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tv   News  RT  March 18, 2022 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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ah, this hour is headline stories over 200000 people pack into a moscow sports stadium to celebrate the 8 anniversary of premier rejoining russia . british media regulator off. com revokes ortiz broadcasting lice in siding. the current conflict in ukraine channels quote, relationship with the russian federation r t, slums. the watchdogs move both politically motivated and also ahead rush. it provides un security council members with new information that it says further cement claims that biological weapons were being developed on ukrainian territory under a u. s. and nato program. we hear the russian representative to the u. n's key points on the matter. ah,
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wherever you're catching the program from this our welcome to moscow and to the global news update on our t. my name's unit o'neill. okay, to the developments then in the ukrainian conflict, in a phone call with german chancellor, olaf, schultz, president putin accuse key have of trying to drown, guide negotiations with moscow by putting forward more and more unrealistic proposals. he also underlined the ongoing shelling of residential areas in done yet so by the ukrainian army and slum the leaders of western countries for ignoring quote war crimes. meanwhile, the west cracked on russian media continues with the u. k. media regulator pulling her broadcast license with immediate effect. not comes after 6 countries, including the u. k. a. u. s. accused of deliberately targeting civilians in ukraine
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with london insisting it has very strong evidence of mere potent himself is behind such actions the criminal as rubbish to the british allegations. the russian ministry of defense has reported that the lou ganske republic, no control is more than 90 percent of its territory. adding a few printed literary earlier attack residential areas of melee total with cluster warheads or should face it help repel the attack. will dig deeper into all but this on the and some insights on the piece talks with ukraine, the head of russia delegation was a mirror. but then sky phase, the 2 countries have achieved, quote, some progress with regard to ukraine's neutral status and the independence of dom bus. there are some issues that should be discussed additionally, like how, who will be there?
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congress who guarantee a safer to the security of ukraine. if ukraine doesn't, doesn't tried to enter the nato who will controlled on bus is one of the key points or the negotiations. his point and their point is that keeps of control, that our point that to us also the power of people so that people done boss, should control their land. now here in moscow, over 200000 people practice stadium on friday to celebrate the 8th anniversary of crimea, rejoining russia. the concert kicked off with the russian and full of the capitals . biggest force complex, the loose nicky with thousands of people watching on from this. it was in attendance, got the chance to take parts in a video called with they try me in city of some estoppel. the event is called crime
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me in spring. dedicated to the historic referendum when the peninsula officially became part of russia. again, one of the many in attendance was president vladimir putin who had this blue duca group, but actually pursuing the done by the people who lived and still live in the don bus. did not agree with the coo punitive military operations would immediately launched against them. and not just one yet, they were immediately plunged into a blockade subjected to systematic shelling from canons and asked strikes my this is what is called genocide. it is to save people from the suffering in this genocide, that is the main vest. the principal reason, the motivating reason and the goal of the military operation that we have launched in the dumbass and ukraine local. we are a multinational people of the russian federation, united by a common destiny on our land. this is the 1st line of the constitution of russia, and every word is filled with deep meaning on their own land, united by a common destiny that this is what people in crimea probably thought when they went
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to the referendum on march, the 18th, 2014, they live and live on their own land, and wanted to live a common destiny with their historical homeland russia. they had every right to do so and they achieve their goal. let's congratulate them on the holiday. it's their holiday. congratulations, i'm not the were martha. you can, let's turn attention to ukraine now. the south east that city of mar you, paul, has been under relentless bombardment since russian trips around it on march. second, the russian defense ministry says ukrainian national forces have attempted to capture the cities infrastructure and some 90 percent of buildings have been damaged. on monday, moscow said it had sent $450.00 tons of medicine, food, and essential supplies to maria apple. up to 400000 people are still thought to be trapped with supplies. running heights many are trying to flee the war torn city
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using asia military and corridor to nearby sub irosia, which was opened 3 days ago according to local authorities. as many us 30000 people have managed to escape through the route so far using personal vehicles. those fleeing to las while they've been for we were in the cellar for almost a week, did not try to get out. strikes were so hard that it was impossible to go outside. now a large flow of people will go through the corridors. it will only increase. there is no city there any more. there are no means of communication or radio in the cellar. there was no water. absolutely nothing where we saw the dough next. people's army, they kept open the corridor. the evacuation was organized centrally shows. soldiers of the ukrainian army were standing on the highway in front of everyone and putting on civilian clothes in order to join the column. it is pure luck that we got out of mary. you, paul, we rushed out of the seller at our own risk. as soon as we left the city,
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we saw the dough. net sick people's army. children and women were placed in buses. i know nothing about the men behind them. soldiers of the ukrainian army were very violent. people were taken hostage by. they did it, let us out just to hide behind our backs. people in odessa. meanwhile, another city on the countryside coast have been building sun by defenses. and barricades in order to defend the region from the arrival of russian forces. the port city is home to run 1000000 services, a low estimated, 100000 of really left. since the conflict and that's of the un said more than 3000000 refugees of no fled ukraine. since the start at the conflicts almost 2 thirds of escaped in the spring collins, which has really overwhelmed the countries public services. while the check for public has said it no longer has the capacity to accept those fleeing due to lack of resources, the refugee influencing by humanitarians as well as the very worst in european
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history. amid the ongoing fight sing many ukrainian say they are not only skirt of the shelling, but also of those who have been branded. she has fought police the mid reports, people who had earlier or at any pro russia views or criticize kit, have gone missing, being arrested in some cases funded kia has denied any claims of deliberate which helps re flush their report. this is, you believe any elegans, its former head openly voice supports for the autonomy of the republic. but in 2020 he became the mayor of another town in territory controlled by keith, but continued to share his view for the future of the don bos region. this year in march, let him at a stroke was kidnapped, and later found dead. the next day images of his dead body were posted all over and to russian internet forums with words of approval. among them was an official
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advisor to the ukrainian ministry of internal affairs. there is one less traitor in ukraine, the entire state apparatus of ukraine, the secure to service the interior ministry. the prosecutor's office, the corps were unable to handle the outspoken separatist truck. apparently he was shot dead by unknown patriots as a traitor under the laws of war. but apparently, in some cases there is no need to voice progression views at all. recently, denise kit iv, a participant from the russia, ukraine peace talks on key. if side was confirmed dead ukraine's media dubbed him a traitor, quote, in sources among politicians and intelligence, they reported that the country's domestic security service, they as b, you killed him during an apparent arrest attempt, allegedly accusing q rave of venus pi. the as b, u has never commented on the matter. another case, the colon of each brothers, both members of ukraine's communist party bend in ukraine, arrested by the as
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b u. in an official statement. they are described as accomplices of occupants. some get arrested without official charges, like one of ukraine's most famous writers who is a critic of the country's leadership south of a model. on march 10th, 2022. he was detained by the security service of ukraine in his. he has apartment without charge. now, my dad is in the luke ya nazi romance center, but no charge has been still brought. dmitri, gen gear of a well known ukraine and political commentator, who strongly criticized zalinski, or alleged like of leadership use to appear on line with regular, our long video analysis. one day he appeared in a short video, strangely dressed, and looking exhausted in the recording. he addressed russia's leadership using this more regardless of the military campaign result that will never be any acceptance of russia. no sympathy, no positive attitude towards the russian federation, its armed forces. and to a large extent, ordinary citizens room viewers in common sections suggested he was captured and
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recorded the video under duress and to those that believe the threat is exaggerated . here's the governor of ukraine's nikolai region, reminders of you know, that we are already forming a list of traitors. there are not many of them, but they stay. they are preparing to help the occupiers and are already doing some things. i know a lot of people saying they know in the regions who should be shot. it has been there for the last few years. but to recently ukraine's which hunt has reached an alarming frightening scale. it seems that while moscow continues its special mil to reparation here on the ground, he if has declared a special war against its own people. britons media regulator has decided to revoke ortiz license to broadcast in the u. k, with immediate effect off come cited the current conflict in ukraine on the channels quote, relationship with the russian federation. r t. islam. the movers politically
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motivated, calling the watchdog a tool of the u. k. government policy, or talk me through developments earlier. normally when a channel is banned, you would imagine if a bend in relation to the content that is full coughing. and what we see here is that in fact, instead of fighting any kind of reasons related to our content, it rather talks about the fact in terms of who funds the channel. the fact that the, the ban order comes and is related to russians, military operation in ukraine. this investigation has taken the count of a number of factors including artes, relationship with the russian federation. it is recognized, the art is funded by the russian state, which has recently invaded a neighboring sovereign country. we also note new laws in russia which effectively criminalize any independent journalism that the parts and emotion states news narrative in particular relation to the invasion of ukraine. we consider that given these constraints that appears impossible for us to comply with the jew impartiality rules while broadcasting code in the circumstances,
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just to pick up and wall of those remarks, then by off come that line saying as regards the ukraine conflict, we cannot be satisfied that our see can be responsible broadcast her in the current circumstances, not in their own words, their investigation into alleged bias. some $29.00 separate probes hasn't even concluded. so how did they justify them? that's an important point because as you say, these investigations are ongoing and in the past and they reference the fact that they have been investigations in the past. a number of those investigations have found that he was actually okay. so they haven't actually mentioned that there is the possibility to clear our t of wrong doing. why don't also think is significant is they make and they statement a big deal out of the fact that they speak the freedom of speech and that they're not against different point of view. and again, they haven't mentioned any kind of particular reasons why they banding us v r v. our content. if you take a look at this, we recognise artie is currently off air in the u. k as
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a result of sanctions imposed by the use of the invasion of ukraine commenced. we take seriously the importance in our caustic society of a broadcast, his right to freedom of expression and the audience his right to receive information and ideas without undue interference. we also take seriously the importance of maintaining audience trust and public confidence in the case broadcasting regulatory regime. so i definitely think that banning a channel that is effectively only expressing its ideas is, is no way against freedom of speech. it's also significant in terms of the timing of this. it comes off to conversations were held in the british parliament in the british government that effectively pushed off come to make this decision to ban us . and there have been cause in the past by british officials publicly calling to silence the channel. so they 50 is a, a, a political kind of impact or reason for the decision. one of the art itself was to
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the channel said, well, the channel, the expected, the decision to come forward, of course is it points out the freedom of speech. and the fact that the british media regulated is supposed to be independent art. he feels that it is censorship, and it's 50 bob's the public of the right to know of calm has shown the u. k. public and the regulatory community internationally. the, despite a well constructed facade of independence, it is nothing more than a tool of government bending to its media suppressing will, by ignoring ortiz, completely clean record of 4 consecutive years, and stating purely political reasons, tied directly to the situation in ukraine, and yet completely an associate to taught is operations, structure management, or each tauriel put off. com has full c george artie to not be fit and proper and in doing so rock d u. k. public of access to information. on this we spoke to arthur and former british diplomats, william mullins, son who insist people not the state should have the right to decide what
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information they absorb. not the least surprise from the country when the government that has been holding has a political prison called julian sounds. who, who told the truth and america as instructed, england, britons to keep them as a political prisoner. this is a purely political move devoid of and any intelligent thinking. it makes the demonize ation of a very good people. the russian people increases that demonize ation. it's also let me tell you my view, extreme insulting to people, because people should be allowed to use their brains. and in order to use their brains, they need to see all information and compare one against the other. russia has provided un security council members with new alleged evidence started phase, proves the development of biological weapons on ukrainian territory,
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laundry us nato program, or us corresponding kill up and was following the origin session. russia presented evidence of what it says were, biological weapons facilities tied to the pentagon. they were operating in ukraine and have significantly put the health of the people in the region in danger. this is what russian representative em ambassador and benzo had to say before the un security council about what sounds like a very, very serious matter onion in, i'm in the documents that we have shared this morning. you can see one called the technical assistance plan for certain recipients of the ukrainian ministry of defense. i recommend you look through this document very carefully. it confirms the pentagons direct funding and supervision of military and biological projects in ukraine. the total funding accounted for $32000000.00 money, which went directly to a number of ukrainian defense ministry laboratories. according to this plan,
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the u. s. ministry of defense ran the projects on ukrainian territory right now in the band via anticipated, flat out denial from us officials. they would dismiss that concern, the simply the propaganda of russia, as they routinely do with concerns that russia res. so he presented real evidence signed document, etc. you went on to say there is very, very solid evidence of the united states working in ukraine to set up these bio labs for military purposes. and it has had an impact on the health of people in the area. this is what about the a went on to say when addressing the security council. the need for presidio and the documents we unveiled have real signatures of us officials on them. in particular, many assigned by the head of the ukrainian office of the threat reduction agency, joanna winter roll append to can staff members? she is well known in non proliferation circles for ukraine. she supervised the destruction of chemical weapons in libya. if journalists are really interested in
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verifying the documents we share, then i suggest that you ask her directly whether it really is her signature. now as nev n z a predicted, the us ambassador and representative before the security council simply dismissed these allegations. as conspiracy theories propaganda did not respond to the very solid claims that were made by the russian representative. anything that comes from russian officials is simply dismissed by the united states. here is what we heard from the u. s. representative in response to some pretty solid evidence that was presented. you gave us exactly exactly what you gave us last week. and last week we heard from the russian representative a tirade bazaar. conspiracy theories this week were hearing a whole lot more where that came from. things that sound like they were forwarded to him on a chain e mail from some dark corner of the internet. you just saw the us representative
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does not seem to share rushes concerns about public health, and this is fitting a pattern. we recently saw a former u. s. congress, woman tulsa gathered widely attacked was she raised concerns about the bio labs in a video that was circulated on youtube. we saw not only allegations that her assembly bringing it up, approved her to be a russian asset. we saw calls for her to be prosecuted simply for talking about it down and in the states. there is just a refusal to engage with anything that russia is saying to examine the evidence that russia is presenting. there is, seems to be no concern about the real threats to public health in this situation or the reality that it appears that the united states was working with ukraine to develop biological labs that were carrying out military operations. this is a very, very serious issue in the united states seems very concerned about the use of chemical and biological weapons in other countries and has repeatedly raised out of
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the security council. however, when russia raised this concern and presented real documents signed by us officials, a lot of evidence to back up their claims that we saw the united states simply ignore it. britain echoed some of what the united states said. why to divide between officials in the global community, china made clear that they are very concerned about the danger of biological weapons and the threats to public health. but the allies of the states, they seemed to just simply dismiss rushes words and ignore them. call them propaganda and conspiracy theories to love is your global news updates for now. thank you for tuning in. i'm unit o'neill and this is art international. goodbye ah ah
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ah, with
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the or mr. lever. i just want to say 1st thank you very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to discuss what's going on in the world right now. these events that you yourself are an actor of. so let's go right down to business. the 1st thing i want to ask is, sanctions these current, these sanctions that are currently imposed on russia? they're of course, unprecedented. and they are really negatively affecting the lives of ordinary russians, even though washington is saying that it's not targeting russians. what can you say about what the goal of these sanctions are and who the target really is? well, thank you for the invitation and they believe the goal of the sections is much more strategic than just your brain. i think what we witness in ukraine is the
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quintessence of the western course, strategic course to marginalize russia to contain russia to store oppression, rushes development, and to reduce russia to 0 in the world. politics and world economy will trade wall sports art, science education. and we observe unprecedented steps west on colleagues at taking. and one of the underlying threats is the united states desire, which has been much more manifested by the, by the, by, than the ministration to come back to unipolar world. and if you wish, if you wish they are trying to take the melting forth concept from the united
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states soil and to make the melting port from the entire world. and they would be the motors the union already. i think 99 percent stopped trying to be independent. president mcgroon of course, keeps repeating. that started you got on the move for the european union, these his gold and he would be fighting for it. but my guess is that he would not succeed. germany is already absolutely ready to be under the united states orders and the situation was not stream to clearly indicated what exact place in the world politics germany occupies. now, when the americans, in fact, have persuaded, quote unquote, the germans and others that they, that americans know much better what europe needs for its energy security than european themselves. and there are many examples like this. so the sanctions
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drive is going to continue. they are threatening the fifths wave. maybe there would be another wave about re yesterday, and i will, i will recall that long before the ukrainian crisis erupted because of the illegal and to consitutional good at the sanctions was ready to impose on us . it was, you know, when dejection the amendment was repealed among the sky was immediately introduced and the sanctions and were on the way or another state. and then there was series of sanctions, as you mentioned before, to punish us basically for supporting the legitimate core. oh, freshman's in the ukraine, basically, russian syndrome mirror. you know,
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the story. i wouldn't 3 shows the events on the sequence of events. but the latest, the latest sessions, the wave was really unprecedented than the president bush and a recall to we are now gentle. and so the number of sanctions introduced against the russian federation. more than $5000.00 individual, it's almost twice as many as when it was introduced to us there on the north korea. but the sanctions, or all of us, made us stronger after the sanctions and announced in 2014 when the west could not accept. the 3 would of gray millions to rejoin the russian federation when the west basically supported illegitimate. and the constitutional good luck when the west ignored, you know, what was,
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what was very interesting for me when i talked about those events to my west and go next. they very often use the tactic of cutting off on the $1.00 to $2.00 stories will be read the situation in the ukraine. they started discussing only was what they call annexation of training. if you remind them that it all started with the european union and being unable to insist on the implementation of the deal, which they are guaranteed by the position. and when the position just has thrown away the deal signed and guaranteed by the european union. and then the leaders over their position and over the so called might done the riddles like me, 3 yellowish was saying, we then we agreed with our roskus and got subs wishes moscow. and the he publicly
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stated that the for the russians were, he said the russians in crimea would never think ukrainian would never speak ukrainian would never glorify the heroes. meaning that answer have agenda, collaborators of hitler, that the russians must be. and that's why russians the russians must be wiped out of gradient. actually, this was said a couple of things before the gray meals eventually decided to go director and them . and this ward sway company by, by deeds they sent on the groups to take control of the caribbean parliament. and that's how it all started. not dimension the initiative immediately on the 1st day of this school, the pushes introduced initiative to do away with the stages of the russian language and ukraine, which was in the ukrainian constitution. so all this instincts were immediately
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translated into very or so for big policies. and by the way they do this, russians should get out of ukraine, is still very much on the mind of politicians in this country. i lecture new book the, the leader of the alter radical budget. some aboard the freedom and repeated the says that we must have their sophistication as he s he says, as you call, cold calls it. and the delivery location means that ethnic russians must not have their own language. she's 3 and they density in ukraine. and so many similar things. but what is more important for us to understand the guarantee, the state of play, these statements bazillion sky himself. so i said that the alternator will called for rations to be wiped out of premier and presidents live sky.


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