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oh, economists and no energy specialist that matter. you know, there is no other alternative source in the short term. then can fill the gap. should russian go get supply, be terminated now? so we'll have to see the european union is speaking of perspective regarding, oh, we of the russian and just supplies, but that will take time. i don't want to speaker how many years, but certainly many years to does it for me this hour. i will be back in about 29 minutes with another for and 1st like tuesday with us internet with a
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we'll just leave the when you got a good i seen that was would you, liam shift on this? and you can say it's at the or storm agreement. that is the other one. yeah, i'm not sure of video issue. he's down bill repeated the now bra, see, they're cooperative that they do what she of principal, the stablish. not that i do so on the each, those go there out. a cloudy with syria, st. louis, pizza, dance. you're doing the messages that you'd also get. hipaa. did you get hipaa grimaldo of to that beauty obasi and some of our one of those sub p u. m. as fluent dicky kids. some wasn't an 8. you are grown. they're college thought of michigan as you former the glitchy blow, he still wouldn't principal. now bring it down, but here with that you can see that when you are pro indeed that your sewing your to is to. but you might be away. so stuff across the shortage. ok, sure. so it threw it on the list of billable my guess. but ominous barrow, the you,
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the michelle, are american, the nysha costly are doing. yes, the more is young to more are talk you so so not terrible gun and the premier believe to morning. i believe, boy, he got the report as it, you know, with not that a bug owner, but the most, the, even the eat in the super aware chess if she would it be, you know, she could e se that usually a, you know, by year it's a new hotel, along at the mazda spirit, or just my superman se was you my rice, did you put, said your brother, give you some good remedy, route you to do that with the new business name as possible deduction, and then your to stay, since it was nobody to be there or you them unless you get him to when you move with the, with you when you're there before and you can all go with the i'm listening to the post of what i show, it's unless you go my, my yeah, a lot of more than a but said he's yeah, what you'll find yet only a,
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those will process across the choice issue that i was more school. but you more about that if they should have a social, i can clear. mean it's just about on them. which one, you know, which when you start us, if you wish a wish to go to school, but that, i mean, of course, my element i put in a premier, we should get all the details so screwed up. but you want children to rush, couldn't you show? which is she to me on the put a good look. we're fucked. a monday to congregation i thought bill was a little up. ross with no one can sort of private equity or the claims which much go i don't want to little crazy bill. get scott at the law cross contorted with on can do out that it all it doll yet with it within 1015 years now. think that in
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long the lesser, from the little words it, it, or that the, at least i mean younger, pretty good. crane has a biological research facilities which in fact we are now quite concerned russian troops, russian forces may be seeking to gain control of. so we are working with the ukrainians on how they can prevent any of those research materials from falling into the hands of russian forces. should they approach it when you kind of sort of, when they see in atlanta, that mostly is live close to local. no passion would have us talk well, no, it's the result of the notion. any of the little girls sold? refreshing in the room so that the mean tedious? no, no. which name is lou it? not. ok? yes. learning a book or was all okay, are you looking for us to proceed?
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we are going to cancel a name or a i think it was, goes on, you know, and then your class, you learn something new, go at a situation where you must go to wish him, but he was like a fleming. others and she just keep in you, you bother you. because mostly i'm a little bit less than a when you post gillian lashes. i'm going to get with him about this about bus and i mean she, it's amy because she was, would you to be a little bit easier? you spend a minute watching, which is boys all the way. so you should be feature knots of them because they should be would the gave
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either a certain nature will go to you. i will do sure. sure. there are both go was korea, she, when you got only euros to she machine which know where i was to where it says let's split up. i was a be like east it. what was the building should do with not the good will totally the solution that literature and lucian, because it was that was the number. and the peachy me, me. she was just on the side. he could date it. oh
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boy, she wasn't going to get us not do it as much acidic when the building is still is it any of those? there was a building is the most thing you know school with on the zillow thing. and just because of the, of the, so the billing is not even the billing. oh boy, yeah. the woman. yeah. the but it's still in years this, you wouldn't it still, but it was a slow, not even, you know, when you mine, you know, with movie a new that goes with
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on you, but there's a, do i still got a new year to date, but then sell them, but the, me just, you know, and they're still going to spark on year as a chill. i you could, i knew i should this stuck with the new boys and i got a notice now which it, but i said sure in article don't put together. it's, i had them another says that that was done. i thought it was there. actually, i need to move past what i'm, what i wish to hear a symbol to the customers that says that works in a system that i have a good answer because i was about to go to see a know and i'll probably just to finish that and then you would actually go to the city and you don't see, but really, i mean the ship systems to come up with. you might have to was
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n u a b 3 will, pretty gentle bomb as a pretty you possibly you think he said when he said i should both agree with the spanish english, the sheet that i want to see and i see where she might have been used that symbol that was causing a partition that's, you know, i was a lead again fixed on a one year senior next that the doctor for which one the initial subject to gauge is near the notion any e, the double out of, in his, over in the finance here, when you choose to combine your order, you sent me as soon as i miss you, then you finish and dump. a lot of good news all and you sit with you when you go to a burdens, especially in a slow. gotcha. what is now we can see dumb production, but it just hit main system over to them like a slow. she's a b one if could tie up the feature stuff me at the, at that the, with a kit does or what? no. what on can you part the bush now?
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i thought with the course of budget to be honest with you. and there was also that you showed the ability scholarship, but that's certainly a book on global. and in my study, chima a nuts which my do you for a long elsa roy? yeah. did you wanna use a photo visibly when you do the move on the call with mark one with laboratory for the if you wanted to talk to them, walk through a process with you. what's going to do with us economy? just keep us with a video. so can you tell us to smear, to stand and use their own? yes, you said you want them, we will be with you to pursue mural the talk to mom
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with liberty in ocean center. we just do a little spoke with scheme which you know, yes. private you will buy me to court where you see other it's we're going to skip it is just like a case. yeah. and you can create a little bit more like a schema studio is also dying because the other time going in, but you probably didn't say i was to build you with me .
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i oh lou, i'll give you a new deal in the system. but on this show, i don't store into him, listen, you can push over to rothko some of those. okay, so can you tell me what the movie when you will, if i mission or spoken to this with even skin minute grains of upper off that she needs to be on the rest of the core procedure reduced. and what we could put in a brush with the move and then a couple of no, probably not to show even in the morning in a grades wisdom the only go over the grant me. this is just
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so that it was more to suggest you when you know of the problem, it comes to religion reduced lunch for you not know a glitch in the teacher's kettles called the korean so the pollution control would be one that would be great for sure. so let's just mission a little quick. i'm going to give you natalie. she is in the premier, give me just the roper roasted cranes. bill. it also the formal move paulette, causing my to loop a little bit. i mean, does it sort of shannon, you, fox, a built in the bottles, kim, nipple, grain, some it apart, whiskey. more grain, some knowing you ball and the bring that are man over at him in a new function of the quarter. well, more of the so that you folks still more than so nice blessed campbell dish, not there yet, mr. washington, that they came over him. were such as long as we're part of the special. that was okay. because this match, he unusual preaching because mr. sober on this is robert,
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it's initial walk into the thoughts on the chimney, me you sure. abreast to chin veneta, even though roscoe are at no additional. ah is peace at hand, russia ukraine negotiations to end the conflict appear to be a real possibility. compromise seems to be prevailing. will this impact the west offensive against russia? a . d. c because of the african and engagement. it was the trail. when so many find themselves well, the part we used to look for common ground
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o m. as in his knee, still earls in georgia, a girl nicholas, those poor of e m would go that one us hadn't musical yet another said ups was, they did the search no. more of us have been the portfolio but also presented that you would then you'd also be dr. w. c. o g o z a mom louis. it's alyssa bill's like a thorough id in the store near that and he was more as nice as the user was. so co worker is miss shania, is anybody she had the she you thought the ballier know what should the he issued those 2 on the completion. but sure. can you still done like more than that, nick? it is that i called her and i'm she wouldn't be nice of easton, i'll don't of koreans have been vivian with of should that you was was now with when you go it, if you're visible, you ask a couple of years. a chill and also worse. if you lose your and answer full immediately the group today peter's dania moore's good. with amelia nancy, at least the gill, you see a young man now the support an
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e 0 and i showed us that you are, can you by not num lithium pneumonia, or would it be humiliated? you the cousin, last boy into so and let us know, we'll use it as a, will you? i mean, i guess it would be, you would only be on the medium come switch. it was a blue, i neural stiff nobela, and his mother, a blue and usually a do. it's this. michelle, oprah, floor you want on? yes, the usa. nobody's. delaney understood that, but on sale now, boss nish, lorine opinion was a new mazda, even about music you months of did those 2? but i mean in you produce d sugar, mckuire, pasco, pasco, who should like immediate soon, which in, just as room was little avoid him, is that his ticket jest in give you though honesty is made and there was so clear, biddy michaud, in your career as have been that when you that it's that i know i just enjoy doing this. desousa said that the most of that goes up sir, does open a day in fits it. oh wait. unless you like those that need your url renew was more than the interest of the ernestine sto, stove nestor. she would even doesn't. she therapist is 97, the stationary minute that you took knowing you got to remove. so they're taking
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care of you today. we doing a boy document to give technology, but almost a bernetta shall quietest place. cover your head yet. just cook with the cook over to please make sure your car nash issues have toilet no nuts. you could, the soonest you look at each group. if they're willing to, more than us has that ability. corrosion ability to ship with our spark. i think you bring it up. what does she need clear to me to let you issue? you, again, the chip is issue straight and you were given the cookie to produce, think you're comfortable with shirts, you purchase a, somebody's gonna catch the machine. it says they put in the problem that i had to show karlesha i took on yesterday. i took roger booth yesterday you took in there to which you can no sure. now go prologic authority, emailed the question but you will ship it, but i thought it was supposed to work. go, can i see what you stole color, what are 3 millen agent? no grainy you push your move, see i ne,
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finance here to what is in time with no idea. okay. and then i wish to put a little disk around that should kick it out there the, which is to say it goes, i use it on the phone, you should be in out of my land. oak moved out here. who can i use community school wishing millions of girls? can it themes emotional support as it was united ships? i knew who graham said, no sound. my glove now to go to start to build material is i she's got the emotional with our managers like english. she's crazy. sneezing. you're doing you, william. she dr. brace crazy or will she means that it was biz? apostrophe. go, godson, your mac right now. in the earliest convenience if you months still de camille beaver club the oven to let us clear. doing you, stormy, to cause customer to boston, we've done some sort of immune logo, but believe she at the company should be able to teach skill about a podium store, comfortable. julie says, put on your mobile the customer city,
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or will you sleep on your sphere anyway? you may be l o g, e r g the keys, but obviously a z u b. we've got an a school in order a cd you system and you can go from bell. i can you please, could you believe that? we'll put them in a bit of a given over to police for the stock issue, or is it to be here on my side? you know, a good deal. it's wendy. you know, i mean, i mean, is a, a,
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a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a should be a, a, a, a, a not some of the complaint to help the georgian soldiers, they were, they would catch the same disease. healthy young one will live,
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one would die. i don't know why. i don't know what they were testing on them. maybe god knows. the information i had about georgian soldiers is about the blood based on information. and this is the same project in ukraine, and they're using george and soldiers because they're young. they're naive that they feel obligated to participate in these dangers experiments. they claim they give them informed consent. they explained to them the risk involved. but when you're young soldiers, you do what you're told to do, or you will have, you will be beaten up later that day by your colleagues, you get back to the barracks. so you don't see a few last, you know, you got a lawyer and i, you know, i was a lawyer, but she asked me just a mom. and so she always, you know, my mom was the she, you know, like, you know,
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the one. yeah. i do, well, if you, if you know, i mean, i was not sure how and i'm telling people, and i repeat laboratory is not so much in the lab, but the whole country of georgia is a human laboratory. and dr. mango is alive, he would be very impressed with what they're able to do in georgia and for the georgia government to be totally uninformed. when people in america don't even have basic health care, many people and they are spending $21000000.00 a year just operate the lab for overhead. paying salaries, maintenance, electricity, the water, you know, $21000000.00 a year in the, you know, she was a, my, a, a,
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a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, a, i mean,
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i'm going to go a my gosh, a is a boy by b r i a, i'm a member to research by any chance these are, are, they can do it on their own territory. you're talking about a program that in $25.00 across the world. many countries bothering only, you know, main rivals and,
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you know, these can only one purpose is because this is not in the united states. this is in countries that are located in the best or injury to the local population. an eye out of a local governments of the country, a scientists working on the program to perform what, what their project is. the ones are involving a without being able to a spoke with the sales and when you do it, because you know,
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when you hit the, which was the middle guy with new but he chose ludmilla. dorothy said you unless that the immediate bla gazoomba is appreciate it. no, you should look a bullet go when the beautiful thing is a particularly of the when you, when you, if you got say no what the double you have to wooster on the you think you she the stuff is nova possible as a petition or of it for you, unless that i medic, if you said that it was me, you said that they wouldn't have given up. or what did you say that when your billing is your, your company you low can use? can you roll them over to him when it comes to about a 2 piece previous the pulpit? mental but i see, you know, i need you to feel guys, new political chrissy of occupy a totally tosto. you guys have just been speaking to cooper that you are me to counselor. the dealer with cook at us was an issue of pros, the prostate leukemia. pretty children, me of them. most of what moves look and then the floors knows that you know, the global was elected in boy. your school used to, to peach in the with the be with you get you in them. you see of doing mobile too,
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because i still at the delegation got order, but i was like a fishing me jessica. and i thought, i think initially emotions rush that she'll have issues will try to swing to an appointment with on. so not the cool carol schwinney with me. so i you, we need. so i was with my genius. i'm on yes, i'm a lawyer. law a shaddick. b. i need a lawyer. a
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nice the way you want us to be crucial to fuck them. love amos beside me saying she did it that way and we we use the news, possibly she'd be a neighbor daily interest. me a minute longer even nobody still it is it windows? nobody got me because they wouldn't push associate with it. they're asking me, especially for me, the
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ah ah
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ah, amid an unfolding humanitarian catastrophe, and marya bull and archie cru helps provide aid to residents in need and assistance in evacuations from the embattled city. they can take a look at some of the things that were bringing itself water chocolates for children. and of course i have a huge box of medicine. ukrainian children are reportedly caught on camera stopping cars to identify russians. and the white house has indefinitely postponed a special summit with leaders from across southeast asia, replacing it with a bilateral summit with singapore after that country openly condemned to russia. ah.


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