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tv   News  RT  March 23, 2022 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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[000:00:00;00] ah, ah, president pearson say, is russia gas exposed to europe should now be paid for in roubles aiming to stabilize the currency while ditching the u. s. solar and international trade. nobody has that issue. so i decided to implement the sets of measures in the shortest possible time to transfer payment from that for guess to place on friendly countries into russian roubles and ukraine, russian lead don't yet. republic forces say they've taken control of more than half of the embattled city of mario intensify. think this included rate, the pavilion building, to sweep out ukrainian troops hiding inside. and washington steps that pressure on china to join the u. s. lead condemnation of russia with bating standing firm on its neutral stock,
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despite threats that americans sanctions against china's economy. ah, a warm welcome you're watching aussie international with the latest news update. thanks for joining us. my russian lead forces are pushing deeper into the key port city of mario po, which has been seeing some of the heaviest battles of the conflict in ukraine. camps. troops, including the notorious, neo nazi as of battalion, are refusing to give up even a single building without a fight. the onslaught has already led to what was being called a humanitarian disaster in the city. you might find some of the following images distressing thousands of civilians remain trapped inside mariel poll without access to clean water, fresh food or electricity. the russian military has been busy trying to get more
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humanitarian supplies handed out to the locals on yes. repub chips on the front lines clearing out, civilian buildings used by ukrainian forces as basis. some locals are still hiding in basements to escape the violence. as many have been blocked from fleeing the city through humanitarian corridors opened by russia. some residents who half managed to escape speak of atrocities, allegedly committed by ukrainian troops along with food. you must have been a prodigious delay. nation national felony did not grind the g void difficult really little. it was really my the rule. what do the pickup would be ready for the well, what would it be up to put new phillips with voc this work? well for sure. i thought you feel more le walker through obama ward bill. let's pretend who's could soon puts from this group. now we will struggle really, who is not willing to let you maria video via ftp 230
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with a video. i'm usually vide yahoo. you theater with him with him to it will be the period on, you know, who don't we do you, do you, barbara? you do the people who don't with me while russia continues to talk it ukraine's military infrastructure throughout the country. as part of a stated goal to demilitarized estate rushes defense ministry has released fresh footage of some of its high precision weapons being fired away, including caliber cruise missiles launch from a russian navy ship at an undisclosed location. plus they've shown pictures of vastly and coastal defense massage being fired. also fit to be talked and ukrainian military sites on moscow space agency has announced it will draw up international contracts in rubles from now on the roles. cosmos decision follows vladimir putin order to take the russian currency for gas. they exposed to, quote,
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unfriendly countries moving as it is showing of. so i decided to implement a sets of measures in the shortest possible time to transfer payment from natural gas supplier to unfriendly countries into russian roubles. that is to abandon the use of all compromise currencies. at the same time, i would like to emphasize separately, the russia will continue to supply guess in accordance with the volumes and pricing principles indicated in the previously concluded contracts. unlike some colleagues, we value a business reputation as a reliable partner and supplier, which dorothy is don corta is in a studio with me now to discuss the issue further, don't just bring us up to speed on what exactly think going on today. will russian president, vladimir putin is basically ordered all payments for russian natural gas being sent to what he called unfriendly countries to be made in russian roubles. in the past, russian companies have an accepted the vast majority of payments in u. s. dollars actually, but since the beginning of the military operation in ukraine,
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russia had to contend with an unprecedented level of sanctions. and one could say that this is moscow's response to the west to vladimir putin. even specifically said that overall trust and foreign currencies had deteriorated because a number of countries illegitimately decided to freeze russian overseas assets. that was the musical canadian over the past few weeks. the number of western countries of taken illegitimate decisions on the so called freezing of russian assets. the collective west is essentially ended the reliability of its currencies crossed out the trust in these currencies. now everyone in the world knows as they suspected, and now everyone knows for sure that obligations in dollars and euro may not be fulfilled. and to be honest, moscow could have responded in a much harsher way. it could have perhaps turned off its gas taps that supply europe, but the decision had ended up taking looks very reserved in comparison really still . and my stay is going to cause a bit of upset is the beat any reaction yet from the customers? yeah, we have gotten
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a number of reactions from european energy companies since serv latimer prudence statement there. and they do not seem very excited to start paying and rubles no one has reached out to us yet. we also have existing contracts. so that is not agreed. we will continue to pay in euro, we have no other contractual basis. we have noted with grady rotation, the news that russia only wants to process gas deliveries in rubles at this stage, we cannot yet estimate the concrete impact this will have on gas trading. now it's also likely that this decision was tank taken to strengthen the russian rouble. let's not forget that it's significantly depreciated in relation to the dollar after those western sanctions. i mentioned earlier, but when the moscow stock exchanged open today just moments after it opened up, the price of $1.00 actually was below $100.00 rubles for the 1st time since march 3rd of this year. and it's also important to note that european energy prices have been skyrocketing since hooton's statement. so these are just the immediate effects
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of russia's demands to be paid in roubles. and it's likely this will continue to shake european economies in the near future and date. we'll wait to see what happens that don, thanks to come in with the da's house that's not his on quota. while austria is full of foreign minister, told me the current di dollarization did the de dollarization just to rapidly space that the existing global trends. it's all about an acceleration of something that goes there already beforehand. the franchise. the fragility from a state of the dollar in commodity trading was very clear in the year 2008, 2009. and this is a financial crisis of 2009, which we moved out to a very strong chinese economy that has been of rigidity of the dollar going off. the u on i station is, is moving on the d dollar i station, it's not something that will happen now in a very swift move, but it is
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a regional thing that extend reading like it was the example of saudi arabia and some other or sellers. we have had that in the past, even with the case was iran wishing to move out of the dollar to the euro? for instance, the topic has been on the agenda. and what we see right now about this recent statement represent, put in is a tremendous acceleration. it's so it will definitely open up the new chapter of world trade. countries are now moving to d. dollar arise, the international trade in both the gas and the oil sector. sparking a global revision of the so called petro dollar system as a result of western sanctions against russia. a ticking time bomb and a u. s. dollar reserve currency status. entry. rush of sanctions seem to backfire prompting the entire will to reconsider the financial policies ban on dollar bank notes exposed to russia,
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freezing its foreign exchange reserves for us as weapon ising its currency, and many a wondering if they might be targeted next. but what makes a dollar so spatial? why does nearly every central bank in the world stockpile the u. s. currency and invest in american bonds? the dollar has been preserving its status for decades. and the secret ingredient is oil. a quick dive into history. back in 1974, saudi arabia was the world's biggest oil producer. and it just shaken the western world with a major oil embargo, a punishment for supporting israel. in the yom kippur wall for us was an important 70 percent of its oil and embargo hit. it hard to god themselves against the possible oil shocks of the future. the nixon administration offered the saudis of deals,
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the u. s. agree to supply the saudis with military aid and equipment in exchange, saudi arabia agreed to accept the dollar as a defective means of exchange in the oil market. from that moment, every oil contract with saudi arabia had to be priced in the u. s. currency. the rest of the opec countries followed suit. the petro dollars system was born. imagine a chocolate pie in a room full of hungry people. if one wants to grab a bite that you may only use a plastic spoon, though steel or wood and allowed con virtual spoons in exchange office, pallet more for the future. sounds unreasonable. let's kind of what a picture dollar is like. from 1974, the i a world has been paying for oil in the u. s. dollars, no gold saudi real or any other national currency allowed to buy an oil important country must 1st convert its national currency into
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u. s. dollars ties to the world's most sought after commodity, immediately boosted demand for the us currency. oil importing countries began piling up dollar reserves to minimize currency volatility risks in the future. oil purchasers, oil exporters, started investing their dollar surplus back into the american economy, purchasing bonds and treasury balls. this enormous interest in the u. s. currency raised it to a unique position. the demand is so high that the u. s. can print as many dollars and dollar denominated bonds as it needs to finance its external debt. if any other country tries to do the same, it will immediately face rising inflation. in the case of the u. s, people will by dollars anyway. for decades, the dollar enjoyed its unique status. with the tacit consent of the world, its value remained relatively stable because the u. s. economy has been growing
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steadily unaffected by the turmoil in other parts of the world. oil prices denominated in a stable currency for their part, decreased fluctuations in the market. the rising powers, like china and anti american governments like venezuela urged to review the petro dollars system. but the d dollarization was limited to a number of symbolic moves up until now. and parallel, and he, russia, sanctions shocked the government officials way beyond russia's borders. india, china, and even saudi arabia are now giving a 2nd thought to d. dollarization initiatives. you aren't jumps after report on saudi's wing, it's use in oil deals. india report. lee explores you on in oil trade with russia, as frustration grows over us sanctions. does this mean the end of the u. s. dollar? not yet. over the years, the central banks all over the world have accumulated to many donna's and dollar
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denominated bonds. should they get rid of them all at once? the entire finance system will collapse, but trust and the dollars stabilizing bowling. the economy has been severely undermined. ah, it's a competition from u. n. is now tougher than ever. unless the u. s. find something else to offer. it may end up with solving inflation and trillions of dollars that nobody once coming up lay to this. now we look at how one of the world's biggest oil exports is saudi arabia is looking to ditch the u. s. dollar in its trade deals, despite close ties to washington. i o supplies from russia and catholics down to european markets have also taken a hit after a storm damaged vital equipment and
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a black sea oil transfer terminal. the facility is a key hub in a caspian pipeline which transports massive volumes of oil. the company in charge of the site says repairs could take weeks where the oil outputs expected to drop significantly. authorities, they, none of the oil is leaked into the black sea. the pipeline consortium, c o sais, the repair process is being hampered by the refusal of some western companies to provide assistance lower than the hoops. those from the through addition to do the afford in of boil of the marine terminal has been completely stopped. what are treatment plans have been commissioned as we have identified the damage? we have to conduct a full examination, but our drivers are unable to do this. due to the weather conditions from the repairs are a labor intensive and high tech process. we need a tanker to flush the lines without which we cannot start repairs because there is no confirmation from our foreign partners about the shipment of tankers agreeable
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the repairs will take at least 3 weeks. if we had continued to operate the terminal, the threat of ecology of the black sea would have been critical to cash. but since we identified the problem in time, cuz the damage has not been done with, we have faced an unfair attitude from our foreign partners with the supplier for the necessary spare parts has been denied. foreign companies have officially informed us that they refused to cooperate orders in europe. russian, deputy prime minister, alexander novak says, moscow as closely monitoring the repairs, but the incident does mean it, oil exports will be drastically reduced for weeks. vincent because it isn't good to instruct its own little. this is a serious negative situation for the global markets as a whole because a large volume of oil was transported to wild markets. through this terminal. from our site, we're monitoring the situation and along with federal and regional authorities and the energy ministry doing everything to repair the damage as soon as possible. for some time, perhaps the 6 weeks supplies through this pipeline will either be reduced 4 or 5
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fold or completely stopped. for me, u. k prime minister gordon brown is calling for the creation of a new international tribunal to investigate the russian presidents and those who helped planned the military operation in ukraine. clearly one of the options is for ukraine to say that if there is peace than they withdraw this demand that present couldn't be brought on trial. but until that happens, and if that happens, of course, we would have to look at it. i think we should persist in our demand that he be brought to trial. innocent people, children, mothers, are been terrorized. bodies lying on the street and marrow poll. people not getting medical treatment. these are international crimes and they are crimes against humanity. but in this case, they are also the crime of aggression. $140.00 people in total, including former prime ministers as well as scientists, lawyers, and other politicians assigned a petition to create
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a judicial body modeled on the nuremberg trials for german leaders after world war 2 and almost one and a half 1000000 people out of a targeted to 1000000 have already signed the public petition saying the russian president has committed the quote supreme international crime, and also called for a special tribunal for him. however, some critics have pointed out double standards in the british politicians, dance of britain's own track record in the 2003 invasion of iraq and official u. k. inquiry known as the chill coach report found that british interests were not under threats when london moved on the us leadership to launch a devastating attack on iraq. former indian foreign secretary can master balance phase. it's unclear what exactly the retired, which is politicians are expecting to achieve with that petition. i think ms. still frozen in the 19th century. they think they're still fighting, and i was usually amused when the russian,
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when the british and defense secretary spoke to a group of british military officers, reminding them how they had a war. how they had a good one and they can do it again. but they still think it's a great game going on to center it. i mean, why, why should one such comments or why gordon brown or any british politician seriously, they don't longer the british empire, not no longer even in the you in order to muster the support within the you and i think for such a folly, even if there was again signatures, you're going to get those kind of signatures. if you republic street passions on, on any issue, i think is astonishing at the level at which diplomatic
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discourse and diplomatic positions have descended to with the president biden calling, building a wall criminal on one of the, in the base. it is that he had invaded your games than those who invaded iraq and libya and syria and got his son. and they also, what washington has stepped up is pressure on china to condemn and sanction russia. however, beijing is optimists. it will maintain neutrality with single poles, foreign minister, i think the u. s. cannot stop the new multi polar world. china is already on the wrong side of history when it comes to ukraine, and the aggression being committed by russia. contrasting views between china and the u. s threatened to inadvertently complicate already for ties. america's different approach to the war in ukraine is the latest complication. the old cold war strategy of containment will not be viable in this emerging multi polar world. despite those comments from singapore,
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the u. s. isn't backing down and trying to influence china's stance on russia, going so far as to threaten sanctions against staging high tech economy, his paul, asleep with more, washington is added again. this time pressuring basing to play by its rules and condemn russia's actions in ukraine. if china's semiconductor manufacturing international corp sells its chips to russia, we could essentially shut s m i c down because we prevent them from using our equipment. and our software. hazing will have none of it and refuses to give into intimidation. china will never accept any external coercion or pressure and opposes any unfounded accusations and suspicions against china don't be a naive condemnation. it sounds naive to say that's not as a vision and that doesn't solve the problem, but is really all about ukraine unlikely. the bigger goal seems to be washington's desire to break up the strong relationship between moscow and beijing. one example, last year the russian and chinese foreign ministers agreed there was more than one
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model of democracy. and that interfering in the internal affairs of a sovereign state under the pretext of, quote, promoting democracy is simply unacceptable mineral. the united states forces other countries to accept american democratic standards shall draw lines based on democratic values in cobbled together small groups. this is a complete betrayal of democracy. let y'all mean to leave. the rule of law is not something monopolized by a small number of countries or global international legislation should involve all countries with equal participation. you, the rules of individual countries should not be regarded as international rules, nor the standards of individual countries be taken as international standards. and finding its not winning china over with the ukraine issue. the u. s. needs to find another excuse for sanctions. how convenient the state department is now targeting chinese officials for cracking down on religious minorities. beijing's response is
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or to clear move on the show me the u. s. statement is full of ideological bias and political lies, lines and smears china and wantonly imposed restrictions on chinese officials. jeep off of what the whereas, actions contravene the international law and basic norms governing international relations and grossly interferes in china's internal affairs. and as the chinese foreign ministry points out, the us itself is no champion of human rights. do you show you a new book throughout history to me, the u. s. slaughter expelled and assimilated native americans physically, geographically and culturally committing systemic human rights abuses in every aspect. huge, these abhorrent crimes are more than enough to constitute defacto genocide by charlotte, in its effort to drive a wedge between china and russia, the u. s. that seems will go to any lengths just so long as it doesn't have a strong enough opponent in the east. well, i think the u. s. is completely ignoring the fact that is human rights problems are
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arguably more severe than the countries that the u. s. has been sensually, i look at a desperate of the product people q by the us bullets and the u. s. has engaged in huge this formation campaign to demonize is a bursaries, if china sanctioned russia, the results are catastrophic. not only that, the peoples of portia and china suffer from higher prices and the lack of goods and foot in its cornering show is shown to be a power. i don't think anyone want to see things even more dramatic to happen. increasingly, many entities realize that any security solutions in the region without the involvement of russia will be disaster. china is on the side of humanity in general . i think it is what the right side of history entails and washington, the traditional middle east allies are also unhappy with us attempts to control global oil supply. some of the world's biggest crude exports is, are increasingly with this thing america,
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and looking to bypass the use of the dollar in that trade ortiz where to blevins explains after years of involvement in the middle east, the u. s. now appears to be losing his grasp on some of the closest allies in the region on one major area. energy that i'm in ministration has been much calling on the opec close alliance. you increase production by more than plan in order to tackle storing energy prices. but they have repeatedly said no. now the king of the credit card sal, and one of the top oil producers in the world, saudi arabia is responding to the latest tensions by strengthening its ties with china. while it is currently beijing, the largest oil suppliers, saudi arabia is reportedly considering accepting the chinese you on for oil. so instead of the us dollar, now that has been around for years, but it could soon become a reality, and it stands just threaten the u. s. dollars dominance as the world reserve
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currency. so why would saudi arabia consider a move like this right now? well, they're not too happy with the u. s. and west, you're now lives for housing unprecedented things against russia, which just happens to be one of their most important opec plus allies. they're also watching countries like china and india actively looking for ways to work around those things. and which means moving away from the us dollar. but while the us in saudi arabia have maintained in alliance on the surface, there are also competitors when it comes to oil production and the saudi. they're finding out just how much power they have right now. unlike the government of nearly every other major oil producing country, including saudi arabia and the other opec states, the u. s. government cannot open and close its own oil taps. it cannot compel oil companies to drill more. so when the war cent oil prices soaring, the government was powerless to bring them down. if they let us all occasions are not too happy about saudi arabia having the upper hand on this one would be an
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understatement. i hate the fact that we have to ask the saudis to produce more oil . i hate that the bite and administration has to figure out how to leverage our relationship with saudi arabia to get them to do that so that my constituents aren't being squeezed at the pump. however, the white house denies that the bodies have turned their back on washington after reports that the kingdom was denying calls for president bite it. the president spoke with king solomon on february 9th, in that call. they set forth in affirmative bilateral agenda from climate to security, to energy cooperation. since that important call, our teams have been engaged at every level. there have been no discussions of subsequent calls at the presidents level given this regular and ongoing engagement . but it is not just saudi arabia that the u. s. appears to be losing its influence over the u. a has all their reportedly declined, biden's call. and instead of turning to the u. s. for support. well, they're turning to a leader that the us has been years trying to overthrow. that's right. this week
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officials host is syrian president bashar assad and his 1st visit to the country since 2011. and that doesn't say the us hasn't tried to use the current tension through the rewards even noting that the vitamin ministration sent a new batch of weapons to audi ravia after denying them last year. 7 all pottery viet continue increases dominance as it moves away from the us. they are showing that they can live without america, but can the current american economy live without them in washington? rachel blevins are g. moscow say it's, it's a shame that the international chest federation has suspended russian grounds. master said carrie, i came from competing in their events as over his support for most goes operation and ukraine. the 6 months suspension was announced off the cardiac consent and open letter to president putin forcing his support for russia actions. but the international chest federation claims as such, rhetoric is damaging for the reputation of the sport nicknames,
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the minister of defense, cutty, i can became the youngest of a grounds master at the of 12 and went on to win the chess world cup. but in 2015, he also became the champion of several, a key international competitions over the s k i can says he remains committed to his support of rushes moves in ukraine despite his suspension from global chests. although it's not just 6 months of my life and not an opportunity to just sit at home, doing nothing have been selected to participate in the candidates tournament, which is the most important term. and for every chest player has a very tough and difficult selection that i pass through. and now i'm simply devastated because my efforts have gone down the drain. i can compare with cases when our sportsmen were barred from the olympics or other international competitions under any pretext. but on the other hand, if i could spin back time, i would do the same thing because there are situations where you can stay silent. feeder has been extremely insulting,
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because chess was always supposed to be separate from squabbles and political difficulties. and there have been no precedence of athletes being suspended for their position so far. if my appeal is not satisfied, i will probably be looking for sponsors and create a 2nd alternative organization that will adhere to the rule that sport is outside of politics. the winner is the one who plays better, not the one who is appointed by officials. when he thinks he's in his company here in arty international, for all the latest update, she can keep it on our website, r t dot com ah. as a conflict, can ukraine continue? so does the information war, the liberal west appears, determined to deny any meaningful debate about the conflict? freedom of expression is now something of the past and in information iron curtain as to say
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ah ah, it was in the 1950s that our secretary of state john foster dulles proclaimed our policy, his global ah, we started as a continental empire by clearing out. yeah,


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