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tv   News  RT  February 27, 2022 2:00am-2:30am EST

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a to a residence of ukraine, 2nd largest city, called cos fillmore. they say all russian forces entering the city. a sporadic fighting is reported in the area or authorities in the newly recognized done yet below guns. republics, claims that the ukrainian military is conducting relentless shelling of residential areas and as of types of fuel depot. that's a rope that in a massive blaze, western powers ramp up their sanctions against russia over the ukraine conflict with the swift international payment system. preparing to disconnect some russian banks from its services and china opposed to the sanctions against russia in such measures cannot resolve ukraine crisis with
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it's just gone 10 am on sunday morning here in moscow. my name is peter scott, i'm wherever you joining us from. welcome to the program. the residence of ukraine's 2nd largest city car could have shed videos of russian forces entering the city as the local administration reports russian military units in central areas. let's get the latest now from our fees donald quarter. donald, you're on the ground in southern russia. it's talking about what do we know about what's happening? you called at the moment. while peter, the russian armed forces have just entered the city of hot cove. it's located in a region that borders don boss, as well as the russian federation. according to the russian ministry of defense, hundreds of ukrainian troops have laid down their weapons and surrendered immediately upon entry. over the past several hours, we heard a lot of reports of planes flying by gun fights going on around their explosions.
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the russian military was actually taking out ukrainian arms warehouses there. the russian defense ministry as described, the city of mateo pool as a, as a fighting hot spots. what do we know about what's having the well, uh, the neo fascist groups that have been fighting around there have actually been taking a tactics out of the syrian terrorist playbook according to russia's ministry of defense. they've been using so called ban dera cars that are armed with light, artillery and shelling civilian areas there in mario pl. let's take a listen to what the russian ministry of defense had to say those curricular. she's not on february 26th from 4 pm to 4 20 pm. this is mccraney nationalist from the aesop battalion system. we use grad rocket launchers to attack residential areas in the suburbs of mar, you pool, and a school in the city of mario. if this resulted in the destruction of residential buildings and deaths among the civilian population,
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the municipal rushes defense ministry had warned. the ukrainian nationalists were preparing to conduct such provocations as criminals. will anything for them to grow up girls? and more generally speaking, don waltz more developments are the in rushes ongoing military operation. while earlier today, the russian military destroyed a dam that was cutting off water supplies from the north, crimea, and canal to the crimean peninsula. this has been a source of severe water shortages in crimea since the ukrainians built it back in 20. 14 and russia's ministry of defense now says that water supply should be soon fully restored to normal. now, in the tor noble exclusion area that was taken by russian forces 2 days ago and after it was taken, the ukrainian military, that was station there actually agreed to continue to defend the area with russian forces. and because of that, staff are still working. there are radiation levels are still at a normal levels and there hasn't been any fighting around there. so those are
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basically the main updates from today's, from, from today's events in the war near russia's border or dawn. thank you for bringing those, those developments, the thoughts ease donald culture reporting from southern ocean talking about thank you. and out to the latest news from ukraine's capital. this video, which we can't yet verify appears to show cross fire taking place. just columbus is from the hearts of key of the shooting was reported close to the capitals, infrastructure, ministry, and just 25 kilometers from the capital. an oil depot has a ropes in flames, reporting due to an explosion. this on verified video shows the blaze. you can quite clearly see the fire hair and vast plumes of smoke billowing in the sky. otts easy, good is done of earlier brought me the latest on what's been happening in ukraine's capital on the surrounding region. or it is very important right now to try and make sense of all the, you know,
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video of all the information that is pouring outside of the ukrainian capital. especially given that the we are at the height of the information war and the loss of fakes are coming from world, frankly, both sides. so again, we were trying to can looking at the videos which people so far. this is the main source of information as to woods going on there. people just filming out of their windows like here for example. this is one of the, this is one footage that we're, we're seeing and apparently chose a fire fighting all was like in the heart of the ukrainian a capital there's of course we can see trace arounds being sure being fired. sounds of gunfire. but the problem here is that it's not clear who's fighting, who, because the logical assumption would be that while the ukrainians are trying to repel a russian attack. but so far i, it had the reports have been rather conflicting as to whether or not russian troops are inside the capital. in fact,
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the ukrainian side has been denying and saying that while they've managed to ward off are the russian world, russian troops who they are calling occupies under so. so some of course are saying that sabotage groups, you know, some ukranian officials are saying that russian, sabotage groups are operational within the city. but so far, well, there we haven't seen any documents on people who have been shown as, you know, captured or in the videos or like, you know, photos match between those who were captured and key of to some. there may be like social media profiles, for example, where they would have listed were like there, for example, the military particular military branch where they are serving. so and given how much firepower has been pumped into the crane and capital. more than 20000 rifles have been handed out to the general population and they didn't even ask for passports. so right now, even the ukrainian authorities have no idea who has the union, who,
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who is armed and who's not, the ukrainian law enforcement, don't know that the ukranian army doesn't know that. and there have already been reports, and there have been in fact, confirmed cases of you know, friendly fire when you know to when local groups, when they just took one another, they took each other for a fall. i russian saboteur sato groups and they shot at each other. there have even been reports of casualties and also some other people that have been using the fire power that they got to well tumor road and to scare people. now, as we mentioned early the up in numerous reports of explosions, not too far from the capital, including an oil deputy, must be terrifying for local residents. also, threats are they facing what's on local officials saying, well, absolutely this explosion, this strike on the oil. deborah has been arguably, well, it has been the biggest event of the night military wise. we saw basically a missile hit, an old depot, there was a massive fire that lit up the night sky. so in some videos it looks like it was
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a door like it, like it, like the sun was rising, that's how bright it was also a gas storage facility apparently was targeted as well, and it was, was set ablaze by an explosion. and so, yeah, also the night the night, you know, was pierced with sounds of air, raid sirens and so, so on and so forth. so a restless night for the ukrainian capital. certainly. now we've seen quite a few emotional videos of residents of care of doing the rounds on social media. can you tell us more about what they're facing right now? well, the city is scared of rules. remember, they aren't exactly used to living a med, you know, a military operation emitter. follow, you know, i mean, you know, as strikes and gunfire and fire fights. so a lot of people chose to shelter in the tube and the train in fact, have been stop. so it's the tube and key of is right now used exclusively to give people shelter. in fact, there was we saw a report of
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a baby being born on one of the tube station as, as yes or their mother was hiding from all the may. hm. that's going on on the surface. and of course, the ukrainian authorities and ukrainian president lensky. he has been trying to like calm down and to reassure the population. for example, here's what he said in the evening. people much green world has seen that ukrainians are strong. ukrainians are powerful, ukrainians are brave. so it's not surprising that these people always have friends more powerful than enemies to us. during the day i spoke every hour with heads of state friends of ukraine. it seems that ukraine has gained the sincerity and attention of the entire normal civilized world. and now moving to the newly recognized dom bus republics where intense fighting with ukrainian forces continues along the phone line, the local authorities in both to no guns
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undone yet. so public claim that several towns with targets in overnights artillery a tart, ukrainian, admitted to units and nationalist militia, groups in the region have allegedly intensified shelling as they prepared to retreat westward. massive fire has a rope that is a fuel deco and the guns people's republic. local authorities claim a ukrainian missile attack cause the blast with at least $200.00 tons of fuel having caught fire. several people have been reported injured by. the numbers are so far and clear. roman cars in the bus, oil depot was struck in elegance, people's republic by a ballistic missile, and indeed, a massive blaze is been reported on the scene there. now the ballistic missile in question is called tortuga all in russian. it's a self serve, your weapon, it's naser classification is as, as to $1.00 to $1.00 scare of now it's
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a 2000 kilogram weapon than it's capable of carrying and nuclear warheads. obviously, that was not the case in this instance to however, people's militia in la gans could do reports, her casualties, but certain old civil in deaths at the moment. so as they're fighting to with this sir, blaze. now indeed shelling is taking place across the dentist people's republic. here as well, or earlier on our saturday you, we heard the several explosions here and reportedly there were from a hobbit sir shells or a 152 millimeter caliber shells that landed on the territory of the city office and asked several her houses. so were damaged, however, no casualties have been reported. now we managed to speak to one of the,
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one of the people that witnessed this attack. did you hear miller still care? there was no wind down there. glass was shattered. we covered at our south that was back in 2014 chestnut. and now this happened. rubio, i was near the entrance. as the result of this sad sack of public transportation service was suspended. now jeannette, scarce seen the continuous shelling of the last 72 hours, that unfortunately, our civilian deaths have been recorded as well in of got in on the outskirts of them as kinda damaged to civilian infrastructure as well as thousands of people here are still still have no access to water or electricity also on saturday morning kindergarten in don't ask was us frog in an area near the, near the airport, very close to the front line. and i visited that place. and this is the report that
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i sent from their list kindergarten in one of our nest districts. it's just one of the places that was shelled on a saturday morning. you can see shattered glass all around me, pieces to fill off the building, at least a 32 windows here had been shattered. and this is the place of impact if you can point the camera this way. the editor of the grays on new sites on your current bill spoke with those about the beginning of the turbulence in ukraine 8 years ago . and the sizing of the year supported it on continues to do so. now it's been going on for 8 years. ukraine sovereignty was initially violated in 2014, when the united states supported openly a coo in ken, installed the public government and then sparked off conflict in the country east. the suffering of the people of don bass to have experienced shelling and artillery
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fire at the hands of the ukrainian military over the past 8 years. leading to the death of nearly 15000 people. their story has been completely erased in u. s. media, i think if he pulled the average american individual u. s. american individual, they wouldn't have even known that there was a war in ukraine for these past 8 years. president biden just approved $350000000.00 in weapons to be released to ukraine to the cleaning government. i wonder where those weapons will go, considering a russia has all but wiped out ukraine's main military capacity. it's disturbing because just in recent weeks in the united states report surfaced in media, showing that and this is according to u. s. officials, united states has been covertly training ukrainian horses in order to respond to a potential russian entry into their country. creating the kind of pretext for
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a situation as we saw in syria where the u. s. isn't officially working with the government or the military, but training paramilitary group in order to destabilize ukraine and embroil russia in a prolonged conflict. i think that is the worst case scenario we could see play out at this point. western powers have announced the decision to penalize moscow by disconnecting so much from banks from the swift money transfer system, which is the world's biggest mechanism for conducting international financial transactions. these, the commissions president announced the measure in a statement. we commit to ensuring that a certain number of russian banks are removed from swift. this will ensure that these banks a disconnected from the international financial system and harm their ability to operate globally. we will stop a protein from using his war chest. we will paralyze the assets of russia
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central bank. this will freeze its transactions and it will, it made it impossible for the central bank to liquidate assets. western powers have been clear that only certain russian banks will be affected. other measures include a crackdown on so called golden passports, the sale of citizenship in western countries, the wealthy russians. and there is also to be a transatlantic task force sets up to ensure the implementation of these measures. griffin's prime minister says the removal of some russian banks from the swift payment system is just a stepping stone with more sanctions. yet to come. we have taken decisive action tonight with our international partners to shut russia out of the global financial system, including the important 1st step of rejecting russian banks from swift. we will keep working together to ensure putin pays the price for his aggression and as fill
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them as it measures been taken in response to what putin calls a special operation. francis boosting is supplies of military equipment to ukraine . germany is also you turning on its non intervention policy confirming now that it will deliver arms to the country. our cesar shaw davinsky reports for the grave warning coming from president macklin of france, who said that the war will last and there will be consequences. the lease a palace though has said that it is still working to ensure that the collapse of ukraine doesn't happen, and that it's looking for a ceasefire, and that it will continue to work towards that joseph barrel, who is at the e. use foreign affairs chief. i said that he'll be holding a meeting with you foreign ministers later on sunday to discuss possible defensive and emergency assistance to send to ukraine. he said to support the her wic fight. they're also germany going to be sending weaponry to ukraine. their,
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the country has had a longstanding policy of not sending armory to conflict zones. this is what the german chancellor had to say about that. it is our duty to do our best to help ukraine defend against the invading army of putin. other measures that have been announced over the weekend, including more you countries saying that they are banning russian aircraft from not just landing at their airports, but also flying through their space with a stony joining the likes of latvia bulgaria, and others in the european union is signing up to that particular sanction. and in a further blow to russia, sweden says it's going to try and persuade his other members to boycott sporting links with the country. the swedish sporting minister says that would last for as long as the invasion of ukraine does. now, in a separate development,
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a russian cargo ship was seized by french port authorities on saturday morning. that cargo ship was then towed to the port of blowing somewhere in the north of france. the largest port in the country originally was overt checking documentations, but it later and merged that, that cargo ship belongs to a russian company that is on the u. s. sanction less than, that's why apparently it was detained, the russian, an embassy here in paris says it has written a note requesting more information, and it says it will do all it can to protect add the measures and security of the crew are on board that they are apparently being allowed to disembark and to freely move around. but the cargo and the ship itself have been seized. that will now be up to a court to decide whether that will be able to continue to make its journey towards st. petersburg. ortiz ilia petra anchored, takes
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a closer look at the western sanctions against russia, and whether, when it comes to the energy sector, the old bark and no bytes. i've lost count how many times in the last couple of days i heard european american heavy weight say we stand by ukraine and we are going to punish prudence. russia like never, ever before the occasion onto the largest most severe package of economic sanctions . the russia has ever seen this package of sanctions. it has been approved by unanimity of a member to stage would hurt russia, and he would hurt a lot. the sanctions measures we impose today, i think without question for the most consequential ever levied on russia and arguably than was consequential ever levied in history. those who invested in russian stalks woke up to find themselves in the red earlier this week. but soon after, there was relief for rush and business. the indexes, as well as the rouble rushes currency recovered slightly. not all the way to the
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levels of last week, but they did bounce back. why? maybe? because the sanctions didn't live up to the expectations of those who wished russia economic hell. but i noticed something us, how a look at the following. this package includes financial sanctions that cut rush us access to the most important capital markets. and these sanctions will increase rush as borrowing costs raise inflation, and gradually it won't rush us industrial base serious stuff. all the russian energy sector be like ah, because the big hitters gave up the idea of targeting the energy sector. otherwise, are they gonna warm themselves? if an immense share, a few resources comes from russia, a musty far must ask yourself if you come to this exclusions, is this a trigger that will cause russia to stop its gas supplies because they can no
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longer be paid for? and if it ends its gas supplies, what impact will that have on our supply? we will limit russia's ability to do business and dollars. euro's pounds and yen to be part of the global economy. we're going to start the ability of to finance and grow, rushed to the russian military. we've cut off rushes, largest bank, or bank that holds more than one 3rd of russia's banking assets by itself. cut it off the u. s. financial system, but worse, his biggest thunders, burbank has had fewer problems than expected. their operations are still good to go . the energy sector a bit like would be you, ah, to be clear. our sanctions are not designed to cause any disruption to the current flow of energy from russia to the world. part of the reason is perhaps that the democrats don't want to disappoint american voters too much. they don't want gas
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prices to go through the roof even more as we respond. my administration is using the tools. every tools are supposed to protect american families and businesses from rising prices at the gas pump, especially when 57 percent of americans disapprove of how joe biden is handling affairs. right, so that brings me to my earlier observation. they may be firmly reassuring key of they'll try their absolute best to save ukraine and give the kremlin a beating. but let's be realistic. no one is ready to go too far. if some business folks are going to suffer back home. it mostly for me, it's the natural gas issue. that is the, the one that is a definite masochistic move and that sense because it, it, perhaps the, you were going to have a number of factors affecting the economies of the west. and particularly europe with inflation, from rising a situation is going to be much worse than it was in 1973 with the energy crisis.
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the oil engineer, it's after the mountain $73.00 middle east war. so it's very much like on the fleet seats. meanwhile, chinas, foreign ministry of pose, as the sanctions against russia, saying those measures cannot resolve the ukrainian crisis. the chinese embassy in moscow has echoed remarks made by the russian envoy to you and in condemnation of the u. s. among the 248 armed conflicts that occurred in 153 regions across the world from 1945 to 2001, 201 were initiated by the u. s. accounting for 81 percent of the total number. the chinese embassy in russia has posted a list of the armed conflicts. the u. s. has been involved in since world war 2. you can see the names of cities on years where the armed conflicts took place. well, then, 80 percent of which the chinese embassy said were initiated by the u. s. a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson suggested that the u. s. should ask yourself, who's been the aggressor in those conflicts?
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meanwhile, victor go and international relations experts are china suit shall. university warner sanctions against russia will be mutually destructive for the west. china believes that ukraine has been very much used by the united states and western countries in attempting to recruit ukraine into nato, which is very, very aggressive. as far as russia is concerned, very destabilizing of peace and stability in that part of the world's play. such sanctions will be very mutually destructive a, mainly because russia is a very, very important country in the world. politically, militarily, in terms of energy, you cannot make relations of all kinds. and russia is such an important and indispensable energy supplier to so many countries in europe saw by taking out russia from the swift settlement system, for example. as well as making it almost impossible to russia to deal with other
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countries in europe, in terms of trade export, energy, businesses, et cetera, is very hurtful to russian interest of cause on the one hand. but it's very heartful of the european interest who benefits for all this. i believe that is states as an agenda to benefit, hugely because they want to sell l and g to europe punches, and they do not want to have european can inches buy more and more of oil and natural gas, more russia, which is cheaper and which is more sustainable. and just before we go, we some news just in a russian delegation has just arrived in bella rule for negation go. sions with the ukraine is ukrainian counterparts. the crimean has said that there's been a tentative agreement without celebrating. the russian delegation includes representatives of the foreign and defense ministries, as well as the preachings administration. moscow says it's ready for the talks on
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is waiting for. busy the key of representatives in the bellagio city of goma. well, that's all for this hour. my name's peter scott, and i'll be back with all the latest developments on that situation in ukraine, of course has potential negotiations. i'll be back around the top of the hour. thank you for watching. ah ah
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hello, welcome to wells, a part of the former evil empire, standing up to the employer of life. when wasn't to put him, it was announcing his decision to the potentiate ukraine's military infrastructure . it wasn't just resurrecting the growth of the cold war. he made it clear that the use russian animosity never really ended. how hot and bloody could it's still get. well, to discuss that i'm now joined by a team of a board. i shall program director of the well di discussion club. it is good to see you again. thank you very much for finding the time. good to see again. thank you for inviting me. now. when ronald reagan 1st used the expression, evil empire, it wasn't just a political invention. it was actually a statement of political believe he truly believed that the cold war was a battle between good and evil. when vladimir putin alludes to that trav today by
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calling the west the empire flies. is that just to rhetoric or do you think he is also caught in this battle between the forces of flight and the forces of darkness? well, in incident way, yes. when we speak about their nationalism, their violence, aggressive nationalism which is present in ukrainian society for many years as and especially of to the qu or 2014 and to we all know there's in the nationalism, these one are there, war asked evils of our, their contemporary history, which emerged in europe in the 2nd part of the 19th century and has been poisoning europe for the decades caused to ward wars the 1st older and the 2nd world war, especially. and brought a man's human losses on the european steeds and societies. we, in russia,
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we know that nationalism is the one of the most dangerous things, if not them, if not the most dangerous thing. oh, about which we can even speak about. but from what i heard, he put in say he never mentioned nationals. he was talking about nat, susan, and he was talking about supremacy the western supremacy and to some extent, impunity. so if it's indeed a battle between good and evil, once again, what do you think he defines as or as evil? well, i think that he defined, he might be defining as evo, urge them are self confidence of our partner in the rest that only they are having that that's as causing that. arrogance is actually also mentioned that where aragon may arrogance of our partners in the west and they. ready are strong and genuine believe that.


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