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these shells at a fall on russian territory and in the course, screeching literally moments ago, we also heard reports of shelling out there, but we have not actually confirmed them. we have seen some videos that have come out of on social media from belgrade, allegedly showing the damage created by these shells that have fallen there and apart and allegedly one person was injured. but we haven't confirmed any of that yet. as for the situation of evacuees here, i could tell you a little bit about what we've been doing here over the past several days. the regional government of ra stove has set up over a 100 temporary housing facilities throughout the region for people evacuating. don, boss evacuating from to escape the violence created by the don boss conflict there . and they've basically been making their way across a number of checkpoints that one of which we're actually at connected to the la guns people's republic. yesterday we saw the situation there. people are still coming into, into russia and they're stopping at
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a tent camps basically that are temporary housing facilities, very close to the border, 500 meters away, where they're, they're registering they're, they're just finding out the authorities or finding out if they have family members . they can go to live with in the russian federation. they're given food and water volunteers from all over rush are working at these locations to help the evacuees from the don boss region as well as rushes emergency services. they've got tense equip there with the, with beds, but at the border. actually people don't spend much longer than several hours from there. they usually are either go to live with relatives if they have them living in russia or to other temporary housing facilities, deeper within the russian region of raw stalls where they'll get registered, they'll receive more food and water they mates might stay the night and even receive stipends that the russian government has promised to evacuate,
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fleeing from the violence there of 10000 roubles or, well, we're around 14100. $50.00 right now. that is, so we've been traveling all or all across ra stove, all blessed and, and the evacuation of people has simply continued. and you know, we all have to see how the situation develops because of the recent a precision strikes of the russian federation against the ukrainian positions and how that situation develop. i dont thanks for bringing this out to speed on the latest where you are than so sees don't quarter speaking from a roll stove outside roast of on don's airport that many thanks. well, in studio with this ascii taylor, you've been here with me for a few hours now with just trying to get a handle on the latest to bring in and guess, trying to pick their brain about what was going on. we know we had these big meetings coming up later today, one of them being the nato emergency meeting. and can we speculate as to what might
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come out of that it's, i mean, well, i mean, speculation is always a dangerous thing. yeah. it's something that one can do endlessly. of course, i think one can look though history when it comes to the nato alliance. president putin, in his head of i speech, i did this morning where he, an outside special military operation, was actually very clear. he said, for 30 years we had been trying to tell nato that they have broken that promises and that they are literally posing an existential threat to our national security. now will remember of course, back in 1962 when that was basically an analogous situation where we had soviet nuclear power on cuba and america felt that its security was that threat. it basically brought the while to the brink of national disaster. now that, that was compromised, that was diplomacy, but what russia saying is head, there's no diplomacy. we put for the security proposals back in december. we said please talk to us on a legitimate level. not just, you know and say, oh, well, think about it, put
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a temporary moratorium on but understand small position. so we now have hostile missiles and how other way you said they are, they can be and talk to the foster because it says in the nato document, the russia is the enemy. and the main threat for if they're in ukraine, the 4 minutes away from moscow become possibly you can't prospects of all cars to accept that kind of concession. but any leader national security trumps everything . the nato issue, i truly believe is at the heart of so many of the, of the recent rising tensions. nature's argument, of course, as possible, where completely a defense of organisation and 2nd, well, we made no promise back in the 90 ninety's that we wouldn't expand. eastwood's thought is now being thrown into doubt because we found contemporaneous evidence of folks videos and a minutes from meetings just that was, that was not the case. this constant grappling over kind of the influence of what shouldn't, shouldn't be accepted when it comes to the threats of national security. i think russia wanted meaningful engage engagement from the military alliance with that
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question. it feels that it didn't get it and it said at a certain point, us like a rope, recently sat in this cross. he said, it's like the death talking to the mute when not getting anywhere. something has to give here. and why is it russia? that's the one that's expected to compromise. it's a tough issue and these 2 are coming from it from completely different angles. like say pizza in a still calling for cooperation, but whether that's going to happen in any day soon we'll have to wait and see. let's see the nature the reaction coming out from a to will be will be very interesting. i think we can probably say that they will consider this to be a violation of ukrainians. ukraine sovereignty the but ready? we've heard over the last couple of days. it's about how if they would take any military action, or what they would limit that engagement in this crisis to delivering, continuing to deliver weapons to ukraine given for example, in the us public opinion is very much i against any kind of us military engagement
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. i boots on the ground, they said this is not an issue we need to get out of here. that's over. i think it was around 60 percent of americans said that. i think it would be political suicide for bite, and this point to send anyone, but you know, this is beside very quickly evolving situation. so we have to expect the, i'm expected. indeed. let's just bring our view is up to date on all the latest. now here's a recap of the main developments that we've seen this morning. i've not the person announced a military operation in don't boss doing an address to the nation very early morning. around 6 most go time. the president said that would be no occupation of ukrainian territory. he also called for ukrainian troops who lay down the weapons. he said, rushes goal is to bring justice to those who committed numerous crimes against civilians, including russian citizens. this comes off the people's republic. dumbass turned to russia for military assistance when, meanwhile,
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reports have come in that artillery can be heard in the dumbass republics and in ukraine. local say that the sound of explosions can be heard in the area of voice, still hold near ukrainian military command, post staff force control centers and fields in care of and concave. have all been hit by rocket the tags, according to reports. and there were also reports of aerial bombardments marshal law has been imposed in ukraine, and other russian defense ministry is denying all the claims of rockets and their attacks on ukrainian fifties and the ministry, and that there are no threats to the civilian population in ukraine. meanwhile, 12 airports across southern russia has been closed until march. the 2nd and nato is planning to hold this urgent meeting that we were just discussing in the studio test. now let's go to our correspondence in the dumbass. now remote cancer of in don't, yes. can more garcia than the guns close to you more us and wasn't up to speed on
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the latest situation where you, while you were on the ground, you have 1st hand experience. you know how people are feeling right. well, can you tell us? will this endless continuing shelling and sigh is still coming to us from, from up north, just north of logan city, where the front line is where it has been for 7 years. am a belligerent of 4 to 5 themselves. over the course of these 7 years, the, the amount of rockets, the amount of on multiple rocket launch systems that have been fought, artillery shelves, disease but stupefied at this point in him both directions. the recently, the sound, this crescendo of sound a tidal wave, a rule of artillery has moved farther north. so obviously the fighting has moved a little bit towards the north. perhaps the woods and the ukrainian side of the conflict like a it is continuing recently we saw with
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a jet ra overhead. something that hasn't been seen in this part of ukraine east than you create in many years. at the military aviation we've been civilian aviation had been bad according to the she's father, had been in place, but had been violated sporadically. and increasingly, within the last 2 weeks, we had seemed shelling of power stations of residential neighborhoods of a vehicle, civilian vehicles, multiple debt, see over the course of the last few weeks, weeks. and this is all, this is all again, come to come to a, a peak. this is the a rupture that had been in the, in the, in the making for many days. now, we know that will, over ukraine, there have been strikes on military infrastructure. the russian ministry of defense saying that it had used deployed precision weapons and we have seen, according to we as of yet and verified videos of russian caliber cruise missiles,
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shrieking of the skies of ukraine targeting munitions dobson as he targeting assets of the ukrainian air force as well as anti air defenses, and according to the 5, some of the fires with whom raging in these and these videos, they could only have his fuel depos, which, which bird intensely. and he produced huge plumes of smoke or ammunition slows ammunition, depos, which also burn with repeated explosions. perhaps that is the sound that we're hearing for bar supple, airport and near keith. we've also heard from the russian and ministry of defense that they have seen. they have detected mass desertion, and the ranks of, of the ukrainian military soldiers abandoning their post, abandoning their vehicles that, that tax their weapons and fleeing the russian federation. and then the guns republic had previously said that, that any soldiers,
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any ukrainian troops who choose to return to their homes won't be stopped and won't be impeded as they do so. and they encouraged him to do so. we've also had from the ukranian minister of defense himself coming out and urging everyone who could carry a gun to join the ukrainian military. so perhaps the situation for them is ease desperate. indeed, we've also heard from the ukrainian military had just now about a 6th russian jet. they claim that they have shot down. we haven't seen evidence of any jets yet shot down, which a presumably would happen very quickly. i mean, they produce wrecks, which is easily recognizable and which is easy to find the, the, the files that they course of the luggage republic. also, just an hour ago, the authorities hip claim that they had also down to ukrainian jets again the, that copy verified the hasn't been any footage or anything of the,
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like the republics he has said that they are now on the offensive that they are liberating of the republic of the elegance as it was within the boundaries when it was a part of reason of ukraine, them a significant part of that territory is now under the ukrainian, under ukrainian military control. but they are saying that they are progressing, that they have a plan and that they are moving forward again, the situation developing very quickly. there's a lot more of it. we don't have time to talk about. but the situation is again, developing very quickly and we're trying to keep on top of things. i appreciate that as i am, or i guess that that got the at their speaking to as lie from the gans to. we also have room on concert answers and on yes for as i run my mom, it just brings up to speed with a situation where you are please. absolutely well or the city of damascus has been under a very intensive or artillery fire of the last few days or last night. i was
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probably some of the loudest times that we've heard here also this morning, very intensive shelling. however, the situation at the moment right now is much more calm and i'm talking about the center of done ask, of course said the fighting was still here. artillery fire mortars, answer multiple rocket launch. systems, however, is becoming more and more distant, but very fierce fighting is that taking place on the outskirts of the network at the moment. for example, this city of ye lenika, where our crew are t arabic, artsy of france and also a roughly video agency are working at the moment. well, they have a recorded that's a very intensive shooting is going on there. we're working with the local residents are trying to get their perspective on what was going on and during their live broadcast that they could hear the sounds of shelling very near by now the sound of
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the land of k is only a couple of kilometers away from the front line, and it's been a shell the many, many times over the last 8 years and at the moment says the water supply is cut off to that village and also a settlement near by also there is no power and we visited the village of 11th got just the other day along with the red cross who delivered to a water tank and bottled water for the locals to, to ease somehow for their existence. at the moment, sir, well, archie cru continues. are working as they're in the union of car how fortunately everybody is fine. there's a, there's a, there are enough places there than of bomb shelters. to hide from my shelling should it occur. and speaking of bunk shelters, other places here and, and had scare region. those people who didn't evacuate to russia. those who stayed
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in the front lines in their homes while they are spending most of their time in those bomb shelters at the moment, just like it was back in 2014, in 2015 during a massive a war that was happening over here. i meanwhile, dennis peoples are republic representative from the people's militia said that they're using all available a method in order to strike ukrainian positions. and that is a force being done so that the rest of the nest people's republic, which is currently under ukrainian army control, will be liberated. now, according to the people's militia, ukraine already re retreated from a 2 towns other than his people's republic and sat there. now they have now established their control in those 2 places. on out, denise, pushing the head of the nest people's republic also issued
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a statement earlier saying that this operation will soon be over. and all of that. and as people republic will be liberated from the ukrainian army. and so he also said that the headquarters of the ukrainian army army operation here and on boss was practically destroyed by the people militia a little bit earlier. now also other intense fighting that's going on in the dentist people's republic at the moment is in the south of the nation very close to the city of murray, opal. very heavy shelling and intense fighting is happening between the 2 warring sides according to people's militia. some of the ukrainian soldiers have been retreated retreating and also this just in it has been confirmed yet, but some of the ukrainian military, they have laid down their arms and adjoining the soldiers of the de nest people's
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republic waiting on a confirmation on that. but this just came in from the people's militia here in the next. now, edward, missouri and the representative of the army, i here said that territorial defense battalions of ukraine. those who are affiliated with the neo nazi ideology, and i believe they have now in circle the city of marine apple, which is in the south of the country. and there preventing local residents from leaving that sound from evacuating, thus making a human shield of them. also that sound of fall of car, about an hour away from my desk is also under shelling right now along with other towns and nearby towns as well. the town of village of side. so for example, where our r t arab correspondents also nearly escaped shelling just
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a few days ago. the mayor of the city of girl of car also issued a statement that as a result shilling in his town. one civilian that was killed and 5 civilians have been wounded. now edward was sure in the representative of the people's militia, along with the head of the people's republic, called on the ukrainian army soldiers to lay down their arms and said that those who leave their weapons behind us will be provided that humanitarian court can leave. and can go home and am, if they will be provided for all authorities. ramon cars are reporting from don. yes. thank you very much women for the latest where you are. well here you can see a map of their don. yes. can the guns people's republics and the 2 republics were not recognized by kia and have its claims being repeatedly shelled by ukrainian
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forces leading to numerous civilian casualties. now of both republic say they will liberate their territories. that is still under key abs control as defined by their constitutions. up to now, they've held only about half of that area. president putin says russia recognizes these 2 states as defined by this particular map, ukraine's president the lens. he says martial law is being imposed in ukraine and that ukraine's military infrastructure is under attack. he earlier made an emotional appeal to the population of both countries and said that his efforts to call vladimir putin were met with silence. ukraine's foreign ministry stays a full scale. russian invasion is underway. me dear report, say the ukrainian military claims to have shot down a russian military jets in response to the crisis. nato is now convening an emergency meeting. will be bringing you the latest on that. as soon as that concludes, can we have some live pictures from the ukrainian capital, kia,
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where we've been getting reports from local that they heard powerful bangs mostly in the outskirts of the city, as you can see from live pictures is looking relatively calm right now. meanwhile, explosions were heard in the capital key of this morning, and this is what locals on the grounds. how does that have a listen? which i hear it. it's somewhere in t. f. sirens can be heard. they are bombing about, you know, when we landed in the airport, we heard some things. it was unclear what they were. we didn't see any damage. sure . we heard the bank while in a taxi. nobody knew what it was. or they so the ukranian president lensky household talks with the leaders of the u. s. u. k. germany and others, urging them to build an anti putin coalition and impose harsh sanctions. the landscape, discuss the u. s. assistance to ukraine and his conversation with joe biden. as the white house proposed to address americans about the situation,
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the u. k. as far as johnson has said, the britain and its allies will respond to the science of lee to the russian operation, which australia's prime minister has described as an invasion. china's foreign ministry refused to call it an invasion and said, historical factors were largely to blame ukraine's on this, the united nation said putin declared war on ukraine. while germany frowns on the european commission, have a strongly condemned russia's military operations, saying that moscow must be held to account nato chief, he stole some bug sais. russia is violating international law and threatening euro atlantic security on numerous countries have already suspended flights of ukraine on some russian regions, including moscow. we can go to correspondence in europe, now policy as in berlin, polar give us more information on how the west is reacting to this developing situation. well as to be expected,
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western leaders are responding in fury as quickly said, nato is holding an emergency meeting. the secretary jane williams stilton berg has strongly condemned what he calls russia's reckless attack on ukraine, which puts at risk civilian lives. he also said that the allies would now meet to address rushes, renewed aggression. this comes as the european council president, charles michelle has said that the you will swiftly adopt fresh sanctions against russia and that these measures will include an emergency summit that will be held to night. the penalties will be massive and severe consequences on moscow. he has issued a joint statement with the head of the european commission in which both leaders condemned russia in the strongest possible terms. the statement says that russia has launched an unprecedented military aggression against ukraine. that was provoked and unjustified that russia grossly violating international law. this
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undermines european and global security and stability, and they call on russia to needed me says the hostilities. the european commission chief has said that the will impose sanctions that are going to affect the strategic sectors of the russian economy. that they will block access to key technologies and market. this is what she had to say. man and children are dying of fear for their life. we condemned this barbaric attack and the cynical arguments to justify it. it is, president putin was bringing war back to europe. we are facing an unprecedented act of aggression by the russian leadership against the sovereign independent country russians. target is not only done bus. the target is not only ukraine, the target is
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a stability and europe and the whole of the international piece order. and we will hold president putin accountable for that. now ursula fund lay on went on to say that the will not allow president putin to destroy european security architecture. cushion must not underestimate the determination and strength of our democracies. she said, you leaders will be meeting later today and we waiting to see the package of expensive targeted sanctions that they had threatened to unveil at that meeting. at the same time, joseph borough, who is the new foreign policy chief, has said that parity of europe at the moment is to urgently provide assistance to ukraine in the form particularly of evacuation, including you, staff. he says that they have made unprecedented efforts to achieve a diplomatic solution, and the blame is on the shoulders of russia for not precipitating and choosing war
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. ready then or do p and conceal regina michelle hash called for a meeting or do p and cancel this evening. and they will agree and provide political guidance to adopt the stronger package, the harsh it package of sanctions we have ever implemented. this is not a question of blocks. this is not a question of diplomatic power games. it's a matter of life and death is about the future of our global community. and we will start united with our trans atlantic partners and with all european nations in defending this position. we start united in saying that no violence and destruction as managed to obtain political gains
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and all the french president mccord has called an emergency meeting of the french, the famous and national security council. he says that france is acting with his partner to stop the war. to quote, fraud is strongly condemning russia's declaration and decision to go to war. and russia has to cease its military operation immediately. similar comments coming from other leaders in europe, the german for out foreign minister has said to quote, we will not forget the state of shame. taunton sholtes had said that this is a blatant violation of international law. he spoke with the ukranian president earlier and explicit solidarity with ukraine. we are waiting for a statement by the german chancellor to come in the next few moments in terms of the latest happening in that country. the german economics ministry has also said that following the american sanctions against companies that are linked to the north stream to underwater pipeline,
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this pipeline will not be able to be commissioned in the short to medium term. germany will have to buy gas and cold from other countries. a gas bomb spokesperson has said that the company is however, supplying wash and gas for transit through ukraine. as usual. the hungarian foreign minister has said that this is the worst case scenario, and that his country is standing by ukraine and the country's territorial integrity . the spanish prime minister has condemned russia's aggression against true crane. it's expressed on a devotee with the ukrainian government and its people and says it will coordinate its response to the european union and they, to the italian prime minister has said that an immediate western response is coming . the attack is unjustified and unjustifiable to be as close to the cranium. people and institutions in this dramatic moment said the italian minister, same kind of sentiment coming out of grief,
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where the prime minister called for urgent meeting of that nation's foreign and defense council. to discuss the latest development and how best to protect ethnically that are living in eastern ukraine, particularly they estimated a 120000 greeks who live primarily in the coastal city of which may will become a battle front if indeed the military action intensifies. and there were speculation that greece might be sending the navy ships to evacuate its citizens from there. the belgian prime minister has condemned russia, saying that this is europe's darkest hour since the 2nd world war. and so those kind of comments coming from across europe and will keep you abreast of developments as the day progresses. policy many thanks for that update that correspondence in berlin will be on stand by for any latest updates coming out of those meetings. that will be wrapping up shortly. thank you very much for now. okay,
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well, let's just do a quick wrap up and well, we'll be back about the alex. what will be our latest ah, look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such orders at conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about personal intelligence at the point, obviously is to race trust rather than fear i would like to take on various jobs with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with a robot must protect its own existence with
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join me every thursday on the alex simon short i'll be speaking to guess in the world politics, sport, business. i'm show business. i'll see you then. oh again that was you went prompting to leave it in the same color people from they go to their wedding leaving they'd always listen even if they don't know, they don't really know that they are prostituted none of the girls they do with it all being pushed one way or another.


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