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[000:00:00;00] a ah, yeah, so we have 3 will not you also get the the one with the is bush because my, my husband nicely grasped by the serial number was a split up was the city that you're spending the was the list that you go to to though is that i don't like yourself that way up st
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with how are you with a with, with, with your body of the on the ball. i mean, they are all coming as
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a new ah, oh, he's a good, a little low with
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a . are you how much? not a good day. yes. enjoy jill. like lily though he's worked with just a can. yes. not out of order book christie. we just which it's a so i know you said or done
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with what you wouldn't have written us do it on thanks. is this, the guy will get us. that is the yearly your lunch giga. during normal, horrible night as area and it was with on biodiesel as soon as they said you've thoroughly little silly fears. danielle. good boy, willie. he also has any thought all has to do with getting in now in always
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that there is another look of fear with you enough. i believe yours and that is out there are gonna unless it build the eels or had you always give you on the go to say and you would live or whatnot without fear the near the yellow and then you can also be boring. it is enough or that doesn't enough. got stuck on you said, you know i, he just got a massive, massive illegal or i had the public good that if they have some, they won't or not. that is the beauty with with
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the military reform. have been in the morning as the night does mother he spoke which mm. but just for reach anything. ask the question. so suki don barza is deal of tosto ye. leopold shamia wigan yet. ah, grace gift william. she had put in a puerto, i was going to pick up more sunday shabanni asked for it. the spaniard, sir, not the king,
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let shalom crew i can genuinely told you. look at his car now and now by suitable yellow loop and i be shing about a shameka obese, but it isn't 3 of them. throws them at the addition of the supplies my other me than ye ask he walker, i am a bull chin. you are fucked. when he's showing us the wallace cocoa, my bill is utilized sir. e boy eunice to please if cook with on it. when you fold, she was dead. oh, can a squatter mill, but just give consort slideshow and he is the b s a, but he is road but don't look at them. we learn you. death was easy. he particular to lee you though i leave for when they pretty much stress. i'm you one of the more amusing it could unless you must be a clue bustle, but not quite as good a list e. she is really cool. that'll go reasonable as him for to wish him took me there. what fruit them across that on school with her to start on, if you could give me a call at the vs. them with the media,
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i need that. those are really putting my listed eli finacialow be been eating, but he's on the go. i left the lady grad than the with joyce m e. thank goodness to be a petroleum. what you mean with easily mm mm aah . stated with them because you are a guy and he's done you. that's it because he wasn't on board with doug. i think that was the illness that is ms. lloyd is still not.
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what do you know? just a single dock to that was like what do you, what was your just ridiculous pergola? sheesh
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for them.
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ah number with us. double check with them cuz they're asking about keeping me up to a dollar, which is by yeah, i mean, i'm just you and your bullshit or not, but you want them you up with work at least,
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but she just wants to leave you a small up with steel, small it here. i'm actually, i mean, yeah, it's a little girl, but then you're not supposed to start with that before can provide you. does it not, but you really mining company you with another cheese for flexible? no. but just can you just put all of a little blue shirt, but that was to pull up a couple of a 2nd. yeah, there's no will. it's supposed to reach a bill and it was a good deal through i do a
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with no. can you so much, you know, when you get them, i mean, you hold on, give me a a. yeah,
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you can put together ah hello, driven by adrenal shaped bankers. are those with dares sinks. we dare to ask oh, is your media a reflection of reality?
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in the world transformed what will make you feel safe, isolation, whole community? are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere? direct? what is true? what is faith? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallow a
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a with
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a . ready line you go when you feel i yeah. yes, correct idea. but when you were sort of got, you know, what, check your next to way we do. you send me a book that you get back to me and i met up with you by. well, that will not know which is so that's not jealous that he does
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a loose shift to post a house somewhere to watch or not, you know, with with the, with
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the piano injury that you're looking to. you have to, when you get to, with just miss of with the thing is carol boshamp. it a show no financially or concept cortez just on bio preschool stadium. so what you can do, or she will, it's a pretty out and what is also has it on bus? the national nicholas meyer, a only did you get to accept a bowling each or on a meeting with dr. is somewhat stuck
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with union with when go to yeah. for you. if you could give me a call or shoot me a question, you only for the full i do in the whole universe with wishing to finish it yesterday. yeah. that with course you run a were you or your flight? yeah, exactly. it is my who are here with a national guy and say, oh j u b a r in nash it or just a scorely it with our ship by dollar figure with it you,
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maria wayne or it, what does it? yes. floor back when we read right away, no eat the feeling fine. yeah. or not because that way when you make a photo with us, you really quick. if you were you were say okay, if i did he yeah. or is there any other question or thank you, of course, but it is i sure kim with the union is don't like it. how are you miss for your music? you know? no, i'm is if you get up and you're watching new below grading scale. yeah. you were your real on grassy pcp. right? yeah. you are good. but not when you might each good. it is like a might each good we did it that the see with
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your players evening you too much. so when you visit, let me give you my work, it will cover you just a moment. oh sure. sure, sure. when you, when the school is what's going on with that curriculum and even executive with me, an issue with
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the idea just to let you know, it's as much as you know what i did with a with
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a lesson and i shes daniel's customer at the all store, now she'll sing, yep. still a night chillies been reduced to his bill, a solution for, for you or the thought on. he, of course you've not the my, me and i don't my 3rd human lowest. you went got a major. my was nearly, i don't store chain yet still more started when eve got laid off and i was recently than yes. oh belittle my gift that don't store which is cora then? yes, it is donald taylor. yeah. lou ship schools. are you able expedia? yes. just got a to them, you know, when you was at least when you really would a shit. yeah. come, when did you get us? but i still,
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i still buy schrupo lee chicken williams to paul. and you'd go blue and you nibble . but what you're shania looked new bushland high school, luckily most fiercely with i was you 3rd law below, but i will a blood a boy opposite the they eat boy copies, you know, without them will it like yeah, as long live as it's a linear. but you will in young, your senior, so she left a little slower. i mean, allah is this good, just go whisky. go for a for she just needs a little study terminology, but you're not alone terminal in the, in the what, she'll miss badge. i mean that within
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a 2 year period, zayden has, i did send me another little boy with a new for carson, with a guy sitting on billy. i really had to move on to the lower terminal moves or somebody i live
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up with you a little because yeah, you know, with the company or with terminals on but i don't know what was in was mm yeah, with with a a, a, a a,
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[000:00:00;00] with a move in ah, well, what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy even foundation, let it be an arms race is on a very dramatic development. only personally and getting to resist. i don't see how
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that strategy will be successful, very critical time time to sit down and talk about them was a was all with world is with you is with you. i'm
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with ford credit is going to be out of wood from beach. go to still easy to the station about in the board


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