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so it's their job to sell war, and i know this must be very frustrating for americans because when they see bombing on live television, they're used to seeing their own troops do it. so when they see russia doing it to defend itself, it's weird for them. they don't understand it and it causes a lot of it's, there is a lot of emotions. and you know, israel is bombing syria almost every single week. and i don't see anyone i'm seeing uncovered that as a matter of fact, a few hours before rush along the operational ukraine, israel bomb syria, and there was no coverage at all. so there okay, with violations of international law and sovereignty and territorial integrity. they're okay with bindings, they're working with wars when they're the ones doing it. and that's most of the time. i did a half off for the afternoon here in the russian capital. this is on the international . we are doing everything possible to get you the news in a timely manner here off the one confirmation off the another reporting from the russian side were reporting from the ukrainian side. and we are addressing the, the rounds of condemnation outpouring from various parts of the international community here. so doing what we can for you here at auto international. we are
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back soon with long. ah, ah, bring you the my latest every out the day. this is no fun everyone had with with
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i'm after it's nancy, we're going underground on ukraine's day of resistance to occupation of the autonomous republic of crimea and the city of so vast of all this at the end of a week in which british politicians have been seemingly attempting to interfere with the independent regulation of broadcasting by calling on you k p. m. bars. johnson. to shut down this channel effectively ending press freedom in the u. k. johnson, a former journalist himself claims the doing what the british labor policy want him to do, would amount to be being as bad as russia, with nato nations and the u condemning. russian president vladimir putin for authorizing what russia calls a special military operation against ukraine. after antony blinkin canceled his meeting with russian foreign minister, counterpart, sergey lever of nature. nature,
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media is talking about a whole new era and geopolitics. let alone nuclear weapon you here in our t and had going underground. we seek the question more, as well as provide view. as with all sides of any debate, we have been reaching out to pro ukrainians to hear their side of the ukraine invasion. roger in the current climate, many do not want to come on to talk to us. we like therefore, to extend an invite to any ukranian journalists or politicians watching now to come on the show and give your side of the story of joining me now from moscow. italian irish at sky, the former vice chairman of international affairs committee in the russian duma. thanks so much, natalie of her. coming on. not sure how much a british media you're watching. i know you're appearing on on it. sometimes. as you might know, ne donation media has been broadcasting. views that vladimir putin has gone mad. and boris johnson has called on the russian people to overthrow what he says is a dictator. it well as the language of course. so for
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co, modern or western elite leaves much to be in a desire or because even in the 19th century, the notes are to declare was sure began was mad show more gentlemen long lea, a vocabulary or well, i believe that i met t po, have expected after the dismemberment of the soviet union that such huge jr politic entity, as was the historical russian state which grew in centuries and came to a common librium with outer ward in centers, would just be drafted as a 15 or new states. and everything could be stable, et cetera. so this
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a few trial and obsolete paradigm all for democracy versus certified italian, as you could or for them. i explained everything. but what about on my poor ukraine? why poor? because is the grace of my ancestors, like it showed me, gulf region and my grand to what father was before revolution director of a college in chattanooga and my grand grandfather was a priest orthodox priest in saint michael church in chattanooga region. so you understand how, how painful it is all for me, but you grin was composed of a very differing and even conflicting. huge a population and parts are. that's history and vladimir putin in his address or to the nation, explained it or. busy not to say that she's not recognized. they said that just to
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explain why it it, it had to explode because galli share hadn't shared the destiny. was also looks ukraine for 500 years because it was under poland. trask or in 14 century. then under austro hungarians and then it again as polish territory between 2 and world wars, et cetera. it hates russians. god then must collides for them. we moscow light and i am all some mixture of barbarian mon waltz. we said, ah, ah. busy sapp shins at while is a ukrainians. they are arians, you know, and we have stole and the key of history and byzantine heritage. so, and we are so huge and we have multiplied and reached 3 oceans.
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so and 3, these people, from golly shit could have become, what now russia ease. but for all that history, since 1945, the united nations was set up. and the un secretary general antonio gutierrez said that recognizing donnette andrew hands, the unilateral measures conflicted directly with the principles of the charter of the united nations. and that in for if also said a name checked the international court of justice. i don't know whether for a prosecution of letting me bruton, if the un secretary general, who presumably has some of the history books there. if, if antonio gutierrez says this speaking for the un, then garage exaggeration is committed a crime?
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or by the way, international court of justice doesn't to any one. it just gives legal assessment of a deed or over an, an issue or well, the west bombed over in yugoslavia, signatory to the o. c. air documents and found father founding father of the united states. the states under that retakes that there were genocide against fell by means. it was not an aggression. according to the western interpretation, it was a humanitarian mission. wise. the west ignores the 80 years going civil war that keith started against the nest and mo ganske people who have been shelved for 8 years and civilians does thousands of
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them were killed in my house. now in moscow lives now a woman from logan's carriage and whose house is think without windows yet, you know, and she is crying every day, et cetera. why is it? and in the recent, these preceding the next to her, of our president, the shelling exceeded any scale since their fights over the last airport. and there was real threat to the lives of people. and you know, as, as young things, as, you know, in the later in asia media, all we hear about our people from their attacking ukraine. but you mentioned yugoslavia on this program we talk time and time again of alleged violations of the you and charles her by nato members. you mentioned yugoslavia there are, which is often alleged 2 wrongs make
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a right russia now acting like like the united states. russia. whoa, as far as co course, her work is concerned. there was no referendum at all. and the west recognized course of a contrary to all the rules on to regulation. so there will now labourers random not let me. let me, let me just say another thing. this is only one aspect of what has happened already . another aspect is that the west was not sparing any effort to shrink ah, the russian zone of our security. and with every step in this shrinking will were accused more and more of allegedly, being so aggressive had said so we had to pay and to pay for our losses. this drink was compressed to the limit and mister putin and our government
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a warrant in december, and they openly, ah, you know, declared the prince boz, which walt ow satisfy russia. exactly, in terms of its legitimate security. just imagine if mexico is declining, jerry ha, america in government and rational, stout suck, lying it with soviet union, stars supplying it with arms miss grosbeaks to from mexico to enters the warsaw pact. oh, do you think? what is united states do any this case? when all will agree, did during the caribbean crisis when cru shelf installed, some was watkins while next reaching the american territory. and we were on the green, also nuclear war that we were wise enough, you know, to step back. so this think is considered a compressed as an image,
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it can only and, and clench, and that if we have to pay, that's my own opinion. you know, i'm not an as that erst estate function. i'm just an expert. and besides her, my carstairs member of parliament for her, 1st of all, i am a historian and from the family renowned historians, i studied the international relations from ha, still 20th century. okay, what is the will arguably, arguably the we have to re, if we're b let's, it's better to bake for gains and not for losses. while arguably, the united states, sir had to feelings of hand with the mexican revolution in a very different way. and obviously did occupy territory, but then why did vladimir putin say he wasn't going to invade and war were all the russian drills, military drills that occurred in belarus and in russia beforehand,
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while russian or even the foreign minister. so gay lover of all assuring every one there would be no invasion. was it just that particular nights shelling by ukraine, that is alleged that cause this invasion or had this been a plan for months and even years? russia was believing and understanding and seeing that obviously in the west to have a pretext not to i'm in the united states of course, and maybe also britain because europe is now has no voice. it needed so much intensive ideas. concepts it says here. so, oh, real long this i've been to this. according to a slow spangler, i need to have a pretext,
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not to answer rushes demands in regard to security. in their situation, certainly spawn served the aggravation of situation against the region which you grant performed. especially to provo crash, it was clear. so if you want this now you have it because we had left no either wait out or wait with con to leave our people who beg rush and where are you? you know, without health. so just because just because you provoke doesn't mean you need to respond to provocation, and you mentioned wrangler, idaho. big hardly the person. so that's why i will go into degredation of, you know, i'm not sure enough. that's a good one to, to mention at this stage value narrative sky. i'll stop you there more from the former vice chairman of international affairs committee in the russian do after the
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spring. ah, ah, the former evil empire standing up to the empire of life, one volume important was announcing his decision to deep attention rains, military infrastructure. you wasn't just resurrecting the ghost of the cold war. he made it clear that the russian u. s. animosity never really ended how hot and bloody could it still get neither financial from i'm a guy today. we will about money laundering 1st to 3 different. oh good. this is a good start. well, we have our 3 banks all set up here. maybe something in europe, something in america, something overseas,
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and we came and i want to know all these right. a series. wonder ok. let's see how we did. well, we've got a nice laundry watch for max and for stacy. oh, beautiful jewelry. and how about ha luxury automobile again for mag? you know, it, money order is highly regal. copier watch has a record ah, welcome back. i'm still here with natalia nurture sky, the former vice chairman of the international affairs committee in the russian duma . the pro moscow line seems to be talking about as offered to aliens and neo nazis . what do you think about the president zalinski saying you are told we are nazis, but can people subordinate is that gave more than 8000000 lives for the victory over naziism. how can i be a nazi tell my grandpa, who went through the whole war in the infantry of the soviet army and died as
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a colonel in independence. ukraine. that's what zalinski says. oh, i read. i read this address of mister zelinski. it teaches that he never said it 5 years ago, went nay's ists, a poor trish were carried to long and seats of keys with torches and glorifying the hitler. we're henchmen. there are screening television shows that it in countries here and the media, nato nation countries. and her and busier formation picture in europe is totally different from ours. that way we do not understand each other, you know, and because the, even to glue they are glorifying and been there are that may be the cases where as you see it, they deny that. and in fact, they continuously. and boris johnson in his statement are comparing the invasion
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to sedate and land implicitly, referencing hitler, and we hear the term the ukrainians continually comparing rather me a huge in to hitler. what do you think the russian people, russian politicians rushing to leads and the ordinary russians think when they are being compared to hitler and the nazis routinely now in the united states and in western europe, of course were no dissolution about the west, but you know, the west has all, were dozed it, sir, you know, nick, jewelers and tours russian some 20 years ago. russians were sensitive to what was said about russia and its leadership in the west. now they couldn't care less anymore because they don't trust the worst. they see that no matter how we behave,
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we are barbaric, you know, blanket zigzag of world history for them. and they are, they can not stand that we are still so wiring and especially they are so hysterical. i'm in the worst that russia with all its programs and the corner me in, not them in our for, you know, income per, per capita still is. zillow only nation. the only people. and they only do the ship whose national state will is equal to cumulative, who will of the whole west. and that happens again when hitler conquered their whole europe, because they were afraid of collateral damage because they couldn't risk as their comfortable life. and it was only a rush in the form of soviet union,
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which declared better grieve than sleeve. and to chris in a glove. and now it repeats the west now, you know, sort of organized and muley a munich, a court again 22 or he and all what they can use. thankfully we have enough arms so that they never, there are against russia. but after each munich, there is noon bank, russian. people are now support very much, you know, how much of all protest i sent them. and so russian, there are a lot of pro to sentiments in russia. i'm enduring, goals is years and it's not very calm in our society. but 90 percent of all these protests are, are not liberal, but they blame the government, the leadership that it's indecisive and it doesn't answer the way it should. you
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know, how much put in, in russia really grand, if you, if you is that he is greater to a russian or people in the ukraine that he doesn't defend them, et cetera. now they said, oh oh, oh, finally frying they live. that's real answer to all these atrocities again and finally, after 8 years of this war. but the, the u. k. daily mail, which i think is involved in a court case with the prince, harry actually here in britain, they report that 150 senior russian officials of signed an open letter calling the invasion, an unprecedented atrocity. how stable is the russian federation? now the decision has been taken to invade you mentioned how many, 150 senior russian officials probably there are
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working in the banks and their children. study in london, oxford or heading yard sir, et cetera, carriers, et cetera. and to teach to people who we are millions who support and think differently. so you claim that the russian peebles aboard vladimir putin in the russian dumas decision, even though the un secretary general served the principles of the un charter and norton ala carte menu. oh, very elegant, very aga elegant sir, and you're phrasing, but it has nothing to do with reality. there's nothing to do well. i swear and a shield that it was not russia's choice to lead this situation to said she scale that she had to interfere and am sure,
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if you green is more sober. if the united states talk a sponsoring, can't, endorsing all are also for being actions. search in from kia source, kia for, with regard to people ordones, continental ganske. this san operation would like surgical operation would end when are their lives in your worst, she cute and, and her nothing more. nobody has that desire to occupy ukraine. we hope we have a surgical strikes and the language being used by the russian side is like the language nato used in the rog, libya, syria, and afghanistan. arguably. again, gutierrez said they are not peacekeepers at all. how can they be peacekeepers if civilians ukrainian civilians are dying? ukrainian civilians are not dying for wage and we're reports of civilians dead. and
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how can any one trust what comes out of the kremlin given they said they were just drills over the past few weeks, that he wouldn't and raved that he wasn't going to threaten care of. o you say that you are not trusting. toyota again says not trusting and thank to not independent source of news. so what comes from our country, but sir, are your so so, so reliable after colon towel, you know, showed, or corn starch anglers saying that this is explosives and iraq. yes. but believe in all sources are saying that this happened that an invasion has happened. but is moscow doing what moscow has been accusing washington of doing all
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through the so called cold war? well, i moscow is becoming washington only in one respect, that it clearly declares off its national interest and will never used such sure, you know, faker, et cetera. and moscow was all planning. when in december it sent to soon as it states and nato, its concerns. it's a list of concerns, you know, most points which are of crucial importance for and we're waited for 2 months. so the same if keith would be sober and decided to relax the situation. nothing would have happened like what is happening to day, you know, and now, like washington coord leads it yogi. or jury in english. and normally it's jojo,
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what it is entitled to jupiter is not entitled to their boot. it's oh, we're almon layton, crows, herb. and oh, it's it only arrogant who is a live her room is an empire. do i've got to ask you, do you think diplomacy? and obviously washington denies any wrong doing in all its foreign operations. since 1945 perhaps. will there be diplomacy now to end the current violence? i think our diplomacy is always needed until it be erroneous to say or when our bombs sound exploding. that diplomacy is closed? no, no, i am sure. and to i, i would love to hear that there are some diplomatic steps to, to discuss what is happening and what is a good position and shooting of each of the parties concerned. polanski thought
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diplomacy is over. he found vladimir putin, the result was silence. well, president zalinski ha. oh god with him. he is not to instant church in it. but why? why did vladimir burton not speak to president zalinski before the invasion began? because zalinski declares that russia, is it more country aggressor long before, you know, many years ago in the continues to say so. yeah, well, i, they buy a lot of coal from my seller of schwartz in oil, i of gas. so for, you know, salmon to concrete, it's ok because there are no construction materials for lack, always in nash unit step, kind to ukraine, et cetera. you know, the,
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our num on to for 3 to who is ukraine is enormous. you know, is enormous. you can, could flourish between russia and the west. when i say was the 3ww glucose milking 2 girls, you know, because each party, i mean, rush in the westwood new know, earning a pamper ukraine to gain more attention and ukraine could, could flourish. but no, no, the no galleys shannon irving and been there a man who could not be satisfied with and a vague no impulse. and communist nomenklatura are 2. 19 the power to rit immediately took the banners of calisha philosophy, you know, and her. then it's like a snowball,
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you're only our aggravated and i. busy will always a neighbor, countries are nato countries deny only wrong doing. they say the blame squarely with russia and her so does her so. so does it come from key of natalia and narrative sky? thank you so much. that's over the show will be back on monday. what would it be in the $76.00 birthday? one of tony blair's foreign secretary's robin cook, who, infamously resigned his position in parliament to protest the iraq war, which would kill name or displace tens of millions until then keep in touch my role as social media that has no of your a ukrainian who would like to come on this show to give us your side of the green invasion. ah, join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guess on the world politics sport. business. i'm show business. i'll see you then.
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mm hm. with the top headlights right now. here what archie international, according to the kremlin officials are saying that ukraine is refusing to negotiate and the military incursion will continue. a key has apparently saying it's not satisfied with the conditions, but russia is apparently offering a page until details with the other side of source. moscow's defense ministry says ukraine, not russia. it's a residential tower block in kiev. we're getting both sides of the story here. we're not, it's a national, more details the come on that i and go i mean on the russian president, he alleges that ukrainian radical nationalist.


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