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ah ah, 30 fierce bottles, rage on and ukraine, the southern port city of modern you both are done yet. republic forces continue to take the bike to the ukrainian military nationalist battalion with china's foreign minister head to india. for talked the oil trade with russia and closer ties among eastern blocked states or some potential discussion during the day. and in a new ball, michelle revelation the russian defense ministry claims us president joe biden, san hunter, as it directly to alleged biological laboratories aimed at developing contagious
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weapons trade. with around the clock across the world, this is art. see from the team and myself union hello and welcome to the news or this thursday mark's one month since this starts of the conflict in ukraine. so let's take a closer look at the latest developments from the country. ukrainian forces have claimed a russian navy ship has been destroyed by a ballistic missile in the country, southern city of burdens which russia captured last month. local to reported a huge explosion on fire in the cities port on thursday morning. the russian defense ministry, housing yet commented on the reported attack, while residence of the neighboring city of mario pole are still trying to escape the
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are you paul has been engulfed in bottles for weeks and yet were public forces continue to fight the ukrainian nationalist battalions there are no claim they've captured most of the area. many civilians remained trapped inside the city, though unable to flee by a humanitarian car, seated from cooper and russia military as assisting local forces. this exclusive foot insured with our tv shows the joint military securing residential buildings occupied by you printing forces in more useful now the chinese foreign minister is on his way to india to discuss trade with russia and other issues. that's as pressure grows on new delhi from the west to sanction moscow. over the conflict in ukraine, which the indian prime minister and render moody has so far refused to do so. the
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us and its allies been making intense overtures to india, saying they're ready to replace goods already sourced from ship. well, let's say tick in dollars. of course sir r t correspondent to tell us more about this. don't good to see you. just to put this in some sort of context, you've got countries from the southern box appearing to rally together now to take on this complex geopolitical situation. what's the main development of could see you to you and, and basically this tri needs diplomatic tour is taking place on the backdrop of a massive pressure. campaigned by washington. actually, it's basically intended to isolate russia from countries that are trying to maintain good relations with both sides of the ukraine conflict and basically stay neutral as for what we can expect from this upcoming meeting, we can look at one of the main topics that were discussed between china and pakistan, just really just recently. that's the heretic effects that these anti russian sanctions are having on the world economy. let's not forget that both phasing and
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new delhi are facing pressure by the united states by washington for publicly coming out against the sanctions. india, for its part, is one of the world's largest importers of russian military technology. and washington is trying to pressure the country to just entirely switch over to american weapons. another thing that india recently did was that it bought around 3000000 barrels of discounted russian crude oil. that's another thing that washington was very upset about in terms of china. it reacted very negatively when the u. s. called for russia to be excluded from the g 20 as it was with the g 8. so let's take a listen to what both washington and beijing had to say about that. on the question of the g 20, i will just say this. we believe that it cannot be business as usual for russia in international institutions and in the international community, which is actually the g. 20 is a major platform for international economic cooperation with the participation of major economies in the world. russia is an important member and no member has the
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right to remove other countries as a member of asian, also stood by russia when it tried to pass a un security council, a draft resolution that all of the other members of the security council actually abstained from so another important point we have to talk about also is that the 2022 meeting of bricks countries is set to come up very soon. and it's widely expected to take place in china. so, while washington attempts to isolate russia from all of these bricks countries, it's actually starting to look like these threats and demands are actually turning these countries against the united states. so there is a very big possibility that washington's pressure campaign is going to end up backfiring. a lot of countries want to an interest to see what happens next. i would suggest on don quarter or to respond. thank you. well, senior chinese officials also met with their pakistan counterparts this week with both countries and strong agreements against western sanctions on russia. both
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beijing, alice lama. bob have also been calling for a cease fire in ukraine along with productive dialogue. i guess think that strengthening all of these tre block is not inevitable, despite the west main goal of maintaining its domination of the global orator, the us strategy to pressurize russia it seems to be a selective application of punishment strategy. so did not require countries like india for example. ready that her has abstained from the united nations security council, won't on russia, they are not being penalized, but certain other countries like bargenson, are facing or extreme amount of sa, internal and external pressure. look, i think are the, the rules based or international order as we are told, is not actually based on rules. let me remind you that almost 2 decades ago, when the entire world was told that it's iraq has weapons of mass destruction,
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the entire weather. western leadership came on television, came to the united nations floor and quite literally light. it's the entire world that we need to go to war to us of the, to stop it. raucously. western countries expect the in car movie narrative to be on their side when they are the aggressors. but not the other way around. i mean, they are selective application of punishment strategy. it is certainly creating a multiple world because that is exactly what they are trying to stop. ah, the eurasian belt led by china, russia, and some of the other regional powers. what the western countries are trying to ensure that the post world war 2 dominance of the western order are from economic strategic, political point of view roommates. i think that is that that that is a larger ambit under which this conference is being fought and to be honest with you so far, the americans are absolutely. if you are not succeeding in convincing any offer.
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south asian countries. well, as western states ramp up, anti russian pressure, eastern block nations, her voice concerns about the situation. fuel by a recent statement from u. s. president joe biden on building a new world order led by western nations. as one of my, as the one of the top military people said, man a secure meeting the other day. 60 a 60000000 people died between 191946. and since then, we've established a liberal world order, and that hadn't happened in a long while. a lot of people died, but nowhere near the chaos. and now at time when things are shifted, we're in, they're going to be a new world order out there. and we've got a lead it, we've got to unite the rest of the world doing it already. or we invited a puddle of guests from china, indian south africa to hear their views on not potentially be alignment headed by washington. if you talk about the new world water,
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it's sort of signifies as if you are already victorious at the time when the world is undergoing threw up and demick a kind of the, the entire global economies. in a crisis, the american president biden's sort of popularity that at the historic law at 40 percent, that's the that should not be the time to talk about the new world order. as young people are definitely can continent dennis as young people of south africa, a peace loving country. well, why did that bill seems to be a country in the world where there's $115.00 minimum countries, which feels that it has been elected to lead us. i mean, you look at something as simple as need to. what is the purpose of natal when the soviet union collapses, $991.00. instead of following the u. s. a side of natal uses that opportunity to expand. i mean, we stand with the russian people when they say enough is enough. this is
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a indeed. i want to say you don't, we're to say there's a new global order under the u. s. is opposed to to lead. of course the number of people died. that's scary. you know, people would ask us, prepared to, to do something all to involve beep or in the war you crim that man, you know more people who to be killed. so this is problematic to say the least 2 years a bull when he became the american president was supposed to be the distinctive liberal, who uses a gentle mental language right now. he called the russian president award criminal . i looked and he talks about india. he says, india is shaky in isolating russia. that's not the language consistent with a person who is trying to unite the word,
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the trunk you. the important place to discuss globally common is that it's a mechanism to resolve economic issues. the challenges and the theme, or the g 20 the, the rebate. a recovery after this make. and he's not about the issues related to the ukraine crisis. politics. germany has accused moscow violating gas contract terms while serbia has agreed to work in transferring gas payments. and to russia's national currency, it all comes softer of london air pollutant ordered payments. be switched to roubles for gas to reese from now on the seller wants his goods to be paid in his currency. i think this is correct. we are interested in getting gas, and we will agree on what the payment terms will be, and they will be spelled out in the contract the announcement of paying in roubles as 1st of all a breach of contracts. we will now discuss with our european partners how we will
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respond to this again, a hugely fluctuating few way against that. the u. s. dollar house, again fallen below a 100 rubles while you, you gas prices have spike more than 25 percent. with global oil costs increasing as well. much of that is believed to be because president ordered that coats on friendly countries use the russian currency to pay further. gaussian opening as it is showing of. so i have decided to implement the sets of measures in the shortest possible time to transfer payment for a natural gas supplied on friendly countries into russian roubles. that is to abandon the use of all compromise currencies. at the same time, i would like to emphasize separately, the russia will continue to supply guess in accordance with the volumes and pricing principles indicated in the previously concluded contracts. unlike some colleagues, we value our business reputation as a reliable partner and supplier, which dorothea will austria's former a foreign minister card. and can i so told us we're witnessing the rapid rise of
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a global trend of d dollarization. it's all about an acceleration of something that all stairs already beforehand did franchise. the fragility by my see of the dollar in commodity trading was very clear in here 20082009. and this is the so kill with financial prizes of 2009, which we moved out sanks through a very strong chinese economy. the has been of rigidity of the dollar going off. the u on i station is, is moving on the d dollar. i sation, it's not something that will happen now in a very swift move, but it's a regional thing that this external reading, like it was the example of saudi arabia and some other oil sellers. we have had that in the past, even when the case was iran. oh, wishing to move out of the dollar to the euro, finds them as a dead topic. hassling, andrea janda. and what we see right now is like this written statement represent,
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put in is a tremendous exhilaration. it's so it will definitely open up the new chapter. off world trait the russian defense ministry asked claim the. busy u. s. president san hunter biden, as a direct link to alleged by a laboratories discovered in ukraine aimed at developing a biological weapon. the russian defense ministry continues to analyze documents revealing the military biological activities of the pentagon in ukraine. the incoming materials allow us to trace the scheme of interaction between us authorities with ukrainian biological objects. attention can be drawn to the involvement in the financing of these activities of structures close to the current government of the united states. in particular, the investment fund, rosemont seneca, which is headed by hunter biden hunter, less trust live now to r t u. s. correspond to kill a plugin for more in this, the plot certainly thickens caleb,
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take us through what was said. sure. well rosemont seneca partners, rosemont a partners, is the firm tied 200 by the us presence sun, and the russian defense ministry is listing financial entities that are involved in these bio labs and ukraine. now they also listed george soros is open society institute and open society foundations. ready are also involved with them and as well as the ministry of defense of ukraine and the ministry of health of ukraine and the u. s. department of threat reduction. all of them seem to be tied in with these bio labs. and it appears that the bit rosemont santa a partner is the reason that they would be involved. ready because they have a relationship with metal iota and black and with our main suppliers gone bio lab materials. now, moscow is also coming forward and saying that it appears these bio labs are connected with institutions and research organizations that are related to nuclear
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missiles. this is what was set must double program with the scale of the program is impressive. in addition to the military, little the u. s. agencies for international development, the george soros foundation, in the center for disease prevention control are directly involved in its implementation. scientific supervision is carried out by leading research organizations and including the los alamos national laboratory, which developed weapons as part of the manhattan project with all these activities are carried out under the full control of the pentagon. when i'm in fargo. now the over 30 bio labs are accused by russia being involved in weapons development and trying to develop biological weapons. now the usa denies this and insist they are simply research facilities. and we did here acknowledgement of these facilities existence from us under secretary of victoria newland. this is what she said, acknowledging these facilities exist. ukraine has her
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biological research facilities. we are working with the ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of russian forces. should they approach to the question must be asked if these bio research facilities are not involved in weapons. why is the pentagon and the one setting them up? why is the, the leadership of the u. s. military setting them up? number one. and number 2, why is there such concern about them? put perhaps long in the hands, the russians, if there is no military purpose for these labs, everything seems to point to these lab serving some kind of military purpose. the involvement of u. s. military institutions, et cetera, ties the entities that are linked to nuclear missiles, as well as this fear of these labs falling in the hands, the russians. but the u. s. a still insists these labs, i do not have a military purpose,
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kill up thanks very much for taking us through all about our tea. corresponding kill of luck and ah, the ears, uns nato are to hold the number of summits today to agree on an action plan for further anti russian sanctions. nato zachary general un stilton berg has also planned the media conference to announce nato's extra efforts to support ukraine. it's all going on today on with other, my less cross library europe. corresponding charlotte dubin ski from paris. hi charlotte. the main takeaways than from mister stilton, berg's pressure. what decisions? what can we expect from the summits at large today? we got confirmation from yen stilton burke, the secretary general of nato. exactly what the plans are for the alliance in the short time. perhaps the longer term that he talked about, the fact that the allied leaders have agreed on for new battle groups that are going to be stationed in country such as book area, romania hungry, and so vacuum that will add up to the food that are already on those eastern flanks,
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meaning that they will not be 8 battle groups in cities as still to describe it from the baltic down to the black sea. so right away down the east in front of the nato alliance. and he talked about the fact that at the moment there are 100000 us troops that are currently stationed in the u. and that they will 40000 forces that will also under the direct control over nature command. and he said that they were also mainly in that eastern alliance, which of course, is right, encroaching on to the border with russia. and he said that all of those troops who currently own high alert because of the situation in ukraine. he said they were backed by naval and a support, and that there was an unprecedented 5 carrier strike groups from the north of europe, right, the way down to the mediterranean sea. so a real sense of how nature is bolstering it supports in part of it. alliance member
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groups at the moment, and they just said the allied ladies had agreed to reset their deterrents and defense for the longer term. and also that they felt that they needed to face the new security reality, which is that they described as being a security reality with pressure coming from russia. and they said that more details is about how this will play out in the longer term a will be. i decided at the june summit in madrid, there was also a warning for china from this meeting of need to, in brussels, at the cool that was for beijing to reassess its role in this crisis. our masters to china is that they should join the rest of the world and clearly con them of the brutal war against the ukraine and not support a russia and either with a, with
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a support or of course not with the military support. ukrainian president soleski also addressed the meeting, thanking nato for the measures of support a given the countries so far, but also requesting that even more support comes need to a great leaders have agreed that they will be further support ukraine. although i refused to outline the exact details of what that would mean. however, there is a sense that there will be assistance given for cybersecurity in the country and also equipment that could be taken in to help against any attacks coming the former chemical biological or nuclear threats. and this would include protection and medical supplies, as well as training for those on the ground with how to deal with decontamination. if such an attack took place. and there was a warning for russia about the severe consequences that could result as a,
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if such an attack did take place at saying that it's not just the impact would have on ukraine, but also the contamination effects that something like that could have on other countries around and there was a sense from young stoughton berg at the russia is preparing a pretext for a false flag alert, which would allow russia to say that the ukraine and the u. s. were planning some sort of biological attack, and that's giving them the pretext to be able to do that. these, of course, all accusations coming from nato, but we also heard that nature said it will not be sending troops into ukraine. it does not want to escalate the war even further. he said he wants to make sure it's contained within the borders of ukraine. because anything, the escalating could be much more dangerous and devastating. but with that in mind . and given that the kremlin has accused nay to overload vanelle breaking promises when it comes to that expansion eastwood in 2 countries after the fall of the
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soviet union. the fact today we've heard those countries, we'll see reinforcement more troops and more defense in the longer term as a way of dealing with russia. it really does bank the question if that kind to a tory, when nature says he doesn't want to escalate this conflict beyond ukraine if that type you rhetoric it rhetoric is actually a very prudent strategy or not. char, thanks for taking us through all voss, ortiz charlotte davinsky. ah, well, while the west rails against russian singing their daily basis over it's so fences, it remains noticeably quiet about atrocity it itself committed in the center of europe. it is 23 years to the day that nato began its bombing of yugoslavia. they are strikes last as $78.00 days and left hundreds of civilians dead horse local journalists are a smaller gorski heretic bombing campaign. ah
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. and it started on this day in 1999. today, our armed forces joined our nato allies and airstrikes against serbian forces. support for nita was illegal. war on serbia was almost unanimous. among us politicians, i have supported the nato bombing. what advice would you give president clinton this very morning? just don't lose your resolve. not to say there wasn't any criticism. and the most obscene chapter in recent american history was the condom to the cost of a conflict. when the president on states refused to prepare for ground operations, how obscene american not sending in ground troops right away, what to occupy all of serbia. we should go to belgrade, and we should have a japanese german style occupation of that country. and we should have public trials. does anyone even remember any of this path?
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i was in serbia, when the bombing started, i was 10 years old and i remember the air raid sirens to me. this came out of the blue. but the stage for this was set before and nato's bombing started throughout the 19 ninety's, american politicians and media outlets were bent on waging war against the serbs in the balkans. and i was suggesting we bomb belgrade. i was suggesting that we send american pilots in and blow up all the bridges on the drain. when nato 1st bomb the serbs in bosnia and herzegovina, 995 time magazine said the massive bombing attack opened the door to peace. in 1999, the excuse was cost of serbia, southern province in which the so called k allay or kosovo liberation army conducted terrorist attacks on serb civilians as security forces. but the aim of kosovo seceding from serbia as a pretext at serbia was using excessive force in their counter insurgency
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operations. the u. s. cited with the albanian kaylee rebels. our goal at the beginning were to read casa of serbs and rid they did. following the bombing campaign over 160000 serbs were 75 percent of them fled kosovo. but that still wasn't enough. so in 2008, much of the west recognized kosovo as an independent country in violation of un security council. resolution 1244 and serbia's territorial integrity and sovereignty. america's pledge to militarily intervene and the balkans went beyond serbia's borders. i will continue with every fiber in my b to keep america involved with troops that can shoot and kill to protect the rights of the albanians where ever they reside. in the balkan. many warned nato's bombing would set a dangerous precedent for me as a 10 year old kid. just watching serbian television was scary enough to to nato me
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. cells fell on the village, but with on the residential part of the village were striking hard at serbia's machinery of repression. while making a deliberate effort to minimize harm to innocent people on the hit list were local hospital and primary school in 78 days, 420000 missiles including depleted uranium bombs and band cluster bombs fell on serbia. they fell on our infrastructure factories, television stations, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, an innocent civilians, nobody ever apologized to serbia for the bombing. nobody was tried nor punished for the bombing. you probably forgotten about this, and most of us have moved on to more pressing topics. but i can't move on, i will always remember what nato did to my country. i don't think there war hawks can become peace doves without recognizing the harm. they've done to millions in the past or us malick or scheme. well, you can see more stories tool by the relatives of victims of nato's bombing
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campaign and lucas lobby. by heading to a documentary website, that's r t d dot com. hello, this molly kime with can only back along with thought almost to mean if you got the name of the interest of munich please ruffles with use in was you, but she's the most i could do that in the to it is actually literally 2 now with her but we're none serbian film director and screenwriter and miracles to read, sent saying there are similarities between nato. his campaign then and what's playing out today? ah, they were bumping us 3 months consecutively, one day after the other. we had an es,
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300. though the war would agree in different unfortunately, we didn't have nothing. everything was destroyed the 1st month and after that. but what is very important to notice. they never came on the grounds because they know how serbia people fight. in theory, we could say that this was a period when international law was changed for what a called humanitarian look. this was just the 1st phase of what we see today. serbian people remember they might forget sometimes, but they remember what was going on at that time. and i think most of our people just understand that not being a pro war, but understanding the causes which led to the wood at his own going on in the conflict in ukraine nowadays. no units,
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731 was responsible for some of the most notorious war crimes committed by imperial japan's armed forces. but why were so few of its funding figures ever punished or short, dark death factories tries to find out why and its next ah ah ah ah.


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