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tv   Cross Talk  RT  March 4, 2022 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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are you going the right way, or are you being led to some way? direct? what is true war? his faith in the world corrupted. you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, there is a strong pressure or later to get involved in this conflict in the more active great cause something more than just supplying for weapons to ukraine and sharing intelligence information or with the piano authorities. so for instance, that is a discussion about an old slide rule over you. great. and you need to try to have such an offline so it will constitute danger will for
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direct nature should conflict and these constants, unfortunately easily escalate to the level. ah, yeah. so you did, we have 3 will not sure. so i get the idea that i'm with linda is butch, because my, my husband nicely grasp on it. but the serial number was a split up. what's the city that just went? this was genius. that you go to,
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to go is like a a, a, a, a with, with
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a oh, he's a nurse and i see what i see. and you go in, you know what
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i did, what i knew it, you mean you have a machine that was good? i feel like, you know, i know there is one thing i really was just a yes. not a portable christie. we just which it's a new you said though, our much smaller
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than that. with that, i will know what you wouldn't have written us do it on thanks. is this the guy of willa garza used the yearly your lunch giga during normal, horrible night as well? yeah, and you see gillis was because you were shot on biodiesel as soon as they said near the raleigh, so little silly fears danielle gregory williams. he also has in you thought, was due soon as little soon if it didn't. now in
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always that there is another look of fear with you enough. i, billy yours and that is out there. galle nasa bill. what they either heard you live, always give you on the go to stay and you would live or whatnot without fear. the near bay area and then you can also pre border this and that's what does it now you got stuck on you said, you know i, he just got a massive, massive but he beat, delete and walk. i had a bunch good eclipse and they weren't all not with with that the mid i to live
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with have been built the world now, so neither does mother he spoke which mm . but just for reach anything? yes. the bush associated on bus veal of tosto. yes. leopold shania wigan, its ah, grace cook william. she had put in
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a puerto. i was going to cook mores on bench. had been yesco for it. the standard, sir, not the king let shalom oh cool. i can genuinely stored. you look at his car now or not, but switchable yellow, blue but and i be showing a barrenca by the disability and 3 of them throws them. if additional supplies my other me than ye ask he walker, i am a pal. chin you a fucking is showing us the wallace got coma. billy's utilize e by eunice to please if cook with on me. and when you're old, she was dead. oh, goodness, glad to know, but just give consort slideshow and he is the best. but he is the road, but don't look at them. we learned that by z e particular t u though i even spoke when they p. shasta. i knew one of the water, i'm usually go to less. you must be a clue bustle, but not quite. he's going to list each of his really cool. that'll go renewable at him for to william took me the handle, but treat them in cluster and school order. those students will get that to them
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and all of the se them with the media. i needed that those are really to bring in were listed early financial mark beeping but he's in the pro i left to lady rather than the with joyce m e. thank goodness to valuable joy in what you mean with eagles. mm. mm. ah, who did it with so i want them to go see what, what does a guy he's done? you guys saying it was done because he wasn't
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with doug. i think that was the real not that it was still not. what do you have a few people that do that with a dish
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with ah
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number one with the us both senior angela. she'll be $610.00. mm hm. cuz they're asking about
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a dollar, which is by yeah, cuz i remember doing apple chair i love, but she will tell you up with at least, but she yes, some of the saline. you a small up with steel small. it's a year i'm actually a system was a fictitious. gotta keep it. got it. but then you're not supposed to start. that will. will it the key but we'll compromise. you have a really long mining company. you anya, with an adult. she's but flexible now, but you can do as part of a little blue shirt, but the most typical at the 2nd yeah. spoke. there's no will. it's a post of reach of doing it was a good through
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. i do a with my business. i mean, you call it with, [000:00:00;00] with
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with the massive sanctions war against russia is having a profound impact on the global economy instead of just punishing russian citizens . consumers in the west and the developing world also experienced economic pain. globalization itself is being interrupted. the great separation is a part of a a
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a . ready line you go when you feel like you're sort of a nice to way when you send me a board that you get back to me and i'm going up with you by. well, that is not an old. she's so that's not jealous. a with
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a, a how some with with, with that with the piano injury that came to us here. when you mean like you to, with just
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miss of, with the thing is carol shameka. it assured no crime shows uh, consecutively, cortez just on plato preschool, stadium. so what could you or she needs to pay out and what is also delivered on bus, the national community? my a only did you get a bowling each your on the me from with it that you some duck move with
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union with when good feel for you. if you could give me a call or shoot me a question, if you only for those people are doing a whole universe with with it yesterday. yeah. that with horse, did he run a or were you or your layout? exactly. the v is my whole. are here with a national guy and say, oh j b r in. yes. lashley did you or just a recording you? is it with our ship by dollars? yes. with it you maria. way know it. what does it? yes. floor back when we read right away. know, eat the feeling fine. yeah. when we,
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when usually the quicker when you really quick, if you were, you were say, okay, if i did miss any question or any other question or of course, but i mean is i sure kim, with the union is still my credit unit. how much for your music in the music? yeah. get up and you're watching new below grading, scale. zip. yeah. you were your real on grassy basically. yeah. like golf. but not when you might each could it be like a mighty sca. we get that the see with your players if you do much. so when you visit those with you my work it just
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a moment. oh sure. sure, sure. when you when school is what's going on with that character? i mean, that's a big issue with the idea. oh, it just automatically make as much as much,
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but i did when he's got a with a soon as she has done. yes. most of our store now shall sing. yep. still unlike chillies them, but we just here to is bill
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a solution or store for you for this thought on he, of course you've not of my me and i don't my curriculum in lowest the one to the major my was nearly at the store chain yet still more that i didn't know. eve garza layer of caching has recently been yes. oh belittle my gift that don't store was it which is cora then? yes it is. donald taylor. yeah. with schools are to you bill. expedia. yes. because we're still scary to them. you know, when you was, at least when you really would or should. yeah. come on, did you get us? but i still picked up by schrupo lee chicken. we asleep on and you go, but you nibble, but what you're saying, you're looking at bushland schools. luckily. no,
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specially with i was you 3rd law below that i will a blood boy cup was you to they each boy got busy with the with a slum live, but it's a millennium. yeah. but you live in young nursing is that she left a little slower to them in allah is this good just go whiskey gulf where? oh gosh. i should just need a little more study telling me now should stay my loan terminal in the, in the storage. i mean that within a 2 year period, zayden has i did send me another little boy with
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a new proposal with billy a lowered sentimental moves or somebody else going up with you a little because yeah, you know, with the company, you know what i mean? also,
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but i didn't know what was in was mm yeah. with with with yeah, a lot with
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a ah, there is a strong pressure or need to, to get involved in this conflict in the more actively something more than just a supply reference to ukraine and sharing intelligence information with the piano for through. so for instance, under the discussion about the no fly room over you create and you need to try to have such an all flight so it will constitute or danger will for direct nature conflict in these conflict. unfortunately,
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usually escalate to the level is your media reflection of reality in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? hi, salacious, whole community. are you going the right way? where are you being that somewhere? which direction? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows.
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a a, a nato emergency. some it rejects ukraine's request to impose a no fly zone in the country in response to the alliance for weakness. luck all direction. don, boss, army, recaptures based strategic don. love the chest. yeah. r t reports from the hearts, all of a, it's not hoping for a brighter future after years of being in the firing. like sweeping economic and social restrictions imposed by the western russia begin to affect ordinary citizens while even russian caps find themselves as target with


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