tailing of media freedom. they with a headlines at the time. so it does seem somewhat hypocritical at this point, of course has now released the statement confirming it will not hesitate to step in and take action where necessary. recognizing the serious nature of the crisis in ukraine. we have been keeping the situation under close review and have already stepped up our oversight of coverage of these events by broadcasters. in the u. k. we are expediting complaints in this area is a matter of urgency and we will not hesitate to take swift action when necessary. well, it statement goes on to say, and i read it is acceptable for board causes to present issues from a particular perspective, provided alternative views and opinions are also represented. so it seems as only one condition and that is that coverage can't be one sided propaganda. make of that
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what you will, but ultimately, any channel here in the united kingdom, whether that is sky news, the b, b, c channel for i t and whatever it is, you name it all t is also playing by exactly the same off. com rules. earlier we heard from ortiz deputy editor in chief on a balcony, and she says the charlies operating in full compliance with u. k. broadcast rules. what i have seen, and again, this is all the news or dropping. basically, there's any update every minute. but from what i have seen, they have made comments to other media outlets. they're reviewing. i guess the letter or the culture minister have not received any from them yet. but that they will have, you know, perhaps maybe add some additional scrutiny to review our content. and complaints and things, but i'm not quite sure what the complaint they have in mind because you have not
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had a single breach of the awesome code that is really important for me to reiterate in the last 4 years at all. i think for content of the highest quality award winning recognize internationally. there is a pressure to have a special review indicate that it has nothing to do with our with our own existence . which means that it is becoming a purely purely political matter for a very long time. b, r i understand, was not even subject to the review by the independent regulator. i don't see any difference in terms of the well, the nature of the funding, the nature of the better for him to be the executives of the be, have long proudly said that the be is the platform carries the voice of the bridge and british values to the world, which is essentially what our team has tried to do. other things for russia are
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affording a lot more latitude and just a lot more. i know, benefit of the doubt i'll probably say is you're carrying their point of view to the world. and for some reason, russia and our key are not allowed to earlier we spoke with london's for the may, i can livingstone, he praised the channel. i don't think it's an issue for off com. i mean, i watch on tv every day. i have never seen propaganda. i've never seen a long way. it's got a good balance coverage of global news around the world. and i mean, this is all just being ramp because of the crisis on the ukrainian borders. and why do use me so much about people watching all this stuff on tv is being ramp, topless or land t russian propaganda that we're not told on any british television or radio channel . but these areas in ukraine of russian populations,
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they want to be part of russia and that happens all way around the world. i have not seen any british news channel. i. she's telling us the truth about that. what's going on and crying and why? i haven't seen a single a news program pointing out that these are substantial russian communities. on the other side of the board with you crying, i have not seen any media, produce media and point out that crimea was never a part of the ukraine. the 100 are in it, and the people who try me were never given their choice a few decades ago. we allow the people of scotland and wales to have ballots to decide whether they wish to be independent or remain within the u. k. and that should be a freedom offered to everyone all around the world. after the cremeans decision to recognise the independence of lou guns con, done, yes. the west accused of launching an invasion, unsafe be triggered
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a barrage of punishments, the latest countries to join the sanctions against russia, australia, and japan. the moscow's worn though that the measures are likely to end up getting unintended targets. there is no doubt that the sanctions imposed against us will hurt the global financial and energy markets. the united states will also feel these sanctions. prices will rise and ordinary people will feel the consequences. over the past 7 years, the u. s. has done nothing to convince the ukrainian leadership of the need to comply with the minsk agreements. instead, washington has encouraged an action within the key if regime washington looked on as the russian speaking population in the country face persecution. we could not keep allowing threat of destruction and the death of civilians and don bass. on tuesday, the federation council, which is russia's of a house, gave the president permission to use military force is abroad. but he may, putin said, it didn't mean truce will be deployed immediately. that decision,
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britain says, will depend on the situation. on the ground. the secretary general of nato has slammed russia's decision to recognize the breakaway dom bus republics. speaking a few hours ago, yet still some burg, accused moscow of disrupting global security. there is much at stake in today's crisis. the risk of conflict is real. russia is using force and ultimatums not only to redraw boulders in europe, but to try to rewrite the entire global security architecture. ukraine has blasted the decision calling. it's an act of aggression. meanwhile, the national security and defense council is declared a state of emergency which affects the territory of ukraine, except for the done yet, lou guns regions. the state of emergency gives all authorities the power to introduce a curfew transport restrictions under ban on strikes. ukraine's president body, ms. lensky has said diplomatic relations with russia could be severed. meanwhile,
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russia started evacuating his diplomatic stuff from ukraine. this was confirmed by the russian embassy and kiev earlier. it says his stuff have become increasingly the targets of aggressive actions, including threats of physical violence. you can see many, yvonne leaving rushes. diplomatic mission in the secretary general of nato has slammed russia the decision to recognize the breakaway dumbass republics. speaking a few hours ago, insults and berg accused moscow of disrupting global security. there is much at stake in today's crisis. the risk of conflict is real. russia is using force and ultimatums not only to redraw boulders in europe, but to try to rewrite the entire global security architecture. where you as president joe biden insist was in force as a now in the don boston is the starts of an invasion. although the leader of the people's republic says there are no russian troops in the region. caesar among
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course of report from danielle sc. oh, this was their denise bushland, sir. first sir. press conference. a massive press conference after the announcement self recognition of the nest people's republic by a russia. well, he started by saying that he still can believe that this historical decision was made and it's so still kind of, i think in end i'm, there were many journalists and the press conference. i included in a local russian and a foreign media as well did. and he's pushing replied, that's a russian army is not present in finance people's republic. however, she added that they could be here if they were needed. and that said, in accordance with the agreement, signed with russia on the 21st of february, he added sir, also in his bushland that sir denis people's republic will use any opportunity for peace as long as soon as it presents itself. and indeed, it's been
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a far from mark wyatt here on the front lines is unethical to the last a few days that any special and said that ukraine had started using multiple rockets or launching systems. and there also always seem on is her mission, have confirmed that cease fire violations have been taken place over the last few days. and those allegations are all denied by official authorities in ah, key of for now, denise bushland ended. so the press conference by saying that says this war must be ended as soon as possible, and the rebuilding of the economy should start and the improvement of peoples lives as well. meanwhile, the russian government has accused the british defense, secretary of mythologized, the 19th century crimean war, and getting his fights muddled. thus, after ben wallace reached back into history to suggest the u. k, could fight russia. and when i,
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with it is part of consistent publication is our josh's concern ever since the fall of the soviet union when there was talk about helping russia. and in fact, what, what, what was actually happened is consistent attempts to try and sort of clamp down or russia, push the boundaries back, incorporate many former soviet countries into nato. and there was talk quite recently over bringing the ukraine into nato. is there is a consistent cocher say in the way that russia is treated by compassion. if you think of china, you know, china is doing all sorts of things that to the west. what we saying is, is unacceptable. but in fact, nothing happens in the way of sanctions. they're far from it. those are those war
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business have been done that has been done with us house leader, nancy pelosi is the latest prominent political figure to make a geographical blunder. she missed talk hungry for ukraine. was discussing the tensions it comes out of britain's foreign secretary list trust with slums for confusing. the russian regions of our owners are not stove with parts of ukraine. but if you look at the math and you see hungry and you see how it is in circle, russia, velo ruth crimea, which they had taken over, but had, you know, it's still a danger now to ukraine. and then you see poland in mania, and all of those countries just abiding that russian influence now with life becoming increasingly dangerous in the dumbass due to the shelling there, a huge number of people have been fleeing to russia. ortiz donald called to report some, a temporary shelter for arrivals. around the recent estimate suggests that around
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100000 evacuees from the don boss region have made their way into the russian federation. since this evacuation began and right behind me, you can see the border actually between the russian federation and specifically the lugens people's republic that was just recognized as independent by russia. there's also the dynamics, people's republic, but that's a bit farther away. now you could see i'm wearing a bullet proof vest here. the border situation is fine it's, it's very actually safe. but there have been a couple instances of shells falling on to artillery shells falling on to russian territory. so, you know, it's just for protective measure, but like you said, there is also a temporary housing facility here, just about 500 meters away from where i am right now from this border where the evacuees are being sent to for just a number of hours to basically register and for the authorities to find out if they
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have family members that they can go live with in the russian federation. and if not, they are issued an address of another temporary holding fee of housing facility in raw st of region, where they can go to for perhaps a day or 2. and then they're going to be moved on to other russian regions for longer term state. now, we have also seen here a lot of people still coming out from the lugens people's republic into the russian federation. we've seen people traveling on foot in groups. we've seen cars coming even buses. so obviously a vacuum are still making their way into russia. but we did hear something interesting yesterday task reported that the rate at which the, the evacuees are coming into the russian federation had decreased for the 1st time since the evacuation. and actually we have seen some groups of people coming from the russian side into the login's, the people's republic side. and we saw several buses make their way there and ask
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actually one woman if she was returning home. and she said yes. so that is something we've seen here that we can't confirm it. that's why everyone, if, if that's why all the people going to the lugens side are doing that. but it could be a good sign. it could mean that people are finally are starting to see that the situation is perhaps better and that they can return to their homes. but of course, we can't confirm that. that's just what we're beat, what we've been seeing at this border and it's just a one border checkpoint of many that that are on the border between the longest people's republic against people's republic and russia or t visited one of the temporary accommodations sent his unheard from refugees, the ah listeners, my children have grown up. my daughter works at medical university. she can't leave
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and the grandchildren left with their mother, god willing, they will stay safe. ah, listen, i have a right, let's just place little bag and my son's back back. we only brought the sensual documents and if you close, we did manage to bring per saw. thanks such a shampoo or so we're given that here. ah, she didn't do the scene of them in 2014. we were harshly shelled. he sells were flying above our heads. we were constantly hiding in sellers. we were extremely terrified. that's why when we heard about the vacation, we gave up everything and came here. ah,
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we had children from the office come, we lot fun volunteers helped law and even organized a little show for the children when the dodged. the 1st i was very emotional. they helped us to cheer up more than $13000.00 people have now died since the start of the conflicts in the dumbass. according to russian government data, a core to the victims are civilians, rushes main, investigating authorities open 400 criminal cases over the death of which 85 elijah perpetrators have been established. then it includes members of the ukrainian military members of other security services and state bodies. the german tabloid build is taking a stand against russia.


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