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tv   News  RT  March 19, 2022 2:00am-2:30am EDT

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this is now happening when it comes to ukraine. something must be done means escalation. with china accuse is the u. s. of bending the flames over the war. and ukraine as washington wraps up, pressure on countries friendly with russia. moscow and t, a struggle to come to an agreement on key issues over resolving the ukraine conflict that has fighting continues with reports of civilian casualties and destruction of residential areas. we sat in the basement for a week, hiding from the shooting and everything. okay. in the british media regulator off. com revoked artes broadcasting license, exciting the conflict in ukraine, and the networks quote. relationship with the russian federation party says the watchdogs move was politically motivated and russia presented further evidence to
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the way that the u. s. and nato were supporting biological weapons development in ukraine. we hear the key points ah, broadcasting from our studios in moscow. this is our to international. i'm john thomas. certainly glad to have you with us now we start with the latest developments in the ukraine conflict. vladimir put an emphasized and a phone call with french president a manual micron on friday that russia is doing everything it can to ensure the safety of civilians in ukraine, particularly by providing evacuating routes now put an also accused nationalist, ukrainian forces of having committed war crimes in the dumbass, an issue he mentioned in a call earlier that day with german chancellor of schultz. while the humanitarian situation in ukraine remains die. the u. n. has reported it has deployed its 1st
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humanitarian aid convoy to the ward toward the city of sumi in the countries northeast. meanwhile, moscow says the guns republic has now gained control over 90 percent of its territory after pushing back ukrainian forces and the west crack down on russian media continues with the case media regulator now pulling ortiz broadcasting license with immediate effect. more on that later in the program, ukraine's interior minister insists any deal with moscow would be possible only after russian troops withdraw. that comes after another round of peace talks. as the head of the russian delegation says, there has been some progress towards meeting moscow's demands for kids to recognize the independence of the guns and done yet, the republics who will control the bus is one of the key points or the negotiations. their point is that keeps control, that our point, that the source of the power of people so that people done, boss,
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should control their land. but there are some issues that will be discussed. additionally, who i want to say that any negotiations must start from ukraine's rightful position . so in particular that the russian troops must return to exactly where they came from when they started their attack on february 24th. what's it that china slammed the us for trying to coerce beijing during a call between the country's leaders. on friday, the u. s. had warned china not to provide material support to russia over the conflict in ukraine. but china issued a swift and cutting response may work as the culprit of the ukraine crisis. so why does the u. s. keep smearing china instead of reflecting on the security predicament in europe caused by the eastward expansion of us, lead nato. why doesn't the us reflect on its hypocritical move of watching the fire from across the river after fanning the flames? the least thing the us should do is to sling mud at china, which is not
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a party directly concerned the despicable move of the u. s. only serves to reveal its guilty conscience and true intention to shift the blame and profit from the ukraine crisis. we think we have seen both politicians and the media shift. they gazed eastwards to china for some this has been a wake up call, a turning point. the waste realizes it needs to f. now to contain and assertive beijing and things have become heated. g u. s. has been spreading successive disinformation targeting china on the ukraine issue with malicious intentions. well, china's already on the wrong side of history when it comes to, to ukraine in the aggression being committed by russia they, you asked, has gone so far as to threaten that other countries will pay a prize for not following suit an imposing sanctions as it has done one country artist, a luxury meal and the rest of the world has to ford the beale. this looks more like what a bully would do. we will not stand by and allow any country to compensate russia
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for its losses from the duke sang, which is what don, you should never forget that there are 3 fingers pointing back to you when you point fingers and others. but it's not just words. and sabre rattling the u. s. is playing with fire in a very sensitive region. tie one and the in the pacific. washington has deployed more than 2000 troops, just radius northern territory for the 1st time ever. is building a missile network aimed at deterring china. has sailed a warship through the taiwan strait and approved a $100000000.00 in arms sales to tie one. beijing isn't pleased. we warn the u. s. to playing the taiwan card is like playing with fire, which will not only push taiwan into a dangerous situation, but also bring unbearable consequences to the u. s. side u. s. l i. australia is also upping the ante on tie one and on building nuclear submarines. japan's arms imports have increased 2 and a half times over the past 5 years. with south korea also noticeably increasing its
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military budget. you can guess who supplying them. the usa remains the largest supplier to asia and oceania as arms exports are an important element of u. s. foreign policy aimed at china. and that's not all. a u. s. firm just bought a shipyard in the philippines. might not look like much, just a bankrupt junkyard. well, not quite. the location provides direct access to the south china sea, the main area of china, how, when tensions a message to beijing that we're here to stay. and then there's the firm who bought it. the co founder city feinberg is a washington insider having run companies with close ties to the us. miller. he also apparently has a very keen interest in china. little surprise. it's his fin that bought a shipyard american 5 ice partner. australia is also very much on board. the sanction china plan with a country's military is having a few recent blushes. it's also splashing some serious cash to try and stop trying as dominance of the minerals market. china currently dominates around 70 to 80
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percent of global critical minerals production and continues to consolidate its hold over the supply chains. this initiative is designed to address that dominance that phasing won't be bullied and holds many cards. the recent locked down in just one city has got the world into a supply chain. panic. china's an opponent that many can't quite literally afford to have diplomat and journalists, gregory clark says that the west is using the ukraine crisis to provoke china and disrupt it's warm relations with russia. china is china. her will put its own interest 1st, but his interest at the moment, i think, in cooperation with russia, because sir is quite clear that it will not get much corporation from america. the worse is trying very hard to use the ukraine issue to
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a how she would say, provoke china or to find some something guilty in the chinese response. but her so far they have not had much success. and i don't think that magic's success in the future, the u. s. which has banned imports of russian oil isn't just singling out china. it's also going after india. but still, new delhi has signed a deal for $3000000.00 barrels of russian oil at around 20 percent. below global prices. washington has said india is within its sovereign right. so to make that purchase, but also issued a stern warning that new delhi should fall in line with us policy a residential building in tears was hit by fragments from an allegedly down russian missile on friday. according to give mayor, one person was killed and 4 children were wounded. a blaze broke out in the
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building located in caves, puddle sky districts, and firefighters scrambled to put out the flames. several neighboring buildings, including a kindergarten and school were also damaged according to ukraine's state emergency service. the russian military has not commented on the matter. here is how local residence described what happens. but you still did everything you okay in your training official working for the presidential office. it says there is no military solution for the besieged city of marble in the done yes. republic, where massive fighting is continuing, the official said no end to the blockade by russian allied forces in sight, but that you korean forces would not give up fighting for the city. russia's
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military has said, for its part that it would let ukrainian troops leave marable if they surrender, but cautioned king has refused to the offer so far for supports are coming from the city of don. yes, that for people were killed. as it view crane military forces shelled a local district. the market in the center of the resident shall area suffered damage as the result of the strike. according to the authorities of done yet, the republic with this is said to other people were taken to the hospital as well. this is what is from the village of all giga in the republic where homes and infrastructure have allegedly been destroyed by ukrainian troops done yet. could forces have been distributing food, water, and other essentials to local residents. some told us their feelings about what has happened to their village. still a little while is the valuable, is this you that she'll do a lot. what do you a chance to ask you about that?
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even when the battle was on the outskirts, they still purposefully hit the village. it's good that our forces helped us handed out bread. we could not even contact relative to find out whether they were alive or not, because the phones didn't work to amid the ongoing fighting many ukrainians say they are not only scared of selling, but also those who have been branded as cubes fall, police that is amid reports people who had earlier aired any pro russia views or criticize que, have gone missing, been arrested, and in some cases found dead. she of has denied any claims of deliberate which hans parties, reformation, or comments. this is, you believe any elegans, its former head openly voice support for the autonomy of the republic. back in 2020, he became the mayor of another town in territory controlled by keith, but continued to share his view for the future of the da boss region. this year, in march, leds him at a stroke, was kidnapped,
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and later found dead. the next day images of his dead body were posted all over and to russian internet forums with words of approval. among them was an official advisor to the ukrainian ministry of internal affairs. there is one less traitor in ukraine, the entire state apparatus of ukraine, the secure to service the interior ministry. the prosecutor's office, the corps were unable to handle the outspoken separatist truck. apparently he was shot dead by unknown patriots as a traitor under the laws of war. but apparently, in some cases, there is no need to voice pro russian views at all. recently did use kit, if, hey, participant in the russia, ukraine peace talks on key. if side was confirmed dead ukraine's media dubbed him at traitor quoting sources among politicians and intelligence. they reported that the country's domestic security service, they as b, you killed him during an apparent arrest attempt, allegedly accuse and cure rave of being a spy. the, as b, u has never commented on the matter. and other case, the colon of each brothers,
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both members of ukraine's communist party bend in ukraine, arrested by the as b. u. in an official statement. they are described as accomplices of occupants. some get arrested without official charges, like one of ukraine's most famous writers who is a critic of the countries leadership south of a model. on march 10th, 2022. he was detained by the security service of ukraine in his he as apartment without charge. now, my dad is in the luke young asked, he remains center, but no charge has been still brought. dmitri john gear of a well known ukrainian political commentator, who strongly criticized zalinski or alleged like of leadership used appear on line with regular, our long video analysis. one day he appeared in a short video, strangely dressed, and looking exhausted in the recording, he addressed rushes, leadership, musician mo, regardless of the military campaign result that will never be any acceptance of
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russia. no sympathy, no positive attitude towards the russian federation, its armed forces, and to a large extent, ordinary citizens, viewers in common sections suggested he was captured, hand recorded the video under duress and to those that believe the threat is exaggerated. here is the governor of ukraine's nikolai region, reminders of you know, that we're already forming a list of traitors. there are not many of them, but they stay. they are preparing to help the occupiers and are already doing some things. i know a lot of people saying they know in the regions who should be shot. it has been there for the last few years. but recently, ukraine's which hunt has reached an alarming, frightening kale. it seems that while moscow continues its special military operation here on the ground, he if has declared as special war, he gazed its own people. meanwhile, the un has reported it's managed to send in its 1st humanitarian aid convoy to the war torn city of sumi. the organization says the delivery was made possible by
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negotiating with both the russian and the ukrainian military. russian troops have also been delivering humanitarian aid to areas in need. the russian defense ministry says that over $3000.00 tons of essential supplies, including food and medicine, have been handed out in the dumbass since last month. in a new episode of our going underground, my colleague option or a time see discusses what a solution for the ukraine crisis might look like. with retired us colonel lawrence wilkerson who served as chief of staff under us secretary of state colin powell in the early 2 thousands. now you can see that interview in full as it is eric throughout the day here on our international. but here is a previous we all agreed that the only solution to this conflict, diplomatic solution negotiation that let's let me at least gain some of what he wishes and allows much of ukraine to remain. a stayed
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part of it being autonomous, perhaps with referenda to be conducted. however, you work out the details or recognition that crimea is going to be part of brochure or ever in a day or some other things like that that would be appeasing to moscow. and yet leave some kind of intact as to what ukraine wants to be and it's majority and settled with that and quit because this is in sanity, it is utter insanity. it is making a pariah of food. and i understand that the george kevin, jeff k, diplomat told colin powell about easter, the expansion of nato. and the dangers of it when you it is cheaper stuff. absolutely. carolyn was 98 or 9 years old at the time, and he actually said it was the biggest strategic mistake american made in the post cold war era. and might be the biggest one that we made in the so called cold war
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panorama. and i agree with him it, it made no sense whatsoever. it was done principally for arms, merchants and arms, sales and money to be made. i think you're looking at an alliance, it's looking for a purpose, and it's been looking for a purpose ever since the cold war ended. britain's media regulator has decided to revoke our license to broadcast in the u. k, with immediate effect of calm, cited the current conflict in ukraine and band of the network due to its relations with the russian state. this investigation has taken the count of a number of factors, including artes, relationship with the russian federation. it is recognised, the art is funded by the russian state, which has recently invaded a neighboring sovereign country. we also note new laws in russia which effectively criminalize any independent journalism that the parts in the motion states, news narrative, in particular relation to the invasion of ukraine. we consider that given these constraints,
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it appears impossible for artie to comply with the jew impartiality rules of broadcasting code in the circumstances. this is the continuation of the madness that is going on in america and europe. it is ante russian madness. this is yet another step, crudely limiting freedom of speech. british authorities have opened more than 2 dozen investigations into whether archie's coverage of the ukraine conflict has been impartial with off. com, in particular, expressing quote, great concern of com, however, noted the broadcasters right to freedom of expression in its coverage of the deeply sensitive matter. archie is deputy editor in chief on a balcony, said that the regulator was being used as a tool of the british government. of com has shown the u. k. public and the regulatory community internationally. that despite a well constructed facade of independence, it is nothing more than a tool of government bending to its media suppressing will, by ignoring ortiz, completely clean record of 4 consecutive years,
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and stating purely political reasons, tied directly to the situation in ukraine, and yet completely on associate to ortiz, operations, structure management, or each tauriel put off. com has full c george artie to not be fit and proper and in doing so rob the u. k. public of access to information. earlier i spoke with tara reader, author and former u. s. senate aid who thinks bending r t is an attempt by the west to silence opposing viewpoints. archie is a voice that we need to hear and as an american citizen, i want to hear a different voices. i want to not only just see through western lens, we'll see, isn't it? i mean, what about maybe see what about p via? what about him? he are. those are all funded by the british and the american governments. and they're only presenting one side of the story. you know, i just deleted my facebook and my instagram because they wanted to promote or say
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it was okay to have, have speech about russian. it's a very diabolical attempts by the west q sensor and silence. another voice, another international voice, and i think that all press should be very worried because if they can just take away our license, then they can do it to anyone in grief, hundreds of farmers and took to the streets of athens on friday to protest against drastically rising fuel and fertilizer prices connected with the use sanctions against russia. they say their production costs are now so high that they are having to significantly cut back their businesses. the greek government has already reduced the sales tax on fertilizers by almost half and it's offering other support measures. but farmers saying the help isn't enough. airport workers in pizza have refused to load boxes. they say contained weaponry disguise as humanitarian aid for ukraine. they say the arms were 1st to be sent to us and nato basis, and poland,
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and then provided to ukraine. and italian trade union has called for a protest to take place outside the airport on sunday. a huge portrait of a prominent classic russian novelist, if your daughter does say, asking, has appeared on a wall of naples, tech. nickel institute of painter says he created the mural despite ongoing anti russian rhetoric in italy over the conflict and ukraine. and a dispute about whether students should be taught about the russian writer, the artist, please, classic russian culture shouldn't be affected by current political disagreements. russia has provided further evidence to the un security council that it says proves biological weapons were being developed in ukraine under a u. s. and nato program. our us correspondent, killer muffin comments. russia presented evidence of what it says we're biological weapons facility is tied to the pentagon. they were operating in ukraine and have significantly put the health of the people in the region in danger. this is what
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russian representative and ambassador and benzo had to say before the un security council about what sounds like a very, very serious matter onion and i mean the documents that we have shared this morning . you can see one called the technical assistance plan for certain recipients of the ukrainian ministry of defense. i recommend you look through this document very carefully. it confirms the pentagons direct funding in supervision of military and biological projects in ukraine. the total funding accounted for $32000000.00 money, which went directly to a number of ukranian defense ministry laboratories. according to this plan, the u. s. ministry of defense ran the projects on ukrainian territory right now in the band via anticipated, flat, out and denial from us officials. they would dismiss that concerns as simply the propaganda of russia, as they routinely do with concerns that russia res. so he presented real evidence signed documents, et cetera, he went on to say there is very,
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very solid evidence of the united states working in ukraine to set up these bio labs for military purposes. and it has had an impact on the health of people in the area. this is what went on to say when addressing the security council. the need for presidio and newness the documents we unveiled have real signatures of us officials on them. in particular, many assigned by the head of the ukrainian office of the threat reduction agency. joanna winter will append to can staff members she is well known in non proliferation circles before ukraine. she supervised the destruction of chemical weapons in libya. if journalists are really interested in verifying the documents we shed, then i suggest that you ask her directly whether it really is her signature. now as an benji, a predict in the us ambassador and representative before the security council simply dismissed these allegations. as conspiracy theories propaganda did not
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respond to the very solid claims that were made by the russian representative. anything that comes from russian officials is simply dismissed by the united states . here is what we heard from the u. s. representative in response to some pretty solid evidence that was presented. you gave us exactly exactly what you gave us last week. and last week we heard from the russian representative a tirade bazaar. conspiracy theories this week were hearing a whole lot more where that came from. things that sound like they were forwarded to him on a chain e mail from some dark corner of the internet. you just saw the us representative does not seem to share rushes concerns about public health, and this is getting a pattern we recently saw a former u. s. congress, woman tulsa gathered widely attacked was she raised concerns about the bio labs in a video that was circulated on youtube. we saw not only allegations that her
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assembly bringing it up, i approved her to be a russian asset. we saw calls for her to be prosecuted simply for talking about it down and in the states. there is just a refusal to engage with anything that russia is saying to examine the evidence that russia is presenting. there is, seems to be no concern about the real threats to public health in this situation or the reality that it appears that the united states was working with ukraine to develop biological labs that were carrying out military operations. this is a very, very serious issue in the united states seems very concerned about the use of chemical and biological weapons in other countries and has repeatedly raised that the security council. however, when russia raised this concern and presented real documents signed by us officials, a lot of evidence to back up their claims, we saw the united states simply ignore it. britain echoed some of what the united states said. why to divide between officials in the global community, china made clear that they are very concerned about the danger of biological
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weapons and the threats to public health. but the allies, the united states, they seems to just simply dismiss rushes words and ignore them. call them propaganda and conspiracy theories. we discussed the issue with former us diplomat jim just who says it could be years before the government provides significant answers. i think most of raising issued by the russians are very credible. i think a lot of americans are very surprised. this is nothing new. i think i'm really more serious question. just whether we will see a false flag coming from the western side. as we saw and repeated instances in syria, why do we have these labs in ukraine and indeed, and many other countries? i think people want to know the answer to this, but i don't think we're going to get immediate answers will be months and perhaps years or that does it for me more news have stopped our this is our international
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stay with us. ah ah ah
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ah. ah welcome to us put nick orbiting the world with me, george galloway and me. kathy,
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media lights are going out all over the world. they may not be switched on again. in our lifetime, nato is not just traditional weapons of war, but a vast, monstrous regimen of hacks, whose cellar in status is absolutely determined by the gusto with which they prosecute nato's wars. in this one over ukraine, i think for the 1st time there is not the slightest chink in the armor. it is an iron clad consensus using their control over big fact. they are literally book burning in a frenzy of cancellation and d platforming. in this part of the battle, at least natal has all the big gun. one man and one outfit not yet stilled is consortium news and its editor in chief, joe la area. joe, thanks for joining us. am i right on this? you and i are of a certain age. we've been through a lot of wars, but there is not
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a chink in the armor as though it is literally absolute support for nato across the entire western media. well, thank you for having me back george. last time i was on was new year's eve and we were making predictions about 2022. and i said you crank would be the biggest story of the year. i was born just after the mccarthy period in the united states show. and i always wondered what would have been like to live through it, and i don't have to wonder any more. in many ways, i think it might be worse that targeted individuals who mccarthy said were communists inside the government, inside the army, inside hollywood, this is a blanket destruction of any of the point of view that's allowed to understand what's happening in russia. and without that other side of the story, without at least being able to challenge what we're hearing, whether it's what's going on on the ground.


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