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tv   News  RT  March 21, 2022 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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ah, in nato publicly misled russia into believing the block was prepared to accept ukraine as a member, despite privately telling here that it cannot join the us led alliance, admit president the landscape. it is rob, this large caliber autocad and for example, what the port of the ship bristol transport troops of heavy equipment. we report what we ukraine, key port hub, but dance recently captured by the russian military and now being used for humanitarian relief efforts to help civilians. and the embattled city of mario plus the em. and face is a glowing humanitarian crisis. as activists raise the alarm of failure to meet relief fund quoted for the war torn country. while all eyes on ukraine is
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shifting attention from the conflict in them. and that would be good to stop it. results and the, the civilians across the country, you will be in the near future. ah, i will welcome this is auntie international. it's great to have you with us this hour. let's get straight to the latest developments around ukraine presidents, lensky, se nato had previously refused to accept ukraine into the alliance, but still kept telling russia that the doors into the u. s. lead block remained open for keith. or meanwhile, the lensky has been slammed by some israeli officials off the he can pass the ongoing conflict in ukraine to the holocaust, and called on television to put pressure on moscow. plus the e. u is,
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was to be discussing an embargo on russian oil imposed as part of a 5th package of sanctions against moscow of its military operation in ukraine. now and they toes, refusal to rule out ukraine's membership in the block is to blame for the conflict in russia, which with russia, which could have been avoided if only the u. s. that alliance has made its real position on ukraine. clear moscow. that's the take away from president lensky, the latest interview to western media. i requested them personally, i to say direct please, if we're going to accept into new york or nato in a year or 2 or 5. and the response was really clear. you're not going to be in a to be a member, but publicly one of the doors will remain open. so basically, it turns out that there was a chance of avoiding this conflict altogether. zalinski saying that nato has essentially been bluffing about the possibility of accepting ukraine into the military alliance. all this time comes as a real shock. basically, the west could have potentially stopped this whole situation of an escalation of
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tensions and 2 armed conflict between russia and ukraine. if it just told moscow the truth, and let's not forget back when joe biden was actually a senator, he also warned against the further eastward expansion of nato, he said it could possibly lead to an open conflict between russia and the west. and in 1990 nato actually promised the soviet union, but it would not expand any farther east than the older river in central europe. and since the western media began its hysteria, campaign late last year, rushes main negotiating point has been to hold the military alliance to its promise . lucille knew conflict with juno, one's own conflicts of bloodshed. we want to resolve the situation by political and diplomatic means. we should at least have some clear and understandable legal guarantees. this is the purpose of a proposal which has been written and sent to brussels and washington time and time again. moscow has said that accepting ukraine and to nato would be a violation of several treaties of the council for security and cooperation in
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europe. agreements that specifically states that a country cannot enter military alliance at the expense of another country's national security. in response to this washington just called that a nonstarter negotiations. and of course, moscow itself was not very happy about that. and he will know they literally put the principle of freedom of choice, of alliances at the forefront. completely ignoring the conditions that were agreed, the highest level on the inn admissibility of infringing on the security of of the states. and has been a negative response to our security proposals about the non expansion of nato eastwood. this cannot satisfy us. they maintain the rights of any country to choose, join and change alliances. it's non negotiable. after zalinski is recent statement, we now know that ukraine never had a real chance to become a member state of nato. but if russia knew that it's very possible that diplomacy could have diffused this situation that's exploded into
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a serious escalation and the don boss conflicts that are already been going on for some time. now, instead, nato just decided to tease everyone. basically, bagels door remains open. so the enlargement of night thought has been a great success that helps to spread democracy freedom. we will not compromise on our core principles. now one more thing that's a bit embarrassing for zalinski is that he just kind of laid down and accepted. the west's rejection of what was one of his government's main goals. and when these hostilities with russia broke out, the washington said no to sending troops that said no to opening a no fly zone. it basically said no to any serious direct help to ukraine. and basically left to fend for itself. a ukrainian medical official has been forced to tank back his own words off to claiming he ordered the concentration of captured russian soldiers, his what a dog taking on teachers and coast hold ukrainian tv channel area. yes. yes, yes,
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i instructed my doctors to castrate all men because the cockroaches, not people russians who die here in large numbers. talk to design cause comments calculations and violating the geneva convention which caused the humane treatment of prisoners following the backlash to think, went on the right code to apologize for his words, which he said when no more than an emotional outburst. he's the director of an n g o called lowball hospital, which is reportedly being linked to the us government is comes to days off to human rights watch slammed. ukrainian authorities will publishing images of russian soldiers being humiliated in captivity. he, queen and authorities should start posting on social media and messaging apps, videos of captured russian soldiers that exposed them to public curiosity in particular, those that show them being humiliated. such treatment of prisoners of war or pose,
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violates protections under the geneva conventions intended to ensure dignified treatment of captured competence on all sides. did something a doctor should not say, and he's breaking the geneva convention for the treatment of prisoners of war. and why, why does he come out and say, such a thing, greatest thing for a doctor to say one mind because a depth of hatred which he now feels towards rushing into a rushing shoulders because of the worn because they get the killing of civilians and women and children, and sean and all of these things are playdoh in his mind. and he's now in a state of thought and hatred toward russians and everything russian. ah, and this may be shared by other things. and that's one of the results of war. unfortunately, that people react like this in the change of opinions on this statement. very good
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that you don't make this but he's made it became much easier ideas on why did we supported rushes? defense ministry has released footage, apparently showing the ukrainian multiple walk it launches on this team. hiding near residential buildings. question forces followed the vehicle to an abundant shopping center, reportedly to reload on munition, russian military officials out of the building was being used by ukrainian troops to store ammunition for heavy weapons. they floated shows moscow's hypersonic precision add to surface. miss aw, kinda hitting the rocket launcher the chrome and i'd see crania nationalists forces have been targeting civilians and residential buildings in contrast to russia, which uses exclusively high position weapons and against hits military targets.
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earlier the mayor of kiev said that the shelling of a shopping center in the city on sunday killed at least 8 people. the building was left, child and smouldering with daybreak littering the area. ukrainian emergency services said quote, enemy fire had caused the destruction. meanwhile, ukrainian forces in the battle, southern city of mariel, paul harv, we fleet refuse to surrender to the russian military off with them to lay down arms . moscow say the local key of back toll authority have created a humanitarian disaster. as an estimated 130000 civilians remain trapped in the city and made intense shelling and gunfire. the numerous buildings have been destroyed with civilian force, the shells in basements, while struggling to obtain food and water due to a disruption of supply chains to spine daily attendance by the russian military to
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secure safe stones for residence. to evacuate. moscow say key of forces have been effectively holding locals whole stage, preventing many of them from leaving mary o pal for love be relief efforts to help civilians in mario paula now coming out of the port hub of the answer. this line was recently taken by the russian military, off the local ukrainian forces fled without the fight on his marin county. i've got some exclusive look at the operations that by land air, and now sea russian troops continue to advance and reinforce into ukraine. these is a unique sight, a russian naval armada at a port which ukrainian troops had abandoned without a fight, leaving its facilities entirely intact. the as of sea with its ports and towns is now honda, russian control, all saved several districts and the coastal city of mary jo polk,
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which has allowed russia's black sea fleet and the ost landing ship to stage this operation translated from russian. this is a large marine ship code named alligator by nato. it is harmed the sludge caliber, odo cannon for example. but the point of the ship is to transport troops and heavy equipment. it can fit as many as 20 tanks or 40 armored personnel carriers along with hundreds upon hundreds of troops. this conflict is one of the most intense in recent decades. both sides of leverage, sophisticated and highly destructive weapons, for russia's operation to succeed. it is paramount. the troops of supplied and reinforced non stop, but which of which are liable here is a milestone mantle. it opens up completely new opportunities for the black safely to use existing ukrainian infrastructure for our logistics operations. this
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logistics operation is not only good for fighting. it is also humanitarian. millions of ukrainians in liberated territories must be fed and supplied with essentials. just kilometers away. thousands of scared and battered refugees pack the roads leading from mary opal. the russian military has set up camps for those who want to stay and supplies fuel for those who wish to dr. i mia all elsewhere off of what they had been through popped up what ukrainian nationalists had put them through. they need the help says the property was, there is no fuel in mary you, paul. and all the fuel was stolen by looters of one of the root was difficult. there are no roads. the bridges have been blown up. the city itself no longer exists. this is a chance for people to go somewhere wrong. we're really thankful. there's a lawyer fill in the root was difficult if there was no green zone on we drove at
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our own risk. so there were a lot of dead bodies and blown up cars along the way. the petrol is now more expensive than going with. you can't go anywhere without health. i'm thankful for rushes help. i'm very thankful you hiding among the refugees of ukrainian military desert as they will say that once they caught. but it is fear that some may be lying and may have other goals such as the staged terror attack. so acts of sabotage in liberated areas. the units commander told us in a message to change into civilian clothes, joined the civilians, get into the vehicles, taking them out or simply join the civilians in the green zone and leave mary hall . without escalade, we joined the civilians who were being released from the city and left without any have been identified. not all wish to appeal camera. whether or not that telling the truth will be up to russian law enforcement to judge that here in force center
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d not supply ukraine. that and to bring those nationalists said neo nazis responsible for killings and atrocities. to account for i guess the of o t for the just, ah, the u. s. has reported the increasing supplies to saudi arabia of patriot anti missile interceptors, which have been used by rant in the devastating war and yemen. pentagons being rounding up supplies in recent weeks and has been delivering to the saudi that coalition since it began its military intervention in yemen against the rebels in 2015. according to the latest numbers between 2017 and last year alone at washington, still live for your major weapons to the saudi shot up by 106 percent. when another key western supply, the u. k is said to have license more than 20000000000 pounds in weaponry sales to react since the start of war in the oven. but inspire melissa recently traveled to
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saudi arabia for talks on energy security and ending the u. k. is reliance on russian, oil and gas. some of course johnson's critics have slammed in for the move. so i think the issue of human rights violations in saudi arabia. well, the western support for re add some military efforts and yemen has been accused of contributing to what the united nations calls a humanitarian crisis in the water country. we should warn you, some of the following images may be distressing. however, the un has so far managed to raise barely a 3rd of the sum required for humanitarian crisis management in yemen. this year with saudi arabia and the united arab emirates among the top 3 don't as last year. not providing any funds at all this time. the un say such a failure in pledging is due to the ongoing conflict in ukraine and basha omar the red cross spokes person on yemen believes this shifting of global attention may cause devastating consequences. world is shifting attention to words or other
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conflicts in like the conflict in a few, we are like more recently the conflict in, in no crane and they are and we call the international community the, to the powerful countries tune not to abandon the crisis in yemen. any and you know, in shifting attention from the conflict in them and that would lead to catastrophic results. and the, the civilians across the country will fill it in the near future. if the world doesn't pay more attention to the light of year, many people who are 20000000 jamini is 2 thirds of the country's population already require humanitarian, 8 and our food insecure. the share omar again says ian cannot cope without international humanitarian assistance. this situation will lead to,
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to aggravating the situation, the humanitarian situation of, of, of 1000000 albia many people across the country. i am millions of all families in yemen are relying on international organization to provide them with food and none food items. i mean a few, a few see the whole picture of the humanitarian situation in yemen. we see like 20000000 are many people are in need for human, a theory, an assistant. we have more than 60000000 avia, many people who are food insecure and we have like 4000000 women and children are minorities. we have also 70000000 yamini. they don't have access to a health and the water and sanitation across the can to the country is functioning with 50 percent of all of its health facilities and capacity. therefore, any shortage in defined would, would, would really, would greatly deviate the,
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the humanitarian situation in the country. ah, as wally lawmakers have reacted with horror at the ukrainian president's bid to compare the current conflict in his country to the holocaust. and his speech to the israeli parliament, valencia came to russia, wanted to exterminate all ukrainians like the nazis plan to do to the jews. israel had maintained a neutral stance towards the conflict by the lands. his outburst was branded outrageous with an peace pointing out ukrainian ultra nationalists massacre and thousands of jews in the 1940s shall known him are these said, but the answer is still up to you. dear brothers and sisters, not old. and you have to live with this answer. people of israel, ukrainians made their choice 80 years ago to save jews. that is why the righteous peoples of the world are among us, make people of israel. now you have such a choice. his criticism of israel was legitimate,
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as was his raising expectations of us, but not his infuriating and ridiculous comparison to the holocaust in his attempt to rewrite history and to erase the role of the ukrainian people in the attempts to exterminate the jewish people. the war is terrible, but the comparison to the horrors of the holocaust and the final solution is outrageous. war is always a terrible thing. but every comparison between a regular war as difficult as it is and the killing of millions of jews and gas chambers as part of the final solution is a complete distortion of history. and his speech valenze full size at his jewish heritage, alleging they can crane saved cheese in world war 2. and his wowza now we pay the debt. but a holocaust historian said ukraine should be ashamed of what it did to jews and won't war to not proud to him to say only earned credit. so just don't know how course is a gross distortion of historical record because far more ukrainians may participate in the mass, murder of jews during the holocaust than those who help as
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a completely source false comparison is no question that there is no similarity. and we're not talking about the same things. the invasion is not, well, of course the invasion is an act of war, but that is not the holocaust. these phenomenon, although these fools comparisons and not only least in europe, eastern europe, notorious for these things. but throughout the world, chance by various people have a cause. who want to attract attention. one would listen. one list. in other words, contributions. they claim that the issue that they are representing is similar to the holocaust way. this is actually a tremendous compliment to the people devoted their lives to try to teach,
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educate the world about the holocaust. it's important to listen to the holocaust and all of that. um and basically the reason that people want to compare themselves to the house was because many people know truly understand that al cause was worse tragedy in the annals of man car the chairman of a rush as low a house of parliament has called on his american counterpart to impeach their president, jo, find inciting a u. s. law that prohibits the funding of a notorious ukrainian neo nazi battalion and say the data to my teeth corresponding caleb more pin. now tell it to see what all the concrete accusations against the u . s. president. here sure where we had the speaker of the russian duma, citing a law and allocation of funding to the pentagon that was passing 2017. that specifically named the as our battalion as a neo nazi an extremist group. and while it allocated funding for the ukranian
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government, it outlawed any funding from united states for that specific grouping, the as of the italian. now, when the speaker of the russian duma spoke about this, he pointed out that this is a group that has specifically engaged in actions targeting russian speaking people and that they are an outlawed extremist organization in russia. here's what he said . the weapons that are shipped to ukraine now end up with neo nazi battalions including these off. that's a reason to impeach biden. he broke the law, the blame for the blood of peaceful civilians which has been shed by the neo nazis of the as of lies with the u. s. president. that's a matter for the hague tribunal. now it has been revealed that the united states has been engaged in training extremist forces in ukraine for quite some time. this as a battalion, i was made an official division of the ukrainian military and 2014 by granting present poor shank. the group is notorious for its extremist rhetoric. it's violent
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attacks on individuals, migrants, roma, other communities that have been targeted by the organization. and it has been widely can down internationally for its activity. now the group is reported dab roughly 900 combatants, and they haven't gauged in quite a bit of terrorism and violence against russian speaking peoples in eastern ukraine . and even among people in the united states that were quite critical of russia and quite supportive of the euro maiden event, there was concern about weapons blowing into their hands and us support going to these forces. but we now understand it is very clear. the state has been training and arming forces associated with the, as the tally and, and that raises concerns about the legality. and that's the grounds on which we have the speaker of the russian duma, talking about the possibility of the impeaching joe biden, for such a thing. this is a violation of the u. s. law than i do something that has caused white
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a bit of outrage around the world. caleb, anything for the day towns i thought a corresponding. caleb moore been speaking to his line from new york while they rock has marked a painful anniversary. 19 years since the country was bombed and invaded by a us led coalition on a false premise of going off the weapons of mass destruction, which were never found just by the failure to alternately justify the attack on iraq, which claimed tens of thousands of lives. the u. s. media were quick to beat the drums of war back in march, 2003. this is fox news and fox news channel. continuing coverage of the campaign, which now has begun to liberate and disarm iraq. know that they can execute these missions into baghdad and have everybody come back safe and sound is a testament to as franklin professionalism to these people. and also waiving the troops as they went by giving them
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a thumbs up the. busy soldiers themselves feeling a certain sense of relief waving back. so the only thing of a shot back and forth between the 2 was a sense of gratitude, apparently had it seemed to have gone reasonably well. these papers across the western world, we are eager to support the invasion despite the violence inflicted by the shock and old tactic of the us led coalition, military, which cause massive collateral damage. and with even described by its creators as akin to dropping a nuclear bomb. shutting the country down would entail both the physical destruction of appropriate infrastructure and the shut down in control of the flow of all vital information and associated commerce so rapidly as to achieve a level of national shock. akin to the effect that dropping nuclear weapons on hiroshima and nagasaki had on the japanese hall. let's get more now and go live to scott rissa, former us marine corps intelligence officer, ortho and analysts. thank you very much for joining is on the program. it's good to see you. now the, there was the media is certainly covering rushes,
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operations ukraine a lot more differently compared to how they loaded the invasion of iraq. what do you think they've taken such an approach over ukraine? well, it's clear that the united states, nato in their western allies don't like russia. it comes to, it's just literally as simple as that. this isn't about international law. this isn't about right and wrong. this is about geo politics. so, you're russia, could of, you know, had everything on its side in terms of legitimate authority to go into ukraine in the west with find a way to condemn it. because this isn't about russia. this is about russia's president letting me food, who has been singled out in the west as the personification of evil, much like saddam hussein had been singled out in iraq is, you know, the personification of, of an entire nation. however,
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back when we thought washington's bombardments of her roshana and i guess nike belgrade, baghdad, to name a few, those were bombings that results the massive collateral damage. now russia claims is taking a very different approach, and ukraine is only targeting sites being used by ukraine's military. and what do you make of the difference in tactics? well, i mean, 1st of all, it's the spi, absolutely clear on the point that you're making. russia has indeed, taken a softer approach toward the accomplishment of its military mission, of that there can be no debate, no doubt your russian military doctrine, if applied as intended. it requires a massive amount of firepower to be applied to the target area followed by a massive frontal attack. so massive assault, this is not what a was happening and i don't believe it's what is happening today. i know that the,
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the key element here is intent what is the intent of the russian military and it, it's clear that the intent as stated on day one of this operation was to reduce the impact of this operation on the civilian population and civilian infrastructure of ukraine, the decision by the ukrainian armed forces to turn ukrainian villages, cities, towns into frontline battle zones. um, you know, has unfortunately resulted in significant destruction of civilian infrastructure and tragically, a significant loss of civilian life. but this isn't because the russian military intended this is just because ukrainian government made such an outcome inevitable . this is a departure from the approaching the united states. now not seeing the united states when it went into iraq intended to commit war crimes. no, i'm just saying that they have much more heavy handed approach,
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which focused more on the destruction of military objectives and less on reducing the impact of war on civilian populations. the russians of a can a completely different approach and it's cost, rush, a lot of lives. i think people need to understand that, that one of the reasons why there have been a casualty of the nature that had been inflict on the russian forces because they have cut come in soft. and they've given the ukrainian army opportunities to inflict losses on russia that otherwise would not have existed if russia applied it's normal. doctor i coming back to iraq at the us led coalition did manage to topple saddam hussein and coast, which plunged a rocking 2 years of civil conflict. and of course, as we know, no weapons of mass destruction were found. is it a bit? do you see some hypocrisy here at the us criticising russia now? well, there's no doubt. there's goodbye chrissy. there's nothing new. her parker says the
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name of the game when you have, you know, geopolitical foes of this nature. but know the united states a today trying to paint russia as a nation that violates international law by carrying out an unlawful war of aggression. there's no comparison now. there was no analogous situation, a rock that to what had been transparent in the dawn bus for 8 years up there the, there's just no comparison between the 2 of international lawyers may some day sit down and parse out rushes legal justification for it or its actions and maybe they'll find them wanting, but from a moral standpoint, rushes more morally grounded. and it's defense of the russian speaking citizens of on bus, who are subjected to 8 years of unrelenting violence. 5 ukrainian government.


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