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tv   News  RT  February 25, 2022 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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[000:00:00;00] ah ah, president putin urges ukraine soul just to take power in the country to protect civilian lives, thus as western powers condemn what they call an all out invasion. officials in the dentist republic claim ukrainian army shelling has sets a local school killing to teachers. brushes, defense ministry accuses ukraine's army of allegedly committing a war crime by placing rocket launchers in residential areas. the my appeal to you, premium citizens shares your nationalist leadership uses the same methods as here
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is all they wanted using was huge. of is russia's military operation in ukraine who stated aim is to protect the people of don. bus continues for a 2nd day as russian troops move across the country. with your watching r t international monies. peter scott taken over from daniel hawkins on wherever you joining us from. welcome to the program. president putin has said he's ready to send a delegation to better roost to negotiate with the ukranian governments. so after president volume is the lensky offered for talks, according to the kremlin ukraine has responded with a counter offer for a meeting with the been the polish capital war, saw so far, no decisions been reached, half the day, 2 of russia's military operation. putin has also addressed ukrainian soldiers directly urging them to take power in their country. you sure so, but actually in
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a solution, what of the machine i once again appeal to the military personnel of the own forces of ukraine. do not allow neo nazis to use your children, wives, and the elderly as human shields take power into your own hands. it looks like it will be easier for us to come to an agreement. i guess you cannot underestimate the significance of these latest commons by the russian president and the tone, the toughness of mister proven that's something we've not seen before. when he was referring to the government in care of. i would like to stress once again, but be very precise. he called the officials in charge of the ukraine, a gang of drug addicts and neo nazis. and that is a very serious thing. plus like you've heard just before, he called on the cranium servicemen to take power and become in charge of the
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country. and i would assume that this is something, this is pure speculation, but still this is something that could lead to possibly a different group of people representing ukraine to head, to men's or war. so or somewhere else where potential talks between the 2 sides, that could happen. so this could be what the kremlin is expecting. now i do have to remind you that there are political forces in ukraine, including the opposition and the parliament that are a pro russian that have always been supported by the population in the countries east. and now they have close ties with the russian government. indeed, whether mister putin was hinting at these people at this time, we don't know, but possibly we may find out in the near future. i'd like to go back to the proposal by vol, dimmer, zalinski that he made a couple of hours ago. he is in a situation where i believe he's desperate to start is direct talks with latimer,
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pope. and also i'd like to point out that this was a complete change in tone compared to what mr. zalinski was saying about 2 days ago when the 1st stages of the russian military operation were unraveling. back then, he was saying that the ukrainian army needs to stay put and victory for ukraine is inevitable. now he's desperate to have these talks that you sure us about it. i would like to address the president of the russian federation. once again, there are a battles going on all over ukraine. let's sit down at the negotiating table to stop the killing. well, we are currently seeing a man who is much more nervous, but mister zalinski, according to the kremlin, is being hot and cold. because according to dmitri pess, gov, after suggesting that the location for the talks be changed to warsaw,
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apparently there were no more messages or attempts to get in touch with kremlin from key of well, the russian defense minisey has claimed ukraine is using as population as human shields alliance local residence is used by the key ag resume of residential areas to cover the firing positions of its artillery as a war crime. william cruz, this handwriting is familiar. johnson of these techniques are actively used my terrorist supervised by the c. i a, in the middle east and other countries and was talking i appeal to ukrainian citizen, but i share your nationalist. leadership uses the same methods as terrors, or they want to use you as human shields that the russian armed forces will not strike residential areas of the ukrainian capital room issuing. the ministry spokesman also claimed ukraine is committing a war crime by firing artillery from inside residential areas. but the russian military, it will not be drawn into provocations, alleging similar sight. 6 have been used by ca,
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bites militants in the middle east. ukraine sees the russian intervention as an invasion and a violation of its sovereignty. meanwhile, president zalinski as press secretary posts on social media on friday, that ukraine is open to negotiating a ceasefire with russia. the statement alleges that that sued parties have got as far as talking about the time under place for discussions. well, arts he's eager is done of joins me now live in the studio. ego was the latest on the potential get negotiations was present, zalinski saying, well absolutely, according to well to the aid, according to his press secretary, the sides might be as close to the negotiations as discussing the time and place for them. again, this is coming from the ukrainian side. we have not seen a confirmation of this from the russian authorities at the same time in the latest address to the nation. sort of the end of the day address as that which is becoming somewhat of a well tradition for the ukranian president for president lensky. he has laid out
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his vision as to how this day has unfolded and well has. well, given ukraine's perspective on the events on the russian military operation, how the city defenses, how the country defenses are coping with the onslaught, according to the president, it has been a difficult day. but the night he said might be even more hard. it might be even harder might be more difficult because according to the language here, they are expecting that they are expecting a full blown assault on capital key of so well, we already hearing reports of gunfire inside, within the perimeter of care. so again, we can't really say we can't really say for sure that those are russian troops battling ukrainian truth because remember as landscape handed out thousands of guns, thousands of a k rifles to the general population. there are reports that some are using this force not to defend their homeland, but rather to well in the road and loot. so there are such reports as well. so it's
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unclear where the gun fighting is coming from and who's shooting, who but again, president zalinski is expecting an assault on the city. he said that key of must not fall. and he urged everybody in the ukrainian capital to do whatever they can to stop russian. well, the russian troops or they see them as aggressors, of course. so he urge them to take up arms to well, burn russia military hardware to like clique, their positions to lead, crush, military positions. if, if they see basically help out. however, they can. well, some might interpreted as a bit of a well, a bit of a desperate move because, well, desperate times call for desperate measures. this is what they say. but again, given the overwhelming difference in the russian and ukraine and firepower, well, it is. well, the chance is nobody, i don't think anybody in the world noticed it. there's not a single military expert in the world outside of ukraine, of course, who would give ukraine any chances in this,
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in this conflict. so this was the latest from ukrainian president lensky as to well, what to expect overnight? we'll see if this comes to fruition. ok with our spend much thought eagle show, you keep us updated throughout the nights as our situation continues to unfold. thank you. to teachers have been killed by a ukrainian artillery strike on a school outside done yet. so that's according to local officials. now, for a quick warning of some of you mind, they might find the following footage, disturbing lucy, these images showing the aftermath no children. fortunately were in the building of the time is within one of the 2 don bus republics, which russia recognized as independence. earlier this week. and in danielle sk itself, residential areas have also been hit, according to locals are ukranian shell, landed in a parking lot damaging several vehicles. the shock wave smashed the windows of a nearby warehouse. one civilian was reportedly severely injured. ortiz roman casa
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reports from the don bus republic as schilling and continues here. and, and as peebles, republican women here, and it's in the center of the city on the outskirts of the season. of course said the news came from the city of a girl of car earlier on friday where 2 teachers were killed by a shelling at a school. thankfully, the school was close and there were no words were no children of presents. he would english and good again, british french eaten tricky. another tragedy occurred in our town today. ukrainian force as shelter school. as a result, our colleagues, 2 of our teachers have died for 8 years. we have been leaving in fear that our loved ones may get hurt. die how colleagues may die. why's that? there is no answer. if you keep us till it will be high enough, he grant has been given us for 8 years now. he's left without parents. the deputy had teacher has a son, he's in 5th grade, he became an orphan. she didn't have
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a husband, he died. the geography teacher has a sick mother. no one knows what to do with her now. that's terrifying. when will this be over? we're waiting for a police everyone who is doing it. just start this terrible war. innocent people are dying from what the deal. it's more my shelling of that city continues for 8 years already and this friday i was not any different. in addition to the 2 women who were killed by artillery fire, one person was wounded earlier on thursday, and the other 2 people were killed at a factory where they were working and all and all over 2 days with all of as many as 12 people had been wounded now from the city of gall of coal, which is about an hour away from where i'm standing to ride here to the city of done that square shelling hit well nearly the center of the city about 2
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kilometers away from where i'm standing. several civilian facilities were, were hit, and unfortunately one person lost their life. it was a woman who came under fire and an ambulance came to save her life. but unfortunately, she died on route to the hospital. now dennis king quite a large says he and many of its outskirts are right there on the front line, were heavy artillery tools continue and many of the local residents, so were forced to hide in bomb shelters, were speaking of murray, opal. well, according to the representative of the people's militia here, edwardo, but sir and well, that city is currently encircled by us of battalion. it's a so called the territorial defense force, which over many years the many have linked it with neo nazi affiliations and belief . well, there is saying here that there are members of this battalion. they're not letting people evacuate from mario pool. we've been hearing
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a lot of artillery fire here in the center on friday. of course has been it sounds a lot more distant, but yes, there were explosions right here in the city as for the atmosphere. you can definitely see people walking around me. of course, everyone here is hoping that of this conflict will soon and according to you and numbers, more than 14000 people heads idle over 90. children were killed in this call says 240 children had been wounded. and so many of them i became a disable, so certainly the people here want peace. they want not nothing but peace. and some of them for the past 2 days in separation. again, they're saying that said don't, let's get the moment is probably the safest place that's in has been in the last 8 years because the fighting is now mostly going out board and not into the city. earlier we heard from patrick henning sin,
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who's the executive editor of 21st century y a dot com and he thinks the ukranian government has little control over some of the more extreme forces fighting in the country. you don't really have a fully functioning state. and i think a lot of people will argue that, um, you know, on many levels, ukraine has been a kind of a failed state in some sense after the coup in 2014. but just by nearby the, the nature, the fact that they don't have the military hierarchy don't have full control over all of their a paramilitary units. we're talking about the as all battalions. and some of the more extreme radical right leaning extreme right, leading military units that russia and moscow's complained about that or not under the full control of the unified ukrainian military hierarchy. and hence, this is why you probably have all of these of civilian casualties shelling in the
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dom bass. and at the same time the government, the key has been denying that they've been firing or broke group broken cease for protocols regarding the mix accords and so forth. so that level of deniability is always very convenient if you have sort of freelancing ah, units or within your military structure. the u. s. has sanctioned body, may pierce in the russian foreign minister said a gay love role following a see a similar decision by the opinion. the book earlier proved 2 rounds of sanctions against russia condemning what it calls the invasion of ukraine. and the british prime minister wants to take things a step further urging partners to cut russia out of the swift financial transaction . system ortiz poll asleep is in london with the latest. the british prime minister boys johnson has introduced the largest ever sanctions that this country has imposed on russia. we have heard from the british prime minister that these he
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believes we'll hobble the russian economy. they target the russian elite who live here, or have businesses here in london. they also target the russian president vladimir putin in a circle. and they also target a number of banks, not least of all the 2nd largest state owned russian bank. the foreign secretary here in the u. k. has been undertaking a round of shuttle diplomacy to try and persuade fellow european countries to cut russia off from the swift manner tree system. and this is after the you refused to do so. so we see her going around and trying to get settled for what has been termed the nuclear option of sanctions. and we've now heard from the british prime minister johnston or so calling for nato countries to support this idea. this afternoon, i urged nato leaders to take immediate action against swift to inflict maximum pain
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on president poolgan in his regime. now dawning state has also said that nothing is off the table when it comes to them supporting crane. and we see this as a flurry of activity happens in european capitals, where they too are imposing tough measures and tough sanctions on russia. poland and the czech republic have now closed their air space to russian plains. at the same time, the sanctions that are being imposed will increase rushes, borrowing costs will raise inflation and will gradually erode russia's industrial base. so that is the aim of particularly the european sanctions by curbing these deposits. what they european meters are hoping is that wealthy russian businessman cannot to quote tide they money any more in the safe havens in europe. joseph burrow of the e, you had this to say read it and put in for a minister rather off,
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out in the list of sanction people together with me apologize for interrupting the package. we're going to cross live again now to the un security council where china is now speaking and discussing their response to intervention on the current situation, lindy done, i'm present face with a highly complex and sensitive situation. though security council, so make a necessary response. at the same time, sexual response should also be taken with great caution or actions should be truly conducive to defusing the crisis. rather than adding fuel to fire troops, but that is not handled properly and treated by bending one so on exerting pressure and imposing sanctions. may only lead to more casualties, more property loss, a more complicated and chaotic situation and more difficulties in bridging differences took place in a completely shut the door to a peaceful solution. and eventually,
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it is the vast number of innocent people that movie the victims. we must draw profound lessons from the extremely painful experience in the past ways on monday, about mentioned or the child the abstain in the vote just now what i wish to stress that is here of ukraine is not something that only emerged today, nor did the current situation secondly, overnight i said good need to do the result of the interplay of various factors over a long periods of time. on tongue, china advocates, a common core, comprehensive cooperative and sustainable security concept. believing it done way you can really of one country cannot come costs of ton of money. the security of other nations much less can reason no security be secured through group
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strengthening group expansion though against the backdrop of fine success. the wrong of nato expansion was little russia, legitimate security aspirations, should be given attention an address to properly walker line. ukraine should become a bridge between the east and west are not an outpost for confrontation between major powers. well known, the strongly corp on all parties concerned to exercise could maximum restraint. these tensions be met him avoid civilian casualties will, can lead you to some kid i see of him to the final settlement of the ukraine crisis still requires abandoning the coat woman talented, giving full attention and respect to the legitimate security concerns of all countries and conducting negotiation as a balance, effective and sustainable security. european security mechanism. we urge all
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parties to return immediately to the tract of diplomatic negotiations and political settlement to show narrative sincerity anchored will make a political decision and engage in dialogue. income of citation for a comprehensive settlement of ukraine, assuming i thank you mister president. i thank you. i shall now deliver a statement in my capacity, if they're sensitive of the russian federation. this is the russian federation voted against the anti russian and anti ukrainian dropped resolution of the school council that was submitted today. why is it anti russian? i think that there is no need to explain why it suffices said to have at the job of merely cast the cursory glance at the taxwise at anti ukrainian. this is because the document beyond any doubt, runs counter to the fundamental interest of the ukrainian people and so far as it
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is an attempt to salvage and cement in ukraine, that system of power which, which brought the country to the point of tragedy, which has now been ongoing for at the very least 8 years now, and we thank those who did not support this draft. i will not respond to those who josie accused the russian federation of abusing the veto, right? goal mode with the main reason for our negative vote is not the fact that there is that what with what is included in the draft, what, what is left now? or if it's sponsors, we're attempting to, we're to attempt to make it even remotely balanced. then they would not have left out issues which must be addressed and cannot be overlooked in the context of the training problem. specifically, they would not what was left out is the fact that those who assumed and seized power as
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a result of the anti constitutional cooling key of in february 2014. when i refer to them, i don whom to the way that they unleashed a war against the residents of the countries east shelling residential areas with artillery pieces and multiple rocket launchers, raining bombs, and the people of danielle campbell guns. what was left out was the way that the queen authorities, with the encouragement of their western patrons consistently in for you, cynically served their responsibility to implement the men's agreements that the linchpin of which was direct dialogue with the residents of the country's east. at the same time, what was the position on the line of contact? the deployment of ukrainian depth squats quad squads comprised largely of radical neo natalie battalions methodically, day after day shell to the residential areas of dpr in lp are killing women, children and the elderly. and incidentally, this is ongoing today, just to day 4 civilians died as
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a result of the actions of the ukrainian armed forces. and how can we failed to mention the blood killing crimes by the cranium nationalists as perpetrator over the past 8. who here is the fact that the protestors against my don in odessa were burned alive. the fact that peaceful protests there is in my dawn were shot at by unknown snipers. the investigation into both of these tragedies is something that has been deliberately swept under the rug by the my don regime at the same time. the culprits in odessa tragedy are well known. they are openly flaunting their presence and yet an alternative investigation and the recognition by the snipers themselves unambiguously confirmed that the slaughter was on the plan, an independence square. it was a provocation by the leaders of my dawn. and we specifically last year carried out an informal security council meeting, an aria formula meeting on both of these issues with the aim of sharing with security council colleagues. more information about mclean, virginia,
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in response of at bass. what we heard from western honda partners, we're merely hackney police chaise about so called russian propaganda. how can there be a resolution on the ukrainian issue without these above mentioned issues we mentioned that we'd been wise to include in the draft of the word an honest assessment of, of the role of western colleagues in inflating this ukrainian crisis. not only did they stand behind them, i don who, but they also effectively issued a car wash to key of to carry out any act, any steps that would be unthinkable for any civilized state. and this includes the, egregious discrimination against the russian language and consequently, russian language speakers. this includes glorification of hitler's henchmen a mind in, alongside of the prohibition and prohibition processions. to honor the real heroes or ukraine who freed it of naziism as well as their religious schism. in that country,
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but was glad you spin tales about the triumph of democracy in ukraine. my donna authorities and nationalists have been with impunity murdering their political opponents. they have been persecuting the opposition. they have been shuddering opposition television channels, where it was possible to at least have some small dose of relatively objective information. for 6 of them, like one of those television channels were shuttered under president did zelinski alone. and how can we failed to mention the fact that weapon has been flooded with weapons, weapons that were used than to kill civilians in dunbar. you have made your crane of hon and your geopolitical game with no concern. however, about the interest of the cranium. people responsibility for what is transpiring back, present wise, not only with the ukraine and government, but it also lies at your feet, ladies and gentlemen, and today's draft resolution. your draft resolution is nothing other than yet another brutal,
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inhumane move in this ukranian chessboard. a legacy just colleagues, up to day. all western who media outlets have been inundated with reports about how civilian populations enjoy a host of other ukranian city house when seeking shelter in bomb shelters and they are fighting for their lives and the fleeing artillery far we are genuinely and empathize with our neighbors and we urge them not to yield to provocation president and put in and the brushing defense ministry explicitly stated and clearly stated that there would be no strikes targeting civilian infrastructure. but the nationalists are already using civilians as human. she'll just specifically we categorically m and condemn the placement by nationalists in residential areas of artillery and multiple rocket launchers. this is
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a direct breach of the north of international humanitarian law including articles $51.58 to the 1st additional protocol of the geneva conventions. we see the way the situation is being exploited in propagandistic exercises by western politicians and media outlet. who would like to ask you, where were you 8 years ago. why were you unmoved when there was murder and artillery strikes in dunbar? why didn't you even bother to notice that there are 4 more than 4000000 people living in dpr and in l. p r, who at best were branded pro russian superintendent who, why didn't you repudiate parish ankle when he said that the people that the residence of doug wood rot in basement susie a horse indian ski. why didn't she repudiate her hair when they call them? non people and at specimens, so do parents, medically i cannot help me. but no, to that mission. at the height of propaganda, arnold,
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our colleagues very frequently was use imagery from dunbar, brandishing them as alleged consequences of the so called russian aggression in ukraine. who these kinds of things are abundant and proliferating to day. they have flooded the internet and a number of telegram channels that we understand. there are a video of russian alleging russian strikes, targeting residential areas which refill did other parts of the world. and in have nothing to do with ukraine. this was mentioned today by the british broadcasting company, the b, b. c. but having issued an article, ukraine conflict, many mislead english images have been shared online. you see the everything is they're looking for photographs of parade photography, many kinds of photographs of american aircraft which bomb to libya, e and i have a few photographs from syria and doesn't even we router even an explosion
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in bert route and bay road, which is being portrayed as a what is transpiring in ukraine? i will send this article to you distinguished members of the security council separately. and specifically, i wish to turn to my friend a friend of british and american colleagues, was with the permanent resident of a friend, said who i knew suggest that in ukraine, what is said taking place in the murder of civilians. that is untrue with russian troops are not bombing ukrainian, city is good and we said that they are not threatened by anything. there is no verifiable confirmation whatsoever about the deaths of civilians,


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