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tv   News  RT  March 10, 2022 8:00am-8:30am EST

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ah ah, this gun, it reaction shows that that's really an essential struggle for the ride bra ship to remain on the world map with respect to it's in craft into tried no breakthrough in peace talks of the russian and ukrainian foreign ministers meet in uncorrected with that comes that ukraine's president claims russia for an air strike on a children's hospital in the southern city of murray. opal that reported he killed more than a dozen civilians. moscow strongly denies the claim. despite humanitarian commodore has been opened, many civilians are still unable to flee as they fear for the lives they typically nation did with we
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stayed in shelters for 2 weeks. it was really very scary and our team for the families hiding in basements and the war torn luke guns were public, as shelly continues to hit, residential areas is over here. after 8 years, we know when someone fires when shells full ah you're watching are international. my name's policy here, and where ever in the world, you're joining us from. welcome to the program. the 1st tapia, t. a meeting between russian and ukrainian, a foreign ministers, ended in the tortures capital with no breakthrough agreement ration fund minister. so the liberals, again outlined moscow's goals in the ukraine operation. because we tried to draw attention to the fact that the crane is turned into anti russia for years. and when
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the west publicly opened, leisure was darting from the to 1000 demanded from ukrainian before the election to make up their minds. who are the way thrush or the west. so either you're with us or against us. like what kind of bally start at these? what kind of western values started leads that were imposed on the ukraine incidence? that's about the aggression against all the russian. now, do russian interests, religion, culture, language, you security and many other things. and now western reaction towards our actions. so that would be really outrageously because, and this kind of reaction shows that that's really an essential struggle for the right. russia to remain on the world map with respect to its interests into tribes . we would not have any illusions that the west is reliable partner. one have any illusions when the west speaks about their values. the belief that these fell is $63.00 and we want to have illusions that will be betrayed at any time by any one.
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we had a lot of difficult times, but this time i assure you, we will get out of this crisis with a healthy mentality with a healthy or a conscience. the meeting took place as reports emerged of heretic, a stripe on a children's hospital in the southern city of mario pub. this is unverified video from the area you claims presidents and in ski, blames russia for the attack thing. 17 people were wounded and urging wisdom powers to ramp up the sanctions against moscow. the un has caught the attack horrific and denouncing the violence against civilians and saying a healthcare facility should never be targeted. the russian foreign minister says the west is ignoring real facts about the attack. he heard the lot of their doubts about the so called the atrocities perpetrated by the russian armed forces. during the security council of the un meeting, our delegation presented the facts that these maternity word has been long captured
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by the assault battalion and by other radical militants. and they go kicked away all the pregnant women, all the nurses, all the medical professionals. so that was the face of the ultra radical as ult battalion. we presented these facts 3 days ago. so you make, you can draw your own conclusions how the public opinion is manipulated all around the world. but unfortunately, the 2nd side of any situation and the 2nd perspective that allows you to get an unbiased view, doesn't draw any attention. basically, the ukrainian foreign minister says both sides have agreed to increase efforts to find solutions for the countries humanitarian situation. adding though that kid is not ready to comply with moscow's demands, demitra kalervo also blamed nato for inaction during the crisis. it has been a consistent policy to eventually join nato as
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a full member and enjoy security guarantees provided by the need to charter. however, we understand that this is not going to happen in a blink of an eye, not even the foreseen foreseeable future. we also see from the reaction of nato as an alliance to the russian aggression against ukraine. that nature is not ready to act collectively to stop the war and protect civilians in the ukraine from russian air rates. while we cross now live to turkey, where we talk to turkish political analyst use of aaron, who's joining us from antalya. thank you very much for joining us. can you tell us more about the sneezing both from the press conferences that we saw after the meeting. we can see that there was no real progress. both sides do seem still very, very far apart on a bunch of core issues that were negotiated at the same time. both sides have
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expressed that diplomacy is the only way forward. we saw russian for mr. started a lab wrapped up positively. that diplomacy is the way forward and that he would like to see more talks again ukrainian for administered to meet your label. also said that in your file format is acceptable. you wanted to see log rob give promises about a humanitarian corridor. you also wanted to see lab rob give have more authority going into the meeting. but the russian foreign minister wants to make sure that anything that promise has the top level clearance from russia. and he's assured that he will, when he returns back to moscow, that he will be relaying the requests and what was negotiate at the table with the kremlin. and so at the moment from what we said, there was no real advancement of any type of agreement on any of the core issues.
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but again, both sides are agreeing to talk more, at least the channels of diplomacy are open. this is very, very important to get both sides and diplomatic back at the table for the 1st time since the operations started in ukraine. at 30, it's important to get the diplomats back at the table. yes of turkish political analysts. thank you very much for joining us, your naughty now the human says more than 2000000 people have said ukraine because of the conflict, including 1000000 children. the organization has described it as a historic exodus. many have been seeking refuge in neighboring countries, particularly poland in the west and russia. in the east. you authorities have been increasing humanitarian aid for ukraine, saying they expect millions more refugees and emphasizing that. they're welcome to come. many of those seen ukraine say they have endured a lot of suffering. the hook, i forget when was the last time i ate,
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i'm so scared. when we endure 12 days of shelling, little i believe it keeps you didn't think of them are this, you didn't hear that warm story with why are you going to this? here are a lot of people staying in the shelters, and there's a lot of confusion. there is no water, no mobile service, gas or anything. and russian troops have broken people's phones. if we stayed in shelters for 2 weeks, it was really very scary. however, despite humanitarian car doors being opened, some people still can't leave. in a village near mario pole in the next republic, civilians have had to remain saying, kid has given them no opportunity to use the safe zone. they say they fear for the lives of their loved ones. the at the near the has the near to plenty of. but the near you photo msr to huda, at least corker far yours did. you will keep prom okay. first thought is
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a good idea. when you've done your, most of the water would, would pick you would as it were, you gotta do this. you don't, you've got to adorn us and did the growth mode the threat, you know, still wanted to produce this year. but was when we prepare with ukraine says that has inflicted casualties on russian forces on the eastern outskirts of care of this footage. being shown by ukrainian media claims to be of destroyed russian military hardware, but there is no yet official confirmation of the claims or of the numbers of russian casualties. meanwhile, ukraine's president has criticized waste and leaders for not sending enough military aid. vladimir zalinski added the waste must shoulder the blame for civilian debts for refusing to impose a no fly zone over his country. meanwhile, the situation on the ground is getting worse for the don bus region. must go say some 200000 people have fled from the dentist and guns people's republics to russia
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. in the last few weeks alone, the regions being under ukrainian attacks in 2014. but locals have warned that nationalists increase to me using them as human shields. a ukrainian soldier occupied the whole town. they were hiding in several places around the town. many were located near the buildings where people live. they occupy the abandoned facilities, put their military equipment that they did not care by the locals. we were like a human shield for them. i can't say whether they lead the people out of the turn or evacuated. anyone. i don't think it's true thought we would see the video from way russian military helicopters have attacked, ukrainian forces positions, and armored vehicles during the military operation. maria, for national reports mixed from them. guns for public at regular 2 story apartment building in a densely populated residential area in the town of chemist can in the longest
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republic it has no army positions here. it's not a strategic point, but it's shelled over and over again. we thought we were filming, and abandoned building, but surprisingly caught sign of law worker walker. the showing started yesterday in the evening, though, and it's still happening. lou locals have got used to the sounds of showing and seemed now to pay no attention to them. while still terrified. we've got used to this yesterday to we walked under flying shells, hiding from mines and shelves to save their lives in the low hoot underground. its way they now leave a refuge to eat and sleep. there is no connection to the outside in these basement . so we bring its residence, the latest developments, but the shower continues, but so do peace talks. then double the negotiations, the so called mental talks last ideas,
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but to no avail. there isn't any hope left for those talks. we take a look around these basement. it seems unfit for people believing that this thing in this storage facility, half of the jars of food on the shelves are now empty. people have been hiding here for days without were younger. those water sedatives shells did fall before about 200 meters from here. after 8 years, we know when someone fires when shells full, we know who shoots the nazis of that. the big question remains, why is this village and many others relatively far from frontline being targeted at all through stitches game. if a b, we see terrorists like methods of waging war, we shoots at their artillery, but they don't shoot back at us. but at residential buildings and i was up of sometimes 2 shells hit the same building. was like any of those. you know, sometimes they don't even move their artillery and they set the position and shoot
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chaotically. despite the result is gruesome. innocent civilians continue to get hurt in the showing, including women and children. we now came to the logan square public children's hospital where right now dr. is a fighting for the life over 14 year old boy. he was brought here from the city on the very front line with severe injuries he's been in coma for several days. the clinic in his home village is not that we for the serious surgery before he needed it time for an ambulance to arrive on the shall in again and bring him to the regions mean health center. by the time we finished editing this report, the boy was in critical condition, who, guns, cri, public officials, saying the last 3 weeks, they have been almost 700 attacks on their territory from positions of the quinn in forces using heavy weapons. he took lives of at least 7 civilians, much more injured and had to fight and continues. these numbers might go higher,
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more international r t from the login's quick public. the response from outside russia to the operation in ukraine has seen foreign firms pull out of russia with major brands, including mastercard, suspending business, fox news, host tucker, colson. one does how countries will react if they plan to push will punishment for foreign firms. backfires. it's russia who cares, but is it possible these same techniques might be used some day again, someplace or somebody that you care about. and while waste a media outlets focus on the ongoing war and ukraine, they, rick rick, is very different from what it was doing previous conflict that the countries were involved in. the united nations human rights agency has confirmed that more than 470 civilians were killed in ukraine in the past 2 weeks. and those statistics are drawing global attention to the ongoing crisis. the un statistics from the was in iraq and syria, however,
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show exponentially higher casualties. about 50000 civilians have been killed in syria. where is more than 200000 were killed in the us led war in iraq. nevertheless, western media coverage was virtually approving, as they respect of countries military entered those conflicts. ortiz constantine rush, cause it takes a look at the difference between the narrative a tank inside latimer. putin's hat that's the imaged economists chose for its cover story on the russian military campaign and ukraine. and this is what the same magazine had on its front page back when the us invaded iraq in 2003, a nice picture of george w bush and the title. now the waging, pete, you know, the difference as they say, when you hear american mainstream media talk about the ongoing war in ukraine. don't forget to check what the very same outlets used to tell the whole world when it was their country conducting military operations. in 1999,
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the western nato launched a bombing campaign of yugoslavia, im also in europe, which saw thousands of casualties and millions of people displaced, time magazine sat the attack quote unquote, open the door to peace while what followed didn't look peaceful at all at stake is our entire policy in europe since the end of world war 2 to promote stability and democracy. nato's credibility is on the line. i was suggesting we bomb belgrade. i was suggesting that we send american pilots in an blow up all of the bridges on the dina. i was suggesting we take out his oil supplies. i was suggesting very specific action. ah ah . ah.
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western media definitely has a knack for justify wars in 2001 during the u. s. invasion of afghanistan, the economists came up with discover a heart rending but necessary a war. and that said, no cause for sanctions, for businesses to shut down. no condemnations, just a pat on the back for the american military with little concern for the potential humanitarian catastrophe that would follow the invasion. ah, ah.
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the western corporate media seem to be very concerned about the plight of common people in ukraine now, which is completely understandable yet when the us invaded for nations. the same talking has pushed a different narrative where regular of danny's or iraq is effectively had to be thankful and to consider themselves the lucky ones for being liberated. this is all about one evil dictator who possesses brutal weapons with which he will threaten and hurt a lot of people, including a lot of americans unless we take them away from him. i'm asking this question over and over. why would we intervene and libya the most consistent? one is because it be the right thing to do because people are dying for altruistic reasons. oh, and don't forget, it's russia that are seen as waging a brutal war and oppressing people. when it comes to the american military, there's always room for admiration and glorification. we see these beautiful
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pictures at night. i'm guided by the beauty of our weapons. i think donald from became president of the united states. he talked about international norms, international rules about america's role in enforcing justice in the world. now the very same media that basically how to justify multiple wars across the world are preaching about what's going on. and ukraine, if this conflict between moscow and keith has exposed anything, is that there is no limit to the level of double standards in hypoxia anymore. well, nature's come in full with a chill on twitter, often swiftly deleted a tweet on international women's day, which inadvertently featured not the symbolism. nato posted a ukrainian neo nazi for their international women's day post. whoops, breaking nato just found out nazi's exist in ukraine, liberal ladder of nazi minimization. step one, there are no not see. step 2,
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there are a few nazis like everywhere else. step free. there are lots of nazis, but russia is worse. we're here. step for a nazi's really bad. it's not the 1st time that nato seemed to turn a blind eye to neo nazi organizations in ukraine. the alliance opening supplies national groups like the right sector, and the as of battalion with weapons and ammunition posting photos of the corporation. european studies expert dr. steven goswick, things that nature compilation with national groups is aimed at the stabilizing russia. they have been turning a blind, i'm blind eye since i even before the beginning of this conflict on the key of my don. it was obvious that the new nazi groups were the most violent ones and the ones that actually made the qu, the reality about the blind. i was there only for geopolitical reasons, because people in the west want to portray russians as aggressors in order to
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achieve their goals. they have no moral scruples that will stop them. so yes, they do support the you now to because they see them as a, as a means to get to where the goal and the ultimate goal is that the ssl dissolution of russia as a state many ukrainians and foreigners hillock trapped in the country are attempting to see the shelling that's proving to be especially difficult for non ukrainian citizens. black and other ethnic minority evacuees say that they're experiencing racism while waiting to cross the border into poland. when my gerry and medical student says order gods are prioritizing white people through the checkpoints and evolve allowing baskets of ukrainians to while making other ethnic refugees travel by foot. we spoke with a leading figure of a movement that works to unite indigenous and diaspora groups of african origin. he
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shed his views on the alleged racism being suffered as well as the board of russia, ukrainian conflict of yas little nichol gimme debussy. nato should not have extended its influence to territory so close to russia. president putin and russia have been subjected to aggression. they are not aggressors. aggressors are the western oligarchy, nato, and the european union de cranium. people are the tragic collateral damage and her say when i see it, and when i think about it hurts me even more when i see how the africans living in ukraine are being discriminated against by the ukrainians. first, i think the conflict could have been avoided. if the major agreements had been respected and 2nd, as is also very important to say if the ukrainian authorities had not been used as a tool in the wrong hands. although i deplore this war because no one can ever be happy about a war. i think the president prudence reaction has been predictable. given all the threats, the rush of faces, the west had wanted to turn ukraine into its tool. it supplied with weapons for
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several years, and moreover, guarantee protection to the ukrainian authorities. but here again, we see the deception the hypocrisy of this political demon. to some extent, this western oligarchy which promises to help its allies. but only when this situation is red hot, these people are always trying to act through a proxy. this is what they did in syria by supporting terrorist forces. this is how they act in libya, also supporting terrors forces. so lensky toy of the western elite understands that he has many friends, but as for very far away, in any case, i hope that the western oligarchy will understand that its attitude towards russia . and these proud peoples in general, needs a profound shift. you're going to call for international mercenaries to come and fight on kid side has fox, an apple, among african countries with nigeria wanting its citizens to avoid participating in the conflict against russia. report say, a number of nigerians have gone to the ukrainian embassy to express the willingness to fight for kids. the foreign ministry in a butcher says it won't allow ukraine to recruit nigerians to serve as mysteries.
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earlier, another west african country center go condemned, was described as the ukrainian embassy there trying to enlist local fighters saying such actions were illegal. earlier, we discussed the case with african, a phase analyst, lawrence freeman, who explain why africans also worried about what's happening in ukraine. the majority did not support you in resolution. there were $27.00 african nations there voted for the united nations general assembly resolution condemning russia. there are 5455 nations in africa. you have partially 17 or 20, abstain or less the voting room left. the general summary, so you wouldn't have to vote because africans are not. they are very weary of what's going on because they've seen the problems in their own countries. and they're also very wary about the u. s. lead effort because it was, are scenic country to attack. and there's
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a lot of racism going on in ukraine in the treatment of africans by some of the nazis or near nazi nationalists. so the african tonight, gung ho for this, for supporting ukraine at this point. well, that's a rack for this hour. thank you so much for joining us. we'll be back again in 15 minutes with the latest. ah ah, ah b ah,
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united states has always had a variety of tools, news, and tax on other countries. another thing you like to do is place some military pressure on the countries that you're talking about here. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country. so we have
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a responsibility for the whole world and we need to make rules for the rest. because without out there will be k i d. o is your media reflection of reality in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way, or are you being led to somewhere? direct? what is true is great. in the world corrupted, you need to send a join us in the depth or remain in the
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challenge. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy confrontation, let it be an arms race is on of very dramatic development. only personally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successful, very critical. i'm time to sit down and talk during my daily liquidity, she'll know what will show the portion of my down in that awful pretty shy the court. what did you wanna door, a shuttle norwalk, with
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a question. not in the pony, she really surely was near please. no, i put the most of them will be stupid with the family. i'm to consider. so only go through that affinity model. it was roaming home like will you be for me like that? it was for them quit the unicoi without us because she, she knew mean yet. oh, the russian speaking, se ukraine refused to accept the cruise outcome. people took to the streets of ukraine's largest cities. that had been protests in hoc of a desa mario pope. and zap our osha mass protests broke out in the crimean autonomous republic and overwhelming majority of crimean citizens voted as a referendum to break away from ukraine. and in march 2014 crimea rejoined russia. or chester screaming, the splitting your one or force misquoted which is or or,
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or isn't there with us for your purposes. can you remember little, don't ruin criminal russia or chess of crackers or new patrols care or dish. their budget was mentors, sports or orange color for some of those nationalists tried to suppress bro russian public sentiment with extreme violence on may. the 2nd far right is organized a march named for united ukraine. the march ends in a bloodbath. he'll give you a logical put all my own for this. he says to know.


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