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money there are only women in the risk of family. granddaughter, daughter, mother and grandmother. i come down with gad. tricky yet. now she received my ease the writing scholars toward chin. he like very much. yes or no more christie? i it is. my dad found the queen my food spike in arizona and she needs to me a few of those and it goes off
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with your school with any mindset, a washing my mind most currently coach performs right. yeah. for by and get the condition never fail to leave and die falling smoothly, taking kimball in school, around a someone get back with me a message with him or not, but i keep in oh,
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a huge funky daisy, mo, a. is it a. busy all yeah yeah, she's also a performance for humans, they have a more general just because with no discipline coding, you're not comfortable with
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a still a new move with them, you can show them with the white. the vision there in school is in there by nikita. sometimes it has visitors to that's what they call it when the village is shelled by artillery and motors. but as it's the only school available, it's a risk she has to take every day. and i went back with
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a j a a
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josh take a look, just like to come up with a, with a home with, with the school should go with like, nobody can pull you up with, with, with with
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a, a, a you, i don't, i don't your my you ah ah, with every picture and these join books is a reflection of even 1st grade those know all about combat vehicles and
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a with with you for a a
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a you. oh yeah. he said to me, i want them what, but she was just 1st cock of what we with knew. i knew i said no, she has an equal to. i knew i need yeoman, which you knowing give up on your snow, but no more at the convention as a get you know much you could do. you typically do especially regionally. chris got to have those a pistol from it because what you were not sort of sure what has got to be wrong up
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is to pick up who would come from use because we've got a customer for young tools and you were born in because it was here that it belong or mm hm. and it is with usually somebody with a 5 digit, a bunch of you know, the ones that are you should that have been before, even though your last name off with a number when you punch you study and comply
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with that. you walk through that with you. hello. i with my sure schools fed, lana checks how much food is in the basement, with no jobs in the village. all they have is a vegetable garden to rely on the whole year which they bore here. but that will be a shit. some ever to the point of the product of how to get enough money off any vehicle if they are equal to their source. sure. you have it easier when you will do that. you bank, you see anybody debates or does that will point go so all of those are gonna wanna do y'all an option especially i that she has money, but as you said, they were just going to i think it was on partial as i go poor guy shows there is a home that you ought to love me as i wanted. so i don't,
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we will be with people is each is will thinking you senior mustang in 90 machine. you use, nobody got it and you have it then busted in your some crazy movie to do any more home with any duck. what you've got more they get all some guy, you know, was it or forward with it? was there the door there, the ocean, our civil war, mino, ball, my buddy, and yet new york on your, on you, i don't want the very word use a piece of me that was the guy, the water with the government and that you know what you do with our government, surely ups the a little boiler, knew that up or good. she didn't know that will not to with senior people. new butch that north you below borders of catchy my, you know, as i see how it was by the, the studio thumbs actually. we but he had ocean by the one of the videos of sonic thorbe gum sheet. oh mama. i have got a letter,
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the cushion of my show school, the little to put a light shuttle usually and move. not his to near the well, it was fun in life, but they opened up still a tony and cotton julia for night. morgan wants to be sure which date did you want to reach me? i think it was that they both with just physical
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education is the most dangerous class in school because it's in the open app. but it's also the favorite because there's no back after this lesson the people's own enjoy joining in what actually i was a mostly in for the last lesson of the day. much as mother takes her home and they would turn to a with, with a
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ah, the only one main thing is important for naziism, internationally speaking to that is that nations, but that's allowed to do anything. all the mazda races, the reason us, hey jim, it is so dangerous. is it deny the sovereignty of the country? or is business and business is good and that is the reality of what we're facing, which is fashion
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ah the launch your book with a yes deal it's got like 2
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or 3. i'm going to say this a bunch go. but there was a follow up with. busy then you get a, your mom just a brief but you do say some loopo sheila fortunately for us going to get the ah
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i money was a take a little bit of everything that you asked that. no, you don't the, don't you in the theme or venomous, you know, by illness. good afternoon, this enabling him of the notary. somebody will know with you briefly even though that he has like a program to lead a failure or by vision. what you said again, would you, metabolic, i'm was up, was dying when you wanna know that it is not always, i mean good that you're stuck islets, a movie,
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maybe sure. did you choose to use roster? his little glove still much and you were stuck. i was still going, we're the littler, which induced here. what's your threat? said national flesh near miss broadneck in mina luna, cham oh so. 2 what you do for you, she usually go from drink, but does it alive? don't mamma, any of the cadet damaged the right leg? woman the look when you don't i don't when you buy read territory, get up the what you mean? it was a when you get to a my p b you're doing a hurry. do you live, alicia? that there were years that are what they really the good thing you love your little
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from the over i dont out sick tenure goober the someone with me. okay. the issue with the who is not in nothing equal to the property in daylight hours, they need to stuck up with water and lay the fire master can even ride her bike on the empty street before the firing. start again, much of it haunted her. there was a right that he has lawyer got an emotional m g m of nuclear mind producer that way, that is or what seemed young muslim or her when you pulled any of these i am. and then he said that i'm still here. so comfortable sheet m o w. me, this will ask my vision, was this ask one if you this will be, why am of me here will mutual to w a g. mister then is why most of them did?
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he thought he was so you're ready to pull your thumb junior, you buy me at. i would i get it bought here. me please. i video or if i did it on it, you deep. i thought it is those lazy. he's really, he would've st. paul walker, who gets to them unit hopefully while dinner is underway, svetlana marriage is to preserve several jobs of tomatoes. they're preparing for the long winter to come and humanitarian. a deliveries are few and far between the office you know.
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oh mobile, the full name on the live banner found a way to share the long run. you feel a feel any push on those that y'all give us on the line with them? well, i have, i say we're almost done with them. so, but the media really come with he's now in so many of those and even a whether, you know, one knows it, then you jump on more with store dark oil, but we're done la grange school. so the other issue away, but he didn't go through the list without either shooting deeper was deal with but
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the sale is less than a dollar. both liam group for your from your to put you can give to love to call the dental dental push. visiting up in manila before doc, the risk of to have time to harvest a little from the garden, right. in the line fire from mortars and snipers, a number of them i won't let you know what other um, a lot of the dealers, ala fully thought up a little bit online. can you give me the real
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yes. knows an order from domino both of the letters. the application of the booking will shuttle to his conclusions of mental footing. but it was a baby which is still would you do it? what about it? no more. no. ha. ha ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. it's h a m e papa nadine luke spice. your
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food issue for this can, is on this i to is quite deserted in the evening as people hide in their homes to wait for darkness in the grey zone, the internet is the only connection with the outside world, marcia and her mother forget the real world by diving into a virtual i. yes. good. a vintage, give them only if you only get the new boy you brought. that's yet burning alley. he could help either you or mom. dad. basically with the money to get her school and the whole ball k t festival. so need to need her to to my if with local is do you you night? you are 3 years. did you get a he well, at the same nearly i spoke with him. you thought about it. i
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won't be a credit for the event. the lights are in shelter. also one with a good at it. thinking in my to give me a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, don't really know them, my garage right now. or a
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great be leery here a year. there might, but they can her back to me, me, me. a oliver shall forcing only march on past my deal lazar with me. yes. generally it is only on the product. yell at small charity, just get your much bravo. do you feel as much roll sheets you got done? you do actually just go and get your machine. you see what the dock the fuck when i'm wanting to know? sure. hm. albany, one more money, jim, albany. yes. you got to read . you need me go feel
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gc card. do not much. hello. hello. hello. place it shayna mckayla we believe your name. i'm sure she'll book that or just go to the point proposals with
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oh wait no one, no, no, not a joke. learn a little more shrill than what they should end up unit 73. 1 was a unique organization in the history of the world. what they were trying to do was to simply do nothing short and build the most powerful and most deadly biological weapons program that the world had ever know. a great in which
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a letter good with to what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have. it's crazy. even foundation, let it be in arms. race is on offense bearing dramatic development. only nationally, i'm going to resist. i don't see how that strategy will be successfully very difficult time. time to sit down and talk
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with north atlantic alliance. reconnaissance aircraft and wolf ships cruising close to rushes, borders have become commonplace along with military hardware redeployment and large scale exercises. nato has also developed its offensive capability near the russian borders every year a russian backed resolution is submitted to the un.


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