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tv   News  RT  February 26, 2022 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, look, feminine claims ukraine is refusing to negotiate on the military operation will continue as an advisor to ukraine's president says keith is not satisfied with the conditions. russia is offering for peace talks with the source in moscow's defense, ministry contradicts key of claim that the russian military hit a residential towel block in here with both sides, blaming each other. this kindergarten in one of the next districts is just one of the places that was shelled on saturday morning. correspondent reports from the don't mass conflicts on kindergarten has come on to far. fortunately,
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nobody with the russian cargo ship is intercepted by france and english channel that soft, strict sanctions imposed by the e. u oval. russia is devastating military action in ukraine ah quote from moscow. thanks for joining us. this our international lab work. we show you being with us today. welcome to the program. now the ukranian president's office said kia is not satisfied with the conditions being offered by russia foresees for negotiations. but as the provenance spokesman claim, ukraine is refusing to hold talks and russia will continue. what it calls a special operation, stressing again that russian army is not targeting any civilian areas of children you. yesterday, when we were expecting negotiations with the ukrainian leadership, the russian president ordered a suspension of the russian armed forces advance. but as the ukrainian side has refused to negotiate,
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the advance of the main russian forces resumed this afternoon in accordance with the plan of the operation. brought into the trunk, joined us in a studio for the latest updates. still, no news on the progress on. busy those talks on the c 5 plus a statement from the russian ministry as well. what more do we know so far? well, the russian ministry of defense came out with their latest comments a bit more than an hour ago. and their words are echoing what the kremlin spokesperson do dream pass. golf said the russian army units have been given orders to advance wherever they were advancing in different parts of ukraine. because as the russian military puts it, kiev decided to refuse to take part in negotiations. now they're also dressing and they've done that many cars before that for the washing army,
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the civilian areas are not targets, not in any case that is denied reports in the cranium, media and statements by the ukranian. politicians that the civilian areas are suffering from russian air strikes. now, we do have to understand that the negotiations. this is something that's been speculated about wildly widely. sorry, since mid friday we saw at one point late on friday evening, that direct talks between voters landscape voted were potent were possible. but from the rushed inside. we heard that it was a bit of a hot and cold approach. by key of 1st they said yes, then they said no, they agreed that many could be the location for which negotiations, according to the russian side. however, the problem then said that kiev wanted to hold these talks in warsaw, poland,
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and then disappeared for several hours. so again, the rushing side cur, the is saying that ukraine refused altogether, and it could have happened because kiev didn't want to accept the initial terms that russia put forward before the negotiations. now here's what we heard from the president's office of, sorry, well there is a lens key on saturday. ukraine, of course, did not refuse negotiations, but that's about negotiations, which by the way, have not yet taken place. ukraine and president zelinski categorically, renounce any unacceptable conditions or ultimatums from the russian side. now if it is very important to carefully watch out for any official statement coming from both sides,
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and these kind of statements are surely something that could affect the possibility of talks being announced or not. and that's why really have to watch out, for instance, no for the remarks of older men. lensky who said a couple of hours ago that ukraine needs to immediately be accepted in a european union. this is what exactly we heard from the cranium leader. stuff will you send me a moment? the decisive moment has come to close once and for all the issue of ukraine's accession to the you. i hope that germany and hungary will have the courage to support this decision or hulu. now in stark contrast to that, we may remember that on friday the grading president said that he's ready to discuss a new troll status for ukraine. so this is a real contradiction for the russian side. definitely possibly even a red line and we do understand and again,
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that the experts have been talking about that these are the kinds of statements by key of that could really annoy russia and lead to further action announced by the kremlin indeed. and hope of course, from an ordinary people on both sides that are both leaders tons of negotiating table to and the blood said that it's taking place, saw it easily. put runker with a nice now russia's military action is now in its 3rd day as condemnation from most western states as his fever pitch. this comes, his moral explosions are reported in ukraine's capital q. now these images show what appears to be a mythos show. i can a residential tell block on the outskirts of the capital. a several floors have been damaged. it's unclear if there are any victim russian defense ministry sources say it was caused by missile garden failure in ukraine's advent system. a key f says it was a russian missile strike. now, officials in cave are urging residents to hide and bomb shelters in this and
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verified video from one shell. so you can see local sleeping, standing and sitting residents are also seeking safety in the cities metro station on the job. verified footage is a line showing, fighting in the cock of regions that borders russia on the dunbar, playing the several, actually been flying over the city of buck elia shots and powerful explosions having heard that was reported. also that rushing force is destroyed ukrainian army warehouses. well, the sound of shuddering has also been heard in the city over the net where all the roman groceries in right now. roma, thanks for coming on the line. that was the situation on the ground in the capital over the net screw problem. well about 7 pm local time we heard really loud sounds of artillery here in that jeanette scanned from the reports that
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we're getting from the officials here. those were $152.00 millimeter hobbits or so or, or they said it could be multiple rocket launch systems that were shelled at the next little bit earlier. now this happened to near the airport about 6 kilometers from where i'm standing right now. as the result of the moment, municipal transfer public transportation has been halted in the area and emergency services are on the scene, trying to figure figure out the result of far what had happened. now, earlier on saturday in generic, at least 3 private residences have also been damaged as a shilling, a continued stay here in this city. no, no reports about casualties about what happened earlier on saturday evening. but over the last 48 hours, there were at least 7 civilians killed in la ganske and her generic as the result
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of the ukrainian shelling of course scores were injured as the results are as well . now civilian infrastructure on the outskirts of the nasd had been damaged and as a result, thousands of people are now without electricity or without access to any water. now, several buildings, sins and ask, had been damaged on friday as well going on saturday morning. now one of those buildings boys a kindergarten, thankfully there were no people there at the time of the shelling, but nevertheless the kindergarten was heavily damaged. all the windows were blown out and i visited that place a little bit earlier on saturday. and so this is the footage that i came back with this kindergarten in the one of for the next district says just one of the places that was shelled on saturday morning. you can see shattered glass all around me.
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pieces and i fell off the building, at least a 32 windows here had been shattered. and this is the place of impact if you can point the camera this way. right next to begin kindergarten. thankfully, a was done overnight. no kids were here. no teachers. i saw nobody was hurt, but you can take a look all around me. this is a heavily populated residential area. there are people living in each and every one of these houses and i can see absolutely no military positions here at all. but the frontline is located not very far away from here, but this place internet is been shelled throughout the 8 years since this conflict existed. romana call for a hearty don't ask. now according to the net screw, public officials, local militia groups have taken control of settlements around the city of nikolai can use their images from the location they also claiming. so i've taken 2 territories on the way from, are you paul? was one of the me,
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if i wrote the russian defense ministry claims ukrainian nationalists are using truck mountain motors, muslim value in the nationalist battalions use so called ben derrick. cars, which have increased off road capability and are equipped with large caliber, small arms or mortars. let me remind you that this tactic is used by international terrorists in syria or more of the latest pictures from the people's republic a local for his can. we see moving through the area with support from the russian military locked in red and blue illness. my father, who don't, must republics themselves, that's according to their borders as recent and recognize independently by russia. the russian dependence ministry has just announced new developments sang regarding the forces of re taken territory from the ukrainian army. 46 kilometers beyond what was the contact line previously for the forces of a drug by 10 kilometers. meanwhile,
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the ministry has also released the following video. the well, you can see there are down being destroyed by russian forces. it was built back in 2014 while ukraine so block can now supplying water to crimea. that's right. off to the region became a part of russia or crummy had suffered severe water shortages ever since. the russian defense when issue though says surprise, will soon be restored. in full i meanwhile, the russian president vladimir putin is alleging ukrainian radical nationalists in the army of putting civilian lives at risk. why deploying heavy weaponry in density populated areas? you know, the ukranian radical nationalists are deploying heavy weapons, including multiple loans, rocket systems, right? in the central areas of large cities, including care and hark of they planned to provoke a response from russian strike systems on residential areas. in fact, they act in the same way as terrorists do. they hide the truth and hope blaming the russia. it is reliably known that this is happening under the direction of foreign consultants,
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primarily americans that uses that you will hear on the 1st image. you can see a verified photo of ukrainian author. we scored ready to open fire in a residential area. a russian defense ministry spokesman claims the russian side will not be drawn into publications and will not attack heavy weaponry inside 50. meanwhile, ukraine has from scraps age limits for all the entry and by and all men between 18 and 60, from leaving the country. pregnant authorities are also issuing weapons to any citizen. he wants them. in the care of region alone, it's reported more than 10000 rifles were handed out to volunteers and in the northern city should need off its mary calling on citizens to take up weapons. you shouldn't see me as fellow citizens of churney cough. i have urgently address you. we need to prepare for fighting on the streets. that's why anyone who knows what i'm talking about. prepare lighter fluids. another thing committed citizens, guys. i'm asking you to proceed to the dislocation center of territorial defense. i
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spoke to charles, she with a former counterterrorism intelligence officer. he says there are risks to hunting out weapons to civilians to give out weapons to anybody that offers to use them against somebody is probably quite a reckless polish. it smacks of desperation, of course, but the problem comes when weapons are given out freely. that festival, you're given it to people who may not be coffee, trained in how to use them in the 1st instance. and secondly, you've got an issue that you've only got it on trusted as people are going to use those weapons against the invader after, or they could be going to actually anybody at once you introduce those weapons, a freely into and an environmental theatric. well, you cannot keep control of those weapons when, meanwhile, we're getting reports of shells. literally falling in rushes rush, still freezing ortiz donald quarter is in the area. ukrainian military just fired 3
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mortar shells at the russian federation to ra stove region, where i'm located right now. you should be able to see on your screen right now footage of the devastation left from it. luckily nobody was injured. infrastructure wasn't damaged either. as you can see with your own eyes, it landed in a forested area. now, the ukrainian foreign ministry says that it's military has not been shooting at the territory of the russian federation, but this is not the 1st instance in which bombs have fallen here yesterday, in this very same region of ra stove. at least 14 artillery strikes took place on border areas within the region and right after the beginning of the russian military offensive. there were other such instances in brand screech and there were, there was shelling there where houses were destroyed and 3 people were injured. the same thing happened in belgrade infrastructure was damaged, shelling happened, and 3 people were also injured there. interesting. interestingly enough, more recently, near belgrade region,
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a ukrainian soldier had been trying to escape to the russian federation, trying to basically defect and neo fascist groups. there that had their hands on artillery artillery batteries had fired out at him and unfortunately killed him and injured another servicemen in the, in the russian federal security services as well. now, because of this violence that's actually been happening on the russian federation, the authorities have taken measures. they've closed down russia, southern air space. basically there's going to be no flights out of this area until march 2nd. that's at a minimum that can be extended. there's 12 airports in ra stove region alone, that will not be having flights until after that date for now. another thing they've done is closed down all the schools that are located in boarder regence of that border. the don boss, people's republics. we have to remember that there are at least 3000 children from done yet can lugens cologne that have left that have evacuated that region to the
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russian federation and are connected to educational institutions in these border region. so that's another task. the russian authorities now have on their hands. what are they going to do? where are they going to put them so that they can make sure to continue their education front says it's interceptor, rushing vessel and english channel reportedly on suspicion of sanctions violations . this comes off, the e, you hit russia with a fresh ralph the punitive measures over its minute reaction. shot at the sky has more. this cargo ship was seized at around 7 am local time here on saturday in france. it's a cargo ship cool. the baltic leader and it is apparently on a list of companies that have being sanctioned by the u. s. as a result of that russian military action in ukraine. now we understand that originally the cargo ship was pulled over by the french officials because they wanted a check documentation. however,
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it then emerged that it is on that sanctions list. and as a result, the boat was seized and taken to balloon soon there, which is the largest port here in france, just down the road from cali, it's better known cousin 19 crew on board. we understand that they have been allowed to disembark from the cargo ship, and they are allowed to move around freely. now, the russian embassy here in paris has sent a note to the government requesting more information, and it says it will do all it can to protect the rights of those s sailors on board . the 19, now are for the moment we don't understand a winner aware of what cargo that ship may have been carrying. but we do understand that the reason it was pulled over is because this ship belongs to p. s. b leasing, which apparently is on the us sanctions list. now for the moment, the cargo,
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if there is any cargo and the vessel itself have been seized and the feature of that will be determined now by a french court. meanwhile, a number of countries have closed. they're supposed to russian airlines over the ukraine crisis, among them the u. k. should republic, poland, and both states and moscow has responded with tit for tat measures. of the is you, us on u. k. have agreed to further tighten the sanctions prussia on moscow. that soft talks in brussels, bulus lear as the latest up it. while they set the spelling out in some kind of spiral, they are growing with the u. k. imposing harsh sanctions on russia. they've now imposed an extra travel ban in terms of not only russian aircraft not being allowed to land here, but also private chests. at the same time v t b bank, the 2nd largest state own bank and a number of other russian banks have also been sanctioned. the u. k is no longer
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accepting visa applications from ukrainians who are stuck in that country unless they have close family. here in the u. k. and beat bella was ambassador to london has been summoned and told that new members of the ruling elite also to be sanctioned. for supporting russia's military moves, the opposition leader has said that more sanctions are necessary, as one of the members of parliament from his party has started receiving death threats for search for criticizing and speaking out against nato expansion. the prime minister by his johnson earlier recorded a twitter video in which he called for an end to what he has termed a crisis. it was also an opportunity for him to show off his knowledge of the russian and ukrainian languages. putin's actions are leading to complete isolation for russia, shunned by the rest of the international community, hit by immense economic sanctions and facing
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a needless and bloody war. these already costing countless lies from innocent ukrainians to your russian soldiers who will never see their families again. and to my russian friends, your new view store davina at vancouver ebony this crisis, this tragedy can and must come to an end to show its v tupa prima villa to us who were in your greener law grainy. now the european union also says that it is imposing hot sanctions that these it says will cripple the russian economy. they include sanctions on individuals, state owned companies, and key sectors of the russian economy. all members of the russian parliament will now face asset freezes and travel bands at the same time and an extremely rare move . the e u has frozen the assets of the russian president vladimir putin and his foreign
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minister. so gait live rav, although neither certainly not at this point, are being subject to an e. u. travel ban. the european union and european leaders saying that one of this is necessary, which one of these, and we're adding president putin and foreign secretarial of rav to the list of sanctions. they are responsible for the deaths of innocent people in ukraine and for trampling on the international system. we, as europeans do not accept that, i'm in canada, the united kingdom and the united states have also decided to freeze the assets of president putin and minister liberals. and sophie, this is part of a coordinated action, but one step further is being taken by the united states who has also imposed a travel ban on the pair following a television, a telephone conversation. a president biden held with a european commission president are still of underline, and an alignment with the decision by our european allies,
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united states will join them in sanctioning president putin and foreign minister love rob and members of the russian national security team. these sanctions i'll expect to trickle down and affect ordinary russians soaking here in the u. k. and elsewhere in europe, russians are wondering what impact will have on them. and on their families, back home or quartermaster, we should all flames at. barring russia from swift banking system would cause financial problems across the world in a global world more globally interconnected than ever before. if you blocked the swift system, you are declaring a kind of economic warfare that will damage and destroy all kinds of economic relationships. the reason mister shows in germany did not want to and stopped the attempt to freeze russia out of swift, was because it would throw the price of oil and gas up into the roof beyond what it
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has already been. because you couldn't pay russia for the oil and gas through swift, and they wouldn't send it anymore. and no one knows where that's going to go. so if they do that, if they actually go through with that, they will disrupt global trade. they will drive inflation through the roof. and let me remind everyone, russia, china, iran, and many other countries don't like the domination, the united states as over the swift system. and it really is only a matter of time before there are multiple systems. bitcoin is already functioning to a degree like that. so this would be a very dangerous step because it will accelerate the end of the swift monopoly above. meanwhile, and he will process us putting worldwide against russia's military operation and ukraine. one of the latest wasn't burning where hundreds of people gathered outside the russian embassy, waiting and finding flags,
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or banners on display cooling for nato to help you train uncle russia to be cut off from the swift financing system. peace rallies have also been held over the past 3 days in russia in more than 15 cities. a leading australian pe tv company foxtel will no longer distribute our t citing situation a new crime. i will get reaction from our channels deputy editor in chief. our teacher was tirelessly work to bring valuable factory use to an audience of millions around the world where they were a government either call for or for us, aren't you to be taken off the air? it's simply highlights the policy of media freedoms in the nation. they were present to look at the association of your injury. analysts, who i'm the one hand, so practically declared themselves as the founders of journalists right yet. so readily turned back on the very founding principle to support the suppression of news and journalists under political pressure ever were time to recognize the
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importance all gathering news and understanding of all use is now. folks tell i sent a letter to auntie, saying in any distribution, i have a concern about the situation ukraine, the shuttle added. it considers it has the right to do so under the license agreement with this network. this come as amend growing pressure on the sh shuttle internationally as he was already banned by poland is national abroad, causing counsel off the russia thought is operation in ukraine, and the british causes khatri is calling to reconsider on his license. meanwhile, even before the current crisis erupt, it ought in german language. this channel or t, v was blocked in germany. a political life says such moves are extremely warren. i've been a number of debates on our team, and i've discussed many times with people who dealt with my disagree. many opinions when a lot of people, i mean it's a lot of debates on a lot of different subjects. r t has brought people together from different different political horizons, have brought them to debate to discuss some agree, some disagree. and that is the purpose of journalism. and that is the purpose of
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the media. met the people who are watching, make their own opinion. archie is not an ideology, it's a place where people can meet, discuss, debate on ideas, and that's fundamental. if we take that out of our democracy, there is no more democracy. so it's extremely important. maybe the mission down to the station. we have to find something on the internet. if it's the internet goes down, we have to find something else, it will be tough. these times are extremely tough. now, i don't know if they will get better, but we have to continue the fight for free speech. everybody is entitled to free speech or democracies, us based on that. isn't that what we're taught, isn't that what's written in our constitution, we've got to fight for the right for to free speech. and that means we have access to all the media and that the people choose what is right and right is wrong. those are the headlines, this our here on our teens. rational, appreciate you staying with us. we're backing off what out to bring in the very latest on the situation in your cry. ah,
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ah, the farmer, evil empire, standing up to the empire of life was like an important it was announcing his decision to d, potentiate planes, military infrastructure. he wasn't just resurrecting the close of the cold war. he made it clear that the russian us animosity never really and how hot and bloody put it still gas. ah oh
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