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tons for new gas pipeline that would link the 2 countries at these plans had previously been put on. i seen as being unprofitable that they've been raised again as a result of the current war. but as that views change, spain, the ease, husing, francis dragging its heels when it comes to the investment that's needed, that pipe in the same way that we have been struggling to accelerate electrical interconnections. what cannot be is that the pressure to accelerate this infrastructure stays from the pyrenees down. because on the other side of the pyrenees, a fairly large investment is needed to connect that pipeline of gas to the trunk system. and the use also having a bit of trouble when it comes to seeing eye, to eye over who should be on the sanctions list. now we know that the u. k, which is not in the u. listed oligarchy are leg derek pasco, on it's lists, are the eas, decided not to follow c to why you may be asking whether it's been suggested that
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the found of the major metal produce e and plus group has got huge assets in countries like austria and also in cyprus and there are concerns freezing his assets could actually have repercussions there. so not so keen to do that. sanctions have to be approved by all members of the block. if one says no, the sanctions don't go ahead. what we're really seeing now is off to that original strength. there is no limit to how much pain individual countries want to endure as a result of the war in ukraine. and a china eastern airlines. boeing plane has crashed with 100132 people on board, including 9 crew members, making civil aviation administration says it has sent an investigative group to the scene. the number of casualties is not yet known. when you update on this developing story as and when we get them well,
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thanks for joining us. aeronautics international plenty more updates on all of our stories on our website, r t dot com, but will be back at the top of the hour with more see them ah seems to start a precious military operation. the ukraine, the west has talked about russia and russians, russia side of the story is essentially absent and intentionally. so on this edition of the program, we talk with 2 pre eminent russian scholars about their own country and ukraine. ah yeah, so you did we have 3 will not you also get that forward in that's the one where
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i guess my is my husband nicely grasp on it, but the serial number was a dom. we've got it up. what's the deal of the new city that just went in? jesus was genius that you go to to though is that i don't like yourself that way. upstream with a with a
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with, with a ah . oh, he's a nurse
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and i see what i see. and you go in, you know what i knew it. you need. you have a machine that was good day. yes. when you are you still? you know, i know there is one thing i was just
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needing a yes. not at a portable christie. we just which it's a new you said, though, out of our much geek squad, with no words, you wouldn't know what to do it. thanks. is this the guy of willa garza used the yearly, your lunch giga during normal, horrible night as well? yeah, yeah, i knew it was who's big or if you were shocked by her deal,
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as soon as they said you thoroughly so little silly fears danielle bery with him also has in you thought all as do sorta as little soon if that are getting in now in always that there is another look off. we're with you enough. i believe yours and that is out there. glee, nasa bill what they either had jojo, who is did you know, did you on the go to their new would live or whatnot without fear? the near bay area and then you can also pre border this and that's what does it not go stuck on you said, you know, or he just got a massive, massive illegal or i had
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what shall store reach anything? yes. the bushel certainly done. bossa veal of tosto. yes. leopold shania wigan. it's a great gift. william. she had put it in a porter. i was going to cook more so than show banana, sca thought it's a spaniard so not the king. let shalom oh cool. i can genuinely stored. you look at his car now. and now by switching penelope lou but and i be showing up on a shrinker by these, but it isn't 3 of them. throws them if the dish does the supplies my other me than ye ask he walker, i am appalled. chin you are following is showing us the wallace. glaucoma be lazoodo utsa. e boy given us to please if cook with our meal. when you told she was dead and was glad of me, but just give consort slideshow and he is the best like. but he is ruth gift, but don't look at them. we renewed it was easy. he particularly though i even spoke
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when they pay me sharesa. i knew for another water. i'm usually good unless you busby us. that clue bustle, but not was call, is going to list each of his real cool. that'll go renewable as him for to william took me the final part, treatment cost around school, or ther bluestone. if you could give me a call at the vs them with the media, i need that. those are really to bring in my listed eli finacialow b b. but he's a makalya the lady grad them with joyce m e. thank goodness to valuable joy in what you mean with easily mm mm ah
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who did it with so i want them to go see what a because he wasn't with doug. i think that was the last that it was still not. what do you have a group of people that do that with a sheesh
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for them. ah
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one on a boat. shania angela will be returning them cuz they're asking about a dollar. which if by yeah, what is, can i just you and your po, cheer or not, but you want to do a book with at least, but yes, i will leave you a follow up with steel small little a year. well actually, i mean yeah, it's a key of color, but then you're not supposed to start coming in again. we will it the key a mining company. you with another cheese fox for you, but just can you do as part of so when you ship a 2nd yeah,
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there's no will. it's supposed to reach a billing. it was a good deal for you. a keeping up with my business. i mean, can you hold on give me a continuum of to get a ah,
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[000:00:00;00] a oh, when i was showing wrong, when i just don't know, i mean you world the easiest to shape out disdain becomes the answer to an engagement. it was betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart,
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we choose to look so common ground a a
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with a line you go when you feel like you have a lot to with. when you send me
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a book that you get back to me and i'm going up with you by well that i will not unload. she's so that's not jealous. a with it's through good, a house somewhere to myself not you know, with, with,
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with, with, with the piano injury that he doesn't like classical you have to when you get to with just mists of when it was the thing is care boshamp. it a show no financially or concept vasqua cortez just on by the old briskin film. so what you can do or she will, it's
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a pretty out and what is also has it on bus 11 nicholas meyer. a only did you get a bowling each your on the me from with tucker you some duck with union with when dorothy yeah. blue. if you could give me a call or shoot me a question, you only for the whole universe with pushing you finish it yesterday. yeah, that would have been course. do you run a were you or your layout?
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exactly. it is my who are here with a national gray and say, oh j b r in yes. lashley did you or just a recording you with a washer by dollars? yes. with it you maria wayne or cut her it. what does it? yes. floor back when we read right away. no eat the human you're fine. yeah. well not because that way when you only a photo with us new really. we just, when you get a question and i knew the issue with is i thought kim, with the union is don't like it. how much for your music? you know, as you can get up and you're watching new below grading scale. zip k where your
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bill on grassy basically. yeah. like golf. but not when you might each go. it is like a might each go where you get it that the hey sheila, this is me with a a, a, a, a just a moment. when you, when the school is what's going on with a,
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a, a b. if people are with the idea just to let you know if there's much too much with mr. ashton's if i did with a
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with a lesson and i shes daniels compress more stuff that will store my shall thing. yep. steel and i chilies them, but we just twist bill a solution for for you or the thought on he, of course you've not my me and i don't my curriculum the lowest one got a major my was nearly i don't store chain yet still more stereotypical eve got laid off and i was recently than yes. oh belittlement. i've used it. i don't store which is cora then?
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yes, it is donald taylor. yeah, lou not ship schools. are you able expedia? yes. just got a to them. you know, when you was, at least when you really would a shit. yeah. come and you get us, but i stood by schrupo lee chicken. we used to pull and you know, but you nibble but what you're saying, you're looking at bushland high school. luckily gino specially with i was you 3rd law below, but i will a blood a boy opposite. they eat boy copies, you know,
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without them will it like yeah. as long live as it's elaine young. yeah. but you will in young senior. so she left a little slower. i mean, allah is this good. just go whisky gulf where, oh gosh, i should just need a little study terminology. they my loan terminal in a few months back, which i mean that within a 2 year period, zayden has i did send me another little boy with platinum. what's the last name for carson
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with but i do, i live with billy we got really had to move on to the lower terminal moves or somebody i live up with you a little because yeah, you know, with your company, i know it's, i mean those on but i don't know what was in some of them with with
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a good a lot with i don't know since the start of russians, military operation, ukraine, the western, russia and russians, russia, side of the story is essentially absent and intentionally so on this edition of the program, we talk with 2 preeminent russian scholars about their own country and ukraine.
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a nato publicly misled rush into believing the block was prepared to accept you. crane is a member despite privately telling here, but they cannot join the u. s. lead alliance admits president landscape. it is all these logical book also try to resolve both, but the point of the ship was to transport troops and heavy equipment. we report from ukraine, cape port, how the dns recently captured by the russian military. now they used for humanitarian relief effort to help civilians in the ambassador city of mario and trade unions take the strength of europe to protest against storing prices as


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