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tv   News  RT  February 24, 2022 6:00am-6:31am EST

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the 2000 a how that became a global collusion amongst central banks and basically disconnected the real world from the financial world. but even more. and now we're in a condition where that distortion is permanent and where it has a dramatic impact. and we'll have a continued dramatic impact on society. i'm civil unrest on all sorts of, you know, talk about financial and directions and everything else, whether it be physical or technological. now i'm a friend. thanks for being on kaiser report. thank you. all right, that's going to do for this additional the kaiser bar with may max kaiser's day cerebral. i'm like, i guess dummy prints or latest book out like tobar permanent distortion next. not a a with i was like this video right here from a film crew on the front line showing what's happening right now,
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which we understand. the heavy shelling is continuing. a correspondence right now are in the don bath republic. well, this endless continuing shilling and fire is still coming to us from up north, just north of logan city, where the front line is where we sit here, artillery fire mortars and multiple rocket launch. systems, however, is becoming more and more distant. under vladimir putin has ordered a special, a military operation and on bass saying, the aim is to protect the people, the african genocide by the ukrainian military. that's according to putin. rosters, defense ministry says there is no threat to civilians in ukraine. dot is installed, contrast to what it said. what rogers western partners are saying, a putin has stretched, but russia has no occupation planned. when i have decided to conduct a special military operation, we do not plan to occupy ukrainians. harry trees and rushers. a special operation
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is targeting, as we understand only military facilities and infrastructure. that's the latest statement from the russian defense ministry, which asserts that there's no threat to ukraine's civilian population. we are working to verify that. meantime, kia has broken off diplomatic relations with russia urging the west to build an antique fusion coalition that has leading world politicians slammed the criminal operation as a bald barrack attack. and they valve partial sanctions. today with it is breaking news here. we're not we international is we are live now at 100 countries worldwide and the world has awoke into
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a drastic escalation in easton ukraine. and that's where we have our correspondence there on the ground, bringing us the latest every hour on the hour on girl re sushi. by the way of that, it may, putin has announced a military operation in the dawn bashed during an address to the nation after the people's republic did factually turn to russia for military assistance. as rushers are western partners are rounding on moscow for what they're calling an invasion. they say russia must be punished structures, defense ministry stresses, there's no threat to civilians because it's only targeting military infrastructure all earlier we did speak with our correspondence, murdad, gazda and roman culture rep. they are reporting from the lou ganske and don gets republics, this headless continuing shilling, and sigh is still coming to us from, from up north, just north of logan city where the frontline is where it has been for 7 years. am a belligerent of fortified themselves over the course of these 7 years, the,
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the amount of rockets, the amount of on multiple rocket launch systems that have been fired, artillery shells disease, but stupefied at this point in him both directions. the recently, the sound, this crescendo of sound and tidal wave, a rule of artillery has moved further north. so obviously the fighting has moved a little bit towards the north. perhaps the woods and the ukrainian side of the conflict like a it is continuing recently. we saw you with a jet ra overhead. something that hasn't been seen in this part of ukraine east than you create in many years. and the military aviation we've been civilian aviation had been bad according to the sci fi that had been in place, but had been violated sporadically. and increasingly, within the last 2 weeks, we had seen shelling of power stations of residential neighborhoods of a vehicle,
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civilian vehicles, multiple debt, see over the course of the last few weeks, weeks. and this is all, this is all again, come to come to a, a peak. this is the a rupture that had been in the, in the, in the making for many days. now, we know that all over ukraine, there have been strikes on military infrastructure. the russian ministry of defense saying that it had used deployed precision weapons. and we have seen, according to we as of yet, and verified videos of russian caliber cruise missiles, shrieking of the skies of ukraine targeting munitions dobbs, an air field targeting assets of the ukrainian air force as well as anti air defenses. and according to the fired some of the fires with whom raging in these and these videos, they could only have his fuel depos, which, which bird intensely. and he produced huge plumes of smoke or ammunition slows
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ammunition, depos, which also burn with repeated explosions. perhaps that is the sound that we're hearing from bar soap last port and near keith. we've also heard from the russian and ministry of defense that they have seen. they have detected mass desertion. and the ranks of, of the ukrainian military soldiers abandoning their post, abandoning their vehicles that, that tax, their weapons and fleeing the russian federation. and the la guns republic had previously said that, that any soldiers, any ukrainian troops who choose to return to their homes won't be stopped and won't be impeded as they do so. and they encouraged him to do so. we've also heard from the ukranian minister of defense himself coming out and urging everyone who could carry a gun to join the ukrainian military. so perhaps the situation for them is desperate
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. indeed, we've also heard from the ukrainian military, i just now about a 6 russian jet. they claim that they have shot down. we haven't seen evidence of any jets yet, shot down, which are presumably would happen very quickly. i mean, they produce wrecks, which is easily recognizable and which is easy to find the, the, the files that they course of the luggage republic. also just an hour ago the authorities hip claim that they had also down to ukrainian jets. again, the that can't be verified, the hasn't been any footage or anything of the like the republics he has said that they are now on the offensive that they are liberating of the republic of the la guns as it was within the boundaries when it was a part of reason of ukraine, them a significant part of that territory is now under the ukrainian under ukrainian military control. but they are saying that they are progressing, that they have a plan and that they are moving forward again, the situation developing very quickly. there's a lot more of it,
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we don't have time to talk about. but the situation is again, developing very quickly and we're trying to keep on top of things. the city of damascus has been on their very intensive or artillery fire of the last few days. last night i was probably of some of the loudest times that we've heard here also this morning, very intensive shelling. however, the situation at the moment right now is much more calm and i'm talking about the center of done ask of course said the fighting. we still hear artillery fire mortars, answer multiple rocket launch. systems, however, is becoming more and more distant, but the very fierce fighting is said taking place on the outskirts of the network at the moment. for example, this city of ye lenika, where our crew are t arabic are at sea france and also a roughly video agency are working at the moment. well, they have
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a recorded that's a very intensive shooting. his going on there were working with a local residence trying to get their perspective on what was going on and during their live broadcast so that they could hear the sounds of shelling very near by now the sound of you then of course only a couple of kilometers away from the front line, and it's been a sheltered many, many times over the last 8 years. and at the moment says the water supply is a cut off to of that village and also settlements and nearby. also, there is no power and we visited the village of 11 coach the other dates along with the red cross who delivered to a water tank and the bottled water for the locals to ease. somehow, for their existence of the moment, those people who didn't evacuate to russia,
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those who stayed on the front lines in their homes while they are spending most of their time in bomb shelters at the moment, just like it was back in 2014, in 2015 during a massive, a war that was happening for over here. i meanwhile, dentist, people's a republic representative from the people's militia said that they're using all available methods in order to strike ukrainian positions. and that is a force being done so that the rest of the dentist, people's republic, which is currently under ukrainian army control, will be liberated. now, according to the people's militia, ukraine already re retreated from my 2 towns other than his people's republic. and there now they have now established their control in those 2 places. on denise pushing the head of the nest people's republic also issued a statement earlier saying that this operation will soon be over. and all of that
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then as people republic will be liberated from the ukrainian army. and he also said that the headquarters of the ukrainian army army operation here and on boss was practically destroyed by the people militia a little bit earlier. now also other intense fighting that's going on in the don't s people's republic at the moment is in the south of the nation very close to the city of maria upa. very heavy shelling and intense fighting is happening between the 2 warring sides, according to people's militia. some of the ukrainian soldiers have been retreated, re meeting, edward, missouri and the representative of the army. i here said that's territorial defense . but sally and so for ukraine, those who are affiliated with the neo nazi ideology,
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and i believe they have now in circle the city of marine apple, which is in the south of the country. and there preventing local residents from leaving that sound from evacuating. thus making a human shield out of them. now edward, missouri and the representative of the people's militia, along with the head of the dentist peoples republic, called on the ukrainian army soldiers to lay down their arms and said that those who leave their weapons behind will be provided to humanitarian court and can leave. and can go home and amnesty will be provided for all the time. oh, i'm not in the video was our film by our crew on the front line in the gwinnett square public where heavy shutting as we understand continues, is pretty difficult to make out in the pictures, frankly. but russia's defense ministry says ukrainian force is
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a fire at the don bass city. as the head of the republics recently said that both sides were shelling each other along the contact lines. now a series of powerful explosions have been reported all across parts of ukraine. this morning, a loud blasts rocked several cities off there. russia did launches military operation. now it's being reported. the explosions were caused by missiles strikes ultimately from russia's. aerospace force is not let us take a pause in the program just for a moment to give you some updates on some of the information that it's coming to us right now. as we understand a to russian civilian cargo ships came under a missile attack, allegedly, by the ukrainian armed forces in the sea of as of, as you understand, there are people who are wounded. this is information coming from russia's f. s b, the intelligence services latest on twitter, the tweet from the ukranian president vladimir zalinski. he is saying that ukraine will lift sanctions on all citizens of ukraine who are ready to defend our country
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as part of territorial defense with weapons in hans. and that does come in contrast to what putin has been saying since that address this morning. he's been calling on ukrainians to lay down their weapons. now we're continuing to update you on this. what is essentially turning into a deep military escalation? here we are continuing with rolling coverage on all the international with our correspondence, all on location for the meantime. we have just received these images from mary pal with thick smoke across the sky. and let's give you an idea of the logistics here in the topography as well. let's bring up a map of the don't yet. and lou ganske people's republics, the 2 republics announced their independence from kiev shortly after the 2014 my don revolution and have its claim to be repeatedly shelled ever since. and that that has led to numerous civilian casualties. at least 23000 in the area have been wounded during all this time. and now both republic say they will liberate their
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territory still under control. now up until now they've only held about half of that area. as we understand, president putin did say that russia does recognize the sovereignty of these 2 states as defined by that map or in the meantime, we have heard from a don bass resident who was evacuated across the border to russia or ross stuff. re, jenna is what she had to say. what's happening right now is of course very scary, but we're glad the russia is fine. you providing us with assistance. the troops have entered the liberating territories to help non military and civilians. we hope this as quickly. well, as our western countries are routed to russia for today's escalation, a lot of commentary coming from western officials, calling for russia to be cut off from the well as economy and all sorts of sanctions to be issued as well. of let me put into the announce the decision though in a nationally televised address saying there is no intention to occupy. ukraine said it's a thank you. he said, get rich with a quote as to the article,
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$51.00 in the 7th chapter of the un charter with the sanction of the federation council. and according to the friendship and mutual help treaties with denette and luc ganske, the public's i have decided to conduct a special military operation. the goal is to protect the people who for 8 years of the bullying and genocide from the key of regime. and for this, we aim for the demilitarization and the next, if a cation of ukraine will bring to the court, those who committed multiple sanguinary crimes against civilians, including russian citizens. we do not plan to occupy ukrainian territories. while your current president, can you say that his country is now suffering diplomatic ties with russia? earlier, he did impose marshall lower citing the fact that ukrainian military infrastructure was under attack. and it was a ukraine for mentary says, a full scale russian invasion is underway. that has yet to be confirmed that we
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have confirmed the, the space strikes as well, and also the, the renewed sharing along the contact lines along those ukrainian or russian borders a, his president zaleski right now, speaking just a bit earlier on ukrainian television. ronald, this morning has gone down in history, but this story is absolutely different for our country and for russia. and we have severed diplomatic relations with russia for ukrainians, independence, and the right to live on their land is the highest value diploma. let's bring you some live pictures right now from the ukrainian capital kia, it's approximately a quarter past 1 in the afternoon there. so it's just one hour behind moscow time. you can see what looks like a relatively normal day there in the key of in the capital city of ukraine. there is traffic on the streets. we've been getting reports from local, so they have heard powerful bangs,
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the explosions potentially mostly on the outskirts of that city. or meanwhile, explosions were heard in the ukrainian capital earlier this morning. here's what the locals on the ground had the opportunity to tell us about which i hear it. it's somewhere in kiev sirens can be heard. they are bombing about like, you know, when we landed in the airport, we heard some bangs. it was unclear what they were. we didn't see any damage. we heard the bank while in a taxi. nobody knew what it was. meanwhile, we also heard from a residence and had a cough that's a major city and eastern ukraine, very close to the russian border. here's what she had to say. the 1st. yes, there are gunshots and bursts of artillery fire from time to time. i haven't gone outside, but i hear there is panic in the city. vehicles heading west are being turned around on the roads. there is a column of unmarked armored vehicles on the highway,
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but we are remaining calm, just sitting at home and drinking tea. rushes at defense ministry has specified that the military operation is aimed at protecting the don bass republics. that's not exactly what you hear, though. according to a partners. russia is western partners, though they're calling this an invasion. they're calling it an forgivable. they're calling it bloody, also noting though the ukrainian cities as well as a soldier to lay down their weapons report, lee will not be targeted. this is something that the russian president had said early in his address. he was asking you right, ukrainian soldiers to lay down their arms. apparently, if this is done, there will be no one in any danger. well let's, let's learn more about this right now. let's our cross live to our correspondent ilia katrinka. you are outside the ministry of defense here in the russian capital . you know more than i do, bring us up to speed worry hello there. well, before i tell you about what exactly we heard from the russian army spokesperson, mister connor sank of i'd like to give you the latest updates from the kremlin
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because dimitri pascall, for president latimer, potent press, secretary has been talking to the media. and he, i got a number of key points from his speech. first of all, the when he prescott said that the word occupation should not be used when referring to what the russian army is currently up to in ukraine. besides this, mr. pess. gov was asked whether vladimir putin is ready to hold direct talks with the president of ukraine bull demur zalinski. now at his answer was that at this is an option if kiev is ready to talk to moscow about her and the concerns by the russian side, about that the security in the region. now uh, besides this, mr. pest. gov said that russia now may be in trouble with several international
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powers because of this situation. however, according to mr. putins spokesperson, these kind of issues have been there before. now, what mr. pess. gov also couldn't specify were at the time frames for this operation by the russian army in ukraine. so this is something that we will still have to find out. now, let me move on to what exactly came out of russia's ministry of defense. we've heard a statement by mr. cornish ankle, like you said, rory dow at once again. so i just want to know what to john vander opting you the nato chief insult him, bug is going live right now. i beg your pardon. we're going across life and happiness. fizzing cost is innocent, love is with air and me saw a tax. growing forces on special forces from multiple directions, targeting military infrastructure and major urban centers. this is
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a deliberate, cold blooded, and long planned invasion. despite its litany of lies denials on this information, the criminal intentions are cleared for the world to see russia. leaders bear full responsibility for terrain in the strongest possible terms. it is a blatant violation of international law, an act of aggression against a sovereign, independent and peaceful country. and the serious threats to you, the atlantic security we call on our, shall to immediately, it sees it's submitted to action, redraw its forces from ukraine and choose diplomacy. we fully supports ukraine's sovereignty until authorial integrity and ukraine's right
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to self defense. russia is using force to try to rewrite history and then my ukraine. it's free and independent off. nate, those core task is to protect and defend all allies. there must been no room for miscalculation or misunderstanding. an attack on wong will be regarded as an attack on all this is our collective security guarantee. to day the north atlantic council decided to activate our the fence fans at the request or a top military commander general told walters. this is a prudent and defensive step to protect and shield allan nations during this crisis . and it will enable us to deploy capabilities on forces,
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including the nato response force to wear them are needed. in response to rush us massive, military buildup, we have all the strength from our collected the fence on land at sea and in the air . in the last weeks, allies from north america and europe have deployed thousands or more troops to the east and part of the lines. and placed more on standby. we have over hung the jets at high alert, protecting our aerospace and more than 120 allied ships at sea from the high north to the mediterranean. all this shows that are collect the defense commitment. article 5 is i'd on cloud. we will continue to do whatever is necessary to shield alliance from aggression. i have a called
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a virtual summit of natalee this to morrow, to address the way forward. russia is now facing severe costs and consequences imposed by the whole and national community. the criminal aim is to re establish its there of infants, rip up to global rules that have kept us all safe for decades and subvert the values that we hold dear. this is the new normal for our security piece cannot be taken for granted. freedom and democracy are contested by alterra and james, as the t g competition is on the rice, we must respond with renewed resolve, an even stronger unity,
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north america and europe to get there in april. we on alliance of 3rd to democracies standing as one. we will protect our people and our values. democracy will always prevail over autocracy. freedom will always prevail over oppression. and then i'm ready to take your questions. will go into fax to train. thinking of indian folks craner even a summer secretary general. we all know that may don't, will not fight for ukraine, but don't you think it's time for me to to build i'm to heat lyrically and to put in the coalition. thank you. natal stand since, although that with the crane on the and $8.00 or impulse thing or impulsive,
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severe costs or on the restaurant for directors or invasion of ukraine or nato allies. singles coronation with european union and other partners all the world are now imposing severe economic sanctions on the ocean are 2. 0, demonstrate that. so we follow up on law to said under the starter, it will be a high price for a shall to pay our nato allies are also over a long period of time provided support, practical support to military support to, to ukraine and helps them to build a much stronger, much better equipped, much better trained armed force today than has in 2014. and i would like to recognize the the group did the professionalism and the bravery older ukrainian, or men and women in uniform when i was standing up against the russian invasion. so
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we continued to stand together um, condemning the russian, a full scale invasion of ukraine and the allies. so i stand together also and send the message that the we will never accept the brutal violation over in the national all that we see taking place or as rochelle. now invade c. ok . well, does she like and do you have any information that shows that nat nato allies faced a direct threat from, from russia at the moment, and would need of reconsider military invent intervention in ukraine? thank you. nathan is the strongest alliance history on make no mistake. we will defend and protect every ally against any attack
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and every in shall natal territory. and that's the reason also we have increased our presence in the eastern part of the alliance with thousands of more troops, ships on plains or the last 2 weeks. 2 to send the verdict error message on the attack on one i'll, i will trigger to response from the whole alliance. and we do so not to provoke a conflict, but to prevent the conflict. what reduce the offensive. it's prudent, it's measured, but it is necessary because we see the aggressive actions of russia against that ukraine. and therefore, a allies also have to make sure that there is no room for any misunderstanding about the address. i can do anything like that against that natal allied, a country national public, reagan. hi. thank you. terry schultz with m p r and d w. mister secretary general in the, in the next statement, when you say that we're deploying additional defensive land and air forces to the eastern part of the alliance,
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additional maritime assets and increased the readiness of, of forces. is this now today more forces being sent as a result of the fact that the invasion has now happened? or are you there referring to what has already been done as, as reinforcements? i understand say core will now have the ability to assemble the b, g, b, j t f without coming back to the knack for approval. and finally, are you still willing to sit down with president putin or other representatives of the russian government after this? or are you suspending your offer to hold talks on other issues and the nato russia council? thank you. this invasion dawson coma surprise. we are warned against it for months on the sand. leah, while happened this morning during the night, will something like the allah, the security and intelligence services have predicted for long panel. we have tried to prevent it by calling rochelle to.


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