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tv   News  RT  February 26, 2022 8:00am-8:31am EST

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ah, the the, it is breaking news for you that our here on the international, according to the kremlin kremlin, says ukraine's government is now refusing to negotiate with russia. the military incursion will now continue the pitcher terror residential tower block, proportionally hit in the cranium capital a key, and so for his, of blaming russia. but as we understand now, officials in moscow's defense ministry deny the claims they say an investigation is getting underway. the russian president, meantime a here ledgers that you prayed in radical nationalists using civilians as human shields by deploying heavy weapons and densely populated areas. that is a recording to the russian president of the ukrainian radical nationalists are deploying heavy weapons, including multiple loans, rocket systems,
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right? in the central areas of large cities, they planned to provoke a response from russian strike systems on residential areas. kind of just short time ago, a rushing cargo ship was intercepted by france in the english channels off the strict sanctions imposed by the e. u. of a russia devastating military action in ukraine. ah, well good afternoon to you for all of us here at the national in moscow are days of special rolling coverage continue. we are working very hard on the hour every hour to bring you all sides of today's conflict. all eyes do remain right now when you cry, and we do start with breaking news for you this hour. according to the kremlin spokesperson to meet your pest golf, says the ukraine is now refusing to negotiate with russia. a pest of adding the vladimir putin had ordered to suspend the military operation this.
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but however, according to pest golf, quoting putin in light of ukraine's refusal to negotiate the incursion will continue. well, it is, as you know now into the 3rd day, the international condemnation is reaching fever, pitch. the conflict now certainly showing no signs of slowing down its worsening, more explosions. now being reported in a capital key of these images, i show what appears to be a missile strike on a residential tower just outside on the outskirts of the capitol. several floors damage is unclear right now if there are any victims, the russian defense ministry, the sources that saying it was caused by a missile guidance failure in ukraine's defense system. kiev says it was a russian missile strike. key of officials are still urging residents are seek shelter in various forms, shelters. on verified video from one d. c. people that just trying to get through all must be an incredibly tense time.
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residents are also seeking safety in the cities metro stations. meanwhile, the ukrainian president is urging the european union to make up its mind about his country and that stuff will fit in a moment. the decisive moment had come to close once and for all the issue of ukraine's accession to the you. i hope that germany and hungary will have the courage to support this decision or full of something you have heard. now start around a number of times, according to the russian president vladimir putin. he is alleging that ukrainian radical nationalists in the army are using civilians as human shields by deploying heavy weapons and densely populated areas. this is according to vitamin guten. but you'll notice the ukranian radical nationalist deploying heavy weapons, including multiple loans, rocket systems, right in the central areas of large cities including kit and hark of they planned
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to provoke a response from russian strike systems on residential areas. in fact, they act in the same way as terrorists do. they hide the truth and hope blaming the russia. it is reliably known that this is happening under the direction of foreign consultants, primarily americans. why so here on other, in the 1st image, you can see this apparently a verified photo of ukrainian artillery scroll. it's apparently there in the middle of a residential area, a russian defense many spokesmen set. the russian side will not be drawn into publications. they say the russian side will not attack heavy weaponry in side the cities. meanwhile, ukraine has a scrap the age limit needed to join the army. its band, old men, between 18 and 60, from leaving the country. ukrainian forties are also issuing guns to anyone who will stand up and fight in the key of region alone as reporters, more than 10000 rifles. $1500.00 also volunteers. we discussed all this with a former counter intelligence, terrorism officer that mr. charles shue bridge to give out weapons to
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anybody, the office to use them against somebody is probably quite a reckless odyssey sparks of desperation, of course. but the problem comes when weapons are given out freely or festival, you're giving it to people who may not be coffee trying to how to use them in the 1st instance. and secondly, you've got an issue that you've only got it on trusted as people are going to use those weapons against the invader. after all, they could be going to actually anybody, once you introduce those weapons freely into an environment us, yet you will, you cannot keep control of those weapons. can you try and bring you all sides of this story here at asi international as the tragedy does continue to unfold and violence is on the rise. according to the russian defense ministry. officials are claiming that ukrainian forces are targeting civilians in lieu gun sca, according to the russian defense ministry. a residential areas came under heavy
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rocket fire with a number of people killed. i guess we're going to have to get on to confirm all these details. we do have a correspondence in don bass. his romance closer f brush in defense, ministry report starts the ukranian nationalist forces use multiple rocket launching systems against the city of our bill, skin, logan screech, and currently under control of ukraine. and now they're calling in. it's a provocation, and the russian defense ministry said that they are aware of similar plans against the other cities of the donors kilograms, people's republics that are still current under a ukrainian control who are fighting is taking place. so this a series of cromwell tours can slide. it could also be targeted in these provocations by ukranian nationalists to the head of the people's republic of the nist. denise push it in also war and that's the intelligence shows that these cities could be targets of the ukranian nationalists force. and he warned the
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residents there to take necessary safety measures and leave or hide in the bomb shelters when this starts happening. meanwhile, a shilling here in the next republic where we are continues to, to this day, the city of don nest, we heard her several explosions during the day. meanwhile, the city of whirl of cas shelling, continuous non stop to this hour, and the mayor of the city of fog whirl of co reports so that several explosions, several shillings have taken place on of friday. 2 teachers have been killed as the result of artillery fire on thursday. another 2 people were killed and there were attacks during the day on this saturday as well. and this is what the mayor of the city said about those incidents yogurt middle school. i have repeatedly said that
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ukraine's forces awaiting genocide against their own people. to day 815 a. m. the area was hit by a large caliber projectile. we didn't have time to identify it. 3 houses with damaged emergency services and local officials arrived swiftly at the scene at exactly 9 31 am they attacked the same place again. there were about 8 strikes. the ukrainian side knew perfectly well that the emergency services would be the well talking about. so what's happening in the u grey, according to the defensiveness fear, rushes, operation to neutralize. the ukraine's military infrastructure are continues and earlier. there were a reports that sir scores offer ukrainian soldiers had been killed on the island of as mean the in near the city offer. or this i killed by the, her, russian military in a combat situation. and they were her quickly proclaimed the heroes of fo,
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ukraine. by president of latimer zalinski, however, a footed sher emerged from the defense ministry, a showing of the soldiers alive and well. and apparently they have just this simply a surrender to russian troops. and they are now in her civil stobel in the crimea completely taken care off and they've been promised a safe passage back home once the operation of ukraine concludes. now russian defense ministry stress that their sole, sorry it is the ukrainian military infrastructure and not the civilians. less of a lesson or is it not worship remote russian servicemen are taking all measures to ensure the safety of civilians and exclude provocations by ukrainian special services and nationalists. our fire is directed only at the military infrastructure of the armed forces of ukraine. we do not target residential and social
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infrastructure. colla fighting continues here in la ganske region in genetic region. the head of the republic them is sub bushland in genetic says that the operation to liberate the rest of the nest people's republic. willis soon ends by the forces will not rest until uh that happens. so now a heavy fighting is said taking place in the south of the republic and near the city of mario paul, it's about a couple of hours drive away from my here. now are apparently a nationalist militia group called us off of ukraine is controlling the city they have in circle it and prevented a preventing the civilians from evacuating. now that group has been associated with the neo nazi believes and had they were accused of, of war crimes. and they're now preventing civilians from leaving agree making them into a human shield. a basically meanwhile, elsewhere,
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several settlements and on boss have been liberated by the don net sca army. and we've even the seen footage of a local, a soldier swishing ukrainian flags to those of the de nest people's republic and syllable, there once again, the fighting continues and we're hearing explosions. say here in don't ask as well, closer to the center of the city, but they have not been happening as frequently as they have in the last couple of weeks. over fielding all the facts and reconfirming and confirming here at our teens, nationals. it is a continued fluid situation. our rolling coverage continues here at altitude. we appreciate you joining us harris. about 11 minutes past 4 in the afternoon here in the russian capital, we're going across live now to our rushes are all stuff region will out is don quarter is going to join us here. but bring us the latest now on what you know, where you are. don. good afternoon to youth, the latest place. good afternoon, rory. well,
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the latest is that the ukrainian military just fired 3 mortar shells at the russian federation to ra stove region where i'm located right now. you should be able to see on your screen right now footage of the devastation left from it. luckily nobody was injured, infrastructure wasn't damaged either, as you can see with your own eyes, it landed in a forested area. now, the ukrainian foreign ministry says that it's military has not been shooting at the territory of the russian federation, but this is not the 1st instance in which bombs have fallen here yesterday in this very same region of raw stove. at least 14 artillery strikes took place on border areas within the region and right after the beginning of the russian military offensive. there were other such instances in brand screech and there were, there was shelling there where houses were destroyed and 3 people were injured. the same thing happened in belgrade infrastructure was damaged, shelling happened, and 3 people were also injured. they're interesting. 3 interestingly enough,
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more recently, near belgrade region, a ukrainian soldier had been trying to escape to the russian federation trying to basically defect and neo fascist groups. there that had their hands on artillery artillery batteries. i had fired on at him and unfortunately killed him and injured another servicemen in the, in the russian, a federal security services as well. now, because of this violence that's actually been happening on the russian federation, the authorities have taken measures. they've closed down rushes southern air space . basically there's going to be no flights out of this area until march 2nd. that's at a minimum that can be extended. there's 12 airports and roster of region alone that will not be having flights until after that date for now. another thing they've done is closed down all the schools that are located in boarder regence of that border, the dunbar peoples. republics, we have to renew for that. there are at least 3000 children from don,
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yet can lugens cologne that have left that have evacuated that region to the russian federation and are connected to educational institutions in these border regions. so that's another task. the russian authorities now have on their hands. what are they going to do? where are they going to put them so that they can make sure to continue their education? all right, donal quarter. thank you. well, the latest now regarding at northern europe, according to the official officials in paris, france as intercepted a russian vessel in the english channel, reportedly, as we understand only days yet, but on suspicion of sanctions violations. of course, it has come off to you has been hitting russia with a fresh raft of a punitive measures as, as much of the western world as rounding on food and over the military escalation of charlotte. do basically joining us here lives, can you bring us up to speed? so a russian ship english channel. it's been seized. yes,
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that's whiter reportedly happened at around 7 a. m local time on saturday. this is a cargo ship called the baltic leader. it is a russian cargo ship. now, originally a customs inspections. officials are brought it in said that they were reasons they needed a check through this cargo ship or that then emerged. we're being told that this cargo ship, which is leased by p b. s. leasing is on the list of u. s. financial sanctions. it's leased by a russian company on that list by the us. as a result of that, we understand the cargo ship was taken to blowing summa, which is the largest port in fraud. in the north of the country and there it, they are going through the documentation to check everything in relation to that we understand that there were 19 crew on board and but they have been allowed to add disembark from the cargo vessel and they are being allowed to move around freely.
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this of course happened as we knew, not just the e u, but the u. s. has oversee rained out a huge number of sanctions against russia as a result of that military action in ukraine. now, the russian embassy here in paris says it sent a note to the government asking for more details, and it says it's going to take the necessary measures to ensure that there is protection for all of the staff and crew above that particular vessel. but the details we know so far is at this vessel, it's around a 127 meters long. we're not sure what the cargo is, but apparently belongs to p s. b leasing at which is a company that is on the u. s. financial sanctions list, it's been taken to below and somewhere. and now the fate of that cargo ship will rest in the hands of the french courts. i ought to charlotte job and ski with the
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latest on this russian cargo vessel being seized in the english channel. thank you . but on the whole political and p r front, moscow is feeling the pressure, the e u. u. s. u k, announcing a raft of sanctions against russia following the deliberations between european leaders in brussels. i just a very short time ago, i crossed live to correspondent pool asleep. while they set the spelling out in some kind of spiral, they are growing with the u. k. imposing harsh sanctions on russia. they've now imposed an extra travel van in terms of not only russian aircraft not being allowed to land here, but also private chess. at the same time v t b bank, the 2nd largest state own bank and a number of other russian banks have also been sanctioned. the u. k is no longer accepting visa applications from ukrainians who are stuck in that country unless they have close family. here in the u. k. and beat bella was ambassador to london
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has been summoned and told that new members of the ruling elite also to be sanctioned. for supporting rushes, military moves, the opposition leader has said that more sanctions are necessary, as one of the members of parliament from his party has started receiving death threats for search for criticizing and speaking out against nato expansion. the prime minister by his johnson earlier recorded a twitter video in which he called for an end to what he has termed a crisis. it was also an opportunity for him to show off his knowledge of the russian and ukrainian languages. putin's actions are leading to complete isolation for russia, shunned by the rest of the international community, hit by immense economic sanctions and facing a needless and bloody war. these already costing countless lies from innocent ukrainians to your russian soldiers who will never see their families again. and to
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my russian friends, your new view store davina advanced over empty this crisis. this tragedy can and must come to an end to show and see to patrina villa to sabrina, who craner slow grainy. now the european union also says that it is imposing hot sanctions that these, that says will cripple the russian economy. they include sanctions on individuals, state owned companies, and can sectors of the russian economy. all members of the russian parliament will now face asset freezes and travel bands at the same time and an extremely rare move . the e u has frozen the assets of the russian president vladimir putin and his foreign minister. so gait, live rav, although neither certainly not at this point, are being subject to an you travel ban. the european union and european leaders
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saying that one of this is necessary, but to want to, for decent. we're adding president prudent and foreign secretarial of rav to the list of sanctions. they are responsible for the deaths of innocent people in ukraine, and for trampling on the international system. we, as europeans do not accept that canada, the united kingdom and the united states have also decided to freeze the assets of president putin and minister liberals. and sophie, this is part of a coordinated action. but one step further is being taken by the united states who has also imposed a travel ban on the pair following a television, a telephone conversation, a president biden held with a european commission president ursula of underline. and an alignment with the decision by our european allies, united states will join them in sanctioning president putin and foreign minister leverage and members of the russian national security team. these sanctions, i'll expect to take trickle down and affect ordinary russians soaking here in the u
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. k. and elsewhere in europe, russians are wondering what impact will have on them. and on the families back home . or i course unlocked, mitchell firestone at banker underwriter, join us live your one or 2 international thanks for coming on during such trying times. not just for the world media, but for the world and particularly ukraine as well. thoughts go out to all of those involved in this devastating conflict. us just now cutting off 13 major russian companies from raising money on western markets that includes gas prom and spout a bank. that sounds like a pretty harsh move. what will will this bite, do you think? well listen, i think any war is a crisis and this tragedy loss of life and impacted. i mean, i think there could have been easier solutions. i think that 14 nations in the nato expansion, this could have been presented now as far as the sanctions go on. the different entities that are related to the government and related to himself. these are an
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extension of what obama originally came forthwith in 2014. if you look at them, there were 3 sets of sanctions on february 21st. the 22nd and the 24th. do i think that will make a difference? i don't. i don't really think so what i think we need to do is calmer heads need to prevail. we need to ratchet down the rhetoric on all sides of this. and we need to have a civil discourse from a resurrected, were compromised, and due process, and the rule of law are respected. so we don't have unintended consequences. you said you talk about turning down the rhetoric, who needs to tone down the rhetoric? do you think? well, i think wherever you have a crisis, i mean this is you see in the media now and across the world, 80 percent of the public distrust the media. because there's always a crisis. the credit crisis, the coven crisis, the climate crisis, the russian crisis. there's always fear, remember, a fearful public,
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it isn't obedient and submissive public. now will we get the true story. busy it's difficult to get the true story about anything. i mean, look at the past, conflicts that the west has been involved in. we don't really know what's happening . you 2 sides to every story. we need due process, fact finding and rule of law. we know that nato is expanding. we know that there were problems with ukraine. we know that had red lines and he made it clear what the red lines were and nobody wanted to negotiate with him. and that's why we are where we are today. so had there been discussion, had there been a dialogue, i think that this could have been prevented a lot easier than ratcheting it up even higher. and there could have been a prevention of where we are today. well, you know, we certainly receiving a lot of flat here at auto international. we doing everything we can to present all sides of this conflict here. and i'm getting a lot of grief for it. but perhaps perhaps some of that is warranted. as you say,
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there is a general overwhelming and pervasive lack of trust between the public and the media these days. we feel that here at r c and we doing everything we can to shed light on all angles of this, of this devastating conflict right now. the latest we're hearing from the ukranian president lensky. is that bad? not satisfied with any potential conditions yet to come to a peaceful negotiation, some sort of settlement for ukraine and russia to sit down the peace talks table. why? why do you think that is, perhaps, is not surprising is a time of war down there right now, but why, why do you think he's not prepared to talk piece yet? well, i think the problem once again is, you know, you're offering a balance perspective. i don't have, i don't have a dog in this fight or next to grind, so it's a balance perspective. i'm not presenting one side or the other. i think the, everybody needs to be a little bit more objective and take a step back. now i think that it's, it's, it's difficult because the ukraine borders with russia and there's been
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a historic problems since 2014 that hasn't been addressed. now as far as these modifications to, you know, sovereign debt issues. i think he's a lot bigger. it revolves around oil, it revolves around energy. there are a lot of players involved. there's, you know, you have a dispersion between germany, italy, poland, and hungary, about what should be done, what shouldn't be done. and i think that what we need to do is look at how it impact the financial markets. we don't seem very concerned. the nasdaq was up over 8 percent 3rd in the thursday and friday sessions. the stock market bounce back resilience early, so it doesn't look like too many of the financial markets are concerned. and quite frankly, the russian rouble, $85.00 looks like it could be a bi. so this crisis needs to be resolved. i think it will be resolved, and i don't think that it's going to be world war 3, but the media being hyperbolic and apoplectic about it in the west is not helpful to anybody. and you know,
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if you look at all the papers and i've looked at all of them, you can see on one hand, rushes lost, the war people are saying, and, you know, 1000000, you know, the people are deserving on the russian side. and then other, other places you can get me that says no, that's not the case at all. so nobody knows what the real cases and what you're saying now you're reporting something different, everybody's reporting something different. so the public has no idea or grasp what the truth is. and a lot of it is propaganda and indoctrination that the people have been having for the past. i don't know, 7 or 8 years in the media, and that's why there's such great distrust out there. i think he raised some very valid points that mitchell is not got no time left at all. you've got about 15 seconds for this one. is this military and caution? when is it going to stop and you well, you know, i think swift is a really important part and i think you always have unintended consequences of sanctions. and i, i think the deck example is the sovereignty of canada. when trudeau and freelance came out and had aft asset forfeitures by coming up with martial law. that's wrong
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. and it had unintended consequences where nobody trust the banking system in canada. so i think they need to be very careful about what they do with the swift numbers. how long can this last? i think this will be over within a week. mitchell feinstein perhaps, i guess we can only hope you're right a week or even as soon as possible banker and writer joining us here an auto international. we really appreciate your opinions. thank you very much. thank you. thanks rob. well, with our international condemnation of russia's military and coach and ukraine, absolutely. mounting a un security council meeting was, of course, convened, member states america, russia, ukraine. if you'd statements, there was a vote on a resolution condemning moscow's actions or russia, however, did use its veto power to block it. this is naught, self defense unto article 51. it is naked aggression. it is an unprovoked unjustified war. and this council must condemn it. russia's
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latest attack on our most fundamental principles is so bold, so brazen that it threatens our international system. united states sets the bar when it comes to invasions. i will refrain from listing the aggressions that the united states has committed in its history, but it has no right to preach morality to russia. i will ask whole of you to pray for so. so those who has been already killed for souls who those who may be killed version, which i do apologize. but before moving to a moment of silence, i want to include in the list those people who perished over all these years in don bass. they also are worthy of being mentioned in all human lives are valuable. let's not forget them either. as we understand here at our tea, india,
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china and the united arab emirates did abstain from the vote. this move, we did speak to archie contributor richard met her. he discussed the, essentially, this un set of proposals here, what is a, essentially, a bit of a riff between several un members that are not able to get onto the same page. i've listened to the song. yeah, i mean the, the hypocrisy is unbelievable. i don't think we can possibly count the number of countries. the u. s. m, u k, have have together crude invaded bond since world war 2. it's quite staggering. we . i literally can't name them all us was bombing siri and bryan williams was, you know, foaming at the mouth on live television. it's not isolated, they all do that on every network. i am old enough to remember when they were invading iraq and they were doing the same thing. you had a live stream from a tank on cnn. this is who these people are. they are spokes a person's. they are the mouthpiece for the weapons manufacturers. so it's their
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job to sell war, and i know this must be very frustrating for americans because when they see bombing on live television, they're used to seeing their own troops do it. so when they see russia doing it to defend itself, it's weird for them. they don't understand it and it causes a lot of it's, there is a lot of emotions. and you know, israel is bombing syria almost every single week. and i don't see anyone i'm seeing uncovered that as a matter of fact, a few hours before rush along the operational ukraine, israel bomb syria, and there was no coverage at all. so there okay, with violations of international law and sovereignty and territorial integrity. they're okay with bindings, they're working with wars when they're the ones doing it. and that's most of the time. oh, it's a half hour for the afternoon here at the russian capital. this is archie international. we are doing everything possible to get you the news in a timely manner here off the one confirmation off to another reporting from the russian side. we are reporting from the ukrainian side and we are addressing the, the rounds of condemnation outpouring from various parts of the international.


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