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ah, ah ah, there is a strong pressure or need to, to get involved in this conflict in the more active great. cause something more than just to see blind reference to ukraine and sharing intelligence information or with the, with the plan you authorities. so for instance, for that is a discussion about an old slide rule over you. great. and you need to tries to have such an all flight so it will constitute a danger. fulford direct nature, ocean conflict, and these conflict, unfortunately, uneasily escalate to the level ah,
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yeah. so you did away up 3 or not, you'll still get that for the end of the one which is nice. but i guess my, my husband nicely grasped bodily, but the serial number was a dumb we've gotta do it is, but up was the city that just when i was genius that you go ahead. dealing with though is i don't like yourself that way. upstream
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with a a, a a, a ah,
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oh, he's a nurse and i see what i see and you go in, you know, i knew it. you're here.
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you have a machine that is good day. yes. if you are you still? you know, i know there is one thing i just did in the way it is notable to get set up with a portable christie. we just which it's a i know you said or done with
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will know what you wouldn't have written us do it on. thanks. is this the guy of willa garza, is the yearly your lunch giga, the rig normal horrible night as area and you guys with on biodiesel as soon as they said noon, the only little silly fears danielle got dory. william, he also has any thought. all as do sorta as little sitting with getting in now in always that there is another look of fear with you enough. i bid the li
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yours and that is out the last bill. they either had jojo who is give you on a new would live bill. what not associate get the near the yearly and then you can possibly border this is enough or that doesn't know you got stuck on you said, you know, or he just got a massive, massive proceed illegal or i had the public good that it sleeps and i won't call not that is the beauty with with the mid ideally form of have been billed the will not so nice does mother he spoken which
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me much richer than yes, the bush associates done bus vale of those 2 year old chain. yeah, we're going, it's chris can. william stood in a port of gwinnett, they could have been you thought it was fine. it's not the can let shalom or co can genuinely sto jill. look at his car now or not by switching penelope too. but and i be shayna barrenca bobby,
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but it isn't 3 of them. throws them if they just as a supplies my other me than years. he walk ins. appalled chin. you are fucked. and he's showing us the wallace cocoa. my bill is utilized sir. eat by humans. to please, if cook with on me when you're old, she was dead. oh can is guillermo, but just give consort slideshow and he is the o. b s. like but he is really good. but other than we learned at by z e particular t u though i'll him for when they pretty much just that. i knew of one of the more amusing it could unless you must be a clue bustle, but not because kyle is going to list e. she was really cool that olga renewable at him for toys from took me the final part, treatment, roster on school or ther lives that on your kid, that kid him law at the se, them with the media. i knew that those are really to bring in my listed eli financial mark, the pdp, but he's in the through. i left the lady rather than the with joyce m e. thank they
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missed value, petroleum. let you me mannion with easily with me sir. ah, who did it work? that was pretty cool with finance is worth of so i want them because you are with us gleick a proposal for god is on you that saying it was only because he wasn't it wasn't for us to potentially gunk a still no one do you have a
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dock, you know what what do you, what was your digital record? sheesh
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number with you got going on with the us culture a minimum cost or ask about a dollar which is by yeah chris, can i just you and your pl junior or not but she won't have you up with any but look at least but she just wants to leave you a small up still small little area.
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i'm actually, i mean yeah, it's a bit color, but then you're not supposed to start with that before can provide you it. does it not, but you know, really mining company you with an adult cheese, but fox for now, but you can, you do as part of a, a 2nd store? there's no will. it's supposed to reach a bill and it was a good a, a with
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my business. i mean, give me a call at give me a question. i think about a continuum of security. ah, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy, even foundation, let it be an arms race group is on often very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk
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for driven by dreamer shape. for those with things we dare to ask in ah, with ah,
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i mean you're playing with brody, you're going to go with
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a . ready line you go when you feel like you have a good you know what, check your left away when you send me a book that you get back to me and i'm up with you by. well that i will not unload. she still does not jealous
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a loose shift to prove that it's still good and i live in a house somewhere to match with with the, with the one with
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the piano injury that came to you after when you got lucky to with just miss of when it was the thing is carol boshamp, it a show no surprise choice or concept cortez just on puzzle is completely on. so what you can do or she needed somebody out and what is also has it on bus? the national nicholas meyer a only did you catch a bowling each on the me from,
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with tucker you some duck? move with union with when dorothy yeah. blue. if you could give me a call or shoot me a question. if you only for those of whole universe with wishing to finish it yesterday. yeah. that with horse give you run a where you are your layout. exactly. it is my who are here with a national guy and say, oh j b arena, nash it or just a recording you with it,
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with our ship by dollars to yes. with it you maria. way know it. what does it? yes. floor back when we read right away, know, eat the human, you're fine. yeah. or not because i was definitely way when usually the photo with us new really quick. if you were, you were say, okay, yes, but if there's any question or any other question or thank you of course, but i mean, is i sure kim with the union is don't like it. how much for your music? you know, no, i mean if you get up and you're watching new, below grading scale, zip k, where you'll be able on grassy a lot, goof, but millennium, what each good it is like a might each go we did it see with
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you know what to do like players evening you too much to visit with you my work is covered at just a moment. oh sure. sure sure. when you when school is what's going on with that career executive with me an issue with
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the idea. oh it just a rational if i did what you got with a
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lesson and i shes daniels compress more stuff that will store my shall sin. yep. still unless she lease them by reduced it to his bill a solution for you or miss thorn. he, of course you've not the my, me and i don't my curriculum, the lowest. you went through major. my was nearly, i don't store chain yet. still more that i didn't know. eve garza layer of garden. i was recently than yes. oh belittle my gift. don't store was it which is cora. then? yes, it is done of sealant. yeah. with schools or to you bullock did it. yes. just got a to them. you know,
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when you was at least when you really would a shit. yeah. come on. did you get us? but i still i still by schrupo lee chicky. we asleep on and you go, but you nibble. but what you're saying? you're looking at bushland schools. luckily gino specially with buddy. mm hm. was youth la bella. but i will have lots of boy copies you they eat boy copies, you know, without them will it like yeah. as long live as it's a millennium. yeah. but you will in young, your senior, so she left a little slower. i mean, allah is this good. just go whisky golf, we're off or she just needs a loan terminal in
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a storage. i mean, not within a 2 year period . zayden has i did send me another little boy. what's the what's the last name for carson with a guy but city. do believe
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we get really had to move on to the lord sentimental moves or somebody i live up with you a little because yeah, you know, with the surgical but you know, it's, i mean, i was on but i didn't know what was in so mm hm. with, with a good day. good. yeah. a lot
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with i don't know. mm mm ah
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ah, there is a strong pressure or need to, to get involved in this conflict. you know, more actively post something more than just to supply reference to ukraine and sharing intelligence information or with the piano authorities. so for instance, under the discussion about the no fly roll over you create and you need to try to have such an all flight. so it will constitute danger for direct nature conflict. and these concept unfortunately usually escalate to the level
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a with an attempt to open humanitarian car doors to allow civilians to flee ukrainian cities. and with only a handful of people escaping after 8, the spire breaks down with russia, claiming the notorious, neo nazi adolf italian was preventing people from leaving. he lost more territories come under the control of the dumbass army, whose 1st task is to make the area safe. again, for locals, parties hope to people in the region to recall the heart of yours insured in my house, and you want to do it because they were knocked out, smashed, and during the explosion, the door's worth magic bell into the hallway and the fire started. if they hadn't
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been knock.


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