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oh, nice to me. yes. press 2, mom with ms. ashley. uh, this one of the with the cool position, did you bring out not looking for the children's in metal or furnished or something like that and then we got that void. did that with them. ah, more than a century ago marked when remarked that god created war so that americans would learn geography and few u. s. officials have done more to put that into practice than my guess today. former us national security advisor and former us ambassador to the united nations . john bolton has supported all recent american lab wars. peace,
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absolutely appalled by russia's actions in ukraine. why is that? ah ah, the back more than i can. i'm just talk about the whole vignettes could e and was unable to even have a policy that was our community here so that it was a bit up in the midst. need to look. i know there was a book that i bought a delaney no genie. yeah. could be wishful with the british to e. what damage he says, he said, we do want us, but he's ready to go. when was more what it is or what so anyway,
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give newkirk with with at the same use really to m. o, as in a puerto on no sleep, she put it in the wood, so it's not enough easiest. now, will it look a day? sure. this hibler fella way in augusta credentials. he's but that is richer. bethel is for the well, what this mostly be detail on the sure. yes. what . what for the well, we're good on in the chair, 3 now the birth nicely, much it to go quicker, but it was to the community dean to suit as a book assume you. but the condition of the little curve of news up as a due to no ma'am, so most just from the book there were some i asked them with bolona. felicity is
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today with well me and you got us her credit. scholarship with alice is this is rich. nope. i so okay. are you what are those are some of the bills on auto and those don't pay for it. i'm done with hbo. but usually trillion chest to both of the well as the minister in get on with with us they have pretty chill little bits therapy to keep assistive kind of difficult. i don't know. the only time came to them. those can be by near i'm home without tele, any special dorsen with delta dental. not sure the deal is i believe we are no up at all mo, g, w e is a video issue. we have them. all right. so where's the way stand, if sooth debit to that of those will settle those radio. the syndrome with a system even with but other can you shop machine x you could
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give with smith a teacher for example, video ship. would you measure this? go with a full and i milk you close, which q. yeah. but you might do it of a few weeks when you know. yeah. so with the model either most of the machine he has that are supervision. i put up still dust that i was cooked much. belinda got up with you because i didn't store with my sound good store nessa, breezeway motion. i can also reach for blower. no, i know with
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i don't consider that somebody if you could, the little swim will is this machine the it's resolution was there you when you do in that is that i'll leave you both will let you seen that. you know nothing. it just alice doesn't, i guess must be sima. did you know litany of is that subway g t mala lee at you at sushi? sadly at cm 3, c 3 honda. what if you understood i could not get a love seat when the machine is a boy. i've just got partially got forced, wasn't able to like much less. we had quite got much low high. did we still need you to email me? the legal guy, me is what do you live while you should look? i need you lady. whether the quick to ask especially says just will double don't was i was eaten is neither somebody did a couple months. if they put
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upon can i do for sure to go to the ear basel brown services? anything but it is my immediate will to put school more. no blockbuster younger than your beach. they need she that came over to them because i thought mckesson is too great and i was more like a piece of shifting mr. apples to look mahogany, says this danielle, skip. what would you say? but i d. 's, mom was this the creepiness. it was more like a plethora of love than usual on us looking him up. we wouldn't want us to partner with him, was feeling active meshes for those. and yet i'm proclaiming every new semester food, terrorist boy, you would come no matter there. we still ah, so you know,
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you feel limit to what your fluids are going to be low on lenient skin movable because a lot of them for us. so it doesn't really assume give you as best because i don't deal it was was lee key to players to you kill what to what did that just give me just said you show that the call is a dog now she crew he mamma was a tech was republic give his school and he was a zonal so that she was in motion with the addition of chivalry a school. okay. shoot me a quick proposal. concerning a was a process for you when i see my uncle wolf for it is probably care, but he'll, it is shamia don't store up now, but tim, which we see lead is here. so w a portal, we'll put that. so we be green ski way skies that are for you,
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sweetie. was more or less to best buy. yeah. my gosh. the g a daniels? i know i know that i get a job. give you a bug. why don't you them? you go more, we do with it in the past, then let's deal in order that he's not that i'm a poor storm. know about you guys begin. he smeared sweet police kicks, they see a token and consult them. but you may get up or, and you get the, what will it was more of most gorda?
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any resemblance village's la? difficult prologue. then you shouldn't have been. believe me. oh yes, he said the new morgan with a that was frederick. they're still in me than you some with early, but you with oregon and we was civil today. they had the pleasure. they were built for the portfolio. if you and i still wish curb curb for a bed, then you still you would do if it ah, the veggie chef donna showed natural religion is like one sheet miram high school go very minimum. the other was the in the go to bed. the but scribbling at them yet though in the duties of
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rouge, good of classroom was years bit not say words had minute gray. ah, michael greene's gateway and they come on the when you bring your left a quote, but it was rainy because we're ready to krinski when us was a she the can you pull of chileya and i brought and you put those really be still going. but the new school he supported the dispatcher school of witchcraft pulled up. i guess mother will play shut. cool. glad character off gagnen bushland. quite alum a with a flow grade school year. and we need to go with that if we could go to fill in the field
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with lower with
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for host you money. when you most of us know when you have more mother will buy your whole bridges. your boss, yahoo is a feel that you go with the girl that will be right. with
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the renewal of the initial vertical plane, lee, what to propose a me full where you went to the from water is full. of course, the new really, really does a couple of issues with the rumor trulia, which it when, if, which is going to do it, who will really one will then you'd mentioned in the lesson is over with many little thing. it becomes to stay with it.
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ah, since the start of rushes, military operation, the ukraine, the west is talked at russia and russians, russia side of the story is essentially absent and intentionally. so. on this edition of the program, we talk with 2 pre eminent russian scholars about their own country and ukraine. ah not another well you while you easy while furnace us. ah. yeah. or you can use that one slide. yes. south. yeah. thrashing south. there
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was angela neely getting a duck. awesome boys now watch them up all mutable up. hi peter. my name is emily pools guardian from sheila, this is kim sylium. shes thoughtfully assist the y fi, ela rebuild? yes, my von or janine berrigan, your fortune bri up my. be a lot about this morning. just financial ah,
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with with poverty yet you have to look at yourself. what's the just the way up or horrible? ah ah.
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blue shirt. but he had them leopard shameka. giovanni reported the nitika bull of a pro some political by them. oh no can done that. she least knew dutch is that a boat de la grange got propaganda baghdad. excuse me, sweet william mc machine of the white keyboard. them in, bassetti, super saldana, make a tory got forward, but it was the yet lou bomb. but i to you in your call. if this is for nick threes, nick, by way instead of you bought it out, but it only picked up from a little fca. at that that will you will give her each needed to provide to cranes to weigh a kick. now, when you, when that or the keyboard, how much a lift thing of the property is up a salvador rattling hm. oh grandma. oh, latest low. a keyboard again. i just needed to get all this and do to william the
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study key. i need to learn what are the menus to learn to function in logo. and that also true that there was a single done studio. so call chance with a a a, a, a new, a more skilled little by me, with water heater to meet new york ball. next you'll, you'll hear a,
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b as in boy in the same condition yet or not a bus you just need know, or you can issue a domain yet, if you need to, she who sort of beat that. so then you'd because they'd be what they wouldn't usually don't do i. so actually i was in mind that she was sad to hear what you would show by your utilities yet. but curious for some reason your searches are meet with you. boy, how can you share recreational cup upgrade you if she is not. you go in your 2 domains triple year for a sheet. one, i'm confused a little. you know, once a day with us. oh, why did somebody to again, that's what a you need a feel, man, that when you for the quote you more period including what's more beneficial, north america miss plus you bought
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a home. but i've looked in them like a blue one had been there. oh, baby called lincoln. ben, can you hold a so what are you very new? the jenko a man. there's not a store. oh, okay. the cartoon co catera bluff. then you're scary. island curtain, gossip steel and mirror for me and up up a doll. i went for let's e, can you say? okay, the chest krinski jolla. uvula. yeah. your us social aton store . i need ship, alex. so personally they come in and go smoothly . o'connor would appear if keith tongue casually because we were least yeah, sure. wobble from computer cli charged on the wall oversee you believe this month really year or do manners for her. so still mosmyer bring the you pay somebody can
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. we can not bring them all. are you dear? rosie is confusing in what we have to steal from green. i'm calling you prior to when years world war. but here's a will look in the issue piled to charge here, receive present with good as we can then yes, give you did it. but don't mean that if you can give away in metallica nakesha, his kiva might, there was a well, a mecca, go at any dominique, i see sweet, super cosmetic, with, with us to lead, but global really picky rica. clearly there still hello in us. little bit of packing it. you have still a solution? it's nice to come. stay at the crane still has got poetry ship that. well good you spoke of in need to be keep those delicious club. brooklyn book doesn't
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study pictures. what is it? there were lots of there she can, you please give us less than you please. the stay it is no said i will. if the blood that they sick when you put shuttle and my children and the nickel stack cities, ah, which it is, it is did put the name on it. then you could you be in a school 20200. i know, i guess i should be good when you're doing what i would have to be consistent with the new solution here in charlotte. your own abstinence that that branch to what's living together with my mom williams. deal it with dogwood bringing. isn't that international with
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what you said and you get up or to put those or this is showing you could give me a sense of what's in your chest. you're getting sca autumn. it would be nice. did manella get to where you had with the she did not go that somebody maps deal of water. the book you believe will yet on you live basic she middle and reaching out as ocean that will abortion b t p c stumble ah ah ah
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ah ah with ah
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ah ah with then you get a port nissan gym or it yourself the coil minister 90 senior way we could put a do not petitioning the senior lia from them by the audience. keep belichick you deal is b e e, but of the good. so because he is my nation, so the shook at the wally that will cranes kill by young man. he's a boom. always cool bang is that he had full share, kind of do not the little stuff. he built a going, i knew them,
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the retailers the wasted on the floor, and so, but they didn't have the young man stealing to doubt, slee lease waste him g i. d genie, you know about, she'll say, coupled with those as a she teacher. so i see him here, but they had stuff we got about the v which look at the full and if you could give him society one shot. so boom shell. so my, with one of our women, always affiliate in this particular way with as walden, please help us with
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both. ah oh, is your media a reflection of reality?
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in the world transformed what will make you feel safer? isolation for community. are you going the right way, or are you being led somewhere? direct. what is true? walk this way. in the world corrupted, you need to descend a join us in the depths or remain in the shallows. ah, a motion with industry to restock and just look up from when levels only a muscle onion noon, she doesn't being in the green shield on obnoxious to me. just place you mom with
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cook goose creek to somebody. tamika, but i to his ashley. uh this morning with one of the cool position admitted to you, but not looking for the chino bryanston, that'll work for furnished or something like that. and then we'd go at that point, did that might be worth a need for residential. eval grain meet that have that ah, more than a century ago marked when remarked that god created more so that americans would learn geography and few u. s. officials have done more to put that into practice than my guess today, informing us national security advisor and former is ambassador to the united nations. john bolton has supported all recent american lab wars. he's absolutely
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appalled by russia's actions in ukraine. why is that with a president zelinski says nato publicly misled russia into believing the block was prepared to accept you praying as a member, despite privately telling you that it couldn't joy. i'm being told that every day more and move such trophy weapons, fall in the hands of the russian troops are g. takes a look at 8 years of western arms supplies to ukraine, some of which have been fees by rushing back to troops in the dawn by. russia declares mehta an extremist organization getting the popular social networks instagram, facebook after the company says it would allow hate speech against russian soldiers and.


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