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tv   Cross Talk  RT  March 7, 2022 1:30am-2:01am EST

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to discuss these issues and more, i'm joined by my guess, george, i mean, well, he, in budapest, he's a podcast or at the goggle, which can be found on youtube and locals. and here in moscow, we have to meet 3, bob and she's a political analyst and editor. it interests me, internet media project or a gentleman, cross top rules and effect. that means you can jump in anytime you want. and i always appreciate it. all right, let's start out with george. george. obviously all of us are watching events unfold in ukraine very carefully. i'm watching western media and looking at russian media . and i couldn't, you couldn't get to do more different stories that are being reported, particularly in western media. and there is no context where this conflict came from or was the way this conflict is being played out and how could possibly end. because western media is turned it into an emotional event, not an analytical event. go ahead george. yes, that's right. there is no context and we get nothing. it's all
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about the events that has preceded this. russian special operation. so you know, the media wasted. 5 will 6 years out, this phony baloney, trump, russia so but missed the big story, which was the biden, ukraine's going to action because i haven't really played a very important role in everything that has happened here because it was the whole bama by the ministration engineer. the qu, in february 2014 and many of the people who are involved in that, including of course, victoria newland. and we have her telephone. you know? yes is out. yes. sorry. yes. is the guy click, she's out, and all these people are back in the meantime. you know, by and have been very much involved with the both my don government and the moment the by the ministration came in, they, me,
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they began pushing for ukraine's membership engine, nato. and it has become very, very intense. around about the last october, when defense secretary lloyd austin, went to ukraine. you went to georgia and declared that the wrote to nato membership is open open. this was so strong that even the media picks up on this and it was the media now pretending. oh no, no, no, no, no, there be no plans at all. no plans at all book bringing in the ukraine into nate, so they lie about they're just likely they all know there were no promises made to go about, you know, with your grade wasn't going to be brought into later, but he's clear that's worth such plans and that by, you know, rushing the through and no one was going to resist. the russians were getting extremely concerned. and i think that explains why their tone changed in responses
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. in november we'll start talking about red line. and then a december, when russia presented these 2 very harsh documents to nato and the united states to know why these brought in. and they said we just hear about this horrible, big, ugly bear. and this plucky little country trying to resist aggression. you know, gimme george, george is that a wonderful job of introducing this topic here? because if you watch western media that cable, particularly russia can suddenly out of the blow up for no particular reason, invaded ukraine, that is the story line that you get. i mean, this is really appalling and what it does is that it actually the what's away from the most powerless in western society. they are the ones are going to be punished with the higher boot prices. higher energy. right. it's all because of unprovoked aggression daemon. well, 1st, if you weren't about the general nature of this,
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you know, where i'm on the 1st day or the day that i felt very bad and i was really sad them. no one in russia is rejoicing about what's going on. there is no good spirit . you're right now everyone is very serious concern. some people are going to need my listen, you know, we get sunday school lessons from the west like war is not the math. yes. hi, sense water is not. it's a method on the 19th century. but while you are faced with the 17th century miss with 17th century war becomes unfortunately, we all know that. so just if you fax, the recent fax you know, would show who were needed and level the radio to the gauge negotiation. one
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was a 1st aid. if you were the 1st and they did 2 days ago by the ukrainians, you presumably because they suspected him. all right. or what kinds of negotiations when a member of the delegation get killed, you know, when you go security service government, him, he went, he wasn't power in both sanctions or the hermitage museum. we think it is on the most school state university. and he's like nice someone culture. so i'm quite the opposite to him. i mean it's very easy to appeal to people's emotions . yes, more is not very easy to do. one tosh. you show that if you're geez, you show the show put in space and, and go to all these math is to blame for everything. just so easy. you know, this is such an easy or difficult. but if you look what happens for 8
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years, russia has been in the west. don't expand nato, this is dangerous. don't support these review when you grant what they're doing. you know, they are all their own people. they're essentially members. they own the sanctions . hermitage from the west, you know, they heard democratic connections, you know, they, they changed, or shank was human and i'm just going to call professor joiner. we encourage the radiance to play hardball with russians. we told you bring us a line that they would become a part of the west. and we told ukrainian that they showed the kind of resist fujen one every, every week. the result is that russia place with these exist tensional date because,
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you know, western in your brain, essential threat for russia wasn't just thought, cooper, preventive, you know, nice thinking people in the west these left mean and need to find the creasing the route. so russia ran, was that post war then? nice people, probably the best people on the back would be deter america from the boy weapons. and you said, you know, who did your americans from doing that? all the of the russian army. unfortunately, this was the last arrested and you? yes. george washington post remarkably published, declassified or documents about massive. i mean, truly massive arm shipments ukraine at the end of last year. and we didn't do and i spoke before this got the attention of the russians. i immediately and we,
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and then we get these very high, intense negotiations which the west showed. nothing per other, the russians hard work. and then we, we get to where we are now. i mean there is, it is a sense of causality. here. you see a, you're a very hostile neighbor, attaining vast. i mean, hundreds of millions of dollars of hardware, military hardware. and that's just for peaceful purposes. go ahead, charge that, that time. so in effect, ukraine was becoming a de facto member of this or, and if i told him kind of admitted that in this press conference the other day, i mean when he was boasting about, well, you know, how much weaponry we have provided and all the training would be in doing and this has been going on since 2014. so no one has told them. but i think this is how you know, the people are going to praise. they do all this, but it's only confirm what russia has been saying, which is you are turning this country into essentially an aircraft carrier directed
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against and quickly. i mean, what if your grain were rushed through into actually you are a membership of may. so then russia really will have very little options. well, you know, what, what are they gonna do now? because now, you know, they, they would, if they try to go in and disarm and the knots, if i ukraine, they would be up against nato and they really wouldn't be risky. well, window was becoming very, very narrow. the judge it make, it was a defensive alliance. oh, it is just, oh that you know, everything it does is just holding onto what he's got. exports massive amounts of arms. the countries that are not in the alliance that is defensive. that's. that's right. and. and he did. oldenburg said that, well, you know,
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we are now very actively involved with georgia and some reason both the has the governor. again, these are not members of nato. why you know, actively involved with them. and again, you know, we are a defensive alliance. how are you defensive? so the problem is that for russia, this was a, it was really getting very, very dire situation. and i think that's why, you know, they have to move quickly before the, by the ministration would have pushed through major membership. because who would have resisted? i mean, back in 2008, michael resisted the grammar, but even though it was still put in, in that book or declaration, who's going to resist now, or actually a complete 0. you know, wrong says one thing, one day somebody go the next thing on the 3rd day. so i mean the americans wouldn't succeeded, had they pushed for and i'm sure that they were getting ready to was unfinished
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business for the bite. and people daemon, i just one for the record. can you explain to our audience? is russia under martial law? because some media outlets are making the claim. what is the i live here? you live here? how would you describe the situation at least here in moscow? go ahead. well, there are no limitations on public life. i mean basically the last or there could be really right now. so basically it's amazing how the media duration and the, and the queen size. it was kind of interesting even happened all over the western world. but maybe that's just the coincidence. ok, maybe maybe even 3 but in general, people are concerned. i mean, you see people listening to you all the time. you see them taking their mobile phones or you know, for us, it's
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a graduate because there are millions of people who built these people even rush. ok. just these are the same apartment buildings that you find in moscow that you'll find the stole that you find, you know, she be yours. it was fun, country and very, you know, you know, very from, again, that's because all the people kind of the same education, they all watch the same that it isn't. so there are still lots of things connecting us. jump in here gentlemen. we have to go to a short break, and after that short break, we'll continue our discussion on some real new stay with our tea. ah ah, ah. oh, is your media a reflection of reality?
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in a world transformed what will make you feel safe? isolation, whole community, are you going the right way or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. i don't recall with this with you. i'm not with you.
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i'm with my insurance bill with full credit. it's going to be out of wood from beach, but still easier. this in the board with
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a look forward to talking to you all that technology should work for people. a robot must obey the orders given by human beings, except when such orders that conflict with the 1st law show your identification. we should be very careful about our personal intelligence at the point, obviously is to great trust, rather than fear a job with artificial intelligence. real, somebody with protective own existence with
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oh, welcome to crossed out. were all things are considered. i and peter la bell, this is the home addition to remind you were discussing some real news. ah, i'll go back to dina. if you could, this very shortly will describe how russians perceive ukraine and ukrainian go ahead. well, i'm jill recently in was basically the same all the people. and it was very basically william banking difference in the russian empire, ukrainian, or russian, russian, all gold rush in the soviet union. the different narrow the were more because. ready there was
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a general education and people basically watched the same re channel and it isn't bob, what has been happening in the last 80 years after my man by russians. the reason why there are you a protest now then in 2014, when basically my dad had them are with 40 policemen killed and the army, the more they don't crime you went to russia. there were some products in russia at the time, and they were more numerous. why? because people at the time had not yet seen the cruelty or the, you know, i mean, don't us. now we have 8 years either or not from a gun that we have several media refugees from your brain here. just don't see them in the streets because they're the same as you can see you reduced from the biggest
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visible, you know, they, they, they have a different eastern, isn't it? very interesting that russia is deemed the aggressor but a 1000000 to a 1000004 people moved from the john bass due to rush. i don't think that's ever happening to georgia. change gears a little bit here. what happened to western values? what happened to freedom of speech? i mean, if you, if you question the mentor, that the state department and, and they described for the intel intelligence community, you're a traitor. how do we get here? i know that started under trump, but this is bleeding into just everything. now. you drink vodka, you're an agent of who would have thought go ahead. yeah. i mean, in some ways, i think the, the arbitrary government measures during the theory of the past 2 years kind of paved the way for the versus the acts that have been undertaken against russian media. just like that. no legislation boss. just simply, you know,
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a government decrease. russians are getting the property right. you don't have to like russian 1000000000 as the thing. but what the hell does this about? what does they done? did they, they get you declare one day. oh, this person is part of booted in a circle. what does that mean? i mean, even if true, what does he does? why and why does he get his property taken away? and this is just going across the boat. everybody is clapping and then there is this extraordinary village on an individual level toward russians. and are you going to get a russian not being served in the in restaurants? russian stores are attacks you under the time when after 911 will the solemn validations game and i know this has nothing to do with muslims, this is just the, the terrorist wasn't given to islamic phobia. where are these voices today in the west? what is there, any politician who say,
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we don't want to take this out on the individual russians? this is, this is the regime oh, quite happily going along with this. i mean this, you know, we have valerie get to give you, you know, he gets fired from his position of the very distinguished position because, you know, he will, you know, he didn't condemn the government. well, i mean, if he had done that, wouldn't put his life in jeopardy of road if you, what you say is true and that is this monster wouldn't. absolutely, you know, in some ways to get life in jeopardy, but now he's gone. so this isn't completely arbitrary, and really, governments are just engaging in the worst lowest demo on the roof. and i see on assuring russians that, hey, you know, the west maybe hates us and this is
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a long, sunny hatred. you know, it was supposedly, it was all about communism. it is something much deeper going on here. and the mckinney, i suppose it's politically incorrect to say russian lives matter to well, you're right. and the russian brought us to even more money. correct right now, because it's just amazing. it reminds me that as a bowl shooting everyone in the same once they get our hands on their property on it, they on their dealers. well, i remember i read george kennedy memoir, you know the famous dog. kevin walked in moscow during the time of the war and afterwards he saw how the communist introduced the reforms in europe. and he wrote that when foreman is confiscated, the lamp from the land was these by the some some
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b r e commerce. but what? but can you belong to the boss? but you in take a nice the leaves of the country for many years. so ok, they can take a remote they can they be a los all weather views, you know, someone by the way, some of the, the variable west. sanction in for me, friedman and this stupid this thing you would expect from the west. nice people are very welcome. they actually are, some of them were married and the russian and the way the re continue. you can check the news for that one. but what happens is, in this way the wes consolidate russian because everyone, you know, $300.00 and it makes them,
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it makes the poor rush. it was no rush and 100 percent. sure. i'll put him in for us. think i know if there is what they did on the good, i mean, george. so if confiscation is the name of the game right now. so western assets in russia, it's fair game, right? i mean, a threat. the property. yes, i think so, and i think there's increasing talk about that. russia should retaliate be they've lost a lot of money, lost a lot of property should retire early by, nationalizing all with them assets in russia. and that of course, means they take all the intellectual property, and that means that they can now manufacture all these goods and just sell them around the world. and no doubt on the western companies will then try to sue you stolen our intellectual problem. but good luck with that,
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and the people have been trying to do that against china of the year without any grades. but i mean, it is indeed a fair game. after all, you know, russia has lost an enormous amount that raises other issues to these companies, who now lose their assets will go to their respective governments as a way, going to help us out. i mean, we're, we're in a lot of trouble. we've lost a lot of money. you know, we can't stay in business and then the government will presumably have to bail them out. i mean, they got them into this trouble, so be up to them to get them out. so saying, i mean, where is money going to come from saying with all the refugees? oh, come on. oh, well, you know, we're going to welcoming how many of you, who's going to pay for all of this? i mean, you know, i mean, we don't many millions of refugees from the great who even knows who the hell these people are. and i do, german is going to have to pay for all of this. so i know that united states is
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happy creating a problem for other countries, but a lot of people are going to be a heavy price in the west. well, in georgia, i can tell you that the ukrainians and russians are crossing the eric and southern border as we speak. okay, got they got the word, the ball on the borders opened dimmer again, kind of give us a notion of how russians feel about the see. because in i started in my introduction is that there is this reporting on this conflict without context. ukraine is complete context for russians. so being the inter marrying people, i have a member of my team prospect team. she has family in mary. oh, which is under siege by the ukranian army. i mean, it's very, very personal, and that is something western media never explains ukraine in the, in the conscience of russians is a domestic issue. it's not a horn issue. go ahead. the ma, right. but just to protect us from mac lesions,
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mario was taken by eric randall on federal degree in spring. all of that for you know, staying in the people's republic. you know, the part of the brilliant groups rolled to part them and they arrested people. and now the russian army, people are trying to push the green troops and the so called battalion reports of the views, but they're all going to need my money orders. but you know, you asked me to call you about it. it seems to me, the west is on the rest of me off. i mean, they hear that you and they are property. and they want to get upstairs and get out
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. this is on the list. you may think people, you know, very dear, that you can feed rations more so what they believe is a war and i want to go. ready and this is also on the rest of the day. he is a man, she didn't think about the consequences before starting. that is also stupid. you know, of course, it was part of that there will be a backlash in the west. of course, you will, that support the rushing that are going to be unfortunately, that had to be good. but what was on the upside is huge. currently, you know, 40000000 people hostile to russia with huge data where you can hide terrible, edible weapons, defacto member of nato, because there are already crane and most like the basis or both that. so would you name the cultural us more?
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let me jump in here, jim and george, last 30 seconds to you. the liberal west is supporting some of the most vicious, neo nazi battalions and ukraine never reported. go ahead. no, never bought it. and of course, this double piece with the liberal west supporting neo nazis in croatia in the 1990 s. he was kind of islam, a terrorist and chechnya border than indeed the finance and transport the jihad into balls the again, into the, in the 990 is. this is a long standing tradition, and all of this is not recall just is that we get the sanitized picture of the glorious, heroic you. the media, i mean, are all the time we have get a little one thing. i get some budapest here in moscow and then thank our viewers for watching us here. are you see next time? remember the
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the ah. oh, is your media a reflection of reality? in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? high selection community. are you going the right way or are you being that somewhere which direct? what is true? what is great? in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the
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shallows. ah, the russian defense ministry claims documents fallen during a military operation show ukraine was allegedly developing biologic and weapons with us help also ahead with enough money. you know, these are you already like that? i know the latest attempt to evacuated people from the city of murray. i'll poll in southeastern ukraine, once again ends in failure with local stuff can a blockade on fearing for their lives. and your computer will, it will include if you play at the home we were going to show, well it we hear from an ex ukraine
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army, pardon medic, who's returned to one of the non come eastern republics.


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