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tv   News  RT  March 28, 2022 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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yes, i have a great week, i have that with concerns mine too. over alleged war crimes by a half after on verify video emerges online, claiming to show ukrainian forces shooting and beating russian prisoners of war ahead in the program, putting an end to the crisis and dumb boss on the demilitarization of ukraine. russian foreign minister survey love ra, 5 lines. the goals that masika was, again seeking. and it's talked with tia this week and an interview to serve india. we must make sure that the west a native stop trying to acquire ukraine. the physical and military threat against russia, the ukraine seems to be a country that is constantly militarized on russian troops. raid the house of a ukrainian far right battalion commander. discovering
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a large amount of equipment and neo nazi memorabilia. correspondent reports from the c. everywhere that's military uniforms. nazi military uniforms. this cap e s. s division totem help. which onset, the extermination and concentration camps. rad. by hitler's germany, ah 247 used from our studios in russia's capital city. this is our teens are still good to have you with us. my name is june and only let's start by recapping the main events in the ukraine conflict than yet. great public forces have raised their flag over the administration building in the embattled city of mario pole. while the russian defense ministry, sayings it so fence is going according to plan with the 1st phase of objectives
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completed the m o. d also say's almost the entire republic of jumps. over half of the done net republic are now under control of russian or pro russian forces. also, this week we'll see a new round of talks between russia and ukraine hosted by turkey. when the done yet people's republic information ministry has released video, allegedly showing ukrainian forces shooting and beating russian prisoners of war. we will not show the disturbing video just some heavily redacted slides, as it betrays bones. soldiers lying on the ground with multiple bullet wounds to their legs, while others have broken bones. the head of rushes, investigative committee has ordered an investigation into the incident. ukrainian officials gave this comment her to be sure to know about if seen i remind everyone that abusing prisoners of war is
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a war crime that does not carry amnesty on their international law and does not have an institute of limitations. we are a european army over european country. we treat prisoners according to the geneva convention, no matter what your personal emotional motives may be. yeah, the view from kiev. well, let's talk through then what's in those videos with rt corresponding policy or joining me in the studio. hi, paula. the footage is certainly difficult to watch. take us through what's there? it's very gruesome footage. it's almost 6 minutes. i had a look at it earlier and it really is very up fishing. now you can hear in the background ukrainian soldiers saying that they have captured a russian recognizance group. it seems to have happened around 20 miles from the russian border in the region of hoc. if, as you mentioned, you see in the video, russian prisoners of war who are lying on the ground, their hands are tied. they have multiple looks like stab wounds on their bodies at the same time. they've been heavily beaten and they are being interrogated by men
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with blue on bands, which obviously shows you that they belong to the ukrainian military, but possibly also to some of the nazi groups that we've been highlighting. you also then see 3 prisoners of war being ordered out of a van, and then at close range, they are shot in the legs. now we are receiving reports that some of those in the video did die during this whole interrogation. in terms of the reaction, we've had a different reaction from 2 different apartments in ukraine. the ukranian government itself has expressed alarm, saying it's going to launch an investigation and that as a european country, it knows its army doesn't behave like this. but there was a request that was also sent to the ukrainian defense ministry, and they did not specifically refer to this incident. but they did say that there were instances in the past where they blamed essentially russia for staging. things like this way you the russian soldiers on the ground and ukrainians, mistreating those soldiers. now a number of channels, not any owls,
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have chosen not to show the footage because it is so crucial. but of course, this hadn't stop journalists from having a conversation that really needs to happen. let's take a look. ukrainian soldiers shoot to russian prisoners of war in the legs and film themselves doing it. video below shows about 6 other russian soldiers with similar wounds without question. it's a war crime and nothing to justify it. even if it is not what we would like to report, it still has to be reported. if war crimes don't disturb you, because they're against russians, think about how the soldiers who are willing to shoot unarmed prisoners might be willing to treat ukrainian civilians. the videos appear to be true. brushing prisoners of war are being shot in the leg by ukrainian soldiers, and some might die post shot. now obviously we've received a lot of reaction from users as well. just looking at the extensive chinese online reaction. you've had people saying things like the ukranian forces really need to
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be destroyed, that they haven't seen any video. alexis with russians mocking ukrainian prisoners of war. the ukrainians are behaving that the japanese did in changing and ukrainian army is nothing sort of behaving the way isis behaved. a lot of reaction there was, but the kremlin one of they said, and almost immediately mostly stated, was launching a probe to what it described as extreme cruelty. we have heard from a criminal spokesperson, who has said that they will be starting or the fax off to which they would want to know that the people who participated in these tortures are persecution and are punished. we'll pull it brings up and the point of international law. how might this alleged treatment of the capture soldiers be seen in terms of that? well, certainly violation of international law. you already have human rights watch that in the past has, has still questions and expressed alarm to the equating government in terms of the hundreds of thousands of videos that are being uploaded that seem to intimidate
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russian soldiers, of course is a breach of the geneva convention which talks about teaching, so treating prisoners of war with dignity and not putting them at risk of being able to identify them or they families. you have videos in the past, not just like this, but you have way individuals are being named with their families will be named where the identities are being given. where you, you see the soldiers being humiliated. you see the soldiers being punished back on march the 10th human rights watch, st of quest to the ukrainian government because of it was so concerned about these videos. and on march the 16th, if it's still not received a response, but we can take a look at that. such treatment of prisoners of war violates protections under the geneva conventions intended to ensure a dignified treatment of captured competence on all sides. they make clear that prisoners of war must be treated humanely in all circumstances and protected against any active violence, as well as against intimidation, insults, and public curiosity. international committee for the way across has also come out
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and expressed concern over what it says is particularly the identification of individual prisoners in such videos. paula, thanks for most, for sickness, through that on some of the issues that paul was bringing up there, we will talk about them now with young nestor is independent experts on the law of war. and joining us from jo, how you're very welcome sir. human rights watch previously warned ukraine on the torture of russian soldiers. yet this appears to have continued. why do you think the directions haven't been widely condemned? and indeed, those who conducted this alleged torture not held accountable. i think if you're in gordon complex, both parties need to exercise control over the troops over the parties to the conflict. i think as you describe it and you're not at a body to the conflict, need to investigate what we have seen it from the action of these people. v. the
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alleged russian soldiers has to be investigated and those into who are doing these kind of behavior. this kind of action needs to be presented and it's been in front of court regardless of the our civilians. if the are part of the a, a, an army they have to be presented in front of court. because this is a direct violation of what is alleged to be attacking a prisoners of war, who are protected under geneva condition 3. it brings up the point as well, doesn't it? that is similar incidents in future are not properly investigated. does that mean that russia is going to be forced to rely on its own justice system instead of international law? well, they should addiction for persecuting and try putting people to trial lies on the new government. because this is their obligation on these kinds of actions have
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been on the directory of their training and land. allegedly, these people are responsible by their county. and so they are currently on a national course, has to take care of all these violations and allegations, unless the soldiers, the villagers fall in the hands of the russians where they, russia has to present them into, in front of it's court. if both countries, if a crane and russia fails to what these people to try and then international tribunal can be brought into the picture. ok, thanks for breaking that down. then in terms of the penalties for violating the geneva convention, who would be held accountable according to the law? well, anyone who violates the geneva conventions. this is why we have the geneva conventions . and in this particular all the geneva conventions. 123 applies to this one click because all sorts of units would be protected. soldiers who fall captured or injured has to be protected. civilians want to flee in terms of being a i, d, b,
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or if it has to be protected. so in a frontal, who should be prosecuted, everyone who is involved in these incidents, shall they be proven to be soldiers from the army or civilians carrying arms. they have to be presented in front, of course. and if these people have a command share their command ship, if they don't take action to bring them to court, they need to be also the security at this stage, those involved in this incidents and or those who are giving them to order to do so . if this exist, has to be presented in front of goals. understood. yeah. how can then just finally bruship perhaps make sure that those violating the law or if it's fun to be verified, do face justice on face for a trial. if those people are often viewed as you well know as freedom fighters by the western world, well regardless freedom quite as soldiers, whatever they are, everyone who is party to the complete cost to abide by the law. the law of war
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applies to everyone. anyone decides to carry arms has to respect the law and has to show all the majors have been respected for this, if you captured a soldier, if you capture a fighter, this is the end. this is the, the reason of the war is to neutralize your enemy. there is no need to cause more than it should in terms of suffering. i think russia has to keep the legal framework on the table. they other soldier, the other party to the conflict should not do the same in response of these violations. because if russia considers these as gay violations, then the same should not happen to the other party if this happens, because then we will lose even a fix and war effects and values have to also them in that. and as we see all the time, even wars have limit. so the law has to be respected and they think they dialogue between the 2 enemies. if i consider it as enemies or the fighting parties has to
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ensure that league may just would be taken in consideration. and this reminds us all with the article number one of the geneva conventions, that all bodies should do that most to ensure that a stick of that all in all situations and in all, many thanks for breaking all that done for us. now, sir, independent expert on the law of war. thank you. well done, yet military troops meanwhile, have raised their flag over the local administration. headquarters in the city of morrow intends fighting, continues. there after a month of relentless efforts by russian led forces against ukrainian troops to secure the key port city once more inside that than yet people at republic. thus because maria was occupied in 2014, at by ukrainian forces during their crack done on separatists in dunbar. sibley's, half of the city as no reportedly been feared. and that said tickets to the
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ukrainian capital locals have been covering some of their st. monuments with sun bags to protect them from shelling. kiev is on high alerts with heavy fighting, reportedly ongoing, just kilometers away. on the western new crate near the city of lucy and oil storage facility has gone up and slain. and after a reported russian or a strike, firefighters were seen bustling the flames. there's been no statement on any casualties as yet. we're just waiting at russian officials previously said they would target sites used by the ukrainian military for its operations, including fuel, devils and civilian infrastructure has been bearing the brunt of the war. people from this village inside that then yet people's republic at were among those caught in the crossfire russian lead. troops have now taken control of the area which remains heavily contested by retreating cranium. forces local civilians have been
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provided with food and shelter while lead the near sc military focuses on removing ukrainian land mines from nearby roads. some of the locals told us it's been a daily battle just trying to search for old women were sitting there and then the sharing began. were heard explosions inside the house and all around us. we didn't know where to hide, my gosh. it's also horrible. and turkey in to try and mediate his cease fire in ukraine, delegations from moscow and kia will sit down for talks in istanbul, and later this week, head of the latest round of what's sure to be difficult and co stations, president lensky has maintained that he's not prepared to give up any of ukraine's territory or sovereignty, while adding that he wants peace on the restoration of normal life as soon as possible. not as fighting continues in the side, ukraine, or correspondence or on the front line springing exclusive footage, including these pictures of wounded russian troops being transported back to feel
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of hospitals where medics are working around the clock to treat an influx of casualties at these images were sent by ortiz, eager to come up. moscow and keys are pulling no punches in the ukraine conflict. all weapons shoots of the nuclear options seem to be on the table, and it is taking a human tool. rushes latest officials, statistics on manpower losses standard more than $1300.00 dead, and almost 3 times as many wounded. so right now we are at a russian field hospital. it's in the back of the cave and front. it's very large installation out in the field and well, right now the several surgeries going on. this soldier. well, he was wounded by a mine. so his right arm is right now being operated on by this doctor. he can see they are talking to each other, consulting about something he's out, or he has received anesthesia. and basically there are several more patients in
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here right now. so after this man receives the 1st treatment, he will be evacuated back to russia or for further short little of the victim has an injury caused by a mind, blast, shrapnel in his shoulder, causing vascular damage to muscles and soft tissue. we will try to stabilize him and send him to the next stage of evacuation from an extra machine to a mobile lab. this facility is no proper hospital but is equipped just enough to save people's lives and limbs. silica. we have all medications we need. we have been provided with everything and our patients receive all the necessary help. here patients are safe, but many things can go of roy as they are evacuated across hostile territory. so this vehicle it was created here. it's sort of a makeshift armored while vehicle armored car that is used to well evacuate those wounded on the battlefield. so you can see that of all the markings that it bears.
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it only has a letter re no red cross because multiple will evac drivers and medics have told us that anything marked with a red cross. well essentially becomes the 1st target. you can sneak a peak inside. this is what it looks like. and basically it can transport up to 12 people at the same time with the 4th of my help with the transportation of personnel, of patients and with their evacuation. when i spend many hours driving, as soon as a car comes in, i drive, i feel responsible, a person's life depends on me. and sometimes i have to drive really fast. for those who pass through this hospital, the fighting's over, they will go home to recover. those who remain on the front line will continue their fight as battles in the country and to their 2nd month. i'm a gosh, darn of ot see. now in an interview to serbian media, sir, gale of raw fence express shock at the level of risk of phobia in the west,
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the mit events in ukraine. the russian foreign minister also reiterated that at russia's priorities for the new round of peace talks and turkey are securing the safety of don bos residence on the demilitarization of ukraine. we are busily, we must make sure that the people have done boss will never again suffered the hands of the key for geem. we must make sure that the west and native stop trying to acquire ukraine has a physical and military threat against russia. so the ukraine says us to be a country that is constantly militarized, and where the rad temps to place a face of weapons to threaten russia. we need to stop efforts in ukraine to encourage new not ideology and practices. both the demilitarization and di notification of ukraine are essential elements of the agreement that we are seeking use the stored but as you are, the thing that struck me at the current stage was an unprecedented surge. i would even say an explosion of a cargurus,
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a phobia which awoke in almost all western states and of which the leaders of the states are actively encouraging and fueling such an obsession which has swept almost all european countries in relation to everything. russian b, culture, art, education, or just towards russian citizens, of course, struck me because it opened up the essence of this archaic rose, a phobia, which it turns out has been around for a very long time. because it is impossible to awaken such feelings in just one day . so it means there were been carefully hidden, was another issue of contention is the russian currency that's after moscow demanded on friendly states pay for their russian gas imports in roubles. now, so far, the request has been dismissed by most european states as put blackmail or a breach of contract. they were vladimir putin ordered organizations in russia to lay out their plans on the currency switch for energy by the end of march. well, let's get there further into that and speak to dr. nicky hummer,
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economist and publisher of the vert shaft actual business in use lay. you're always welcome to the program. so far, the e u is saying no to the rubel for buying their energy needs. do you think that's going to change in the coming future? it has to change because the one who supply the products can decide the price. if there is a market price, not necessary, but it considers to all places. for example, you have different prices for w t, i crude oil, you have different prices for a rate of radium and so on. so why not telling the price that russian raw material is only available for russian currency? it's the freedom off, the $1.00 who supplies it. of course, it is a problem for the europeans, and for the us to stay calm, my raw materials and their own currency because only buying and the own currency
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means that they can. but they don't have to really pay for it because as long as you can pay in your own currency, you can print the currency and devalue the currency as much as you want. she doesn't want to have the us dollar anymore either. they didn't openly declare it, but they are acting like this. so they are in the same on the same page. so anyway, the europeans have, in the long run to accept whatever the supply of the raw materials wants to have for its raw materials. and which currency he wants to demand, or if he wants to get gold. and this is a big problem for them to venture, but they have to change this past weekend. i get, we've seen more and more protest strikes against rising energy and living costs in some european states complaining that the government, they're not listening to the people,
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the people saying we're hurting and nothing's being done. in fact, it's getting worse. do you think the government will eventually listen to the people and help them somehow? i don't think so. why? because most of the price increases are done by the government's here. it's not by the markets. for example, we had a similar oil price in 2008, but we play, we paid nearly half of it at the gas station. so the rest is done by the government and the big oil companies. most of the price increases we have are due to new taxes due to a governmental things due to high away just costs by the government where they increase the minimum wage whenever they want. so most of the things are really done by politics and not by the market. of course politics tried to blame the market, especially now the conflict when the grain, because it leads away from them as being the cause for the problem. because they
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want to stay in the position of determining the prices and not letting the market to determine the price is. this is margaret newport crappy from them. 11 thing we saw a number of days ago was british foreign minister lives truss seeing. the sanctions imposed on russia could be lifted after russia withdraws from ukraine. do you believe that? do you think after the conflict stopped, the sanctions will be lifted? i don't believe anything they say worth it because they were not very trust trustworthy in the past. anyway, if they make new sanctions and they say, well we are where we will lift a few of the sanction we just made. if you do this and that and whatever next day, they say, okay, we have to lift the sanctions again. this is not worth anything. no, you have to, you have to re, to go to the negotiations and have a proper system of the rail,
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a reliable system of treating with each other and all the sanctions. and this is the fact are hurting more the europeans and they are the german middle band and not the rest of the world. and this, i think, is the cost why they do it because the german middle stat and the german economy is the main cause for the us trade deficits. and the u. s. trade deficits will be the cause of the bankruptcy of the united states. if they cannot pay the world with dollars and the, the world doesn't accept the dollar that much anymore. they have to reduce the incoming goods and germany and china, or europe and china, the main courses for that deficits. and that's why i think what's the back of a sanction model and all these games with the sanctions. so i don't trust the brits at all. thanks very much for going through all those run locations with this
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economist, dr. i k hummer from hon over at this hour. thank you. thank you. now, as the russian army advances in southern ukraine are a senior correspondent that goes the of his, imbedded with troops. he was there, as the military discovered unclear at the highest of one leader of a new not secret behind the curtains of rushes, special operation in ukraine. a vast yet under reported enterprise is also underway . the de nuts of vacation of ukraine for many years now. the west is dismissed. russia's concerns about the growing power of nazis and far right groups here in ukraine, this is the house of the local leader of the right sector, which is an openly neo nazi organization. and ukraine, which is prospered over the last 8 years outside his house. the son, this is good garden street. it reads garden straw. see the german for street. he
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made no secret of who he was. he led the right sect the office here in the dance. this is his house, he himself ran away his the house itself is for now a crime scene. we can't enter, but we have seen the footage and some of the things that have been brought out of the house by russian investigators who are determined to de not suffice inter a verse what ukraine has become. his name is victor plot nickel. and like many of ukraine's nationalists, he has a great fondness for all things that have a swastika on them. as family has kept archives and nazi memorabilia throughout the years, he, his wife, children, and sister, all members of right wing organization saw through the food in you. here's his right sector membership cartucker. he's a unit commander, and here he is himself. and here they say there's no fascism in ukraine group a call to kill russians. can they derogatorily call muscles?
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these are some of the images seized in his house. it reads 9th, november 1943, an original. there's plenty of propaganda, material id cards left behind by this man. his, his son. we until you, his face put that he along with his brother went to an elite military school in ukraine in t f. the, these are the sorts of people that were accepted. there everywhere this military uniforms, nazi military uniforms. this cap, the assess division, totem, called which onset for the extermination and concentration camps. ran by hitler's germany, another one, a picture of adult hitler along with the local division. as of the assess, known for their brutality, a mostly made up of ukrainian volunteers, but this was all outwardly open. every one knew who he was,
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and he was an influential figure in this new ukraine that formed after 2014. he ran, leaving all of this behind because he is well aware of what rushes d knots if occasion campaign operation will mean for him. specifically missed the plot mc of is one of thousands of radical right wing leaders, fighters and enablers, that russia has kept tabs on throughout the years. we have confirmed evidence of 53 crimes that were committed by putney coffee. and in around 70 more cases, he is considered an accomplice. we have proved that he perpetrated multiple rapes and he was considered a merciless in powerful militia. as russian forces advance, many of these neo nazis and war criminals, a flea abandon homes and possessions, even family. now they have taken to threats and violence against civilians. much as
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nazis did to terrorize the population in liberated areas, your councils, they threaten people, they hunt for people on social media. they look for their relatives in areas controlled by the ukrainian government. if they threaten people directly or threaten their relatives, people fear not only for their lives, but also for the lives of their close ones. we've seen as ourselves, empty jails and prisons, murderous and killers armed and released. if only they agreed to fight for kiev, that will carry out assassinations forgive, here and alleged would be a fasten was caught before he could strike against the local businessman, who like many others, welcomed russian troops. the ukrainian security forces visited me in prison, offered me to kill alexander pony mario, the member of parliament. they offered me a new life, new name, new documents, and $10000.00. i don't know why exactly they wanted.


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