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tv   News  RT  February 25, 2022 12:00am-12:31am EST

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ah, ah, if claims is shot down, a russian cruise miss all above the city, but de bri, apparently hate a residential area injuring 8th for this is russia special operation named the demilitarization of ukraine? mental states who? monica maintains. it has no plans. occupation. the e u. america and the allies slammed the criminal operation as a bomb barrick attack and, and val, a ross of tough sanctions against russia. ah ah, this is anti international coming to you live from moscow as we continue to bring you the very latest world news updates. and as always, continue to go beyond the headlines and question more. thank you for joining us
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this morning. now kiev claims it has shut down a russian at cruise missile above the capitols residential area. the debris apparently came down on an apartment building, causing an explosion. let's get more details on this. now i'm joined in the studio by ortiz, e gosh, darn of ego. good morning to you. thank you for coming in. and they were reports that russian troops on nikia. now we're hearing explosive explosions in the capital . so what do we know about what's really going on there? well indeed, again, the information is very hectic. again, remember, this is an act of was own. so just to advice of caution, a really, really pick your source is what to follow. so again, a lot of reports and in fact, explosions are reported all across the country. our air raid sirens are being sounded again, all across the you look all across the ukraine. us from liver, which here is a bass tiana of ukrainian nationalism. and the very, very west of the country to capital key of, to southern a debt. so you know,
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all those, all those places. now, key of so far, the most videos we're getting from there. and the one you are seeing right now is apparently over the ukraine, downing and shooting down a russian cruise missile of, you know, over caliber class. this is, this is what it is. i mean that, again, even ukraine, ukraine officials, they provided some conflicting reports. first they insisted it was aircraft, something that they did all, all throughout the day, all throughout the day, one and well without a single shred of evidence, like photographs of video. and the russian defense ministry denied any brushing. i grew up being shut down. the claim this initially here as well later to change their narrative and say that this is a cruise missile then the debris, you can see them falling down and just this huge ball of filing down towards them falling on a residential quarter, right next to a residential apartment building,
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which was, which caught fire. and according to the latest information, tragically, 8 people were injured there and well over a 100 were evacuated from, from over that. now again, both, both russia and ukraine officials have been, well, well, the kindest and so i, to i, in saying that the russians only target military infrastructure. this is something that the defense ministry of russia has repeatedly said that they are, you know, carpet bombing or anything that strikes a pin point. and targeting was military objects like will fields or, you know, defense systems of military barracks, you know, mil, it will just military facilities and even an advisor to the ukrainian president when he was kind of forecasting what to expect from day to. he said that, well, we're expecting an extensive bombardment of key of but civilians. he said should
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not be fr. they because they look in all likeliness in all likelihood they will not be basically, he did not expect any casualties or anyone like, even as much as wounded because russians. again, he said, because russians were strictly targeting military facilities and again, tragically, 8 wanted today because ukraine showed down this caliber missile over the capital over a densely populated area. again, such incidents, the aren't really, this is, this isn't the 1st one. it isn't a, it's nothing special. for example, when saudi arabia, a few years ago, was, you know, i was repelling a, who's the a who, the attack, or who the missile attack. they did shoot down a couple of messages over residential areas. some people were killed, some people were injured in a rapidly developing situations like this. it's so important to keep our wits about us because there's so much conflicting information. so it is important that we do
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look at every aspect of all sides of the story, but indeed if there have been injuries or death in is a very tragic and very sad. but i thank you for coming in ego and bringing us up to speed on that. thank you. now, friday is the 2nd day of russia's military operation in ukraine. the defense ministry say that russian trip successfully carried out the tasks assigned to them on day one. the kremlin phase, the missions objective is to defend the dumbass republics from ukrainian aggression . we have our correspondence in the don barzyk in cross live to remain closer of his int on yard skin. dead don quarter is into gown rock a board, a town in russia's roast of region, and thank you both for joining us. let's go to you 1st. man. i was the latest from don. yes. can give us more about what's been happening overnight for good morning. you're in san center, can see yours, sir. sorry for our continued all day. thursday here in dunbar thing continued all
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through the night. at the moment his arm speak to you. it is relatively quiet here and, and as couldn't wear no longer a hearing. the sounds of a shilling here in the center of the city. however, the operation to liberate the rest of the many people's republic had already begun . has been going on for a 2 days. and the head of the republican is push it and said that it will soon and, and they will not stop until the rest of the cities like murray, who pull a chroma tours can slide on scar a liberated. now like i said, it's been a very in sense of the last 24 hours. for example, the city of girl of car about an hour's drive from where i am right now. it's been sheldon all day and all night as a result. so according to the mayor of the city, you one pretty hot call, at least 2 people, 2 civilians had been killed and 6 had been critically injured to one of the 0
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results offer an ukranian attack. now our fighting is also taking place on the outskirts of the city of foot. don't ask where people are forced into a bomb shelters as the artillery jewels continue and the words, he views over night that one civilian had been critically injured. wounded there's there's well, he's in currently in the hospital and then the medics are trying to save a his life now as the results of shelling and heavy shelling of the last few days and a lot of critical civilian infrastructure was damaged, as well as the results of power stations, so water pumping plans had been damaged and as the results left thousands and thousands of people without access to water or electricity. now the red cross are working here and as well and don't as they be here since 2014. and i tried to do everything possible to help the civilians by delivering
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a bottle of water and building supplies or anything else they might need now. also intense fighting is taking place in the south of the de nest people's republic close to the city of farmers who paul, according to peoples or militia of dennis. some of the some of the ukrainian military are actually retreating and they've managed to take over a couple of settlements. and according to the press service of the, a russian defense ministry. then as people's republic managed to advance 6 to 8 kilometers in some places into their territory, which was formerly occupied by the ukrainian military now adored by sir. and he is a representative of the people's militia i here internet republic said that the city of mario paul is currently encircled by the so called and national territorial defense battalions called as often they were often affiliated with neo nazi
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beliefs. well, of this, a battalion encircled a city and are now reportedly preventing the local residents from evacuating from leaving the city of morrow. pl. vacant them into action for human shields that meanwhile, according to russia's federal, secure to service, all of the ukrainian border guards have left their positions along the russian are border, and that's as of a 1 pm on thursday. now russia, federal security service also added in their statement, that's 16 of those that ukrainian border guards have actually crossed into a crimea into a russian territory and refused to serve under ukrainian flag. now ukrainian border guards. they have also issued to their own a statement saying that their personnel will be relocated from those polls. so to
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reserve her positions and that will be de the, on the situations. now we are also receiving reports and footage, as, as some of the ukrainian soldiers here in don boss are actually surrendering and laying down arms. and some of them have crossed and to, to serve with the people's militia here in generic scans or perhaps of this. they've been answering calls to both latimer putin and the head of the republic of john boss to lay down arms and to go home. now, all of these are soldiers who decided to leave to leave their weapons behind her have been promised free blasted shore, so called humanitarian chords, or to go back home. and all of them have been promised to amnesty as well. now a media also media reports from my key of suggest that the office of the president of zalinski are reporting a scores of ukrainian soldiers who i had been killed and also civilians. however,
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that information is still, i'm verify the numbers are verified or the fact that it happened is also and verified. still. now are here in de anesco. we are all hoping that this bullet proof vests will soon no longer be needed, as some of the local residents are already saying that the network is probably the safest that it's been in the last 8 years as the local army is now advancing outward and also denise push it, in the head of the people's republic of the nest, halted the evacuation to russia, adding that said, there are plenty of space safe spaces within the republic at the moment where people can be safe for the law for their lives and their loved ones. okay, well man, thank you for that update from don yet scan. let's go to don now don course and we
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know there's been a big influx of refugees, so causing some dumbass interactions tree over the past week or so. i was actually still arising by their nikki. well yeah, that's true. over the past a week, i would say it thousands and thousands of evacuees from the don boss region have come into russia. they've set up ad to they. they basically had to go to temporary housing facilities that the regional governments on the borders have set up for these evacuation. and then they've gone to other regions of russia for longer term stay that are farther in, inside the heartland of russia. but actually the after what happened yesterday, the initiation of rushes offensive in don boss and delegates to people's republics . and the got the elegance, people's republican, the done yet people's republic, they actually suspended the mandatory evacuation. there are still people coming here though, because like we heard our correspondence
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a roman closer of say the fighting is obviously still going on. and actually i wanted to mention that we're right here at the border town of toggle rog and roster of region of russia. where over night actually there were no less than 14 artillery shells that came, that fell on russian territory here. and although the ukrainian foreign ministry denies that the ukrainian military is fired, any artillery shells on to russian territory that there have been actually many instances of artillery shells of falling here, specifically last night. but even yesterday, when the, when the offensive began, there were the bombings in the region of bell garrett where several of people's homes pro just civilians. a homes were damaged, of cit. the same thing also happened in a brown screech and where at least 2 people were injured. there was another report from the russia's federal security services that in course region, they also sent artillery shells on to russian territory. but they reported that
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they immediately were able to destroy the firing position. so there has also been quite a, quite a bit of action on the border on the russian side and, and because of that, their local authorities have taken action. actually the air space rushes southern airspace has been entirely closed. there aren't any flights going out of the 12 airports in this area until march 2nd, at least. and also they've decided to close down schools near the border because of course, like i just said, artillery shells have been falling there and of several people have gotten hurt already. and just and as early as last a last night, there were just in this region for at least 14 artillery shells had fell here. so this is obviously a danger to people. and the, and the authorities want to make sure that people near the border are okay. until this, so these hostilities cease data don quota and to remind calls ref many thanks for
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your poets on the grounds that we appreciate it. now, asi science gets halo has a round up. now of day one of russia is the military operation. and ukraine has taken that back in the early moscow hours of the 24th of february, the dawn passed for public requested military help from russia to quote, prevent, father bloodshed. hours later vladimir putin made this announcement movement that if you have assigned it to conduct a special military operation, the goal is to protect the people who for 8 years of the bullying and genocide from the key of regime. for this, we aim for the demilitarization and the ness, if a cation of ukraine will bring to the court. those who committed multiple sanguinary crimes against civilians, including russian citizens. we do not plan to occupy ukrainian territories. the reason, given all party diplomacy had run dry and nato had crossed red lines,
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ukraine's president was quick to respond with the message were ready for anything best buying. keep my c panel level. we are strong. we are ready for everything was who to feed everyone because we are ukraine. he imposed muscle know cut off the tip matic ties of moscow. undeclared general mobilization, ukraine's as space shot to civilian flights. blasts were reported in numerous cities. embassies evacuated. best off, the russian rouble tanked, and brent coil hit a 7 year high. then west. the needle woke up and a wave of condemnation came. these are among the dark cuz our 40 scenes, the end of world war 2. this hideous involved worse than show of vladimir putin must end in failure. the russian defense men. she said it was
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a neat precision targeting key of his military infrastructure and not civilians when not on to threat. it then claimed that ukrainian soldiers, while a bonding that post on mass or surrendering for children or no one has lucy, like the nationalist looked members of ukrainian armed forces, swore an oath to the crowning people and were a bain orders for. so we treat them with respect to for service members who have put down their arms. we make safe corridors for them to escape the operation and return to their families as they want of moscow special operation. net, it's and he has stood in quit loc as thousands fled by car. in spite of the government calls the. com and i see scenes unfolded few remember the time of such confusion and instability, it could have been prevented. it could have been prevented in 2 days. ago a day ago, all that needed to happen was for a ukraine to say,
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we will not be part of nato and we will comply with minsk and then i believe this would not have happened. but that was never going to happen. the west us suddenly remembered manse can say, hey, we need to do this. well, you know, you had 7 years to do it, and you did. it could have pressured ukrainian government to implement it. you didn't, and now you're paying the price. i mean, while the ukranian president has declared a general mobilization assets, meaning old and young will have to go to the front line. he also said not a single western leader was ready to provide security guarantees to his country story, duddy, who is ready to fight alongside us. frankly, i don't see any one who is ready to get clear of a guarantee. enjoy notes, or frankly, everybody's scared with information that enemies sabotaged. groups happened here. that's why i ask you have residence, be careful, and follow the rules of the curfew. also. meanwhile, there were scenes of panic. can ukraine's capital here on thursday,
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long traffic jams formed as people headed out of the city many to the west of the country. however, local officials urged residents to stay at home and not clog up the robes. these are images of residents of care and car. coffee preferred to spend the night taking shelter in the underground metro stations fearing russian missile strikes. the russian military claims it's not targeting civilian areas, but people aren't taking any chances though. some ukrainian politicians are urging com at the moment, we recognize there is a possibility of such an attack, but it should be noted that attacks on civilians are not very likely since military targets are their aim. announced a raft of sanctions against russia early this friday, following deliberations between european leaders in brussels for the latest his. charlotte depends from paris for us. charlotte's good to see, you know, what's the reaction been from european leaders? could you talk us through it please?
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well it's not just european leaders, the g 7, our leaders actually met on thursday evening for emergency at summit to discuss the situation in ukraine and they have whole heartedly condemned. what is happening there? they say that russia has essentially violated international rule or with that and said that president putin, his reintroduced war into europe. now alongside the you, there has been an announcement of this coordinated raff of sanctions, economic and financial to target specific interests at within russia. but they do seem to be quite wide ranging. for example, the e u has said that add those sanctions will include the halting of access by russian banks to european financial markets. and the u. k. has described it's in new sanctions as being the largest ever. now it wants you leaders to follow its lead
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when it comes to the swift international a payment banking situation. it's going to ban russia from accessing that in the u . k. but it doesn't seem for the moment as if the you will follow seat on that are but of the restrictions for russian nationals in the u. k. will include the amount of money that they're able to hold in banks there and also access to russian banks to the u. k. economic system at boris johnson saying that this would essentially really put the pressure on russia. and ursula vaughan delay and also saying that these were wide ranging sanctions that would be painful the occasion onto the largest most of your package of economic sanctions. the russia has oversee with new financial measures. we're taking new powers to target russian finance. in addition to the banks, we've already sanctioned these pounds, reuben us totally to exclude russian banks from the u. k. financial system,
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which is of course by far the largest in europe, stopping them from accessing stowing and clearing payments through the u. k. the european union stands united to night. european leaders were fully aligned in condemning the atrocious and unprovoked attacks. now we have to meet the moment. we will hold the kremlin accountable. the package of massive and targeted sanctions . european leaders approved to night clearly demonstrates that this package includes financial sanctions that cut russia's access to the most important capital markets were now targeting 70 percent of the russian banking market. but also key state owned companies, including the field of defense. and these sanctions will increase rush us borrowing costs, raise inflation,
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and gradually erode rushes industrial base. well, french president macro also has not been mincing his words over the situation in ukraine. he accused president putin of overseeing a turning point in european history. and many who heard his speech, it at lunch time on thursday, and may have been wondering where the france was about to bite the bullet and potentially sent military aid in to ukraine. this is what president mack on had to say was of your disappear somerset together. we anticipated this crisis by conducting a demanding dialogue and alongside our european allies and partners. we did everything we could to avoid it. it is here. when we are ready, we will respond to this act of war without weakness with cold blood, the determination and unity of habit of eggs. but he has left the door open to dialogue, in fact,
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precedence mac on and putin spoke on thursday evening that came after the request from ukrainian president as zalinski, who said that he couldn't get hold of president putin and asked to present mack on to intervene instead at the 2 leaders are said to have had a very frank discussion at, but have both said that they are willing to continue talking in the next few days now across europe, in the capitals that have been protests outside russian embassies. as a result of that military action in ukraine, and that there has though, been some support for russia, and also for president putin are from some notable politicians, including nigel farrar's in the u. k. who essentially said that the west had been poking the russian bear with a stick. and also hearing france from presidential hopeful erick seymour who said that while he condemned military action in ukraine, he felt that the blame had to be part laid at the door of the west. napoleon too,
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if we could have avoided this catastrophe. i have been saying for years of the worst has responsibility for the escalation of violence in the east, and i must understand russian demands against 9 to expansion. unfortunately, we have done nothing to prevent this escalation. more intense discussions are due to take place on friday with more emergency summits, including of the g, 7, nato, and of the european union council. we will, of course, be across those and keep you up to date here at r t i sharla. we appreciate that for now, that's our t shall depends his week into his life from paris. and joe biden has also condemned the russian operation and unveiled what he called devastating sanctions. caleb morgan explains more well when we heard from joe biden, the u. s. president. he laid out new sanctions on russia. these spoke specifically
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of some banks that will be targeted. he specifically talked of products being outlawed to export to russia. u. s. companies will not be able to export certain products to russia later in the press conference. he was pressed about this swift international banking system and he gave kind of a mild answer and said, well, the european allies don't seem to agree and essentially admitted that while the states might want to kick russia out of this web system, it seems united states is not going to be able to do that at this time. now the narrative that joe biden laid out throughout his remarks was the same narrative we've been hearing from us officials all along. apparently this whole crisis, according to joe biden, has just happened simply because of russia. there is no other factor, it is simply russia's malign activities that has caused the whole thing. this is what we heard from joe biden laying out his interpretation of the dance 4 weeks. we've been warning that this would happen,
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and now it's unfolding largely as we predicted. now, it's important to note that russia has repeatedly raised the issue of its security guarantees. in addition to that, russia has made clear it has no intent to invade ukraine. however, at this point, they are engaging in an operation to protect the people of don, ask, and luc guns, and make sure they do not continue to face the shelling and bombardment they have been enduring for the past 8 years. it's important to note that unlike what joe biden said, these republics were not declared by the russian president vladimir putin. they were declared by the peoples of these regions in response to the u. s. coup in 2014, and it has been 8 years since then that russia has waited to declare the republics . now, what was also interesting is when pressed by report, a joe biden revealed some rather interesting lack of knowledge when it comes to
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events. one of the reporters actually asked him, is putin's threatening a nuclear strike? to which biden replied, i don't know what he is threatening, so we have the president of the united states saying that he doesn't know if nuclear war is on the table. now of course, russia has not threatened a nuclear strike, a nuclear war is simply not on the table. russia's engaging and an operation to protect. don ask and lu ganske from attack. the idea that this is some kind of nuclear confrontation is pretty outrageous, or the fact that biden responded to such a question with, i don't know, is something that a lot of americans have got defined very concerning. so many different opinions have caused legal media, analyst line o says the u. s. condemnation of russia is hypocritical. when i ask people, why is it that we or other countries can invade or san invading or was entering okay, well it wouldn't, it entering. no, he's in bating, is it
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a partial of 8 water? no. is he occupying was a partial occupy, and there's all these, these little dispatcher, of the words, i'm a lawyer and i love to pars word. but when it comes to go grenada, when it comes to the falkland islands or vietnam, or iraq or afghanistan, we don't need justifying from anybody. we don't have to explain to anybody who matter cares who's killed, we're right in their rom for 5 years. we've had nothing but dish drumbeat is rochelle phobic, anti russian move. mine said that basically made people so easily convinced that this must be wrong. and by the way, i'm against war, i think everybody is that's not the issue. i was a one asking, why are we going to a rack? why are we going to have get? is that what did they have to do with 911? shut up. don't euro. you're an american, you're not patriotic. or nobody has any questions. there nobody. what did
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afghanistan have to do? and i'm, and i'm in new york and i was here on 911. i remember it. what did afghanistan have to do with it? doesn't matter. we've been there for a long dish war. isn't it funny? the hypocrisy isn't a funny whether it's the falkland islands that lead the a grenada. i mean these little skirmishes and military ashes, whether it's syria, middle east, target assassinations of people. nobody says a word, but now all of a sudden, well, we're all pacifist and that's good. but please consistency thanks for joining us. her naughty international will be back at the top of the as we continue to dissect all angles and continue to question more. oh, when you have a few minutes.


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