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tv   News  RT  March 9, 2022 8:00pm-8:30pm EST

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or remain in the shallows, ah ah, 2 weeks since the conflict erupted in ukraine, where people's homes have been devastated and many are fling as the russian military advances. some civilians are still unable to leave despite humanitarian corridors agreed upon by give and moscow. even if we stayed in shelters for 2 weeks, it was really very scary. thank you. could have gotten us some deep with party visits, families hiding a basement in the war torn ligaments. republic as a killing continues to hit residential areas that would be after 8 years. we know when someone fires when shells full with russia urges the u. s. to disclose materials on its biological research programs in ukrainian,
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amid allegations about possible production of biological weapons in violation. of international law ah, broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow. this is our international. i'm john thomas. glad to have you with us. we know you have a choice as we cover the war and ukraine. now it has now been 2 weeks since the conflict erupted in ukraine with masses of people continuing to flee or take shelter and many finding their homes destroyed in the fighting. here are some of the latest developments, a hospital and the southern city of my uncle has been devastated from an apparent air strike ukraine's president. zalesky was quick to blame russia for the attack. saying 17 people were wounded and urging western powers to ramp up there engines
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against moscow. the russian military has repeatedly denied targeting civilians from ukraine to president when he says he will secure a sick humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians on thursday. adding that 3 such safe zones were arranged the previous day, enabling about 35000 people to leave the city of sumi as well as the towns in the key of region and the city of border. now moscow said that the russian troops have been observing a limited cease fire for 10 evacuation routes. it had earlier proposed during peace talks, with tears, noting that ukraine rejected those that lead to russia. now, russia's defense ministry says ukrainian forces have been targeting power lines and electricity generators at the noble nuclear plant. moscow says the attacks were a provocation by ultra nationalists and the facility has switched to using backup generators. russia has claimed it is taking control of the plants with the local
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ukrainian staff, continuing their work there. now the un says more than 2000000 people have fled ukraine because of the conflict, including 1000000 children, many have been seeking refuge in neighboring countries, particularly poland, in the west and russia in the east. now, you authorities have been increasing humanitarian aid for ukraine, saying they expect millions more refugees and emphasizing that. they are welcome to come. many of those fleeing ukraine say that they have endured a lot of suffering. i forget, when was the last time i ate? i'm so scared when we endure 12 days of shelling, responding to this, there are a lot of people staying in the shelters, and there's a lot of confusion. there is no water, no mobile service, gas or anything. and russian troops have broken people's phones. if we stayed in shelters for 2 weeks, it was really very scary. however, despite some humanitarian corridors being opened and some people still can't leave
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in mar, you pull in the done yet. republic civilians have had to remain saying kid has given them no opportunity to use the corridor. they say they fear for the lives of their loved ones. the the new, the awesome you get honey good. the need for tomorrow a leave. fine, you was, you won't keep prom key. facade is, what are you when you, when use most of the water movement that came with this? if were you using it? thank you. good. had gotten us and get a i was to was with united nation human rights agency, has confirmed that more than 470 civilians have been killed in the ukraine conflict in the past 2 weeks while more than 860 civilians have been wounded that death toll has increased by about 15 percent since monday,
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and russia says the army of the lu ganske people's republic has taken control of 3 more villages, while ukrainian military infrastructure continues to be targeted by russian forces . and as ortiz, mary, if a notional comments ukraine's return fire has had places far from military positions. a regular 2 story apartment building in a densely populated residential area in the town of kit, or am i speaking in the la guns republic? it has no army positions here. it's not a strategic point, but it's shelled over and over again. we thought we were filming, and abandoned building, but surprisingly caught sign of la, workable for the showing started yesterday in the evening. though, and it's still happening. locals have got used to the sounds of showing and seemed now to pay no attention to them. well, still terrified. we've got used to this yesterday too. we walked under flying
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shelves, hiding from mines and shelves, to save their lives in the local food underground. a sway they now leave a refuge to eat and sleep. there is no connection to the outside in this basement. so we bring its residence, the latest developments that the shower continues, but so do peace talks. the needs of the negotiations, the so called mental talks last 8 years, but to no avail. there isn't any hope left for those talks. we take a look around these basement. it seems unfit for people believing that this is a new home in the storage facility. half of the doors of food on the shelves are now empty. people have been hiding here for days. whether we're younger, there's water. sedatives shells did fall before about 200 meters from here. after 8 years. we know when someone fires when shells full, we know who shoots the nazis of their. the big question remains,
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why is this village and many others relatively far from frontline? being targeted at all. there is dishes came yesterday. we see terrorists like methods of waging war. we shoots at their artillery, but they don't shoot back at us. but at residential buildings. sometimes 2 shells hit the same building was like any of those, you know, sometimes they don't even move their artillery and they set the position and shoot chaotically. but the result is gruesome. innocent civilians continue to get hurt in the showing, including women and children. we now came to the login screen, public childrens hospital where right now doctors are fighting for the life over 14 year old boy. he was brought here from the c t on the very front line with severe injuries he's been in coma for several days. the clinic in his home village is not that we for the serious surgery. the foy needed time for an ambulance to ride on the shelling again and bring him to the regions main health center. by the time we
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finished editing this report, the boy was in critical condition, who guns crew, public officials saying the last 3 weeks, they have been almost 700 attacks on their territory from positions of the quinn in forces using heavy weapons. it took lives of at least 7 civilians, much more injured and has to fight and continues. these numbers might go higher, more international artie from the login's quick public. russia is urging the u. s. to disclose materials about biological research programs in ukraine, mid allegations that those countries could have been collaborating to produce weaponized germs in violation of international law. russia has said it hasn't covered documents in ukraine supporting those accusations, but the white house is spokesperson gen. saki has denied the claims and says russia could use them as a pretext for deploying chemical weapons. we took note of rushes false
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claims about alleged us biological weapons labs and chemical weapons development in ukraine. we've also seen chinese officials eco, these conspiracy fairies. this is all an obvious ploy by russia to try to justify it further premeditated unprovoked and unjustified attack on ukraine. meanwhile, the u. s. under secretary of state victoria newland has admitted there are research facilities there. when asked whether give possesses biological weapons? does ukraine have chemical or biological weapons? ukraine has biological research facilities. we are working with the ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of russian forces should they approach. so a us official as senior, as deputy secretary of state is saying that some kind of facilities
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do exist and the washing ministry of defense says that there were or possible still are quite a few biological labs that are either us run or us funded. then according to the russian military, according to the documents that they have obtained as a result of that russian military offensive and ukraine scientists, there worked on some extremely dangerous pathogens. these are very dangerous substances. we're talking about diseases such as cholera, plague, or anthrax. the list is actually much longer than that apparently. as the russian ministry of defense claims, the staff there at these biological labord to reuse received orders from officials in ukraine to destroy either of these pathogens or evidence of possible work on the
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development of biological weapons. and again, the russian ministry defense has shown documents in ukrainian about these orders are taken out independently, verify them. what is now really a cause for, for concern here in russia is that they may have been destroyed or may have not. and if not, the question is, could they end up in the hands of the radical national as groups that are currently still very active in ukraine. but what is very crucial for the in foreign ministry to find out is the actual role of the us in this leisure chevy of the u. s. department of defense and administration must as soon as possible familiarize the international community with the programs conducted in ukraine. and do that officially, we believe that the materials existing now and the confirmations coming from both ukraine and the us to not get washington a chance to stay silent. but russia is not alone in this particular case because
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the eyebrows are also being raised in china about all this. we remember how bay jane was accused of running some bio labs. well now bay jane once answers from washington on this particular story. don't agency who we call on all parties concerned to ensure the safety of those lab and as the party with the best knowledge of those labs, the u. s. should release relevant details as soon as possible, including what kind of viruses are stored and what kind of research has been carried out into here. i do have to point out that key have, has been denied running any kind of program for developing biological weapons. but with this latest comment from victoria new and again, who is the deputy secretary of state, now there will be plenty of more questions asked because see said it out loud, there are some kind of facilities there and what's going on with them right now is
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not clear russian military officials say they are continuing to analyze documents, retired colonel, victor led tompkins, who is now military calmness for the tacit news agency says the information revealed so far he is disturbing deal with them still says bang and the creation of biological labord terese in other countries is a blade and violation of the biological weapons convention. the documents for these laboratories, which the russian army obtained and what it found in the laboratories themselves, shows that the worst kind of pathogens were being developed there. so just plague, malaria, se, planning, fever and other diseases that can become pandemic, not only in ukraine or russia, but also in neighboring countries. it's prohibited to create such labord, terese on us soil. and americans strictly follow that law. it's also understandable that leaks of poisonous and biological pathogens could come from such lapse. that's
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why they feared creating them on us soil. but when it comes to ukraine, catholic's time, or ga, what's the problem? meanwhile, russia claims ukrainian forces have brought ammonia to the heart of region in order to accuse russian forces of allegedly using chemical weapons. but lugens officials say ukraine placed explosives at ammonia, warehouses to blame lugens in a provocation. and now, a number of russian conscripts have been captured by ukrainian nationalists. it came to light after the russian defense ministry admitted some were involved in russia's operation in ukraine. that's despite the authorities earlier claiming that only professional military personnel have been deployed. president putin is now seeking punishment for officials who dispatched the conscripts in defiance of his instructions. berlin. unfortunately, it's being revealed that a number of conscripts are serving with russian armed forces units involved in the ongoing special operation in ukraine. and almost all of them have already been
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relocated on to russian territory. also, one of the units operating in home front has been attacked by a group of nationalists and a number of servicemen including conscript with, with capture. currently, we are taking all necessary steps to release them into the engagement of conscripts in combat zone. ukrainian president vladimir zalinski says his country will continue fighting russian troops until king regains full control over its territory . in an address he also called for western partners to secure a no fly zone over ukraine, saying they would be responsible for a humanitarian catastrophe if they don't. so lensky also says he's ready for another round of talks with russia. while western media outlets focus on the ongoing war in ukraine, their rhetoric is much different from what it was during previous conflicts that their countries were involved and constantly rose. coff has compared the narratives
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a tank inside latimer, putin's hat that's the imaged economists chose for its cover story on the russian military campaign in ukraine. and this is what the say magazine had on its front page back when the u. s. invaded iraq in 2003, a nice picture of george w bush and the title. now, the waging piece, you know, the difference as they say, when you hear american mainstream media talk about the ongoing war in ukraine. don't forget to check what the very same outlets used to tell the whole world when it was their country conducting military operations. in 1999, the western nato launched a bombing campaign of yugoslavia, im also in europe, which saw thousands of casualties and millions of people displaced, time magazine sat the attack quote unquote, open the door to peace while what followed didn't look peaceful at all at stake is our entire policy in europe since the end of world war 2 to promote stability and
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democracy. nato's credibility is on the line. i was suggesting we bomb belgrade. i was suggesting that we send american pilots in an blow up all of the bridges on the dina. i was suggesting we take out his oil supplies. i was suggesting very specific action. ah ah . ah. western media definitely has a knack for justify wars in 2001 during the u. s. invasion of afghanistan, the economists came up with discover, a heart rending, but nasa, sorry,
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war. and that said, no, call us for sanctions, for businesses to shut down, know condemnations just to pat on the back or the american military with little concern for the potential humanitarian catastrophe. that would follow the invasion . ah. the western corporate media seem to be very concerned about the polite of common people in ukraine now, which is completely understandable yet when the u. s. invaded 4 nations. the same talking has pushed a different narrative where regular of danny's or iraq is effectively had to be thankful and to consider themselves the lucky ones for being liberated. this is all
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about one evil dictator who possesses brutal weapons with which he will threaten and hurt a lot of people, including a lot of americans unless we take them away from him. i'm asking this question over and over. why would we intervene and libya the most consistent? one is because it be the right thing to do because people are dying for altruistic reasons. oh, and don't forget, it's russia that are seen as waging a brutal war and oppressing people. when it comes to the american military, there's always room for admiration and glorification. we see these beautiful pictures at night. now i'm guided by the beauty of our weapons. i think the dollar from became president of the united states. he talked about international norms, international rules about america's role in enforcing justice in the world. now the very same media that basically have to justify multiple wars across the world are
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pre, think about what's going on in ukraine if this conflict between moscow and keith has exposed anything, is that there is no limit to the level of double standards and high poxy anymore the u. k. may lift its current, been on drilling for shale gas, as part of plans to boost the countries, the energy security. this comes after the british government decided to phase out imports of russian oil by the end of the year. of the case, the energy security plan includes steps to increase its output of oil and gas in order to reduce dependency on russian fossil fuels. this includes plans to launch 6 north sea oil and gas projects, but the push faces on position as it goes against the u. k. plan to be carbon net 0 by 2050. we discussed the issue with political commentator anthony webber. the thinks the policy, it will devastate green ideals for policies, the government to come out with now are going to be very destructive of the great
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gender. because the taxation on my mitchie was funding. i better agree gender pool, the whole of the u. k. so we're going to be, and i'm, i'm say the answer, assignable position and the gender will be put back. and it's very, very sad because the grading party in the carry, i've not seen my set all of supported vis a tracking or russia without looking at what is in the, in the u. k. as in the case essence, what is needed is a sense of relative. and if week about politicians, the u. k. l strength, and where you cop and change their policies that messes and again to suffer enormously. and in fact, one full p paper up latins did she mention
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that these functions work again, that you carry about the u. k. would south a far more, and it was suffered many, many ways because the financial reputation was suffer as well as the, the economic reputation. ah, ukraine's call for international mercenaries to come and fight on curious side has sparked an uproar among african countries with nigeria warning its citizens to avoid participating in the conflict against russia. the reports of say, a number of nigerians have gone to the ukrainian embassy to express their willingness to fight. forgive. the foreign ministry in boucher says it won't allow ukraine to recruit durance to serve as mercenaries earlier and other african countries, senegal, condemned what it described as the ukrainian embassy there trying to enlist local
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fighters saying such actions were illegal from all this. we can cross live to african affairs analyst, lawrence freeman, thanks for being with us here on our international. so, most african countries supported the un resolution against russia, so might not make a lot of sense. why don't they wanted their citizens to actually fight for ukraine? first of all, the majorities did not support you in resolution. there were $27.00 african nations voted for the united nations general assembly resolution condemning russia. there are 5455 nations in africa. either you have partially 17 or 20, abstain, or left the voting room left the general assembly, so they wouldn't have to go. because africans are not. they are very weary of what's going on because they've seen the problems in their own countries, especially when mercenaries have come in and attack and the news against them from
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the period of power and colonial zation. and then are willing to see the people in that way. and they are also very weary about the western us and left us lead effort because it was, are scenic country is attacked. and you know, the story in refugees have been created and nothing. it doesn't help with genes, and there's a lot of racism going on in cream, the treatment of african by some of the nazi or nazi nationalists to the african denied gone home for this for supporting ukraine at this point. interesting. so the ukrainian embassy in nigeria says that locals have been showing a lot of support for kia, but dozens of people incentive all have said that they are ready to fight for ukraine. maybe i'd say an age thing. why are young african said so eager to participate in the conflict, especially given what you just laid out right there?
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well, yeah, if you understand something i'm asking which i do, i've been involved with for 30 years. you have enormous poverty and enormous desperation. and we saw this with people migrating, allowing themselves to kill is it tried to course from libya over the military in europe. desperation is what's driving the situation. navies, young people and they are young men think they can make a lot of money. they can come back and we'll be able to secure a better existence. and even if the guy, the, we'll send the money to the family, the level of poverty in african steps there in africa. which leads at the doorstep of the united states in europe having to go the nation 56 years after liberation is what is most of the young people and the president hardy, who i know in my area doesn't want his young nigerians to be used in this way and then african countries don't like mercenary executive outcomes,
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was used against several african countries for destabilization. so i think their policy is the right one chinese doing a bit of wood road that this desperation will contain. and briefly, how might the current situation affect russian relations with african countries in briefly, if you could? well, well, i forget relations have mainly been ex, 40 week, both russia and ukraine explored. we and russia has provided has some military arrangements with african nations, including a recently, there was a visit of sudan, i believe, to russia. but overall, the conditions are very poor for the african countries are desperate for food desperate for age. and this confrontation will not help their situation and will not help the development of the country or the young people, right? african affairs and also learns freeman. i was interesting to hear your thoughts and help us wrap our minds around appreciate it. thanks. my pleasure. now many
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ukrainians and foreigners who are trapped in the country are attempting to flee the showing. that is proving to be especially difficult for non ukrainian citizens. black and other ethnic minority evacuees say that they are experiencing racism while waiting to cross the border into poland. one night during medical student says border guards are prioritizing white people through the checkpoints. in laval that's in western ukraine, allowing bus loads of ukrainians through while making other ethnic refugees travel by foot. we spoke with a leading figure of a movement that works to unite indigenous and diaspora groups of african origin. he shared his views on the ledge to racism being suffered as well as the broader russian ukrainian conflict. on the got gimme debussy, nato should not have extended its influence to territory so close to russia. president putin and russia have been subjected to aggression. they are not aggressors. the aggressors are the western oligarchy. native, when the european union decrease,
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people are the tragic collateral damage and hurts when i see it. and when i think about it, it hurts me even more when i see how the africans living in ukraine are being discriminated against by the ukrainians. first, i think the conflict could have been avoided if the major agreements had been respected. and 2nd, as is also very important to say that the cranial authorities have not been used as a tool in the wrong hands. although i deplore this war because no one can ever be happy about a war, i think the president prudence reaction has been predictable. given all the threats the rush of faces, the western wanted to turn ukraine into its tool. it supplied with weapons for several years. and moreover, guarantee protection to the ukrainian authorities. but here again, we see the deception the hypocrisy of this political demon. to some extent, this western oligarchy which promises to help its allies. but only when the situation is red hot. these people are always trying to act through a proxy. this is what they did in syria by supporting terrorist forces. this is how the actors in libya also supporting terrorists forces the landscape. toy of the western lead understands that he has many friends,
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but his friends are very far away, nanny case. i hope that the western oligarchy will understand that its attitude towards russia and these proud people's in general, needs a profound shift. jesus criminy boss, him that does it for this hour. i will be back in about 31 minutes with another look at the continuing coverage of the war. and you can't stay with us. our international ah ah, the west liberal world order is collapsed in the hedge of money. it's hard to maintain and expand the conflict in ukraine as a proxy war. the real target is russian and indirectly china. the law of unintended consequences is in play. in the end it will be europe that pays the highest price.
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mm. ah ah, super mom with carolyn palmer, good on. you see a note when they do with.


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