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tv   News  RT  March 19, 2022 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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ality what, what we're facing, which is fashion. ah ah, you, where is the i ping pressure on nations that refuse to rule out any friendly ties with most good india being the latest to get lectured and threatened by washington . moscow and key f struggle to come to an agreement on key issues that resulting the ukraine conflict that is fighting continues with reports of civilian casualties and destruction of residential areas. we sat in the basement for a week, hiding from the shooting, a police in death threats and vandalism. a new york russian restaurant is attacked to get another victim of mass assaults on anything associated with the country or its
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culture. since the conflict fled up in ukraine, the onus says it has been tough. every day we get anywhere between $3.00 to $10.00 of calls or voicemails, of just being here. we hope your business bridge the ground. i a very well welcome. it's 5 pm here in moscow. thanks for joining us. aeronautics international this hour. now the u. s. is ramping up pressure against countries traditionally friendly to russia. thank history will be on america's side. india is the latest country being lectured by the west though efforts of pay to be back firing ortiz, donald corso reports. neutrality is just not good enough for washington any more. as the ukraine conflict raises on an india considers buying discounted russian oil
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. the white house is telling the world to decide, are you with us, or are you against us or message to and to any country continues to be that obviously abide by the sanctions of but that we are, we have put in place and recommended. i don't believe this would be violating that, but also think about where you want to stand when, when history books are written in this moment in time, i end up support for rush. the russian leadership is support for on an invasion that i obviously having a devastating impact. new delhi isn't the only one being pressured by the western camp. china to has been accused of picking the wrong side despite beijing saying it would rather stay out of the whole thing. oh, shine is already on the wrong side of history when it comes to our to ukraine and the aggression being committed by russia. as for the us, it seems like no matter how many toes it steps on, washington will say it's still one of the good guys. it doesn't matter that oil prices have risen 40 percent this year, and india could seriously reduce its energy bills with discounted imports from
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russia. the u. s. even threatened india with sanctions for its recent purchase of s $400.00 missile defense systems for moscow. it's as if the white house thinks india, the world's largest importer of russian weaponry, should just radically change its trade deals at the drop of a hat. india not only depends on russian weaponry, but it also relies hugely in moscow for military upgrades and modernization as it moves towards self reliance in his defense sector. at the top it all off, washington is offering nothing to replace what it's asking india to give up. i would like to ask our american friends, what kinds of defense technology have you given us? what the u. s. is offering is the f. 16 fighter aircraft re branded as the f 21. the f. 16 is obsolete from the unimportant view we went for the mig 21 in the 1900 sixty's because the f one o 4 was denied to india. we're seeing the same kind of thing. on the other hand, it's not for nothing that india is enjoyed friendly relations with russia for so long. over the past 69 years, new delhi and moscow have only diverged
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a handful of times that un votes. throughout the pandemic, russia has sent 10 tons of medical aid to india. and what is the u. s. offered demands, threats, and smack talk. give me a shout on india because it's one country which has substantial relationship with russia. and that's also, you know, white teams sick, those are the economy. and in national security, i mean, you can smell really well that we are not if you thing with a block mentality. so that's the, that's just a watery here also that you feel they don't, don't know, it becomes all one more difficult. it dependence on russia for india in the us national security. it will collapse without definition. sure. so, you know, they're talking to us on the track where there's really no far back position
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for in the us is also pushing china to join until rush and sanctions. though president, she apparently refused to be coerced in a friday call with his american counterpart. washington had also warned to provide material support to russia and american law makers are now seeking to sanction chinese financial institutions. helping russia conducts transactions after it was barred from the international swift financial payment systems. would you prefer to, angela? is gregory clark say the west is using the ukraine crisis to prevent china and disrupt its warm relations with russia. china is china. her will put its own interest 1st, but his interest at the moment lie, i think, in cooperation with russia. because it is quite clear that it will not get much
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corporation from america. the west is trying very hard to use the ukraine issue to, i should say, provoked china or to find some something guilty in the chinese response. but so far they have not had much success. and i don't think that have much success in the future. a residential building and care was hit by fragments from an allegedly downed russian missile on friday. according to kinsman, one person was killed and 4 children were wounded. a place broke out in the building located in kiev, pedals he district, and 55 to scramble to put out the flames. several neighboring buildings including kindergarten and school. we're also damaged, according to ukraine's state emergency service. the russian military has not
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commented on the masa. here's how local residents describe what happened but you still want the view. okay. at least in ukrainian official working for the presidential office. they says no military solution for the besieged city of mario paul in the dawn. yes, republic, when massive fighting is continuing, the official said no ends to the blockade by russian allied forces in sight. but the ukrainian forces would not give up fighting for the city. russia military house that it would let you, cranium troops. leave marius paul if they surrender. but cautioned that he has refused field report was coming from the city of don. yes, that 4 people were killed as ukraine military forces show the local district,
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the markets in the center of the residential area suffered damage as a result of the strike. according to the 14th of dawn, yes. when this is said to other people were taken to the hospital, and this is voted from the village, all of old thinker, and they don't. yes, we're public where homes and infrastructure have allegedly been destroyed by ukrainian troops on us forces have been distributing food, water, and other essentials to local residents from told us their feelings about what happened to their village. you do have to do a little village though, but as well, isn't she of the chia a group that the with port circle even when the battle was on the outskirts, they still purposefully hit the village. it's good that our forces helped us were handed out bred. we could not even contact relatives to find out whether they were
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alive or not. because the phones didn't work through the ongoing fighting, many ukrainian se, then not only scared of shelling, but also of those who've been branded keeps thought police. now the mid report was people who had earlier ed any pro russia views or criticized kids have gone missing, been arrested, and in some cases, found dead kid has denied to make claims of deliberate witch hunts. but maria national reports this is you believe any elegans, its former head openly voice supports for the autonomy of the republic. back in 2020, he became the mayor of another town in territory controlled by keith, but continued to share his view for the future of the don bos region. this year in march regiment, a stroke was kidnapped and later found dead. the next day, images of his dead body were posted all over and to russian internet forums with words of approval. among them was an official advisor to the ukrainian ministry of internal affairs. there is one less traitor in ukraine,
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the entire state apparatus of ukraine, the secure to service the interior ministry. the prosecutor's office, the corps were unable to handle the outspoken separatist truck. apparently he was shot dead by unknown patriots as a traitor under the laws of war. but apparently, in some cases there is no need to voice progression views at all. recently, denise kit ave, hey, participant in the russia ukraine peace talks on key. if side was confirmed dead, he cranes me to adopt him, a traitor. quoting sources among politicians and intelligence, they reported that the country's domestic security service, they as b, you killed him during an apparent arrest, attempt, allegedly accusing crave of venus pi. the as b, u has never commented on the matter and other case, the colon of each brothers, both members of ukraine's communist party bend in ukraine, arrested by the as b. u. in an official statement. they are described as accomplices of occupants. some get arrested without official charges,
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like one of ukraine's most famous writers who is a critic of the country's leadership, the south of armada. on march 10th, 2022. he was detained by the security service of ukraine in his t, as apartment without charge. now my dad is in the luke ya nazi romance center, but no charge has been still brought. and dmitri dunn gear of a well known ukraine and political commentator, who strongly criticized zalinski, or alleged like of leadership use to appear on line with regular, our long video analysis. one day he appeared in a short video, strangely dressed, and looking exhausted in the recording. he addressed russia's leadership using this more regardless of the military campaign result that will never be any acceptance of russia. no sympathy, no positive attitude towards the russian federation is armed forces and to a large extent, ordinary citizens, roman viewers in common sections suggests that he was captured and recorded the video under duress and to those that believe the threat is exaggerated. here's the
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governor of ukraine's nikolai region reminders of you know, that we're already forming a list of traitors. there are not many of them, but they stay. they are preparing to help the occupiers and are already doing some things. i know a lot of people saying they know in the regions who should be shot. it has been there for the last few years, but to recently ukraine's which hunt has reached an alarming frightening scale. it seems that while moscow continues its special military abrasion here on the ground, he if has declared a special war against its own people. when, meanwhile, the u. s. has reported, excuse me, its managed to send in its 1st humanitarian, a convoy to the water city of sumi, the organization sees the delivery was made possible night by negotiating with both the russian and ukrainian and military. russian troops have always been delivering humanitarian aid in areas of need. the russian defense ministry say that over $3000.00 tons of essential supplies, including food and medicine,
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have been hands advancement dumbass since last month. and a new episode of ours, he's going down the grounds. my colleague action we're tongues to discuss is what a solution for the ukraine crisis might look like. with a retired us kind of lawrence wilkerson. he said, this chief of staff under us secretary of state colin powell in the early 2 thousands. you can see that full interview, and they said throughout the day here on, on the international. we all agreed that the only solution to this conflict, to diplomatic solution negotiation that let's let me at least gain some of what he wishes and allows much of ukraine to remain a state part of it being autonomous, perhaps with referenda to be conducted. however, you work out the details or recognition that crimea is going to be part of russia or ever in a day or some other things like that that would be appeasing to moscow. and yet
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leave some kind of intact as to what ukraine wants to be. and it's majority and settled with that and quit because this is insanity. it is utter insanity. it is making a pariah of food. and i understand that the george, kevin, jeff, k, diplomat, told colin powell about easter, the expansion of nato in the dangers of it. when you is chief of staff absolutely was 98 or 9 years old at the time. and he actually said it was the biggest strategic mistake america made in the post cold war era. and might be the biggest one that we made in the so called cold war panorama. and i agree with him it, it made no sense whatsoever. it was done principally for arms, merchants alarm sales and money to be made. i think you're looking at an alliance, it's looking for a purpose, and it's been looking for a purpose ever since the cold war ended in greece. hundreds of
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farmers took the streets of athens on friday to protest against drastically winding fuel. and fertilizer tries to nice with the sanctions against russia. they say that production costs and now so high that having to significantly cut back to their businesses because the government has already reduced the sales tax on fertilizers by almost tar. thank is offering other support. the farmers say the help isn't enough. the work is in peace. i've refused to load boxes, as they say that they say it contained weaponry disguise. to humanitarian aid for ukraine, they said they armed with 1st to be sent to us and nato bases in poland. and then provide it to ukraine and italian trade unions is called for a protest to take place outside the airport on sunday. ah
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waving banners, st. yankee, go home. as the u. s. defense secretary arrived in sophia, which asked as waived russian uncle gary and flag, says lloyd austin, how talks i'm sending military 8th grade. but as a news conference off the negotiations, bill gary is prime minister rule doubt, giving military assistance to kill people all over the globe of dealing with hateful messages, discrimination, boy, concent, even vandalism, such as being associated with russians or russian culture. some have reported receiving death threats regardless of their personal political views. the russian, some of our restaurants in new york is one of the latest to be targeted by vandals . it struggled with a boy called threatening coals and bad reviews on line since the conflict broke county ukraine must, despite the stop being both russian and ukrainian, we spoke to the owner of the restaurant. we've dealt with vandalism. i mean,
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every day we get anywhere between 3 to 10 of calls or voicemails, of just being her, you know, we hope your business burns the ground, calling us nazis calling us fascist people that are taking their aggression out on something that is now the new thing to be angry about its, russo phobia, 2 point oh to 1st day the war began. we lost when the reservations were down. 6070 percent. and it took the press in order to educate and to convey this message that we're not the bad guys on russia has provided further evidence to the un security council. that is phase previous biological weapons are being developed in ukraine under a u. s. and nato program. or u. s. correspondence, caleb, more pin reports. russia presented evidence of what it's as were biological weapons facilities tied to the pentagon. they were operating in ukraine and had significantly put the health of the people in the region in danger. this is what
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russian representative and ambassador benzo had to say before the un security council about what sounds like a very, very serious matter onion and i mean the documents that we have shared this morning . you can see one called the technical assistance plan for certain recipients of the ukrainian ministry of defense. i recommend you look through this document very carefully. it confirms the pentagons direct funding and supervision of military and biological projects in ukraine. the total funding accounted for $32000000.00 money, which went directly to a number of ukrainian defense ministry laboratories. according to this plan, the u. s. ministry of defense ran the projects on ukrainian territory. now in the band via anticipated, flat, out and denial from us officials, they would dismiss that concern, the simply the propaganda of russia, as they routinely do with concerns that russia res. so he presented real evidence signed documents, et cetera. you went on to say there is very,
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very solid evidence of the united states working in ukraine to set up these bio labs for military purposes. and it has had an impact on the health of people in the area. this is what ben z a went on to say when addressing the security council. the need for presidio. listen, please use the documents we unveiled have real signatures of us officials on them. in particular, many assigned by the head of the ukrainian office of the threat reduction agency. joanna winter will append to can staff members she is well known in non proliferation circles before ukraine. she supervised the destruction of chemical weapons in libya. if journalists are really interested in verifying the documents we share, then i suggest that you ask her directly whether it really is her signature. now as an a band via predict in the us ambassador and representative before the security council, simply dismissed to these allegations. as conspiracy theories propaganda did not
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respond to the very solid claims that were made by the russian representative. anything that comes from russian officials is simply dismissed by the united states . here is what we heard from the u. s. representative in response to some pretty solid evidence that was presented. you gave us exactly exactly what you gave us last week. and last week we heard from the russian representative a tirade bazaar, conspiracy theories. this week, we're hearing a whole lot more where that came from. things that sound like they were forwarded to him on a chain email from some dark corner of the internet. you just saw the us representative does not seem to share rushes concerns about public health. and this is building a pattern. we recently saw a former u. s. congress, woman, tulsa gabbert, widely attacked was she raised concerns about the bio labs in a video that was circulated on youtube. we saw not only allegations that her assembly bringing it up, i approved her to be
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a russian asset. we saw calls for her to be prosecuted simply for talking about it down and in the states. there is just a refusal to engage with anything that russia is saying to examine the evidence that russia is presenting. there seems to be no concern about the real threats to public health in this situation or the reality that it appears that the united states was working with ukraine to develop biological labs that were carrying out military operations. this is a very, very serious issue in the united states seems very concerned about the use of chemical and biological weapons and other countries and repeatedly raised out of the security council. however, when russia raised this concern and presented real documents signed by us officials, a lot of evidence to back up their claims that we saw the united states simply ignore it. britain echoed some of what the united states said. why to divide between officials in the global community, china made clear that they are very concerned about the danger of biological
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weapons and the threats to public health. but the allies of the states, they seemed to just simply dismiss rushes words and ignore them. call them propaganda and conspiracy theories. we discussed the issue with former us diplomat . jim john tri city says it could be years before the government provides significant office. i think the point of raising the issue by the russians are very credible. i think a lot of americans are very surprised. this is nothing new. i think they're really more serious questions just whether we will see a false flag coming from the western side. as we saw and repeated instances in syria, why do we have these laps in ukraine? and indeed, and many other countries, i think people want to know the answer to this, but i don't think we're going to get immediate answers. it will be months and perhaps years washington unsafe the sanctions against russia on planned to be
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permanent and will be lifted as soon as russia stop its military actions. the u. s . hands meanwhile warns that it will punish countries that helped russia bypass the sanctions. we spoke to ega schuval of head of the russian state corporation, that finances major domestic project projects. he says his company was prepared for the sanctions, not his an accept, all the exclusive interview to her in full on monday. boss argon is answer your organization like the whole countries under attack, you personally are under attack, but let's take a look at your organization 1st. where did the section hit hardest? i will put a shortcut to reproach this date of inclusion in the sanctions list. in 1st class condition, we had high capital adequacy, a crystal clear balance sheet liquidity. the main thing is to be in great shape. it's like being a sportsman, and you have to be in excellent physical shape without doping. before my business, the russian president has argued that the westwood had russia with sanctions under
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any circumstances of all that was needed was a suggestion. so was it possible to prepare for the sanctions? sanctions a good because they lead to a desire to change a lot, but it's still better when this desire appears within the country and not as a result of pressure. since 2014, the country has become even more independent in terms of technical security and food security. now, there is no way out, it is clear what needs to be done. now it is necessary to produce critically needed elements. be safe, especially on food. the president spoke about this, i support absolutely. everything he said about the economic development plan in which people do not understand the russian character. if we place more pressure from outside, the more united we will be, we will take care of ourselves at home and do what we need to do and what we want. we don't have to point and take anything away. it's not going to any good or so many people don't know much about history because nobody has cope with us like that . people to not remember the history of the 20th century,
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and some people probably have a feeling that in the 21st century they will succeed. but i do not believe that. but i also imagined that i am a person who imposed sanctions taken away well from the russian people young. what would you say to this? personally, i don't want to get personal, but i hope that while i'm still alive, i will say a different degree in phase in the development of international law. when no one can violate the internet rules of conduct including un law. now we live in a situation where rights are created on a lack of rights you book or community. ah, well as rational authorities have blocked the american social networks, facebook and instagram local program as a presenting at domestic replacement ross graham. the russian app is supposed to work on both android smart phones and i phones to be available for this phone says, and select bloggers on march 28th, and then for all of the uses. in late april,
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we talk to ross graham, co founder alexander is up off. relatable realization is the development of an instagram alternative in russia began a few months ago was just but recently became particularly relevant due to the blocking of instagram. and therefore we decided to announce the launch date of the application routes, grams of it on the day instagram finished here and it was in the past 4 and a half days around 200000 people have registered for the new application. yeah, by the time of the official opening did a plan for the end of april. we expect to reach 1000000 people, but our primary objective is to give lawyers and companies the opportunity to monetize their content. for an our focus is russian speakers, not just those living in russia, but also those who live abroad. thanks. keep less company or not, and to national web back at the top of their see them
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ah ah ah ah
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ah ah a ah i'm option or it has you know what you're doing on the ground for the final show in the studio in 19 years to the eve of an invasion of iraq by the u. s. u. k, australia and poland that would arguably capitalize the killing, wounding, or displacing of tens of millions all around the world was of course, george
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w. bush, a secretary of state, colin powell who held a vial at the un security council to make flawed case for war in iraq. that is, the world today teaches on the edge of a global conflict that could be even more deadly than iraq. afghanistan, libya or syria and join are from falls church, virginia by pals, former chief of stuff, colonel larry wilkerson retired colonel wilkinson. thank you so much for coming back on the show. just in the past few days. i think one report is said to jen saki, the press secretary for the white house. why are you sending in short, guns, pistols, grenade launchers, and the like to the ukrainian people as defensive weapons. what do you make of the massive amounts of arms on top of the ones given before i russians invasion? what it, what do you make of this arming of ukraine? well, 1st of all, to domestic political requirement,
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a president biden. and he has to be very outspoken about it because he said he's not going to establish those laws on or do anything that would provoke a wider war and possibly a war with russia. so he's got it. on the other hand, show that he's doing everything you possibly can to is electric because they want him to do more. so that's part of another part of it is, is military advice, is probably these are the kinds of weapons simple to use, easy to use, anyone can learn and now or how to use it that you ought to be providing. because anything more sophisticated for the general population is probably not going to be workable. those are the 2 primary reasons that they've made that sort of the show you do you thing internally. at the pentagon, let alone william burns of the cia. they think this war is in any way winnable against russia. no, and i think the i was at a conference 1st conference in 2 years.


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