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this is all exist ah ah, and north atlantic alliance, reconnaissance aircraft, and wolf ships cruising close to russia's borders, have become commonplace. along with military hardware redeployment and large scale exercises. nato has also developed its offensive capability near the russian borders. ah. every year a russian backed resolution is submitted to the un against the glorification of not system the outcome is
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always the same for you as votes against it. and in recent years with ukrainian backing with typically the you abstained. ah, but with most countries voting in favor, the document is accepted. but it's only advisory lou meter causing a writer in history professor with the american university in washington summarizes the usa official position. united states says that we're not going to prevent freedom of speech. the united states, as that even neo nazis, have the right to speak and to assemble. the german journalist and filmmaker, mark butler, my sees the ukrainian and u. s. positions differently. that certainly i'm like on a knee. my knee does tone is another one on name or do you okay?
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you know is shown garnish via the building damage for all time vasey zaps, tune. the mountain. western world generally considers hitler's naziism to be thing a typical of europe. in democracies. the fear is, doctrinal, superior and inferior races, rather appeared out of thin air in europe due to an unlucky turn of events, a pre requisites for it, but never existed before. but here's the pre world war map. the u. k. ad colonies in africa, india, china. the commonwealth of australia, asia, north and south america from said captured half of africa and half of indo china. belgium possessed congo. germany had colonies in africa, asia, south america, and osi anya, italy established colonies in somalia, ethiopia,
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libya and eritrea. the was spanish colonies in south america and africa po to go occupied colonies several times, its own size and population. the usa also kept up with the europeans. and so by the early 20th century, most of the world was divided between a few colonial nations. p. what was going on in the colonies as well known and documented millions of ruined lives from slavery. ruthless and remorseless exploitation of the phone of british diplomat, professor of political ideas and also william melanson has studied europe's colonial system. and the reason for its rise at full only one main thing is important for knox, ism internationally speaking, that is,
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that nations or that states that are allowed to do anything, all the mazda races. and then you have the minor nations who are the slave for the europeans. this, these were indians africans. for hitler, there were jews, gypsies, and sobs, naziism is truly convenient. it's a cynical justification for wiping out some cold inferior races. and shamelessly rubbing them at the same time. long before the 3rd rice appeared, naziism had been common in the west and there is only one sane and logical thing to be done with a rarely inferior race. that is to exterminated h g. wells, english author. all these racial ideas and anti jewish ideas were circulating everywhere in europe. and this led or helped to so called justify the grabbing of
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other people resources around the world, including what is today united states of america and has it, has anything altered only the colors. i do not admit, for instance, that a great wrong has been done to the red indians of america, a stronger race. a higher great race does come in and taken that life in winston churchill. the 2nd quote refers to the genocide of native americans that continued for around 300 years. about 90 percent of the continent indigenous peoples were wiped out. mm. counter terrorist expo dent fuller, u. s. army analyst scott bennet investigates crimes against humanity. mm. the american indians were seen as a scourge as a social pariah that needed to be expunged, expelled and exterminated from much of either the eastern seaboard. mm
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hm. the elimination of so called inferior races and extermination camps typical of the west. hitler had hardly come up with anything new bloemfontein. 19 o. one british concentration camp. bout house. 19. 45. nazi extermination. campbell. ah, the wisdom? well, did anyone living else exposing its colonies? bruiser empower, extremely profitable for the bridge. the french tried to, to copy in his books and articles. paul craig roberts, professor of economics and well known journalist and former u. s. assistant secretary of the treasury for economic policy analyzes the economic
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factors destabilizing the world. i, dr. thanks, region attribute or european r coil is a low to unifying other than the money making. the sun never sat on the british empire. the goal is we're, we're everywhere here in this empowers far, far older than now they're in the nazis. i like the british people, they colonial policy was unthinkable cut off hitler. socialism is always attributed to the 3rd life without mentioning other countries contributed to the idea as esteem this isis morse stotts is on it because ashes mosquito finished with her father, she had to work but still few the boudoir that as that he burned along one
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mock village roughly shell and polito. highboy hope of our freshest dish. concord inch banyon. i'm fresh, officious regime. talk to guy var fascist ash mannion lavished lugen ashes hunk. i had that in a fashion vishal cola boulevard to us. you won't be ve sheet figure will deutsche of hushes most villains on our end to you. the ash dark, awful deschutes warden. austin, was our finance yet. yeah. father hut, hitler. although the heater from not shown i went into nostrand, uncomfy thought in his books bent on let. so a history professor gives a thorough analysis of the reasons that brought germany to war with the dye. jane stay planted. i cherish to san jose 3 border o fca,
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about mid paid for the i'm a con issue on a border. lot of elements in britain and france and the united states were pro fascist sympathetic. that hip learned to miscellany american business was in bed with the nazis throughout most of the thirty's and into the early forty's. mm. the standard oil company, cent crude oil to the germans on a monthly basis. and collaborated with. i g far been the conglomerate that produced as i can be gas used against people sent in to the gas chambers about half of their market vehicles. what produced by opal, which was owned by the american company, general motors before 944 supplied the german army with motor cars and crude rubber. with in july 1938 for
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his hold of nazi germany, the american manufacturer, henry ford, received the 3rd racks highest deposit award for a foreign land. the order of the germany gone just as often as i advise you, fought in east bed draft. the henry fought. i'd smiled there is spirit showed on him. la nonsense. fiona fancy showed fault is i know there via toys these, these guys that i can call camper d n as the r p. what as a stark finance, he had office and it was on, on the, on him from the bank of america dork nomine leash for an amount bush did warm goals foxon when george bush of west,
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because he did i, inc. is this money from you? you and it was on the i got on hutton, that's all pong. o. d, u was of it on you long and i'm treat keystrokes van the 20th century. so a confrontation between 2 opposing systems, capitalism and socialism. the example of the soviet union, the proclaimed equality of all nations and all classes of society posed a threat to capitalism, united states and great britain, or equally suspicious of the soviet union, which communism it was saying, you know, as a direct threat to the democratic chaplain, systems on the west and so they were as uneasy their what server you're known as they were with. so germany 1938 the austrian angels. the petition of czechoslovakia by germany, poland and hungary,
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the beginning of world war 2. having realized the danger in march 1939, the soviet union proposed an anti fascist alliance to western countries. this has been trying to rally the west, make a stand with them against fascism. they opposed munich. they oppose allowing hitler in to check his ma vakio. but nobody would do that. so wasn't 939. when the soviet proposed in elias britain and france against hitler, it had been actually throughout the they laid flat, half of the 19 thirty's that the soviets were pushing for that. had that happened, we could have stop hitler, we could have prevented the holocaust. we could have prevent the world war 2 because hitler was weak and knew he was weak and he was bluffing. and assuming that
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the west was not going to stand up to him at the west, was hoping him any, all elements in the west were hoping that he was just going to go east and so in the thirty's, the soviets are the ones who are most strongly opposed to the nazis. ah ah, you must understand the lead to market some kind of democracy. you just don't believe group in which has to do with a doctor. so the leg plus, he's french, some homemade goods already under believe all fresh was bottled
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through more age in my ah ah, the moscow negotiations between the u. s. i saw you carry on france had stalled because at the same time, london hosted secret anglo german negotiations. in exchange for the british empire integrity, the british green lead a german march to the east. and despite the absence of a formal agreement, it was given to understand that he was free to act in the east. and shouldn't worry about the west with when we
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speak of new territory and europe today. we must principally think of russia. that colossal empire in the east is ripe for dissolution. cut off hitler. my income for hitler makes clear in mind comes in 1925. that the real goal is to take over ukraine has going to the east against the soviet union. that was always hit. there's real call and the europeans understood that in some ways. mm hm . poland 2 was preparing to invade the ussr with handler. the dismemberment of russia lies up the heart of the polish policy in the east. the main goal is to weaken and defeat russia. from a report by the polish army,
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general staff intelligence branch. but handler had other plans that didn't involve poland. i don't know as raphael does in and enjoy our diet room. does they go graphic obtaining damita, wanting to present and old as was her? that's why the law that there's revised one journalist young angle god is curator at the museum of polish history and also his nightly michelle. just so photography on to would upset stuff. ya. a sport on dish. love their voice, a raj, it's kicking uminski, representments, friends, humans have chest a garage event, the garage pop actually been from martha phase vase like photography apps. it's probably on of it as an extra for the ski. i mean she, he storage nailed bit of about of the zone with all that and you have to pay nice fat not for any he thought he bought back effective snell. ah.
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but there were other fact to about which the west prefers to keep silent. the molotov ribbon dropped, pat was only signed after all leading european powers and made deals with hitler. 933 germany, france, u. k. and italy signed the for power packed 1934. poland and germany signed a non aggression declaration. 1935. you okay. and germany sign unable agreement. 1938. the okay. france and italy agree to the petition of czechoslovakia between germany, poland, and hungary. 1939 latvia under stony assigned non aggression pacts with germany as vox log us. and i'm an golf from deutsch front,
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auto want bend is of it on your knees, pushed him to mos numb echo from heter tourism tight point done via her design for far less ish. t v isn't oh, the magnum folk gave me. well then, i guess he wagner and england stayed on the arkansas amino field, is what? well known american author, dean henderson thinks of past events. poland and hungary invaded czechoslovakia before hitler invaded poland because poland and hungary work and already with the nazis and france in england basically threw czechoslovakia under the bus. and they don't really want us to remember that part you see, but they just abandon them and. and again, if hadn't been for stolen coming on the eastern front, they would abandon a lot more people in eastern europe as well. mm hm. however, on september the 19th 2019, the european parliament adopted
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a resolution stating that it was germany in the u. s. i saw that paved the way for world war 2. i want to miss unice mock. thank a dozen of the day intestinal open, garad awesome bicycle, mando house, poor in the guns stock, thought lobbyist most the time. i buy a scent extreme, and that's an alyssa shift with that. not everyone in the you'll agree is with the official line of new vanya starting that door sheet lead. i. e 0 vanya, and jet skis, go come when use what i did skip go. sociology is more zamiah's schema. now jesus, yes, thought sir. good enough, bud wash custodian not to go to pal is here to zeniah e. nip of you know, be just go do not to go to pool. who joe? the for the huh. these off here till noon. island out for was a ha,
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the slight, vague, astonished n is also known as my nose. if on uns think all has his tools for the complex that owns in united europe seems keen to arrange from history a very unflattering fact. which is that officially wall was declared on the soviet union by nancy, germany, along with italy, v. she, france, the governments of slovakia, hungary, romania, bulgaria, and finland unofficially. the war against the ussr involved. no, we gents danish and swiss. as part of the viking and nordland s. s divisions. the dutch netherland s. s. belgium, ss volunteers. the flanders legion, the spanish blue division. the albanians scanned about as, as, as well as notoriously vicious ass offices from lithuania, estonia and ukraine. almost
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all of europe led by nancy, germany, took part in the slaughter of soviet nationals, 1st and foremost slavic people. who then he'd love rhoda to boston, a unique yvonne. this ceased poorly cheek. ha ha. madame on ebay to noy elf. tie in contact with the 2nd front. so loaded in the west was formed a mere 11 months before victory day when it became clear that the red army could manage on its own
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ah, throughout most of the war, the americans and the british were confronting 10 german divisions between us. while the soviets were confronting more than 200 german divisions by themselves with honda. so the addition, dodge in fund license and the dodge into mobile homes or cruise road, the distant data. so editor, again, jeffrey desk, i lose read me. the one that i gave ist dusty deutsch under vest tron in the bed. reverend and minnesota then creek in england or america. that certainly i am
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bandon shook life, threatened to dodge, now with a creaking. rutland danforth. bend at an angle on daughter vida. our phone politician disease is a ferrari m morales from disease is from her gun nieces breton and in march 1945 britain and the u. s. enter into secret negotiations with germany to negotiate the surrender of german forces in northern italy. dissolve it or not. the smithy common natalie. i'm darkish that day to name and this will da bob kelly. be vest master. for less dammit, no for ended as cuz you're a priest, owen, can me with as of italian. i'll either. if in middle of it or not along our lead or for i'm because i didn't friend in his letter to president roosevelt,
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an openly accuses the allies of negotiating a separate piece with jelly. already on his deathbed, roosevelt writes back saying you have been misinformed, starting responds with already foreman, so humble and honest people judges position is more aggressive. he approaches the us with his plans for operation unthinkable and alliance of anglo saxons, and nazi's and the massive bombing of soviet cities that refund anisa, but stand no longer needs to emergency our churchill. i turned in the all star headache. i know 9 priest grant is march least when i buy an apology salvage on your grant and among void the da by putting that to 1000 feronda, the zip code on the dutch via dash to cut out there is ian the years and
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then come. then i and they will actually blame you santa, on nearly noon. i get up every morning and pray of stalin is alive with wealth only stolen can save the world. winston churchill ah, once the world was saved, churchill changed his mind. any attempt by the soviets to compete against the anglo saxons had to be crushed forever. the usaa has to be eliminated immediately. general george s. patton, commander of the u. s. 3rd army demands that the troops do not stop at the old, but move on toward stalingrad. on june 29th 1945 stolen,
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who already knows about the operation orders marshal shook off to move troops to combat positions in the west. mm. it is now clear to the allies that a surprise attack is no longer possible then charger. the conclusion, deduction, creeks, government, and started our mobility. tut, dean. deutschland annoyed to buffalo chatham, jean chavez de leon down my story in north iceland, when she dared to. but some of my friends calmed starting for arthur resistant as she is so astound buzz mafia dar on charges. are you had that been anything for me? a tom was in the phone yet. he says garbage feel i can dish. divest, mr. that's enough. we're no longer interested in a union with the russians, so we don't have to abide by the agreements with them. we need to make the alter records non existent, mary truman,
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her. but the lies need the red army in the far east, where the one and a half 1000000 strong quinton army is waiting. the us and britain had a hard time retaking several islands from japan and would welcome some help with a japanese read the most was the idea that the soviet, by coming to the civil war, truman understood this solid assures that the russians are coming in on schedule true and rights in his diary test dollar will be in the jap war by august. 15th finney japs when that occurs. ah, the invincible cleansing army was able to hold out for just 20 days. ah, the red armies outstanding, manchurian operation ended in complete victory. but
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even those of new military reasons for it to russia, annika, saki were bombed the bomb was not actually dropped on japan. it was dropped on the soviet union as a warning of what it's going to have to soviets. if they interfered with americans post war plan with i was just going to read them and yeah, how many times when i was all with world is with you. her is with you. i'm with
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ah, november the 3rd 1945, just a month after the war ended. the u. s. joint chiefs of staff receive report number 3 to 9. select 20 targets to attack in the soviet union with nuclear bombs. the time was right. as the u. s. s all was devastated by wal united states last about 400000 people at the brit sloss less than the americans did. and the soviet suffer 27000000 deaths bmw 27000000 is an incredible
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number whitehead, todd kennedy, k has american university commencement address. if i to 63, he said that with the soviet suffered of world war 2 was the equivalent of the entire united space. east of chicago, have you been destroyed? mm. initially the plan to attack the u. s. l was code named trojan over time it evolved into pincher bush, lack of crankshaft, half moon coke wheel off tackle. and sherry idea, december 19th, 1949 saw the adoption of the best known plan to wipe out the soviet operation. dropshot, date of attack, january the 1st 1957 to the plan outlined the complete annihilation of the usaa under the democratic.


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