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tv   Dennis Miller One  RT  March 1, 2022 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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against an avalanche, we must the hey folks, next up we got a real charmer and a killer comedian. i think she's in miami right now. plan or worse. angela johnson starts out as an oakland rater cheerleader. you talk about a tough cra visit that adds on, and then when i think she's been out of 14 years now, pushed dollar chips and killing it, absolutely killing. and she also had some great characters on mad tv. we can talk to her about that. angela johnson right after this. dennis miller plus one a poke. welcome to dennis miller plus one. we're happy to welcome. i always like talking to comedians, because they know they know how to do it. sometimes you get actors that are a little halting, but comedians and actors like angela johnson. no,
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no what is required of the form? she started out as a professional cheerleader for the oakland raiders. now las vegas writers and soon transition to comedy. she's released for comedy specials and that's appreciable that thanks a lot of your material up, including the netflix, special not fancy angel is currently on tour on her. who do i think i am comedy chore. she's also releasing a book this year aptly named what i think i am. stories of cholo wishes and caviar dreams, as the great robin would say, it'll be released on march 15th angela johnson. how are angela? i am doing well. thank you. the touring, right, and i want to did a couple days. i couldn't quite call to tour, but it's a different creature. like getting on stage is the easiest part. it used to be something where he's like, i gotta get on stage for an hour to have them. now you think they've got them
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getting on stage is getting through the airport to the hotel out again. that's the tricky part on the road. right? is everything from you know, the new travel rules. ringback to even at the club, you know, like walking through the crowd to get to the stage and like everybody wants to give high fives and stuff. and i was like, oh maybe maybe, maybe not, i'm good. ringback how are you able to take your friend behind you? i see your nice poach with it or do you take the poach on the road with you? yes, i'm actually, i'm in my hotel now in miami shows all weekend i bring my dog with me everywhere. i go, he is literally my road dog. my friend john love, it says a dog named jerry brock time or the 3rd. and it's so funny to watch john, who's been such a loaner his whole life on the road. he never, it was always under him. so now all the sudden, every time i see me like paris hilton and season one of the show,
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he's got the dog and the crutches. as i said, i said the job, what does it do for you? said i can't tell you how the therapeutic this dog is for me on the road. it makes me feel like i'm at home. let me tell you i, when i say i have an emotional support animal like david and then i used to be like, you know, what's the difference between a motional support animal, the service animal and the dinner and says, my wife agreed because the just right. but now you have to pay for more anymore. i have a big guy that we'll talk about later. but i 1st, you know, i've been torn for 14 years. so i mean, i hadn't been in it as long as you've been in it. but for 2 years is a lot to be on the road away from your family, you from your friends, from your favorite grocery store, or from your bed, from your shower, and your perfect water pressure from you know, all grocery shopping. your has been like all the things right and being on
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the road that long. i was in virginia beach and it was one of those weekend where i just feeling like have be like i would show up on stage do my comedy. and then i was just like fill in a type of way and then i met the dog and it was not my dog or somebody else, the dog and i picked it up and i held it and i felt like all the heaviness melts off of me and i was like, oh my god, i need to get a dog and start travelling with a dog. so i got him and had him for 3 years now and ever since then he comes to all my shows with me and it's like 9 day for my mental health. and i, i love it so much. god, you. so remind me a maya. do you know, my rudolph at all, you you the way you, you kind of leaning toward when she says something like that. and so a so many similarities in, you know, via i never met her, but if you would like to introduce us, i would love to meet her and hug her. well. really i think you too would be very
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some potto because there's almost an eerie sort of connecting vibe there. how cool 60 cities across america? 2022. and what size by new york and angela, where are you going? where you're in miami now, for instance, how many nights in a row and we're out so this weekend, i'm at the miami in prague as i'm finishing up my, my, our tweaking and all of that. and then my theater tours start march 25th and i'll be doing a bunch of theaters across the united states. and it's going to be so much fun. and anytime i can tour, like with a bus and we travel on a bus, that's like the best time at birds that we're going to do that for a couple of weeks, not the whole tour, but a couple of weeks. and that will be fun. and it's just so cool to just bounce from city to city and like come into a new theater. and again, with my dog, you love to explore and like sometimes i lose him and then all here,
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like the maintenance guy on the radio, he's like we got a dog over here for him a lot. and i'm like, oh that's mine. can you, can you bring them back the way you got to get to page the poach to drive the bus, then you can amortize. you always margins out there on the road. angela? yeah, i think that in an odd way, when you go into theaters, i always felt a responsibility that were more people there and they had paid a higher ticket price. i'm not diminishing clubs, but clubs. you can go in and i always felt it was like the gym. it was night after night. they give you a little more leeway to try stuff because they almost want to be that close to the creative process. they're here, you're 5 feet away and they're kind of digging it. there's no presidium and you can really work it out. so when i hear you say that, that was my vibe to i used to head to san diego, to the tempe. improv. improper is always the best crowd. 4 and you can really find
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to the material at. yeah, absolutely. i love doing that in the comedy club and you play with the audience because they're still closed. they're right there with you. it's casual, they're eating, they're just the vibe. and then in the theater it feels different. like should i feel like i should be fancy or a little more effort in something when you're done the seaboard now, but i see you were carolines recently in new york. i used to work along was in the south sea port, then they moved that i think right into the heart of the city, up there near the theater district. is there a discernible difference for you in the crowd in new york city and then you moved on to miami looser fund here in miami, or tell me about the difference if there are any you know what i feel like there's a lot of tourists and locals. busy when you're at carolina, because it's right there in time square, but in my, me, me,
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it's for me for my crowd. it's very latino. it's very, even though it's like i mex again. we're all different mag began to been domestic and puerto rican. everybody is different. but when i come here, it's super latino in the crowd, and i love to make fun of us and call the different versions of us in the audience . so every time i come to miami is that kind of i've, although i will say my very 1st time headlining ever was in miami, and i bombed so hard. i was supposed to do my hour and i was done with all my material in 25 minutes because i didn't have to wait for one lap. so what i listen, i'm sorry, but comedians like to talk about these things with other comedians because it's 99.9 percent of the time. when you reach a certain level, you get paid the hit the ball, but you realize it can go away really quickly. you can miss speak a joke, the next joke not strong. you're at
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a whole now you've got to pull something from back and get it back. how did it go so wrong? your 1st time through miami? what do you remember about the event itself? so i remember it like it was yesterday and i talk about it in my book. it was my very 1st time headlining and it was joe, that cops club at miami, grow back in the day. you recall different locations here to and i brought a friend of mine to open for me. i've never had like this my 1st time bringing an opener. right. and he spoke spanish. i do not speak spanish. so when he went on stage, he was like speaking spanish here and there with the crowd and really getting them like on his team. you know, they're like, oh, we're the same. yeah. we were late, we get you right. then i came on stage and i'm still figuring out my voice, my perspective, my point of view, i'm still figuring out how i present myself on stage. i'm coming fresh off of being
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an open reader at. so at this time i was going on stage and i had a little bit of mid drift show in, you know, i had will make lip dick my hair done like i'm just, i come out to impress and completely bombed. and after the show, the manager at the time getting in, he gave me the best advice that shifted my whole career. he was like, ok, i was like, i don't know what it is. i don't know how to get people on my team. i don't know how to get them to trust me to like me. and he was like, ok, here's the thing. when you go out there, you're a threat to the women because you come out here all pretty and they don't want their man laughing at you. and then you're distracting to the men because you're just being pretty, so they're not even listening to anything. you're you said, go out there for the next show. late show. i want you to put your in a pony tail. put your hoodie back on up your hoodie all the way. take your lipstick off and go out there for the next show. it was night and day difference. what
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a great no. unreal sometimes club. sometimes you view the cat who is running the club, is that something in between you and do a good show because they have the most metal, some nodes that is actually a goosebumps inducing. what, what a great, great thing for him to lay on you that early and then a change and i get it. there's different ways, especially women. but we can perform on stage like i love to see, like how amy will go on stage. amy schumer and she has her beautiful dress on her heels, nicky glaser and like they're just like dressed to the nines and can were like short shorts and like a half top in their heels and still rock there. the stage with all confidence and that is so great for them. and i feel like for me, i definitely found my comfort and competence in my jeans and pennies. and you know my hair in a pony, my low hurry and like i found my sweet spot and i was like okay, this is where this is where i can can be competent. yeah. well the subtitle,
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the book charlo wishes and caviar dreams. you got to come up and you got to have some authenticity to it's, there's a time to be ready to read. and then there's a time to be a sister who can make you laugh off. and that was very savvy of that cat. the point that i were enjoying our time with angela johnson, she's currently out on the road. she's released for comedy specials, working on her 5th that impressions. me because a lot of people have one and i'm very few have to you get out 4 or 5. you can tell that you're an adherent to the arts after 14 years. she's currently on her. who do i think i am comedy to are. and she's also released the book this year, apple named, who do i think i am, which will be released on march 15th. we'll come back. we'll talk about her starting off. i love the idea that she had there too. very savvy comes back for my last game. as a writer, as a friend in l. a. and heads there at some point, you just got to step through the star gate. it's never going to get easy to do, but you gotta move. you gotta move. we'll talk to angela john about making
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so you can't afford to miss the one and only boom box or find it now on portable t v. ah oh oh oh, how read ab rita turned on the tv and about the world and what's happening around me? i see shells on the screen last every day because the fake news, narrative, petty thief leave too many cool, little didn't up with bomb after blah brick by brick. global is the make you wow. have plenty of that in this war. what i've found a network that will question more is great through that space civil strife, climate change probably a cool implant. sol amazed,
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dream wants to do with keep us quiet. what's the right you can't keep with families critical point. these fold perspective, question more directive. we don't take that. we walk the walk, our t america, me real job the hey folks, welcome back. enjoying our time with fellow comedian angela johnson. 14 years at a currently on the road with her tore. who do i think i am and a book the same name coming out on march 15th. i like the fact that you came back from doing what you thought knew was your last game. you took the job almost to feel, to get to grow comfortable with yourself, but then you've got more to give you. come back. at some point, angela just does become about. all right, here we go. i gotta put my big boy big girl pants on here. go do this and you went
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down there late. tell me about the beginning. so i tried out to be a reader, it simply because i, i wanted to be an actress like deep in my heart. i wanted to be an actress, but i knew nothing about it. and i had a friend who move there and she got started doing commercials and music videos and things like that. she's like, if you come out here, i'll help you get started. so then it was like, oh wow, this could actually be a real thing. at the same time a friend was like, hey, you want to try out for the reader. it. and i was like, my thing. and then i think about, but you know, i'm going to use this as my sign. and if i make the squad, i will do it for one year. and then i'm going to move to hollywood and i'll pursue my dreams. i tried out by myself when to this vision in oakland, there's 700 girl that does audition. i end up making the squad the moment that i made the squad. my 1st thought was my, oh my god, i'm going to be a true leader for the open raiders. my 1st thought was, oh my god, i'm going to be an actress. that's it. this is my sign. so i cheered that year we
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went to the super bowl that year was the best year to pick to be when readers cheerleader, 2000 to 2003, then came home from the super well packed up my car the very next week. and i drove to l a. my friend kept her word, she helped me get started. i started an extra, i was an extra on friends for their season $9.10. you could still see me in the background. and that's how i started my career as an extra and i had, i remember having the full circle moment. i was filming a movie and alabama. and i'm at the gym at the hotel and i'm running on the treadmill and the tv on. then i'm watching friends on, you know, p b s or whatever. and i see myself walking in the background and and i think emotional just thinking about it right now to think that i was on location building a movie as an actress where actually had speaking parts. i actually get to say things. and there i am starting this little dreamer girl who just walking in the
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background, who's like watching and learning from like lisa could draw. and jennifer allison and courtney cox. and i was just the young dream girl that was so happy to be in the background. i have nothing to say, but just watch. and then here i am. filming a movie like does it come? i'm real to just put faith in yourself and go for it. you know, you know, you speak up faith as i get older. i think i went away from faith for a long time because i was raised catholic and some of that didn't resonate with me . but as i get older and i can't make sense of things, i think i am a christian and i haven't had any road to damascus moment or there's an archangel might make a mirror or anything. but i do know i feel humbled. i do know i feel the need to go to a house of worship once a week and pray to somebody, you know and, and say thank you for the blessings i've had. and i think faith plays a big part in your life. and i'm correct. right?
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yeah, for sure. i mean i grew up from like, teenager is on christian in to my adult years and i definitely have gone through a season of kind of like you like figuring out what do i believe i need to pray to something and like where you're like, i need to go to the church once a week, i've almost pulled away from going to the church once a week and kind of made it more of just my own. ready faith and my own journey with god and kind of like taking god out of the box that i've kept him in the religion and just being like so open minded to how big and lovely and beautiful god is and, and have so much appreciation for things. now, like everything from like fighters, like if i used to be a fighter in my hotel room, i was like, oh my god like kill it, masha, get it out a year. and now i like have like reverence for this fighter. and i'm like here, let me just throw you our side. and just like, i feel like i've expanded, you know,
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when i say i go to the house of worship, i go with mt. so i have both worlds. when you talk about being alone, i go because i like how quiet it is in my, in an old factory sense that smell the influence and that reminds me of my youth. i never go when the ceremonies are not putting it down. but for me, i just like the solace. my mom has passed, i like talking to her and i know she'd be happy. i went to a church to do it. i just find things so complicated. and when i get older, people are always trying to figure things out. and i think, you know, i think the key for me is i get older is to not figure as much out as to take some things as a matter of faith. and the just feel that there is some, i don't, i find great solace and that i love that. yeah, that's really special. where do you know you have such a nice conversation away by you could one many ways you could have a rate or you could have been in a community and you could have been a shrink. i hope you're doing apologize because you have such
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a beautifully conversational way by yourself. have you dabbled and not at all? thank you. yes i do. i have a podcast that i do with my husband and a friend of ours, named brandon smith. it's called nights at the round table. my husband mental re is host it and we're part of it. and we talk about faith, love live, our deconstruction of all of those ideas and our reconstruction of what we think and believe. now, i have another broadcast called go stories with angela because i love hunted paranormal goes the stuff. and i love to hear this came out of 2020 like when everybody's just like doing stuff. and i was like, i want to your go story. so i started going on instagram live and i would just pick a fan and i would go live with them and be like, tell me your go story. and these are the some intense stories that were like, let's make this an actual podcast. and so now every episode i invite like 3
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different bands on they told me they're real experience that they had and it's just so much money. i love that kind of stuff. and so i have that podcast and then i have one with just me and my husband called mandel. last name is mandy. and i'm angela. so we do manage a lot and we talk about our really great july, love the you know, it's funny. we relationship, whatever. what i was a little boy is, love goes stories. i don't like slasher films, but a good goes to you. when i was young, i used to love and the big go story a much older than you when i was young, was called the hook. and it was about kids the want to make out make out point, and there was an escape killer on the loose from the institution. his name was the hook because he had a hook for one and, and they were making up the girl. you must her and some permutation to this, the girls is we got to get out of here. i don't like, this is crazy and a guys are relax. and then finally she's, i'm not going to tissue again. let's get out or go home. they go home. he opens his
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door and there's a bloody hook on the door that she got out of there just a moment. so anyway, take like i always told my kids a story when they're young. i took him for a camping trip one night and, and then the brady. we had to sleep in the car. as you remember that whole story. i hope that does it come through. this will show you how kids of evolved from what the computer like the whole world's at their fingertips. next morning we got up to make our french toast on the skill it. and i going to do, i said look guys, and i had put a coat, hanger dipped and catch up on the door. i said it's the bloody hook and my kid look, so vegas, that code hanger catcher. let's have breakfast. you know right away. you for me, he was, he wasn't scared me. well, i love i love to look up like all the different cities that i'm in and research like, is there somewhere haunted in the area? like maybe i could go check it out. and then like doing my research come to realize that most ghosts are from like the 1800 because every store you hear is usually
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like, oh yeah, that's mabel. she died in 18 o 6 from seasonal allergies like every time. and it's like, you know, now, like you never hear the story about like a $1997.00. you know, like, you've never heard the story that like that, pacey, she died and 97 shoes, crossing the street while she was checking her pager like that, not even a story you've ever heard there. you're seeing the birth of a comedy, but that's all comedians, right? something gets in their head, they start ringing the shami and working it out. by the next time you're in san jose, i hope you've been to the winchester mystery house there. have you? oh yeah. oh yeah. i actually had the honor of doing a photo shoot. there at the winchester mystery, how there was nobody there, but me, my sister and the photographer. and you know like here and make up,
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we were the only ones there. and so they gave us how like a private tour. and what's crazy is i went on instagram like video taping on instagram. and i'm like showing everybody. i didn't even notice that i went down into the basement area and then i was like creepy here. i went back upstairs. i posted it. somebody took a screenshot of me going down the basement. you can see 2 little like glowing eyes at the bottom of the basement and they took a screenshot. they're like, good thing. you didn't go down there like look at these. i got ever and you didn't even have the dog with you then? did you i thought it might have been the little cojo dog down there, giving you the eyeball from domino low. well listen, i can tell this girl's going to be a star. angela johnson. i know she's doing well now she's out on the road, doing 60 dates. it's who do i think i am comedies or and she has a book coming up with that title. who do i think i am. stories of chola wishes,
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caviar, dreams that will be released on march 15. you just have a nice centeredness about you and abuse. what a great chat you are and your cares magic kit, angel. i wish you well. i see only good things coming down to you, including tonight in miami, at the a problem. good to meet you. thank you. nice to meet you. angela johnson. dennis miller class one. ah, there's so much going on in the world. don't you think was the last time you had a real burns? i view the news be more than just hours. and pickering give me 30 minutes. i'll take you to below. oh no. oh
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oh oh, how read rita turned on the tv about the world and what's happening around me i see shows on the screen last every day because the fake news, narrative, petty thief, a maybe cool little enough with bomb after barbara barbrick global is the make. you wow, plenty of that in this war, what i found a network that question more is great group space, civil strife, climate change a live solid mainstream wants to do was keep was quiet. what's the right you can't keep with style is critical point. this fold perspective, question more directive. we don't take walk the walk or t america. me real talk
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ah, the american farm and the american farmer facing more challenges today that at any time in my lifetime and probably your imports from places like for road canada and mexico are forcing the american farmer into a place. they can't compete $10000.00 american farmville bankruptcy every year. as a result, we're gonna talk about that and so much more coming up on steve brewer's forgotten america right here on our t america. guys, i made a professional is power point to show you how archie america fits into the greater media landscape. r t is not all lab. you're all right, but we are a solid alternative to the bush and we don't do liberal or conservative. and as you can even his bar graph, we owe to you the facts. either talking had left, he's talking at righties. oh, very go above it all. look out world. archie america is in the spotlight. now, frankly, i have no idea how to classify it, and it actually took me way more time and i care to admit martin wayne said
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it's easier to move people than to convince them they've been full. that could be why america is so divided because people have been fed bake news paid for like corporate interests. they beat you down until you relieve their fairy tales. well, here's a story for you. it's called the big and it's formal fact not fiction with ah ah, with
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as rush as military operation in ukraine enters its 7th day explosions, have been recorded at a key of the tower. tv tower. that is, and in the heart of region, it's heavy fighting. the 2nd round of peace talks is scheduled for today. horrific destruction of homes in the aftermath of a battle in the dumbass region where a village has come under the control of the lou ganske militia. and you politicians demand even harsher sanctions against russia. after the block decides to ban r t and cut some russian banks out of the international transaction system with.


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