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tv   News  RT  February 24, 2022 1:00am-1:30am EST

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many find themselves worlds apart. we choose to look for common ground. ah, continuing with our breaking news here on ot see international this morning, vladimir putin has ordered a special the military operation and gone by saying the aim is to protect the people that the russian defense ministry says. there is no threat to civilians in ukraine and the russian president press. russia has no plans to occupy its neighbor . when i have decided to conduct a special military operation, we do not plan to occupy ukrainian territories. mm. well, only they don't yet skin the gallons people's republic off to russia for quote, help in repelling the ukrainian regime military aggression. it comes off
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a don vastly to say ukrainian force is stepped up, cross pull that shell fire. and you were going to emergency session. if the un security council in new york requested by ukraine, russia ambassador stress is moscow, has no plans to occupy its neighbour with . well, for those of you just joining us, you're watching our t international and we've got a lot to update you on regarding this situation and ukraine this morning. so do stay with us as we guide you through the latest updates and trying to make sense of it. all so vladimir putin has a announced a military operation and don boss during his address to the nation. this comes off to the people's republic. some dumbass turned to russia for military assistance. and the president said they would be no occupation of ukrainian territory. said if you get rich with a quote as to the article,
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51 in the 7th chapter of the un charter with the sanction of the federation council and according to the friendship and mutual help treaties with the nets and lu ganske, the public's i have decided to conduct a special military operation, the goal is to protect the people who for 8 years of a bullying and genocide from the key of regime. and for this, we aim for the, the militarization and the next, if a cation of ukraine will bring to the court, those who committed multiple sanguinary crimes against civilians, including russian citizens. we do not plan to occupy ukrainian territories. meanwhile, the washing defense ministry has denied all claims of rockets and our talks on ukrainian fifties and ministry spokesperson said that there were no threats to the civilian population in ukraine as high precision weapons are incapacitating military infrastructure, including defense facilities,
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where ukraine's president lensky says martial law is being imposed in ukraine and that ukraine's military infrastructure is attack. haley made an emotional appeal to the population of both countries and said that his efforts, the coal flat may posted, were met with silence ukraine scoring ministry phase. a full scale russian invasion is underway. media report say the ukrainian military claims to have shot down amid a russian military jet and was supposed to the crisis. nato is now convening an emergency meeting. well, let's get the latest from a correspondence on the ground in dawn bass, now we have room on culture supporting from don yet scans more gowns t f who's in no guns for us. let's go to you 1st. a moran, now a video has emerged of explosions in the guns course. the situation like that and now it looks relatively calm. these exclusions are continuing since
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about 5 30 am. they have been ongoing and tremendous in intensity for hours. we also heard explosions in the city itself. and on the, on the outskirts, just outside the city and the sub is but the most of the action. now, the artillery exchange, the barrage is concentrated behind me towards the north, north, east, north west of the city, which is where the front lines are. again, just kilometers away. we have also heard from the authorities. here in the republic of lou guns. they have said that they are now carrying out an offensive that they are targeting military sites of the ukrainian, the, of the gradient of forces that they are pacifying them and that they are destroying their infrastructure. basically they're on the offensive to as they say, i liberate the occupied region from ukrainian troops. we have heard from the
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ukranian ministry of interior, they have confirmed the loss of 2 settlements here in logan sk about 50 kilometers to the, to the west of us. these, these 2 towns are among the 1st that ukraine has confirmed to have fallen 2 of the la guns republic. we have also heard the gods authorities in the gods say that the borders of the province will be those that are the administrative, bought us for the boat. is that a draught on the map rather than the de facto i could write to al, controlled by by the breakaway republic of logan's? again, as i mentioned these, these said, can they these continuing? we have heard shelling, we've also heard multiple rocketry, georgia systems, inaction, rockets, and screaming in the distance. it is also worth mentioning that russia had said the
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russian ministry of defense that the russian federation, east targeting military infrastructure with precision stripes, military infrastructure, as well as air fields, as well as assets belonging to the ukrainian air force and anti air defenses. but you know, these, these frontline, it stretches hundreds of kilometers just here and he's than ukraine in this action, reportedly as being as being seam everywhere we heard from our colleague the ramon culture. it's about the, the, the action in the next can what he's hearing. there 2 more i thank you for that updates less cost life now to remain cars are as he is the in the dawn yet sky region, i remind report say the situation the city is relatively con. now i understand you had a sleepless night how things are unfolding, man, now,
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although things are calm here in the center of the anesco, we are hearing. continuous artillery fire is probably happening on the outskirts of the city when we're hearing multiple, a rocket launching systems. and that's how it's been here for the last few days. however, in the center of the network, it is relatively quiet. we can see a civilian. so going about their business in a small transferred is, are working. meanwhile, we've heard from the representative of the people's militia in done as people's republic, edward parser and, and he says that sir of the nation's a military is now using all available methods in order to strike ukrainian army position. and that has been done in order to liberate the rest of the dentist people's republic. currently under ukrainian controlled cities like um are you pulled from a tourist, can cause slum and to named just a few. now intense fighting is currently taking place in the south of the dentist
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people's republic, closer to my group or less about a little over a 100 kilometers away from my aware we are. and according to our people's militia, toward bizarre and once again, some ukranian army. some of some of the military are now retreating from a very positions as the military of the d. p. r. r. are advancing edward, missouri and has also made a call to the ukrainian soldiers to lay down arms and listen to what president of russia vladimir putin told them, lay down arms and joe hall now of the town or far gore love. god is also under intense shilling right now. there is a village called the sites of our where our to arab correspondence and nearly escaped shelling a couple of days ago. well, it's under heavy artillery fire right now to the mayor of uh,
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girl of car. said that center of the village is now in some sense sir. artillery ha fire now of course. so shelling of don barza and donnette sco region her was continuous. so over the last few days and a lot of far critical infrastructure was our targeted sir. as the result of shelling as several, a water pumping plan sends a power stations had been damaged, leaving are thousands of residents without so water or electricity, a red cross as a working here on the scene and trying to do everything possible to help are those people who live near the front line? ah, meanwhile, are here. it was indeed a sleepless night. so a lot of for, well sounds, artillery shelling were continuous and we would look outside the hotel, the window listening to every single sound that was there, or worrying about that. what might happen, but fortunately,
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none of the shelling reached the center of the city. i was also monitoring a social, local social media here and it looks like people are really happy with the beginning of this operation of for peace. and some of them are well, we're actually joking saying that the next at the moment is probably the safest that it's been in the last 8 years of the conflict. romano. thank you so much for that, sir. thank you. to both of our correspondents. we're very fortunate to have you both in the dumbass been to stay safe, won't you? as remind cause i've been danielle kent, my garcia in la guns ca. thank you for now. now, according to local report, explosions can be heard across ukraine residency blasts of rocks, the city of har, cough, which is in the east. explosions have also been reported in the area of bar estoppel airport nikita and ukrainian military command posts are reportedly coming under
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rocket attack as well. i mean, all the russian defense ministry house denied all claims of rockets and our tax on ukrainian fifties. and ministry spokesperson said that there are no threats to the civilian population in ukraine, as high precision weapons are incapacitating military infrastructure, including defense facilities. the ministry says says no find back from the ukrainian border god. and ukraine's defense and base infrastructure has been neutralized. russia also denies reports. one of its military planes has been shot down. we joined now by political commentator allie risk. thank you very much for joining us on the program this morning. ali nate, so is convening an emergency meeting what decisions might emerge from that? what i don't expect to hear much, much anything out of the ordinary. i think what we'll see is more condemnation to build a condemnation perhaps than announcement to sanctions. but i'm not sure that has
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the ability to do anything more the leading play on. if you would like of nato, which is the united states has declared very clearly, that it has no intention of sending troops. i think that the ceiling the most that they could do is to maybe impose what they would call a harsh sanctions issue of some billable condom condemnations. not much more than that. so were you surprised by the announcement this morning was the paintings decision? he declared his special military operation, inevitable, was shocked to you. i can say i was surprised. know why? i think the, you know, it's interesting what to president put in mention when he, when he referred to the, not the cation of that region. personally that got my attention because, you know, it's been well documented that there is a strong presence of neo nazis in ukraine,
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particularly in that eastern region and on bus. and save him in documentary groups like the battalion, for example, which is part of ukrainian national guard. it's also been documented that you have a general neo nazi culture, which is prevailing amongst the cranial armed forces. so when you have the presence of nero, nausea such a strong, neo nazi presence, right next door, you know that, you know, so it is a big threat to national security. so, you know, we could say, i was somewhat surprised that russia didn't take any steps even before this, given the fact that this near nausea has increase. you have to remember that recently, for example, at the beginning just a few months ago, we began to see part of the president zaleski, imposing some new laws which could be described as racist. laws in the eastern regions like imposing ukrainian as a sole language. so even as an ex scheme, salt was leaning more,
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leaning towards the right wing near the park. what i mean to say is that those old images government recently was taken more and more than the are noisy pos. so i think in light of those developments, such intervention must have been inevitable. so got president vita now saying that ukraine is under unjustified attack from russia. yeah, russia says it's protecting people who got these 2 slides to the story and people reading the news today will be wanting to make sense of it all. they've been quite obvious which way the mainstream media are going to go with this story and what your thoughts on this which, which side which story terry is more weight. well, let me here on, let me look at the what the organization of security cooperation in europe, d o s c. heave, what it has documented. the maps recently released from that organization, which you can consider to be a pro russian by the way, you know that organization or put maps and it clearly the nor the positions the are
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blotches identified, though sure that most of the escalation over the past few days has come against the russian side id that the ukranian side was the one which was you know, carrying a going ahead with the largest number of bombings and attacks. so, you know, when you see such neutral parties are making such statements or perhaps presenting such evidence. i think things become clear, but to, you know, mainstream media, western media, we've gone, you said that to cold war rhetoric and that cold war mentality which doesn't really apply to the media by the way. but even to the politicians, it appears that we have some kind of a psychological problem, a few, if you would like amongst western politicians, especially amongst members of congress who have this conviction, which is not based on reality to them. and i was russia, and i think that, that, that mentality is a really, really serious problem,
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which has greatly contributed to things escalated in their way in the way they have . i think the coming out is we can all expect to see a flood of ad mo, sanctions. the u. s. says it's going to applies quote, full scale sanctions against russia. deb, how far can this guy to what extent can assumptions guy while i think that the sanctions can only go so far because, you know, there's a general consensus that sanctions will be even more damaging to europe, but then they'd be, it's a restaurant. so i've given the fact that russia is a huge supply of natural gas. it's interesting that i property official because we heard that, you know, there were plans that maybe could make up for a gas shortage if russia would have cut off. for example, the gas supplying the company is this corporate facial said the corporate can't make up product. so there's not many choices, and therefore i believe that the europeans will be that enthusiastic to grow up
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with sanction is i also somebody by the way, that the binding ministration will be that enthusiastic to go very far with the sanctions given the general rise in the lower prices, so there's not much options for the west, but i think they're going to have to just sit back and watch as this operation unfolds. and how's the russian forces take back? these are these areas or, you know, defeat the noisy forces in these areas in don't boss and level right. the inhabitants of those areas from these racist elements. i say things become of a clara who has after this and they tell emergency meeting concludes and political commentator, ali risk, thank you very much for joining us on a program. it's great to hear your thoughts and, and get your insight on everything this unfolding today. thank you very much for president biden. has announced the g 7 meeting he called on nathan allies to deliver a stronger united response to what he called rushes needless. acts of aggression
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against ukraine. well, let's get the latest now from our correspondence in your policy layer. in berlin flores, paula, how is the west reacting to this situation? and what do you think we can expect from this t 7 meeting? well, i think the reaction as at tons is what is to be expected. as you quickly said, there will be a g 7 meeting happening later today. joe bind and earlier spoke with his ukranian counterpart, in which he condemned what he called an unprovoked, an unjustified attack by russian military forces. and that is the terminology we really hearing across europe and across the international community. the nato secretary general earlier said that there is a lot of stake. he is accused russia of trying to renew borders in europe and trying to rewrite the entire global security architecture. now as far as european leaders go, we've actually seen the same tweet coming from the european council chief, the
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e u commission chief and the top you diplomat joseph bureau. this is what they had to say. we strongly condemn rushes in justified attack on ukraine in these dark hours. our thoughts are with ukraine and the innocent women, men and children as they faced us, unprovoked attack and fear for their lives. we will hold the kremlin accountable later today, the e leaders will be holding an emergency summit in brussels to discuss how to move forward, and then moving across to the united kingdom their bras, johnson has said that he is to quote a port. he's also spoken to the ukranian president zalinski, and in a tweet he has said that putin chose the path of bloodshed and destruction. the u. k and its allies will respond decisively. the united nations secretary general has issued a direct plea to president putin, in which he has said in the name of humanity,
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bring your troops back. he says that this is the saddest moment in his tenure, which began some 5 years ago. ukraine's foreign minister has court for more military assistance and humanitarian aid. he says that the world must act immediately for the future of europe. and the world is at stake. so quite dramatic words coming from there. he has issued a plea for the world to fully isolate russia, but his corresponding polar fleece speaking to his lie from berlin there. thank you very much for bringing us up to speed on the latest there. thank you. i'll present the landscape hell talk with joe biden. shells for us, johnson and other leaders on the issue, and it's urge them to build a quote and he puts in coalition and impose harsh sanctions with the us. presidents zalinski has discussed the provision of international assistance who ukraine, whitehouse will address americans about this situation shortly. will be bringing back to you or stones and has said the person on the line will respond decisively
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to the criminal actions while germany, france, and the european commission was strongly condemned. the kremlin decision to start a military operation saying moscow must be held to account nato chief un stalsen, but the military operation is a violation of international law under threats to euro atlantic security. while ukraine's permanent representative to the un said president putin had declared war on ukraine. while it responds to russia's recognition of the dumbass republic, the e u. sanction the number of individuals. these include russian and peas, who backs the decision and includes a number of other prominent russian figures. let's find out who they are and what they still main sunny. armstrong joined me in the studio. donny, thanks for coming in. i can tell is what the west has done so far. who's on this is sanctions list and what are the implications here? what we've seen from the u. s. was in promise and what has been put into action
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over the past month. the promise of sanctions and then of course, those sanctions being meted out the latest as a package from brussels, the sanctions against russia and included $571.00 russian entities. among them. 351 as state duma deputies who voted for the independence of the 2 regions. lou ganske and don. yes, there has been asking freezes travel bands and the prohibition of making any kind of real money on the european markets and funds available. they have been issued to 727 rather, russian entities that incidentally, one for every e. you members, state the people on you list the quite high ranking and prominent members of russia's foreign ministry, defense ministry defendants. the sig issue has been placed on them. maria,
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the horror, of course the, the spokesman for russia's foreign ministry. she has labeled the sanctions as illegitimate. there's also been restrictions placed on russia's government and on their ability to raise any kind of funds in the u markets, basically targeting anybody. you had any kind of tangible or material link to that decision being held, or that this isn't being passed to recognize the 2 republics. as independent, of course, we saw as joe biden was one to sign a decree, meeting out sanctions to russia. he said that so we will stuff it basically nothing if, if, if troops entered you crane. of course, this, after this announcement of president vladimir putin, i should say, a making the, of course, the announcement to, to launch his special military operation business said the u. k. rather, boys,
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johnson has said that they will act decisively. joe biden has said he will have a strong and united response, of course. last but not least on that list of people who have had sanctions. i mean it against him, is marguerite simonian. of course the editor in chief of all he now the lawyers for marguerite sonya and he said that any sanction leveled against her should by no means have any effect on the up the broadcasting of r t. that has been a big debate in parliament and u. k. parliament, about whether to review the broadcasting license on the shores. or johnson said he would leave it up to off. com, where his keys kissed farmer the leader of the opposition was banging the room to have the license taken away from archie. okay, well thanks for coming in. more sanctions are expected later today and to so wondering who else is on that hitler standing?
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armstrong, thanks for coming in and bringing up speed. well, we cannot cross live to us haymarket. oh scotty. no, he says got a good to see you today. what is the western media reaction to this russian special military operation, and how do you think they going to be covering the whole situation? well, good morning, and it is in the middle of the night here in the united states, around $130.00 eastern. and when all these actions really picked up, most americans were going to bed. but the media obviously went live in western media, has been a really played a large role in the events escalating. not only here in the united states around the world, as we have reported multiple times on all of our networks here. you know, within the hour you did have a tweet come out for president by then obviously he is watching local sources, probably not paying attention to what is going on from his intelligence. and he actually tweeted out that he's spoken with the ones. give me a said that he's been to a g 7 leaders tomorrow and even more sanctions are going to come. but this was what
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was interesting about it that here the western media obviously, but obsessed with this for the past 3 weeks, despite ignoring what has been going on in these part of a going on for the past 8 years since 2014 for the past 3 weeks they've really made this to be a part of their headline to ratcheted up the anger and fear of an impending war in crisis. and yet, once again, the united states is, has saying a lot of things we're not doing. their actions are the only actions in the united states have imposed of minute sanctions and put in their military outside of ukraine over and over again repeating that there will be no u. s. troops on the ground in ukraine, and they have said that consistently for the past week from the vine administration, before we saw the president biden tweed, it out, within the hour you did have president trump actually address for president trump address the country. first, i might say this might spark a little bit of anger and angst amongst the white house and president trump parents, that this would have never happened to me because i had
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a conversation going on with vladimir putin. i think ultimately most americans are divided amongst 2 lines right now, whether they are saying this is aggression or they're saying this is something that is a defense structure. but oddly enough, for the 1st time, you're seeing this not divided amongst political party lines. as you seem most members of congress, in fact, there's not been a single member of congress on republican or suicide. outside of senator ran to paul from kentucky that has actually condemned the actions that ukraine and in this president have said, an escalating the issues that they have actually, brian can didn't most of them this evening. most members of congress, including republicans and democrats alike, have tweeted out their support for the credit. people obviously hope and prayers are back into the conversation. something that usually marked here in the united states. and i think in the morning when people wake up, depending on how the overnight goes here for american. if it turns out that this turns out to be a very rapid, precise military strike without,
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with minimum minimal citizens being actually enter civilian death. this will be seen as very humiliating for president joe biden as you continue to spread this fear mongering that of russian aggression in ukraine in this idea, they're going to continue or expand beyond. you have people ultimately either say yes, us needs to be involved. on the other hand, they stay out of it. this has nothing to do with us for national security. so why are we going to risk the lives of men and women after the embarrassing removal from afghanistan just a few short months ago? most americans remember how that all went down in the last thing i think they want to see is the u. s. entangled and another war that has nothing to do with our national security. it's been on my mind quite a lot in the past few days. how this is going to be reflecting on the biden's popularity. his ratings haven't been great over the policy a year or so since he came into office really. so which way is i going to swing for
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him because it says a hell of a distraction, isn't it from everything that is happening on us soil? well, that is what has been so hard to watch, because if you watch international news like we have the benefit of doing here at r t, we've seen that there is, you know, there's not the normal 100000 troops have been stationed. but you know, the various areas past year, basically since president biden was inaugurated, there was no build up of troops as this present came out and saw. but what was interesting, as you saw the 2 main proponents of escalation, i was the u. k. as well as the u. s. and both of the leaders of those countries have faced multiple controversies over the past few weeks and nobody wants to call it here in the united states, we are facing 12 read the highest inflation ever. you are facing gas prices over a $1.00 to $1.00 to $3.00 more than they were a year ago when president brought into office a border. that unfortunately, it seems like this presidency of care more about ukrainian border than securing his own southern borders. we're now even having more refugees, possibly going to be taken in by the united states and in less issues, including
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a convoy that is now going to be coming. we saw what happened in canada. it's freedom. com, but there are their own here in the united states, protesting the continued mandates that are happening and people being put out of work. and then i said there was a lot of turmoil in the united states that prior to this president biden had a good chance of blaming on president trump. now it seems like this russian aggression, in fact, president mine is already won the american people. the gas could be upwards of $7.00 and guess use all that. it is the russian ukrainian situation. instead of taking the blame on his own for the economic crisis that america is now finding itself and it's looking for the blame game. and unfortunately, at this point, it seems like he's going to put it over on what's going on in ukraine and russian area that the russian government has often spoken about how it's portrayed in the mainstream media. they almost expect to be demonized on everything. it does say is it fair to say that.


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