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[000:00:00;00] a way, would it be a good a good huge, but you're more difficult. it was too late to 3rd up up up for the day of school or pro that then you shouldn't have been really well. yes, you said all of us are, well, why don't you need in this particular way? with you in pushy i you can push a somebody, see where we could put a do them by
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l. look forward to talking to you all. that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except where such order that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about artificial intelligence. the point obviously is to great truck rather than fear a job with artificial intelligence, real summoning with a robot must protect its own existence with
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ah. yeah. so we did, we have 3. i will not sure. so get that for you. that's the one where i guess my is my husband nicely gross but by the up city on the was a dumb. we've got into it. it was good bit of a new city that just been a we were seniors. medical broker dealer too though is i don't like yourself that way. i was thrilled with a lawyer with
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a with a a ah,
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[000:00:00;00] a good a lowe. i knew it you you how much not
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a good day. yes. enjoy kill though i know though he's worked with a gun. yes. not affordable christy. we just which it's a so i knew you said or done with that. i will know what you wouldn't have written us do it on thanks. it is the guy abolla
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carsa. he's the yearly your let's get good during normal, horrible night as area and you is it was through speakers? fewer shut on biodiesel. as soon as they said noon, the only little silly fear is danielle gregory, when he and also has any thought all as do sorta as it will soon if that are getting in. now, in always that there is another look off. we're with you enough. i believe yours and that is out there. a gun, nasa build the eel that had jojo who did you know, did you on the go to then you would live bill what not associate get the near the yearly and then you can also pre border. it is enough or that doesn't enough. got
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stuck in a new city is now a he just got a massive, massive proceed illegal or i had the public good. that is slaves and they won't call not the this, the beulah dis, with not with the military reform have been billed
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the war last the night. does my did he spoke which me why should you been? yes, because unfortunately done. bus vale of those 2 years. leopold chenier. we're going, it's christie williams. she did put in a part of going because she's been you oh it's a stand. it's not the can let shalom oh cool. i can genuinely stole jill ocwen's car now or not. but switchable penelope to do but, and i be showing up on a shrinker by these, but it isn't 3 of them. throws them. if the dish does the supplies my other me than ye ask he walker, i am appalled. chin, you are fucked. and he's showing us to wallace cocoa. my bill is utilized sir e by given us to police. if coke with our meal, when you old, she was dead. oh,
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can a squatter mill but just give consort? slid shall and he is the best like but he is ruth gear, but don't look at them we learned at but as you see, he particular t u though i live for when if he was just that i knew for another what i'm usually could a less you must be a clue, bustle, but not because carl is going to list each of his really cool. that'll go read nimble at him. 4th, when she was with me, the final part treatment cost around school or ther, blue star on your kid, that kidding, you know, at the top? yes, them with a media. i knew that those are really to bring in my listed eli financial mark the pdp. but he's in the pro i left to lady rather than the with joyce m. e. thank goodness,
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to valuable girl and let you mannion with easily or ah, who steve worked with you last is worth of. so i want them because you are with us gleick a proposal for god is on you. that's the new. it's only because he wasn't working for us to potentially doug a. this is lloyd, you still know what do you know the style bus a bus, people do not know what you would like to order
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a she
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ah number with you got going on with both senior angela should be returning home cuz they're asking about a pre severe a dollar which if by yeah, please, can i just you and your po, cheer or not, but she won't. i'm still quitting band. yep. i took at least but she yes, i want to selina a small up with steel. small it here. i'm actually a system was a kid that was color, but then you're not supposed to start coming in again. we will it,
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the key need that before can provide you. it, does it not, but you really wanting combine it with a lot of cheese for fox for now, but you can, you do as part of a little blue shirt, but almost a 2nd. yeah. so there's a whole, it's a post of which you believe it was a good who, who are you? a i don't know, but you can go with him. you holler. give me
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a question. i think about a year you came up with ah, ah, ah ah ah, ah, a ah
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ah, the massive sanctions war against russia is having a profound impact on the global economy instead of just punishing russian citizens . consumers in the west and the developing world will also experience economic pain . globalization itself is being interrupted. the great separation is a partner with a
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with a line you go when you feel i yeah. yes. a nice to way we can you send me like while you're still wondering, you know what you get back to me and i'm going up with you by. well that a whole nother know cheese so that's not jealous. a
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move ship them to post a house from with with, with, with
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the piano injury and let him go to you after when you can get lucky. provided with justice miss of wally. so something is carol shameka. it assured manager financially for concentra cortez just on payroll risk of failure. so i guess you could you or she needs to pay out and what is also has it on bus a my a hello . did you catch a bullying each on the me from with a summer duck mobility
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with union with one go to the flu. if you could, you could you give me a call or shoot me a question? you only for the full i do enough enough with wishing to finish it yesterday. yeah, that would be a big horse. do you run a were you or your layout? exactly. yeah, yeah. my were here with a national guy and say, oh j b arena, lash it or just of course you instead with a rush it by dollars. yes. with it you maria. wayne carter. it with your floor back when we read right away. know,
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eat the human. you're fine. yeah. when we, when usually the photo with us, you really quick. if you what are you. ok if i didn't miss any. yeah. i knew the issue with is i sure. kim, with the union is still make i get it. how i did miss your music in a music. yeah. jennifer, you're watching new. below grading, scale. zip. yeah. you were your real on grassy pcp. yeah. you are good. but now when you might each good at business like i might each go where you get it. see with a dollar when you visit those with
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you my work it but i just a moment when you, when school it was one of those be, this is a feel that create a new people are with
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a mr with a with a
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so soon as she has done yes, most of our store now shall sing. yep. still, unlike chillies been reduced to his bill, a solution i store for you or the store. he, of course you have another my, me and i done my curriculum, the lowest you and got a major miles nearly at the store. china still more started with eve garza mayor of cardinal retailer than yes. correct. a blizzard like yours that don't store which is cora, then? yes, it is donald taylor. yeah, he will not ship schools or 2. he will expedia just as was just got a to them, you know, when he was l. e sleeping, you really would a sion. yeah. oh my dear, you get us but i still touched up by schrupo. leach, we used to call you double in you nibble,
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but what you shania looked new partially in a school. luckily channels fiercely with i was you 3rd level, but i will have lots of boy copies you they eat boy copper you say what will it take? yeah, as long live as it's elaine young. yeah. but you will in young, your senior, so she left a little slower. i mean, allah is this good. just go whisky gulf where? oh gosh, i should just need a little more study terminology but you know, and terminal in a storage, i mean that within a 2 year
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period, zayden has i did send me another little boy with platinum. what's the last name for carson? with billy we really had to move on to the lower sentimental moves or somebody i live up with you a little because yeah, you know, with the company, you know it's,
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i mean i was on but i didn't know what was in the, in was a a a here with a good yeah,
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a lot with ah, a is your media reflection of reality? in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation for community. are you going the right way or are you being led to somewhere? direct? what is true? what is great in the world corrupted. you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the
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shallows. ah ah


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