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tv   News  RT  March 25, 2022 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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sal's will to pardon, we choose to look for common ground. ah, reports emerge of russian forces, taking control of mario both city hall for a month of intensive. i'll go fighting with ukrainian forces continues ahead as well. european leaders object to moscow's demands of pay for their energy supplies, and russian currency that says the wriggle begins to draw some value lost amid the bringing price with country is the main instigator of this crisis. everyone knows china luscious america's methods in that conflict, claiming down it was washington who instigated on the claim. this situation that comes as paging is said to hold trade talks with russia,
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despite all the pressure on asian countries by the west. we ask some guests further there's this desire to know, malign china. china poses sanctions of all forms. it poses threats of sanctions and it supports a position in their trials. we have fundamentally lead doing a multi nature what we have leaving a multi point that's been real job india historically ah lie for moscow. this is our t, my name is unit o'neill. 30 minutes of news on news start not indeed. let's begin with a recap of the main developments in the ukranian conflict. it's being claim the city administration building and mario paul is not under the control of the russian
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military, as the war rages in ukraine. china has put the blame on the u. s claiming washington seeks to shift responsibility for its and on to others. meanwhile, european commission chief ursula of underlying say, the block won't let russia circumvent sections and use energy supplies as an instrument of blackmail. that comes after moscow announced that on friendly nations would have to pay for their gas in rouble. and with western sanctions on russia ready putting global supply chains under extreme pressure, french president emanuel micron has sounded the alarm over the possibility of an unprecedented food crisis. let's delve into what is happening on the ground in the ukrainian conflict. it's being claimed russian forces have taken control of the city hall and more useful after a month of intense fighting. this is some of the latest footage we've received, showing many of the residential buildings completely destroyed. local slave extreme
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and a's off battalion ukrainian forces have been putting civilians at risk targeting the building. in this video of the intent fighting has left many local. what's caught in the crossfire on thursday. ukraine officials reported that almost 3000 more. you pull, residents were successfully of, but you waited more people are due to leave today through humanitarian characters. ukrainian authorities have also accused moscow, but legally the porting around $15000.00 of the cities resident to russia and with the humanitarian situation in the city of breaking point. russia says it is continuing to distribute aid, their law shelling was heard in the northern part of ukraine, 2nd largest city hall, called on thursday. the incident left at least 6 civilians dead and more than a dozen wounded out a car park of a local shopping mall lapse. according to local authorities, fix, smoke was seen billowing from residential neighborhoods as he of us name russia.
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law school hasn't yet commented on the found in the done yet republic. local authorities say almost every building has been destroyed or damaged in the city of vala or the rebuilding work council already begun. local medics earlier claimed ukrainian malicious use their hospital to fire from with 6 civilians left dead from the shell and the also they were 300 people that were hiding inside were effectively used as humans. but as surely said, they were firing from the 2nd and 3rd floor sooner we were hiding in the basement. there were more than 300 people there. the soldiers knew that we were there, though i don't know. maybe they were using this as a human shield. they did not explain anything, just said that they were told to stay in our hospital. we called the troops to leave the hospital territory, told them not to use it as a battlefield, but they refuse, but we try to rebuild the hospital and we are getting a lot of help. we're so thankful people donate blood volunteers help us to fix
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windows with us and hopefully we'll get electricity back soon. and finally, we'll be able to work. and as the crisis in ukraine continues, russian or defense weapons are proving to be highly effective. our senior correspond morocco's the of expands and why that's the case. ah, this is a fun city. s one russian midway air defense. complicated. it is difficult to overestimate the role that this machine has play. the conflict 5, protecting the troops on the ground and mrs. of anecdote, we fired from the truth coming back from the front line. they say the 1st prayers for their families, 2nd breath for themselves. and their 3rd prayer is for the crews of these vehicles which protect them all over the front blood from ballistic mil, self tactical missiles, drones,
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and that even multiple rocket larger system. it wasn't like this. at 1st. as the operation began, russian forces stormed across the border. was only when the rockets drones lorden started raining in that the pants and all the troops, la donna gorski at 1st, troops didn't really understand what this machine was or what it was supposed to do . but when the rock is tactical, missiles and drones started raining down, we began to deflect all these attacks. the infantry and logistics forces began to thank us. they told us they wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for us. air defense unfortunately, isn't a sure fire thing. saturation attacks can't get through when there are simply too many targets coming in too fast. that's rare. most of the time, the panther dismissals and canons can get the job gun reliably. here is one of the smear rockets that were knocked out of the sky by russian air defenses. if this had
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blown, the destruction would have been horrendous. this could well be carrying a cluster bomb. cosette. so the area would have been devastated. fortunately, if like many others was knocked out of the sky before it could do any harm. the biggest headache this'll cause now is, is how to destroy it. and the summit on the topic of prayer that also is taken care of in the book double good, like a in any war here. look, there are also one military us. you receive all of the true plug and play for those of us or can pray for them. oh, for them, a chance to put together mother to for pu deacon valeri has been attached to russian airborne troops for now on 2 decades hoover, which he, his father 10 children that hasn't held him back. he is on
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a mission just with zoom to it happens most often here, some sort of impulse that provides a person to establish their relationship with god, here and now rather than to delayed again, battle each chance. survival often comes down to pure luck will fate. as somewhat call it when folk come face to face with their own mortality. any of us lead a helping hand those guidance. we'll go looking and quoted deacon validity, along with the crews of russian air, defense forces are ready to offer all the come foot and the surance that they can look more at guys the of 40 from ukraine. let's welcome live on to the program. now geopolitical analyst on author, alexander duncan, you are very welcome. some western media outlets have branded you mr. dickon. the most influential political philosopher in russia. they claim your ultra nationalist
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than anti modernist ideas. they the central role in the ukraine crisis. how would you describe your influence? so 1st of all, i am not the go nationalist. i are criticized all my life nationalism. i am real time, we're a production identity or russian greatness, independence, and i'd like a russian civilization to be something completely different from western or eastern civilization. so i'm rather mostly in the lower tradition that was the nationalist at all. i'm very skeptical about gold progress in the west social progress technological progress. so i'm indeed critical to western modern mother and civilization.
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last, how well my influence i measure it is up to other to the judge. sure. sure. and my it is not campbell from my a christian orthodox, so it is not in our condition to make their apology. oh, our cells, rather campbell person, but i am consistent and strong in fighting for the greatness and independence of russian people russian state. i am great support, mister and i see that everything we are doing in you and we presented crime crimea with the brand. so that look, i don't ask every see was why dr. because that was the necessary condition to restore our independence for russia
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independent full of multiple world. i'm not in favor of restoring bio, it is possible. i'm on a multi polar world where every, every civilization will slide its own way to a defense. they will ok then, to what extent just on one of your other ideas, do you think, pun russian, your region is m i. e, e e, creating one, your ration super a nation, i think you've said from, from dublin to vladivostok. have aged and perhaps lost their attraction amid the war in ukraine. ah, trav, so i don't say he does this precisely. the lionel grew richer. bob to restore of the family or eastern sloss. are you ryan's mom bill, around sions and russians? is condition to, to restore our independence and sovereignty because your credit was taken from us
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as artificial geopolitical elements. that was this threat, the g 2 rica us to destroy us and to create artificial, i'll from nationalists not see. let me see identity, you read that was the strategy all the way to do except ukraine as a sovereign nation today is not obviously it does not anymore. so sovereign nation because you grant has lost the chance to create national state because to create successful national state, you need to hear all your population rest, eastern, western, braun, braun iraqis, and the ukraine. and modern granite. our government wants and still wants to create only one. i did see a red x on the western identity and that is the crime that this gina,
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that is regression over half of inflation and imposing them on so or to vote on support. there will identity is right, so i don't consider your grant as sort in today that is fail state and we need to save you all. it was our well we could hold for the celebration and revival. few grant ok on the conflict itself. then, in fact, one russian efficient intern used loc today describe the, the conflict as a premonition of world war 3. do you share that view? has world war 3 already began steadily? i'm not sure it is all is possible. doors was always was symbol and her or that is that i know open possibility and now the conflict i she reached those such boy so that it's more possible more and more
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probable than ever. but i teach it, it didn't yet begin a 3rd world war. and we could avoid it, see if that west and this stance properly what we are doing to nuclear and we, we should avoid any costs as any cause, direct confrontation between russia and nato. sure, we will, we will respond to it. but when it was such was it really did, and i see that the victory over russia and his special military operation could create the normal condition too. you proof in the future relation or is that west? it is not mazur. absolutely. so i think we will not see you inside of 3rd world war and we have a still yet. so the are the means to it, would it?
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and we need to do it. well, thank you for your time and your thoughts today and coming on our team to national to share them geopolitical unless the north or alexander duncan come up. ah, you leaders have slum moscow's demands that quote, on friendly estates, use the russian currency to pay for their gas imports. now objecting to vladimir burton's request, they say the moon would breach existing supply contracts. well, johnny, me live in the studio now to talk more on this is our correspond paula slip. hi, paula. indeed, just tickers through how you leaders have responded to vladimir putin declaration that if you want gas you p, and rubel. while the reaction is to be expected, we heard from the german chancellor will have sholtes basically refusing and saying that they would not be paying for russian gas deliveries in the russian currency. he was speaking yesterday at the g 7 conference in brussels,
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where he said there are fixed contracts in place and that those contracts are paid in the earth and in dollars. the same kind of sentiments being expressed by poland, state energy company, saying that they won't pain rubles, but actually saying that they can't pain rubles or so stressing that there are contracts in place and, and one person cannot unilaterally go ahead and break those con, those contracts according to his, well, so we've seen across the e u leaders basically saying that this is a breach of contract. and at the same time, quite a few of them scoffed at the, the mention of so called unfriendly countries. and that this was a reaction from moscow to their behavior. take a look. this would be a unilateral decision and a clear breach of contract and it would be an attempt to circumvent the sanctions. we will not allow our sanctions to be circumvented. the time when energy could be used to blackmail us is over. this is basically a breach of contract. this is important to understand. i don't think anybody in
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europe really knows how rubles look like. nobody will pay in rubles we've just heard a therapist, some claiming it's a breach of contract by moscow. but the e u. it has to be said on an unprecedented scale, has frozen russian assets, including foreign reserves, which by right is owned by the russian people. so are they wanting it both ways? well, that's exactly the point. i mean, as you click, he say, we've seen, for example, in france, they 1st and they are the russian central banks assets to the tune of 22000000000 euros. they've also frozen private property belonging to about 30 russian individuals. that's to the tune of half a 1000000, half a 1000000000 euros. and in the netherlands, they've also frozen their russian assets and russian transactions next to the tune of 392000000 years. and that was as of march, the 21st as specified in a letter that was given from the dutch finance ministry to the,
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the government. so the city is some kind of double standards and a sense that what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. the rubel as well seems to be regaining ground to think a lot of people checking out every day on the back of the president's demand after some extraordinary fluctuations in the past few weeks. just briefly touch on that. sure. well, the rebel briefly nick nick to 3 week high against past $95.00 against the dollar. at the same time it pod gains but stayed well below 100 coming in about $97.00 against the dollar. and what we have seen is that since so be the 24th. the rubel has actually gone down by more than 22 percent. so essentially what you have is the russian president thing. and his message is quite clear you want, i guess you'll pay for it in our currency. but what is not yet clear is whether he can unilaterally do this with contracts that have already been signed in years and in dollars. yeah, thanks very much for laying all out for us. our teeth policy,
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we're we spoke to economist and ceo of russian investment companies, but nick, alexander, lost that he told us the russian president's decision is likely to weaken both the euro and the european market letter states from the union of the countries of the total economic war against jason horton, tradition now. worse than during the cold war or the 20th century, there is a net or call to call 2 banks under visiting us on guest room. and some companies have no problems connecting doors on euro's in the see some weakness of euro, i guess the door will continue and, and kind of international rates and settlement. but i expect huge problem for next year. and on us,
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when we get to know that is no i didn't what sort of crisis we will see. new records will receive some shortage on the when guess market. because g green economy affects negative on the new product in oil and guess and just also in this topic, in an interview with our tea, unreal novice, the former at russian president and current deputy chairman of the security council meeting that via the stress of the western by russian, oil and gas for as long as it wants. responding to a question from ria, he said, giving off energy resources from russia would be a very challenging task for your the full interview will be, are tomorrow, saturday. in the meantime, here's a quick preview. yes, elizabeth, which investment my poor so erratically?
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the west says they will cut us off from everything. but they can't cut themselves off from allah gas and oil simply because it will backfire, they would freeze. they will now try to use less energy and come up with new proposals, but nevertheless, they have so far refrained from sanctions against our oil and gas. but going forward, they say they would like to stop using gas and oil from russia. how realistic is that? should we just sit and wait for that to happen rather, take action. the russian president announced a switch to the russian rubel as the payment currency. how will that work out credit? what will it look like in practice? proportionally low. we'll let them buy it for as long as they want. no one wants to lose money, right? this is all bravado and chess be thing. but it could work for the u. s. since they have an array of suppliers, they are isolated from europe. they are not so dependent on our deliveries and use the u. s. bond our oil, though it hasn't gone that. well, the americans will keep reminding president biden about the price of a gallon. ukraine is very far away in gasoline prices somewhere in the midwest or
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at a record high right now. inflation is 10 percent. it's a mind blowing number for the u. s. bids. yeah, so this decision will haunt the u. s. administration. it's consumers will say a big thank you for what their government is doing to their domestic economy. as a side effects of attempts to sway the russians for the overall, i'm philosophical about it. it's our natural well fits our gas and oil. can we use that? we have to trade, it was europeans with asia. generally there has been a global energy shift every 50 to 70 years. i don't know what the man is. the source will be in 2050 hydrogen. how some of the technology i simply don't know. so we have to prepare for that as well, go it. but right now, this is a significant part of our income and we have to be fully compensated for it shipped . certainly, we are looking at asian markets in the current environment and are figuring out ways to diversify our supplies. how europeans friends appear to be in a big hurry to give up oil and gas supplies and russia. but in reality, it is
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a very challenging task. 40 percent of their gas supplies come from russia, heard the more cushion oil accounts for about one 3rd of their import. it was much in nature, but in any case, it's up to them. if they want to get rid of it, they will. the only question is when that's something that we also need to respond to? yes, you, as for president putin's decision to switch the ruble settlements, i think it is a pretty obvious move. they shut down the correspond them accounts for our commercial banks. made settlements and dollars and euro's impossible and disconnected the banks on the sanctions list from swift, at least some of them. georgia. what do they think we were going to do? but the only legal tender in the russian federation is the rubel. so it's a simple offer, since there is no other way you have to pay in rubles to let them find a way to pay you. anyway, consultations on the way, we'll see how it works out of them. but it was a very intuitive decision with our was the instigator of the crisis
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that side china has labeled the u. s. stating washington has played a primary part in fermenting war in ukraine. to run the 12th, i can move on transactions. clearly contrast with the u. s method you to artificially create a crisis, the shift responsibility, and to profit from it. however, what country is the main instigator of this crisis? every one knows the answer. we, we urge the u. s. to immediately stop smearing china and making trouble, earnestly reflect on his disgraceful role in the developments and evolution of the ukraine crisis. and to do something practical to ease the tensions in ukraine. the claims that china sent military aid to russia are nothing but pure fabrication. both chinese and russian science of clarify the issue. recently the u. s. has been spreading rumors targeting china on the ukraine issue that exposes america's sinister intentions. and that's the international community. see the true face of
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the u. s. as a liar and troublemaker bush as well. and just on this story, the chinese foreign minister met his indian counterpart in new delhi on friday with both countries rejecting western calls to denounce russia's military operation in ukraine. in the 1st such high level meeting between the nations and 4 years, beijing said that the whole world will quote, pay attention when china and india were canden and the u. s. has threatened china with economic consequences if it continues to refuse to support its sanctions against russia than earlier this week. it condemned delhi for purchasing russian crude oil, seeing it put india on the wrong side of history. when we asked the analysts in both countries, i significant those talks between china and india could be regarding the current situation in ukraine. it seems to be a major price is involving all the partners, all the countries offer asia and europe and the u. s. is open just docs open to
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dialogue, and india is also a started at the moment in gavin you not take anything blind down as a lead editorial in china daily today. titled india not obliged to scratch us back. strongly supporting india choice to remain neutral and maintain ties with russia. i'm hopeful that this meeting for shadow is a significant warming of relations between the 2 countries. as it's clear, they have a lot more in common than not, and perhaps points to a new era of friendly relations that will deeply unsettle washington's so called pivot to asia. india has always maintained strategic independence between on the back. no, it has. and india is going to play with that approach because that's been brought your india historically. and i don't see any time changing on doctrine because india would like to retain that independence because we how fundamentally
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believed in a multi nature watered we have no multi point on what china hoses, sanctions of all forms. it poses threats of sanctions and it supports a position on a tragedy. now that we have this conflict in ukraine, there's this desire to know, malign china, to associate it with a conflict in some sense. why is the us trying to impose this on, on china and this? i think there are, there are 3 possibilities. the 1st is a few, as i did fears of sanctions, regime won't work without china's compliance or 2nd. it wants to expose china to even greater inflationary pressures. if china doesn't imply in their mike damage china's economy. and 3rd, if china doesn't comply, then again, it wants to add this to this course. it's already got in place of maligning china. essentially blaming the war on china and somewhere. and so now that the u. s. has
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destabilized ukraine and fed this conflict. the us expects china in india to abandon their strategic self interest for fuels. aaron and neither prime minister mowdy nor president, she can ping or fools. it's an ideology that's never went away and next week chronicle its roots. and why so many want to see it flourish again today or short dock, fascism. a history starts in moments. ah ah.
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ah and north atlantic alliance recognizance that grafted wolf ships cruising close to russia's borders have become commonplace along with military hardware redeployment and large scale exercises. nato has also developed its offensive capability near the russian borders every year, a russian bank resolution is submitted to the un against the glorification of nonce is.


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