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ah, ah, the un security council has called for a rare emergency special session on russia's operation in ukraine as part of western powers attempt to isolate moscow. following a raft of aggressive nato statements and huge new arms deliveries pledged by block members. president putin puts rushes strategic deterrence forces, including nuclear units on high alert. but he does need, i'm ordering the defense minister and chief of stuff to put the russian army to turn forces from specialist the you announces the closure of its air space into russian flights as well as a ban on our t. sputnik and subsidiary companies from broadcasting in the block and russian and ukranian delegations are on the way to ukraine billers quarter after ki, agreed to negotiate quote,
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without pre conditions. ah, broadcasting live direct, more studios, and also this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us are now we start with the un security council meeting, which is dedicated to the situation in ukraine. it wrapped up earlier, the council called for a rare emergency special session on russia's operation, which will now be held on monday as western allies step up a diplomatic campaign to isolate moscow. a vote on the resolution by the 15 member council was procedural so russia could not wield it's vito, it was adopted with 11 yes votes. russia voted. know, while china, india and the united arab emirates abstained, are corresponded, kill them up, and has more. the representative of the united states hurled a lot of allegations at russia, accusing russia of many things,
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and blaming russia for the entire conflict. here's some of what we heard from the representative of the united states before the security council. we need to take extraordinary actions to meet this threat, to our international system, and do everything we can to help ukraine and its people. just this morning, president putin put rushes nucular forces on high alert, even though he is invading a country with no nuclear weapons and is under no threat from nato, a defensive alliance that will not fight in ukraine. we urge russia to tone down is dangerous rhetoric regarding nuclear weapons. now from there are a number of countries aligned with the united states echoed these allegations from the united states, placing the blame for the conflict solely on the shoulders of russia. now we heard
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china take to the floor of the un security council meeting. and when china spoke, they called for a d. ask elation they urged dialogue. here's what china had to say when they spoke to the security council meeting on china supports and encourages or diplomatic efforts conducive to a peaceful settlement of the ukraine crisis and welcomed the earliest possible direct dialogue and negotiations between russia and ukraine. at the same time with china supports equal footed dialogues between the you and russia on european security issues. the security council should give priority to regional peace and stability and the universe. so security of all countries and play a constructive role in resolving the ukraine issue. now from there we did see russia take the floor and debunk a large number of the allegations, and he did rhetoric we heard from other countries,
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one theme that was very key in the remarks made by russian ambassador and a band via was fake news than the fact that there are videos circulating throughout the internet that report to be from ukraine, showing russian atrocities. when in reality, some of them in been filmed in libya, some of them been filmed in syria. some of them have even been filmed, come from video games in the united states. there are videos of actual atrocities committed by the ukrainian military, against the peoples of the don boss, region that are now being shown as if to place the blame on the russian military. so a lot of deception, the russian ambassador took to the floor. here's some of what he said, the bunking all the allegations being hurled at russia in the moment. she just sitting out today and he's now there's a need to focus on resolving the situation which precipitated the crisis, which, which we are grappling. this crisis broke out not as a result of the launch of the russian special military operation in ukraine, but much earlier when for 8 years you turned
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a blind eye to the crimes perpetrated by the ukrainian nationalists in dunbar. and again, today you did not mention at all the suffering of the residence of dunbar. that's the russian ambassador, pointing out that while there is so much concern for the people of ukraine, there seems to be no concern over the past 8 years for the people of the don boss region. the peoples republic of don adds the people's republic of lugens and what they've been enduring, the shelling the food blockades, the ban on their language, the threats against them. there doesn't seem to be any concern for the lack of democratic freedoms in ukraine itself. ukraine is being portrayed as a democracy, despite the shutting down and jailing and suppression of opposition parties. so we had the russian ambassador taking the floor and just kind of refuting a lot of these allegation. now that was followed by a very theatrical speech by the ukranian representative in which he spoke in both
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english as well as russian and which she, you know, did a lot of dramatic things and made personal appeals to members of the security council. however, the meeting then ended pretty abruptly, the russian ambassador ended the meeting and it concluded not a lot of agreement between great powers represented in the meetings, some pretty big gaps in their understanding of world events. but it seemed like one thing that did bring everyone together was a desire for the fighting to and it seems like everyone wanted the conflict to come to an end. everyone wanted their to be some kind of resolution. so that is at least one thing the countries had in common despite the fact that they had very, very different interpretations of events. president putin has reacted it to quote, aggressive language from the nato members and big new pledges of weaponry to ukraine by putting rushes, strategic forces, which include nuclear weapons units on the highlight. was really clear. as you
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can see, western countries not only taking on friendly actions, tools on nation in the economic sector. i'm referring to the illegitimate sanctions that everyone is aware of. however, top officials of needs a member states are also using aggressive language towards a country. that's why i'm ordering the defense minister and chief of staff to put the russian army to turn forces on special alert. rushes, strategic forces include both nuclear and non nuclear units, long range bombers, submarines, ships, and jets. the high alert also connects missile warning systems and defenses against attacks from space or use iliad, trego with more well after the russian side kept hearing pretty much every day, if not every hour as a result of what's happening in new grain. how the natal members steps those sorry, states are sending more. busy and more troops and hardware to be alliance,
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nations that share a border with russia. right? we heard the president of lot of our potent order, the russian strategic forces to be ready for any kind of scenario unfolding. indeed, russia sees this as a massive threat. however, when the white house press secretary judges, saki was asked what her reaction to the statement by bottom, or was she pretty much said that it's actually made up threats by the russian president. this is really a pattern that we've seen from president putin through the course of this conflict, which is manufacturing threats that don't exist in order to justify further aggression and the global community. and the american people should look at it through that prism. nato secretary general, again, stolen berg was also speaking to the western media. and he spoke about how the countries of his lines are also very concerned about that decision made by
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mister potent. this is dangerous rhetoric. that's the reason why we both provide support ukraine, but also why we over the last 2 weeks, a months, i have a significant increase the presence of nato in the eastern part, the lions. so the stakes are high, probably they've never been her that high end decisions are being made on both sides. we keep hearing no more and more steps being taken by the european union just a few hours ago. the you top diplomat said that actually we've never heard these kind of things being said before the european will send fighter deaths to ukraine. and these are supposed to be fighter jets that the ukrainian pilots know how to operate. so you would perhaps assume that still, you know, some of the eastern european countries are in possession of the jets that were the soviet made. so are they going to hand them over to you?
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great. we don't know, but it's definitely clear that now hundreds of millions worth of lethal military aid is going to ukraine. and we do remember that a lot of our food and also mentioned that when he was talking about russia, responds to the very latest threats from the west and from ukraine as well. the heads of the u foreign ministry agreed to provide lethal weapons to ukraine for worth about 450000000 euros this, according to the you foreign policy chief, he also added that you sanctions will freeze about half of russia's financial reserves that you also announced a ban on r t and sputnik and subsidiary companies from broadcasting in the block. our editor and chief margarita manion has responded to news of these restrictions. but 1st, the foreign policy chief, just to boil the peoples and entities that are going to be
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subject to restrictive measures. political figures who whole key role are the put in system in russia. those, the ones who disseminate propaganda, propagandist and military, we are going to band russia today. and the sputnik from broadcasting in the union because they are the champions of information. many pollution. notice i use got that. i'm normally at the desk of the e u. that for years has been selling the whole world, how much they treasure and love freedom of speech, how they appreciate and loved diversity of thoughts, diversity of news, and information to day in response to the actions of russia. ukraine meant to protect russian speaking citizens there. the e u announced that we won't broadcast there any more. what the president's decision to start, the operation has to do with us is unclear. it's absolutely obvious that no matter whether we continue broadcasting or not, the operation would proceed. it's absolutely clear that it's just an excuse. they
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wanted to close us for a long time, but it would have looked bad in the eyes of their own citizens, our audience, because it's against freedom of speech anyway. and now it convenient excuse appeared and they decided to get rid of the long lasting uncomfortable issue of us . and our huge audience in this way groom will find some other way to communicate with their audience for sure without direct broadcasting them. but the people of the european union today can see how much that allotted, talk of freedom of speech costs. yes, be more if you know, the international community is doing what they can to put as much pressure on russia as possible with lots of sanctions. but for more on the european sanctions, specifically, here's our correspondent. in europe, peter oliver decision to place rushes, strategic and deterrence forces, which includes nuclear elements on high alert. and that was viewed as a major escalation is in europe as it was expected to be viewed. we heard from ursula on the line, the u commission president, who said a to boo has gone,
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and the european union will now provide a weapons into a conflicts own at the you will provide weapons to ukraine and it isn't going to be the whole of the e u. member states doing this and hungry has said that they won't be providing weapons. however, countries that have never done this previously have said that they will, including sweden have said that they will be providing arms to, to ukraine right now. and we also heard from a you leaders like joseph barrera, lee, you commission. hi, barry, you european union. hi, representative for foreign affairs saying that our t. sputnik and all subsidiaries would be banned from broadcasting within the european union. and today we're taking a crucial estate. turn off the tap for the russians. information manipulation in europe may manning russia to day and spa nick from broadcasting ended of the n union. while we're also seeing the closure of
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u air space to all our russian owned russian registered or russian controlled aircraft, as was announced by yourself on the line. we are shutting down the e u. air space for rushes. we're proposing a prohibition on our russian owned russian registered and russian controlled aircraft. these aircraft will no more be able to land in take us over fly the territory of the european union. and that includes the private jets of holly galks to the european union, continuing to take more sanctions against russia in retaliation for russia's actions in ukraine. earlier, my colleague kevin o n. a spoke to political science lecturer, john laughlin, who told us that europe's ban on our tea, raises disturbing issues and questioned nato's sabre rattling in countries outside the military block. nato is the most powerful military alliance in the history of
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humanity. its expenditure dwarfs that of russia, its power dwarfs that of russia. how can anyone say after these decades of natives was in yugoslavia and libya? that is not a threat to anyone, particularly when the british foreign secretary britain is one of the most important nato powers. seems to imply that moldova is part of nato motive, or is not part of nato. she also says we have to fight for ukraine because otherwise we will be threatened. well, nature does not have to fight few crane. nature has to fight for its members states . it doesn't fight for other countries, it fights for its members states. so everyone is losing their heads at the moment. and therefore it's entirely understandable that russia should be raising the stakes in this way, saying ashley vaughan, delay, and the european commission president. and i'm saying that, so the, you, i'm just reading, the quote will ban russia, media outlets that are to in sputnik accusing us to spreading harmful dis information. we try our best to put a balance across,
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and we know we're licensed by off, come in the u. k. and europe, they've deemed us to be okay to license. we're of course, going to put the russian point of view. what's wrong with that? well, and what's wrong with it is that it's totalitarian. if you don't suppress media outlets, that's a basic principle. if the e u is going to suppress artie and sputnik, that means european union citizens will no longer be able to watch those channels. no one forces them to watch them. it is a measure that she is announced which drastically reduces the liberties of you citizens. and i'm sure it doesn't make a slightest bit of difference to russia. ah, but it does make a difference to people who want to watch out in sputnik. and, i mean we've got used to tell attorneys and for 2 years now with all the coven madness. but this is a, this is so this is in the same category. in any case what, what laws is she is claiming to be operating under lee?
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you doesn't have that authority any more than it has the authority. by the way, as far as i know, to close as spaces you mentioned in your report above all, i mean independently of the issue between russia and nato and ukraine. i think anyone watching this, any european citizen watching this should be deeply preoccupied by the assault on his own rights, his or her own rights. you mentioned just now in your report from london about the seizure of assets belonging to rationale, galks in london. what happened to due process, what happened to property rights? and we really saying that from one day to the next, somebody's property can be taken away just because they're deemed to be politically close to russia. this is literally dictatorship. i don't want to sound hysterical, but somebody has to a, pull the alarm bell on this and say that these kinds of measures are undermine the very thing which are the british government and other european governments claim to be standing full, namely the rule of law and democracy, the ukrainian delegation is traveling to the ukraine. belarus of border for talks
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with russia through a long route. this is out of concerned for their lives and according to a source who is close to the situation, the russian delegation is already at the scene waiting for their ukrainian counterparts. science kids in augusta with vin lee, ukrainian delegation advanced to the talks by a long route through the republic of poland. and then through the territory of the republic of bella, roost through the warsaw bridge border crossing billows. they said this was down gent, security issues, since hostilities are ongoing on the bella ruffian, border area, and in particular in the charity of regional adding that they could become victims of either accidental rocket fire or territorial defense action saying that is because they distributed tens of thousands of machine gun was grenades and archimedes to civilians without checking him or their medical certificates or criminal records. the russian delegation is already at the agreed meeting place. one of the state residences on the banks of the prick young where they are waiting for during ukrainian colleagues that there's been
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a lot of back and forth so far. it's safe to say now the peace talks are happening, the russian delegation is now in the gama region in belarus, where the negotiations are expected to take place the exact location, those captain secret for security reasons. but we understand that it's going to happen right on the border between ukraine in belarus near the printed river. perhaps one of the border crossings on miti are not invited obviously, but we expect a public statement from the russian negotiators. as soon as the meeting is over, are russia's chief negotiator latimer. minsky said earlier that the parties are now deciding on logistics and security arrangement. so let's have a listen to what he said. we have received information from the ukranian side that it agrees to negotiate talks will take place in the global region as we proposed earlier. now we are creating a path for the ukranian site to pass through safely. we awaiting here for the ukrainian delegation. kansas were initially low that these talks would happen. the
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russian delegation came to men's earlier on sunday, only to hear that keith has no desire to sand. his delegation to bowers on the grounds that mince allegedly took active part in russia's military operation in ukraine. this is something that the battle russian president, alexander lucas angle, vehemently denied than the russian sad. we're going to wait until 3 pm moscow time and then we'll leave. and actually we're about to depart from moscow. the ukrainian president found his val russian counterpart and said that he's ready to san his people and have negotiations. however, he said later on that he doesn't have high hopes of for the outcome of these talks . elizabeth, yet to be honest, i do not believe in the outcome of this meeting, but let them try so that not a single citizen of ukraine has any doubts the dies president did not try to stop the war when there was at least a small chance. but a chance, none the less, it's hard to tell exactly what has caused this. you turned from the craning side
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earlier, the ukranian president suggested other european capitals like warsaw bratislava buddha passed as well as istanbul and turkey and the capital of another former soviet republic. azerbaijan, a buck who, but as the deadline said by the russian side approached latimer zalinski, all of a sudden changed his mind and confirm the training. delegation headed by a deputy foreign minister is on its way towards the valor was border. russian delegation in ballard roost includes a deputy foreign minister, a deputy minister of defense had of the foreign affairs committee in russia's parliament, russia's envoy and ballard, as well as a russian presidential aid mitree mit in ski. he is the head of the russian delegation. we know from what the russian president said earlier that the russian offensive was halted on february 25th. when zalinski 1st mentioned, he wants to talk and discuss a natural status for ukraine than he changed his mind and the operation was resumed
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. it's also hard to tell if the 2 sides can find common ground here. let's have a look at developments on the ground in ukraine as we understand them on the ground right now. as we enter de 5 of the conflict, there are reports of advances by russian troops and dumbass forces against the ukrainian army in various parts of the country. now if you look at the map marked in red and blue, these are the 2 don bass republics, according to the borders recently recognized by russia independently. now the russian defense ministry has announced that lugens coalition forces have retaken territory from the ukrainian army, 52 kilometers beyond the previous front line. well done, yet forces have advanced by 12 kilometers and i witnessed that video appears to confirm multiple accusations of ukraine's military using civilians as human shields, allegedly, and operating inside residential areas. now we have not independently verified the
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footage, but allegedly shows frightened residents trying to get an armored personnel carrier out of a public courtyard in front of residential buildings. which one woman says is full of children hiding from the war. now will show you the video and you can decide for yourself. oh. 7 hm. and despite the russian army advance, the done yet can look on the public's claim that several towns were targeted in missile attacks, including in nickel layer where russian military forces say that they rescued an elderly woman for a and staying in the done yet. and lou guns, republic, or roman cousin off in the dumbass region with the latest the ukrainian army are
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retreating. but so they are destroying everything on their, on their way. on this, on this retreat. according to a local officials, the korean army are targeting civilian infrastructure in people's home and they're using a so called a scorched earth policy against the civilians and not the military. now they added that the ukrainian military, the ones who are still fighting or placing their positions in near us civilians, homes and schools, and kindergartens, and virtually turning civilians into a human shields. once again, this according to local officials, and of course we can hear artillery strikes here in the nest where i am right now. on saturday, a massive, massive artillery attack was heard throughout the city. and they were $152.00 millimeter holiday or hollitz or shelves that,
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that land. it's about 5 kilometers away for war, around standing right now. and it wants to villian was reportedly killed during those at sac sir. the city of the nest suspended public transportation. many houses had been destroyed. the apartment buildings. and so here is one witness account from saturday night. what can you do? you just can't do anything about it. thank god, at least i am alive. god is looking out for me. well, the soul told number of civilians who were killed her during the ukrainians armies at sax. now stands at 8 people this only over the last as 72 hours and the scores of people had been in had been injured as well. like i said before, civilian infrastructure had been targeted here in done net as a thousands and thousands of people now have no access to water or electricity. now, over in logan's people's republic, and oil depot, a fuel depot was sir, ah,
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struck by a ballistic missile. are creating a huge a fire. apparently the missile is called a tortuga, or it's an native classification assessed $1.00 to $1.00 scarab and it is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. that wasn't the case. in this instance. however, it weighs 2000 kilograms and a very, very 5 frightful weapon. now, people's sir, i militia reported that there had been no fatalities there in logan's. however, some people were, are wounded as a result of this ballistic missile attack, according to a local officials. and according to the russian defense ministry are done as can logan's people, the militias are moving deeper and deeper into the territory formerly controlled by ukraine and both or both. the republic, sir, report that they have liberated several settlements in le ganske. and in don't ask
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as well, they're also reporting that the summer ukrainian soldiers are actually surrendering and switching sides as that they been promised a safe package, a passage back home and an amnesty from this a war on our head of the nets, people's republic, denise bushland, said that this operation will, i will last for a few more days, but he said it will not stop until the rest of the nest people's republic is liberated and that's a statement is echoed by the soldiers on the ground as well. or in my personal opinion, we must get our territories back from these evil peoples to there will be peace and every one will sleep well closer to roger. the enemy has behaving in different ways, and most places they run, but sometimes they fight to the very end. but that's mainly those fighting for political reasons. basically every one has running away and giving up. it's been a relatively quiet here ins anesco this sunday as the fighting is moving further
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away a from a, from the city. some of the most fear. so fierce fighting has taken place in the south of the republic near the city of maribel, which is currently is circled by the neo nazi asoft. but sally, which has been linked to o war crimes by the united nations. and reportedly they have a place their positions around us civilians using them as a human shield. people have taken to some of russia's biggest cities to protest against the military operation there. oh yeah. hundreds, it came out onto the streets of central st. petersburg gentlemen, on no to war footage shows some protesters being taken to police bands. there are also reports that more than 300 people have been arrested in 32 cities across russian. similar demonstrations are being held around the world. one of the biggest to have taken place was in the german capital where more than 100000 people
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participated in ukraine solidarity march, according to police, some flu, ukrainian flags, and war math. in the countries of blue and yellow colors. i that does it for me and i will be back tomorrow. but don't worry, peter scott, my colleague will be here in about 30 minutes time with a full and fresh look at you news saying across the situation ukraine as we are trying to do and give you the best information up to date or to international stay with us ah ah ah
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ah grey's own inhabitants have learned to sleep through the nighttime shilling and to live without the most basic utilities going for weeks without clean water or electricity. worst of all, they've had to watch as the war creeps ever closer to their homes. speech ga, to correct train. spanish is terena. don't look i'm what danny zealously out to the darcy george.


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